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Operation Bootstrap is just the right fit! Mikayla Tucker-Davis April 4, 2012 Opinion-Editorial: OP-ED In today’s society many adults have not finished their high school education. A handful may have come close to crossing the stage but a lot of them were left behind. Some probably didn’t want to finish and others were probably sidetracked by one unfortunate circumstance or another. No matter what the issue, a high school education is one of the most essential things a person can have. In order to work or go to college, you need a high school diploma. Enter Operation Bootstrap. Operation Bootstrap is the Lynn center for adult education. Founded in 1976, Bootstrap has served over 25,000 families within Lynn and other local communities. This facility has provided students the opportunity to learn English or gain a high school equivalency (GED). A lot of people tend to think that once you’re out of school, you will never go back. But that’s not the case for everyone. There are still people out there that want to be able to say that they “did it!” no matter how long it took. This is why adult education is important. Adult learning centers such as Bootstrap give people another shot at finishing high school. All around the world there are adults with literacy and skills issues, and they need assistance. Even though adult education has been heavily encouraged throughout the last few years, some people still oppose it. According to Anna Vignoles, of the Institute of Education, part of the University of London, “Classes are only truly effective if they are taken during childhood.” Vignoles believes there is no hope for those students that try and go back and finish, even if it’s for a better job. “It is well known that an individual's basic skills level affects how much they earn, but research shows that the three Rs are best acquired in childhood.” If more programs like Operation Bootstrap were implemented all around the world, they could prove people like Anna Vignoles wrong. Adult education is effective and does assist people in moving up in this society. With better literacy skills, and overall citizenship skills, everyone will win, making our country and society more productive. Overall participation in adult education among individuals age 16 or older increased from 40 percent in 1995 to 46 percent in 2003, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. This goes to show that adult education is making an impact, which is why Operation Bootstrap


is essential to the Lynn community and something to support. The program operates year round and is free of charge for individuals 16 or older. In conclusion, Operation Bootstrap in the Lynn community is a positive. The city needs its residents to be productive and active people in their communities. A lot of people in the community tend to be from other countries and lack the ability to communicate effectively. Operation Bootstrap provides special programs that are designed to meet the needs of the adult learners. Strategies are based on a well-rounded curriculum that also provides those learners with a comprehensive education. The organizations overall focus is helping low skilled adults get to college and better careers. Imagine the difference that adult education centers could make for other communities like it has in Lynn. Having an adult education is better than any security system in the world; an education cannot be taken away from you. An education will be your security blanket through all the pitfalls of life. An education is more than needed, it is essential.

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