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Dynamo Girls Photo: Bryan Anderson

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By MissVhaven


he Houston Dynamo is known for their exhilarating matches and diehard fans. Sitting at BBVA Compass Stadium with thousands of fans chanting in unison is an intoxicating experience. From their inception in 2006, the Dynamo has

been welcomed with open arms by the Houston community. The rush of the stadium is electrifying even more so when the salacious spectators catch the girls making their entrance. What girls, you ask? None other than the Dynamo Girls.

The Dynamo Girls are the official dance team of the Houston Dynamo and the only dance team in the MLS, making the squad a truly distinctive element to the Houston Dynamo. Brought on by the team in 2007 the dance and promotional team has been an integral

part of creating soccer awareness in town. The troupe is not just a marketing tool for success; the multi-faceted organization is also highly involved in an extensive outreach to the community including appearances, supporting local businesses and charity involvements. | 9


Giving Back The Dynamo Charities program, the charitable arm of the Dynamo, provides the dancers with a positive platform within the organization to provide assistance to those in need. The motives are authentic as performers are involved in a grassroots approach to serving their community. More than just a pretty face, the girls serve as volunteers, information distributors, moral support and hands on assistance for the Charity group. Some of their initiatives include: The Dynamo Charities 5k run, Building a better Houston events, ADA Tour de Cure, Bald is Beautiful and Big Brothers & Sisters. 10 | TIPOUT | SEPT - OCT 2013 | VOL 4

In addition to participating in these initiatives, the organization produced a swimsuit calendar this season in hopes of raising even more funds for the Dynamo Charities. Each Dynamo Girl is represented in the dynamic full color calendar and is beautifully shot on the beach showcasing each performer’s personality. Each calendar is $10 with proceeds from benefiting Dynamo Charities, presented by the Halliburton Charitable Foundation. You can support the Dynamo Charities by purchasing your very own copy at www.houstondynamo. com/dgcalendar. Performances Once at the game, spectators are treated to a vibrant routine by the Dynamo Girls including a blend of high energy synchronized rhythms and pulsating technical moves finished off with grande

formations. The driving force behind these powerful performances is Director and Choreographer Marilu Harman. Harman, who is no stranger to the dance team business, has created, directed, and choreographed professional dance teams for most of her adult life, including the Texas Aggie Dance Team and the Houston Power Dancers. Her bold and lively vision to dance comes across in every detailed choreographed step. She was enlisted in 2006 to develop the unique Dynamo Girl Project, an idea completely new to the MLS. Harman treats her dedication to the organization and the girls as a labor of love. “If we were going to create a program like this for the Houston Dynamo, we were going to have to be fully committed. I wanted to see the Dynamo succeed with this new idea and if they were going to have a dance team, we all wanted it to be the best it could be. Right up there


with all of the other teams you would see in pro-sports�, she explains. Behind all of the glitz and glamour there is a massive commitment that each of the girls takes on when she becomes a Dynamo Girl. Rehearsals are strenuous and can last up to three hours several times a week. The

girls must also attend Community Appearances and are on hand to volunteer with the various Dynamo Charities. On game days, the girls spend several hours before and after the games greeting fans, taking photos and signing autographs all with a smile. Their genuine approach to reaching

out to fans has earned them the respect and admiration of the Public. The squad members are also required to maintain full time jobs or a full time school schedule which is a daunting balancing act between their personal lives, jobs and the position as a Dynamo Girl.

Auditions The diverse team includes young ladies of all backgrounds and personalities adding depth to their dynamic as well as their live performances. Auditions are held each year prior to start of the new season. Current members are required to audition as well to keep her spot on the Dance Team. For more information on auditions visit www.houstondynamo. com/dgtryouts. The Dynamo Girls have truly carved out a unique niche in professional sports dance teams. They represent the Houston Dynamo with class and talent. The organization’s commitment to the community with its many outreach efforts continues to grow and that passion carries over into each live performance. For more information on the Dynamo Girls: TO | 11



By MissVhaven


magine yourself frolicking into a candy coated realm dominated by powerful women enticing you to surrender to their charms. Welcome to the world of BLUE 130 who mixes vibrant colors, whimsical details, and bold characters with a dash of erotica as she summons viewers into her pulsating domain. Blue’s vision is most certainly addictive encapsulating a seamless balance of beauty, pop art, sex appeal and power. Summing up her unique style into one category is futile. As many true creatives, Blue’s beginnings were humble. Self –taught, she doesn’t remember a time where she didn’t have a pencil in hand madly sketching away. “I think I always wanted to make art, but there was never an AH-HA moment.” she explains. Heavily influenced by a love affair with metal music, comics, cartoons and graffiti art her talents and eye developed as she matured. Bouncing back and forth from her original state of New Jersey to Texas her Journey to art took a few detours until landing in Houston and fully embracing

her talents. A visit to Dr. Sketchy’s in Manhattan changed everything. “I was commissioned by the guest model Raquel Reed to do an illustration for her website. The piece infused her obsession with pin-up art, comics, makeup and high heels into a glamazon fantasy. This marked the beginning of her reunion with art. “I never thought of it as a career before that. Her weapons of choice are pencils and ballpoint pens. Blue’s methods are tactical without appearing to be so, incorporating aerosol paint, layered paper cut outs and textile elements such as ribbons and fabric in her creations. Calling Houston home (for now) she has been embraced with open arms by the art community.” I feel like people here are very hungry for art, more than anywhere else I have lived. They can be very inviting, and you really feel the love at local events. I would like to see the Houston art scene expand and to keep inviting new artists to showcase in bigger venues”.

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Proving she doesn’t just talk the talk, Blue 130 is deeply involved in promoting the arts in and around town. “Most people I interact with outside of the art community have no clue about what events are going on around town. It’s like they are a secret! I encourage people wherever I go to come out and support the local art scene”. Her next curating project

“The Bombshell & Brawlers” show at East End Gallery features Pin-up and tattoo inspired art. Partnering up with Team RoMel and Pushing the Limits for the event’s grand opening, showgoers will be treated to live music performances and an independent designer fashion show bringing the art to life! Strong women are a common theme in Blue’s work. The ability to give women not only timeless beauty but an overall sense of power and strength is appealing to her as an artist. She aims to present the Feminine form in a provocative way that doesn’t translate into something vulgar or lewd. A lesson many ladies could use today. “I think women need to tone down the overall hooch vibe society puts out there and learn from the icons of the past”. The wisdom of her female colleagues has played a pivotal role in her personal growth. “I really admire Lizbeth Ortiz and Julie Zarate. Not only because are they super talented and extremely professional, but they are the most genuine artists you’ll ever meet and they challenge me to think outside of my crazy box. I also LOVE my local art friends for their constant drive and overall talent, Browncoat, Enma Merciless, and KG. They kick ass!” The independent art scene in Houston is churning out talented artists like Blue 130 and providing them with the support to thrive. For that we thank you. If you would like to see more of Blue 130, check her out at: TO | 13




By MissVhaven


alls; what today’s music is lacking. Turn on the radio at any given moment and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Insert Black Queen Speaks. A band that is driving forward against today’s mediocre sound polluting the airwaves. