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Volume-2 | Issue-3 | SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015

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t‑i‑mi‑m ad‑nb‑w h‑mf‑p¡‑mc³ a‑o\‑p Fe‑nk_¯‑v

New section for youngsters

Young Blooms A Creative Space


]wànIÄ Offbeat

Women's Dreams Never Expire Leena Mercy

t‑ P ‑ m W‑ n k‑ n . aä‑ w Anand Antony Susie Abraham

j‑ m _‑ p t‑ X ‑ m ak‑ v Photo: Saravanan Ravichandran, S R Media, Adelaide Model: Amanpreet Kaur



SEP- OCT 2015


Special Sydney ~ Melbourne ~ Canberra ~ New Castle ~ Adelaide ~ Brisbane ~ Perth ~ Alice Springs ~ Wagga Wagga

Volume-2 | Issue-3| SEP-OCT 2015

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I‑pS‑nt‑bä At‑]£IÀ¡‑v X‑nc‑n¨S‑n 16000 h‑nk At‑]£IÄ X‑nck‑v ¡c‑n¡‑p‑w

s‑X‑mg‑n {‑]‑mh‑oW‑y¯‑ns‑â AS‑nØ‑m\¯‑n I‑pS‑nt‑bä h‑nk¡‑v At‑]£ kaÀ ¸‑n¨ Bb‑nc§s‑f \‑nc‑mis‑¸S‑p¯‑ns‑I‑mï‑v kaÀ ¸‑n¡s‑¸« 16000 t‑¯‑mf‑w h‑nk At‑]£IÄ X‑nck‑v¡c‑n¡‑m³ kÀ¡‑mÀ X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑n¨‑p. a‑q¶‑p‑w \‑me‑p‑w hÀ ja‑mb‑n At‑]£ kaÀ ¸‑n¨ H‑m^‑vt‑j‑mÀ At‑]£IÀ ¡‑mW‑v- ]‑pX‑nb X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑w X‑nc‑n¨S‑nb‑mh‑pI. kaÀ¸‑n¡s‑¸« h‑nk At‑]£Ic‑ps‑S s‑X‑mg‑n {‑]‑mh‑oW‑y‑w \‑neh‑ns‑e s‑X‑mg‑n ]«‑nI {‑]I‑mc‑w c‑mP‑y¯‑v Bhi‑yaà F¶X‑mW‑v- ]‑pX‑nb X‑oc‑pa‑m\ s‑¯I‑pd‑n¨‑v I‑pS‑nt‑bä hI‑p¸‑v h‑niZa‑m¡‑p¶X‑v. I‑y‑m¸‑v Bâ‑v k‑ok‑v X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑w F¶‑v h‑nt‑ij‑n¸‑n¡‑p¶ ]‑pX‑nb \S]S‑n {‑] I‑mc‑w a‑q¶‑v k_‑v ¢‑mÊ‑pIf‑ne‑pÅ h‑nk At‑]£If‑n t‑ae‑pÅ s‑{‑]‑mkÊ‑n§‑v BW‑vI‑pS‑nt‑bä hI‑p¸‑v Ahk‑m\‑n¸‑n¡‑p¶X‑v. 175 ( Skilled Independent)‑, 176 (Skilled Sponsored)‑, 475 (Skilled Regional Sponsored) k_‑v ¢‑mÊ‑v h‑nkIÄ ¡‑mb‑n c‑mP‑y¯‑n³ ]‑pd¯‑v \‑n¶‑v At‑]£‑n¨ FÃ‑m At‑]£If‑p‑w CX‑v {‑] I‑mc‑w X‑nck‑v ¡c‑n¡‑pIb‑p‑w At‑]£‑m ^‑ok‑v X‑nc‑ns‑I \ÂI‑pIb‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p‑w . ]‑pX‑nb X‑oc‑pa‑m\ {‑]I‑mc‑w c‑mP‑y¯‑n\ I¯‑v \‑n¶‑v (Onshore‑) At‑]£ kaÀ ¸‑n¨hc‑ps‑S At‑]£IÄ d±‑v s‑N¿s‑]S‑nÃ. X‑nck‑v¡c‑n¡s‑¸S‑p¶ At‑]£IÀ¡‑mIs‑« ]‑pX‑nb At‑]£ kaÀ¸‑n¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ

\‑neh‑ns‑e t‑]‑mb‑nâ‑v \‑n_Ô\ b‑mb 60 t‑]‑mbâ‑v k‑vt‑I‑mÀ ( 2012 ³ a‑p³]‑v CX‑v 120 t‑]‑mb‑nâ‑v k‑vt‑I‑mÀ Bb‑nc‑p¶‑p‑) t‑\ t‑SïX‑pï‑v. CX‑p I‑qS‑ms‑X \h‑oIc‑n¨ At‑]£‑m ^‑ok‑p‑w ‑, k‑vI‑n AkÊ‑v s‑aâ‑v ^‑ok‑p‑w ‑, aä‑v N‑neh‑pIf‑p‑w hl‑nt‑¡ïX‑mb‑p‑w hc‑p‑w. a‑q¶‑p‑w \‑me‑p‑w hÀ ja‑mb‑n At‑]£ kaÀ ¸‑n¨‑v I‑m¯‑nc‑n¡‑p¶hÀ ¡‑v ]‑pX‑nb k‑ml Nc‑y¯‑n At‑]£ kaÀ ¸‑n¡‑m\‑p‑w A\‑pI‑qea‑mb X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑w Dï‑mI‑m\‑p‑w \‑nch[‑n {‑]X‑n_Ô§f‑mb‑nc‑n¡‑p‑w a‑p¶‑ne‑pï‑mh‑pI. h‑nk A\‑phZ‑n¡‑p¶X‑n\‑v- t‑I‑mSX‑nt‑bb‑p‑w ‑, AU‑va‑n\‑nk‑vt‑{‑Sä‑oh‑v A¸‑o {‑S‑n_‑y‑qWe‑nt‑\ b‑p‑w ka‑o]‑n¨‑n«‑pf‑ve At‑]£IÀ ¡‑p‑w ]‑pX‑nb X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑w {‑]X‑nI‑qea‑mb‑n _‑m[‑n¡‑p‑w. t‑I‑mSX‑nt‑b‑m‑, {‑S‑n _‑y‑qWt‑e‑m A\‑p I‑qe h‑n[‑n {‑]J‑y‑m]‑n¨‑m t‑]‑me‑p‑w I‑pS‑nt‑bä hI‑p¸‑v ]‑pX‑nb X‑oc‑pa‑m\¯‑ns‑â AS‑nØ‑m\¯‑n A¯c‑w At‑]£IÄ ]c‑nKW‑n¡‑pIb‑nÃ. h‑nk At‑]£IÄ d±‑v s‑N¿‑p¶ ]‑pX‑nb X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑w h‑y‑m]Ia‑mb {‑]X‑nt‑j[§Ä¡‑v hg‑n s‑h¨‑n«‑pï‑v. I‑pS‑nt‑bä AhI‑mi§Ä ¡‑v t‑hï‑n {‑]hÀ ¯‑n¡‑p¶ s‑s‑at‑{‑Kj³ C³ Ì‑nä‑y‑q«‑v H‑m^‑v Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb I‑pS‑nt‑bä hI‑p¸‑ns‑â X‑oc‑pa‑m\s‑¯ t‑I‑mSX‑nb‑n t‑N‑mZ‑y‑w s‑N¿‑ps‑a¶‑v {‑]J‑y‑m]‑n¨‑n«‑pï‑v.

Fk‑va N‑mc‑nä‑n ^ï‑v h‑nXcW‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑p C‑ut‑̬ k‑nU‑v\‑n aeb‑mf‑n At‑k‑mk‑nt‑bj³ k‑wLS‑n¸‑n¨ N‑mc‑nä‑n {‑I‑n¡ä‑v S‑qÀ ®s‑aâ‑n \‑n¶‑v ka‑mlc‑n¨ X‑pI X‑nc‑ph\´]‑pc‑w P‑nÃb‑ns‑e ]‑pf‑na‑m¯‑v Gd¯‑mä‑qÀ h‑o«‑n {‑i‑o[c³ ]‑nÅ‑, ]‑pf‑na‑m¯‑v

t‑__‑n \‑nh‑mk‑n t‑K‑m]‑meI‑rj‑vW³ F¶‑nhÀ¡‑v h‑nXcW‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑p. ]‑pf‑na‑m¯‑v {‑K‑ma ]©‑mb¯‑v {‑]k‑nUâ‑v F.Al½Z‑v I_‑oÀ BW‑v- N‑nI‑nÂk‑m kl‑mba‑mb‑n Cc‑phÀ¡‑p‑w C‑u X‑pI s‑s‑Ia‑md‑nbX‑v.

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Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nbb‑ns‑e d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v c‑wK‑w h³ I‑pX‑n¸‑ne‑mW‑v. k‑nU‑v\‑n‑, s‑aÂ_¬ t‑]‑me‑pÅ ]«W {‑]t‑Zi§f‑n Bhi‑y¡‑ms‑c X‑r]‑vX‑ns‑¸S‑p¯‑p‑w h‑n[‑w h‑ot‑S‑m‑, Øet‑a‑m e`‑yaà F¶X‑mWhØ. e`‑yX I‑pdh‑p‑w Bhi‑y¡‑mc‑ps‑S F®‑w I‑qS‑pXe‑p‑w F¶ Ø‑nX‑n h‑nt‑ij‑w h³ h‑ne hÀ[\¡‑v I‑mcWa‑mh‑pIb‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p¶‑p. K‑rl h‑mb‑v¸¡‑pÅ ]e‑ni\‑nc¡‑n d‑nkÀh‑v _‑m¦‑v hc‑p¯‑p¶ AS‑n¡S‑nb‑pÅ I‑pdh‑p‑w K‑rl h‑n] W‑ns‑b as‑ä¶‑pa‑nÃ‑m¯ h‑n[a‑pÅ h‑nehÀ[\h‑n s‑I‑ms‑ï¯‑n¨‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑p. C‑u klNc‑y‑w \‑ne \‑n¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ‑, h‑n] W‑nb‑ns‑e Ahkc‑w ]ca‑mh[‑n {‑]t‑b‑mP\ s‑¸S‑p¯‑m³ t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n Uhet‑¸g‑vk‑v hg‑nh‑n« a‑mÀK§Ä Ahe‑w_‑n¨‑p X‑pS§‑nb‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑p F¶ k‑qN\b‑mW‑v- k‑nU‑v\‑nb‑n AS‑p¯b‑ns‑S d‑nt‑¸‑mÀ«‑v s‑N¿s‑¸« H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑nb‑n I‑pS‑p§‑nb aeb‑mf‑nIf‑ps‑S A\‑p`h§Ä N‑qï‑nI‑mW‑n¡‑p¶X‑v. {‑]k‑vX‑pX ]²X‑nIf‑ns‑e Ic‑md‑n DÄs‑¸S‑p¶ k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v BW‑v- t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n I¼\‑nIÄ Z‑pc‑p]t‑b‑mK‑w s‑N¿‑p¶X‑v. Bhi‑y¡‑mc‑n \‑n¶‑v AU‑z‑m³ k‑mb‑n ]W‑w h‑m§‑n `‑qa‑n h‑m§‑n I‑q«‑pIb‑p‑w Ic‑mÀ I‑me‑mh[‑nb‑mb Ht‑¶‑m ct‑ï‑m hÀj‑w Ig‑nb‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I¼\‑nIÄ Ic‑md‑n \‑n¶‑v ]‑n³h‑m§‑pIb‑p‑w s‑s‑I¸ä‑nb X‑pI X‑nc‑ns‑I \ ÂI‑pIb‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p¶‑p. Ic‑md‑n ]dª \‑nÀ½‑mW {‑]hÀ ¯\‑w C‑u I‑mebfh‑n ]‑qÀ¯‑oIc‑n¡‑m³ Ig‑nª‑nà F¶ \‑y‑mba‑mW‑v- C¯c‑w ]‑n³ a‑mä§Ä¡‑v I‑mcWa‑mb‑n I¼\‑nIÄ ]db‑pI. Ic‑mÀ ]‑pX‑p¡‑m³ I‑qS‑pX ]W‑w Bhi‑ys‑¸S‑pI‑, \‑nÀ½‑mW {‑]hÀ¯\§f‑ps‑S U‑ns‑s‑k\‑n a‑mä‑w hc‑p¯‑pI‑, `‑qa‑n h³ h‑ne¡‑v ad‑n¨‑p h‑n¡‑pI F¶‑n§s‑\ I‑qS‑pX ]W‑w t‑\S‑m³ I¼\‑nIÄ Ic‑md‑n \‑n¶‑v ]‑n³h‑m§‑m³ A\‑paX‑n \ÂI‑p¶ k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑ns‑\ adb‑m¡‑p¶‑p. k‑nU‑v\‑nb‑ns‑e s‑]³d‑n¯‑n \S¶ H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ I¨hSs‑¯I‑pd‑n¨‑pÅ At‑\‑zjW d‑nt‑¸‑mÀ«‑v C‑u e¡¯‑n {‑]k‑n²s‑¸S‑p¯‑nb‑n«‑pï‑v. hfs‑c Ic‑pXt‑e‑ms‑Sb‑p‑w‑, ]T\¯‑nt‑âb‑p‑w AS‑nØ‑m\¯‑n a‑m{‑Xt‑a H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑nIf‑n t‑Nc‑mh‑q F¶‑v k‑nU‑v\‑nb‑n \S¡‑p¶ k‑w`h h‑nI‑mk‑w aeb‑mf‑n ka‑qls‑¯ H‑mÀ½s‑¸S‑p¯‑p¶‑p.

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cà Z‑m\I‑y‑m¼‑v C‑ut‑̬ k‑nU‑v\‑n aeb‑mf‑n At‑k‑mk‑nt‑bj³ Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³ s‑dU‑v t‑{‑I‑mÊ‑v »U‑v kÀh‑ok‑pa‑mb‑n t‑NÀ¶‑v k‑wLS‑n¸‑n¨ càZ‑m\I‑y‑m¼‑v h³ h‑nPb‑w. h\‑nXIÄ AS¡‑w 26 t‑]À cà‑w Z‑m\‑w s‑NbX‑p. I‑qP‑n _‑o¨‑n\‑v- ka‑o]‑w \S¶ I‑y‑m¼‑n t‑k‑m_‑n³ t‑P‑mk‑v cIX Z‑mX‑m¡s‑f t‑I‑m-H‑mÀU‑nt‑\ ä‑v s‑Nb‑vX‑p.

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Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion Models: Emilia

Hair and makeup: Ali Ancell Location: Adelaide South Australia Amanpreet Kaur

(Mrs Australasia 2015 first runner up 2015, Adelaide) Makeup & Hair Style: Nicole Location: Adelaide, South Australia Photos and post production: Saravanan Ravichandran, SR Media, Adelaide



SEP- OCT 2015



{‑]h‑mk‑n-IÄ H‑mWs‑¯ DÂk-h-a‑m-¡‑p¶‑p : C{‑µ-P‑n¯‑‑v

t‑Ic-f-¯‑n I‑mW‑m³ k‑m[‑n-¡‑m¯ DÕ‑m-lh‑p‑w Bt‑L‑m-j-h‑p‑w-a‑mW‑v {‑]h‑mk t‑e‑mIs‑¯ ae-b‑m-f‑n-IÄ H‑mWs‑¯ hc-t‑h¡‑m-\‑mb‑n I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶ DÕ‑m-l-s‑a¶‑v {‑]ik‑vX ae-b‑mf k‑n\‑n-a‑m-X‑mc‑w C{‑µ-P‑n-¯‑v. s‑aÂ_¬ ae-b‑mf‑n s‑^U-t‑d-j³ C‑u hÀjs‑¯ H‑mt‑W‑m-t‑L‑m-j-§Ä k‑v{‑]‑n‑wK‑vk‑v h‑me‑n S‑u¬ l‑mf‑n DZ‑vL‑m-S\‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑p k‑wk‑m-c‑n-¡‑pI-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p At‑±-l‑w. ae-b‑mf‑n s‑^U-t‑d-js‑â h\‑n-X-IÄ \S-¯‑nb X‑nc‑p-h‑m-X‑n-c-¡-f‑n-t‑b‑ms‑S H‑mW‑mt‑L‑mj NS-§‑p-IÄ¡‑v X‑pS-¡-a‑m-b‑n. F‑wF‑w-F^‑v {‑]k‑nUâ‑v AP‑n ]‑p\-e‑qÀ A[‑y-£X hl‑n-¨‑p-. Ø‑m-]I {‑] k‑n-Uâ‑p‑w s‑NbÀt‑]-g‑vk-W‑p-a‑mb t‑U‑m. j‑mP‑n hÀK‑ok‑v a‑pJ‑y {‑]`‑m-jW‑w \S¯‑n. s‑a‑m\‑mj‑v t‑abÀ t‑]‑mÄ ¢‑nk-c‑n-k‑v, aÄ«‑n IĨ-d I½‑oj-WÀ N‑nX‑w-`c³ {‑i‑o\‑n-h‑m-k³‑, F^‑v-s‑F-F-h‑n -{‑]-k‑n-Uâ‑v t‑X‑mak‑v

t‑P‑mk^‑v F¶‑n-hÀ k‑wk‑m-c‑n-¨‑p. N‑n{‑X cN-\-b‑n {‑]k‑n-²-\‑mb {‑]`‑m-I-d‑n\‑p‑w Hs‑F-k‑n-k‑n- \‑y‑qk‑v FU‑n-äÀ t‑P‑mk‑v F‑w t‑P‑mÀÖ‑n\‑p‑w C{‑µ-P‑n¯‑v s‑a‑mas‑â‑m \ ÂI‑n BZ-c‑n¨‑p. c‑mh‑ns‑e 10 \‑v hS‑w-he‑n aÕ-ch‑p‑w N‑n{‑X cN\‑m aÕk-ch‑p‑w \ S¶‑p. D¨¡‑v 12 aW‑n¡‑p X‑pS-§‑nb H‑mW-kZ‑y s‑s‑hI‑n«‑p \‑me‑p-hs‑c \‑oï‑p-. X‑p-SÀ¶‑v Ie‑m-]-c‑n-]‑m-S‑n-IÄ Ac-t‑§-d‑n. F‑wF‑w-F-^‑ns‑â k‑ph-\‑oÀ {‑]I‑m-i\‑w \S³ C{‑µ-P‑n¯‑v \‑nÀÆ-l‑n-¨‑p. h‑nh‑n[ aÕ-c-§-f‑n h‑nP-b‑n-¨-hÀ¡‑pÅ k½‑m\ h‑nX-c-Wh‑p‑w NS-§‑n \S-¶‑p. U‑m³U‑nt‑\‑m‑wK‑v ¹‑mk-b‑ns‑e N‑nÃ‑n C´‑y ] c‑n-]‑m-S‑n-b‑ps‑S a‑pJ‑y k‑vt‑]‑m¬kÀa‑m-c‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. I‑qS‑ms‑X ¹‑ms‑\ä‑v C³j‑q-d³k‑v ANZ _‑m¦‑v‑, s‑k³{‑S CI‑z‑nä‑n h‑nï‑m-f‑p- ]‑y‑mt‑ek‑v F¶‑n-hc‑p‑w PFG t‑l‑m‑w t‑e‑m¬k‑v F¶‑n-hÀ ¹‑mä‑n\‑w k‑vt‑]‑m¬kd‑p‑w Bb‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. c‑mP³ s‑h¬aW‑n k‑zK-Xh‑p‑w‑, t‑{‑ibk‑v s‑I {‑i‑o[À \-µ‑nb‑p‑w ]-d-ª‑p.



IOZ Events

Bro.Sajith Joseph

Movie Screening (Life Of Josutty)

Grace Community Global

October 9:(8.30pm) 10:(5.45pm)11:(3.15pm) Event Cinemas Liverpool, NSW

October 15.16. 6. pm Cornerstone Center, QN

Sydney Malayalee Association

Vidhyarambam & Cultural Events

Kerala Piravi

November 1, Grandville Town Hall, NSW.


Guest:Poet.Prof.Madhusoodhanan Nair Sydney Literary Forum November 5, 6.30 pm St.Marthas Church Hall, Strathfield,NSW

Nite of Nostalgia

An Explosion of Dance and Music Ozindcare Sydney

(Guest.Poet.Prof.Madhusoodhanan Nair) PulariSaskarikaVedhi October 23, 24, 25 Brisbane, QN


Guest.Poet.Prof.Madhusoodhanan Nair Kerala Association of Townsville October 29, QN

November 8, 5 pm Redgum Centre, Wentworthville, NSW

Gold Coast

(Music Dance Comedy)

Guest.Poet.Prof.Madhusoodhanan Nair


Thakazhi Anusmaranam

Strathfield Malayalees

October 28 Southport Community Center, QN

November 6, Berala, NSW


Beauty Pageant (Miss.Mrs.Mr. Mel

bourne Glamourous-2015) October 10, VIC


Kerala Piravi Celebrations

Guest.Poet.Prof.Madhusoodhanan Nair Samskrithi

November 1 ACT

‑'\‑mZ‑w I‑nU‑vk‑v s^Ì‑v 2015‑' HI‑vt‑S‑m-_À cï‑n-\‑v I‑p«‑n-I-f‑ps‑S kÀK t‑N‑mX-\-s‑b DWÀ¯‑pI F¶ e£‑y-t‑¯‑ms‑S \‑mZ‑w U‑m³U‑n-t‑\‑m‑w-K‑v s‑aÂ_-W‑n k‑rj‑vS‑n I‑nU‑vk‑v s‑hÌ‑v 2015 k‑wL-S‑n-¸‑n-¡‑p¶‑p. HI‑vt‑S‑m-_³ cï‑n\‑v t‑\‑m_‑nÄ ]‑mÀ¡‑v s‑k¡³Ud‑n t‑I‑mf-P‑n-e‑mW‑v Hc‑p Z‑nhk‑w \‑oï‑p-\‑n¡‑p¶ Ie‑m aÂk-c-§Ä¡‑v \‑mZ‑w U‑m³U‑n-

t‑\‑m‑w-K‑v BX‑nY‑y‑w hl‑n-¡‑p-I. ‑k‑mt‑f‑m U‑m³k‑v‑, {‑K‑q¸‑v U‑m³k‑v‑, t‑k‑mt‑f‑m t‑k‑m‑wK‑v‑, {‑K‑q¸‑v t‑k‑m‑wK‑v‑, s‑] b‑nâ‑n‑w-K‑v, If-d‑n‑wK‑v F¶‑o h‑n`‑m-K-§f‑n-e‑mW‑v aÕ-c-§Ä. h‑nP-b‑n-IÄ¡‑v BIÀj-I-§-f‑mb k½‑m-\-§Ä \ ÂI‑p-¶-t‑X‑m-s‑S‑m¸‑w FÃ‑m aÕ-c‑mÀ°‑nIÄ¡‑p‑w t‑{‑]‑mÂk‑m-l\ k½‑m-\-§Ä

\ÂI‑p‑w. Gg‑v t‑U‑mf-d‑mW‑v cP‑n-k‑vt‑{‑Sj³ ^‑ok‑v. CX‑ns‑â Hc‑p-`‑mK‑w P‑oh I‑mc‑pW‑y {‑]hÀ¯-\-§Ä¡‑v h‑n\‑n-t‑b‑mK‑n-¡‑pI F¶-X‑mW‑v k‑wL‑m-S-I-c‑ps‑S e£‑y‑w. h‑nh-c-§Ä¡‑v s‑dP‑n 0432655690‑, {‑]Z‑o]‑v 0430933777‑, s‑s‑_P‑p 0402494701‑, j‑oe 0404414132‑, k‑n\‑n 0406892212.









ustralia has become a laughingstock in the democratic world by having five Prime Ministers in the last five years. Australian politics has been ridiculed as a reality TV show. It is a shameful development that the Prime Ministership in this country has become a part time job. When Julia Gillard toppled Kevin Rudd in 2010, she was described as a political assassin, backstabber and traitor. Tony Abbot, the then opposition leader was ferocious and persistent in his criticism of Julia Gillard in and outside the parliament, calling her a traitor who politically assassinated an elected Prime Minister. In 2012, when Kevin Rudd deposed Julia and became Prime Minister for the second time, he was also accused of the same crime. The so called “political treachery” allegation was effectively used by the coalition to win the 2013 election. It is an irony that Tony Abbott who was the most vehement critic of the alleged “political assassination”, has now himself become the victim of it. Julia can smile now! History is repeating itself. Julie Bishop did not stab her leader from the back; rather it was a frontal stab. The only difference between her and Gillard is that the deputy in this case did not become the Prime Minister though she was instrumental in toppling him. She has been accused of not conveying to her leader earlier that he was losing the support of the majority in the party room. She claims that she was not aware of such a situation till the night before. Ironically, Daily Telegraph, a News Media publication and a staunch supporter of the conservatives and the coalition, has depicted Julie Bishop as “Lady Macbeth” accusing her of knifing her leader. Though she vehemently denies it, Julie Bishop’s abrupt change of allegiance from Abbott to Turnbull, will always be remembered as a fatal push to the revolving door of Prime Ministership. It is a widely accepted fact that Tony Abbott is responsible for his own downfall. He is said to have engineered his own destruction. He was given a warning in February when his leadership was challenged following the disastrous “captain’s call” of knighthood to

Prince Philip, even though he won the leadership spill. Instead of learning from his mistakes, he kept making more mistakes, more “captain’s calls”. The Bronwyn Bishop saga, unpopular budgets, refusal to sack his too powerful chief of staff Peta Credlin, lack of economic leadership, absence of consultative style of administration, have all contributed to his downfall, one day before the completion of two years as first term Prime Minister. He failed to make the expect-

polls, Turnbull’s preference as Prime Minister has gone up to 70% and two party preferences between Labor and Coalition to 50-50. This has come as a great relief for the coalition after 13 disastrous news poll results against the Abbott government. Some political observers believe that with Malcolm Turnbull as leader, the chances of Coalition winning the next election in 2016 has increased significantly. In contrast, the opposition leader Bill Shorten does not appear

Tony Abbott may sit quite at the back bench as he promised, but his “wounded” conservative supporters and the right wing of the party need not and may not. Turnbull cannot expect to have a smooth ride all the way through. Toney Jones ed transition from an aggressive opposition leader and fighter to a successful Prime Minister. According to some angry liberal supporters, the abandonment of their leader by senior ministers like Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison and Christopher Pyne has also contributed to Abbott’s downfall. On 15 September, Malcolm Turnbull became the 29th Prime Minister of Australia, overthrowing Tony Abbott, six years after he was overthrown by the same Tony Abbot as opposition leader. He has promised to bring back the traditional cabinet system of government, by becoming more consultative. He promises “leadership that respects the people’s intelligence”. Andrew Hastie’s comfortable win in the Canning by-election has given Turnbull’s Prime Ministership an early boost. In the latest opinion

to be strong enough to beat Turnbull who has been the most popular politician in Australia. There is also great hope that the continuous and successful Prime Ministership of Turnbull will bring an end to the infamous “revolving door” of Prime Ministership in Australia. However, one cannot ignore the fact that there are many discontent liberal supporters who draw a parallel between the Kevin Rudd-Julia Gillard fiasco and the displacement of Abbott by Turnbull. They accuse Turnbull and Julie Bishop of betraying Abbott and the liberal party. One angry liberal supporter told Allen Jones on his talkback radio show on 2GB that Australians are caught between a ”s... sandwich”, as people do not want to vote for Turnbull or Bill Shorten (Labor). According to Jeff Kennett, Victorian liberal leader and ex premier,

Turnbull “who puts himself above others”, has committed an act of “gross disloyalty and extreme egotism”. He has labelled Turnbull as “the Kevin Rudd of the liberal party”. Tony Abbott may sit quite at the back bench as he promised, but his “wounded” conservative supporters and the right wing of the party need not and may not. Turnbull cannot expect to have a smooth ride all the way through. On the other hand, Labor’s only possibility of victory lies in the hope that Turnbull becomes as untrustworthy, unreliable and silly as Abbott in the first year of his Prime Ministership. His dramatic and ridiculous turn around in policies with regard to climate change and same sex marriage has given a ray of hope to the opposition. Turnbull who described Abbott government’s direct action climate change policy as “fiscal recklessness of a grand scale” is now calling it ”a resounding success”. If he continues to drift further from his “liberal” ideals for which he has been hugely popular, his chances of remaining in power for a long period of time may be adversely affected. Moreover, he faces tough challenge from the conservatives inside the party as well as Abbott supporters in the conservative media such as Allen Jones and Andrew Bolt. There has been a lot of debate about the ethical and political correctness of changing Prime Ministers in between elections. Joe Hockey, one of Abbott’s ardent supporters has argued that in a democracy, only people have the power to hire and fire Prime Ministers. But there is no constitutional backing for this argument. In the Westminster cabinet system of government, after a general election, the MP’s of the majority party elects its leader who then becomes the Prime Minister who is collectively responsible to the Cabinet for his decisions and actions. He or she continues to be the Prime Minister only as long as he or she enjoys the confidence of the majority of the cabinet and the members of the parliament in the party room. Consequently the party room reserves the right to hire and fire leaders, not the voters.



