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ur faculty, staff and students at MU work to ensure that the university’s research, instruction, service and economic development missions help promote discovery, creativity and innovation. Doing this involves building relationships among researchers at each of our four UM System campuses, constructing closer ties to businesses that help leverage our discoveries, supporting campus-based entrepreneurs and next-generation enterprises, and opening up restrictive intellectual property policies that might impede our progress. As the senior research administrator for both MU and the UM System, I endeavor to ensure that researchers at each of our universities are in the best possible positions to produce exciting advancements that tackle the grand challenges facing Missourians, the nation and the world.

Among my priorities, is the development of the Translational Precision Medicine Complex (TPMC) that will bring together industry partners, multiple schools and colleges, and the federal government to integrate the bench-to-bedside model. The facility will enable us to create the interdisciplinary collaborations at MU and within the UM System that will help us advance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer as well as neurological and vascular diseases. Research initiatives, including those that will be housed in the TPMC, generate more faculty innovations, some of which are patented and further developed in a commercial setting. In fact, during the last three years, MU’s licensing income totaled more than $21 million. Faculty inventors receive a portion of this revenue, which they can invest in furthering their research programs. Mizzou’s portion is reinvested in education and in upgrading our research and technology infrastructure, thus laying the groundwork for future breakthroughs. In addition, MU’s research enterprise as a whole remains robust. Internal research investments and extramural funding support generated more than $253 million in research expenditures in FY2017. Newly awarded dollars, most coming in the form of highly competitive grants from agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, also saw solid year-over-year gains. I believe that now, more than ever, we are making strides to maximize higher education’s already considerable value, both intellectually and economically, to the citizens of our state. I hope you will visit us at and share with me your own ideas about how the university and its business and technology partners can work together toward creating a smarter, more prosperous Missouri.

Mark A. McIntosh Vice President and Vice Chancellor 3

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Industry Partnerships



& Engagement

BILL TURPIN INTERIM ASSOCIATE VICE CHANCELLOR FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT On Sept. 1, Bill Turpin began his new role leading MU’s Office of Economic Development. University leaders have charged him with launching new innovation and entrepreneurship programs to help students and faculty, creating meaningful partnerships with industry and increasing revenue generated by technology advancement. To better support these goals, MIzzou’s economic development office has been restructured into three focus areas: Innovation and entrepreneurship, technology advancement and industry partnerships. Bill will continue fulfilling his responsibilities as president and CEO of the 4

Missouri Innovation Center, located at the MU Life Science Business Incubator. With more than 30 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, Bill has the insight and connections to help launch successful companies. Over the course of Bill’s career, he has identified and led the market in significant technology shifts, including Windows, the Internet, and 3D virtual worlds. One of his startups pioneered the use of dynamically created web pages and invented the JavaScript programming language. Bill has been the founding CEO of four startups and a senior

executive at respected public companies, including Netscape and Borland. He has financed, acquired, and sold a variety of high-tech companies and has successfully secured investments from prominent venture capitalist firms, including Kleiner Perkins. Bill was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Redpoint Ventures. He participated in the groundbreaking Netscape IPO in 1995, and along the way, served as a mentor and angel investor to many Silicon Valley startups. Bill moved back to Columbia in 2014 to share his experience with promising entrepreneurs and build on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in mid-Missouri.


INTERIM DIRECTOR, MU TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT OFFICE Sam Bish has more than a decade of experience in technology advancement working at the interface of science, business and patent law. Sam manages the patenting, marketing and licensing activities for early-stage innovations from MU faculty. He works with his team to position these assets for entrepreneurs, investors and companies to further develop and commercialize them into products that foster business growth and economic development.

Sam came to Mizzou after learning about this specialized field within the government sector. After a yearlong fellowship in the Technology Transfer Center at the National Cancer Institute, he served as a senior licensing and patenting manager in the Office of Technology Transfer at the National Institutes of Health in Rockville, Md. Sam is a member of the Association of University Technology Managers and has written guest columns for Sam earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa., and a doctorate in cell biology and molecular genetics from the University of Maryland in College Park.

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IMPACT OF UM TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AT A GLANCE, FY2014-18 $1.4 billion+ (MU $995 million) research and sponsored activity expenditures $45.2 million (MU $38.9 million) UM gross licensing income




903 (MU 497) invention disclosures filed


Companies commercializing UM technologies create hundreds of jobs and secure millions in investments.


UM System Tech-Transfer Cycle PRODUCTS & SERVICES

Income generated from technology transfer is reinvested in research and education. Inventors also receive a portion.





