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3100 H Harrison arrris Ave - Butte, MT M Mall Hours: M -F F1 0-9 S M-F 10-9 SAT 10-6 SUN 12-5 Plaza Buck Gift Certificates ca are the perfect gift for shower and wedding gifts. w Purchase at the Mall Management Office • 494-3362 Manag 2•Bridal Guide



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A Special Supplement of The Montana Standard


Trend in bridal gowns is to follow your heart


Wedding Stories - Marilyn & Joe McKernan


Wedding Stories - Deanna & Mickel Winchel


Tips for an Interfaith Wedding


Planning that perfect wedding


Wedding Stories - Tom & Amanda Burkhart


Wedding Stories - Zachary & K’Lynn Harris


Themed Weddings: Campy or Creative?


Brides: Changing to Your Married Name


Floral 411 for the Big Day


Tuxedo Choices for Your Wedding Day


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Bridal Guide is published by The Montana Standard 25 W. Granite • Butte, MT 59701 • 406-496-5500 Bridal Guide •3

Trend in bridal gowns is to follow your heart Many brides positively know what their wedding gown will look like long before they meet their groom, and they’re not going to let a little thing — OK, actually a huge thing — known as the economy dash their dream dress. They are seeking out gowns with smaller price-tags, according to industry experts, but their expectations haven’t shrunk accordingly. What’s a gown designer to do? Give these women what they want and bundle it up in a big white bow. There’s really no arguing with a bride who has made up her mind. At the most recent round of wedding fashion previews, observers said there were a lot of sellable gowns catering to a variety of tastes and lifestyles, none of which, however, were obviously pared-down. There might have been a little less beading and fewer exotic trims, such as feathers, to keep costs down, but there wasn’t an industry-wide movement toward gowns on the cheap, the insiders said.

4•Bridal Guide

“When I try to think of one overriding theme, it’s that brides still want the options for the wedding they want to have,” said Darcy Miller, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings. And of course, she added, each bride wants a different kind of wedding; it’s a traditional, formal blowout for one, a more casual beach bash for another. “Because of the economic climate, a lot of brides are willing to get a DJ instead of a band, do it on Sunday instead of a Saturday night, but they still have the wedding and still have the dream of what they wanted their dress to be,” Miller said. Designer Monique Lhuillier said she feels almost protective when crafting wedding gowns, which is different than the trendsetter role she might play when working on red-carpet gowns or ready-to-wear clothes. “It’s a wedding, a celebration, a new life, a new love, a new chapter. I’m honored to be a part of it and rework the dress to make sure it’s perfect in my own eye,” said Lhuillier. “I thought about the ultimate bride and how much we could give her,” said another designer, Reem Acra. “The perfect look is that she wants to stay young, stay fresh and be able to travel with the dress.” Acra captured modern and airy silhouettes influenced by a trip to Japan, where she was impressed with gardens, Zen and an aesthetic of purity. There’s no “flash” in the gowns, Acra explained, since she was aiming for a sweeter sort of beauty, when a bride gets caught up in the romance of the occasion. “You want the bride to feel like she’s getting married — that it’s pure and real,” she said. “After all, you’re not getting married to throw a party or even to wear the dress. You are getting married to get married — for you, for him, for the both of you — and these dresses are supposed to reflect that.” Trends are barely a blip on Nicole Miller’s radar as she does her bridal collection, nevermind that she also designs fashion-forward cocktail frocks. A good, flattering gown that can be worn by different ages and body types is another story, though. “If I have a really good-selling evening gown, I’ll do a version for bridal because I already know the silhouette is selling. I might add beading or longer train,” she said. Her favorite from her new collection is a crushed metal-taffeta dress with a pleated bottom and tucks up the front. What brides want most is to look fantastic, and what they think about is how gowns flatter their figure and appear in photographs, Nicole Miller said. That’s why corsets sell so well in bridal, she added with a laugh. Michael Shettel, designer of the Alfred Angelo collection, said sleek and slim is one popular direction for brides; the other, at the opposite end of the spectrum, is the modern ballgown. “We approached this season with the inspiration of jazz on a summer’s day,” said Shettel, who watched a 1958 documentary about the Newport Jazz Festival as part of his process. “What was striking was how modern the casual sort of dresses looked in 1958 with the juxtaposition of the jazz-world glamour. ”The way to find the perfect dress, he said, is to try it on and see how it moves, because movement brings the dress alive. By SAMANTHA CRITCHELL AP Fashion Writer Bridal Guide •5