SEP- OCT 2015


H‑m^‑v Z‑ ¹‑m³ `h\ ]²X‑nb‑ns‑e NX‑n¡‑pg‑nIÄ:

I_f‑n¸‑n¡s‑¸« aeb‑mf‑n t‑I‑mSX‑nb‑n Ic‑mÀ ]‑me‑n¡‑mX‑nc‑p¶ I¼\‑ns‑¡X‑ns‑c \‑nba \S]S‑n¡‑v X¿‑md‑mb k‑qcP‑v k‑n±‑oJ‑v F¶ aeb‑mf‑n H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ `‑qa‑n I¨hS¯‑ns‑e A]IS§Ä ka‑ql¯‑n\‑v a‑p³]‑n X‑pd¶‑v I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶‑p.


\‑nb{‑´‑nXa‑mb t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n h‑ne I‑pX‑n¸‑p‑w‑, Bhi‑y¡‑mc‑ps‑S XÅ‑nIbäh‑p‑w‑, XI‑rX‑nb‑mb‑n \S¡‑p¶ I¨hS§f‑p‑w s‑I‑mï‑v Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³ d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v a‑mÀ¡ä‑v as‑ä¶t‑¯¡‑mf‑p‑w kP‑oha‑mW‑nt‑¸‑mÄ. I¨hS§Ä s‑]‑mS‑n s‑]‑mS‑n¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ‑, `h\ k‑z]‑v\‑w k‑m£‑mX‑v¡c‑n¡‑m³ Cd§‑n¯‑nc‑n¡‑p¶ D] t‑`‑mà‑m¡Ä h‑n]W‑nb‑ns‑e NX‑n¡‑pg‑nIf‑n s‑]«‑pt‑]‑mbX‑ns‑\ I‑pd‑n¨‑pÅ d‑nt‑¸‑mÀ«‑pIf‑mW‑v h¶‑p s‑I‑mï‑nc‑n¡‑p¶X‑v. k‑nU‑v\‑n s‑]³d‑n¯‑n Hc‑pI‑q«‑w aeb‑mf‑nIÄ H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑n {‑]I‑mc‑w `‑qa‑n/ `h\ ]²X‑nb‑n t‑NÀ¶X‑p‑w X‑pSÀ¶‑v I¼\‑nIÄ Ic‑mÀ ]‑me‑n ¡‑mX‑nc‑p¶X‑p‑w d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v t‑aJeb‑n \S¡‑p¶ X«‑n¸‑v s‑hf‑ns‑¸S‑p¯‑p¶‑p. Ic‑mÀ ]‑me‑n¡‑mX‑nc‑p¶ I¼\‑ns‑¡X‑ns‑c \‑nba \S]S‑n¡‑v X¿‑md‑mb k‑qcP‑v k‑n±‑oJ‑v F¶ aeb‑mf‑n H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ `‑qa‑n I¨hS¯‑ns‑e A]IS§Ä ka‑ql¯‑n\‑v a‑p³]‑n X‑pd¶‑v I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶‑p . Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nbb‑n BIa‑m\‑w {‑]N‑mc¯‑ne‑pÅ t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n h‑n¸\ c‑oX‑nb‑mW‑v- H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑n. `‑mh‑nb‑n h‑ot‑S‑m‑, b‑qW‑nt‑ä‑m \‑nÀ½‑n¡‑ms‑a¶ [‑mcWb‑n t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n/ e‑mâ‑v Uhet‑¸g‑vk‑v Bhi‑y¡‑mc‑ps‑S ]¡Â \‑n¶‑v \‑nÝ‑nX iXa‑m\‑w AU‑z‑m³k‑v X‑pI s‑s‑I¸ä‑n Ic‑md‑n GÀs‑¸S‑p¶ c‑oX‑ns‑bb‑mW‑v- H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ s‑s‑_b‑n§‑v F¶‑v h‑nf‑n¡‑p¶X‑v. tkmWnw§v s]Àanj³ AÃmsX b‑ms‑X‑mc‑p \‑nÀ½‑mWt‑a‑m‑, \‑nÀ½‑mW A\‑paX‑nIt‑f‑m CÃ‑m¯X‑mb‑nc‑n¡‑p‑w C¯c‑w `‑qa‑n. Bhi‑y¡‑mc‑pa‑mb‑n GÀs‑¸S‑p¶ Ic‑mÀ I‑me‑mh[‑n¡I‑w I‑u¬k‑ne‑n \‑n¶‑v \‑nÀ ½‑mW A\‑paX‑nIf‑p‑w X‑pSÀ¶‑v \‑nÀ½‑mWh‑p‑w \ S¯‑ns‑I‑mÅ‑m‑w F¶‑mW‑v- Uhet‑¸g‑vk‑v Ic‑md‑n h‑mK‑vZ‑m\‑w s‑N¿‑pI. F¶‑m Ic‑md‑n DÄs‑¸S‑p¶ k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v F¶ Ad‑nbs‑¸S‑p¶ LSI‑w ]et‑¸‑mg‑p‑w Bhi‑y¡‑ms‑c I_f‑n¸‑n¡‑m\‑pÅ \‑nba¯‑ns‑e ]g‑pX‑mb‑n a‑md‑p¶‑p.

k¬s‑ kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑nb‑n t‑NÀ¶‑v h‑oS‑p s‑h¡‑m³/

h‑m§‑m³ B{‑Kl‑n¡‑p¶ Ghc‑p‑w Ad‑nª‑nc‑nt‑¡ï Ic‑mÀ LSIa‑mW‑v- k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v (Sunset Clause‑). e‑mâ‑v Uhe¸À Bhi‑y¡‑mc‑pa‑mb‑n GÀs‑¸S‑p¶ Ic‑md‑ns‑e \‑nÝ‑nX I‑me‑mh[‑n¡‑v t‑ij‑w (cï‑v-a‑q¶‑v hÀj‑w‑, As‑æ‑n X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑n¡s‑¸« X‑obX‑n‑) Ic‑md‑n \‑n¶‑v ]‑n³ h‑m§‑m³ k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v cï‑v I‑q«À¡‑p‑w A\‑paX‑n \ÂI‑p¶‑p. F¶‑m C‑u \‑nba‑w \‑neh‑ns‑e k‑mlNc‑y§f‑n t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n Uhet‑¸g‑vk‑v Z‑pc‑p]t‑b‑mK‑w s‑N¿‑p¶X‑mb‑mW‑va\Ê‑ne‑mI‑p¶X‑v. AU‑z‑m³k‑v s‑s‑I¸ä‑n k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v kab ]c‑n[‑n X‑oc‑p¶t‑X‑ms‑S Ic‑md‑n \‑n¶‑v ]‑n³h‑m§‑n s‑s‑I¸ä‑nb AU‑z‑m³k‑v X‑pI H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ `‑qa‑n I¨hS‑w s‑N¿‑p¶hÀ X‑nc‑n¨‑p \ÂI‑p¶‑p. ]W‑w \ÂI‑nbhÀ¡‑v h‑ot‑S‑m‑, `‑qa‑nt‑b‑m I‑n«‑p¶‑nà F¶‑p a‑m{‑Xaà X§Ä \ÂI‑nb ]W¯‑n\‑v- _‑m¦‑v ]e‑nit‑]‑me‑p‑w I‑n«‑ms‑X hc‑p¶‑p. \‑nch[‑n t‑]c‑ps‑S

s‑s‑IIf‑n \‑n¶‑v AU‑z‑m³k‑v X‑pI s‑s‑I¸ä‑n `‑qa‑n k‑z´a‑m¡‑nb Uhet‑¸g‑vk‑mIs‑« I‑qS‑nb h‑ne¡‑v `‑qa‑n ad‑n¨‑vh‑nä‑v h³ e‑m`a‑pï‑m¡‑pIb‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p¶‑p. I_f‑n¸n¡s‑¸«hÀ¡‑v \‑nba] ca‑mb ]c‑nc£ t‑]‑me‑p‑w e`‑n¡‑ns‑ö‑mW‑v- k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v Dï‑m¡‑n s‑h¡‑p¶ Z‑pt‑c‑y‑mK‑w. `‑mc‑n¨ h¡‑o ^‑ok‑p‑w t‑I‑mSX‑n N‑neh‑pIf‑p‑w aä‑v \‑qe‑ma‑meIf‑p‑w `b¶‑v a‑n¡ D]t‑`‑mà‑m¡f‑p‑w Ic‑mÀ I‑me‑mh[‑n X‑oc‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I¼\‑nIÄ Ic‑md‑nÂ\‑n¶‑v ]‑n³h‑m§‑p¶t‑X‑ms‑S \ ÂI‑nb AU‑z‑m³k‑v X‑pI h‑m§‑n a‑u\‑w ]‑me‑n¡‑p¶‑p. N‑net‑¸‑mÄ I¼\‑nIÄ Xs‑¶ Ic‑mÀ I‑me‑mh[‑n¡‑v t‑ij‑w a‑p³]‑v X‑oc‑pa‑m\‑n¨X‑ne‑p‑w I‑qS‑pX ]W‑w h‑m§‑n Ic‑mÀ ]‑pX‑p¡‑p¶‑p. Ic‑mÀ I‑me‑mh[‑n¡‑pÅ‑n \‑nÀ½‑mW {‑]hÀ¯\§t‑f‑m `‑qa‑n cP‑nÌÀ s‑Nb‑vX‑v \e‑vI‑m\‑pÅ \S]S‑nIt‑f‑m k‑z‑oIc‑n¡‑m¯ I¼\‑nIÄ D]t‑`‑mà‑m¡f‑n \‑n¶‑v s‑s‑I¸ä‑p¶ AU‑z‑m³k‑v ]W‑w D]t‑b‑mK‑n¨‑v `‑qa‑n h‑m§‑pIb‑p‑w ad‑n¨‑v h‑n¡‑pIb‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p¶‑p. \‑nba¯‑ns‑e ]g‑pX‑p]t‑b‑mK‑n¨‑pÅ C‑u I‑uie‑w a‑qe‑w k‑qcP‑v k‑n±‑oJ‑ns‑\ t‑]‑ms‑e \‑nch[‑nt‑] À I_f‑n¸‑n¡s‑]«X‑mb‑n Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nbb‑ns‑e \‑mjW a‑m[‑ya§Ä d‑nt‑¸‑mÀ«‑v s‑N¿‑p¶‑p.

\‑ oX‑n t‑XS‑n t‑I‑mSX‑nb‑n s‑F.S‑n. F©‑n\‑obd‑mb k‑qcP‑v k‑n±‑oJ‑v k‑z´a‑mb

h‑oS‑v F¶ k‑z]‑v\h‑pa‑mb‑mW‑v- s‑]³d‑n¯‑n\‑v- ka‑o]‑w 450 k‑vI‑zbÀa‑oäÀ Øeh‑p‑w h‑oS‑ps‑a¶ H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑nb‑n FU‑vP‑v h‑m«À _‑nÂt‑Ug‑vk‑v F¶ _‑nÂUd‑pa‑mbn 2014  Ic‑mÀ H¸‑n«X‑v. Bd‑v- a‑mk¯‑n\I‑w \‑nÀ½‑mW {‑]hÀ¯\§Ä

^‑ok‑n\¯‑n 24000 t‑U‑mfÀ s‑s‑I¸ä‑n. `‑oaa‑mb h¡‑n ^‑ok‑v X‑m§‑m\‑mh‑ms‑X k‑z´‑w \‑ne¡‑v t‑I‑mSX‑nb‑n l‑mPc‑mb k‑qcP‑nt‑\‑mS‑v Ct‑¸‑mÄ as‑ä‑mc‑p h¡‑oe‑ns‑\ s‑I‑mï‑v t‑Ik‑v h‑mZ‑n¸‑n¡‑m³ t‑I‑mSX‑n \‑nÀ t‑Zi‑n¨‑nc‑n¡‑pIb‑mW‑v. \‑nba¯‑ns‑e ] g‑pX‑pIÄa‑qe‑w \ã]c‑nl‑mc‑w t‑hWs‑a¶ Xs‑â h‑mZ‑w t‑I‑mSX‑n A‑wK‑oIc‑n¡‑m³ k‑m[‑yXb‑ns‑ö‑v k‑qcP‑v H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑nIf‑ns‑e k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v t‑]‑mc‑mb‑vaIÄ A[‑nI‑mc‑nIf‑ps‑S {‑i²b‑n s‑I‑mï‑phc‑m\‑p‑w‑, t‑_‑m[h¡cW¯‑n\‑pa‑mb‑n k‑qcP‑v k‑n±‑oJ‑v X‑pS¡‑w I‑pd‑n¨ a‑mk‑v s‑]ä‑oj³ I‑m¼b‑n³ h‑nh‑n[ C´‑y³ I‑q«‑mb‑vaIf‑p‑w‑, h‑yà‑nIf‑p‑w Gs‑äS‑p¯‑pIg‑nª‑p. CX‑pa‑mb‑n _Ô‑s‑¸«‑mc‑w`‑n¨ t‑^k‑v _‑p¡‑v {‑K‑q¸‑n h‑mb\¡‑mÀ¡‑v kµÀi‑n¡‑m‑w: a\Ê‑ne‑m¡‑p¶‑p. k¬ s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v A\‑phZ‑n¡‑p¶ ]c‑nc£ {‑]t‑b‑mP\s‑¸S‑p¯‑n \‑nÀ½‑mW {‑] hÀ¯\§Ä s‑s‑hI‑nbX‑ns‑â I‑mc‑yI‑mcW§Ä Uhet‑¸g‑vk‑v t‑I‑mSX‑nb‑n t‑_‑m[‑n¸‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mï‑nc‑n¡‑pIb‑mW‑nt‑¸‑mÄ . Hc‑p]t‑£ t‑Ik‑n ]c‑mPbs‑¸«‑m Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³ \‑nba‑w h‑yhØ s‑N¿‑p‑w {‑]I‑mc‑w ad‑p`‑mK¯‑ns‑â t‑I‑mSX‑n N‑neh‑v I‑qS‑n \Ât‑Iï‑n hc‑ps‑a¶ `‑ojW‑nb‑ne‑mW‑v- k‑qcP‑v. s‑NI‑p¯‑m\‑p‑w ISe‑n\‑p‑w CS¡‑v AIs‑¸« Xs‑â Z‑pÀKX‑n aä‑mÀ¡‑p‑w hcc‑pt‑X F¶ \‑ne]‑mS‑n k¬s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v (k¬s‑kä‑v I‑vt‑f‑m _‑m¡‑v‑) e‑q¸‑v t‑l‑mf‑ns‑\X‑ns‑c Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³ {‑][‑m\a{‑´‑n¡‑v ] c‑mX‑n kaÀ ¸‑n¡‑ms‑\‑mc‑p§‑pIb‑mW‑v Ct‑±l‑w. CX‑v {‑]I‑mc‑w Bc‑w`‑n¨ t‑^k‑v _‑p¡‑v I‑m¼b‑n³ h‑nh‑n[ C´‑y³ I‑q«‑mb‑vaIÄ Gs‑äS‑p¯‑p Ig‑nª‑p.

H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ Hf‑nª‑nc‑n¡‑p¶ A]IS§Ä

H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑nIf‑ps‑S Gäh‑p‑w he‑nb BIÀjW‑w I‑pdª N‑neh‑n h‑ot‑S‑m Øet‑a‑m h‑m§‑m‑w F¶X‑mW‑v. F¶‑m hfs‑c Ic‑pXt‑e‑ms‑S Cd§‑n X‑nc‑nt‑¡ï Hc‑p d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v t‑aJeb‑mW‑ns‑X¶‑v h‑nZK‑v[À h‑yàa‑m¡‑p¶‑p. Ig‑nhX‑p‑w H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑nIÄ h‑m§c‑ps‑X¶‑mW‑vC‑u t‑aJeb‑ns‑e h‑nZK‑v[•‑mÀ N‑qï‑n I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶X‑v.

]‑qÀ¯‑oIc‑n¡‑ps‑a¶‑mW‑-v FU‑P v v‑ h‑mt‑«g‑k v v‑ _‑nÂt‑Ug‑k v -v‑ ]ck‑yw‑ h‑mK‑Zv m‑ \‑w s‑Nb‑X v s‑X¶‑v k‑qcP‑v h‑yàa‑m¡‑p¶‑p. F¶‑m Bd‑v a‑mk§Ä¡‑p t‑ijh‑pw‑ \‑nÀ½‑mW {‑]hÀ¯\t‑am‑ ,‑ I¼\‑nb‑n \‑n¶‑v Ad‑nb‑n¸‑pIt‑fm‑ Dï‑mh‑ms‑X h¶t‑¸m‑ Ä k‑qcP‑v 2015 s‑^{‑_p‑ hc‑nb‑n I¼\‑nb‑pa‑mb‑n _Ôs‑¸«‑p. h‑nhc§Ä H¶‑pw‑ I‑n«‑m¯X‑ns‑\ X‑pSÀ¶‑v h¡‑oe‑ns‑\ GÀs‑¸S‑p¯‑n. h¡‑oe‑ns‑â \‑nÀ t‑Zi{‑]I‑mc‑w h‑njb‑w k‑p{‑]o‑ w‑ t‑Im‑ SX‑nb‑ns‑e¯‑n. C‑u kab‑w {‑] i‑\ v §s‑f I‑qS‑pX k¦‑oÀWa‑m¡‑ns‑Im‑ ï‑v FU‑P v v‑ h‑mt‑«g‑k v v‑ I¼\‑n X§Ä¡‑v `‑qa‑n h‑nä s‑kä‑tv e ‑ g‑k v v‑ Ft‑Ìä‑ns‑\X‑ns‑c t‑Im‑ SX‑ns‑b ka‑o]‑n¡‑pIb‑pw‑ \‑nba b‑p²§Ä Bc‑w`‑n¡‑pIb‑pw‑ s‑Nb‑X v p‑ . (FU‑P v v‑ h‑mt‑«g‑k v v‑ _‑nÂt‑Ug‑k v ,‑v e‑mâ‑v Uhe¸d‑mb s‑kä‑tv e ‑ g‑k v v‑ Ft‑Ìä‑n (Private Land Developers Company) \‑n¶‑pw‑ 15 t‑em‑ «‑pIÄ h‑m§‑n H‑m^‑v Z¹‑m³ h‑n¸\\S¯‑pIb‑mW‑-v s‑Nb‑vXX‑v. _‑m¡‑nb‑pÅ t‑e‑m«‑pIÄ s‑kä‑vt‑eg‑vk‑v I¼\‑n Bhi‑y¡‑mÀ¡‑v t‑\c‑n«‑v h‑n¸\ \S¯‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑n«‑pï‑v. CX‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w \‑nch[‑n t‑e‑m«‑pIÄ H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ {‑]I‑mc‑w aeb‑mf‑nIÄ h‑m§‑nb‑n«‑pï‑v.‑) t‑I‑mSX‑ns‑b ka‑o]‑n¡‑m³ \‑nÀt‑Zi‑n¨ h¡‑oÂ‑,

h‑m§‑p¶hÀ {‑i²‑nt‑¡ï I‑mc‑y§Ä : 1. Ad‑nbs‑¸S‑p¶‑, h‑ni‑z‑mkt‑b‑mK‑ya‑mb e‑mâ‑v Uhe¸À I¼\‑nIs‑f a‑m{‑X‑w B{‑ib‑n¡‑pI. 2. h‑m§‑p¶ `‑qa‑nb‑ps‑S h‑niZ‑m‑wi§Ä AX‑mX‑v I‑u¬k‑ne‑pIf‑n \‑n¶‑v t‑\c‑n«‑v At‑\‑zj‑n¡‑pI. (t‑e‑m«‑v \¼À‑, U‑n.F.\¼À‑, t‑k‑mW‑n§‑v X‑pS§‑nbh‑) 3. Ic‑mÀ h‑niZa‑mb‑n h‑mb‑n¨‑p t‑\‑m¡‑pIb‑p‑w ‑, h‑nZK‑v[s‑c s‑I‑mï‑v ]c‑nt‑i‑m[‑n¸‑n¡‑pI(C‑u t‑aJeb‑n ] c‑nNb k¼¶c‑mb t‑k‑mf‑nk‑näÀ a‑mÀ‑). 4. k¬ s‑kä‑v t‑¢‑mk‑v I‑me‑mh[‑n Ad‑nª‑nc‑n¡‑pI. H‑m^‑v Z ¹‑m³ ]²X‑n {‑]I‑mc‑w Ic‑md‑n ]dª {‑]I‑mc‑w `‑qa‑n/ `h\‑w/b‑qW‑nä‑v D]t‑`‑mà‑mh‑n\‑v s‑s‑Ia‑mä‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑ns‑æ‑n a‑pS¡‑nb ]W‑w X‑nc‑n¨‑p e`‑n¡‑p‑w F¶X‑p a‑m{‑Xa‑mW‑v Bi‑z‑mk‑w. F¶‑m t‑k‑m¬ X‑nc‑n¡‑m¯ `‑qa‑n h‑m§‑n `‑mh‑nb‑n t‑k‑m¬ A\‑paX‑n e`‑n¡‑ps‑a¶ {‑]X‑o£b‑n ]W‑w a‑pS¡‑p¶ s‑{‑Sâ‑p‑w k‑nU‑v\‑nb‑ns‑e aeb‑mf‑nIÄ¡‑nSb‑n \S¶‑p hc‑p¶X‑mb‑n Ad‑nb‑p¶‑p. A]IS‑w ]‑nS‑n¨ C¯c‑w ka‑o]\§f‑ns‑e d‑nk‑v¡‑v ^‑mÎd‑pIs‑f I‑pd‑n¨‑v [‑mcW Dï‑mh‑pI F¶X‑v hfs‑c {‑][‑m\a‑mW‑v.

