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The Last Place You Look Photo: Jeff Coulter - Visual Poison

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how up to a live The Last Place You Look performance and you just get the feeling that you are witnessing something inexplicably big. You can instantly sense that you will most likely be explaining to friends that you used to see that band before they made it huge. Because with the Last Place You Look, you just know, it’s not a matter of IF it’s a matter of WHEN. This Houston band has been going since 2003 and has no signs of slowing down. They are a rock band, equal parts alternative rock and emo, with an extra dose of edge that makes them stand out in a sea

of cookie cutter bands. Their sound is a cocktail of raw sound, mixed with a shot of poignant lyrics and a brazen-back of in your face rock. The Last Place You Look consists of front man, Justin Nava, Guitar Players, Derek Young and Richard Sherwood. Kevin Pool is on bass and backup vocals and Mikey Garcia rounds out the group on drums. The members all have very different influences and a variety of musical backgrounds but their focus is core songwriting to make sure the end result has an impact, no matter what style they do. The band who has steadily cranked out albums

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/ Photography by Jeff Coulter - Visual Poison

with The Lies We Tell Ourselves in and See the Light Inside You are back in the studio again. Always thinking of their fans they are ready to release a 5 song EP titled Rip It Out. “We recorded 3 of those tracks with Matt Noveskey of Blue October. They are songs that we have been playing live for a little bit now and we want to get something out there to hold the fans over and show where we are moving right now musically. The plan is to release the EP at their signature Holiday Bash. For true diehard TLPYL fans, the Holiday show is a must see. Now in their fourth year of producing the

Christmas show the Band covers traditional Christmas songs in novel ways as heard in their rendition of Do You Hear What I Hear. This year’s Holiday bash and EP release is scheduled for December 20th at Warehouse Live in the ballroom. You certainly do not want to miss this chance of celebrating holiday cheer in a big way and there may be a little bit of gift giving as well, Nava explains, “We always have a few musical surprises at our shows so one might creep in at this year’s Holiday Bash”. Although Houston is home, the guys have certainly made a name

COVER STORY The Last Place You Look Is Justin Nava - Front Man Derek Young - Guitar Richard Sherwood - Guitar Kevin Pool - Bass/Backup Vocals Mikey Garcia - Drums

for themselves on the road as well. Touring with national known acts such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and 10 Years was a huge adventure and learning experience for the band. “It was refreshing to see people latch on after seeing us for only 28 minutes on stage when they had never heard of us before, explains Nava. It kinda gave us the sense like Ok this actually works we haven’t been kidding ourselves all this time”. Other big name acts have taken notice and know that TLPYK does indeed work; such as Blue October who invited the band on the Sway tour. “This past

run we did with Blue October was really inspiring because those guys are from here and sell out shows every night in the Midwest and East Coast. They have an incredible work ethic and their fan base has really embraced us”. The fans have embraced The Last Place You Look as well knowing that these hometown boys create a live show experience that you just wouldn’t expect from a local band. Nava puts it clearly. “If you want to play with the big boys you gotta match up to them”. You can find them playing local venues such as Fitzgerald’s and Warehouse Live but they’ve also graced larger venues such as the Cynthia Woods Pavilion. One of their most memorable shows was playing the Buzz Fest on the main stage in the Woodlands for the first time. “It was super exciting and awkward all at the same time”. Humility is a notable asset for this set of talented guys. When radio station 94.5 The Buzz began playing Band to save me, Nava admits he thought it was a mistake but next thing he knew it was on rotation. “It still doesn’t feel real”, he says. Since then the Band leaked a new song called Sexytime which was played as a promo for the 2nd Buzzfest as well as their holiday cover of “Do You Hear What I Hear” is regularly played during the Holidays. The Last Place You Look is the real deal. They plan on going back into production and songwriting for a full length album they hope to have out next year. They are joining forces with other talented artists in the writing process and are ready to bring their best to the stage. Check them out in person at the 4th Annual Holiday Bash plus EP release on December 20th at the ballroom in Warehouse live. They will be joined by good friends in Otenki, Born Again Virgins, Soapbox Revolution and Runaway Sun. For more of The Last Place You Look check out their site at www. or Facebook page at www.facebook. com/thelastplaceyoulook TO | 9