Marilyn & Joe


I would like to tell you about our love story. Fifty-nine years ago I was 16 years old and worked at the Dairy Queen on Harrison Ave. in Butte and this young man came by every day to buy a quart of ice cream (his Mom asked if he could please buy a cone instead, her freezer was filling up fast). He finally got the nerve to ask me out. That was the start of our courtship. We dated for three years before we married because of our religious differences. We worked that out and it has never been a problem for us since. We married May 2, 1954 on a beautiful day in Montana. My wedding dress was ordered from the Hennessy’s Store - it was on the cover of Brides Magazine - and it is still as beautiful as ever. On our 50th Anniversary I had it cleaned and it has never yellowed, but of course it does not fit. Our photographer was Callahan Studio on Broadway. The wedding party got pictures up at the studio because back then they never came to the ceremony. We raised five children and have 14 grandchildren and 3 greats and still are crazy about each other. 6•Bridal Guide

Deanna & Mickel


Deanna Stergar and Mickey Winchel met 6 years ago while working across the hall from each other in the Butte Plaza Mall. Mickey was a Coast Guard Recruiter and Deanna worked at the Sports Connection while finishing college. After a transfer to Tucson, Arizona, Mickey and Deanna lived there for 4 years. In May of 2008 at a family barbecue in Butte, the couple became engaged. Since both Deanna & Mickey are Montana natives, they wanted to get married in the beautiful Montana outdoors. Spring Hill Estates was chosen for the June 27, 2009 ceremony. There is no place like the Montana Forest land to have the perfect wedding. On June 27, 2009, Deanna Stergar and Michael Winchel exchanged vows at Spring Hill Estate, West of Anaconda. Family and friends gathered for the picture perfect wedding. The air was filled with songs by “Enya” as the Spring Hill Creek flowed in the background. The bride, matron of honor (Leah Stergar) and flower girl (Kaitlyn Stergar) carried bouquets of wild flowers while the altar and reception tables were adorned with a rustic décor of branches, candles and dried foliage. The bride’s brothers, Tom and Ed, and the groom’s niece, Tomi Blakely, gave readings which brought so much meaning to the ceremony, that joined two special people together for a lifetime of happiness. Cape Cod, MA will be their home.

Bridal Guide •7

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  



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Tips for an Interfaith Wedding Organizing a wedding is seldom easy. Even for those who have walked down the aisle more than once, planning a wedding is a time-consuming experience. As if the more minute details weren’t enough, for couples of different faiths the ceremony must even be planned as well. Whereas couples of the same faith won’t have to do too much planning with respect to the wedding ceremony itself, interfaith couples often must spend significant time reconciling each faith so that both are represented in a respectful way. While it can be challenging to do, the following tips should help interfaith couples plan the wedding of their dreams. • Examine your beliefs: Think about the things that mean the most to you, and about those areas where you’re open to compromise. If particular aspects of your faith’s standard wedding ceremony are especially important or meaningful to you, be sure to have those included in the ceremony. • Discuss the ceremony with both partners’ respective families: While some couples might want to steer clear of involving their families in the decision-making process of their wedding, inviting close family members to share their opinions could be beneficial. Be prepared for such discussions to get emotional, particularly if parents or grandparents take part. The contributions of family members could help you gain a better perspective of both your faith and that of your partner. Be sure, however, to politely make it known that while you value the opinions of family members, ultimately all the decisions rest with you and your partner. • Respect each other as well: Involving both families and respecting those families can be an important step in planning an interfaith marriage. But it’s especially important for each partner to respect the other’s faith and beliefs as well. Even if neither of you are spiritual or regularly attend services, that doesn’t mean your faiths aren’t important to you. Recognize that and be respectful of each other. • Openly communicate each step of the way: While certain details of the wedding might not require lots of communication, planning an interfaith ceremony does not fall under that umbrella. Make sure both partners are involved every step of the way, and openly discuss each aspect of the decision making process. • Determine who will officiate the wedding: Some interfaith couples opt for two clergy members, one from each person’s faith, to perform the ceremony. Others look for interfaith officiants who have performed interfaith weddings in the past. If one partner was especially attached to their childhood clergy member, invite them to perform or at least attend the ceremony. Bridal Guide •9