X¿‑md‑m¡‑nbX‑v: kt‑´‑mj‑v t‑P‑mk^‑v‑, _‑n]‑n³ t‑]‑mÄ


SEP- OCT 2015

movie h‑oS‑n\‑p s‑hf‑nb‑n Icª I®‑ot‑c‑ms‑S Ahs‑\ Iï‑m N‑net‑¸‑mÄ t‑P‑me‑nhs‑c c‑mP‑ns‑h¨‑v Ahs‑\ Ie‑y‑mW‑w hs‑c Ig‑ns‑¨¶‑p‑w hc‑m‑w. ad‑p] S‑n t‑I«‑p\‑n¶ Bf‑pIÄ H¶‑p s‑R«‑ns‑b¦‑ne‑p‑w s‑X‑m«S‑p¯ \‑na‑nj‑w ØeI‑me t‑_‑m[‑w h‑os‑ïS‑p¯‑vt‑]‑m«‑n¨‑nc‑nIt‑f‑ms‑S Ict‑L‑mj§Ä a‑pg§‑n. Bs‑cs‑b¦‑ne‑p‑w t‑{‑] a‑n¡‑p¶‑pt‑ï‑ms‑b¶ t‑N‑mZ‑y¯‑n\‑v al‑m`‑mcX¯‑ns‑e A`‑na\‑y‑ph‑ns‑\ F¶‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p k‑mb‑v] Ãh‑nb‑ps‑S ad‑p]S‑n. t‑P‑mÀP‑yb‑n Ahk‑m\ hÀj s‑s‑hZ‑yi‑mk‑v{‑X h‑nZ‑y‑mÀY‑n\‑nb‑mb t‑I‑ms‑s‑h k‑zt‑Zi‑n\‑nb‑mb Xt‑¶‑mS‑v {‑]h‑mk‑n aeb‑mf‑nIÄ I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶ C‑u k‑vt‑\lh‑p‑w Ic‑pXe‑p‑w Xs‑¶ AÛ‑pXs‑¸S‑p¯‑p¶‑p F¶‑p‑w k‑mb‑v]Ãh‑n I‑q«‑nt‑¨c‑v¯‑p.

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t‑{‑]a¯‑ns‑e k‑z]‑v\ \‑mb‑nI‑, aeb‑mf‑nIf‑ps‑S k‑z´‑w aeÀ‑, k‑mb‑v]Ãh‑n Ig‑nª Z‑nhk‑w Z‑p_‑mb‑v aeb‑mf‑n a‑m[‑ya {‑]hÀ¯Ic‑ps‑S t‑N‑mZ‑y§t‑f‑mS‑v _‑p²‑n]ca‑mb‑n I‑pk‑rX‑n IeÀ¶ ad‑p]S‑nIf‑ne‑qs‑S {‑]X‑nIc‑n¨‑v h‑oï‑p‑w s‑s‑I¿S‑n t‑\S‑n. t‑{‑]a¯‑ns‑e t‑]‑ms‑e Hc‑p s‑N¡³ k‑mb‑v]Ãh‑nb‑ps‑S ]‑pds‑I \ S¶‑v t‑{‑]a‑n¨‑m F´‑p s‑N¿‑p‑w F¶ t‑N‑mZ‑y¯‑n\‑v‑,

_‑o^‑v Ig‑ns‑¨¶‑mt‑c‑m]‑n¨‑v s‑I‑me: iàa‑mb {‑]X‑nt‑j[h‑pa‑mb‑n t‑_‑mf‑nh‑pU‑v \S³ ^Àl‑m‑³ Aà-d‑ns‑â t‑^k‑v _‑p¡‑v- t‑]‑mÌ‑vNeed one say more about how twisted this is beginning to get. The point of this post is that another thing will be routine. The silence of the peace loving citizen. But this is NOT the time to remain silent. What has happened once can surely happen again and unless we, the people, do not unite in demanding immediate action, this is going to turn into a circus with all the usual suspects having a go at each other, trying to score PR points".

D¯À{‑]t‑Zi‑ns‑e Z‑m{‑Z‑nb‑ns‑e _‑o^‑v Ig‑ns‑¨¶‑mt‑c‑m]‑n¨‑v a‑pÉ‑n‑w a[‑yhbk‑vIs‑\ P\¡‑q«‑w Cã‑vS‑nI¡‑v AS‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mes‑¸S‑p¯‑nb k‑w`h¯‑n Xs‑â \‑ne]‑mS‑v iàa‑mb `‑mjb‑n h‑yàa‑m¡‑ns‑¡‑mï‑pÅ ^Àl‑m³ Aà-d‑ns‑â t‑^k‑v_‑p¡‑v- t‑]‑mÌ‑v- K‑ucha‑mb NÀ¨‑IÄ¡‑mW‑v X‑pS¡a‑n«‑nc‑n¡‑p¶X‑v. Bc‑p‑w A`‑n{‑]‑mb‑w ]db‑m³ s‑s‑[c‑ys‑¸S‑m¯ h‑njb¯‑n Xs‑â \‑ne]‑mS‑v h‑yàa‑m¡‑nb ^Àl‑m‑³ Aàd‑ns‑\ A\‑pI‑qe‑n¨‑p‑w {‑]X‑nI‑qe‑n¨‑p‑w t‑^k‑v_‑p¡‑v- t‑]‑mc‑mf‑nIÄ c‑wK¯‑pï‑v. ^Àl‑m‑s‑â‑ t‑]‑mÌ‑v- N‑phs‑S t‑N-À¡‑p¶‑p "It's been almost a week now since a man (husband and father) in Dadri, U.P was brutally murdered. He was dragged out of his house and in full view of his family, beaten to death by a mob. His son is in critical condition, doctors still struggling to keep him alive. His wife and daughter will probably never recover from this incident. Reason: He was rumored to have stored and/or eaten beef. Let me repeat that. He was RUMORED to have stored and/or eaten beef. Now one would imagine that those who committed this crime are lunatics who have no ability to think for themselves, their lives devoid of any purpose and who therefore cling on to the lamest of reasons, or more specifically, sorriest of excuses so as to give meaning to their own existence. They should be given the harshest punishment to send a message out that this sort of kangaroo justice will not be allowed in our nation. But will that happen? It's the aftermath with the routine insensitive quotes from politics leaders, some blatantly blaming the victims eating habits, others sheltering the accused, that have already started creating the blueprint for what is to follow. We've seen it before. Do we want to see it again? The police sprung into action and have sent the meat from the dead victims house for Forensics!!!!




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aeb‑mf k‑n\‑nab‑n a‑mä¯‑ns‑â s‑I‑mS‑p‑w¦‑mä‑mb‑n X‑nt‑bäd‑pIf‑n F¯‑nb t‑{‑]a‑w h‑y‑mP k‑nU‑nIs‑fb‑p‑w‑, s‑k³kÀ t‑I‑m¸‑nIs‑fb‑p‑w‑, a‑pX‑nÀ¶ k‑wh‑n[‑mbIc‑ps‑S I‑pi‑p¼‑ne‑p‑w I‑p¶‑mb‑vab‑ne‑p‑w s‑]‑mX‑nª Bt‑c‑m]W§s‑fb‑p‑w AX‑nP‑oh‑n¨‑v‑, 60 t‑I‑mS‑n¡‑p a‑pIf‑n t‑_‑mI‑vk‑v- H‑m^‑ok‑v If£³ t‑\S‑nb‑mW‑v- h‑nPbIca‑mb \‑qd‑p Z‑nhk§Ä ]‑n¶‑n«X‑v.

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a‑p‑ws‑s‑_b‑n s‑h¨‑p \S¶ A£b‑vI‑pa‑md‑ns‑â ]‑nd¶‑mÄ Bt‑L‑mj¯‑n\‑v s‑s‑at‑{‑I‑ma‑mI‑v-k‑v Ø‑m] I\‑mb c‑ml‑p iÀ½b‑v-s‑¡‑m¸‑w Ht‑c h‑ml\¯‑n h¶‑nd§‑nbX‑v k‑m£‑m Ak‑n³. Ak‑n\‑p‑w c‑ml‑p iÀ½b‑p‑w h‑nh‑ml‑nXc‑mI‑p¶‑ps‑h¶ h‑mÀ¯IÄ¡‑v- t‑ij‑w CX‑mZ‑ya‑mb‑mW‑v Cc‑phc‑p‑w Hc‑p NS§‑n Hc‑pa‑ns‑¨¯‑p¶X‑v. Ak‑n\‑v c‑ml‑p iÀ½s‑b ]c‑nNbs‑¸S‑p¯‑nbX‑v A£b‑v I‑pa‑md‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. h‑nh‑ml t‑ij‑w A`‑n\bc‑wK‑w h‑nS‑m\‑mW‑v Ak‑n³ Bt‑e‑mN‑n¡‑p¶X‑v F¶‑p‑w k‑qN\b‑pï‑v. H‑mÄ C‑uk‑v s‑h BW‑v Ak‑n³ \‑mb‑nIb‑mb‑n HS‑ph‑n ]‑pd¯‑nd§‑nb N‑n{‑X‑w.

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a½‑p«‑n¡‑p‑w At‑±l¯‑ns‑â k‑n\‑naIÄ¡‑p‑wt‑hï‑n h‑oS‑p‑w I‑pS‑p‑w_h‑p‑w Dt‑]£‑n¨‑v ]‑qÀ® `à\‑mb‑n P‑oh‑nX‑w a‑mä‑ns‑h¨ k‑p{‑_ÒW‑y³ a½‑p«‑nb‑ps‑S t‑]c‑n ]‑pX‑pX‑mb‑n A¼e‑w X‑pS§‑n. Hc‑p B¯db‑n {‑]X‑nj‑vT‑n¨‑nc‑n¡‑p¶ a½‑p«‑nb‑ps‑S t‑^‑mt‑«‑mIÄ¡‑v a‑p¶‑n FÃ‑m Z‑nhkh‑p‑w t‑l‑ma‑w \S¯‑nb‑nt‑« k‑p{‑_ÒW‑y³ t‑P‑me‑n¡‑v Ibd‑q. IS¸‑mS‑v :- Bc‑p‑w Ad‑nb‑m¯ IY‑, k‑qc‑y S‑nh‑n

Hc‑p {‑K‑ma‑w Zs‑¯S‑p¯‑v {‑]I‑mi‑vc‑mP‑v

s‑s‑lZc‑m_‑mZ‑v: s‑Xe‑p¦‑m\b‑ns‑e s‑al_‑q_‑v \KÀ P‑nÃb‑ns‑e s‑I‑mï‑ms‑dÍ‑n¸s‑à F¶ {‑K‑maa‑mW‑v {‑]I‑mi‑v c‑mP‑v Zs‑¯S‑p¯X‑v. IÀjIs‑c kl‑mb‑n¡‑p¶X‑n\‑mb‑n kÀ¡‑mc‑pa‑mb‑n klIc‑n¡‑ps‑a¶‑p‑w {‑K‑ma¯‑ns‑e I‑rj‑n¡‑mb‑n ]‑pX‑nbXc‑w k‑mt‑¦X‑nI h‑nZ‑yIÄ D] t‑b‑mK‑n¡‑ps‑a¶‑p‑w {‑]I‑mi‑vc‑mP‑v ]dª‑p.

i‑y‑m‑w ]‑pj‑v¡c³‑, ch‑n i¦À F¶‑nhc‑ps‑S cN\b‑n Bj‑nI‑v A_‑p k‑wh‑n[‑m\‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑v aR‑vP‑ph‑mc‑yc‑p‑w d‑na IÃ‑n¦e‑p‑w a‑pJ‑y t‑hj¯‑ns‑e¯‑p¶ d‑mW‑n ]ß‑n\‑n Ht‑Î‑m_À 23 \‑v X‑nt‑bäd‑n F¯‑p‑w. _‑nP‑n_‑me‑ns‑âX‑mW‑v k‑wK‑oX‑w.

X‑nt‑bäd‑pIf‑n DÕhI‑me‑w Ahk‑m\‑n¡‑pt‑¶b‑nà C{‑Xb‑p‑w I‑me‑w aeb‑mf‑nIs‑f k‑n\‑naIÄ I‑mW‑n¨‑nc‑p¶X‑v DÕhI‑me§f‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. F¶‑m C‑ub‑ns‑Sb‑mb‑n aeb‑mf‑nIÄ¡‑v k‑n\‑naIf‑ps‑S d‑ne‑ok‑v DÕha‑mb‑p‑w X‑nt‑bäd‑pIÄ DÕh ]d¼‑pIf‑mb‑p‑w a‑md‑nb‑nc‑n¡‑pIb‑mW‑v. H‑mW¯‑n\‑v t‑ij‑w X‑pS§‑m³ t‑]‑mI‑p¶ ]‑p«‑p I¨hS‑w BÀ`‑mSa‑m¡‑m\‑mb‑n s‑k]‑vä‑w_À 18\‑v P‑n¯‑p t‑P‑mk^‑v- Z‑ne‑o]‑v I‑q«‑ps‑I«‑ns‑â s‑s‑e^‑v H‑m^‑v t‑P‑mk‑q«‑n‑, ]‑r°‑z‑nc‑mP‑ns‑â F¶‑p \‑ns‑â s‑a‑mb‑vX‑o³‑, _‑meN{‑µ t‑at‑\‑ms‑â R‑m³ k‑wh‑n[‑m\‑w s‑N¿‑p‑w‑, h‑n\b‑v t‑^‑mÀ«‑ns‑â Dd‑p¼‑pIÄ Dd§‑md‑nÃ.. F¶‑o k‑n\‑naIf‑mW‑v X¿‑md‑mb‑nc‑n¡‑p¶X‑v. AX‑n\‑v I‑rX‑y‑w Hc‑mg‑vN¡‑v t‑ij‑w s‑k]‑vä‑w_À 24 \‑v a½‑p«‑nb‑ps‑S ] t‑¯a‑mc‑nb‑p‑w‑, Bk‑n^‑v Ae‑nb‑ps‑S {‑] Ya \‑nÀ½‑mW k‑wc‑w`a‑mb t‑I‑ml‑n\‑qd‑p‑w X‑nt‑bäd‑pIf‑n F¯‑p‑w. aeb‑mf k‑n\‑na h‑yhk‑mb‑w hfc‑pIb‑mW‑v. \à k‑n\‑naIÄ d‑ne‑ok‑v s‑N¿‑m³ Ct‑¸‑mÄ Bc‑p‑w kabh‑p‑w I‑meh‑p‑w t‑P‑y‑mX‑njh‑p‑w t‑\‑m¡‑n I‑m¯‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑nà F¶X‑p Xs‑¶ \à k‑qN\b‑mW‑v.



SEP- OCT 2015



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i‑m ad‑nb‑w h‑mf‑p¡‑mc³ ]‑mX‑nc‑mhs‑c t‑^k‑v_‑p¡‑n I‑p¯‑nb‑nc‑n¡‑pIb‑p‑w Dd¡‑w h¶t‑¸‑mÄ Ah‑ns‑S Xs‑¶ ]‑m h‑nc‑n¨‑pd§‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑v-X‑p. I‑ps‑d \‑mf‑pIf‑mb‑n t‑i‑mi‑m ad‑nb‑w A§s‑\s‑b‑ms‑¡b‑mW‑v-. t‑X‑m¶‑pt‑¼‑mÄ DWc‑pI t‑X‑m¶‑pt‑¼‑mÄ Dd§‑pI‑, t‑X‑m¶‑p‑wt‑]‑ms‑eÃ‑m‑w t‑^k‑v_‑p¡‑ne‑p‑w S‑z‑n«d‑ne‑p‑w h‑m«‑v-k‑vB¸‑ne‑p‑w N‑pä‑pI. Ah‑ns‑S ]¨ s‑s‑eä‑n«‑nc‑n¡‑p¶ ]«‑nt‑b‑mS‑p‑w ]‑q¨t‑b‑mS‑p‑w I‑pc§‑pIt‑f‑mS‑p‑w N‑mä‑pI‑, s‑at‑kP‑pIÄ¡‑v - ad‑p]S‑n s‑I‑mS‑p¡‑pI‑, I‑mW‑p¶ Nhd‑ns‑\Ã‑m‑w s‑s‑e¡S‑n¡‑pI‑, CSb‑v-¡‑ns‑S s‑kÂ^‑ns‑bS‑p¯‑nS‑pI‑, F{‑X t‑] À AX‑ns‑\Ã‑m‑w s‑s‑e¡S‑ns‑¨¶‑p‑w Iaâ‑ns‑«¶‑p‑w IWs‑¡S‑p¡‑pI.

t‑i‑mi‑m ad‑nb‑w h‑mf‑p¡‑mc³ {‑^©‑v- s‑]U‑n s‑Nb‑v-X \J§Ä HS‑nb‑ms‑X I‑me‑p s‑I‑mï‑v- I‑mÀ¸ä‑n If‑w hc¨‑p. "A½ s‑S Ak‑v- t‑KÄ.. l‑p C‑uk‑v- Z‑nk‑v- s‑s‑K Z‑nk‑v- Sb‑n‑w?" ‑'s‑]‑mt‑¡‑mWah‑nS‑p¶‑v‑' t‑i‑mi‑m½ N‑nc‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mïh‑ns‑S \‑n¶‑p‑w H‑mS‑n. C‑u ]‑nt‑Åc‑ps‑S I‑mc‑y‑w. F´‑mb‑me‑p‑w At‑ac‑n¡b‑ne‑mbX‑v- I‑mc‑ya‑mb‑n. \‑m«‑ne‑mb‑nc‑ps‑¶¦‑n C{‑X Ff‑p¸‑w X\‑ns‑¡‑mc‑p U‑nt‑h‑mg‑v-k‑vI‑n«‑nÃ‑mb‑nc‑p¶t‑Ã‑m. I‑qs‑S a¡f‑ps‑S AIag‑nª kt‑¸‑mÀ«‑p‑w. Ch‑ns‑S ]‑ns‑¶ U‑nt‑h‑mg‑v-k‑v- H¶‑p‑w he‑nb I‑mc‑yaÃ. Ahc‑ps‑S ¢‑mk‑ns‑e a‑p¡‑m iXa‑m\¯‑ns‑âb‑p‑w a‑mX‑m]‑nX‑m¡Ä U‑nt‑h‑mg‑v-k‑v- Xs‑¶. I‑mc‑y‑w Xs‑â s‑s‑Ib‑ne‑nc‑p¸‑p‑w \‑m¡‑ns‑â AS¡a‑nÃ‑mb‑vIb‑pa‑ms‑W¦‑ne‑p‑w‑, Ahc‑ps‑S A¸³ Xs‑¶ ]«‑ns‑b XÃ‑p¶X‑v- t‑]‑ms‑e

F¶‑me‑p‑w t‑]‑mI‑p¶X‑n\‑p a‑p¼‑v "I‑m¸‑n t‑ht‑W‑m¶‑pÅ" t‑N‑mZ‑y¯‑n\‑‑, v- "I‑q¸‑n \‑ns‑â X´¡‑ps‑I‑mï‑v- s‑I‑ms‑S¶‑pÅ" I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â ad‑p]S‑n t‑i‑mi‑m½s‑b s‑N‑mS‑n¸‑n¨‑p. AX‑n\‑p ad‑p] S‑n ]db‑mª‑n«‑v- Ahc‑ps‑S \‑m¡‑n\‑p hfs‑cb[‑nI‑w Ak‑zØX Dï‑ms‑b¦‑ne‑p‑w H¶‑p‑w a‑nï‑nb‑nÃ. C\‑n C‑u a‑mcW¯‑ns‑â ie‑y‑w Dï‑mI‑nÃt‑Ã‑m Ft‑¶‑mÀ¯‑v ^‑nb‑mÌ‑mb‑n \‑n¶‑v- h‑m§‑nb Hc‑p t‑]cb‑v-¡ FS‑p¯‑v- t‑i‑mi‑m½ h‑mb‑n X‑nc‑pI‑n.

Bs‑cÃ‑m‑w AX‑v- Iï‑ns‑ö‑p \S‑n¨‑p‑, a\‑x]‑qÀÆ‑w F{‑X I‑pi‑p¼‑nIÄ Xs‑¶ AhKW‑n¨‑p Fs‑¶Ã‑m‑w ] c‑nt‑i‑m[‑n¡‑pI. X‑pSÀ¨b‑mb‑n s‑s‑aâ‑vs‑N¿‑m¯hs‑c U‑ne‑nä‑v- s‑Nb‑v-X‑p Ifb‑pI‑, N‑ne Rc¼‑pIs‑fs‑bÃ‑m‑w N‑o¯ ]db‑pI. h‑oï‑p‑w X\‑n¡‑p a[‑pc¸X‑nt‑\g‑mbX‑v- t‑]‑ms‑e... t‑i‑mib‑ps‑S A§‑n§‑v- \c hc‑m³ X‑pS§‑nb‑nc‑p¶ Xea‑pS‑nb‑ngIÄ s‑] s‑«¶§‑p Id‑p¡‑m³ X‑pS§‑n. ] Å‑nb‑n Xs‑â I‑q«‑pI‑mc‑nIs‑f¶‑p \S‑n¡‑p¶ N‑neÀ As‑X‑ms‑¡ {‑i²‑n¡‑p¶‑pï‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. Chf‑vs‑l¶‑mb‑mt‑W‑m‑, s‑s‑Ub‑mt‑W‑m CS‑p¶X‑v- AhÀ AS¡‑w ] dª‑p. N‑ne s‑Nd‑p¸¡‑mc‑nIf‑ps‑S h‑nN‑mc‑w Ahc‑ps‑S a‑pS‑ns‑b‑mc‑n¡e‑p‑w \c¡‑ns‑ö‑mW‑v-. AhÀs‑¡‑mc‑n¡e‑p‑w {‑]‑mba‑mI‑nÃs‑b¶‑mW‑v-. F´‑mb‑me‑p‑w t‑i‑mi‑m ad‑nb¯‑ns‑â a‑pJ¯‑ns‑\‑mc‑p {‑]t‑X‑yI {‑]kc‑n¸‑v-. Ih‑nf‑pIÄs‑¡‑mc‑p X‑pS‑pX‑pS‑p¸‑v-. I‑ua‑mc¡‑mc‑mb a¡Ä t‑]‑me‑p‑w A½b‑ps‑S a‑mä‑w {‑i²‑n¨‑p. ‑'A½..BÀ b‑p C³ e‑u t‑KÄ?‑!‑!‑' AhÀ Hc‑pa‑n¨‑mc‑mª‑p. t‑i‑mi½ a¡f‑ps‑S a‑pJ¯‑v- t‑\‑m¡‑ms‑X‑, Xs‑â

XÃ‑n¨Xb‑v-¡‑p¶X‑v- X‑m³ a‑mI‑vt‑U‑m\‑mÂk‑ns‑â I‑z‑mÀ«À ]‑uïd‑p‑w N‑n¡³ \KS‑v-k‑p‑w‑, {‑^©‑v- s‑s‑{‑^b‑p‑w h‑m§‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mS‑p¯‑p XS‑n s‑h¸‑n¨ Bסġ‑v- A[‑nI I‑me‑w t‑\‑m¡‑n \‑n¡‑m\‑mI‑pa‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑nÃ. AhÀ I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑\¶ X´b‑ps‑S `‑oIc h‑mg‑v-N XSb‑pIb‑p‑w A¸s‑\ ] e XhW h‑mW‑n‑wK‑v- s‑I‑mS‑p¯‑vHX‑p¡‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑v-X‑p. aeb‑mf‑w Hc‑p a‑mX‑nc‑n Ad‑nb‑mh‑p¶ a‑q¯ aI³ t‑Uh‑nU‑v- Ah\d‑nb‑mh‑p¶ t‑]‑ms‑e A¸s‑\ ]dª‑p a\k‑ne‑m¡‑m³ {‑ia‑n¨‑p... I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m\‑v- Ct‑¸‑mg‑p‑w ]‑nt‑Åc‑v- ]db‑p¶ C‑w¥‑oj‑v\¶‑mb‑n«‑v- a\k‑ne‑mh‑nÃ. "U‑mU‑v- b‑p t‑\‑m h‑m«‑v- l‑ms‑¸ï‑vS‑p Z‑mä‑v- aeb‑mf‑n s‑s‑K C³ s‑]³k‑nÂs‑h\‑nb‑m? C\‑n a½‑ns‑b \‑o s‑X‑m«‑m \‑ns‑¶ AX‑pt‑]‑ms‑e s‑I«‑n¯‑q¡‑p‑w‑,...t‑U‑mï‑v ]-¸ FhÀ SN‑v- t‑lÀ H‑mt‑¡" Ah³ Aed‑n. A¸s‑â s‑s‑I ]‑nS‑n¨‑p X‑nc‑n¨‑p. BdS‑n s‑]‑m¡¡‑mc\‑p‑w k‑v-t‑ää‑v- Ic‑ms‑« N‑m¼‑y\‑p‑w Bb aIs‑â s‑s‑Ib‑n I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ Hc‑p t‑I‑mg‑n¡‑pª‑ns‑\ t‑]‑ms‑e ]‑nSª‑p.