lue Rooster Customs, the Golden boy of Kustom Kulture Lowbrow art in Houston, is pretty legit. He makes no apologies for doing things his way and is hell bent on supporting the local art community and creating a scene as big as the state of Texas. However, things weren’t always as cut and dry for this renegade artist who struggled with coming to terms with his true talent. Growing up in Katy Texas wasn’t always easy for a young kid who loved art. “Katy was a small redneck town when I was growing up and art wasn’t encouraged. I failed most art classes I took because I wanted to do it my way instead of theirs, explains Rooster. Projects would mostly grace the walls of his own home or be given away. At times they were tossed into the fire. “I would have some big artistic meltdown, I was quite the drama queen, Rooster confesses. He continues to explain, “I had all of these pre-conceived notions of what an “artist”’ truly was and I never felt like I measured up. Now, when kids approach me at shows to watch me paint, I like to talk to them. I’ll ask, Are you artist? They always say that they want to be. I tell them that if they draw, paint or whatever, that they already are an artist. I like to encourage them in ways I didn’t receive”.

By MissVhaven

It wasn’t until Rooster was in his twenties that he started exploring other parts of the city and built up the confidence to show his pieces. His weapon of choice? “1 shot enamel on anything that will sit long enough”, he explains. He’s been known to paint calaveras, bones, switchblades, skate decks, fenders. You brang it.. He’ll paint it. You can usually find him at local events, with his head down deep in work mode hustling as he puts it. His first show back in Houston after a small stint in Austin was the Rockabilly weekends “Rock Baby Rock It” two years ago. “I’ve been welcomed into the Kulture and the art scene here with open arms. It’s been pretty amazing! I haven’t found anything in Houston i’m disappointed in yet”. He emphasizes, “IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE, THERE WON’T BE A SCENE. 15 years ago I couldn’t wait to get out of here, but Houston’s changed while I was away. There are a lot of good artists here that are just doing their thing,

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helping each other out while trying to make a buck or two. I guess the only thing I’d like to see changed would be this: More local support and unity. We’re bigger than any other state, yet the other states have more of a scene than we do. I’d like to change that up somehow”. His lowbrow art includes everything from tiki inspired voodoo heads, star wars fan fare and one of my personal favorites; a knocked up Minnie Mouse gripping a bottle of moonshine at the trailer park. Refreshingly real with a tinge of humor, Blue Rooster Customs aims to make the viewer take that second glance. Did I really just see that? “People often ask me where I get my ideas; I always tell them that I spend too much time alone in a room full of paint

fumes. I like to get out in nature, just out under a tree maybe staring at some water. When my mind is quiet, that’s when I start getting all the ideas”. With a strong pull towards the rockabilly culture, he appreciates the simpler times. “My Dad always told me that I was born too late. .The music, the cars, a man’s word meant everything; it was just a simpler time. I think a lot of that is reflected in the people still living the Rockabilly life today. Stay Gold Ponyboy”! Although Rooster claims not to admire any particular artists today, he does hold a lot of respect for his colleagues. “I would say admiration is that I want something that they have or I want to be like them, No. Respect is a whole different thing to me. We are all just dudes and chicks with brushes and paint, blessed enough to be doing what we love”. When Blue found himself in a situation when two well known artists criticized his work; the artist almost quit. “I may not look like it but I’m a pretty sensitive guy and I almost stopped. I’m glad I kept doing it though; I really love what I do. Hate begets hate, so I don’t have haters because I don’t hate on others”. With the impending car show season, Rooster is gearing up for opportunities to show his work and hopefully see them find their way homes to art lovers. His future goals include opening up a studio/ store where other artists can meet and have monthly hangouts and art shows. His vision is to create a hang out spot for like minded folks to come together. To see more of Blue Rooster Customs’ work check out at blueroostercustoms TO





By Theresa

Nothing More Nothing More

This gem of a band from San Antonio will be the next HUGE thing as numerous record labels are fighting for them as I type. Johnny Hawkins has a vocal range that makes me giddy. It’s like he channels David Draiman and Geoff Tate. Their self titled album hit in June. It will thrash you, bite you and ignite you.