Planning that perfect wedding Soon after I got engaged this summer, my well-meaning BFF pulled me aside and said, “I think you’re making a big mistake.” Her concern had nothing to do with my intended, but my intentions: planning a full-scale wedding, with bridal party, sitdown dinner, DJ and more, in under three months. Now, I know most guidebooks and bridal Web sites insist that you take at least a year, sometimes 18 months, to pull off the perfect ceremony. Some talk about a six-month audition period for florists alone. But with my fiance and I both in our 30s and wanting to get the whole “spend the rest of our lives together” thing started, it seemed a waste of precious time to wait a whole year. So instead of planning to get married in July 2010, a year from our engagement, we decided on October — 2009. When we told people our plans, they were so shocked they often expected to hear a second, follow-up announcement — but no, there was no baby on the way. My friend — that same BFF — had just gotten married a few months earlier, in an elaborate destination wedding in Miami that took a professional planner more than a year to coordinate. She was adamant that I wouldn’t have enough time to pull it off, and even if I did, I would be too stressed to enjoy it. And it was stressful at times — but it was the kind of stress I would have had even with 18 months to plan. Looking back, I now know you don’t need a year to pull off a dream wedding. 10•Bridal Guide

Of course, you can’t waste a day. You have to start planning from the moment he slips the ring on your finger (and truthfully, if you’ve been talking about getting married, maybe even a little before that). As soon as my fiance and I picked out my engagement ring, we started scouting places for a ceremony. We knew we wanted about 100 guests, a sit-down dinner with dancing later, at a nice place but not-so-expensive price. At a few venues, we got raised eyebrows when we said we were looking at the weekend of Oct. 9. But no one said they were completely booked. Every place we went had at least one day that weekend available, and some of the larger reception halls had more than one room. Friday nights were cheaper than Saturdays, and Sunday was an option as well. It took us just two weeks to lock down our place, an ornate facility that also included a separate hall for our ceremony. They offered a cocktail hour, formal dinner and open bar, all for one price (wedding cake included!). Getting a florist also wasn’t difficult. I didn’t start looking seriously until mid-August, and it was not until September that I chose. Again, everyone — from the pricey florist in the famous flower market in Manhattan to the neighborhood florist in Brooklyn, where I live — was willing to work with my short timeline. We got our invitations done quickly and inexpensively at a local stationery store, and had no need for save-the-date cards.

in just 3 months My biggest hurdle, it turned out, would be the dress. When I said I was getting married in three months, most bridal salons I went to acted as if I’d said I wanted a bright orange gown. One salon refused an appointment. “We can’t help you unless you are getting married in December,” the person there huffed. Of course, dresses were available for a price. I was told I’d have to pay a rush fee if I ordered a gown. And even then, the sales assistants laced the offer with anxiety, saying the dress “should” be available for my wedding, but offering no real guarantees. With so many dress shops with samples available, I figured I would be able to find something white and nice enough for my big day. The stress came when I realized I didn’t like most of those gowns. I started to reach full-panic mode when August came and I still had no dress. Luckily, a ray of sunshine called Kleinfeld’s Blowout Sale saved me: The store made (more) famous by the TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress” had offered some of their designer gowns at hugely reduced prices, and that’s where I found an amazing Romona Keveza dress that normally retailed for about $4,000 for $800. Though it had to be altered, which cost another $700 and some drama (word to the wise: Do not choose just any seamstress to alter your dress; I had to have my alterations redone after gambling on a bootleg seamstress first), it was an amazing gown at an amazing price that I wouldn’t

