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Flanders’ Bike Valley innovation award @velofollies

Wind tunnel 5%-15% faster after Aero Fit

When the Valley reaches the Sky

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Testing KINGO: a new revolution in bike tourism is taking place.

Last summer I discovered that I was a MAMIL... and probably you, the reader, are a MAMIL too.

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FBV Award .....................................

KINGO ............................................


The Bike Valley Innovation Awards @ Velofollies will try to help you to see some of the better products.

Nikky Van Winkel ..........................


Eelectric blanket for your hands: a practical and elegant solution for cold mornings. Read more ...

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KLEVER ..........................................


Typically Klever: trendsetting technology for urban riders.

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World on wheels: It’s all about data. The Formula 1 track among BMX sports.


Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine

Voxdale ..........................................

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It has been just under a year since the Flanders’ Bike Valley (FBV) wind tunnel facility officially opened.

Event Report ................................... 10-11

BORN .............................................

When the Valley Reaches the a networking and experiencesharing event with Team Sky and FBV.

BORN has been an innovation partner for high quality sports nutrition by partnering UCI WorldTour team Team Sunweb.


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CALENDAR WALL..............................

De oplossing voor veilig stallen van dure fietsen in appartementen of woningen.

Please check latest dates & locations on our website !

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5%-15% faster after Aero Fit.

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Circuit Zolder ..................................

Wind Tunnel testing .........................

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Colophon Flanders’ Bike Valley magazine is a production of Flanders’ Bike Valley Editor: Flanders’ Bike Valley vzw Tervantstraat 2B 3583 BERINGEN Belgium

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Project management and lay-out: MTSS - Our staff members:

Marc Hufkens

Bert Celis

Co-founder & Chairman

Co-founder & CEO

Harm Ubbens

Nore Dijkmans

Project Manager

Management Assistant

Dear MAMILs, Last summer I discovered that I was a MAMIL... and probably you, the reader, are a MAMIL too. MAMILs are very common in Flanders. In fact, we have the largest MAMIL population density in the world! MAMIL stands for “Middle-Aged-Man-in-Lycra”. Yes, indeed, the guys with the very expensive bikes and very tight clothes which you encounter almost every Sunday morning. If you want to surprise a MAMIL on his own terrain, you have to ask him how much of his energy goes to aerodynamics, say, at a speed of 40 km/h. The answer is more than 85% and even 90% at 50 km/h. So, MAMILs have more in common with birds than any species of real mammals. So, a peloton of cyclists should be called a flight of cyclists and if you want to name your newborn, you should give it a bird’s name (assuming if you want to give him or her an ambitious cycling name). So, no “Tim” or “Tom” but real aerodynamic bird names like “Eagle” or “Buzzard”. “Tiesj” might also be an option since this is the call of the Buzzard during a plunge or “Greg” when pronounced as the lure of the falcon. This special Velofollies edition focuses on innovations: the first edition of the Bike Valley innovation award @Velofollies, the Bike Valley carrousel in the Ramblas of Velofollies where some companies show their latest innovations. If you’re still hungry for innovations or interested in the last topics regarding Smart Bike or Cycle Highways, feel free to visit us and the brandnew cycling wind tunnel in Beringen (Belgium), which was the secret weapon of Jolien D’Hoore and Jasper De Buyst for the Olympics in Rio. They were actually the first to be improved in the wind tunnel. After the Olympics, we also started improving other cyclists, triathletes, and lots of other disciplines (like the winter sport Skeleton) resulting in an average improvement between 5% and 15%. Find out about aerodynamics and innovations of some of the 70 members of Bike Valley in this special issue of Bike Valley magazine or come and have a drink in the topsportrestaurant when visiting the wind tunnel facility and BikeVille incubator here in Beringen (Belgium).

Line Deckers

Meanwhile, just grab your bike, and since you and me… we ain’t nothing but MAMILs, let’s do this like they do it on Sporza Channel.