Burials I am a huge AFI fan and after interviewing Davey Havok and Jade Puget to discuss the album, I love them more for their professionalism and morality. Their ninth album Burials is deliciously dark and hard in all the right places. That classic AFI intro is there and will make you fist pump in a non douchebag way. BUY IT!

J Roddy and The Business Essential Tremors

This Tennessee band are influenced by Zeppelin, The Stones and their country church upbringing. The Zeppelin essence is prominent in, “Sweat Shock” and it’s awesome. Just as sudoku keeps your brain working at all times, so does Essential Tremors. J Roddy’s vocals could pass for Caleb Followill or an alterna Chuck Berry. This is a rock album for any generation.

Pearl Jam

This album was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. Wait, this is Pearl Jam! Do I have to sell you on them? Lightning Bolt is the type of album you’d get from any artist that feels no pressure to deliver anything other than the music that is true to their heart. It’s part punk rock and genetically, Pearl Jam! You Agree?

Red Fang

Whales and Leeches Red Fang has been around awhile and as far as their new album goes, it had me at the cover. It’s cool enough to only be sold only in vinyl. Whales and Leaches shows some obvious growth for these guys. The riffs are better and the hooks work well. “Crows in Swine” and “Blood Like Cream” are stand out tracks. | 11


Lightning Bolt





o you’re experiencing a phenomenon that that most female college sophomores also experience at one point or another; you’re tired of meat and you’re ready to experience something other than that nasty, nasty, hormornes added, antibiotics and preservative packed, cancer causing entity- meat. Don’t fret; after our last article, we were too. You’re on the prowl for that place that serves your favorite artery-clogging dishes, without the risk to your health- your body is a veritable temple, after all. Look no further than Radical Eats. “But do they have my favorite comfort foods?”, you ask. Check. “Ah, but do they have CAKE??”, you

RADICAL EATS / 507 WESTHEIMER RD. HOUSTON, TEXAS 77006 By Raychle Maurine Lockwood and Alison Ainhi Williams

say, even more skeptically. Got it. So sit back, skepticism quelled (for the moment), and read about the magical vegan experience aptly named Radical Eats. Before we say anything else, let us first compliment the AWESOME service. We told our waitress, Cassye, that we were writing an article and to bring us what she thought best exemplified the restaurant. Cassye, you rose to the occasion. Despite all of our preconceived notions about what an all-vegan restaurant would have to offer, the food was almost entirely unpretentious (if there’s one thing we HATE, it’s pretention), aesthetically approachable, and, most importantly, pleasing to the pal-

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ate. Even the most manly of men will forget about fleshy confections after they taste the chicken fried eggplant, lusciously nutty mashed potatoes, and chili stir-fried veggies. If you’re the more adventurous type, who turns up their nose at vegan takes on down-home favorites (like the chicken fried eggplant that we had), try the tacos. Cassye brought us their fried avocado and bahn mi tacos. The bahn mi is made with tofu, soy sauce, shredded carrot, and a homemade corn tortilla. Let me say this- neither Alison nor I particularly like tofu, even though I was a vegetarian for six years. That said, Radical Eats’ made-in-house tofu was a highlight of the meal. It

was everything tofu isn’t- flavorful, edible, yummy. It was reminiscent of paneer cheese, which, in a vegan meal, is a welcome addition. Furthermore, the fried avocado taco beats the hell out of the Torchy’s version. But most importantly, the corn tortillas were structurally stable- we passed them back and forth without the tacos falling apartand also flavorful. The last note you got was ‘perfectly toasted tortilla’, and that’s how a taco should be. A comfort food for most southeast Asians, and indeed, many Americans (after all, who among us has not nursed the mother of all hangovers with a hot bowl?), Pho, is also available in a vegan version at Radical Eats. My partner’s mother, who hails from south Vietnam , has spoiled us with pho. Naturally, we were incredibly skeptical- pho is a spicy, meaty, hearty, delicious thing. How can you make pho without fat? We were put in our place. The lack of fat was balanced by superb seasing- cardamom, clove, star anise. This is some of the best pho we have ever had, sans meat or otherwise. Don’t tell our Asian mother. We aren’t normally sweet-people. It just seems like a waste- a repetitive monotone flavor. Where’s the fun in that? Officially, our favorite dessert is the chipotle chocolate cake at Radical Eats. The layers of flavor boggle the taste buds. It’s moist and flavorful and full of chocolately goodness- but wait! What’s that tickling the back of your throat. Chile and chipotle flavor that’s actually spicy?! We were sold. Take a sip of pinot noir afterwards for the full affect. Remember, dear readers, satisfaction and flavor can be found even in the most vegan of places. Go forth and gorge. TO | 13



BEHIND THE BAR EMPIRE / 3101 SAN JACINTO ST, HOUSTON, TX 77004 Photography by Digital Icon Photography

How long have I been bartending? I’ve been bartending for about 8 years now. Restaurants, bars, night clubs, and some private parties. What’s my favorite thing about working behind a bar? The $$$. Who doesn’t love fast cash. It’s green, made of paper, and pays the bills. Also the clientele that comes in every night. It’s always something new. What’s your bartending pet peeve? There’s so many where do I start? Top two would be a dirty bar. I can’t stand working with sticky bottles, wells, and sticky floors. It’s irritable and the fastest way to getting sick. And lastly, a lazy bartender. Who wants to pick up someone else’s slack? There’s work to be done and money to be made. Let’s have fun doing it. Do you ever get any usual drink request? Absolutely! The one that stands out the most would be a Hennessy suicide. He asked for a Hennessy with a splash of every juice and soda we carry. Jesus! It felt like I was at McDonalds going down the coke machine making a suicide. What’s your signature drink? I know every bartender has their own version of a panty dropper. Will I have

one as well. It’s equal parts of x-rated and patron with a squeeze of lime shakened then strained as a shot. It’s delicious and it gets you places. Wink! Wink! What makes a great bartender? Customer service. The smile, how you treat a guest, recommendations, and always making sure they leave happy. And obviously not drunk. If you could sit down with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

14 | TIPOUT | NOV - DEC 2013 | VOL 4

My father. There’s no one like him and never will be. I would do anything to have him back and talk about anything and everything. Or we can talk about nothing and sit and watch a Clint Eastwood movie. I miss those days. What’s your craziest customer story? Hahahaha! Will I’m serving a beautiful girl wearing a nice dress and as I’m paying her out another girl walks up right beside her wearing the same dress. Awkward! They both looked

at each other and I swear it was like being on the set of mean girls. The rolling of the eyes and the flip of the hair head turn. Cat fight! When your shift is done what do you like to pour yourself? After a long fun or stressful shift I love to pour me just a nice, full-bodied glass of wine. The tannins put me straight to sleep right when I hit those big fluffy pillows. Z$$ZZ!!! TO



Photography by We Run Houston | 15

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By Allison Cuvillier and Lisa Hill / Wardrobe and Styling: Style Cycle - 246 W. 19th Street MUAH: Style by Carlos / Photography: Joshua Ardoin Models: Amanda Caldwell and Nadia Choates

oday’s Fashion is more diverse and accessible than ever before.  You can express your personality through your style and in modern fashion anything goes.  Vintage inspiration is playing a sizeable role in modern fashion trends.  The twenty teens are all about fitting your body type and finding that great piece of vintage clothing that expresses your unique personality.  Although there are those girls that totally rock their vintage head-to-toe looks, most of us want to be able to style that great vintage find for school, the workplace, and nights on the town. Here are two vintage headto-toe looks that show the diversity and versatility of vintage fashion trends.  From these classic vintage outfits, you can snag individual pieces in order to transform them from vintage to modernized looks that every gal will be able to rock her place into fashion history.  In this case, (1) Nadia is wearing a classic vintage two piece black and white hound’s-tooth skirt suit with a pale yellow vintage secretary blouse that has a matching tie.  (2) Amanda is sporting a 1960s bright green mod skirt suit with a vintage floral blouse.  Although these are cute vintage looks, not everyone wants commit to a completely vintage look.  With a couple of tweeks, these looks are transformed from classic vintage to cutting edge and modern without loosing the originality of vintage style. Whether strolling down a locker-lined hall or dashing across campus, you can make a statement with this hound’stooth jacket.  (3) In this case, we have paired this musthave classic with a bright retro top and cute polka dot







