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Office of Visual and Performing Arts Ware Center | Winter Center 42 N. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603 717-871-7018 | FACILITY AND PERFORMANCE CLIENT RIDER A PROCEDURES, RULES AND REGULATIONS Client is required to adhere to all THE UNIVERSITY and facility policies, regulations, guidelines, and all local, state and federal laws, concerning health, safety and public order. Client must adhere to all fire and safety codes and regulations. Only those facilities specified for use in this Agreement shall be used. CANCELLATION POLICY AND PENALTIES: If the Client cancels providing less than six (6) month notice from the function date, Fifty Percent (50%) of the Grand Total or One Hundred Percent (100%) of the deposit, whichever is greater, will be retained by THE UNIVERSITY. If the event is cancelled due to Acts of God or unforeseen circumstances by THE UNIVERSITY, a best effort will be made to reschedule the Client’s event within a 6 month timeframe acceptable to both parties. If no date can be found, then the University will refund One Hundred Percent (100%) of the deposit, after University incurred expenses are deducted. FORCE MAJEURE: THE UNIVERSITY shall have no liability for any failure to perform or delay in performance due to any circumstance beyond its reasonable control, such as but not limited to fire, flood, work stoppage or strikes, loss of the use of a building or buildings due to construction or maintenance problems, acts of God and the like. HOLD HARMLESS. Neither the Client nor THE UNIVERSITY assumes any liability to each other. As to liability to each other or death to persons, or damages to property, THE UNIVERSITY and the Client do not waive any defenses as a result of entering into this contract. This provision shall not be construed to limit the Commonwealth’s rights, claims or defenses which arise as a matter of law pursuant to any provisions of this contract. This provision shall not be construed to limit the sovereign immunity of the Commonwealth or of the State System of Higher Education or THE UNIVERSITY. MODIFICATIONS & CHANGES TO ORIGINAL PLANS: Charges for space are based on Client’s program as outlined in the cover letter. Should Client’s program or estimated number of attendees change additional charges will apply. THE UNIVERSITY reserves the right to change reserved function space to another suitable location based on a change in the program, number of expected attendees, or circumstances beyond the control of THE UNIVERSITY. When a change is necessary or additional costs will be incurred, THE UNIVERSITY will notify Client prior to making the change. In the event THE UNIVERSITY moves the event to a space which rents for a lower rate, the lower rate shall be charged to Client. FINAL PLANS: Approximately three weeks prior to your event date, THE UNIVERSITY may contact you regarding specific details including set up, counts, furniture, audio-visual, staging and catering needs and other logistical arrangements. Within one week of the event Client may be contacted again for final details and counts. However, it is the obligation of Client to submit all requests for services and equipment to be provided to THE UNIVERSITY a minimum of three weeks prior to the Event Date. THE UNIVERSITY can arrange for Event Parking, should Client require it. Please request information from THE UNIVERSITY. STAFFING AND EVENT MANAGEMENT: THE UNIVERSITY is responsible for staffing and management of all personnel including; box office, doormen, ushers, ticket takers, security guards, stage crew, maintenance personnel, house manager, ushers, and all other personnel deemed necessary by THE UNIVERSITY for the proper operation of the premises for event, rehearsal, and performances at the Client’s expense as per THE UNIVERSITY fee schedule (attached). THE UNIVERSITY reserves the right to evaluate the event and adjust the number of staff needed on-site as necessary. THE UNIVERSITY staff will work with Client to determine and finalize acceptable production schedules. LABOR AND WORK RULES: If the work day extends past midnight or beyond eight hours, additional labor charges may apply. Break times will be factored into the production schedule and upheld. Breaks may be staggered so long as labor rules of THE UNIVERSITY are followed. A meal break is required after no more than 5 hours. Once a crew call has been established, Client may not alter the schedule within two weeks of the event without prior approval from THE UNIVERSITY. EQUIPMENT USE AND CHARGES: Charges will be incurred by the Client for any repairs or replacement of damaged, defaced, or stolen University property and equipment, extraordinary cleaning or logistics services, or the need for extraordinary intervention by THE UNIVERSITY personnel (police, security, administrators), any of which are necessitated by inadequate supervision or improper conduct of Client and/or its program participants. Extraordinary, for the purposes of this Agreement shall mean going beyond what is usual, regular, customary, or specified herein and shall be applied at the sole discretion of THE UNIVERSITY. Any changes to the standard lighting plot will be charged at a ‘time and materials’ rate along with any labor cost to restore to the standard lighting plot. Special engineering and audio visual requirements must be specified to THE UNIVERSITY at least seven (7) working days prior to Client’s function. 1|P a g e

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