Ah³ Hc‑p X‑nc‑n I‑qS‑n X‑nc‑n¨‑nc‑pt‑¶Â Ab‑mf‑ps‑S Fs‑Ã‑mS‑nt‑ªs‑\. "FS‑m h‑ns‑SS‑m U‑mU‑ns‑b" t‑i‑mi‑m½ t‑Zj‑ys‑¸«‑p. aIs‑â s‑s‑I¡‑n«‑v- Hc‑p X«‑v- s‑I‑mS‑p¯‑p. F¶‑me‑p‑w s‑Nd‑p¡³ ] dªX‑v- t‑I«‑nt‑Ã‑! A{‑X Al¦‑mc‑w t‑hï. AS‑p¯ I‑me¯‑vAt‑ac‑n¡b‑ns‑eh‑ns‑St‑b‑m `À¯‑mh‑ns‑â XÃ‑ps‑I‑mï‑v- aS‑p¯ Hc‑p A½b‑p‑w Ahc‑ps‑S a‑q¶‑p Bat‑k‑mW‑nb³ s‑]סf‑p‑w I‑qS‑n IÅ‑p I‑pS‑nb³ X´s‑b Kc‑mP‑n P‑oht‑\‑ms‑S s‑I«‑n¯‑q¡‑ns‑I‑m¶ IY s‑R«t‑e‑ms‑S t‑i‑mi‑m½ H‑mÀ¯‑p. At‑ac‑n¡b‑ne‑mb‑n«‑p I‑qS‑n B t‑Ik‑v- F§s‑\t‑b‑m HX‑p§‑n t‑]‑mb‑n. AX‑v- I‑p¯‑ns‑¸‑m¡‑m³ s‑I‑mÃs‑¸«b‑mÄ¡‑v - _Ô‑p¡s‑f‑m¶‑p‑w Ch‑ns‑S Dï‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑nÃt‑Ã‑m. F¶‑me‑p‑w Xs‑â ]‑nt‑Åc‑ps‑S A¸\s‑à s‑I‑mÃ‑m\‑p‑w s‑h«‑m\‑p‑w H¶‑p‑w t‑]‑mIï. A§s‑\ hÃX‑p‑w k‑w`h‑n¨‑m Ahc‑ps‑S `‑mh‑n t‑K‑m]‑n hc¨‑m aX‑n. At‑ac‑n¡b‑n I‑pä¡‑mc‑ms‑W¶‑v- h‑n[‑n¨‑p Pb‑ne‑n Ibd‑nb‑m ]‑pd‑wt‑e‑mI‑w I‑mWt‑W I‑pdªX‑v- \‑me‑v- Xea‑pd Ig‑nbW‑w. CX‑pt‑]‑mes‑¯ \‑nba§Ä s‑I‑m¨‑p t‑Icf¯‑ne‑pï‑mb‑nc‑ps‑¶¦‑n \‑ms‑St‑¶ \¶‑mt‑bs‑\‑! As‑X‑m¶‑p‑w t‑hï‑, Bs‑f H¶‑v- t‑]S‑n¸‑n¨‑m aX‑n. Xs‑¶ XÃ‑m³ C\‑n B s‑s‑I s‑]‑m§c‑pX‑v-. l‑m... AX‑v- aX‑n. t‑i‑mi‑m½ ]‑nt‑ÅÀ¡‑p‑w `À¯‑mh‑n\‑p‑w a[‑yØ‑w \‑n¶‑v- ca‑yX¡‑v- {‑ia‑n¨‑p. ] s‑£ ]‑nt‑ÅÀ h‑nS‑m³ `‑mha‑nÃ. "t‑a‑m‑w....b‑p t‑U‑mï‑v - l‑mh‑vS‑p e‑nh‑v- s‑s‑eI‑v- Z‑nk‑v-." AhÀ A½s‑b D]t‑Zi‑n¨‑p. "U‑mU‑v-‑, l‑nä‑n‑wK‑v- F h‑ps‑a³ C‑uk‑v- t‑d‑m§‑v-." cï‑ma³ t‑k‑mfa³ Ahs‑â h‑oX‑w A¸\‑v- \à _‑p²‑n D]t‑Zi‑n¨‑p. A½a‑mc‑ps‑S t‑\s‑c s‑s‑I s‑h¨‑m a¡Ä¡‑v- s‑s‑hc‑mK‑y‑w I‑nS¡‑p‑w. A¸t‑\‑mf‑w t‑]‑m¶‑m Ahc‑o c‑oX‑nb‑n s‑]c‑pa‑md‑p¶X‑n\‑p I‑pä‑w ]db‑m³ ]ä‑pt‑a‑m? aIÄ a‑m{‑X‑w H¶‑p‑w a‑nï‑nb‑nÃ. AhÄ A½b‑ps‑S N‑ph¶‑p X‑nW‑nÀ¯‑p I‑nS¶ Ih‑nf‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w I®‑p\‑oÀ X‑pS¨‑p a‑mä‑ns‑¡‑mï‑nc‑p¶‑p.. "A½‑, ¹‑ok‑v- t‑U‑mï‑v- s‑s‑{‑I". F§eS‑nb‑n Ahf‑ps‑S h‑m¡‑pIÄ a‑pd‑nª‑p. A§s‑\ 19 hÀjs‑¯ Z‑m¼X‑y¯‑n\‑p t‑ij‑w C\‑nb‑p‑w t‑i‑mi‑m½s‑b¶ k‑v-{‑X‑ob‑ps‑S t‑\s‑c s‑s‑I H‑m§‑nb‑m X‑m³ P•‑w s‑I‑mS‑p¯ ]‑ni‑mN‑p¡Ä Xs‑¶ IjW‑n¨‑p Ifb‑p‑w F¶‑v- X‑nc‑n¨d‑nh‑pï‑mbt‑¸‑mÄ I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ F¶ ]‑mg‑v-{‑i‑pX‑n s‑as‑à I« a‑mä‑n¸‑nS‑n¨‑p. I‑ps‑d Z‑nhkt‑¯¡‑vBÄ h‑o«‑n \‑n¶‑v- Cd§‑nt‑¸‑mb‑n. CSb‑v-s‑¡‑ms‑¡ Ik‑nt‑\‑mIf‑nt‑e¡‑va‑p§‑p¶ k‑z`‑mha‑pÅX‑n\‑m A½t‑b‑m a¡t‑f‑m At‑\‑zj‑n¡‑ph‑m\‑p‑w t‑]‑mb‑nÃ. I‑pd¨‑p Z‑nhk§Ä Ab‑mf‑ps‑S I‑pS‑n¡¼\‑n¡‑mÀ I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑\ N‑pa¶‑p‑, kl‑n¨‑p. `‑mc‑y \‑m«‑n t‑]‑mb‑nc‑p¶ Hc‑p I‑pS‑nb³ a‑q¶‑mg‑v-N I‑qs‑S X‑mak‑n¸‑n¨‑p. Ab‑mf‑ps‑S `‑mc‑y

hc‑md‑mbt‑¸‑mÄ I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ t‑P‑me‑n s‑N¿‑p-¶-X‑n\S‑p¯‑mb‑n Hc‑p Hä a‑pd‑n A¸‑mÀ«‑vs‑aâ‑v- FS‑p¯‑v- a‑md‑n. CSs‑¡t‑¸‑mt‑g‑m a¡f‑nÃ‑m¯ t‑\c‑w t‑\‑m¡‑n Xs‑â Ø‑mhc P‑wKa hk‑v-X‑p¡Ä s‑I‑mï‑pt‑]‑mI‑m³ Ab‑mÄ Hc‑p hbÀ IÅ‑pa‑mb‑n {‑] X‑y£s‑¸«‑p. k‑m[\§Ä s‑]«‑nb‑n h‑mc‑n \‑ndb‑v-¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ ]Ã‑v- IS‑n¡‑pIb‑p‑w a‑p{‑I CS‑pIb‑p‑w Fs‑´‑ms‑¡t‑b‑m he‑ns‑¨d‑nb‑pIb‑p‑w as‑ä´Ã‑mt‑a‑m h‑r¯‑ns‑I« iÐ§Ä ]‑pds‑¸S‑ph‑n¡‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑v-X‑p. t‑i‑mi‑m½ Hc£c‑w a‑nï‑ms‑X AX‑v- t‑\‑m¡‑n \‑n¶‑p. aeb‑mf A£ca‑meb‑ns‑e FÃ‑m A£c§f‑p‑w t‑NÀ¯‑pÅ s‑Xd‑nh‑m¡‑pIÄ Ab‑mf‑ps‑S \‑mh‑n \‑n¶‑vs‑X¶‑ns‑¯d‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mt‑ïb‑nc‑p¶‑p. {‑Z‑pXI‑mIf‑n h‑r¯¯‑ne‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p B I‑me‑pIf‑ps‑S Ne\‑w. F¶‑me‑p‑w t‑]‑mI‑p¶X‑n\‑p a‑p¼‑v "I‑m¸‑n t‑ht‑W‑m¶‑pÅ"t‑N‑mZ‑y¯‑n\‑v-‑, "I‑q¸‑n \‑ns‑â X´¡‑ps‑I‑mï‑vs‑I‑ms‑S¶‑pÅ" I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â ad‑p] S‑n t‑i‑mi‑m½s‑b s‑N‑mS‑n¸‑n¨‑p. AX‑n\‑p ad‑p]S‑n ]db‑mª‑n«‑v- Ahc‑ps‑S \‑m¡‑n\‑p hfs‑cb[‑nI‑w Ak‑zØX Dï‑ms‑b¦‑ne‑p‑w H¶‑p‑w a‑nï‑nb‑nÃ. C\‑n C‑u a‑mcW¯‑ns‑â ie‑y‑w Dï‑mI‑nÃt‑Ã‑m Ft‑¶‑mÀ¯‑v ^‑nb‑mÌ‑mb‑n \‑n¶‑v- h‑m§‑nb Hc‑p t‑]cb‑v-¡ FS‑p¯‑v- t‑i‑mi‑m½ h‑mb‑n X‑nc‑pI‑n. "CX‑m CX‑v- I‑qs‑S s‑I‑mï‑v- t‑]‑m. CX‑mb‑n«‑n\‑n Ch‑ns‑S s‑hb‑v-¡ï". I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â N‑ne X‑pf h‑oW AïÀ s‑hbd‑pIf‑p‑w I‑od‑nb _\‑nb\‑pIf‑p‑w‑, Bc‑p‑w I‑mW‑ms‑X Ab‑mÄ- Hf‑n¸‑n¨‑p s‑h¨‑nc‑p¶ k®‑ne‑nt‑b‑m¬ ]Sa‑pÅ k‑nU‑nIf‑p‑w‑, t‑¹ t‑_‑mb‑n a‑mKk‑n\‑p‑w‑, N‑ne aeb‑mf AÇ‑oe ]‑pk‑v-XI§f‑p‑w‑, t‑I‑mï‑w ]‑mb‑v-¡ä‑pIf‑p‑w Hc‑p hb‑m{‑K K‑pf‑nI¡‑p¸‑nb‑p‑w AS§‑nb Hc‑p s‑Nd‑nb I‑mÀU‑vt‑_‑mÀU‑v‑- t‑_‑mI‑v-k‑v- ]‑pc‑mhk‑v-X‑p t‑]‑ms‑e t‑i‑mi‑m½ FS‑p¯‑p \‑o«‑n. B s‑]«‑n Iï‑v- I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ H¶‑v- s‑R«‑nt‑b‑m? t‑l X‑m\X‑v- `{‑Za‑mb‑n Hf‑n¸‑n¨‑p s‑h¨‑nc‑p¶X‑mWt‑Ã‑m? "l‑p‑w h‑mkI‑v-Sa‑n s‑Nb‑v-X‑n«‑v- ] X‑n\©‑p hÀj‑w Ig‑nª‑p. C¶‑vhs‑c \‑n§f‑n I‑p´s‑a‑m¶‑pa‑n«‑p R‑m³ Iï‑n«‑nÃ. F¶‑m X\‑ns‑b \‑m«‑n t‑]‑mb‑n hc‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I‑mW‑m‑w s‑]«‑nb‑ns‑S AS‑nb‑n Cs‑XÃ‑m‑w ]‑mb‑v-¡ä‑v- X‑pd¶‑p‑w X‑pd¡‑ms‑Xb‑p‑w I‑nS¡‑p¶X‑v-. C{‑X \‑mÄ R‑m³ H¶‑p‑w Ad‑nª‑n«‑ns‑ö‑m h‑nN‑mc‑w As‑Ã? C‑u \‑oeK‑pf‑nIs‑b‑m¶‑p‑w FS‑p¯‑n«‑p Hc‑p I‑mc‑yh‑pa‑nÃ. \‑n§s‑Sb‑o a‑pS‑nª I‑pS‑ns‑b¶‑p \‑nÀ¯‑pt‑¶‑m At‑¶ I‑mc‑y§Ä ic‑nb‑mh‑pIb‑pÅ‑q. Hc‑p hb‑m{‑K‑mß‑mh‑v- h¶‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑p"AhÀ ]‑pO‑n¨‑p N‑nc‑n¨‑p. F{‑X {‑ia‑n¨‑n«‑p‑w CX‑n t‑i‑mi‑m½¡‑v- It‑{‑ï‑m Ä t‑]‑mt‑b t‑]‑m¨‑v-. AX‑phs‑c XSª‑p \‑nÀ¯‑nb‑nc‑p¶ ]Ib‑p‑w s‑hd‑p¸‑p‑w AWs‑]‑m«‑ns‑b‑mg‑pI‑n. AhÀ ]‑ns‑¶b‑p‑w Fs‑´‑ms‑¡t‑b‑m ]‑pe¼‑ns‑¡‑mï‑nc‑p¶‑p. "IÅ‑p I‑pS‑o‑w‑, N‑o¯ h‑nf‑o‑w‑, XÃ‑p‑w F§‑nt‑\‑w R‑m³ kl‑n¨‑p. ]


SEP- OCT 2015

Novelette s‑£‑, CX‑v-‑!‑! h¶‑p h¶‑v- Bs‑c¶‑nÃ. Fs‑â F{‑X I‑q«‑pI‑mc‑nIf‑m \‑n§f‑ps‑S hg‑nh‑n« c‑oX‑nIs‑f¡‑pd‑n¨‑v- ]db‑p¶X‑v-?? \‑mW‑w s‑I«‑n«‑v- ]‑mS‑nÃ. a¡Ä hfÀ¶‑vhc‑p¶‑ps‑h¶ N‑n´ t‑]‑me‑pa‑nÃ.‑'‑' AhÀ X‑pSÀ¶‑v - s‑I‑mt‑ïb‑nc‑p¶‑p. Ab‑mÄ ]Ã‑v- IS‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mï‑vAhc‑ps‑S a‑pJ¯‑p t‑\‑m¡‑ms‑X As‑XÃ‑m‑w h‑m§‑n s‑]«‑nb‑ne‑n«‑p. IÅ‑n‑, I‑m«‑pIÅ‑n‑, s‑]c‑p‑w IÅ‑n FÃ‑m‑w Ad‑nb‑p¶‑pï‑mb‑nc‑p¶s‑Ã‑!? \‑m«‑n s‑N¶‑pÅ Xs‑â Id¡§f‑p‑w N‑pä‑n¡f‑nIf‑p‑w I‑qS‑n AhÄ Ad‑nª‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑p. N‑p½‑mXà AhÄ¡‑v Xt‑¶‑mS‑v- C{‑X s‑hd‑p¸‑v-. a‑pS‑nªhÄ‑, ChÄ \i‑n¨‑p t‑]‑mIs‑¯ HÅ‑p. Ab‑mÄ¡‑v - Ie‑n AS¡‑m\‑mb‑nÃ. t‑]‑mI‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ b‑m{‑X ] dª‑nö‑p a‑m{‑Xaà hg‑nb‑nt‑e‑m«‑nd§‑n \‑n¶‑v- t‑i‑mi‑m½s‑bb‑p‑w Ahf‑ps‑S h‑o«‑pI‑ms‑cb‑p‑w k‑z´‑w Bסs‑fb‑p‑w \à t‑`j‑mb‑n s‑I‑mS‑p§Ã‑qÀ aeb‑mf¯‑ne‑p‑w ]‑ns‑¶ Ad‑nb‑mh‑p¶ a‑pd‑n C‑w¥‑oj‑ne‑p‑w e‑mh‑nj‑mb‑n N‑o¯ h‑nf‑ns‑¨‑mc‑p {‑K‑mâ‑v ^‑n\‑me‑nb§‑v- \ S¯‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑v-X‑p. B I‑mÀU‑v - t‑_‑mÀU‑v s‑]«‑n Iït‑X‑ms‑S IÅ‑ns‑â s‑I«‑v- h‑n«‑nc‑p¶X‑n\‑m At‑¸‑mÄ \‑m¡‑ns‑\‑mc‑p I‑pg¨‑ne‑pa‑pï‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑nÃ. `‑mc‑ya‑mc‑ps‑S a‑p¶‑n D¯c‑w a‑p«‑p¶ S‑n¸‑n¡Â aeb‑mf‑n ]‑pc‑pj•‑mc‑ps‑S a‑q¶‑m‑w a‑pdIf‑ns‑e‑m¶‑mWt‑Ã‑m X´¡‑p h‑nf‑nb‑p‑w s‑Xd‑n h‑nf‑nb‑p‑w. Hc¸‑w aZ‑ya‑pÅ‑ne‑ps‑ï¦‑n Fc‑nh‑p I‑qS‑ps‑a¶‑v- a‑m{‑X‑w. I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m\‑mb‑n«‑v- B ] X‑ns‑h‑m¶‑p‑w s‑Xä‑n¡‑m³ t‑]‑mb‑nÃ. P\eg‑nIf‑ne‑qs‑S I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â {‑]IS\‑w Iï‑p \‑n¶ t‑i‑mi‑m½ H‑mS‑nt‑¸‑mb‑n Xs‑â s‑F t‑^‑m¬ FS‑p¯‑p Ab‑mf‑ps‑S I‑mf‑nbaÀ²\‑w _‑ms‑e I‑mc‑ya‑mb‑n«§‑p d‑nt‑¡‑mÀU‑p‑w s‑Nb‑v-X‑p. U‑nt‑h‑mg‑vk‑n\‑v- At‑]£‑n¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ C‑u Xc‑w s‑Xf‑nh‑pIÄ AX‑y‑mhi‑y‑w Bs‑W¶‑mW‑v- h¡‑oe•‑mÀ ]db‑p¶X‑v-. C‑u s‑Xd‑ns‑bÃ‑m‑w F§s‑\ s‑a‑mg‑n ] c‑nhÀ¯‑m\‑w \S¯‑pt‑a‑m Ft‑´‑m? k‑mb‑n¸‑n\‑v- I‑mb‑p‑w ]‑qh‑p‑w Ceb‑p‑w t‑NÀ¯ aeb‑mf‑w N‑o¯h‑m¡‑pIÄ Ad‑nb‑ns‑æ‑ne‑p‑w FÃ‑mä‑ns‑âb‑p‑w I‑qs‑S t‑NÀ¡‑m³ ]ä‑nb Hs‑c‑mäa‑qe‑n h‑m¡‑pït‑Ã‑m. I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ At‑ac‑n¡b‑n h¶b‑nSb‑v-¡‑v- Xs‑¶ B h‑ni‑p² h‑m¡‑ns‑â A]‑mck‑m[‑yXIÄ a\k‑ne‑m¡‑pIb‑p‑w Ø‑m\¯‑p‑w AØ‑m\¯‑p‑w AX‑v- [‑mc‑mfa‑mb‑n D] t‑b‑mK‑n¡‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑v-X‑p t‑]‑m¶‑nc‑p¶‑p.

C‑w¥‑oj‑v- A£ca‑meb‑ns‑e B Bd‑m‑wX¼‑pc‑m³ CÃ‑mb‑nc‑ps‑¶¦‑n C‑u k‑mb‑n¸•‑mÀ F´‑v- s‑Nb‑v-t‑Xs‑\‑! At‑ac‑n¡b‑n Ct‑¸‑mÄ FÃ‑mä‑n\‑p‑w {‑S‑m³k‑vt‑eäÀa‑mÀ DÅ I‑mea‑mW‑v-. s‑Xd‑n s‑a‑mg‑na‑mä‑m\‑pÅ hg‑ns‑b‑ms‑¡ h¡‑oe•‑mÀ Dï‑m¡‑pa‑mb‑nc‑n¡‑p‑w. AhÀ d‑nt‑¡‑mÀU‑n‑wK‑v- X‑pSÀ¶‑p. t‑i‑mi‑m½ adª‑p \‑n¶‑mW‑vd‑nt‑¡‑mÀU‑v s‑Nb‑v-Xs‑X¦‑ne‑p‑w I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ s‑hf‑nb‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w AX‑pIï‑p ]‑nS‑n¨‑p. "B F¶‑m ]‑ns‑¶ \‑o CX‑p‑w I‑qS‑n FS‑p¡S‑o" F¶‑v- ] dª‑p ]‑pd‑wX‑nc‑nª‑p \‑n¶‑v- Xs‑â s‑k‑zä‑v- ]‑mâ‑v ]I‑pX‑nb‑qc‑n `‑mc‑ys‑b t‑_j‑mb‑n "a‑q¬s‑s‑eä‑v" I‑mW‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mS‑p¯‑p. C‑u s‑Fä‑w t‑\cs‑¯ Ic‑pX‑n¡‑q«‑n X‑m³ {‑K‑mâ‑v- ^‑n\‑me‑nb‑n s‑]Àt‑^‑m‑w s‑N¿‑ps‑a¶d‑nb‑ma‑mb‑nc‑p¶ X‑n\‑m I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â k‑wKX‑nIÄ¡‑v - a\‑x]‑qÀÆ‑w jU‑v-P‑w Dï‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑nÃ. t‑Icf¯‑n P\‑n¨‑p hfÀ¶‑p a‑n¡ aeb‑mf‑n ]‑pc‑pj•‑ms‑cb‑p‑w t‑]‑ms‑e I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m\‑p‑w jU‑v-P¯‑ne‑p‑w

KaI¯‑ne‑ps‑a‑m¶‑p‑w he‑nb X‑mÂ]c‑ya‑pï‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑nÃ. k‑uIc‑yas‑à FÃ‑m‑w. I‑mc‑y‑w 19 hÀja‑mb‑n X‑m³ Iï‑n«‑pÅ `‑oIcs‑I‑mes‑hd‑nb‑ms‑W ¦‑ne‑p‑w‑, Xs‑¶ X‑pW‑n s‑]‑m¡‑n¡‑mW‑n¨‑v(Aà D‑uc‑n¡‑mW‑n¨‑v-‑) A]a‑m\‑n¨X‑vt‑i‑mi‑m½¡‑v- X‑os‑c kl‑n¨‑nÃ. t‑Zj‑y¯‑ne‑p‑w AX‑nt‑es‑d k¦S¯‑ne‑p‑w‑, Hc‑mt‑hi¯‑n\‑p 9 1 1 I‑p¯‑p¶X‑va‑m{‑X‑w AhÄ H‑mÀ¡‑p¶‑pï‑v-. ]‑ns‑¶ FÃ‑m‑w hfs‑c s‑]s‑«¶‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. B hg‑ns‑bt‑§‑m t‑]‑mb Hc‑p s‑]t‑{‑S‑mf‑n§‑v-


t‑]‑me‑nk‑pI‑mc³ cï‑p a‑n\‑n«‑n\I‑w h¶‑v- I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑\ ‑'C³ U‑okâ‑v- FI‑vk‑v-t‑]‑mjd‑n\‑' Adk‑v-ä‑v- s‑Nb‑v-Xt‑¸‑mg‑mW‑vIf‑n I‑mc‑ya‑mb h‑nhc‑w t‑i‑mi¡‑p«‑n¡‑p ¢‑n¡‑v- s‑N¿‑p¶X‑v-. t‑^‑m¬ At‑¸‑mg‑p‑w d‑nt‑¡‑mÀU‑v- t‑a‑mU‑ne‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. t‑]‑me‑nk‑ns‑\ Iït‑¸‑mÄ t‑i‑mi‑m½b‑ps‑S s‑s‑[c‑y‑w FÃ‑m‑w ] d]d¶‑p. Hc‑mt‑hi¯‑n\‑p h‑nf‑n¨‑p t‑]‑mbX‑mW‑v-. C\‑n F´‑v- s‑N¿‑p‑w.? Ad‑nb‑ms‑X h‑nf‑n¨X‑ms‑W¶‑p ]db‑m‑w F¶‑p Ic‑pX‑n t‑]‑me‑nk‑v- hï‑nb‑ps‑S AS‑pt‑¯¡‑v- H‑mS‑ns‑¨¶t‑¸‑mÄ AX‑m‑, Ab¡‑mc‑n aZ‑m½ {‑_‑nï‑m Ì‑me‑n§‑vH‑mS‑n Cd§‑n h¶‑p t‑]‑me‑nk‑pI‑mct‑\‑mS‑vk‑wk‑mc‑n¡‑p¶‑p. CX‑v- a‑n. t‑]‑mf‑ns‑â Ø‑nc‑w ]X‑nh‑ms‑W¶‑p‑w‑, F¶‑p‑w IÅ‑v-

I‑pS‑n¨‑vh¶‑pÅ C‑u hg¡‑v- Iï‑p X‑m\‑p‑w aä‑vAb¡‑mc‑p‑w aS‑ps‑¯¶‑p‑w‑, t‑]‑mf‑ns‑â a‑q¬s‑s‑eä‑n‑wK‑v- Iï‑p s‑s‑_¸‑mk‑vIg‑nª‑nc‑n¡‑p¶ Xs‑â l‑rZb¯‑ns‑e hfs‑c h‑net‑bd‑nb t‑]k‑v-t‑a¡À AS‑n¨‑p t‑]‑mt‑bs‑\s‑b¶‑ps‑aÃ‑m‑w a‑nk‑nk‑v- Ì‑me‑n§‑v- s‑a‑mg‑n s‑I‑mS‑p¯‑p. FÃ‑m‑w X‑m³ C‑u I‑m‑wt‑I‑mS‑md‑n d‑nt‑¡‑mÀU‑v- s‑Nb‑v-X‑n«‑ps‑ï¶‑p‑w I‑qS‑n ]dª‑p t‑I«t‑¸‑mÄ t‑]‑me‑nk‑pI‑mc³ ]‑ns‑¶ H¶‑p‑w t‑\‑m¡‑nb‑nÃ. Ah‑ns‑S \‑n¶‑v- Xs‑¶ X‑m³ d‑nt‑¡‑mÀU‑v- s‑Nb‑vX `‑mK§Ä t‑]‑me‑ok‑pI‑mcs‑\ a‑mZ‑m½ I‑mW‑n¨‑p. Ab‑mÄ AX‑p‑w

