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On The Cover Otenki

Model: Jessica Marie Serrano Photo: Jeff Coulter

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t’s hard to find a band with as much energy as Otenki. There’s a lot of power in their music and in their performances that is doubtlessly the direct result of a lot of hard work and perseverance. Formed in 2004, the Houston-based band describes their sound as “an interesting mix of alternative rock with pop sensibilities,” but this unassuming description doesn’t even begin to describe the awesome essence of what Otenki really is. The core of Otenki is comprised of lead guitarist Fausto Padilla, singer German Alexander, rhythm guitarist Enoma Asowata, and bassist “Sneaky” Josh Tenorio. Although there have been a few changes in the band’s lineup over the years, these four have been a constant since the band’s birth—and it shows. “It stopped being a band about six years ago,” says Padilla, “It’s more like a family.” Throughout the interview, the guys tease each other and joke about past experiences with the band. Laughing loudly at their humorous reminiscences, they seem more like brothers than fellow band members. No surprise there, as the band has achieved a lot over its run. Otenki has performed both at Vans Warped Tour in 2005 and 2009, and at the Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour in ’05, ’06, and ‘09. Most recently, they traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the 2011 Billboard Battle of the Bands. And with over 19,000 votes, they are currently the highest voted band competing for a spot on the Ernie Ball stage at the upcoming 2012 Vans Warped Tour. The band also has a stellar (and as-yet unreleased) cover of Bruno Mars’s “It Will Rain.” The cover has received quite a bit of enthusiastic feedback from the people who have been lucky enough to hear it; it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Despite these accomplishments and more, the guys maintain that they are just regular people. Padilla even goes so far as to say, “I’m completely a normal person. I have a girlfriend, I have a dog…” While you can appreciate his modesty, the evidence clearly shows otherwise. Otenki’s latest release is Kinetic, a fivetrack EP produced with the assistance of James Paul Wisner, who has worked with groups like Paramore and Underoath. Kinetic features the single “Ghosts,” which Asowata says is the “flagship song for the EP.” The music video, which has garnered a lot of interest for the band, can be found on YouTube as well as on the band’s website, Asowata adds, “We’re still getting new fans on Facebook and on Twitter who are just discovering that song.” Whether fans are old or new, Otenki is faithfully devoted to them all. All of the members cite their fans as a major source of motivation in continuing to produce and perform music. In fact, the first track on the EP (the eponymous “Kinetic”) could be described as an ode to Otenki’s supporters. In “Kinetic”, Alexander repeatedly sings “we do this all for you” and the lyr-

Model: Jessica Marie Serrano ics draw a comparison between Otenki’s fans and the energy that drives every performance. Indeed, most of Otenki’s future efforts involve strengthening relationships with fans by way of “more videos, more content, and more involvement with fans.” The members of the band are also becoming more authentic with their

ourselves, we’re our own bosses; so who’s to say we can’t make a pop record if we want to?” When questioned about whether a pop record is something they’d seriously consider producing, Asowata gives a half-shrug and boldly says, “Why not? Who’s gonna stop us?” In fact, their plans for the summer involve prepping for an upcoming album

“WE HAVE TO BE THE SHOW. WE DON’T HIDE BEHIND THE LIGHTS, WE DON’T HIDE BEHIND OBSTACLES. WE ARE THE SHOW. WE PUT OUT ENERGY AND THE CROWD GIVES IT BACK TO US. AND THERE’S NOTHING FAKE ABOUT THAT.” image, their sound, and themselves. Otenki’s music has thus far remained within the niche of “alternative-rock,” but the genre has become something of a limiting factor for the band’s creative impulses. Taking what they’ve learned from the producers they’ve met, their fans’ feedback, and their own wealth of experience as a band, their current plans involve creating something really unique while still being really Otenki. “Nobody makes the rules for us yet,” says Padilla. Asowata echoes, “We’re unsigned, we pay for everything

that they describe as having more of an “alternative pop” influence along with an accompanying tour. And while it may be quite different from anything that’s been heard from Otenki yet, there’s not a doubt that it’ll have the same intense and pervasive energy as everything else they’ve been involved in. The main thing for Otenki is creating quality music, and they’re confident that fans will appreciate the results. Music, not image, is Otenki’s priority. As Asowata puts it: “We do get girls who are like, ‘Oh, you guys are so hot.’ Well, cool,