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pants.  With a quick roll of the cuff and a simple black necklace, this outfit shows off your personality, and your cool sense of style.  Who you are will shine through. Should your work life take you downtown, to the Galleria, or out to the ‘burbs, this office look is complete with this classic secretary top..  (4) Instead of buttoning up the blouse, leave the top two buttons undone, make the tie into a belt, pair it with a current pencil skirt, and accessorize with your favorite gold necklace.  This look won’t diminish your work ethic, but will turn heads in and out of the office. Bright, bold, attention snagging colors are making a huge comeback and there is nothing better than taking something old and making it new again.  When going out with the girls, cruising the local bars, or attending a the great concert, (5) you can pair this bright green jacket with some colorful jeans and a graphic top.  Make a statement by adding a chunky necklace.  For a memorable date look or your favorite gallery opening, dress up the bright green skirt with a strapless black top.  Layer a couple of gold necklaces and carry a gold clutch to top off the look.  By creatively combining unique vintage pieces with your already fabulous wardrobe, you will liberate your inner fashionista. (6) Today you can mix prints, pair bright colors, and purchase that unique vintage statement piece to bring out the effervescence of your style!  Whatever trends you are going to rock for fall, make sure that you express your unique sense of style with vintage! TO | 19



Photography by Even

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Smith / Wardrobe by Darling Lingerie





t’s that time of the year, where the tumultuous twelve months before us come to a halt and we have an opportunity to stop the madness and reflect on the past year’s achievements, revel with our family and friends and spoil them rotten with thoughtful gifts! For those of you out there thinking a quick stop to the Gift Card Center at your local Superstore is the way to go, I implore you to use your valuable dollars to support small businesses and local retailers in your gift giving endeavors. Need some ideas for the vintage gal in your life? Here are a few of my personal favorites! Happy Shopping! Holiday Mulled Wine & Spice Set from Sort This Out Cellars - $ 25.00 Spice up your Holiday gatherings with the Mulled Spice Set from Sort this out Cellars. Hot spiced Mulled wine is a tradition in many European countries and is insanely addictive! As a small; producer of California wines, Sort this out Cellars, hits the mark with delectable wines, desert wines and soda pops all wrapped up in darling pin-up style. Vintage Beauty Parlor Makeup Book - $21.95 This ultimate guide to vintage-inspired beauty makes achieving makeup and hairstyles from the ‘20s through the ‘80s easier than ever! Featuring 137 pages packed with makeup and hairstyle tutorials, as well as tips on how to dress and accessorize for each decade, Vintage Beauty Parlor is a must have for every girl who loves all things retro. Each look is accompanied by beautiful full-color photographs, and a list of makeup and hairstyling tools you’ll need to become a vintage fashionista! Wild Cat High Waist Panties -$44.00 Channel your inner Bettie Page and unleash your wild side! What gal doesn’t love receiving lingerie and these high-waisted gems are cut in a classic vintage style for a pure retro silhouette that stays true to the era. Flattering on a all body types these are great addition to any vintage loving girl’s boudoir. Tara Dress - Stop Staring Clothing - $150.00 ‘Tis the season for sparkle and you will shine wherever you wear this stunner! Wow them with this sexy little number with the perfect amount of understated sexiness! You will be the belle of the company party and all your other holiday gatherings! This and other Stop Staring dresses are available at local boutique Red Rocket located in the Heart of the heights on 19th Street! These retrotastic gifts are sure to put a smile on any gal! And remember, this time of year it’s not just about the beautiful gifts you exchange with your friends and family. It’s about so much more than that. So whatever you do to celebrate this time of year, hold your loved ones close and take a moment to enjoy their presence and make memories! Keep it Classy xoxo MissVhaven | 21

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Tip-Out Nov/Dec 2013