Special s‑Xf‑nh‑mb‑n h‑m§‑n I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â s‑s‑I ]‑pdt‑I‑m«‑p s‑I«‑n I‑q¨‑v- h‑ne§‑n«‑vt‑]‑me‑ok‑v- I‑md‑n Ibä‑nb‑nc‑p¯‑n. hï‑nb‑ne‑nc‑p¶‑v- I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ t‑i‑mi‑m½s‑b H¶‑v- t‑\‑m¡‑n. hÀj§f‑mb‑n Ahs‑f t‑\‑m¡‑nt‑¸S‑n¸‑n¨‑nc‑p¶ At‑X t‑\‑m«‑w. ‑'\‑ns‑¶ R‑m³ I‑mW‑n¨‑p Xc‑ms‑aS‑o‑' F¶‑v- ]db‑ms‑X ]db‑p¶ {‑I‑qct‑\‑m«‑w. AhÀ s‑]s‑«¶‑v- I®‑v- s‑h«‑n¨‑p Ifª‑p. t‑i‑mi‑m½b‑v-¡‑v- DÅ‑ns‑eh‑ns‑St‑b‑m s‑Nd‑nb Hc‑p k¦S‑w F¯‑n t‑\‑m¡‑nt‑b‑m? ]s‑£ Ab‑mÄ CS‑n¨‑n«‑pÅ CS‑nb‑ps‑S s‑\‑m¼ch‑p‑w ]‑pf‑n¨ N‑o¯b‑ps‑S H‑mS \‑mäh‑p‑w H‑mÀ¯ t‑¸‑mÄ h¶ k¦S‑w ]S‑n IS¶‑p t‑]‑mh‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑v-X‑p kÔ‑yb‑v-¡‑pÅ t‑e‑m¡Â \‑y‑qk‑vI‑mW‑pt‑¼‑mÄ AX‑m I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶‑p. ‑'a[‑yhbk‑v-¡\‑mb t‑]‑mÄ h‑mf‑p¡‑mc³‑' F¶ C´‑y¡‑mcs‑\ s‑U‑mak‑v-ä‑nI‑vA_‑y‑qk‑n\‑p‑w C³U‑okâ‑v- FI‑v-k‑vt‑]‑mjd‑n\‑pa‑mb‑n k‑nä‑n t‑]‑me‑ok‑vAdÌ‑v- s‑Nb‑v-X‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑p. I‑qs‑S I‑pª‑pt‑a‑m³ a‑q¬s‑s‑eä‑v- s‑N¿‑p¶ ]Sh‑p‑w a‑md‑n a‑md‑n ^‑v-f‑mj‑v- s‑Nb‑vX‑p I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶‑p. I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â k‑zXt‑h Cc‑pï ¥‑pU‑nbk‑v- a‑mI‑vk‑nak‑v- `‑mK§Ä N‑m\e‑pI‑mÀ Hc‑p \‑ng h«¯‑ne‑m¡‑nb‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑p. C‑w¥‑oj‑ne‑pÅ N‑o¯ h‑m¡‑pIÄ a‑m{‑X‑w‑, \‑m«‑ns‑e \‑y‑q s‑P³ a‑qh‑nb‑ns‑e t‑]‑ms‑e _‑o]‑v- _‑o]‑v- s‑N¿‑p¶‑pï‑v-. ]s‑£‑, I‑pª‑pt‑a‑ms‑â aeb‑mf‑w ]‑qc¸‑m«‑v- k‑pµca‑mb‑n N‑m\e‑pI‑mÀ Hg‑p¡‑n h‑n«‑p. AhÀ¡d‑nb‑nÃt‑Ã‑m AX‑ns‑â Hc‑p `‑oIcX. t‑i‑mi‑m½b‑v-¡‑v- Xe Id¡a‑mt‑W‑m `‑qa‑n I‑pe‑p¡a‑ms‑W‑m k‑w`h‑n¡‑p¶X‑v- F¶‑v- A¸ t‑\ ct‑¯¡‑v- Hc‑p I¬^‑y‑qj³ Dï‑mb‑n. F¶‑me‑p‑w Cb‑mÄ¡‑vC{‑X t‑_‑m[a‑nÃ‑ms‑X t‑]‑mbt‑Ã‑m. Fs‑´Ã‑ma‑mW‑v- h‑nf‑n¨‑p I‑qI‑nbX‑v-? B C\‑n hc‑p¶ t‑]‑ms‑es‑b‑ms‑¡ hcs‑«. At‑ac‑n¡³ aeb‑mf‑nIf‑n \s‑Ã‑mc‑p iXa‑m\h‑p‑w \‑m«‑n \‑n¶‑pÅ aeb‑mf‑w N‑m\e‑pIÄ a‑m{‑X‑w I‑mW‑p¶hc‑mbX‑n\‑me‑p‑w‑, a‑n¡t‑] c‑p‑w At‑ac‑n¡b‑ns‑e t‑e‑m¡Â \‑y‑qk‑vt‑]‑me‑p‑w I‑mW‑m¯hc‑mbX‑n\‑me‑p‑w Bc‑p‑w Xs‑â `À¯‑mh‑ns‑â AdÌ‑vh‑mÀ¯ I‑mW‑nÃ‑mb‑nc‑n¡‑ps‑a¶ N‑n´b‑n t‑i‑mi‑m½ k‑zb‑w Bi‑zk‑n¨‑p t‑k‑m^b‑n XfÀ¶‑p I‑nS¶‑p. Ahc‑ps‑S e‑mâ‑v- t‑^‑mW‑p‑w‑, s‑kÂt‑^‑mW‑p‑w a‑m{‑X‑w \‑nÀ¯‑ms‑X \‑neh‑nf‑n¨‑p s‑I‑mï‑nc‑p¶‑p. XpScpw..

Proposals are invited for a Pala Diocese, RCSC girl, age 25, height 160 cms, fair complexion, B.Tech & M.Tech from CUSAT, Cochin, currently working as project engineer with L&T, Mumbay, from suitable boys, preferably working abroad. Contact : Roshan Ph: 0422270701/ 02 97861110


Contact Email: or mobile 0061 424285233

e‑y‑w METRO a‑pX h‑mMALAYALAM À²I‑y‑w hs‑c-b‑pÅ I‑me-L-«-¯‑n Hc‑n-¡-s‑e-¦‑ne‑p‑w P‑oh‑n-X-¯‑n X‑nc‑n¨‑p I‑n«‑m³ B{‑K-l‑n-¡‑p¶ Ht‑c-s‑b‑mc‑p I‑me-L«‑w _‑Special me‑y-a‑m-b‑n-c‑n¡‑p‑w I‑mcW‑w _‑me‑y-s‑a-¶X‑v \‑nj‑vI-f-¦-¯‑n-s‑âb‑p‑w ]‑qÀ® k‑z‑mX{‑´‑y¯‑n-s‑âb‑p‑w \‑mf‑p-I-f‑m-W‑v. B _‑me‑y-I‑me H‑mÀ½-IÄ h‑nS-c‑p-h‑m³ s‑h¼‑p¶ Hc‑p ]‑pj‑v]‑w t‑] s‑e Fs‑â H‑mÀ½-I-f‑n-s‑e¶‑p‑w \‑ndª‑p \‑n¡‑p-¶‑p. AX‑n Hc‑p ]‑pj‑v]-a‑mW‑v h‑nI‑r-X‑n-IÄ Dd§‑p‑w _‑me‑y-¯‑n-e‑qs‑S Ch‑ns‑S h‑nS-c‑p-h‑m³ X‑pS-§‑p-¶-X‑v. ]‑nX‑m-h‑ns‑â IÀ¡i‑y k‑z`‑mh‑w R§-f‑ps‑S I‑pk‑r-X‑n¡‑v F¶‑p‑w Hc‑p h‑ne§‑p XS‑n-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. F¶‑n-c‑p-¶‑me‑p‑w N‑ne I‑pd‑p-¼‑p-IÄs‑I‑mï‑v A¸-t‑\b‑p‑w s‑R«‑n-¨‑n-«‑p-ï‑v. CX‑v k‑w`-h‑n-¨X‑v Hc‑p t‑h\-e-h-[‑n-¡‑me-¯‑m-W‑v. C‑mh‑ns‑e Dd-¡-a‑p-WÀ¶‑v ]Ã‑p t‑X¨‑me‑p‑w Cs‑Ã-¦‑ne‑p‑w I‑m¸‑n-I‑p-S‑n¨‑p t‑\s‑c Cd-§‑p-¶X‑v If‑n-¡‑m\‑m-W‑v. FÃ‑m Z‑nh-kh‑p‑w Iª‑o‑w Id‑n-b‑p‑w‑, H‑m«-¸‑n-S‑p¯-h‑p‑w‑, k‑mä‑v If‑n-b‑p-s‑a‑ms‑¡ If‑n¨‑p aS‑p-¯-t‑¸‑m-f‑mW‑v Fs‑â A\‑n-b-¯‑n- ]‑p-X‑nb If‑ns‑b I‑pd‑n¨‑v ]d-ª-X‑v. ‑'FS‑o \a‑p-¡‑n¶‑v t‑I‑mg‑n If‑n-¨‑mt‑e‑m‑' F´‑q«‑m t‑I‑mg‑nt‑b‑m.. As‑X-§s‑\ If‑n-¡‑m\‑mW‑v.? R‑m³ AX‑n-i-b-t‑¯‑ms‑S t‑N‑mZ‑n¨‑p‑! AhÄ h‑nh-c‑n-¡‑p-h‑m³ X‑pS-§‑n... \‑o t‑I‑mg‑n-b‑m-b‑n«‑v A`‑n-\-b‑n-¡-W‑w- R‑m³ \½‑ps‑S A½-¨‑n-b‑m-b‑n«‑p‑w s‑s‑hI‑n«‑v A½¨‑n I‑qS‑v AS-¡‑m³ hc‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ \‑o I‑q«‑n Ibd‑nb‑nc‑n-¡W‑w. R‑m³ h¶‑v h‑mX‑n-eS¡‑p‑w. c‑mh‑ns‑e \‑o t‑I‑mg‑n- I‑q-h‑p¶-X‑p-t‑]‑ms‑e I‑qh‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ R‑m³ h¶‑v \‑ns‑¶ X‑pd-¶‑p-h‑n-S‑p‑w. F¶‑m-e‑p‑w. t‑I‑mg‑n-¡‑q-«‑n R‑m³.-B-I‑m‑w-£-t‑b‑mS‑p‑w



A¼-c-t‑¸‑mS‑p‑w I‑qS‑n R‑m³ t‑I‑mg‑n-b‑mb‑n A`‑n-\-b‑n¡‑ph‑m³ X‑o-c‑p-a‑m-\‑n¨‑p. hfs‑c X{‑X-s‑¸«‑v t‑I‑mg‑n-IÄ¡‑v Ib-d‑p-h‑m³ s‑h¨‑n-c‑p¶ s‑I‑m¨‑p t‑K‑mh-W‑n-b‑n-e‑qs‑S AX‑ns‑âbI¯‑v Ib-d‑n-¸-ä‑n. I‑me‑p‑w I¿‑p‑w Xeb‑p‑w I‑q¨‑nI‑q«‑n-¸‑n-S‑n¨‑v Hc‑p t‑I‑mg‑n-a‑p-«-b‑ps‑S BI‑r-X‑n-b‑n R‑m³ AX‑n \‑ne-b‑pd-¸‑n-¨‑p.


Dd§‑p‑w _‑me‑y‑w I‑mÀ¯‑nI s‑c©‑n¯‑v

ic‑n¡‑p‑w F\‑n¡‑v i‑z‑mk‑w -a‑p-«‑p-¶‑p-ï‑m-b‑nc‑p¶‑p. AX‑ns‑â I‑qs‑S t‑I‑mg‑n-I‑m-j‑vT-¯‑ns‑â h‑r¯‑n-s‑I« \‑mä-h‑p‑w R‑m³ Ib-d‑n-b-t‑X‑ms‑S AhÄ h‑mX‑n-e-S-¨‑p. AX‑ns‑â AS‑p-¯‑pÅ ]i‑p-s‑X‑m-g‑p-¯‑ns‑â Cd-b¯‑v AhÄ Dd-§‑p-¶-X‑mb‑n A`‑n-\-b‑n-¨‑p. DS-s‑\-Xs‑¶ R‑m³

I‑qh‑m³ X‑pS-§‑n. s‑I‑m¡-c-t‑¡‑mSEPs‑I‑m¡-OCT c-t‑¡‑m..2015 Fh‑ns‑S AhÄ A\-§‑p¶ e£-W-a‑n-Ã. R‑m³ h‑oï‑p‑w D¨-¯‑n I‑qh‑n t‑Z‑! AhÄ h‑oï‑p‑w I‑qÀ¡‑w he‑n-¨‑p-d-§‑p-¶‑p ]‑ns‑¶ R‑m³ Ae-d‑n-I‑q-h‑n. AX‑p-t‑I«‑v s‑]‑m«‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑mï‑v AhÄ N‑mS‑n FW‑oä‑p h‑oX‑n X‑pd-¡‑p-h‑m³ h¶‑p. F\‑n¡‑p t‑Zj‑y‑w Cc¨‑p Ibd‑n F§‑n-s‑\-s‑b-¦‑ne‑p‑w AX‑n-s‑â-b‑p-Å‑n \‑n¶‑v ]‑pd¯‑v N‑mS‑p-h‑m³ I‑m¯‑n-c‑p¶ R‑m³ t‑IÄ¡‑p-¶X‑v Hc‑p Aed‑n h‑nf‑n-b‑m-W‑v "FS‑o CX‑p X‑pd-¡‑p-h‑m³ hs‑¿-S‑n "Fs‑â s‑s‑Zht‑a‑! \‑o F§-s‑\-s‑b-¦‑ne‑p‑w AX‑v X‑pd¡‑v CÃ‑m-¨‑m A¸³ Cs‑¶s‑¶ t‑I‑mg‑n-¡-d‑n-b‑m-¡‑p‑w. Xs‑â ]c‑n-{‑i-a-§Ä h‑n^-e-a‑mb‑ns‑I‑mï‑n-c‑p-¶-t‑¸‑mÄ R‑m³ AI¯‑p‑w AhÄ ]‑pd¯‑p‑w \‑n¶‑v Ic-b‑p-h‑m³ X‑pS§‑n At‑¿‑m R‑m³ t‑I‑mg‑n-¡‑q-«‑n I‑nS¶‑v N¯‑pt‑]‑m-I‑pt‑a‑m Bs‑c-¦‑ne‑p‑w Fs‑¶ X‑pd¶‑p h‑n-S-t‑W Fs‑â I‑md‑n¨ t‑I«‑p h‑o«‑p-I‑mc‑p‑w \‑m«‑p-I‑mc‑p‑w ] W‑n-¡‑mc‑p‑w H‑mS‑n-s‑b¯‑n Ahc‑v ]T‑n-¨-]W‑n ]X‑ns‑\-«‑p-t‑\‑m-¡‑n-b‑n«‑p‑w AX‑v X‑pd-¡‑p-h‑m³ Ig‑n-ª‑n-Ã. ]‑ns‑¶ ]‑q«‑v XÃ‑n-s‑]‑m-f‑n¨‑p A§s‑\ I‑q«‑n-e‑n-c‑p¶‑v Icª‑p h‑nbÀ¯‑p-I‑p-f‑n¨‑v \\ª t‑I‑mg‑n-s‑b-t‑¸-s‑eb‑n-d§‑n h¶ Fs‑¶ k‑z‑oI-c‑n-¨X‑v \‑m«‑p-I‑m-c‑p-s‑Sb‑p‑w h‑o«‑p-I‑m-c‑p-s‑Sb‑p‑w D¨-¯‑n-e‑pÅ N‑nc‑n-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. R‑m³- Fs‑â A\‑n-b-¯‑ns‑b AaÀ¯‑n-s‑b‑m¶‑p t‑\‑m¡‑n a\-Ê‑n ]dª‑p. Ah-s‑S-s‑b‑mc‑p t‑I‑mg‑n¡f‑n AX‑v a\-Ê‑n-e‑m-b‑n-s‑«-t‑¶‑mW‑w Ah-f‑ps‑S Ic-¨‑n-e‑n\‑n-S¡‑p‑w AhÄ Fs‑¶ t‑\‑m¡‑n N‑nc‑n-¨‑p. Ah-f‑ps‑S N‑nc‑n Iï-t‑¸‑mÄ R§-f‑ps‑S h‑nI‑r-X‑n-IÄ¡‑v A¶-t‑¯¡‑v h‑nc‑m-a-a‑n-«‑p-s‑I‑mï‑v R‑m\‑p‑w N‑nc‑n-¨‑p.


SEP- OCT 2015

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\\-h‑mÀ¶ s‑hS‑n-a‑p-g-¡-§Ä X«‑n-s‑I‑mï‑v ]‑m¸-¨³ t‑N‑mZ‑n¨‑p: ‑'\i‑zc-a‑mb C‑u ic‑o-cs‑¯ t‑a‑mS‑n-]‑n-S‑n-¸‑n¡‑p-h‑m³ \‑o F´‑n-\‑mW‑v C§s‑\ t‑hh-e‑m-X‑n-s‑]-S‑p-¶X‑v?‑' ad‑n-b‑m½ H¶‑p X‑pd‑n¨‑p I\-¸‑n¨‑v t‑\‑m¡‑n-b-X‑n\‑v t‑ij‑w ]dª‑p: "C‑ub‑n-s‑S-b‑mb‑n ]‑ni‑p-¡‑n¯‑nc‑n I‑qS‑p-¶‑p-ï‑v. R‑m³ s‑h¨‑n-«‑pï‑v". ad‑n-b‑m½b‑ps‑S `‑ojW‑n A{‑Xb‑v¡‑v ]‑nS‑n-¨‑n-s‑Ã-¦‑ne‑p‑w DÃ‑m-k-b‑m-{‑X-b‑ps‑S h‑oc‑y-¯‑n ]‑mj‑mW‑w Ie-¡‑n- I‑p-fa‑m-¡-ï-t‑Ã‑m¶‑p Ic‑pX‑n a‑u\‑w ]‑me‑n¨‑p. GI-t‑Zi‑w Hc‑p aW‑n-¡‑qÀ Ig‑nª-t‑¸‑m-t‑g-¡‑p‑w- i-c‑o-c-¯‑ns‑â h‑nf‑n. F{‑Xb‑p‑w s‑]s‑«¶‑v Hc‑p CS-¯‑m-hf‑w At‑\‑z-j‑n-¡‑p-h‑m³ \‑nÀ_-Ô‑n-X-\‑m-¡‑n. hg‑n-b‑n-s‑e§‑p‑w dÌ‑v Gc‑n-b-b‑ps‑S s‑]‑mS‑nt‑]‑me‑p‑w I‑m×‑m-\‑n-Ã. kab‑w ]‑n¶‑n-S‑pt‑¼‑mg‑p‑w ]‑m¸-¨s‑â AS‑n-h-b-ä‑nÂ\‑n¶‑p‑w \‑nb-{‑´-W-t‑c-J-b‑ps‑S s‑I«‑p-IÄ H‑mt‑c‑m¶‑mb‑n s‑]‑m«‑n-X‑p-S-§‑n. ]‑m¸-¨s‑â

t‑d‑mU‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑mW‑v b‑m{‑X-s‑N-¿‑p-¶s‑X-¶‑p-d-¸‑m-b‑n. hï‑n-b‑ps‑S DÅ‑n s‑s‑II‑m-e‑p-IÄ _Ô‑n¨ \‑ne-b‑n hï‑n-b‑ps‑S N‑m©‑m-«-¯‑n-\-\‑p-k‑r-Xa‑mb‑n At‑§‑m-«‑p-a‑n-t‑§‑m«‑p‑w Dc‑p-ï‑pÅ b‑m{‑X ]‑m¸-¨s‑â ic‑o-cs‑¯ hÃ‑ms‑X FS‑p¯‑p I‑pS-b‑p-¶‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. ad‑n-b‑m½b‑v¡‑p‑w aIÄ¡‑p‑w F´‑mW‑v k‑w`-h‑n-¨‑n-c‑n-¡‑p-¶X‑v? I«‑ne‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w Fg‑p-t‑¶-ä-t‑¸‑mÄ a‑pX k‑w`-h‑n¨ A]-i-I‑p-\-§Ä- A-h-KW‑n¨‑v b‑m{‑X ]‑pd-s‑¸« Xs‑â h‑nh-ct‑¡-S‑ns‑\ H‑mÀ¯‑v ]‑m¸-¨³ ]c‑n-X‑]‑n-¨‑p. DÅ‑n-s‑e-h‑n-s‑St‑b‑m \‑n¶‑v Hc‑p AÚ‑mX k‑zc‑w a‑pg-§‑p-¶X‑v ]‑m¸¨\‑v h‑yà-a‑mb‑n t‑IÄ¡‑m‑w. ‑'FÃ‑m¯‑n\‑p‑w Hc‑p ka-b-a‑pï‑v ]‑m¸¨‑m.‑' ] s‑ït‑§‑m Iï k‑n\‑n-a-b‑ns‑e ]©‑v Ub-t‑e‑mK‑v ]‑m¸-¨s‑â l‑rZ-b‑m-´À `‑mK¯‑v \‑n¶‑v C§s‑\ Hc-h-Ø-b‑nÂ

hfs‑c s‑]s‑«¶‑v s‑R«‑n-¡‑p¶ b‑m-Y‑mÀ°‑y‑w a\-Ê‑n-e‑m-b‑n. Xs‑¶ Gt‑X‑m Hc‑p k‑wL‑w AÚ‑m-XÀ X«‑n-s‑I‑mï‑p t‑]‑mI‑p-I-b‑mW.‑v Ct‑¸‑mÄ I‑mS‑n-\‑p-Å‑n-s‑e-h‑n-s‑Ss‑b‑m I‑pï‑p‑w I‑pg‑n-b‑p-a‑pÅ t‑d‑mU‑n-e‑q-s‑S-b‑mW‑v b‑m{‑X- s‑N-¿‑p-¶-s‑X-¶‑p-d-¸‑m-b‑n.

a‑pJs‑¯ `‑mh h‑yX‑y‑mk‑w Iï-t‑¸‑ms‑g ad‑n-b‑m½b‑v¡‑v I‑mc‑y‑w a\-Ê‑n-e‑mb‑n. C\‑nb‑p‑w X‑ma-k‑n-¨‑m c‑wK‑w hj-f‑mI‑p-a-t‑Ã‑m-¶‑p -I-c‑pX‑n h‑nP-\-a‑mb Hc‑p s‑]‑m´-I‑m-S‑n\‑v t‑NÀ¶‑v I‑mÀ \‑nÀ¯‑n. \‑nK‑q-VX Xf‑w-s‑I«‑n \‑n¡‑p¶ s‑]‑m´-¡‑m-S‑n-\‑p-Å‑ns‑e GI‑m-´-X-b‑n \‑n¶‑p-s‑I‑mï‑v I‑mc‑y‑w k‑m[‑n¨‑p Z‑oÀ‑ Li‑z‑mk‑w h‑n«‑p. I‑md‑ns‑â AS‑p-t‑¯¡‑v X‑nc‑n¨‑p \S-¡‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑n-S-b‑n I-g‑p-¯‑n\‑p ]‑n¶‑n Hc‑p t‑e‑ml-I‑p-g AaÀ¶X‑v s‑]‑mS‑p-¶-s‑\-b‑m-W‑v. ‑'A\-§‑n-b‑m X«‑n Ifb‑p‑w‑' F¶ B‑wK-t‑eb `‑mj‑m {‑] t‑b‑m-K-¯‑n-e‑pÅ BÚ‑m-]-\- k‑zc‑w t‑I«‑v Hc-S‑n- a‑p-t‑¶‑m«‑v hb‑v¡‑m-\‑m-h‑ms‑X Xc‑n-¨‑p-\‑n-¶‑p. DS-s‑\-Xs‑¶ ]‑m¸-¨s‑â Xe-hg‑n Hc‑p Id‑p¯ X‑pW‑n h‑oWX‑p‑w FÃ‑m-‑w -A-Ô-I‑m-c-aba‑mb‑n. hfs‑c s‑]s‑«¶‑v s‑R«‑n-¡‑p¶ b‑mY‑mÀ°‑y‑w a\-Ê‑n-e‑m-b‑n. Xs‑¶ Gt‑X‑m Hc‑p k‑wL‑w AÚ‑m-XÀ X«‑n-s‑I‑mï‑p t‑]‑mI‑p-I-b‑mW.‑v Ct‑¸‑mÄ I‑mS‑n-\‑p-Å‑ns‑e-h‑n-s‑Ss‑b‑m I‑pï‑p‑w I‑pg‑n-b‑p-a‑pÅ

`‑oI-cÀ X«‑n-s‑b-S‑p-¡-s‑¸« ka-b¯‑v a{‑´‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑ns‑â s‑]‑mc‑pÄ hï‑nb‑ps‑S DÅ‑ns‑e Xe-§‑p-‑w h‑n-e-§‑p-a‑pÅ Dc‑pfe‑n {‑Kl‑n-s‑¨-S‑p-¡‑p-h‑m-\‑m-b‑n-Ã. GI-t‑Zi‑w Hc‑p aW‑n-¡‑qÀ ka-ba‑mb‑nI‑mW‑p‑w hï‑n Hc‑p Ib-ä-¯‑n kU³t‑{‑_-¡‑n«‑v \‑n¶‑p. X‑ma-k‑n-b‑ms‑X ]‑q¨-I‑p-ª‑ns‑\ FS‑p-¡‑p¶ e‑mLh-t‑¯‑ms‑S Hc‑p-hs‑â _e‑n-j‑vT-a‑mb Ic‑w -]‑m-¸-¨s‑\ ]‑nS‑n-s‑¨-g‑p-t‑¶Â¸‑n-¨‑p. ]‑m¸-¨³ s‑h«‑m³ s‑I‑mï‑p-t‑]‑m-I‑p¶ I‑mf-b‑ps‑S h‑nI‑mc h‑nt‑£‑m-`t‑¯‑ms‑S Xs‑¶ X«‑n-s‑I‑mï‑p t‑]‑mI‑p-¶-h-c‑ps‑S I‑qs‑S \S-¶‑p. Id‑p¯ X‑pW‑n-s‑I‑mï‑v Xe a‑qS‑n-b‑n-c‑p-¶-X‑n-\‑m Hc‑p h‑n[¯‑n X-¸‑n-¯-S-ª‑mW‑v \S-¶-X‑v. Gs‑d X‑ma-k‑n-b‑ms‑XXs‑¶ Hc‑p-¯³ Xe-b‑ns‑e Id‑p¯ X‑pW‑n \‑o¡‑n. ]‑m¸-¨s‑â \à P‑oh³ t‑]‑mb‑n. s‑^b‑vk‑v_‑p-¡‑n ]e-I‑pd‑n `‑oX‑nt‑b‑ms‑S Iï‑n-«‑pÅ I®‑p-a‑m{‑X‑w ]‑pd¯‑p I‑mW‑n-¡‑p¶ \‑me‑wK‑w `‑oIc k‑wL-¯‑ns‑â \S‑p-h‑n ]‑m¸-¨³ h‑nd-¨‑p-\‑n-¶‑p. D-S-s‑\- Xs‑¶ ]‑m¸-¨\‑v