that’s flattering, but what did you think about the music?” The band may pushing the boundaries of their music, but fans can be assured that Otenki is staying true to them, and to itself. No matter what differences arise, there’s one thing that will never change: and that’s the passion that Otenki brings to its live shows. Certainly a lot of the band’s success stems from the intensity of their live performances. In videos of their performances, one can almost feel the liveliness that the guys bring to the band. The guys jump around the stage, rock their heads back and forth, swing their guitars, and throw onstage equipment around all in the spirit of entertainment. “[Fausto] will just do this scissor kick in the air and start jamming out; Enoma’s beating his chest,” says Alexander, “We’re driven by like right there, that moment.” Asowata was particularly outspoken about the band’s live performances – as well as the disappointing lack of showmanship that many other musical acts fall victim to. “There’s bands who will have like a really crazy light show or have really great cinematics going on behind them to hide the fact that as musicians they’re not entertaining. They write great songs, but they’re not entertaining,” he says. “We have to be the show. We don’t hide behind the lights, we don’t hide behind obstacles. We are the show. We put out energy and the crowd gives it back to us. And there’s nothing fake about that.” TO | 9



Photo: Nino Batista -

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Photo: Nino Batista - Photo: Jeff Coulter -


ometown Girl Sarah Ormanovich may be new to the modeling game but don’t let that fool you. She is sizzling up our pages as this month’s Sexy Ink Girl. She’s a down to earth girl who loves her family and believes everyone deserves a chance at happiness. Get to know her a little better, you’ll be glad you did! Tell us about your modeling background? It hasn’t even been a year since my first shoot. Modeling was a little hard at first and even though I haven’t been doing it for very long, I’ve grown into it a lot. So far, I’ve done 8 shoots and 1 fashion show. I’m a lot more

comfortable and confident in front of the camera and I’m having a lot more fun with it now. You seem to be very comfortable in front of the camera looking at your portfolio! What has been your most memorable modeling experience to date? I have to say The Wolfon Wear Fashion Show was an amazing experience for me. I got to wear a beautiful brown dress in a Renaissance them set. I had the opportunity to meet so many new photographers, models and hair and makeup artists that day. It was such a beautifully put together show and every detail was impeccable. The makeup art-

ist glued pearls to my face and braided extensions in my hair to complete the look. It was completely surreal.

to get a big realistic style sea creature somewhere on my body. I want it to be bright and colorful!

What made you decide to get your first tattoo? When I was 17 my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to make sure that we always have something to remind us of one another. We wanted it to be permanent. We drew a heart and got it on the inside of our forearms. I was underage at the time and it was poorly done but I wouldn’t take it back or cover it up for anything.

Now it’s time to vent… any pet peeves you have regarding tattoos? People getting cheap work done. This is a piece of art that is going to be permanently embedded on your body. It is going to last forever. It is absolutely worth it every time to pay more money to get your work done by a talented artist that will stand by their work.

Now that you’ve added a few more pieces to that heart, what would you say is your most cherished piece and why? I have an awesome upper arm pieces. It’s an original gypsy done in Traditional Dia De Los Muertos Style by Bill Greenman at Black Tide Parlour in Clear Lake. I love it because it’s the first piece of artwork that I loved enough to put on my body permanently. Do you have any favorite artist? That would have to be Shawn Will here in Houston. I love the style of art he does and I’m really excited to have my next tattoo done by him. I am a huge fan of sea creatures of all kinds. I would love nothing more than

What are your inspirations? Nothing inspires more than my beautiful daughter. She is turning three this month and she has already made me happier than anything else in this world. One day I hope she enjoys modeling and art as much as I do. What’s next for you? My family will always be my main focus. I would love to take my modeling as far as it will go because it is such a wonderful experience. I would love to work with more photographers such as Michael Mac Das with Digital Asylum Studios. Other goals include wanting to be a nurse and give back to the community. I’ve got a million years ahead of me and I’m excited about every single one! TO | 11





p and coming Tattoo Artist, Judith Thielen not only loves her work, she’s completely consumed by it. “My love for tattooing is so strong, I rarely see life outside of it”, she explains. This passion fuels her desire to grow as an artist every day and to continue developing her talents. As an art lover since her early years in grade school she was always attracted the art of creating. Fast forward a couple of years out of grade school and Thielen found herself studying graphic design in College. Something was still missing and her friends suggested she look into Tat-

