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Memorandum Operation Bootstrap Supervisor

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Mikayla Tucker-Davis


March 20th, 2012


Operation Bootstrap: Bon “OP”petite Pub Crawl

My idea to help raise money for Operation Bootstrap was to host a city wide restaurant crawl in Lynn. The name of the event will be Bon “OP”petite, I think the word play is very clever and still stays with the overall theme of the event. What I would like to do is find five local restaurants in Lynn where Operation Bootstrap was founded. With those five restaurants, we will have a party bus or school bus type of transportation that will get the guests to each location. If the bus idea is to expensive we can also invite participants to walk the city, providing them with a crawl map. Every stop on the crawl will symbolize a course in a meal. For example:     

1st Stop: Appetizer 2nd Stop: Salad 3rd Stop: Soup 4th Stop: Entrée 5th Stop: Dessert

At each stop along the way there will 1-2 Operation Bootstrap students greeting participants and sharing their life stories and backgrounds. Participants will also collect recipe cards along the route that will have the student’s picture, information about them, and their favorite recipe from their country. I feel as though if there is one thing that brings people together it is food and conversation. By hosting this event we can create a better line of communication between the city of Lynn and the Operation Bootstrap. Let me know what you think I am open to any ideas or suggestions.



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