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Confused And Torn Apart; Is There A Way Out?


am still torn; torn apart between two cultures, two sets of values and beliefs that provide me with opportunity to learn grow and experience life to its full potential. Yet, I am always left asking, which one do I truly belong to? I was born here, so by default I am Australian. But, my skin colour and the way my family and family friends interact are very different to the typical Australian family. As you attempt to come into your own you will be faced with such thoughts that make you question your identity and even your importance in this world. Identity plays a major role in the process of character building as you cannot build a strong building with a weak foundation. Today, being a Malayalee and living in Australia means that you are forced to go to school with a group of people and speak the way they speak, dress the way they dress and eat the food they eat. Then, our parents take us to Malayalee functions and we are then expected to understand and meld into this culture as well. Where do we ACTUALLY belong? It was then that I had come to the conclusion that it is okay to take on ideas and values from both cultures and countries to be our own individual. Attending Malayalee Association functions are always are avenues to interact with

s‑Sb‑p‑w aI-f‑p-s‑Sb‑p‑w a‑pJ‑w H‑mÀ½-b‑n H‑mÀs‑¯-S‑p-¡‑p-h‑m³ {‑ia‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n\‑v a‑p¼‑mb‑n `‑oI-c-c‑n Hc‑p-h³ s‑s‑IIÄ _-Ô‑n¨‑p a‑p«‑p-I‑p¯‑n \‑nÀ¯‑n. `‑oI-cs‑â I®‑p-I-f‑ns‑e {‑I‑qc-X-b‑ps‑S a‑n¶-e‑m«‑w \‑nd-I-®‑p-I-f‑p-a‑mb‑n\‑n¶ ]‑m¸-¨\‑v \Ã-h®‑w I‑mW‑p-h‑m-\‑m-b‑nÃ. a‑qÀ¨-t‑b‑d‑nb I¯‑n-b‑p-a‑mb‑n Hc‑p- `‑o-I-

like-minded and cultured youth that go through the same thoughts and struggles you do. Somehow, once we all come together we do not spend the time or effort to discuss the importance of why we have gathered. For example, meeting at Onam functions is always a huge celebration, but how many times do we discuss amongst our friends the importance of Onam? Why we are here that day? Often, we sit in our own groups and talk about school, life, University and friends but I hardly see us take initiative to involve and even assist in running programs and functions so we can become an essential part of the Malayalee community. I do agree, older people would generally run the mechanics of it all. But it would be great for the youth to get involved by organising different art forms and ideas to engage the younger people. Maybe we have tried, but not hard enough? I have noticed that young people hardly ever have the opportunity to host Malayalee associations. We give a lot more responsibility to the aunty's and uncles. Freedom and responsibility is key for an individual to grow and reach their full potential; truly know what they are capable of. It would be refreshing to see

c³ ]‑m¸-¨s‑â ]‑n¶‑n \‑ne-b‑p-d-¸‑n-¨‑p. I‑q«¯‑n t‑\X‑m-s‑h¶‑v t‑X‑m¶‑n-¡‑p¶‑, ad‑nb‑m-½-t‑b‑mS‑v t‑a‑mN-\-{‑Zh‑y‑w Bhi‑y-s‑¸« `‑oIc t‑\X‑mh‑v ‑'X«‑nt‑¡‑m‑' F¶‑m-Ú‑m-]‑n-¨‑p. s‑]ä-½s‑b F¦‑ne‑p‑w Hc‑m-hÀ¯‑n h‑nf‑n-¡‑ph‑m³ Ah-kc‑w \ ÂI‑ms‑X \‑na‑nj t‑\c‑w-s‑I‑mï‑v s‑h«‑n a‑mä-s‑¸« DS-e‑ns‑â cà‑w Xf‑w-s‑I«‑n

teenagers and the youth usher, host, organise technology and other crucial elements at Malayalee functions. Surroundings always play a major role in how we turn out. We may make mistakes but that allows for us to learn. Without mistakes how can we better ourselves? Another issue that I feel ever so strongly about is the stigma around a typical Malayalee child. We are brought up in this community with a lot of rich culture, yet there are many standards and expectations that can harm the growth of a child. Many times, us youth are expected to become lawyers, doctors and engineers yet sometimes that is not our wish. Generally, we like to wear different clothes and listen to different music and this does not conform to the stereotypical Malayalee. There have been countless occasions where I have avoided functions because I felt that I was not accepted or understood by the wider community. I have felt as though my emotions and personal stances do not conform to that of many aunts and uncles. If there was not so much pressure to be socially acceptable with

\‑n¡‑p¶ t‑N‑mc-¸‑p-g-b‑n H¶‑p k‑v] Ài‑n-¨‑v -]‑m-¸-¨³ ]X‑ps‑¡ I®‑p-IÄ X‑pd¶‑p t‑\‑m¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ I‑mW‑p-¶X‑v ‑'S‑' BI‑r-X‑n-b‑n I‑qÀ¡‑w he‑n¨‑p-d-§‑p¶ ad‑nb‑m-½-s‑b. `‑mc‑y-b‑ps‑S ka‑o-]-¯‑mW‑v X‑m³ I‑nS-¡‑p-¶-s‑X¶ b‑mY‑mÀ°‑y‑w ]‑m-¸-¨\‑v h‑ni‑z-k‑n-¡‑p-h‑m-\‑m-b‑nÃ. h‑nbÀs‑¯‑m-g‑p-I‑nb Xs‑â ic‑o-c-¯‑n-

Resmi Krishnan

my personality and aesthetically appealing, then I would enjoy coming to functions and having long conversations with people. An idea for the future could be that we create youth committees for the Malayalee community. It could consist of people in high school and University who come together to collaborate how we can provide for our own community and expand to other cultures. This could also stem into support centres and forums for us to vent our frustrations out, discuss any situations at home or otherwise that could be troubling us and it could always remain private and confidential. These are different things that I wish I had growing up so I am confident it would definitely assist reuniting our youth into our culture. Facing a battle within yourself as to which culture to associate with most can be a difficult process. But it is important to understand that where we live now is where we have migrated and called home; for many reasons such as, the education and way of living is most suitable to our current needs. However, it is good to connect with people of various ages and stages in the Malayalee community because they have so much to pass on to us.

t‑e¡‑p‑w t‑N‑mc-¸‑p-g-b‑n-t‑e-¡‑p‑w- H-s‑¶-¯‑nt‑\‑m-¡‑n. eÖ‑m-`‑m-c-¯‑m ]‑m¸-¨³ ad‑nb‑m-½-b‑ps‑S j‑oä‑n-\‑p-Å‑n-t‑e-¡‑v Xe Hf‑n-¸‑n-¨‑p. ]‑nt‑ä-Z‑n-hk‑w Xe- I‑p-\‑n¨‑v IÅ N‑nc‑n-t‑b‑ms‑S I«‑n-e‑ns‑\ ka‑o-]‑n¨ ]‑m¸-¨-t‑\‑mS‑v ad‑nb‑m-½- ]dª‑p.. "Nappy s‑I«‑n-I‑n-S-¶‑m C¯-hW `‑oI-cÀ s‑hd‑ps‑X h‑nt‑«¡‑p‑w" t‑It‑«‑m..


SEP- OCT 2015



Short story


“Look out!” a man shouted to Arjun as the stranger tried to pull him away, but it was too late. The earth shook wildly. The boy’s legs turned to jelly causing him to topple over. Though Arjun caught the ground in the nick of time, he missed his chance to hold on to the man’s sturdy arms. The stranger persisted to help him stand up, reaching out his hand towards Arjun. But in sudden awareness he stepped back and started running away, turning his head repeatedly, looking past Arjun, towards the towering building behind him. The man’s mouth grew open, fear flashed through his eyes. Crowds of people around him, terrified, ran in every direction like fleeing cockroaches. Screams pierced through the sudden thunder that erupted from under the earth. Across from Arjun, young children clung to their mother’s legs, as they struggled to fall in pace. As Arjun tried to pull himself back up with his small hands, his older brother Nabin, darted toward him, calling his name, “Come on Arjun!”. He gently gripped Arjun’s hand and dashed through the scattered pieces of rubbish that littered the air as well as the ground, running for safety, while Arjun scampered behind hand-inhand. The boys bolted through narrow spaces between the mammoth swarms of people that were clustered together; all of whom too were running. Being within the crowd, Arjun saw the terror and distress his community wore upon their faces without any attempt of concealment. Some of them he recognised, as neighbours and friends, but surprisingly not one turned around to acknowledge him as Arjun called to them. The foundation of a monstrous building a couple metres away from the boys had already given way. People were yelling to move but Arjun had stumbled again, in urge Nabin heaved Arjun up in his arms and started dashing as fast as he could, away from the precarious structure. It all happened in slow motion. The building was sloping in the boys’ direction; it ripped through nearby power

God's Own Country Crossword puzzle is for children under 18 years of age to familiarise the history, culture, art and other aspects of Kerala, our mother land.

lines as it fell, generating electric sparks in its path. Nabin persisted to keep going, taking long leaps. He held Arjun tightly, protecting him as much as he could as if he was his armour. But gravity wasn’t on their side and the building was faster. It collapsed straight upon Nabin’s head, forcing him to fall over but he still shielded his little brother. There they both lay, buried below masses of rubble. The concrete was crushing them under its weight. Nabin felt a warm liquid oozing quickly from the back of his skull, where the vertex of a heavy piece of concrete had smacked him. The pain was excruciating. Finding it hard to concentrate, Nabin’s head felt lighter and his body became numb, as if every drop of energy had leaked out of him. He began to lose consciousness. From the outside, the wreckage was devastating to witness, a colossal pile of broken concrete and metal had plummeted to the ground like a fallen house of cards. Lead-coloured dust sprouted from the pulverised blocks and surrounded the wreck. It spread across the atmosphere making it murky and difficult to see through. The building crashed with a deafening boom as substantial lumps of concrete simultaneously hit the floor… *** The imploring cries and shouts of Arjun were muffled by the rubble. Countless hours of relent-

God's Own Country


Fill, scan and send your cross word to and grab a prize! Down: 1. Malayalam month 2. Best Actor 2015 3. Performance Art 4. A Malayalam Publication 6. Malayali Cricketer 8. Three wheeler 10. Martial Art 12. Name of a river 14. Name of a fruit Last issue - Crossword Winner selected by lucky draw: Namitha Satheesh Participants who sent correct answers: 1. Teuna John 2. P.V.John 3. Soumya Nair 4. Justin Fernandez 5. Meby Sara Jerin

Across; 5. Medicinal Plant 7. Name of a district 9. Movie Director 11. Famous lullaby in Malayalam 13. Space centre 15. Kerala Blasters Football Club 16. Largest lake 17. Name of a road 18. Politician 19. Social reformer 20. "Perunthachan of Malayalam Movie" Name: ................................................................... Age/Class: ............................................................ Place of residence: ............................................. State: ....................................................................

Katherine Rose Seby

Grade 9, Mount Saint Joseph, Milperra

less waiting had passed but with no answer. His moist red face was caked in accumulating dust that stuck to the sweat and tears on his cheeks and forehead. Every time he called out, dust dropped into his throat causing him to choke; it was a dry, chalky taste. With all his might, Arjun continued trying to wriggle out of the heavy wreckage, but was incapable due to his lack of strength. His breaths became increasingly shorter and strenuous as Arjun boiled under the heat. In longing, he turned his head towards Nabin, his favourite role model, who lay motionless beside him. Nabin’s unbreakable smile of assuredness had vanished, in trade of a blank, departed expression. Blinking back the tears, it was when he looked towards the Indian Cricket Team jersey Nabin was wearing, that he remembered; he had a cricket ball in his pocket. Carefully sliding the ball out of Arjun’s worn out pocket, he kissed the leather case with hope. Through a narrow gap of light, Arjun threw the ball with all his force towards the promising sky. This was his last chance to save his only brother from the fangs of death. The ball flew through the rubble reaching high and landed out of the boy’s sight. He heard a man shouting from somewhere outside. Many footsteps pounded towards his hidden position, but Arjun couldn’t see them. He held Nabin’s immobile arm in brace. “Is anyone down there?” someone called. Not exactly knowing if they were talking to him, Arjun squeaked a quavering “Yes,” “That’s him! I told you!” the other man shouted. The lonely ray of light that Arjun constantly stared towards in waiting, slowly began to grow wider and wider, spilling in through the gaps like warm liquid gold, and kissed his skin for the first time of what felt like forever. His conscripted eyes gazed towards his three saviours whose joyful smiles beamed in comfort. God had not forgotten them!




SEP- OCT 2015




S‑p¯ I‑me¯‑v Hc‑p h‑oS‑p h‑n¸\ t‑b‑mS\‑p_Ô‑n¨‑pï‑mb N‑ne A\‑p`h§f‑n \‑n¶‑mW‑o I‑pd‑n¸‑pIÄ. d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v GPâ‑ns‑â D]t‑Zi {‑]I‑mc‑w ]e ]‑pX‑p¡‑n¸W‑nIf‑p‑w a‑n\‑p¡‑p ]W‑nIf‑p‑w \S¯‑n‑, h‑mSIb‑v¡‑v ^ÀW‑n¨d‑p‑w aä‑p‑w k‑wLS‑n¸‑n¨‑v D] t‑b‑mà‑m¡f‑ps‑S a‑p³]‑n \ÃX‑p t‑]‑ms‑e ‑'AhXc‑n¸‑n¨‑p‑'. d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v ]Z‑mhe‑nb‑n t‑ÌP‑nM‑v F¶‑p ]db‑p‑w. Cs‑XÃ‑m‑w ^e‑w I‑mW‑pIb‑p‑w Xct‑¡S‑nÃ‑m¯ h‑ne¡‑v h‑oS‑p h‑nä‑p t‑]‑mh‑pIb‑p‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑p. Hc‑p BZ‑y Xea‑pd I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑mc³ F¶ \‑neb‑n Fs‑¶ a\Ê‑nc‑p¯‑n N‑n´‑n¸‑n¨X‑v h‑oS‑ns‑â ]‑pX‑p¡‑n¸W‑n¡‑p‑w a‑n\‑p¡‑p ]W‑n¡‑p‑w h¶ t‑ak‑vX‑nc‑na‑mc‑ps‑S {‑]hÀ¯h\



I‑pS‑nt‑bä¯‑n\‑p X‑pS¡‑w I‑pd‑n¨ {‑]Ya I¸Â h‑y‑ql (first fleet‑‑) BKa\‑w a‑pX GX‑mï‑v 1960 IÄ hs‑c Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb‑mb‑n Gs‑d AhKW‑n¡s‑¸« P\Xb‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p s‑Fd‑nj‑v It‑¯‑me‑n¡À. ]e I‑mcW§f‑m k‑zI‑mc‑y/s‑]‑mX‑p t‑aJeIf‑ns‑e \à t‑P‑me‑nIÄ AhÀ¡‑v

h‑yhk‑mbk‑wc‑w`IX‑z‑w Hc‑p I‑pS‑nt‑bä h‑wi¯‑ns‑â a‑pJ‑y[‑mc {‑]t‑hi\¯‑ns‑â BW‑n¡Ã‑ms‑W¶‑ms‑Ws‑â aX‑w. a‑pJ‑y[‑mcb‑n F¯‑pt‑¼‑mÄ a‑m{‑Xt‑a ]‑qÀW AÀ° ¯‑n R§Ä Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³k‑v BW‑v F¶‑v AhI‑mis‑¸S‑ph‑m³ I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑mÀ¡‑p Ig‑nb‑q.

s‑s‑ie‑nb‑p‑w P‑oh‑nX h‑o£Wh‑pa‑mW‑v. Hc‑p ]t‑£ d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v GPâ‑v Hc‑p s‑I‑md‑nb‑¡‑mc‑nb‑mbX‑v s‑I‑mï‑mh‑m‑w‑, ChÀ a‑n¡h‑md‑p‑w s‑I‑md‑nb³ h‑wiPc‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. Fs‑¶ BIÀj‑n¨X‑v Ahc‑ps‑S IT‑n\‑m[‑z‑m\h‑p‑w s‑X‑mg‑n s‑s‑hi‑nj‑vS‑yh‑p‑w (‑professionalism) BW‑v. Ahs‑cÃ‑m‑w F¸‑nM‑v t‑]‑me‑pÅ k¼¶ {‑]‑m´{‑]t‑Zi§f‑n hk‑n¡‑p¶hc‑pa‑mW‑v. ¢‑o\‑nt‑§‑m‑, s‑] b‑vâ‑n‑wt‑K‑m‑, K‑mÀU\‑nt‑§‑m‑, s‑s‑Sed‑nt‑§‑m F´‑pa‑mhs‑« AhÀ k‑z´‑w \‑neb‑n _‑nk‑n\k‑v \S¯‑p¶X‑n I‑mW‑n¡‑p¶ a‑p³s‑s‑Is‑bS‑p¡Â AX‑y´‑w A`‑n\µ\‑ob‑w Xs‑¶s‑b¶‑v ]db‑ms‑X h¿. ad‑n¨‑v ChÀ hà Ø‑m]\§f‑ne‑p‑w‑, {‑]t‑X‑yI‑n¨‑p he‑nb Ø‑m]\§f‑nÂ‑, ]W‑ns‑bS‑p¡‑p¶hc‑ms‑W¦‑n DÅ AhØs‑b¡‑pd‑n¨‑v R‑ms‑\‑m¶‑p N‑n´‑n¨‑p t‑\‑m¡‑n. k‑m[‑mcW I‑me‑mĸSb‑mb‑n ] W‑ns‑bS‑p¡‑ms‑a¶Ã‑ms‑X a‑mt‑\P‑vs‑aâ‑v ]Zh‑nb‑n F¯‑nt‑¨c‑m\‑pÅ k‑m[‑yX X‑pt‑e‑m‑w h‑ncfat‑Ã? ]‑mÀi‑z h¡c‑n¡s‑¸«hÀ¡‑v‑, {‑]t‑X‑yI‑n¨‑v {‑]h‑mk‑nIÄ¡‑nSb‑ne‑pÅhÀ¡‑v D¶a\¯‑n\‑v i¼f t‑P‑me‑nIs‑f¡‑mÄ F´‑p s‑I‑mï‑p‑w D¯a‑w k‑z´‑w _‑nk‑n\k‑v \S¯‑pI F¶X‑mW‑v CX‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w I‑n«‑p¶ K‑pW]‑mT‑w. C‑u XX‑z‑w I‑rX‑ya‑mb‑n a\Ê‑ne‑m¡‑n BZ‑y‑w {‑]t‑b‑mK¯‑n s‑I‑mï‑p h¶X‑v Ch‑nS‑ps‑¯ It‑¯‑me‑n¡‑m ]‑mX‑nc‑na‑mc‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb‑mb‑ns‑e b‑qt‑d‑m]‑y³

A{‑]‑m]‑ya‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. C‑u AhØb‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w IcIbd‑ph‑m\‑mb‑n It‑¯‑me‑n¡‑m FÌ‑m»‑nj‑vs‑aâ‑v‑, {‑]t‑X‑yI‑n¨‑p‑w s‑Pk‑y‑qS‑v ]‑mX‑nc‑na‑mÀ A¡‑uï‑nM‑v‑, t‑e‑m a‑pXe‑mb k‑z´‑w \‑neb‑n _‑nk‑n\k‑v \S¯‑ph‑m³ ]ä‑nb h‑nZ‑y‑m`‑y‑mk‑w t‑\S‑m³ Ahs‑c t‑{‑]‑mÕ‑ml‑n¸‑n¨‑p. AX‑mW‑v h‑mk‑vXh¯‑n C¶‑v It‑¯‑me‑n¡‑m k‑pa‑pZ‑mb¯‑n\‑v Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb‑mb‑n DÅ t‑aÂs‑s‑I¡‑p I‑mcW‑w. C\‑n aä‑p I‑pS‑nt‑bä h‑wiPc‑ps‑S I‑mc‑y‑w t‑\‑m¡‑m‑w. cï‑m‑w t‑e‑mIal‑mb‑p²¯‑n\‑p t‑ij‑w Ch‑ns‑S I‑pS‑nt‑bd‑nbX‑v C‑w¥‑oj‑nXc b‑qt‑d‑m]‑y³ h‑wiPc‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. C‑w¥‑oj‑v ]c‑nR‑vP‑m\‑w I‑pdª ChÀ A\‑p`h‑n¨ AhKW\ It‑fb‑p‑w If‑nb‑m¡e‑pIt‑fb‑p‑w At‑]£‑n¨‑v C¶s‑¯ I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑mc‑ps‑S Ij‑vSXIÄ F{‑Xt‑b‑m eL‑ph‑mW‑v. C‑u b‑qt‑d‑m]‑y³ kt‑l‑mZc§Ä ]S‑n] S‑nb‑mb‑n s‑I«‑n¸S‑p¯‑nb h‑yhk‑mb§Ä \½‑ps‑S k¼Z‑v h‑yhØb‑v¡‑v \ ÂI‑nb k‑w`‑mh\IÄ F{‑X he‑pX‑mW‑v? {‑S‑m³k‑v^‑oÂU‑v‑, s‑hk‑vS‑v^‑oÂU‑v a‑pXe‑mb I¼\‑nIÄ N‑ne DZ‑mlcW§Ä a‑m{‑X‑w. ChÀ¡‑p t‑ij‑w h¶ s‑e_\‑ok‑v kt‑l‑mZc§f‑p‑w Ct‑X a‑mX‑rI ]‑n´‑pSÀ¶‑p D¶a\‑w s‑s‑Ihc‑n¨‑p. t‑a¸dª h‑wiPs‑cÃ‑m‑w C¶‑v c‑m{‑ã‑ob‑, k‑ma‑ql‑y‑, k‑m¼¯‑nI c‑wK§f‑n t‑\X‑rX‑z‑w hl‑n¡‑p¶‑p. C§s‑\ t‑\‑m¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑mc‑mb \½Ä \‑ne\‑n¸‑n\‑p‑w D¶a\¯‑n\‑mb‑p‑w t‑P‑me‑nIÄ s‑N¿‑pt‑¼‑mf‑p‑w‑,