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tooing. They believed in her so much that one of her friends purchased a $100.00 tattoo machine from Traders Village for her to start her journey. After four months of scratching at home, she decided to seek some professional advice and spoke to Brandon Tripicchio at Houston Ink Society. Brandon took Judith under his wing and became her mentor. She proudly refers to him as the person who has made her the artist she is today and credits Tripicchio as the “one who helped me build my confidence and taught me everything I know today”. You get a sense that Tattooing is

so much more than a job for Thielen. “Tattooing has allowed me to grow not only as an artist, but as a person. It gives me a sense of fulfillment because I can see a complete piece of art I have designed on a client”. She enjoys working with lots of colors and bold lines and mentions she doesn’t necessarily have a specific style. She just likes to have fun! Take a glimpse of her portfolio you will find Traditional Americana styles prevail. One of her most memorable pieces was an owl she designed recently for the Tattoo Carnival of Mayhem. The design included an owl head with ram horns, snake tongue,

an octopus tentacle as a body and wings with an arrow going through it. A challenging piece but Judith had fun with the design and really enjoyed completing it at the event. “It was cool to experience the competitions and see the reaction from the people around me”. Thielen has such a positive outlook on the industry it’s difficult for that not to rub off on you. She mentions only a few setbacks as of yet in this challenging industry such as unhappy relationships, pissed off co-workers and egotistical assholes but all of those encounters have made her grow as a person. She’s also realized that “you can only change yourself” and that has helped her grow not only as an artist but as an individual. She adds that it would be nice to see people respect others a little more in this competitive industry. However those few negative encounters don’t stop this force of nature. She counts Brandon Tripicchio, Richard De La Cruz, Jasmin Austin among many others as inspirations. With three and a half years of tattooing under her belt Thielen knows she has a lot of time and experiences ahead of her in the industry. Her main advice to someone contemplating becoming an artist is to do their homework! “You need to fully understand what this career entails. I see a lot of people with the desire to enter the industry who cannot fully appreciate the level of commitment that it requires to be a successful artist. Plenty of mistakes have been made, but I had to learn them, as does the next person”, she explains. As far as her crew at Houston Ink Society, Thielen boasts, “We have a strong crew that I really enjoy being around”, which makes it easier to go into work every day. She is lucky to have friends and family who understand why she doesn’t always have time to hang out because tattooing has become her life. Although, it took a while for her mom and dad to adjust to her new career decision, especially her father who is very religious, Thielen continues pursuing her passion. “Honestly, if I were my parents, I would be proud! Not too many artists out there can say they have a diploma from High School and College”, she jokingly says! So what’s next for this firecracker? She plans on continuing her love affair with tattooing and freeing up some time to work more conventions and travel. She can see herself hopefully running Houston Ink Society one day, so keep an eye on this one. For more of Judith Thielen’s work check out: TO | 13



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Photo: Dynamite Dames Photography MUAH: Vintage Flair


o you’re itching to say “cheese” and finally take cheesecake style photos but just don’t know where to start? Lucky for you there are quite a bit of options out there, thanks to resurgence of retro and pin-up culture. Below are a few tips to help you go from “ho hum” to helllloooooo nurse! Hit the books kid! Research pin-up styles and decide what type of look you love for the shoot. You can research pinup artists as well as modern day pin-up models to determine what you are most comfortable shooting. For example, if you are just starting out and want to keep it more girl-next door I recommend taking a gander at Gil Elvgren paintings for inspiration. Mr. Elvgren’s beautiful bombshells always had a hint of whimsy and sass without revealing too much. If you prefer to take it a bit sexier, you may choose to seek more modern day muses such as Dita Von Teese or Sabina Kelly. Both women exemplify their unique takes on pin-up style as sultry sirens. Whatever look you decide to try, make sure you love it and own it! If you are uncomfortable with any aspect it will ultimately show in your final pictures and that leads to a disappointed pouty pin-up and no one likes a sad pin-up. Once you got your look for the shoot down, you can begin to select the photographer. Although most professional photographers are versatile, they tend to have a specific shooting style so I think it’s important for a Client to know what style she likes before she books a photographer. You can find Pin-Up Photographers in your area by checking the web. Sites such as Facebook and PinUpLifestyle are a wonderful resources, as well as, Customer Reviews. Most experienced