Logistics Assistant

Bert Celis Co-founder & CEO

Introduction to our business Flanders is the heart of the ‘classics’ in the road bicycle racing world and that is great. But, in the 21st century, we would be crazy not to try and take the wealth of knowledge on bicycles, clothes, food, technology, marketing, etc… and convert it to a modern business case that reaches far beyond our borders. Our government is dedicating great efforts to innovation and our entrepreneurs are open for the new culture of clustering, which means that Flanders’ Bike Valley has every chance of being successful.


Join us

In this third edition of our magazine, you will be introduced to our club with our incubator, our wind tunnel testing facility, our Bike Valley experience, our members and their innovations and our academies.

You can become a member of ours, a neighbour in the incubator, a customer of the wind tunnel, a visitor of the experience, a supporter of the academies or an early adopter of the innovations. We already have a passion for bicycles for generations, now, we are working hard to realize our ambition of becoming top-of-mind concerning innovation and bicycle mobility.

As a consumer it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and after a while you feel drowned in a sea of more or less similar products and marketing bubbles. The Bike Valley Innovation Awards @Velofollies will try to help you to see some of the better products. Entries to the award need to reflect a certain level of innovation, which can be in design, creativity or even in business model & offering. Although it is rather difficult to judge the amount of innovation since innovations can be in a total different field, f.e. they can be very technical but also design innovation and business model innovation are not excluded from this competition. But let’s present our jury first: From left to right you see Steven Kins, editor at Golazo (, Bart De Schampheleire, editor at GRINTA, Sven Vlassenroot, Project Manager at the Flemish Institute for Mobility and manager of the Bikeform-project, Hans Versmissen, Innovation Management Consultant and cycling fanatic and the the right Bert Celis of Flanders’ Bike Valley, chairman of the jury (without voting rights but guiding the selection process).


ELEVEN ZEROS with the X-UP BIKE STAND As a jury we also try to look for innovations that look rather simple but can make life a lot easier. This new X-UP Bike stand is really something that falls into the category of simple products that make life easier with a reasonable cost price level. A big advantage is that you can also use it for multiple sizes of tire width. Anyway, just look at the pictures or come and see the stand at our booth at Velofollies or later on at the Bike Valley concept store… they speek for themselves.

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine



BIORACER with the EPIC BIBSHORT These new bibshorts of BioRacer are already well-known but the new EPIC Bibshort has really graduated muscle compression in the leg panels, which means you don’t get any irritation from elastic bands, which you can sometimes encounter after long rides. BioRacer also a new integrated Vapor Pad. The pad is made of Evapore, a 3D webbing that reacts differently to vibration and compression that will rubberize upon impact creating a shock absorbing layer. BioRacer also doesn’t forget half of the population since for the Epic Women a BibZip facilitates toilet stops and makes stripping clothing a thing from the past, which is of course a big benefit for women.

VELOCITE with bicycle rims, and




at the same time also winner of the START-UP INNOVATION AWARD. Velocite really reinvented the wheel by a new way of manufacturing rims. Until now commercially available carbon fiber composite rims were manufactured using labour intensive methods – by hand. Venn filament wound rims are the first carbon fiber composite rims in the world to take advantage of an automated production method –filament winding- to produce commercially successful rims that also meet or exceed the performance of the highest quality hand made carbon fiber composite rims. The fibers are also laid up under tension, without crimp. By this new manufacturing process, Velocite took a big disruptive leap in the history of rims and we hope to hear more of them in the near future.


Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine


ALSO NOMINATED and FINALLY SELECTED as the WINNER… The most of the votes went to the Trek Domane SLR. Briefly said we find it very innovative that it is possible to adjust comfort level of a bike. With comfort level we really mean vibrations and roadsmoothing characteristics to a new level. Not every rider is really satisfied with high stiffness on race frames, so making it adjustable is a good evolution. So what has Trek actually done ? The Domane SLR uses an upgraded IsoSpeed rear decoupler that Trek pioneered on the original Isospeed, which provides double the vertical compliance of a standard road bike without sacrificing power transfer. This Isospeed decoupler allows the seat tube to move independently of the top tube so as to absorb road vibration, is now adjustable. As before, the seat post and seat tube are connected by a pair of bearings, but now there’s a slider tucked neatly between the two that moves up and down to tune the ride. The design allows micro-adjustments for heavier or lighter riders, and it also allows for terrain-specific tuning, for instance stiffest on allpavement rides and softest on gravel (or cobbles). Trek has also added a decoupler at the front of the bike, which works like the rear by allowing the steer tube to flex independently of the head tube. The company says the Front IsoSpeed improves front end compliance by 10 percent over the previous Domane. There’s also a new handlebar, which weaves a layer of thermoplastic elastomer inside the carbon shell of the bars to improve vibration damping by a claimed 20 percent. By a short test ride we were also convinced that these are not just claims; we’ve also tested it briefly in a vibration bike stand of Bike Labs which also measures the vibration characterictis. As organizers of this award we would like to thank all the companies for their entries and if you were not selected this year, put it in your agenda to join this award competition next year. We often get the question of what you can exactly win… besides eternal fame, you get extra exposuring, first of all on Velofollies itself by the fact that the award winners and nominations are shown at the Ramblas of Velofollies near the Bike Valley booth. This is in fact very near to the entrance of the fair. Secondly the products will after the fair also be shown at the Bike Valley concept store (the whole year) where we welcome every year almost 20.000 visitors. And last but not least we try to show and explain them in this magazine (20.000ex.). So if you haven’t joined this competition and feel like your product should do well too –sometimes you get that feeling looking at the nominations & winners-, feel free to contact us after the summer of 2018 when the new award competition will start.


ersbikeva d n a fl . w w w

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine


Typically Klever: trendsetting Typically Klever: trendsetting technology for urban riders. technology for urban riders The young e-bike brand Klever introduces the “X” range: it’s an iconic design statement for a rear motor e-bike. With KLEVER X, the battery becomes a central design theme, deliberately marking a difference to traditional bicycles. The

Contact details Klever Mobility NL bv Afslag 8 3981 PD Bunnik The Netherlands + 0031 302 10 29 05


Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine

“loop frame“ positively integrates the battery unit and its bent top-tube leads to a unisex frame shape with reduced standover height. The sporty dynamic appearance highlights the unique power of the BIACTRON drive train system. “We already know that our powerful and super quiet BIACTRON drive system has proven itself over the last five years as top class for e-bikes”, explained Ruud Sjamaar, Country manager Benelux market and Marketing EU. “We’re almost sorry to have to say it, but there is simply no better motor. And now, by combining it with the hugely rigid Klever X frame, which is welded together by one of the very best aluminium frame makers in the world, we have before us the ultimate attractive e-bike – and it rides like a pro racing machine.”

The Klever X presents an outstandingly clean appearance. The brake cables, gear cables, and electronics are installed entirely within the stem and frame. With noise level under 50 dB, the Klever X is among the quietest on the market. The result is a silky-smooth sensation, with the nerve jangling buzz of the majority of mid motor e-bikes notably absent. The “X RAW” is a stylishly minimalist single speed bike within this new range and the “X Commuter” is a commuter bike for a new generation of e-­ bikers, 100% prepared to power you to the office. These two will be on the market in Feb 17 in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.

It’s all about data Circuit Zolder BMX has a UCI level A-track, the Formula 1 track among BMX sports. The combination of that track and our past record of successful events made major organizations like the UCI (International Cycling Union) and UEC (European Cycling Union) come to Zolder with the proposition of the UCI BMX World championships in 2019, the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup from 2017 to 2021, and the UEC BMX European Cup from 2017 to 2021.

As a proper functioning BMX club and as the official training center of the Belgian Cycling BMX team, we keep innovating in our infrastructure. Observing time and the generation and publishing of results is a challenging task. Therefore, Circuit Zolder BMX will be working together with Mylaps and Argus Vision in the near future. Companies that have an eye for speed, precision, dynamics and creative design.