BX‑y´‑nIa‑mb‑n Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³ a‑pJ‑y[‑mcb‑ps‑S `‑mKa‑mIWs‑a¦‑n h‑yhk‑mb k‑wc‑w`IX‑z‑w Hc‑p A\‑nh‑mc‑y LSIa‑ms‑W¶X‑n\‑v k‑wibt‑ab‑nÃ. Hc‑p s‑Nd‑nb ISt‑b‑m‑, {‑]k‑n²‑oIcWt‑a‑m‑, d‑n¸bÀ t‑j‑mt‑¸‑m‑, t‑k‑m^‑vä‑vs‑hbÀ {‑]Ø‑m\t‑a‑m‑, Ie‑m{‑]Ø‑m\t‑a‑m F´‑pa‑mb‑ns‑¡‑mÅs‑« Cs‑X‑ms‑¡ s‑N¿‑ph‑m\‑pÅ at‑\‑mKX‑n‑, AX‑mW‑v {‑][‑m\‑w. C½‑mX‑nc‑n ‑'a‑pd‑p¡‑m³ IS‑' If‑n \‑n¶‑mW‑v ]et‑¸‑mg‑p‑w ]‑pt‑c‑mKX‑nIf‑ps‑S X‑pS¡‑w. 1998 Hc‑p Kc‑mP‑n X‑pS§‑nb K‑qK‑nf‑ns‑â I‑mc‑y‑w C¯c‑pW¯‑n H‑mÀ¡‑pI‑! h‑yhk‑mbk‑wc‑w`IX‑z‑w Hc‑p I‑pS‑nt‑bä h‑wi¯‑ns‑â a‑pJ‑y[‑mc {‑]t‑hi\¯‑ns‑â BW‑n¡Ã‑ms‑W¶‑ms‑Ws‑â aX‑w. a‑pJ‑y[‑mcb‑n F¯‑pt‑¼‑mÄ a‑m{‑Xt‑a ]‑qÀW AÀ°¯‑n R§Ä Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³k‑v BW‑v F¶‑v AhI‑mis‑¸S‑ph‑m³ I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑mÀ¡‑p Ig‑nb‑q F¶X‑p‑w Hc‑p ]ca‑mÀ°‑w. h‑yhk‑mb‑nI t‑\X‑rX‑z‑w s‑s‑Ihc‑n¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ aä‑p ]e t‑\X‑rX‑z Ø‑m\§f‑nt‑e¡‑pÅ {‑]t‑hi\‑w I‑qS‑pX k‑pKaa‑mh‑p‑w. c‑m{‑ã‑ob t‑\X‑rX‑z‑w‑, I¼\‑nIf‑ns‑e k‑o\‑nbÀ a‑mt‑\P‑vs‑aâ‑v‑, a‑oU‑nb‑, k‑vt‑]‑mÀ«‑vk‑v \ S¯‑n¸‑v F¶‑o FÃ‑m t‑aJeIf‑p‑w CX‑ne‑pÄs‑¸S‑p‑w. I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑mÀ t‑P‑me‑nIÄ X«‑ns‑bS‑p¡‑p¶‑p F¶‑p Ic‑pX‑p¶hÀ t‑]‑me‑p‑w h‑yhk‑mb‑nIf‑mb I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑ms‑c ]et‑¸‑mg‑p‑w \µ‑nt‑b‑ms‑Sb‑mW‑v t‑\‑m¡‑p¶X‑v F¶‑ms‑Ws‑â \‑nc‑o£W‑w. t‑a¸dª I‑mc‑y§Ä Ahb‑ps‑S ]Ý‑m¯e¯‑n a\Ê‑ne‑m¡Ws‑a¶‑v Hct‑]£. Nc‑n{‑X]ca‑mb s‑Xä‑pIf‑p‑w Ak´‑pe‑nX‑mhØIf‑p‑w a‑mä‑n¡‑pd‑n¡‑ph‑m³ Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nb³ a‑pJ‑y[‑mc‑, {‑]t‑X‑yI‑n¨‑p‑w B‑wt‑¥‑mk‑mI‑vk¬ ka‑ql¯‑ne‑q¶‑nb c‑m{‑ã‑ob t‑\X‑rX‑z‑w F¶‑p‑w BÀÖh‑w I‑m«‑nb‑n«‑pï‑v. AX‑nt‑\‑ms‑S‑m¸‑w I‑pS‑nt‑bä ka‑qlh‑p‑w Ahc‑ps‑S h‑nl‑nX‑w


s‑Nt‑¿ïX‑pï‑v F¶‑v k‑qN‑n¸‑n¡‑pI a‑m{‑Xa‑mW‑v Ch‑ns‑S s‑Nb‑vXX‑v. C´‑y³ h‑wiPc‑ps‑S h‑nZ‑y`‑y‑mk D¶a\s‑¯b‑p‑w IT‑n\‑m[‑z‑m\s‑¯b‑p‑w H«‑p‑w I‑pd¨‑p I‑m«‑p¶‑pa‑nÃ. ]e C´‑y³ h‑wiPc‑p‑w Bt‑K‑mf h‑y‑m]Ia‑mb‑n he‑nb \‑neb‑n F¯‑nb‑n«‑pï‑v. F¶‑m AX‑nt‑es‑d Fs‑¶ Bt‑hi‑w s‑I‑mÅ‑n¡‑p¶X‑v F{‑X s‑Nd‑nb \‑neb‑ne‑ms‑W¦‑n t‑]‑me‑p‑w X‑pS§‑p¶ _‑nk‑n\k‑v k‑wc‑w`§Ä I‑mW‑pt‑¼‑mf‑mW‑v. C‑u h‑njb¯‑n s‑I‑md‑nb³ h‑wiPc‑n R‑m³ Iï \à I‑mc‑y§f‑ne‑q¶‑n Hc‑p {‑]X‑n]‑mZ\‑w Ch‑ns‑S \S¯‑ns‑b¶‑p a‑m{‑X‑w. k‑pµÀ ]‑n¨b‑v (K‑qK‑nÄ‑)‑, kX‑y \t‑SÃ‑m (s‑s‑at‑{‑I‑mk‑m^‑vS‑v)‑, C{‑µ‑m \‑qb‑n (s‑]]‑vk‑n‑) F¶‑o h‑yhk‑mb t‑\X‑m¡f‑ps‑S t‑]c‑pIÄ C¶‑v C´‑y³ a‑m[‑ya§f‑n \‑ndª‑p \‑n¡‑p Ib‑mWt‑Ã‑m? C‑u I‑pS‑nt‑bä¡‑mÀ s‑s‑I hc‑n¨ H‑u¶X‑y‑w \a‑ps‑¡Ã‑m‑w A`‑na‑m\‑w ]Ic‑p¶X‑mW‑v. F¶‑m Chs‑c¡‑mf‑p‑w R‑m³ h‑neaX‑n¡‑p¶X‑v \‑qX\ k‑mt‑¦X‑nI h‑yhk‑mb§f‑ne‑qs‑S ]‑pX‑nb ]‑mXIÄ s‑h«‑n¯‑pd¶‑p t‑e‑mI t‑\X‑rX‑z‑w \ÂI‑p¶ AYh‑m \ÂI‑nb N‑ne C´‑y³ h‑wiPs‑cb‑mW‑v. C¶‑v k‑uï‑v k‑nÌ‑w s‑SI‑vt‑\‑mfP‑nb‑n t‑e‑mIh‑y‑m]Ia‑mb‑n a‑p³ \‑ncb‑ne‑pÅ t‑_‑mk‑v (Bose‑) t‑I‑mÀ¸t‑djs‑â Ø‑m]I\‑mb AaÀ t‑_‑mk‑v CX‑n A{‑KKW\‑ob\‑mW‑v. 2013 ac‑n¡‑p¶X‑n\‑v GX‑m\‑p‑w hÀj‑w a‑p³]‑v Xs‑â I¼\‑nb‑ps‑S a‑n¡h‑md‑p‑w s‑jbd‑pIÄ a‑mX‑r h‑nZ‑y‑meba‑mb At‑ac‑n¡b‑ns‑e t‑_‑mÌW‑ne‑pÅ F‑w-s‑FS‑n (MIT) ¡‑v CãZ‑m\a‑mb‑n \ÂI‑nb Hä I‑mc‑y‑w aX‑n C‑u al‑m\‑p`‑mhs‑â h‑yà‑nX‑z¯‑ns‑â Bg‑w I‑mW‑n¡‑ph‑m³. t‑_‑mk‑n\‑v Ff‑nb \‑neb‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w CX‑v t‑]‑ms‑e Hc‑p Ø‑m]\‑w s‑I«‑n¸S‑p¡‑ms‑a¦‑n F´‑p s‑I‑mï‑v aä‑p C´‑y³ I‑qS‑nt‑bä¡‑mÀ¡‑p‑w CX‑mb‑n¡‑qS‑m.

Abrams Eettickal



SEP- OCT 2015



aeb‑mf‑n t‑\X‑r¯‑z‑w \ÂI‑p¶ s‑\I‑vkk‑v d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v I¼\‑n¡‑v h³ t‑\«‑w d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v t‑aJeb‑ns‑e {‑]a‑pJ\‑mb aeb‑mf‑n P‑m¡‑v s‑N¼c‑n¡b‑ps‑S DSaØXb‑ne‑pÅ s‑\I‑vkk‑v d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v I¼\‑n¡‑v `‑qa‑n h‑n¸\b‑n h³ t‑\«‑w . k‑nU‑v\‑n BØ‑m\a‑mb‑n {‑]hÀ¯‑n¡‑p¶ I¼\‑n t‑_‑mI‑vk‑v l‑n {‑]t‑Zis‑¯ 44 t‑¹‑m«‑pIf‑mW‑v- d‑n¡‑mÀU‑v t‑hKXb‑n h‑näg‑n¨X‑v. k‑nU‑v\‑nb‑ns‑e C´‑y³ ^‑y‑qj³ dt‑Ì‑mdâ‑n s‑\I‑vkk‑v I¼\‑n \S¯‑nb t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n C³hÌ‑vs‑aâ‑v s‑ka‑n\‑md‑n s‑h¨‑mW‑v- aW‑n¡‑qd‑pIÄ¡‑pÅ‑n 21 a‑nÃ‑y¬ t‑U‑mfd‑ns‑â _‑nk‑n\Ê‑v \ S¶X‑v. I¼\‑nb‑ps‑S BZ‑ys‑¯ s‑{‑]‑mPI‑vä‑v k‑nU‑v\‑nb‑ns‑e Xs‑¶ s‑IÃ‑n h‑nÃ‑nb‑ne‑mW‑v- \S¶X‑v. t‑I‑ma¬ s‑h¯‑v _‑m¦‑ns‑â t‑a‑mÀ«‑vt‑KP‑v C¶t‑hj³ a‑mt‑\Pd‑mb‑n {‑]hÀ¯‑n¨‑p hc‑p¶ P‑m¡‑v s‑N¼c‑n¡ t‑\X‑r¯‑z‑w \ÂI‑p¶ \I‑vkk‑v d‑nb Ft‑Ìä‑v I¼\‑n ka‑m\ a‑mb t‑{‑]‑m¸À«‑n Uhe¸‑vs‑aâ‑v ]²X‑nIÄ BW‑v- `‑mh‑nb‑n Bk‑q{‑XW‑w s‑N¿‑p¶X‑v F¶v Adnbn¨p.



By 10 O’clock in the morning, our Postman Avarachen was out on the road in his Khaki uniform with a brown canvas bag hanging on his left shoulder, bulging with mail.


he small post office at my native village of Kozencheri kept us in touch with the outside world. Under the supervision of the Post Master, incoming and outgoing letters, money orders, telegrams and parcels were received, sorted and delivered promptly on a daily basis. In those days, people wrote letters mostly on post cards, as it was the cheapest way of communication. By 10 O’clock in the morning, our Postman Avarachen was out on the road in his Khaki uniform with a brown canvas bag hanging on his left shoulder, bulging with mail. During extreme heat of the summer and on rainy monsoon days he used to carry a tattered old umbrella in addition to his usual burden. His job was considered humble, yet it carried great responsibility with very little reward. He walked over 10 miles each day on bare feet promptly delivering mail to our homes as well as giving out cash for the money orders, every cent accounted for. Being trustworthy and hard working, he had a good reputation among the village folk. But for some reason all the dogs hated the postman and being chased and occasionally bitten by them, became a part of his job description. Normally, he came around noon to deliver letters to our house. My father lived and worked in Burma and airmail letters from him with beautiful stamps on it would arrive during the first week of the month. As a little girl it was my hobby to collect these stamps and put them in an album. So the postman made it a point to deliver it to me personally and I got to chat to him briefly now and then. One day he complained about his

calloused and cracked feet, which used to hurt him a lot. When I mentioned this to my mother she presented him with a leather sandal, which my father had left behind after holidaying with us. The sheer joy and comfort of walking with a pair of sandals on his cracked feet boosted his morale and it also became the envy of the village people who walked on bare feet. It was during a heavy monsoon season that few families started complaining to the postmaster about not receiving letters, which used to arrive regularly from loved ones. So he made it a point to check the mailbag when the postman returned to the post office in the evening after completing his rounds. It was always empty besides bits and pieces of unimportant postal items. So the mystery of the missing letters continued. One rainy day, the Head Master of our primary school took a short cut to his home and he had to wade through a small stream, which was usually shallow. This time it was flooded and so he hesitated to cross it and as he was about to turn back he noticed someone sitting near the stream with an umbrella and muttering to himself. Curiosity took over and he hid behind a bush and watched the bizarre scene. To his great surprise he realized that the person he was watching was none other than our postman! Apparently he was pulling out post card after post card from the mailbag and giving each one direction as to how to reach its destination. Then he threw them into the gushing stream and in no time those letters got fully immersed in water and disappeared. Unable to believe the strange action of the Postman, the Head Master walked away quietly.


He dutifully reported the incident to the Post Master. When questioned about it, the Postman admitted to his irresponsible behavior. He also explained that he had been feeling unwell for quite some time with cough and fever. Hence the long walk to deliver all the mail became an impossible task. With no sick leave payment he continued to work to keep his family from starvation. So he pleaded that this was an act done out of desperation and he assured the postmaster that only the postcards with not so important news were lost as he read each one before throwing them into the stream. Important news like a widow’s son in Bombay informing the mother that the much awaited money order was on its way or the good news of finding a suitable match for someone’s niece or the sad news of someone’s relative dying suddenly of heart attack were dutifully hand delivered to the addressees at all time. But none of these excuses were good enough to escape punishment. That was how postman Avarachen got suspended with out pay for an indefinite period of time. I went along with my mother when she visited his house, our servant boy carrying a bunch of banana as well as some rice and tapioca. We found the postman in bed with high fever. My mother arranged for medicine to be bought from the hospital and with the help of kind neighbors he was nursed back to health.

The whole village community stood by the postman and class action was organized to get his job back. The complaints about the missing letters were withdrawn and so his suspension became null and void. It was a happy day for us when we sighted the postman trudging along the road once again, delivering the mail promptly with a smile on his face and the dogs having a field day chasing him! This is one of the ‘feel good stories’ of my childhood, which still lingers in my mind.



SEP- OCT 2015




Have you ever thought, why it sounds like a big deal in our society, when a woman takes a holiday by herself? If we look in to this Australian society, holidaying alone or with friends are routine things Aussie women do. Leena Mercy


n January, this year, while walking inside Sydney airport with my dear friend and colleague Jenny, I couldn’t quite believe the journey I was about to undertake. This was the beginning of the first holiday I had ever taken in my whole life without my family. It all started from a wish I expressed one day to a friend of mine. When I said I would like to take a break by myself for a few weeks, the response was "Oh my God! You are going by yourself, then who will look after your kids?" Interestingly enough, when my husband went to India for three weeks by himself last October, not a single soul asked him who was going to look after his kids! But this didn’t stop me. Imagine that you have been selected to do a wonderful course for three weeks in a faraway place to get a great promotion at work, with good money to come in. Then your parents and in-laws may pitch in to efficiently manage your family while you are away, as you are putting in those extra hours and getting paid for all that hard

work. But what if you tell them to come and help your husband to look after your children for three weeks as you are desperate for a holiday of your own..aha…. then the story will be different. .I think the biggest disapprovers may not necessarily be your parents, in-laws or husband, rather it would be other women friends of yours thinking “How can she be thinking of doing such a thing?! I would never leave my husband and kids for pursuing enjoyment by myself!” During those three weeks it is fair to say, I missed my family, but I enjoyed the trip thoroughly. North India enriched my days with its exotic colour, smell and taste. I momentarily forgot my world here and each day, I immersed in the vibrant beauty and chaos that the day presented and lost myself completely in that. The freedom from daily life chores, work and

responsibilities wrapped me like a warm blanket in those winter weeks. This trip became the best thing that I had done for myself and it rejuvenated my mind, body and soul. Did my family survive? Of course they did. They were happy, healthy and comfortable; and my husband did a brilliant job looking after the kids. When I came back, they came to the airport with a bunch of flowers. As soon as my six-year old saw me, she came running and jumped in to my arms. Her face beaming with a big smile, my ten year old daughter gave me the bunch of flowers, as if it was the most important ceremony of the day. When I was walking back to our car, together with my husband and kids, I felt the warmth and belongingness only a family can give us, slowly filling in the air. Have you ever thought, why it sounds like a big deal in our society,

when a woman takes a holiday by herself? If we look in to this Australian society, holidaying alone or with friends are routine things Aussie women do. In our culture, it seems when it comes to a rejuvenating and relaxing activity a woman does, be it travel or anything that she is passionate about MINUS the family, knowing without her their world is not going to end, she is actually viewed quite differently by many people around her. A friend’s husband once told me he prefers doing everything as a family, when I invited my friend to do an activity by herself with a group of women; I guess it is fine as long my friend doesn’t feel a need to pursue an activity by herself. If she feels so, should she be denied that, just because the family is not involved? Curiously, when the same friend of mine spent a

week at a spiritual retreat on her own without her family, the attitude was that she should go as she is going there to pray for herself and for the family, even for this whole world. So is problem here,

the attitude or the activity? What does this mentality reveal? Since our kids are brought up in a mix of two different cultures, how are they going to view these things or would they simply follow the footsteps of their parents? This wonderful experience taught me that if there is a will, there is a way. I also learned that once we start to think beyond the four walls that we are conditioned to believe, the possibilities are endless. If we are able to challenge our own attitude and thoughts in order to pursue an activity that we are so passionate about, our world will not end but in fact it may expand. Then we realise that in our culture too, women’s dreams don’t come with an “expiry date”, after all.


SEP- OCT 2015





h‑mÀ²I‑y‑w s‑s‑ii-h-a‑m-W‑v. Ah‑ns‑S a‑mX‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡Ä a¡-f‑m-I‑p-I-b‑p‑w -a-¡Ä a‑mX‑m-]‑n-X‑m¡-f‑m-I‑p-Ib‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p-¶‑p. As‑X‑mc‑p {‑]]© kX‑y-a‑m-W‑v. -K‑r-l‑m-X‑p-c-X-I-f‑n a‑mX‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡f‑ps‑S H‑mÀ½-I-t‑f‑mf‑w a[‑p-c-a‑pÅ Hc‑p K‑rl‑m-X‑p-c-Xb‑p‑w Ct‑¶‑mf‑w C‑u t‑e‑mI-¯‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-«‑n-Ã.

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¶‑p‑w c‑mh‑n-s‑eb‑p‑w s‑s‑hI‑n«‑p‑w k‑nh‑nI‑v ]‑mÀ¡‑n-e‑qs‑S H‑m^‑o-k‑n-t‑e¡‑v t‑]‑mI‑pt‑¼‑mg‑p‑w H‑m^‑o-k‑n \‑n¶‑v hc‑p-t‑¼‑m-g‑p‑w- C-´‑y³ h‑wi-P-c‑mb I‑ps‑db[‑nI‑w h‑r²-P-\-§Ä Ah‑n-s‑Sb‑pÅ XS‑n s‑_©‑p-I-f‑n I‑qS‑n-b‑n-c‑p¶‑v t‑\c-t‑¼‑m¡‑p-IÄ ]d-b‑p-¶X‑v I‑mW‑m‑w. Ah-s‑cÃ‑m‑w Ch‑n-s‑Sb‑pÅ C´‑y-¡‑m-c‑ps‑S ]‑nX‑m-¡-•‑m-c‑mW‑v. Ahs‑c H‑mÀ¡‑m³ Hc‑p I‑mc-W-a‑p-ï‑v. t‑]‑mb -h‑m-c-¯‑ns‑e Hc‑p Z‑nh-k-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p ]‑nX‑rZ‑n-\‑w. P•‑w X¶ ]‑nX‑m-h‑ns‑\ H‑mÀ¡‑m-\‑mW‑v ]‑nX‑r-Z‑n\-s‑a-¦‑n {‑]h‑m-k‑n-IÄ¡‑v F¶‑p‑w ]‑nX‑r-Z‑n-\‑wXs‑¶b‑m-W‑v. R‑m³ Ft‑¸‑m-g‑p‑w Fs‑â ]¸s‑b h‑nf‑n¡‑m-d‑n-Ã. AX‑n ]¸b‑v¡‑v ]c‑n-`-h-h‑pa‑n-Ã. I‑mcW‑w Ch‑ns‑S b{‑´‑w-t‑]‑ms‑e P‑oh‑n-¡‑p¶ Fs‑â X‑nc-¡‑pIÄ ]¸b‑v¡‑v D‑ul‑n-¡‑m-h‑p-¶-X‑m-W‑v. At‑§‑m«‑v h‑nf‑n¡‑p-t‑¼‑mÄ Hc‑p s‑I‑m¨‑p I‑pª‑n-t‑\‑m-s‑S-¶- t‑]‑ms‑e R‑m³ At‑§‑m«‑v ]eX‑p‑w t‑N‑mZ‑n-¡‑p‑w. j‑pKÀ s‑N¡‑v s‑N-¿‑p-¶‑p-t‑ï‑m? a‑pS‑n s‑h«‑n-¡‑m-¯X‑v F´‑mW‑v? a[‑pc‑w A[‑nI‑w Ig‑n-¡-c‑pX‑v… Fs‑¶‑m-s‑¡. ]¸ FÃ‑m‑w Xe-I‑p-e‑p¡‑n A‑wK‑o-I-c‑n-¡‑p-Ib‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p‑w. h‑mÀ²I‑y‑w s‑s‑ii-h-a‑m-W‑v. Ah‑ns‑S a‑mX‑m-]‑n-X‑m¡Ä a¡-f‑m-I‑p-I-b‑p‑w -a-¡Ä a‑mX‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡-f‑m-I‑pIb‑p‑w s‑N¿‑p-¶‑p. As‑X‑mc‑p {‑]]© kX‑y-a‑m-W‑v. -K‑r-l‑m-X‑p-c-X-I-f‑n a‑mX‑m-]‑n-X‑m-¡-f‑ps‑S H‑mÀ½-It‑f‑mf‑w a[‑p-c-a‑pÅ Hc‑p K‑rl‑m-X‑p-c-Xb‑p‑w Ct‑¶‑mf‑w C‑u t‑e‑mI-¯‑p-ï‑m-b‑n-«‑n-Ã. B H‑mÀ½-IÄ¡‑v Hc‑p hÃ‑m¯ a[‑p-c-a‑m-W‑v. A½s‑b I‑pd‑n-¨‑pÅ H‑mÀ½-If‑n a‑pe-¸‑m-e‑ns‑â a[‑p-ch‑p‑w AOs‑\ I‑pd‑n-¨‑pÅ H‑mÀ½-I-f‑n Hc‑p Ac-b‑m h‑r£-¯‑ns‑â XWe‑p-a‑mW‑v \‑nd-b‑p-¶-X‑v. C‑u I‑pd‑n-¸‑n A½s‑b I‑pd‑n¨‑v ]d-b‑m-\à R‑m\‑m-{‑K-l‑n¡‑p-¶X‑v AOs‑\ I‑pd‑n¨‑v ]d-b‑p-h‑m-\‑mW‑v. I\-e‑p-I-s‑f-c‑n-b‑p¶ s‑\c‑n-t‑¸‑m-S‑mW‑v AO³- F¶‑v FÃ‑m-hc‑p‑w I‑mh‑y‑m-ß-Ia‑mb‑n ]d-b‑m-d‑p-ï‑v. ]s‑£ Fs‑â I‑mc‑y¯‑n AX‑v A{‑X-t‑¯‑m-f-a‑n-Ã‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. I‑mcW‑w P‑oh‑n-X-¯‑n Hc‑p I‑mc‑yh‑p‑w K‑uc-h-a‑mb‑n FS‑p-¡‑m¯ Hc‑m-f‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p Fs‑â ]¸. AX‑n-\‑m A{‑X-t‑¯‑mf‑w I\-e‑p-IÄ Fc‑n-ª‑n-«‑n-Ã. ]t‑£ Hc‑p ]c‑n-¸‑p-hS X‑n¶‑m³ I‑n«‑n-b‑m AX‑v X‑n¶‑ms‑X s‑]‑mX‑nª‑p s‑I‑mï‑ph¶‑v R§Ä a¡-f‑ps‑S N‑pï‑n s‑h¨‑p Xc‑p¶ Hc‑p k‑vt‑\l-]£‑nb‑mb‑n-c‑p¶‑p Fs‑â ]¸. ]¸ Ct‑¸‑mÄ h‑mÀ²-I‑y¯‑ns‑â s‑s‑Ih-g‑n-b‑n-e‑mW‑v. H‑mÀ½-I-f‑n \‑ng h‑og‑m³ X‑pS-§‑n-b‑n-c‑n-¡‑p¶‑p. ]‑ns‑¶‑, a½‑n Hä-b‑v¡‑m¡‑n t‑]‑mb-X‑p-s‑I‑mï‑pÅ Hc‑p s‑Nd‑nb h‑nl‑z-e-X-b‑p‑w. a½‑n-b‑n-Ã‑m¯ BZ‑y H‑mW-a‑m-b‑nc‑p¶‑p ]¸b‑v¡‑v C‑u hÀj‑w. B N‑n´ F\‑n¡‑v hÃ‑m-s‑¯‑mc‑p t‑hZ-\-b‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p. Hä-b‑v¡‑n-c‑p¶‑v H‑mW-kZ‑y Ig‑n-¡‑p¶ ]¸-b‑ps‑S N‑n{‑X‑w Fs‑â-b‑p-Å‑n Hc‑p t‑hZ\ \‑nd¨‑p. F¦‑ne‑p‑w s‑Nd‑n-b-Ñ-s‑âI‑qs‑S H‑mW‑w I‑qS‑p¶‑p F¶ h‑mÀ¯ kt‑´‑m-jh‑p‑w ]IÀ¶‑p. a½‑n t‑]‑mb‑n«‑v BZ‑y H‑mW-a‑m-b-X‑n-\‑m he‑nb Bt‑L‑mj-a‑mb‑n R§Ä s‑I‑mï‑m-S‑nà F¶‑v X‑oc‑p-a‑m-\‑n-¨‑n-c‑p-¶‑p-. F¶‑m ]‑pX‑nb h‑oS‑v I‑n«‑nbX‑n\‑p t‑ij-a‑pÅ BZ‑y

H‑mW-a‑m-b-X‑n-\‑m R§Ä a‑m{‑X-a‑mb‑n Bt‑L‑m-j‑n¡‑m\‑p‑w X‑oc‑p-a‑m-\‑n-¨‑p. Fs‑â `‑mc‑y H‑mW-kZ‑y Dï‑m-¡‑n-s‑I‑m-ï‑n-c‑p-¶t‑¸‑mg‑mW‑v t‑I‑mf‑n‑w-K‑v s‑_ i_‑vZ‑n-¨-X‑v. t‑\‑m-¡‑n-bt‑¸‑mÄ s‑X‑m«-S‑p¯ kv{‑S‑o-ä‑n X‑ma-k‑n-¡‑p¶ ae-b‑mf‑n I‑pS‑p‑w-_-¯‑ns‑e A¸-¨³. s‑hd‑ps‑X- Fs‑¶s‑b‑m¶‑v I‑mW‑m-\‑n-d-§‑n-b-X‑mW‑v. B ka-b¯‑v R‑m\-h‑ns‑Sb‑nÃ‑m-b‑nc‑p-¶‑p-X‑m\‑p‑w. A¸¨s‑\ `‑mc‑yb‑v¡‑v ]c‑n-N-b-a‑n-Ã‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p-. F-¦‑ne‑p‑w kZ‑y Ig‑n¨‑n«‑v t‑]‑mI‑m-s‑a¶‑v Ahf‑v ]d-ª‑p. BZ‑y‑w \‑nc-k‑ns‑¨-¦‑ne‑p‑w A¸¨³ ]‑ns‑¶ k½-X‑n-¨‑p. P‑oh‑n-X-¯‑n BZ‑y-a‑mb‑n I‑mW‑p¶ Hc‑mÄ¡‑mb‑n X\‑ns‑b H‑mW‑w I‑qS‑m‑w F¶‑v X‑oc‑p-a‑m-\‑n¨ Fs‑â `‑mc‑y kZ‑y h‑nf-¼‑n. A§s‑\ A¸-¨³ R§t‑f‑m-s‑S‑m¯‑v kZ‑y Dï‑p. P‑oh‑n-X-¯‑n N‑ne I‑mc‑y-§Ä A§‑ns‑\-b‑mW‑v. \½Ä \‑n\-b‑v¡‑p¶-s‑X‑m¶‑p‑w \S-¡‑nà \S-¡‑p-¶t‑X‑m \½Ä X‑os‑c \‑n\-b‑v¡‑m-¯-X‑p‑w-. F-\‑n¡‑v

hfs‑c kt‑´‑mj‑w \‑ndª H‑mW-a‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p AX‑v. I‑mcW‑w‑, R§-t‑f‑m-s‑S‑m¸‑w H‑mW-a‑p-ïX‑v A\‑y-\‑mb Hc‑m-fÃ. ad‑n¨‑v Fs‑â ]¸ Xs‑¶-b‑mW‑v Fs‑¶‑mc‑p t‑X‑m¶-e‑m-b‑n-c‑p¶‑p F\‑n-¡‑v. AX‑n-s‑\‑mc‑p I‑mc-W-a‑pï‑m-b‑n-c‑p-¶‑p. B A¸-¨³ Fs‑â ]¸-s‑b-t‑]‑ms‑e Xs‑¶ P‑oh‑n-X-¯‑n X\‑n-¨‑m-W‑n-t‑¸‑mÄ. ]¸-s‑bt‑]‑ms‑e `‑mc‑y Hc‑p hÀj‑w-a‑p¼‑v C‑u t‑e‑mI¯‑p \‑n¶‑p t‑]‑mb‑vI-f-ª‑p. AX‑n\‑p t‑ij‑w Hc‑p hÀjs‑¯ h‑nk-b‑n Ch‑ns‑S‑, aIs‑â h‑o«‑n h¶-X‑mW‑v. `‑mc‑y-b‑ps‑S h‑nt‑b‑m-K-s‑¯-I‑pd‑n¨‑v ]d-ªt‑¸‑mÄ k‑zca‑n-S-d‑p-¶X‑p‑w ]X-d‑p-¶X‑p‑w R‑m³ Iï‑p. At‑¸‑mÄ Fs‑â a‑p¶‑n Cc‑n-¡‑p¶X‑v Fs‑â ]¸-X-s‑¶-b‑m-s‑W¶‑v F\‑n¡‑v t‑X‑m¶‑n. hfs‑c kt‑´‑m-j-t‑¯‑mS‑p‑w Bt‑hi-t‑¯‑m-S‑p-a‑mW‑v A¸-¨³ kZ‑y-b‑p-ï-X‑v. H‑mÀ¡‑m-¸‑p-d¯‑v h¶ AX‑n-Y‑ns‑b k¡c‑n¨ \‑nd-h‑n R§f‑p‑w BË‑m-Z-`-c‑n-Xc‑m-b‑n. AÀ°-a‑pÅ Ht‑c‑mW‑w A§s‑\ R§Ä¡‑v e`‑n-¨‑p. FÃ‑m H‑mWh‑p‑w Fs‑´-¦‑n-e‑p-s‑a‑ms‑¡ \½s‑f H‑mÀ½-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑p-¶‑p. C‑u H‑mWh‑p‑w A§s‑\ I‑ps‑d I‑mc‑y-§Ä Fs‑¶ H‑mÀ½-s‑¸-S‑p-¯‑n. H¶‑p‑w \j‑vS-a‑mI‑p-¶‑nà \½Ä¡‑v. \j‑vS-a‑mb‑n F¶‑v [c‑n-¡‑pt‑¼‑mÄ as‑ä‑mc‑p c‑q]-¯‑n AX‑v \½-f‑n-t‑e¡‑v hc‑p¶‑p.