349 (MU 194) license & option agreements executed



715 (MU 438) U.S. patent applications filed

221 (MU 143) U.S. patents issued 5



Life Sciences and Agriculture BIOMARKERS OF OSTEOARTHRITIS A method using protein biomarkers to diagnose and determine severity of osteoarthritis, which affects millions of people worldwide

Nasdaq: SLDB; founded in 2013

Patent No. 9,733,257

Focused on solving Duchenne muscular dystrophy

MU inventors: James L. Cook, Cristi Reeves Cook, Aaron M. Stoker, Keiichi Kuroki, Bridget Colleen Garner, Richard Evans, Brandon Roller and Prakash Jayabalan SELF-ASSEMBLING CELL AGGREGATES AND METHODS OF MAKING ENGINEERED TISSUE USING THE SAME A method of depositing cells in a pattern, often called bioprinting, that builds living tissues used in drug testing, toxicology and regenerative medicine Patent No. 9,752,116 MU inventors: Gabor Forgacs, Karoly Robert Jakab and Adrian Neagu ARTIFICIAL OOCYTE ACTIVATION An improved method for activating an unfertilized oocyte, resulting in a more efficient and quicker way of successfully producing livestock by artificial means Patent No. 9,783,779 MU inventors: Kiho Lee and Randall S. Prather RECOMBINATION ACTIVATING GENE 2 GENE TARGETING VECTOR, PRODUCTION OF SCID-LIKE MINIATURE PIGS BY TALEN-MEDIATED GENE TARGETING AND USE THEREOF A gene editing method that produces miniature pigs with a severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), allowing scientists to study potential treatments for immunocompromised conditions in humans Patent No. 9,807,987 MU inventors: Randall S. Prather and Kiho Lee PORCINE REPRODUCTIVE AND RESPIRATORY SYNDROME VIRUS RESISTANT ANIMALS Genetically engineered pigs that may lead to the development of swine resistant to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, an economically devastating pig disease and worldwide problem Patent No. 9,820,475 MU inventors: Randall S. Prather, Kevin D. Wells and Kristin M. Whitworth 6

• Funds raised: $129 million • Employees: 100 • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts •

Nasdaq: ONVO; founded in 2007 Builds structurally and functionally accurate bioprinted human tissue models • Funds raised: $140 million • Employees: 70 • Location: San Diego, California •

Nasadaq ONVO; founded in 2011 Pioneering biologically advanced materials, including the world’s first bioleather • Funds raised: $53.5 million • Employees: 80 • Locations: Nutley, New Jersey; Brooklyn, New York •

Information current as of September 2018

SMN2 ELEMENT 1 ANTISENSE COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS AND USES THEREOF A potential treatment that replenishes low levels of the survival motor neuron (SMN) protein found in infants with spinal muscular atrophy, an often-fatal neuromuscular disease Patent No. 9,885,040 MU inventors: Christian Lorson and Erkan Osman VARIABLE PRODUCT AGROCHEMICALS APPLICATION MANAGEMENT A software tool and algorithm to map areas and assess nutrient losses that empowers farmers to save money and increase productivity by applying the right amount and type of agrichemicals to different areas of their fields Patent No. 9,898,016 MU inventors: Peter P. Motavalli and Kelly A. Nelson BACILLUS-BASED DELIVERY SYSTEM AND METHODS OF USE A bacterial-based delivery system for enzymes and other proteins with applications for vaccine development, seed treatment, and other industrial biotechnology processes Patent No. 9,956,277 MU inventors: George C. Stewart and Brian M. Thompson

Health Sciences SOY, LENTIL OR EXTRACT STABILIZED, BIOCOMPATIBLE GOLD NANOPARTICLES A production process using natural products for environmentally safe, biocompatible gold nanoparticles for use in diagnostics, therapeutics, electronics and other areas Patent No. 9,694,032 MU inventors: Kattesh V. Katti, Raghuraman Kannan, Kavita K. Katti, Nripen Chanda and Ravi Shukla ENCODED NANOPORE SENSOR FOR MULTIPLEX NUCLEIC ACIDS DETECTION Ultrasensitive single-molecule detection of nucleic acids using modified capture probes with nanopore sensing Patent No. 9,732,379 MU inventors: Li-qun (Andrew) Gu and Xinyue Zhang PEPTIDE WITH GOLD BINDING AND EGFR RECEPTOR AFFINITY AND SAME ATTACHED TO GOLD NANOSTRUCTURE An EGFR-binding peptide linked to gold nanoparticles detects epidermal growth factor receptor expression in cancer cells for a more detailed analysis of tumor tissue Patent No. 9,766,252 MU inventors: Raghuraman Kannan, Gerald Arthur, Charles W. Caldwell, Charles (Chuck) Caldwell Jr., Nripen Chanda, Ajit P. Zambre and Mythili Ramachandran