have gotten had I ordered six months in advance. The gowns for my bridesmaids also promised to be a headache, but instead of trying to order one from a bridal store, I simply looked online at Nordstrom, found the prettiest evening dress in a color I thought would work and told each of them to order it ASAP. At $150, it was cheaper than most bridesmaids’ gowns, and might stand a better chance of being worn again. On some details we were blessed with good fortune. My fiance’s cousin is a minister and did the ceremony for travel costs; my fiance’s friend is a photographer who was paid only the price of his plane ticket. One of my bridesmaids made our wedding favors (personalized CDs), and my BFF’s sister, an event planner, acted as my coordinator for the rehearsal and ceremony. One friend with excellent handwriting did the place cards, and my mother-in-law designed our photo album-themed guest book and the broom for us to jump over, part of African-American tradition. Another of my husband’s friends (I married well) gave us the gift of a DJ and videographer. We did a candy station for guests, picking up the goodies from a candy store and the clear jars at Target. While I did have help and luck, I have no doubt that any bride could pull off what I did in less than a year. By Nekesa Mumbi Moody Associated Press Writer Bridal Guide •11

Tom & Amanda


My wedding was on June 13, 2009, at St. Timothy’s Chapel. My bridesmaids and I went to the church to get dressed. Shane (photographer) arrived at the church the same time we did and took our pictures as we got dressed and did our makeup. He then took pictures of my family and bridal party. After we had finished the groom and his attendants arrived and Shane took their pictures and Tom’s family. He got some very unique posses which are not like a lot of wedding pictures I’ve seen. Our ceremony was simple. Four friends played a quartet piece as we entered the church. My brother was my “man of honor” and he walked my mom down the aisle and my dad walked me down the aisle. Rev. Ted Hamon was our minister. Shane got some really nice pictures during the wedding. I had asked him to focus on Tom’s face when I entered the church and he got a great picture. After the wedding Shane took some group photos and some of Tom and I. Then he went to the Elks Lodge to get pictures of us coming into the reception. I had not seen the reception hall decorated. It was simply decorated with white linens and tall vases with three stems of purple gladiolus in each one. There were mirrors under the vases and four little candles around each one. There were simple wine glasses at each place setting and purple cloth napkins. 12•Bridal Guide

My grandmother made our wedding cake. It was three tiers with silk and fresh flowers cascading around the side. We also had a dessert table filled with different kinds of cheesecakes, cookies and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. Mike Mazzolini of Butte Hill Catering did the food. I had chosen an Italian theme and he served a fresh green salad with three different dressings, lasagna, risotto balls, Italian sausage in a sauce and french bread. It was outstanding! DJ Doc Savage did the music. He announced the different festivities like the cake cutting, the first dance, the garter and bouquet toss. Shane got some really fun pictures of these and of the rest of the reception. He even had us go outside and kiss in the middle of Main Street in Anaconda. Linda Davidson did my flowers. The bouquets were beautiful and she came in under my budgeted amount.

