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Office of Visual and Performing Arts Ware Center | Winter Center 42 N. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603 717-871-7018 |

1. How do I go about renting space within the Ware Center or Winter Center? If you are interested in renting space, please review our spaces, rental policies, and the rate sheets posted on our website. Then, complete a rental inquiry form on our website telling us about your event. We will then review your inquiry to our calendar and determine if it could be added. No matter our determination, you will receive correspondence from us. If your event can be added to our schedule, your event will be placed “on hold” on our master schedule. At this time, we will request a meeting to learn more about your event needs to prepare an estimated quote for you. If you agree, we will send you a contract to sign. A deposit may be required. Upon having a signed agreement, your event will be added to our website (if tickets are open to the public). You will be contacted by our Production Coordinator to finalize event preparation and scheduling. After the event, you will receive the final invoice. 2.

Is event insurance required? Yes, this is a requirement. Some clients have provided this insurance through their insurance agent and others have chosen to use online services like, Here is the insurance coverage needed:

Client shall provide a copy of its certificate of insurance naming Millersville University as additionally insured, for comprehensive general liability insurance covering property damage liability and bodily injury in amount of no less than Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) per person and One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per incident. In certain circumstances, a Special Event Coverage policy may be accepted. The certificate shall provide that the insurance carrier will give advance notice to THE UNIVERSITY of any termination, cancellation or discontinuance or modification in coverage of the insurance. The insurance policy must be received by Millersville University at least ten days in advance of the event date. Failure to provide the insurance policy may result in the event being cancelled.

3. Do you offer nonprofits at discount on facility rental? Yes, registered 501c3 non-profit organizations and higher educational institutions are offered a 30% discount on facility rental, however this discount does not apply to out of pocket expenses and other charges.

4. If my event requires ticket sales, how is this handled? Tickets cannot be sold until there is a signed agreement in place. All ticket sales will be managed through Student Services, Inc. (SSI), the sole box office agent, at your cost. Working with SSI, you set the ticket prices. There is a $20/event set up charge for Student Services, $0.07 per ticket printed and a $1 per ticket administrative fee deducted from the ticket sales. A final check will be issued by SSI at the conclusion of the event. Student Services can be reached at (717) 871-5522 to make arrangements for ticketing. Tickets will then be available for purchasing online at, on campus in the Student Memorial Center ticket office, in the main lobby of The Ware Center, or by calling the Ticket Office at (717) 871-7600. Campus box office hours are Monday – Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm and Ware Center box office hours are Monday – Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday 10 am – 2:30 pm.

5. What caterers may I use for my event? Please refer to list of authorized caterers. These are caterers who have a signed agreement with us on record. We also require the authorized caterers to provide us a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the University named additionally insured. Food service cannot be provided by any other catering service provider, unless otherwise approved by the Director. The only exception to this is for specialty cakes and/or other edible specialty items.

6. What is your alcohol policy? You are responsible for buying & delivering alcohol to the Ware Center. The Ware Center cannot provide any alcohol for your event. We schedule University bartenders based on your attendance and an hourly fee of $25/bartender/hour is charged to you. One hour prior to the bar service for set up is required along with one hour after bar service ends for cleanup. Bartenders are permitted to

set out tip jars unless you request otherwise. If no tip jars are preferred, we ask that you kindly tip the bartenders at the end of the evening. We do limit bar service to four hours and we do reserve the right to restrict service of alcohol for any reason at any time we deem necessary. Keg beer is not allowed.

7. What deposit is necessary? Please refer to your contract for deposit information. We typically ask for 50% upon signing a contract. A deposit invoice will be included with your agreement if required.

8. Do you have linens we can use? We do have linens that can be rented directly from us or we can provide companies for you that will have a more elaborate selection to choose from. Linen rental is not included in your room rental fee.

10. What about other outside vendors who provide event services? Yes, you are welcome to hire outside vendors for your event like DJs, florists, auctioneers, etc. Please remember to notify them of contracted load-in and load-out times and arrangements. Our staff will be happy to direct these vendors to the appropriate location for your event; however we expect that they will be ready with their own equipment and tools to perform their service. Florists are expected to arrive with their work nearly complete, and will not have access to additional rooms for design completion.

11. If I choose to have my wedding ceremony here, when will my rehearsal be scheduled? We will schedule this rehearsal time as close to your event date as possible. The specified time will be based on the availability of the building.

12. When I rent space at the Ware or Winter Center, what is the time frame? Rental fees are a flat rate based on the day of the week and space being utilized. Some spaces are up to 5 hours of event time, while other spaces are up to 3 hours. Additional hours can be arranged at the time of signing the contract, but must be known in advance.

14. Is there a space near the party/reception area that can be used as a holding room? Is this an extra cost? There is no charge for use of the third floor studio for this purpose. Please arrange with the caterer for any food and beverage to be delivered to that room. The rooms are not attended and you are responsible for leaving them in an orderly manner. Your arrival time to use the rooms is based on the availability of the rooms. Any special set-up may incur additional fees.

15. I’d like to have some special decorations, what are the requirements? Decorations and/or signs may not be affixed to the walls, floors, ceilings, surfaces, etc. The use of tape, tacks, nails, glues or any other adhesive material is strictly prohibited. Some 3M products are permitted. We do provide rental easels at $5.00 each. We do not permit helium balloons or sparklers indoors, or the use of confetti, glitter or similar materials. Any candles provided for centerpieces must have a substantial base and globe to shelter the candle flame and must be approved by the Director in advance. All dÊcor decisions are subject to the approval of The Ware Center to insure that your decorations do not cause any damage to the facility, impede emergency evacuation of the building or compromise the service of your guests. 16. Where can my guests park? Parking is available in the Prince Street Parking Garage and nearby open air lots. Discount vouchers can be provided to your guests, if requested in advance, providing your guests a discount when leaving the garage. We can also set up parking arrangements with the Prince Street Garage to allow your guests to park without paying and have the bill charged back to us. We include this exact dollar amount billed to your final invoice to reimburse us. 17. Are children allowed in your facility? Children are welcome with adult supervision. Anyone (including children) who is observed to be acting in a hazardous manner will be asked to leave the premises. At no time should children be allowed to be unsupervised anywhere on the premises. Guests who are bringing children to your event should be notified in advance that they will need to provide constant and vigilant supervision. Depending on the event, the University’s Protection of Minors on Campus Policy may apply and therefore Certification of Compliance with Required Clearances would be required. This document does not constitute any form of agreement and should be used for information only. A Member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

MU Ware & Winter Center Rental FAQ  
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