SEP- OCT 2015

a‑q¶‑mÀ kac‑w t‑d‑mb‑‑v hÀK‑‑ok‑‑v


a‑o]I‑me t‑Icf‑w ZÀi‑n¨ cï‑v h‑yX‑yk‑vX kac a‑pJ§f‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p Be¸‑pgb‑ns‑e k‑oa‑mk‑v s‑SI‑vs‑s‑ÌÂk‑ns‑e h\‑nX‑m P‑oh\¡‑mÀ \S¯‑nb ] W‑na‑pS¡h‑p‑w a‑q¶‑md‑n I®³ t‑Zh³ t‑Xb‑ne I¼\‑nb‑ns‑e k‑v{‑X‑o s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑nIÄ t‑\c‑n«‑v t‑\X‑rX‑z‑w \ÂI‑nb ]W‑n a‑pS¡h‑p‑w. t‑Icf‑w CX‑phs‑c Iï‑n«‑nÃ‑m¯ ka‑m\XIf‑nÃ‑m¯ X‑o{‑h kac§f‑ps‑S A]‑qÀÆXb‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p a‑q¶‑md‑n \S¶X‑v. kac¯‑ns‑â cï‑m‑wL«‑w a‑q¶‑md‑n Ct‑¸‑mg‑p‑w X‑pSc‑pIb‑mW‑v. {‑]‑mt‑Zi‑nI t‑\X‑m¡s‑f h‑nc«‑nt‑b‑mS‑n¨‑v k‑z´‑w I‑pS‑p‑w_¯‑ns‑e ]‑pc‑pj•‑ms‑ct‑]‑me‑p‑w kac¯‑n AS‑p¸‑n¡‑ms‑X k‑v{‑X‑oIÄ a‑m{‑X‑w ]s‑¦S‑p¯ kaca‑pJ‑w. A¿‑mb‑nc‑w a‑pX Gg‑mb‑nc‑w hs‑c s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑nIÄ AW‑n\‑nc¶‑p. ChÀ¡‑v ]‑n³X‑pW AÀ¸‑n¨‑v A{‑Xb‑p‑w Xs‑¶ s‑]‑mX‑p P\§f‑p‑w Cht‑c‑ms‑S‑m¸‑w AW‑n \‑nc¶‑p. 500 c‑q] Z‑nhk¡‑qe‑nb‑p‑w 20 iXa‑m\‑w t‑_‑mWk‑p‑w Bb‑nc‑p¶‑p s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑nIf‑ps‑S Bhi‑y‑w. a‑p³hÀj‑w 19.5 iXa‑m\‑w t‑_‑mWk‑v \ÂI‑nb I¼\‑n C‑uhÀj‑w 10 iXa‑m\‑w

Kerala politics

]‑pc‑pj t‑a[‑mh‑nX‑z¯‑n\‑pÅ ad‑p]S‑n a‑m{‑Xt‑a \ÂI‑pI‑bp‑Å‑q F¶ h‑mi‑ns‑b X‑pSÀ¶‑mW‑v- ] W‑na‑pS¡‑v Bc‑w`‑n¨X‑v. s‑hd‑p‑w 232 c‑q] Z‑nhk I‑qe‑nb‑ne‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p C‑u ]‑mh§Ä ] W‑ns‑bS‑p¯‑nc‑p¶X‑v. t‑Icf‑w t‑]‑me‑pÅ Hc‑p k‑wØ‑m\¯‑v Bb‑nc IW¡‑n\‑p s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑nIÄ ]W‑ns‑bS‑p¡‑p¶ t‑X‑m«‑w t‑aJeb‑n C{‑Xb‑p‑w N‑qjW‑w \Sa‑mS‑pt‑¼‑mÄ CX‑ns‑\X‑ns‑c D¯c h‑mZ‑n¯s‑]«hÀ a‑u\‑w ]‑me‑n¡‑pIb‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p. CX‑v a‑q¶‑md‑ns‑e a‑m{‑X‑w AhØbÃ. C‑u I‑qe‑n h‑yhØ \‑ne\‑n¡‑p¶ t‑X‑m«‑w t‑aJeIÄ a‑q¶‑md‑ne‑p‑w t‑Icf¯‑n ]eb‑nS¯‑p‑w Ds‑ï¶X‑mW‑v- bY‑mÀ°‑y‑w. F´‑n\‑p‑w GX‑n\‑p‑w At‑\‑zjW‑mßI d‑nt‑¸‑mÀ«‑pIÄ X¿‑md‑m¡‑p¶ a‑m[‑ya§Ä¡‑v Cs‑X‑mc‑p h‑njba‑mh‑p¶‑nÃ. \‑nc‑p¯ch‑mZ]ca‑mb ka‑o]\¯‑ns‑â DÅ‑pIÅ‑nIÄ s‑hf‑n¨¯‑v hc‑mªX‑v F´‑ps‑I‑mï‑v? bY‑mÀ° hk‑vX‑pX Ad‑nb‑m\‑p‑w Ad‑nb‑n¡‑m\‑pa‑pÅ _‑m[‑yX D¯c h‑mZ‑n¯s‑]«hÀ¡‑v Ct‑à ? a‑q¶‑mÀ kac¯‑ns‑â Bc‑w` Z‑n\§f‑n Hc‑p a‑m[‑ya {‑]

hÀ¯I\‑p‑w B hg‑n¡‑v F¯‑n t‑\‑m¡‑pI t‑]‑me‑p‑w s‑Nb‑vX‑nÃ. heX‑p]£ t‑{‑SU‑v b‑qW‑nb³ t‑\X‑m¡s‑f kac¡‑mÀ XÃ‑nb‑n«‑p‑w h‑mÀ¯ h¶‑nÃ. F¶‑m Øe‑w F‑w.FÂ.F.b‑p‑w CSX‑p ]£¡‑mc\‑pa‑mb c‑mt‑P{‑µs‑\ kac‑m\‑pI‑qe‑nIÄ s‑s‑It‑¿ä‑w s‑Nb‑vXt‑¸‑mÄ

AX‑v h‑mÀ¯b‑mb‑n. ]‑n¶‑oS‑v a‑m[‑ya§Ä X½‑ne‑pÅ aÂkca‑mb‑nc‑p¶‑p Ah‑ns‑S IïX‑v. a‑q¶‑mÀ kac‑w Hc‑p \‑na‑n¯‑w a‑m{‑X‑w. C¯c‑w N‑qjW h‑yhØ ]‑pd¯‑p s‑I‑mï‑p hc‑m³ CX‑v hg‑ns‑h¨‑p F¶‑p t‑hW‑w Ic‑pX‑m³. C‑u Bt‑hi‑w DÄs‑¡‑mï‑v aä‑v t‑X‑m«‑w s‑X‑mg‑n t‑aJeIf‑ne‑p‑w AX‑nP‑oh\¯‑n\‑pÅ kact‑]‑mc‑m«‑w \St‑¶¡‑m‑w . t‑X‑m«‑w s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑nIÄ t‑Icf¯‑n Gäh‑p‑w I‑pdª I‑qe‑n e`‑n¡‑p¶‑,


k‑ma‑ql‑ya‑mb‑p‑w k‑m¼¯‑nIa‑mb‑p‑w ]‑nt‑¶‑m¡‑w \‑n¡‑p¶ h‑n`‑mKa‑mW‑v. \à iXa‑m\‑w s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑nIf‑p‑w a‑mcIa‑mb ]e Ak‑pJ§Ä¡‑p‑w I‑og‑vs‑¸«‑v Ig‑nb‑p¶hÀ. h‑mkt‑b‑mK‑yaÃ‑m¯ I‑pS‑ne‑pIf‑n BW‑v- AhÀ A´‑nb‑pd§‑p¶X‑v. \‑mf‑nX‑phs‑c Hä‑ps‑I‑mS‑p¯‑v I¦‑mW‑na‑mc‑mb‑n a‑md‑nbhs‑c ChÀ XÅ‑n ] dªX‑n b‑ms‑X‑mc‑p h‑n[ I‑päh‑p‑w I‑mW‑m³ Ig‑nb‑nÃ. t‑Icf¯‑ns‑â h‑nIk\¯‑n\‑vB¡‑w I‑q«‑nbX‑v Ch‑nS‑ps‑¯ IÀjI {‑]Ø‑m\§f‑pt‑Sb‑p‑w t‑{‑SU‑v b‑qW‑nb\‑pIf‑pt‑Sb‑p‑w t‑\X‑rX‑z¯‑n \ S¶ AhI‑mi kac t‑]‑mc‑m«§Ä Bb‑nc‑p¶‑p F¶X‑n k‑wib‑w t‑hï. CX‑ns‑â ]‑n³X‑pSÀ¨¡‑mÀ AS¡a‑pÅ t‑\X‑rX‑zs‑¯ a‑q¶‑md‑n XÅ‑n ]dªX‑p‑w kac t‑\X‑rX‑z¯‑n \‑n¶‑p‑w a‑mä‑n\‑nÀ¯‑nbX‑p‑w F´‑ps‑I‑mï‑ms‑W¶‑v Bß ]c‑nt‑i‑m[\ \St‑¯ï h‑njbaI‑p¶‑p. kacs‑¯


Ac‑mPI¯‑zs‑a¶‑p‑w‑, Ac‑m{‑ã‑obs‑a¶‑p‑w‑, X‑o{‑hh‑mZs‑a¶‑p‑w h‑nt‑ij‑n¸‑n¨‑v kac¯‑ns‑â _‑p²‑n t‑I{‑µ§Ä At‑\‑zj‑n¨‑p t‑]‑mI‑m\‑mW‑vt‑{‑SU‑v b‑qW‑nb³ t‑\X‑m¡Ä h‑y{‑KX I‑mW‑n¨X‑v. X‑nc‑n¨d‑nh‑pIf‑n \‑n¶‑v D‑uÀP‑w DÄs‑¡‑mï‑v k‑zb‑w DbÀs‑¯g‑pt‑¶Â¡‑p¶ s‑X‑mg‑n P\Xs‑b BW‑va‑q¶‑md‑n I‑mW‑m³ Ig‑nb‑pI. k‑v{‑X‑oià‑n CX‑n a‑pJ‑y ]¦‑p hl‑n¨‑p F¶X‑v t‑Icf‑w {‑]X‑o£ \ÂI‑p¶ as‑ä‑mc‑p a‑pt‑¶äh‑p‑w. t‑Icf¯‑ns‑â c‑m{‑ã‑ob {‑]{‑I‑nbb‑n s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑n hÀK¯‑ns‑â t‑a s‑s‑I ià‑ns‑¸S‑p¯‑p¶X‑n a‑q¶‑mÀkac‑w hl‑n¨ ]¦‑v DbÀ¯‑n ]‑nS‑n¡‑m³ P\‑m[‑n] X‑y ka‑ql‑w X¿‑md‑mhW‑w. `À¯‑m¡•‑ms‑c t‑]‑me‑p‑w kac c‑wK¯‑v AS‑p¸‑n¡‑ms‑Xb‑pÅ C‑u s‑]¬ s‑X‑mg‑ne‑mf‑n kac‑w ]‑pc‑pj t‑I{‑µ‑oI‑rXa‑mb c‑m{‑ã‑ob i‑oe§Ä¡‑p‑w‑, ]‑pc‑pj t‑a[‑mh‑n¯‑z¯‑n\‑p‑w \ÂI‑p¶ IS‑p¯ i‑n£I‑qS‑nb‑mb‑n I‑mWW‑w. P‑oÀ®a‑mb c‑m{‑ã‑ob k‑ma‑ql‑y h‑yhØt‑b‑mS‑pÅ {‑]X‑nI‑mca‑mb‑n CX‑ns‑\ I‑mW‑ph‑m\‑p‑w ]T‑n¡‑ph‑m\‑p‑w X¿‑md‑mt‑hï‑nb‑nc‑n¡‑p¶‑p.


SEP- OCT 2015






[‑mc‑mf‑w [\-a‑pÅ Hc‑p [\‑n-I-\‑pïb‑n-c‑p¶‑p. Hc‑p \‑mW-b‑w-t‑]‑me‑p‑w BÀs‑¡-¦‑ne‑p‑w s‑I‑mS‑p-¡‑p-¶-X‑n\‑v Ig‑n-b‑m-¯{‑X e‑p_‑v[³. Hc‑n-¡Ât‑]‑me‑p‑w Ab‑m-f‑ps‑S a‑pJ¯‑v X‑r]‑vX‑nt‑b‑m B\-µt‑a‑m I‑mW-s‑¸-«‑nÃ. Hc‑p Z‑nhk‑w P¸‑m\‑ns‑e s‑k³K‑pc‑p s‑a‑mI‑ps‑k³\‑nä‑n At‑±-ls‑¯ I‑mW‑m³ s‑N¶‑p. K‑pc‑p Xs‑â a‑pj‑vS‑n-b‑p-bÀ¯‑n-¡‑m«‑n t‑N‑mZ‑n-¨‑p‑, ‑'Fs‑â s‑s‑I Ft‑¸‑mg‑p‑w C§s‑\ AS-¨‑p-s‑h-¨‑mW‑v I‑mWs‑¸-S‑p-¶-s‑X-¦‑n X‑m¦-s‑f´‑p ] db‑p‑w?‑' ‑'h‑nI-e‑m‑w-K³.‑' At‑¸‑mÄ s‑s‑I X‑pd-¶‑p-s‑h¨‑p t‑hs‑d‑mc‑p t‑N‑mZ‑yh‑p‑w At‑±l‑w D¶-b‑n-¨‑p: ‑'Fs‑â s‑s‑I Ft‑¸‑mg‑p‑w C§s‑\ X‑pd¶‑ps‑h¨‑mW‑v I‑mW-s‑¸-S‑p-¶-s‑X-¦‑nt‑e‑m?‑'. ‑'At‑¸‑mg‑p‑w h‑nI-e‑m‑w-K³‑' [\‑n-I³ N‑nc‑n-¨‑p-s‑I‑mï‑v ]dª‑p. At‑¸‑mÄ C§s‑\ ]d-ª‑ps‑I‑mï‑v s‑k³K‑pc‑p t‑]‑mI‑m³ X‑pS-§‑n. ‑'C¸-d-ªX‑v \‑n§Ä¡‑v \¶‑mb‑n a\-Ê‑n-e‑m-b‑n-s‑Ã-¦‑n \‑n§Ä k´‑pj‑vS‑n \‑ndª Hc‑p [\‑n-I-\‑m-W‑v'. A¶‑p a‑pX B [\‑n-I³ \à X‑nc‑n-¨-d‑n-h‑pÅ Hc‑m-f‑m-b‑n. k¼¯‑v k‑zc‑q-]‑n-¡‑p-¶-X‑n a‑m{‑X-aà AX‑p t‑hï-X‑p-t‑]‑ms‑e Z‑m\‑w s‑N¿‑p-¶-X‑ne‑p‑w Ad‑nh‑p-t‑\S‑n. A§s‑\ Ab‑mÄ kt‑´‑m-j-a‑pÅ Hc‑p [\‑n-I-\‑m-b‑n-¯‑oÀ¶‑p. IS¸mSv: ]n.F³. Zmkv

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SEP- OCT 2015

COOKING a‑mk‑vt‑äg‑vk‑v AX‑veä‑v I‑mb‑nIt‑afb‑n aeb‑mfn t‑P‑mÀP‑v A{‑_l‑ma‑n\‑v- \‑me‑v- k‑zÀ®‑w







AU‑vs‑s‑eU‑n \S¶ A´À t‑Zi‑ob a‑mk‑vt‑äg‑v k‑v AX‑v eä‑n¡‑v aÂkc¯‑n aeb‑mf‑n t‑U‑m.t‑P‑mÀP‑v A{‑_l‑m‑w h‑nh‑n[ aÂkc§f‑n \‑n¶‑mb‑n \‑me‑v- k‑zÀ®s‑aUe‑pIÄ t‑\S‑n aeb‑mf‑nIf‑ps‑S A`‑na‑m\ a‑mb‑n. 60‑, 100‑, 200 a‑oäÀ H‑m«‑w‑, s‑]â‑m¯t‑e‑m¬ C\§f‑n \‑n¶‑mW‑vk‑phÀ® t‑\«‑w IcØa‑m¡‑nbX‑v. s‑]c‑p¼‑mh‑qÀ k‑zt‑Zi‑nb‑mW‑v- t‑U‑m. A{‑_l‑m‑w. aeb‑mf‑nIf‑mb s‑j«¬ U‑nt‑I‑mÌ U‑nk‑v¡k‑v t‑{‑X‑m‑, t‑j‑m«‑v ]‑p«‑v‑, s‑]â‑m¯e¬ C\§f‑n a‑q¶‑v k‑zÀ®s‑aUe‑pIf‑pw‑‑, t‑S‑m_‑n AeI‑vk‑mïÀ 60 a‑oäÀ H‑m«¯‑n s‑hÅ‑nb‑p‑w‑, 100 a‑oäÀ H‑m«¯‑n k‑zÀ®h‑p‑w t‑\S‑n. 30 hbk‑n³ a‑pIf‑ne‑pÅhÀ¡‑pÅ c‑mP‑y‑m´c I‑mb‑nI t‑afb‑mW‑v- a‑mk‑vt‑äg‑vk‑v AX‑veä‑n¡‑v. Here we attaching the results of Australia masters athletics from malayalies 1 Dr. George Abraham, 4 gold medals-60mts,100mts, 200mts and pentathlon outdoor . 2 Shelton Dcosta, 3 golds- Discus throw, shotput, pentathlon indoor. 3 Toby Alexander, 60mts silver and 100mts Gold (participated for South Australia) First malayai won medals in Australia masters athetics George and Shelton from age group of 40+ Toby from age group of 30+

Other Malayalee winners: Mr..Augusti V Joseph(Coimbatore) 400 mtr - Silver Mr. Joshuva Oomen - Javelin Throw - Gold Mr. Koruth P. Koshy(Pathanamthitta, Kumbanad) - Long Jump - Silver Smt. Cicily John(Pathanamthitta Dt, Thiruvalla) 400 mtrs - Gold, 100 mtrs - Bronze, 200 mtrs - Bronze, Long Jump - Bronze

Stuffed with Indian spices &herbs, the chicken patty is grilled or fried and then doused in a chili sauce & packed between caramelised buns along with fresh crunchy onions, this burger is one of kind Indian delight. Method > Combine all the ingredients. > Divide the mixture into equal sized balls. > Pat each ball into a patty,coat it with remaining bread crumbs. > Grill it or shallow fry in vegetable oil. > Cook until, it is cooked well. > Pack between caramelised buns along with fresh crunchy onions.


Preparation Time: 30 mins

Ingredients • Mince Chicken -500 gm. • Ginger & Garlic Minced – 1tsp • Mixed Vegetables Grated – 1 cup [Zucchini,Carrots] • Brown Onion -1 [finely chopped] • Coriander Leaves- 1/2 bunch • Bread Crumbs – 1cup • Sea Salt to taste • Gram Masala – 1 tsp. • Bread Crumbs- 1cup [save 1/2 cup to coat patties later] • Egg – 1

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\‑md‑mW¯‑p {‑`‑m´\‑p‑w ‑, AKk‑vX‑y l‑rZbh‑p a‑mb‑n aeb‑mf¯‑ns‑â I‑mh‑y a\Ê‑n CS‑w t‑\S‑nb {‑]‑nb Ih‑n s‑{‑]‑m^. a[‑p k‑qZ\³ \‑mbÀ Ht‑Î‑m_À Ahk‑m\‑w Bk‑vt‑{‑Se‑nbb‑ns‑e¯‑p¶‑p. {‑_‑nk‑v_³ ‑, ‑S‑u¬k‑vh‑n ‑, k‑nU‑v\‑n‑, I‑m³_d‑, AUvs‑s‑eU‑v‑, s‑]À¯‑v F¶‑nh‑nS§f‑ns‑e aeb‑mf‑n I‑q«‑mb‑vaIÄ Hc‑p¡‑p¶ h‑yX‑yk‑vX§f‑mb Ie‑m‑, k‑ml‑nX‑y‑, k‑m‑wk‑vI‑mc‑nI ]c‑n]‑mS‑nIf‑n Ih‑n ]s‑¦S‑p¡‑p‑w . {‑_‑nk‑vs‑_³ BØ‑m\a‑mb‑n {‑]hÀ¯‑n¡‑p¶ ]‑pec‑n k‑m‑wk‑vI‑mc‑nI t‑hZ‑nb‑ps‑S t‑\{‑X‑p¯‑z¯‑n BW‑v- Ih‑nb‑qs‑S kµÀi\‑w {‑Ia‑oIc‑n¨‑nc‑n¡‑p¶X‑v. Ih‑n s‑{‑]‑m^. a[‑p k‑qZ\³ \‑mbÀ k‑w_Ô‑n¡‑p¶ ]c‑n]‑mS‑nIÄ : {‑_‑nk‑vs‑_³: Ht‑Î‑m_À 23‑, h‑nZ‑y‑mc‑w`‑w (9.30 am Anglican Church 115 Cornwall Sreet, Annerly) Ht‑Î‑m_À 25‑, I‑mh‑ykÔ‑y.(5.30 pm Cavendish Road high School) Ht‑Î‑m_À 27‑, Ih‑nbc§‑v. (32 A, Robertson

Road. Eastern Heights.Ipswich 6 pm) Ht‑Î‑m_À 28‑, XIg‑n A\‑pk‑vacW‑w ( South port Communtiy Center, Gold Coast) Ht‑Î‑m_À 29‑, I‑mh‑y kÔ‑y ( 6 pm, Kerala Association of Townsville) I‑y‑m³_d: Ht‑Î‑m_À 31‑, k‑wk‑vI‑rX‑n‑, DZ‑vL‑mS\‑w . \h‑¼À 1‑, t‑Icf¸‑ndh‑n Z‑n\‑mt‑L‑mj‑w k‑nU‑v\‑n: \h‑¼À 5‑, I‑mh‑y kÔ‑y (6.30 pm, Sydney Literary Forum, St.Marthas Church Hall, Srathfield) AU‑vs‑s‑eU‑v: \h¼À 7‑, I‑mh‑y kÔ‑y‑, k‑m‑w k‑vI‑mc‑nI kt‑½f\‑w(Adelaide Saahithya vedhi and AMMA) s‑]À¯‑v: \h¼À 8. k‑ml‑nX‑y kt‑½f\‑w (Perth Malayali Cultural Forum)



SEP- OCT 2015

Metro malayalam (Spring Edition)Sept -Oct 2015  

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