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          

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      

 

    

Contacts: 406-581-6202 406-585-8052 Bridal Guide •13

Zachary & K’Lynn


My wedding was on September 12, 2009, at The Lutheran Church in Laurel, Montana. The day before the wedding, Shane (photographer) met me at the reception hall and we sat down and wrote out some of the photos I really wanted him to take. He made a list of everybody that would be included. The morning of my wedding, my bridesmaids and I went to a salon to have our makeup and hair done. Shane arrived when we did and was snapping pictures. Then we all went to Billings to get dressed and have our pictures taken outside on the lawn. He then took pictures of my family and bridal party. After we had finished the groom and his attendants arrived and Shane took their pictures. Then we all went back to Laurel and he got pictures at the church. After the wedding we went back to Billings and Shane took some group photos and some of Zach and I. The reception hall was really pretty. The tables had white linen and a square of red material and another square of orange material in the middle. Candles were lit in the center of each table. The head table had red and orange roses lined along the front. The dance floor had lights and a canopy over the top. We had rented a sound system and a friend did the music. Zach’s grandmother made our wedding cake. It was three tiers with silk and fresh flowers cascading around the side. MSU Billings ballroom staff catered the reception. They served prime rib, potatoes, salads, veggies and rolls. It was really good food. Shane got some really fun photos of the cutting of the cake, the tossing of the garter and bouquet and of everybody dancing.

14•Bridal Guide

     

      

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Themed Weddings: Campy or Creative? Fairy tale wedding or modern twist? Many brides- and grooms-to-be have been thinking about their ideal wedding for years. Some may have strong ideas about wedding ideas, complete with scrapbooks featuring color schemes and wardrobe choices. Themed weddings have grown in popularity -- as couples want to do what they can to set their event apart from the scores of other weddings guests have attended. The key to themed weddings is to create a balance between tradition and elements that tie into the theme. This way the wedding is classy instead of over-the-top ... unless, however, over-the-top is what’s desired. • Decide on your theme: Develop a clear idea of what you’d like the theme to be. Themes can range from tie-ins to seasons to specific interests, such as sports or hobbies, to a particular color scheme. Once you have a firm concept of your theme, you can plan and shop around it. For the purpose of illustration, let’s use a winter theme as an example. • Introduce your theme with stationery: Your save-the-date cards or wedding invitations will present the theme to your guests, and could be the building block for the entire wedding. A winter-themed wedding may feature a whimsical font of swirly patterned type evoking the feel of winter wind. Delicate polka-dots could hint at falling snow. Avoid snowmen and ski boots. • Keep it simple: A winter theme may be achieved simply with color. Draperies, flowers, seat covers, table linens, etc. in a frosty blue, silver or white will touch upon the feel of winter. There’s no need to clutter up the space with nicknacks that make the theme overwhelming. Remember, you want the event to still be traditional, with touches of the theme throughout. • Choose an accent: There may be one concept of your theme that you’d like to build upon, such as snowflakes. However, instead of paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, which would be more reminiscent of a classroom instead of a reception room, think about other subtle ways to incorporate the accent. Delicate doilies under the china could hint at snowflakes. Italian pizzelle cookies dusted with powdered sugar look like snowflakes and are very tasty. Instead of Jordan almonds in favors, use large nonpareils. Ask the venue to create a signature cocktail that’s white and frosty. Rely on flowers and lighting: Flowers, foliage and other natural accents can add a special touch to your wedding. Nature provides so many different hued and shaped flowers that can work effortlessly into your theme. Hydrangea or snowball plants (also called Guelder rose) form large puffs of flowers that resemble snowballs and are aptly named. Delicate alyssum and even the common baby’s breath can be tucked into floral arrangements to add a snowflake appeal. Lighting is something couples often overlook. Famed party planner David Tutera often uses lighting to set the mood at the events he plans. Changing the color or the scope of the lighting for different parts of your reception can create different moods. Choose festive foods: Foods don’t necessarily need to look like themed elements (mashed potato ski slopes). However, you can touch on the theme by using seasonal foods such as winter squashes, hearty foods or seasonal fruits. Creating a theme doesn’t have to be ostentatious or evoke feelings of a kids’ birthday party. Subtle touches that are cohesive will provide the desired mood.

