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Leverage the Benefits of Telemedicine with Medical Transcription Services




companies play a crucial role in ensuring quality EMR-integrated documentation



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Recent reports indicate that telemedicine is redefining the physician-patient relationship. The telehealth industry has expanded rapidly over the past few years. EMR-integrated medical transcription services allow physicians to document the virtual visits on telehealth platforms and seamlessly incorporate them into provider workflows. Today, such solutions are enabling telehealth to be used for much more than urgent care. A recent policy statement from the American Heart Association advocates Medicare coverage of evidencebased telemedicine services for cardiovascular disease. New Legislation expands Patient Access to Telehealth The West Virginia House of Delegates recently passed a bill to expand the use of telemedicine. The legislation, reports mHealthIntelligence, is expected to enable physicians to prescribe certain medications, increase patients’ access to their medical records, and allow text-only or audio-only telemedicine mediums to be used for responding to care calls or emergencies. It is hoped that the service will help patients in rural areas to get better access to mental health care. According to the report, other states across the country are also increasing the telemedicine capabilities of physicians and patients. Medical Transcription Outsourcing to Maintain Complete Patient Records Medical transcription service companies play a vital role in ensuring proper and complete EMR-integrated documentation of telehealth consultations. Physicians can record the virtual office sessions with patients and upload the files to the secure server of a HIPAA-compliant medical transcription company to get them converted into text. Leading service providers offer many dictation options such as toll-free phone-in, digital recording, and smartphone dictation. The transcribed files are made available for further real-time analysis after which they can be integrated into the patient’s medical record. With medical transcription services: -

Physicians can record the entire clinical narrative as opposed to just using EMR templates and drop-down menus which may not provide comprehensive information.


Minimize EMR data entry which can be distracting and focus on diagnosing the patient’s condition.


Avoid data entry errors which may be caused by the EMR copy-paste function.

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Telehealth holds Great Potential for Specialty Care While telehealth is commonly used by acute or primary care providers, it has great potential to enhance specialty care. It is especially feasible for specialties like psychiatry, psychology, pediatrics, dermatology, audiology, ophthalmology, dentistry, even rehabilitation services. A recent report in mHealthIntelligence listed the advantages of telemedicine for specialty care: ✓

Modern telehealth platforms allow medical specialists to build networks of patients and work with them at home, which is convenient for both the patient and physician.

Remote monitoring technology enables physicians to provide a higher, more collaborative and data-driven level of care which can enhance outcomes.

After the telehealth session, scheduled follow-up appointments to help manage a high-cost, complicated chronic condition can help prevent avoidable hospital readmissions and improve medication management and adherence.

In the case of medical emergencies such as a stroke, telehealth connects the patient to a neurologist as soon as possible, so that the specialist can diagnose the stroke and, if needed prescribe the drug that reduces brain damage due to the stroke.

Telehealth pediatric services resolve the difficulties associated with bringing an infant or child to the doctor’s office.

For neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), a telehealth platform could help small hospitals or clinics deal with difficult births.

In hospitals, implementing telemedicine platforms results in fewer in-person visits, which reduces office costs and frees up physicians’ time to see new and returning patients.

Whether primary care or specialty care, established medical transcription service providers can ensure quality EMR-integrated documentation to meet providers’ specific requirements.

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