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The world convenes here forging a new era of global cooperation

09th August 2024 - 11th August 2024

India 2024
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OxfordMUN India is the crucible where the world's future diplomats and decision-makers are molded. In an environment that limits committees to just 70 delegates, every participant is guaranteed a voice, ensuring an immersive and impactful learning experience. This unique approach not only fosters deeper engagement but also ensures that each session is a rich exchange of ideas, embodying the true spirit of the United Nations. Pre-conference challenges and specialized training sessions are meticulously designed to prime delegates for success, covering everything from negotiation techniques to public speaking, setting the stage for a highly competitive and educational environment. The MU20 School of Opportunity, together with Oxford Global, proudly ushers the esteemed OxfordMUN onto Indian soil, heralding a historic movement. For the best delegates of each com-

mittee awaits a 100% scholarship on the registration fee of the OxfordMUN Home Conference in the United Kingdom. Beyond the gavel, OxfordMUN India transcends the traditional conference format, offering a vibrant array of social and cultural evenings. These events are more than just a break from the intense debates, they are a celebration of diversity, an opportunity for delegates to forge lasting friendships, and immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage that India offers. This blend of rigorous intellectual challenge and enriching cultural exchange not only prepares delegates for the global stage but also ensures that the journey through OxfordMUN India is filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable memories. Join us for a transformative experience that reshapes the conventional boundaries of MUN conferences.

Conference powered by

FLAME University in Pune, with its esteemed legacy of fostering academic excellence and holistic development, is proud to be the partnering host for the inaugural Oxford Model United Nations (MUN) in India. This historic collaboration underscores FLAME University's commitment to offering transformative educational experiences that extend beyond traditional boundaries, embracing global perspectives and innovative learning methodologies. As a pioneering institution in India, FLAME is renowned for its vibrant campus, state-of-the-art facilities, and a learning environment that nurtures critical thinking, leadership, and ethical reasoning among its students. Hosting the first OxfordMUN in India aligns perfectly with the university's vision to shape the next generation of leaders and change-makers, ready to address complex global challenges.

This partnership with OxfordMUN represents a landmark event not just for FLAME University but for the entire educational landscape of India, bringing an international platform for dialogue and diplomacy to its doorstep. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for students across the country to engage in meaningful discussions on pressing global issues, fostering a culture of international cooperation and understanding. FLAME University's role as the host venue signifies its stature as a leading institution that is not only at the forefront of education in India but also a hub for international events that cultivate global citizenship and collaborative problem-solving. Through this collaboration, FLAME University and OxfordMUN are set to deliver an unforgettable experience, empowering students to become ambassadors of change, both locally and globally.

Model United Nations

Immerse yourself in the heart of MUN, engaging in debates and resolutions that challenge your diplomacy and critical thinking.

OxfordMUN Innovation Challenges

Connect and strategize with your committee on unique challenges that blend MUN themes with teamwork, setting the stage for collaboration.

Training Sessions

Prepare for success with sessions led by Oxford experts, focusing on honing your debate, research, and diplomacy skills.

Power Talk

Gain insights from leaders in diplomacy and global affairs through engaging, brief talks designed to inspire and motivate.

Events Events

Events Masquerade


Unmask the night at our enchanting Masquerade eve, where mystery meets camaraderie. Dance away in a world of intrigue, adorned with your most captivating masks and attire.

Global Village Gala

Embark on a cultural odyssey at the Global Village Gala, showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of our world. A festive evening celebrating international heritage, customs, and unity.

Indulge in an enchanting evening of elegance and delight at the Gala Dinner, where we not only celebrate the milestones we've achieved but also cherish the meaningful connections and friendships that have blossomed during our shared journey.

Experience teamwork and competition like never before in the MU20 Power Drill. Committees clash in a series of challenges testing endurance, strategy, and collaboration, all vying for the ultimate prize.

Gala Dinner
Oxford Power Drill


Enhancing Global Oversight on the Deployment of Surveillance Technologies DISEC


Advancing Global Initiatives for the Preservation and Promotion of Indigenous Cultures

Enhancing International Cooperation and Governance in the Digital Realm of the Internet SPECPOL

Implementing Global Strategies to Halt the Proliferation of Antibiotic Resistance WHO

Elevating the Role of Feminist Foreign Policy for Women's Inclusion in International Affairs UNCSW

Strengthening Global Partnerships to Secure Sustainable Water Resources UNEP


Enhancing Strategies for the Effective Integration of Refugees into Host Communities

Pre-Conference training sessions

Dive into a transformative journey with OxfordMUN India's exclusive training sessions, where expertise from Oxford Global converges with the vibrant spirit of MUN. Crafted for both novices and seasoned delegates, these workshops are your gateway to mastering the MUN universe.

Elevate Your MUN Skills

Understanding MUN Framewor

Research Technique

Resolution ritin ublic S Negotiationpeakinand Lobbyin Rules of rocedure

Ready to jumpstart your OxfordMUN India journey? Embrace these challenges and begin forging bonds with your fellow delegates today. Get set for an unparalleled MUN experience where preparation meets opportunity. Let’s make diplomacy happen, together!

OxfordMUN Innovation Challenge

Dive into the heart of collaboration before the OxfordMUN India conference begins with our distinctive “OxfordMUN Innovation Challenge”. This initiative transforms the traditional approach to MUN by inviting delegates to tackle a shared problem statement not as representatives of nations, but as end-users working in synergy. The goal? To craft innovative solutions together.

Why these challenges? Collaborative

Preparation Innovative Solution Crafting
Showcase and Recognition

The ChallengeOxfordMUN (Pre- Conference)

Step into the arena of diplomacy with the OxfordMUN Challenge, an online challenge designed for high schoolers across the country. Spread over three dynamic rounds, this challenge will test your negotiation skills, understanding of global affairs, and your ability to craft compelling diplomatic strategies.

It's not just a test; it's an adventure into the world of international diplomacy, offering a glimpse into the complexities and triumphs of making a difference. Are you ready to showcase your skills and vie for the ultimate prize?

Five exceptional winners will emerge victorious, each earning a 100% scholarship on the registration fee for OxfordMUN India. Accept the challenge, and embark on a journey that could lead you to the prestigious halls of OxfordMUN India.

Oxford University Insight Session

Imagine the doors of one of the world's most prestigious universities opening for you. At OxfordMUN India, this dream edges closer to reality with an exclusive session led by current students and alumni from Oxford University. These are not just talks; they are golden keys to understanding the path to becoming a part of the esteemed Oxford community.

Hear firsthand from those who have walked the corridors of Oxford, sharing personal experiences, insights, and invaluable advice on navigating the admissions process. This session stands out as a beacon for all aspiring Oxford students, illuminating the steps to take, the pitfalls to avoid, and what truly makes an Oxford student stand out.

If your aspirations include calling Oxford your alma mater, this session is a must-attend, offering a rare glimpse into turning your dreams into reality.

High lights

Embrace the Prestige - OxfordMUN India 2024

Dive into the heart of global diplomacy and leadership at OxfordMUN India, an unparalleled Model United Nations experience. This prestigious event invites you to be part of a tradition of excellence, dialogue, and global understanding. Here’s what makes OxfordMUN India a must-attend event

Exclusive Committee Engagement

Limited Seats, Unlimited Opportunities: Each committee is capped at 70 delegates, ensuring every voice is heard. This unique approach guarantees a meaningful participation experience, giving you ample space to express your views, debate critical issues, and contribute effectively to resolutions.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of dialogue, diplomacy, and development at OxfordMUN India 2024. Secure your place among the future global leaders and take part in an MUN experience like no other.

High lights

Ticket to Oxford

Win Your Way to Oxford: Stand out as a delegate and secure a 100% scholarship covering the registration fee for the next OxfordMUN Home Conference at Oxford . This is your chance to shine on an international platform, showcasing your skills and passion on the global stage.

Elite Participation

Engage with the best minds from top schools across the country. OxfordMUN India is not just an event, it's a gathering of future leaders and change-makers, ensuring quality discussions, diverse perspectives, and a truly elite MUN experience.

Cultural Immersion and Networking

Social Immersion Programs: When the debates end, the cultural immersion begins. Enjoy evening programs designed to foster social connections, cultural exchange, and unwind after a day of intense diplomacy. It’s a perfect blend of learning, networking, and fun.