     



 Bridal Guide •17

Brides: Changing to Your Married Name Photo by: Amy Berg

After a bride says “I do” to a life with her new husband, she often says “I do” to a new last name. Whether she takes the name as a loving gesture, to make it more convenient when having kids, or simply to rid herself of an unappealing maiden name, changing her surname will require some steps to ensure the legality of a change in identity. Because a name change will require a copy of the marriage certificate -- something that isn’t often obtained until after the ceremony -- it’s best to wait until after you’ve returned from a honeymoon to change documentation. Also, in order to travel, you may require birth certificates, passports, a license, or another form of ID. It will be impossible to change all of those forms of identification before the wedding. Inconsistent documentation could cause hang-ups in the travel process. Additionally, you may be charged if you try to change your name on airline tickets after they’ve already been issued. Therefore, enjoy your maiden name a little longer until the honeymoon bliss is over and it’s back to reality. Ready to get started? Here are most of the documents you’ll need to change as you take on your new married name. 1. Social Security Card: If you are a U.S. resident, you will need to go to your local social security office, or download a form from the IRS Web site to apply for a change of name on your social security card. It takes approximately 10 days after the application is received for the IRSto update the records. In Canada you will need to change your Social Insurance Number card. 2. Drivers license:In order to change your drivers license and vehicle registration, you’ll likely have to visit the Department 18•Bridal Guide

of Motor Vehicles, or whatever the agency is called in your area. You will need several forms of identification, two of which will be your marriage certificate proving change of name and your social security card. Also have your old drivers license with you. 3. Passport:Contact the Passport Agency to update your name on your passport. You may or may not be charged for the new issue depending upon how long it’s been since you applied for a passport. 4. Insurance policies: If you have health insurance, life insurance, or a 401(k) plan, you should communicate your change of name to the respective companies. 5. Bank accounts:Guests will likely issue gift checks in your married name or as a couple. It helps to have an account available in which to deposit those checks. You can choose to merge your banking accounts once married, or open up a joint account with your new name. 6. Employer:Have your employer change your name in their records and update payroll and any other services. You will also want to update e-mail stationery to reflect your new name and have your IT director change your information for computer logins and e-mail addresses. A courtesy e-mail to clients will fill them in on your name change. 7. Credit card & utility companies: Notify these companies of a change of name. Some may require written documentation to complete the change. 8. Wills and other legal contracts: Have legal documents amended to feature your updated name. You may want to change your beneficiary to your husband.

Floral 411 for the Big Day

Leading up to their big day, couples have lots to worry about before they finally get to walk down the aisle as man and wife. The trials and tribulations of planning a wedding is no small task, as even the most minor details must be accounted for. Such is the case with the floral arrangements. Though not a minor detail in any way, preparing a wedding day floral arrangement does have its minor details, particularly when it comes to the more individual aspects of a floral plan. For instance, the following components must be considered when devising a floral plan. * The bridal bouquet. It’s tradition for bridal bouquets to contain white or cream-colored flowers such as stephanotis, roses, orchids, or lilies. Many bridal bouquets also include fillers like baby’s breath as well as some green or ivy, as well as ribbons or additonal accessories. * Bouquets for attendants. Attendants’ bouquets should be identical, and it’s best to coordinate these bouquets with the attendants’ gowns. Only the maid of honor traditionally receives a slighlty different bouquet, as it’s customary to give her one apart from the rest, though not significantly so. * Boutonnieres for groomsmen and ushers. The guy’s side of the wedding also needs to take part in the floral plan. Worn in a buttonhole or lapel, a boutonniere should be worn on the left lapel and match a flower from the bridesmaids’ bouquet. The groom should also wear a boutonniere, though his should match a flower from the bride’s bouquet. When wearing boutonnieres, men should not wear additional accessories such as pocket squares. * Flowers for special guests. Certain special guests, such as grandmothers and mothers, should receive corsages. While the corsages do not need to be identical, they should match the bridesmaids’ bouquets. It’s best to consult with a florist for a corsage color that matches all dresses, as typically the corsages must be ordered before the bride and groom know what their mothers, grandmothers and other special guests will be wearing. A corsage that goes with anything, therefore, is ideal.