Focused on medical devices, drug discovery and environmental technologies; founded in 2007 • Funds raised: $41 million • Employees: 75 • Locations: Columbia, Missouri; Changzhou and Ningbo, China •

Specializes in biotech solutions for agricultural, animal health and enviromental industries; founded in 2011 • Funds raised: $750,000 • Employees: 35 • Locations: St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri; Jacksonville, Florida •

Offers custom thermal solutons for Dept. of Defense and civilian platforms; founded in 2007 • Funds raised: $12.4 million • Employees: 23 • Location: Columbia, Missouri •

Offers a suite of monitorinig technologies for hospitals and older adults; founded in 2013 • Funds raised: $2 million • Employees: 13 • Locations: Columbia and St. Louis, Missouri • Information current as of September 2018 7

METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR TREATING BACTERIAL INFECTION Novel therapeutic formulations (creams, ointments and coatings) of patented chemical compounds act as therapeutic agents against bacterial infections Patent No. 9,814,719 MU inventors: Hongmin Sun and David W. Anderson


CONJUGATED POLYMERIC MATERIAL AND USES THEREOF A longer lasting collagen-based dermal filler that uses nanoparticles to improve stability, reduce inflammation and encourage natural healing Patent No. 9,827,323 MU inventors: Anthony N. Harris, Jonathan R. Thompson, Rebecca J. Rone, Sheila A. Grant and David Alan Grant • Heartburn medicine PH-SENSITIVE FLUORESCENT SENSORS FOR BIOLOGICAL AMINES A pH-sensitive fluorescent compound to detect and visualize synaptic release of amine-containing neurotransmitters Patent No. 9,862,697 MU inventors: Timothy E. Glass, Kevin D. Gillis, Kenneth Hettie and Jessica Klockow ENDOSCOPIC-ENABLED TONGUE DEPRESSOR AND ASSOCIATED METHOD OF USE An upgraded surgical mouth gag with tongue depressor attached to an endoscope for simplified upper airway surgeries, improved visibility and illumination Patent No. 9,888,909 MU inventor: Eliav Gov-Ari CELL PERMEABLE INHIBITORS OF THE SCAFFOLD PROTEIN PLENTY OF SH3 DOMAINS (POSH) OR SH3RFL Peptide inhibitors of POSH for targeted therapy of cancer, autoimmune disorders and HIV infection Patent No. 9,901,617 MU inventor: Mark A. Daniels SEPARATION METHOD FOR ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS (APIS) FROM EXCIPIENTS IN PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATIONS A new and improved method using density to separate active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from excipients while retaining crystal form, which allows a more comprehensive analysis of a drug’s formulation Patent No. 9,908,874 MU inventor: Jerry L. Atwood

• Well over $1.5 billion in net sales worldwide

• Plant-based protein that replicates the taste, texture and appearance of chicken • Available in 19,000+ stores and restaurants nationwide •

• World’s largest orthopedic outcomes database • $4 million+ patients have benefited • Clients in 34 states, New Zealand & Australia •


Engineering and Physical Sciences ADDRESSABLE ELECTRODE ARRAYS IN MULTIPLE FLUIDIC COMPARTMENTS AND USES THEREOF Methods and device to measure the phenomenon of exocytosis, such as the release of neurotransmitters from cells used in drug discovery and screening Patent No. 9,696,275 MU Inventor: Kevin D. Gillis and Jia Yao OPTICALLY ACTIVATED LINEAR SWITCH FOR RADAR LIMITERS OR HIGH POWER SWITCHING APPLICATIONS An optically activated semiconductor switch device for high-powered radar limiters and other applications Patent No. 9,716,202 MU Inventors: Randy D. Curry, Robert L. Druce and Nathaniel Kinsey OPTICALLY-TRIGGERED LINEAR OR AVALANCHE SOLID STATE SWITCH FOR HIGH POWER APPLICATIONS Method and device that allow the operation of high power switches by applying light Patent No. 9,728,660 MU Inventor: Randy D. Curry LOW TEMPERATURE NANOWIRE GROWTH ON ARBITRARY SUBSTRATES A method to manufacture ZnO nanowires, which have superior electrical, mechanical and optical properties and applications in photovoltaic, piezoelectric and chemical-sensing devices Patent No. 9,805,928 MU Inventor: Jae Wan Kwon and Baek Hyun Kim LOW-POWER, COMPACT PIEZOELECTRIC PARTICLE EMISSION A low power, portable piezoelectric that produces X-rays with possible medical, biological and geological applications in remote locations Patent No. 9,883,576 MU Inventors: Andrew L. Benwell, Brady B. Gall, Scott D. Kovaleski, Peter Norgard and James VanGordon SYSTEMS AND METHODS TO GENERATE A SELF-CONFINED HIGH DENSITY AIR PLASMA Methods and devices for generating an electron-dense, self-confined toroidal air plasma for a variety of applications, including nonlethal weapons, fusion, propulsion and disinfection processes Patent No. 9,924,586 MU Inventor: Randy D. Curry POLYMER COMPOSITES AND FABRICATIONS THEREOF Biomimetic, polymer nanocomposites for dental restoration procedures and other biomedical applications Patent No. 9,976,011 MU Inventors: Hao Li, Qingsong Yu and Liang Chen SOLID-STATE NUCLEAR ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM A nuclear energy conversion system that utilizes ionizing radiation directly to produce electricity in solid-state devices for longer-lasting, dependable power Patent No. 9,984,781 MU Inventor: Mark A. Prelas METHOD FOR FAST CAMERA POSE REFINEMENT FOR WIDE AREA MOTION IMAGERY A method that refines camera parameters for improved aerial photography and 3D images Patent No. 9,959,625 MU Inventors: Kannappan Palaniappan and Hadi Ali Akbarpour