Challenging Dynamics

Beyond Debate: Inter and Intra Committee Challenges: Prepare for an exhilarating MUN experience with a twist. Our unique challenges push the boundaries of traditional MUN formats, encouraging strategic thinking, teamwork, and innovative problem-solving.

Masquerade Eve

Celebrate Diversity, Embrace Unity

After a day filled with rigorous debates and intellectual exchanges, OxfordMUN India ensures that our delegates unwind and truly enjoy through a series of meticulously planned evening events. Recognizing the importance of balancing intense discussions with relaxation and fun, we have crafted moments for delegates to socialize, celebrate, and create lasting memories. These planned gatherings are not just breaks but integral parts of the OxfordMUN experience, designed to enrich the delegates' journey with cultural, social, and recreational activities.

Immerse yourself in an evening where mystery and elegance intertwine at the Masquerade Ball. As the sun sets on a day of intellectual conquests, prepare to step into a world where every mask tells a story and every dance step is a word unspoken. Let the mystery of anonymity fuel your conversations, creating bonds that transcend the ordinary, in an ambiance that whispers tales of intrigue and camaraderie.

Dress Code

A night as unique as this calls for special attire. Gentlemen, a bowtie is your key to this enchanted evening. Ladies, let your elegance shine through in long dresses or gowns, as we celebrate the night in style.


Students studying in classes 9th to 12th can register


09th August 2024 - 10th August 2024 - 11th August 2024 at FLAME University, Pune


To express your interest in joining, schools are requested to register by 30th April 2024. Please note that the priority registrations for students will end on 29th June, and final registration deadlines will be 16th July 2024.


Delegate fee (MU20 Member Schools): INR 25,000 (incl. of GST)

Delegate Fee (Non-Member Schools): INR 30,000 (incl. of GST)

School registration Fee: INR 5000 (incl. of GST)

International Delegate fee: USD 450 (incl. of taxes)

At OxfordMUN India, your comprehensive package includes nine meals, double occupancy accommodation, engaging committee sessions, a delegate kit, and convenient pickup and drop services from local stations or airports. Fee also includes Power talks, the unique Oxford Power Drill, and unwind during our specially curated Masquerade Eve and Global Village Gala.





Dive into the spirit of competition and unity with the highly anticipated Oxford Power Drill at OxfordMUN India. As the sun sets on days filled with intense debates and discussions, every committee transforms into a team, preparing to showcase their strength, strategy, and spirit in a series of undisclosed challenges. This is not just a test of physical prowess but a celebration of camaraderie, coordination, and the collective power of delegates working towards a common goal.

Each of the seven committees will select representatives to participate in various segments of the Oxford Power Drill, turning individual accomplishments of the day into a united front under the evening stars. While the specific segments of the Power Drill remain a thrilling surprise, one thing is certain—bring your sports gear and be ready for action. This is a unique opportunity to bond with your fellow delegates, push your limits, and contribute to your committee's glory in an atmosphere of friendly competition.

Remember, the essence of the Oxford Power Drill lies not in the victory but in the shared journey towards it. It's a testament to the resilience, teamwork, and spirited heart of every delegate at OxfordMUN India. Gear up for an unforgettable experience where every sprint, every leap, and every cheer brings us closer, forging memories that last a lifetime.

Global Village Gala

Celebrate Diversity, Embrace Unity

Step into a celebration of cultures at the Global Represent and revel in the rich diversity that our world o through an evening dedicated to exploration, e unity. This is your canvas to paint with the vibrant colors of global heritage, bringing to life the traditions, tales, and tastes of different corners of the earth.

Creative Themes to Choose



Hanfu, Kimono, Sari, Hanbok, Sherwani.

Dashiki, Kaftan, Maasai Shuka, Buba and Wrapper, Kente cloth.

Poncho, Cowboy attire, Carnaval costume, Native American regalia, Guayabera.

Bavarian Lederhosen, Renaissance dress, Scottish Kilt, Flamenco dress, Breton stripe.

Aloha shirt and lei, Maori traditionals, Sulu, Lava-Lava, Aboriginal attire Make Your

Cultural Canvas

Empowering students to imagine and share their own uni narratives through attire Cobbled Chronicles

Empires 01
From - cultural
Kingdoms of the sun Enchanted
Melting Pot Metropolis 03
of the Vast Blue 05 OCEANIA
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