Using drones to capture video, combined with the data from a smartwatch and the results on track from Mylaps will provide future riders with all the correct data they need to have a perfect training session here at the Lotto BMX track at Circuit Zolder!

If there are any questions for us you can visit our website, find us on Facebook or you can sent us an e-mail.

Contact details

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine


Event Report:

When the Valley Reaches the Sky


landers Bike Valley (FBV) and Team Sky joined hands to co-host a networking and experiencesharing event. The host for the evening was FBV chairman Marc Hufkens. Ensuring smooth flow of an event that was punctual to the minute, Marc was the guiding voice behind the success of the first such event at FBV. Before the speakers were asked on the podium a new flow visualization technique was demonstrated in the wind tunnel. First time world wide a system that is able to measure the 3D flow behavior in real-time was shown. A probe is entered in the wind tunnel and by `coloring’ the field around a cyclist the velocity regions can be identified. The intuitive and flexible approach gives fast data on the aerodynamics around a cyclist. After this well received demonstration the hall beneath the wind tunnel was open to the speakers. Bert Celis proudly highlighted the budding partners’ innovations. He did justice to all the sectors by giving an overview of the progress of upcoming projects. Next came Nikolaas Van Riet who hosted a quiz that busted many myths on cycling aerodynamics. He finished by expanding on the mind-blowing gains of “going aero”. If there were any sceptics in the crowd, they were all converted to believers. The eloquent Simon Jones spoke on his career trajectory and experience in scouting for the now world famous marginal gains through innovative technology in his role as Head of Innovation of Team Sky.


Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine

Allan Peiper, Sporting Manager of Team BMC brought a fresh breath of air by going unplugged – he spoke without any media aids. While acknowledging the crucial role of technology and innovations in pro cycling, he stressed that at the end of the day, it’s the legs and heart of the rider that win races. Servaas Bingé, team doctor of Lotto Soudal spoke on the evolution of medicine in cycling. A complex topic was explained in simple terms for the lay person.

I have always wanted a bar in my wind tunnel

10 of our member companies make pitches, each lasting 5 minutes. The companies ranged from hobby projects to high-tech engineering services; from psycho-analysis to innovative pedals. The youngest company was a month old at FBV, while the oldest was one of the founders. This was symbolic of the fact that we are an everexpanding, all-inclusive family of like-minded companies irrespective of experience or size. Every presenter talked of extending their presentation at the bar, and they kept their promise. The conversations “under the tunnel” went up to late hours and we were happy to see the networking literally “bubbling”. At FBV, we make sure innovation percolates to every corner - even the snacks table had innovative foods such as insect burgers. This is certainly not the last of these events. We are proud of the platform we have made; where else do you see top teams rubbing shoulders with start-ups? This event was everything FBV was supposed to be and promises to be – a fertile valley for all sections of the cycling industry.

Simon Jones (Team Sky)

LUCA Oggiano (Engineer for Team Sky)

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine


De oplossing voor veilig stallen van dure fietsen in appartementen of woningen

De laatste 10 jaar zijn mensen “kleiner” gaan wonen – zowel op appartementen als in woningen – en tegelijkertijd zijn er nooit meer racefietsen en e-bikes verkocht. Daardoor ontstond de vraag naar extra “garageruimte” voor die “duurdere” tweewielers. GRIDBOX@home is daarvoor de perfecte oplossing.

Kant-en-klaar geleverd voor binnen of buiten Een GRIDBOX@home is een veilige en solide metalen box voorzien van een rolluik met afstandsbediening. Hij wordt kant-en-klaar geleverd en wordt geplaatst op een stabiele, egale ondergrond. Uiteraard kan de box verankerd worden in bodem of muur, voor extra zekerheid en stevigheid. Deze box kan zowel buiten als binnen – in een ondergrondse parkeergarage van een appartementsgebouw – worden geplaatst en is meteen bruikbaar.