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Bridal Guide •19

Tuxedo Choices for Your Wedding Day There are many grooms-to-be who leave choosing their wedding day attire to the last minute. After all, it’s something that doesn’t require much thought at all, right?

fair at a park or on the beach? All of these questions will help determine the formality of the event. Your wardrobe choices should coincide with this level of formality.

Actually, choosing your attire requires careful consideration of several variables. As such, many men are intimidated by the process, another reason for procrastination. However, acquiring a few pointers will help make the process easier if you have limited experience with wedding day attire.

Tuxedos are often the attire of choice for weddings that are moderately or ultra formal. A tuxedo with a bow tie and tails is a very formal look. For the majority of weddings a tuxedo without tails, with a matching vest and regular tie, will be adequate for the groom and groomsmen. On some occasions, especially casual weddings, grooms choose to wear a sports jacket and slacks rather than a tuxedo.

It’s first important to consider the style of your wedding. What time is it being held? What is the size of the wedding party and the number of attendants? Will it be held in a church with a reception at a fancy catering hall, or is it a more laid-back af

20•Bridal Guide

Tuxedoes are flattering for most men, especially when a black tuxedo is chosen. Black is slimming, and simply slipping into a

tuxedo can enable anyone to look sophisticated. Working with a tuxedo shop representative can help you to find a tuxedo that fits well. These garments are available in a number of sizes, but a reputable shop will make minor alterations to ensure a perfect fit. You want to be sure there is no pulling in the jacket and that the pants are a good length. Also, shirt sleeve length is important (the cuffs should extend past the jacket a little bit), as well as the fit of the shirt collar. You want to be comfortable the entire duration of your wedding. Tuxedo jackets come in many styles, with the basics being single or double-breasted. Double-breasted jackets may add a little bulk, which should be avoided by heavy men or those who are very slim. Jackets also come in different lengths. Choose one that is proportionate to your height so your body does not look overwhelmed by the jacket. Here are a few of the styles: • Cutaway jacket: This jacket is shorter in the front and tapers to one longer tail in the back. It is traditionally a formal daytime jacket. • Traditional tuxedo jacket: As mentioned, this can be single- or double-breasted and feature varied numbers of button closures. The lapels may also be varied. A peaked lapel forms a “V” at the collar and points upward. A notched lapel has an indentation at the collar in the shape of a triangle. A shawl lapel has no indentation and smoothly curves around the neck. • Mandarin jacket: Mandarin-style jackets do not have a lapel but a collar that stands straight up. There are six buttons along the front. It is worn with a mandarin-style shirt without a tie. • Long coat: The long coat is best worn by tall, broadshouldered men and is traditional in colder weather. The coat extends beyond the fingertips of the wearer. • Dinner jacket: This is a variation on the regular tuxedo jacket, but it is usually ivory or white in color. This can set the groom apart from other members of the wedding party. Many grooms-to-be opt to rent their tuxedo instead of purchase one. Wedding experts recommend renting the attire three months before the wedding. All groomsmen should rent their tuxedos from the same shop for a uniform look. It is also customary to coordinate the tuxedos with the gowns bridesmaids will be wearing. One way to do so is with a similar colored tie, vest or cummerbund. Take a color swatch of one of the bridesmaids’ gowns with you to the tuxedo store for assistance with matching the look. Pick up the tuxedo a day or two before the wedding and try on every piece, including the shoes, to check for fit. This way you have time for an exchange if something is not right or to pick up a missing tie or cufflink, which is apt to happen. Rented tuxedoes usually need to be returned the day after the wedding or the next business day. Elect a member of the wedding party to handle tuxedo returns because you’re likely to be on your honeymoon at this point.