MU INVENTORS WITH LICENSED TECHNOLOGIES IN FY2018 Agricultural Biotechnology Randall S. Prather Matthew Salie Severin Ernest Stevenson Jay J. Thelen Kevin D. Wells Kristin Whitworth

Diagnostics Joan R. Coates Li-qun (Andrew) Gu Gary S. Johnson Kai Tian Yong Wang Xinyue Zhang

Biomedical Technology Raghuraman Kannan Kattesh V. Katti

Software and Copyright Meera Chandrasekhar

Devices John K. Critser Aaron D. Gray Xu Han Seth Sherman Marjorie Skubic Erik Edward Stone

Juanamaria Cordones-Cook Kaustubh Gadre Krista Galyen Joseph Griffin Michael Haug Christy Hutton Dorina Kosztin James Laffey Matthew Schmidt Janine Stichter Steven R. Van Doren Jia Xu

Engineering Chung-Lung Chen Hsiu-Hung Chen Guoliang Huang Jian Lin Plant Varieties Andrew Biggs Pengyin Chen Michael Wayne Clubb Melissa Crisel Erin Grannemann Henry Thien Nguyen Jarrod Nichols Xiaofan Niu Andrew Scaboo Stewart Wayne Selves James Grover Shannon David A. Sleper Scotty Lee Smothers James Allen Wrather

STARTUP COMPANIES CREATED WITH MU LICENSED TECHNOLOGIES IN FY2018 ThermoFlow Labs, LLC Located in Columbia, Mo., ThermoFlow specializes in providing high performance and transformative insulation products that meet the unique needs of each customer. Examples include acoustic technologies, smart window films and ultra-thermal insulation panels. MU Inventors: Chung-Lung Chen, Hsiu-hung Chen, Guoliang Huang and Jian Lin Web: thermoflowlabs/home 10

Nascent Stage Development, LLC Nascent focuses on projects at the confluence of social good and commercial success. The Kansas City, Mo., company owns several brands that help people with autism lead independent lives. iSocial, their largest undertaking, uses a virtual world to teach social skills to youth with autism. It is based on Janine Stichter’s evidence-based curriculum and the virtual learning environment that James Laffey created. MU Inventors: Janine Stichter and James Laffey Web:

Exploring Physics, LLC This curriculum app covers a full year of conceptual physics from eighth grade through early college. The app serves as a textbook, workbook and lab book all in one. It combines a discussion-based pedagogy with hands-on activities, where students construct mental models of scientific concepts and enter their work as text, drawings, tables and graphs. MU Inventors: Dorina Kosztin and Meera Chandrasekhar Web:

UM SYSTEM TECH TRANSFER CONTACTS Technology Advancement Office

Sam Bish, Interim Director, MU Technology Advancement Office 573-882-6013 — —

Keith Strassner, Director, S&T Office of Technology Transfer & Economic Development 573-341-6725 — —

Tamara Wilgers, Director, UMSL Technology Commercialization & Economic Development 314-516-6884 — —

Eric Anderson, Director, UMKC Office of Technology Commercialization 816-235-5091 — — 11


Mizzou North, Room 706, 115 Business Loop 70 W. Columbia, MO 65211-8375 573-882-6013 I I COVER: DNA art courtesy of Illumination magazine

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Mizzou Innovation  

Booklet features Mizzou inventors with patents, licensed technologies and new startup companies in fiscal year 2018.

Mizzou Innovation  

Booklet features Mizzou inventors with patents, licensed technologies and new startup companies in fiscal year 2018.

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