Surf naar om snel een concreet voorstel te ontvangen voor prijs, levering en beschikbare opties voor uw GRIDBOX@home.


Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine

Veilig en comfortabel

ter 2 me

De metalen constructie en het rolluik garanderen ook de veiligheid en het comfort van de gebruiker. Het rijwiel is veilig opgeborgen tegen diefstal of beschadiging en het rolluik wordt elektrisch geopend. Daarvoor zijn zowel afstandsbediening als codeslot beschikbaar.

80 cm

Thuis of aan de kust bijvoorbeeld Plaatsgebrek heb je niet enkel thuis, maar bijvoorbeeld ook bij mensen met een appartement aan zee. Geen probleem om ook daar een GRIDBOX@home te plaatsen uiteraard.

Privé of groepsaankoop 2 meter

In geval van appartementsgebouwen of woonerven, zowel voor permanente bewoning als voor vakantie, kunnen de mede-eigenaars beslissen om samen een aankoop te doen van meerdere boxen ineens.

Met lader voor uw e-bikes, smartphones, ... Indien we de GRIDBOX@home kunnen aansluiten op stroom, kan u ook gebruik maken van alle laadvoorzieningen die in de stalling geïnstalleerd zijn. Zowel voor fietsen als voor smartphones, gps of andere elektronica.

Multifunctioneel met mogelijke opties Uiteraard kan u deze GRIDBOX@home ook gebruiken voor alle andere opslag van tuin- of strandgerei. Wanneer u kostbare goederen moet achterlaten in een box die op een publiek toegankelijke plaats staat, kan een ingebouwde camera u gemoedsrust bieden.

Vraag meteen een vrijblijvend voorstel voor prijs en levering

Belgisch idee en fabricaat Onze GRIDBOX@home is een Belgisch idee van de Kempische ondernemer Piet Dijkmans. Hij zegt: “Wij verkopen al jarenlang fietsen en met de ontwikkeling van de GRIDBOX@home hebben gewoon een oplossing geboden voor de vele vragen van onze fietsklanten.”

Gridbox BVBA Gemeenteheide 19, 2440 Geel - Piet Dijkmans - +32 (0) 487/389.473 Kai De Sutter - +32 (0) 485/966.335

Wij kunnen full service aanbieden met levering, plaatsing en zelfs financiering van uw project. Voor meer info bel +32 495 28 14 67

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine


Join the Bike Valley community To enter new markets At Bike Valley we are aware that 90% of the innovations that fail, are unsuccessful due to market-related issues. Joining the FBV community network, you meet new interesting people, experience new technologies, share the passion for modern business and create new opportunities. To benefit from state-of-the-art R&D We organize, we inform, we promote, we share in order to give your business the right exposure or added value. Open innovation is our motto and innovation is open to you too, as a member. Do not hesitate !

Fill out the form and let’s get in touch !



Your name Company name Your e-mail Your phone number Your website

Please Indicate your fields of interest: Interested in ambassadorship of the Flanders’ Bike Valley community


Interested in receiving both online information and the Flanders’ Bike Valley magazine Interested in company membership and the Bike Valley Ecosystem

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Please scan this page and send it to or call +32 47 262 05 66

Or fill out this form online on our webpage 14

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine

Testing KINGO They say cycling is the best way to see a new landscape. Walking is too slow, running is tiring and unsafe for the untrained, and speeding in a car is too fast to soak-in any of the scenery. Plus, individual and planet health are incentives. As you are reading this, a new revolution in bike tourism is taking place. Contact details KINGO a registred brand of Click&Bike N.V. Industrielaan, 1029 / Bus 1 3730 Hoeselt Belgium +32 (0)89 23 00 01

E-bikes are taking over faster than anybody could have predicted, with 81% of Belgians and Dutch people willing to use an e-bike. “Many people are interested to cycle on holiday if it could be done in full comfort, without hassle. Many are uncertain, especially the inexperienced. KINGO

offers a comfortable solution to these needs. A state-of-the-art e-bike equipped with a crystal clear and easy to use navigation system and the option to call assistance at any given moment and place makes it possible to explore a region in full comfort, even for the inexperienced,” says Johan Vanswijgenhoven of Click & Bike. The “smart-bikes” please both the designer and engineer – hydraulic disc brakes, shock absorbers, a battery that can last a full day’s travelling, great aesthetics, and an intuitive interface. It has a weather-proof 10-inch cockpit that is tailormade for your tour.

a new revolution in bike tourism is taking place Kingo was built with an understanding of the challenging needs of stakeholders (hotels and tourists) based on extensive user and market surveys. “Through sketches, basic 3D models and rough breadboards, we explored valuable solutions for the challenges - the cockpit build-up, attachment to the bike, waterproofing and integration of connectors, speakers, power button and other design constraints,” says Joris Ronsmans of Achilles Design, the exciting design firm that worked jointly with Click & Bike on this project. Using the hotel as the anchor point, the bike suggests spots to visit. It gives directions back to the hotel, suggesting the most bike-friendly path. On-time notifications of points of interest and points of eating and drinking give the user information in a way that was never seen before. With VIP navigation, Kingo lives up to the claim of being a “royal way to explore”. Do we finally have freedom from pesky, pushy tour guides?

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine


From its Flanders’ based BIKEVILLE incubator, experts at Flanders’ Bike Valley deal with a lot of different challenges in innovation. Of course we combine items of science and technology together with sports or safety and health, for professional racers and amateurs, for children and adults, … But matters like mobility — for work for example — or tourism and recreation, are part of our holistic approach too. FBV is not only a test lab or a wind tunnel facility, but we provide platforms for meetings with politicians, organizations, media, expert users or students. If you want to join us - as an innovator in these fields - or with a service or product you have developed : do not hesitate and contact us !!!


Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine

Nikky Van Winkel: Eelectric blanket for your hands With winter at its peak (as of the day of publishing this article), don’t miss this hot item - a practical and elegant solution to our common gripe. There are basically only two types of cyclists – ones that hate the winter, and liars. Antwerp-based designer Nikky Van Winkel falls under the first category. She says, “In 2014, I got rid of my car. Finding parking in the city was too much of a problem. In September that year I felt - for the first time ever - how cold a morning on the bike can be.”

A practical and elegant solution for cold mornings After suffering for a few weeks of long commute in the cold winters, she came up with the idea of a heated pair of gloves. A battery pack that is mounted on the bike is connected to the gloves through a USB port. It’s basically an electric blanket for your hands. Talk about a hands-on* approach to solving a problem!

Contact details Nikky Van Winkel Hazelaarsdreef 9 2960 St.-Job-in-’t-Goor Belgium +32 (0)474/21 51 01

We have never felt the need for heating at the hands, but the truth is in cycling, we need it more than ever. In some sense, the fingers are the first point of contact when we cut the wind. The fact that there is very little blood flowing to the extremities makes it worse.

Self-employed Nikky is a fashion designer. For her, form and function go “hand in hand*”. The heating can last a solid four hours. At 99 euros per pair, it’s a handsome* deal. For more about the fascinating lady and her fashion accessories, head over to We at Bike Valley are proud to showcase products from all categories of businesses. These innovative cycling gloves are proof that great products don’t come just from large corporations. The gloves can be customized as well. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect Christmas present for your company?

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine




erodynamic knowledge becomes more and more important in cycling. The resistance that a cyclist needs to overcome is mainly determined by the aerodynamics and this influence grows with increasing velocity. At velocities of about 50 km/h nearly 90% of the total resistance of a cyclist is determined by the aerodynamics. The Flanders’ Bike Valley wind tunnel aids in reducing the resistance due to aerodynamic drag in all cycling disciplines. After a so-called aero-fit a reduction of 5% to 15% in aerodynamic drag can be reached. So how does such an aero-fit work? An optimal aero-fit consists of three phases. The first step in gaining a better and more aerodynamic position on the bike is to do a frontal area optimization. The Bioracer Aero system, which is placed in front of the bike, measures the frontal area and by changing the posture of the cyclist (making himself/herself smaller) the athlete can track his/her optimal aerodynamic position. When this optimal position is found this posture can be tested in the Flanders’ Bike Valley wind tunnel. As the aerodynamics of a rider is dependent on more factors than solely the frontal area optimization more insight in the aerodynamics around a rider can be found during a wind tunnel test. The wind tunnel is designed for cyclists and live feedback is shown to the rider in terms of drag and resistance, where drag sensitivity goes up to 0.1 Newton. The cyclist is able to perform his tests while pedaling with realistic rear wheel loading capabilities. By implementing small changes in the posture of a rider and by adapting the bike set-up a rider can typically gain 5-15% in speed for the same power output. After the first two phases of the aero fit the rider will have the optimized aerodynamic position. However, how can a cyclist maintain this position? It is currently seen that a rider tends to shift back to the older, less aerodynamic, position as he/she is more comfortable in this position. The optimized position in the wind tunnel can be captured by a contour fit which can be brought home to keep practicing in this position. One of the possibilities is to buy the Bioracer Aero system and overlay the contour fit over the live feeding from the webcam. In this way the optimal position can be trained on rollers in a home environment and an optimal aerodynamic position is gained.

For renting this WIND TUNNEL, please send an email to:


Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine

In its simplest form, a wind tunnel consists of turbines to propel air; a test section where the object we want to evaluate is placed; and the load cell (like scales) which measures force due to air resistance. While drawing up the blueprints, everything looks like an exact science. It is an exact science, but the nature of the physics is extremely sensitive; we are talking about movement of air molecules, and their effect on a sensitive load cell. Checking and re-checking for discrepancies is a continuous effort.

In a 11-page report by experts (“Calibration of Low Speed Cycling Wind Tunnel – Part 2” Viswanathan, Van Riet, Plender, Beyers), we get an insight into the science behind establishing accuracy and validating the tunnel. The tests showed that the flow in the wind tunnel was uniform; the “straightness” of the flow was confirmed; the turbulence intensity was within acceptable range; and the repeatability of the experiments was established. Great – but this is a procedure that must be followed at regular frequency.

Going back to the start: how did they approach the building of the tunnel? For this, we asked Voxdale – one of the founders of FBV. Managing Director Koen Beyers presents a 6-point summary: 1. Collaboration – the project is a coming together of partners who believed in open innovation and co-creation 2. Project Management – they treated this as any other project, with all moving parts mapped to a detailed plan and flow 3. Good Design – if it takes the same effort to create something beautiful or ugly (it often does), always make it beautiful 4. Built to Last – the tunnel will be around for at least 60 years. Regular calibration and staying abreast with technology are key 5. Be like Obama – say “Yes, we can!” to the problem statement of your client. In this case, the question was “Can you build a world class wind tunnel for the cycling industry?” The 6th point: “Allow Yourself Fun and Beer From Time to Time.” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. When Voxdale realized that to accommodate the “aero bar” that you see under the tunnel today, they would have to re-draw an aspect of the tunnel by a difference of merely 30 cm, they went back to the drawing board to test and validate the entire model using their powerful simulation tools. That kind of commitment to beer makes us question – “What came first? The bar or the wind tunnel?” “Of course, the bar! Everything else was built around it,” quips Bart Verleije, one of the project managers. “Jokes apart,” says Koen “that is the attention to detail we want to follow. What stands today is a world class wind tunnel that doubles as a majestic, imposing, and intriguing backdrop in the conference area. We did not compromise on the accuracy, function, or aesthetics of the tunnel and its surroundings, and the result shows.” Fair enough, we will drink to that!