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   

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Register for Some R &R A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. Typically months, if not years, of hard work and build up are involved until the big day finally arrives.

they were eager for the hard-earned respite that every couple longs for: their honeymoon.

Along with that anticipation comes plenty of planning. Couples must decide on everything from when and where to get married to whom to invite and where to register. Traditionally, wedding registries have allowed couples to guide guests toward the perfect wedding gift for their home. However as couples’ needs have changed over the years, so have gift registries.

But as the economy has struggled, so, too, have many couples planning a dream honeymoon. With their hearts set on a Costa Rican getaway, Sarah and Patrick were unsure if they could afford the trip they had been looking forward to for months and months. However, Sarah and Patrick soon discovered, an online honeymoon registry catering to couples who could use some help planning and paying for their perfect honeymoon.

Take for example, Sarah and Patrick who, like many of today’s couples, had already lived together before walking down the aisle. When it came time to fill out a registry, Sarah and Patrick were at a loss as to what to list, realizing their household wasn’t really in need of anything.

“Our true passion is traveling, but we typically do it ‘budget’ style,” says Sarah. “A honeymoon registry allowed us to travel in a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kind of way.”

“We already lived together and had all the kitchen gadgets, towels and bed sheets we could possibly need,” says Sarah. Sarah and Patrick’s dilemma wasn’t unique, and neither was their eventual solution. After the rigors of planning a wedding,

Capture Your Special Moments Plus Wines & Champagne

We cater Wedding Receptions

Wedding guests can conveniently choose from a host of activities listed by the newlyweds themselves. From dinners and hotels to ferry and gondola rides, even airline and train tickets, Honeyfund enables cash-strapped newlyweds to get the R&R they deserve while ensuring guests’ gifts are being put to good use.

Impressive assortment of prices you’ll love! • Lifetime diamond guarantee • Hometown atmosphere • Convenient in-house service & custom design

Smart Couples Register Here

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100 E. Front, Butte, MT 59701 406-496-3900 • 1-800-823-8777

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Discounts Available For Entire Wedding Parties Tuxedo Rentals (with 6 or more grooms is free)

Mon. Fri. 9 - 7 • Sat. 9 - 5:30 • Sun by appt. only • 3636 Harrison Ave • Butte • 1-406-494-2959 22•Bridal Guide

What’s more, many couples find registering for their honeymoon is both fun and makes for a better honeymoon. In fact, that popularity is growing faster than ever according to a report from online wedding resource, which showed that online Honeymoon registrants increased 50 percent from 2008 to 2009.

“Our guests loved it,” says Denise, who along with her husband, Andy, enjoyed a dream honeymoon in Fiji. “Their response was overwhelmingly positive and they enjoyed reading about what we planned to do on our honeymoon -- really cool activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting, a helicopter ride, Americas Cup sailing adventure, etc.”

Adding to the appeal of is that the site is free, making it quite possibly the only thing a couple can do when it comes to planning a wedding that won’t force them to get out their checkbooks.

Couples are even counseled on etiquette with respect to requesting financial gifts. Online gift tracking also enables couples to manage their gift payments and thank-you notes, ensuring the process will go as smoothly as possible.

“It was the perfect option for receiving gifts that we needed and could really use,” says Robert, who took his new bride, Kili, as well as an extra $5,300 earned from their Honeyfund. com registry on a Mediterranean Cruise. “Kili is from California and I am from Washington, D.C. Because of Honeyfund our guests didn’t have to lug gifts cross-country or worry about shipping. And we didn’t have to make one return or worry about lost gift receipts.” In addition to making it easy on couples, also makes it easy on guests, who can pay via PayPal or simply print a Honeyfund certificate to include with their wedding cards.

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Come to Steele’s to Register for those lasting treasures! Steele’s Bridal Registry makes gift buying easy! Choose the perfect gift list for your perfect life together!

Contribute any amount towards a gift. Individually, or as a group, friends and relatives can give any amount they wish towards a gift selected by the couple.

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