photographers will have client Before & After Pics, set information and Hair & Makeup details available online. All of these elements are key to a successful pin-up shoot so ask before you buy! If you found a pin-up photographer that you love but is not in your area, sign up for updates or newsletters. Many Photogs hit the road so they may end up in your neck of the woods before you know it. Have a good repor with your photographer by asking questions and letting them know when you don’t like or understand something upfront and things will go a lot more smoothly in the long run. Once everyone knows what to expect the fun part really starts. Mom was right when she said practice makes perfect! The only way to really get comfortable with being on the other side of the lens is to practice. You can ham it up in front of a mirror or you can set up a tripod and shoot yourself a la Bunny Yeager. As ridiculous as you may feel cooing into a mirror, practicing facial expressions and body angles will help the shoot go smoother and will ultimately make you a more versatile model. Last but certainly not least is wardrobe! This might be the most delightful part of the entire process. Use bright color combinations for a burst of color and make sure your pay attention to the details. Although they may seem minimal in real life a poor choice of earrings or shoes can really stand out in a photo. If you’re wearing some sort of “Hair Flair” aka hair flower or fascinator make sure you place it on the side you pose on the most or it won’t be seen in your photos. If you are going for a more vampy lingerie look, bring extra stockings or you may end up with a run and there’s nothing sexy about that! It’s best to try on your complete wardrobe before shoot day and practice so you can see if there are any bends in wardrobe that you may want to conceal or avoid. Being in front of the camera can be nauseating and exhilarating at the same time, but knowing exactly what you want will ensure a proud pin-up moment by all! So point your toes, curve your back and WERK IT. Xoxo MissVhaven Wanna Werk it In Public? Come see me at these Fantastic Events! August 31st - Ruby Revue Burlesque Show- House of Blues Sept. 22-23rd - Gulf Coast Classic Car Show & Pin-Up Pageant Sponsored by Texas Bombshell Photography TO | 15



originally got into body painting as a GoGo dancer at Shadow bar, but recently have done fashion shows, live events, as well as shooting more body painting images for some upcoming books. I started modeling strictly to promote the various burlesque acts that I have been involved with which has evolved into me doing some great things with the pin up culture here in Houston. My favorite thing about bodypainting is the opportunity to to take on any kind of character that can be imagined. The painting process is pretty intense, this body paint featured here took about 4 hours, but the character created was so unique that it made modeling it a breeze! TO

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GUITARZZA Alex J. Garza , Big Green Machine Vocal and Guitarist, Studio Musician Will be bringing His Unique, Blues, Roots, Rock Original Solo Act out Live Sat Aug. 11th for “Bridging the Gap” An all Female Art exhibit/ Live Music Show Sponsored by Backyard Moonshine Collective! Artistes, Art and Guitarzza will be on “Display” at “The Skin Gallery”4240 HWY 6 N. inside Bayou city body shop. So come hear some tunes doors @ 8, Guitarzza @ 9pm, Get Some Ink, and Check out some Art. Mr. Guitarzza is also currently working thru month of August to complete His first Solo debut Album. It will be released in Sept on Vinyl, and Disc. So be sure to check out full length “feature” and Interview in “Tip-Out” in September’s issue to find out Where the “CD Release part will be. First 25 People to mention Article about Guitarzza

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in Sept will receive a free CD. And a Playful pat on the butt! Go find Guitarzza on Google, and”Like” Him on facebook. New samples of Upcoming Music will be posted on FB Soon! remember Guitarzza sai’ Support Local Music and Art”! TO | 19

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