Voxdale bvba Bijkhoevelaan 32C 2110 Wijnegem, Belgium

Flanders’ Bike Valley - magazine


Since 2013, BORN has been an innovation partner for high quality sports nutrition by partnering UCI WorldTour team Team Sunweb (former Team Giant-Alpecin). But their “Superior Sportscare” philosophy, a brainchild of former cyclist and pharmacist Dr. Wim Jennen, entered the scene in 1985. It is a total concept philosophy: a cyclist should be able to depend on BORN in every phase of his or her training or race. From their base in Geleen, The Netherlands, they have expanded to other European countries in the last few years. Working with Team Sunweb, they developed products that stand for their core values of quality, effect, easy digestability combined with great flavours. 2016 saw the introduction of the ISO PRO+ - a ‘hybrid’ drink which is unique in the fact that it is an energy drink and an isotonic thirst-quencher with added Peptopro®. It comes with a fresh mandarin/mango flavour which is new for a protein-added drink. The ISO PRO+ with Peptopro® (the ‘+’), hydrates, supplies energy, and supports recovery of muscle tissue during exercise. This will result in endurance, better results, and ultimately, more fun. The ‘+’ was also used in Recovery+, a clear recovery drink

(c) Wouter Roosenboom/Team Sunweb

(c) Born Sportscare B.V.

with a double dose of Peptopro® that tastes great even when lukewarm. Both products were developed in cooperation with Team Sunweb, where riders and staff used it exclusively before they were launched on the market. Tom Dumoulin adds, “I got the chance to work

with BORN in the development of this unique recovery drink with the Peptopro® peptide as the big plus. The flavour is amazing. Recovery+ is delicious and ensures that I can recover after a day’s hard work on my bike in training or in a stage race”.

I got the chance to work with BORN in the development of this unique recovery drink with the Peptopro® peptide as the big plus. The flavour is amazing. Recovery+ is tasty and ensures that I can recover after a day’s hard work on my bike in training or in a stage race (Tom Dumoulin)

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BORN Sportscare B.V. Kampstraat 90 6163 HG Geleen The Netherlands

Raised with cycling DNA and operating from the heart of cycling in Europe, BORN crosses borders: physically and figuratively, delivering products to support professionals and weekend warriors to reach their goals and increase their performances over and over again. BORN’s Superior Sportscare does not only concern premium sports nutrition but also a range of body-care products that has proven itself through the years. Both ranges combined with 30 years of experience makes sure that you feel BORN.

T: +31 (0)46 423 5169 E: Facebook: @BORNsportscare Instagram: @ifeelborn_hq

Do you want to have a #feelBORN experience? We are on Facebook (@BORNsportscare), Instagram (@ifeelBORN_hq), and

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20/01 – 21/01 -22/01

Innovation Carroussel @VELOFOLLIES


20/03 & 21/03

Advanced Training Bikefitters



Cycle Highway Industry Meeting



Cycling Love Brand Event



Sports Cooling Symposium



Bike and Aero Fitting Event



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12/06 & 13/06

1st Cycle Highway Academy @VELOCITY2017


30/08 – 02/09




Sports Nutrition Event



Cycling Team Storytelling Event


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L E N N TU D N I W HALL eople p 0 0 3 2600 m


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ES /Silv er/B ronz e


TOPSPORT Restaurant






Boost your business here ! @your service: • • • • • • • • •

“Wind tunnel hall” (600m2) : unique event location for max. 300 people, with “Aerobar” and stage, etc … “Break-out room” with food and beverages, tables and chairs, etc … “Meeting rooms” : 5 different types with capacities from 10 to 50 people “Offices” : 30 units available for start-ups and small businesses “Workshops” “Concept store“ with the latest innovations “Flex offices / flex seats” for short term use only “Top Sport Restaurant” : also for groups @brunch, lunch, dinner, … Parking lot with special equipment for (e)-bikers, such as gridbox, etc …

For use of our facilities, please contact Nore: 22

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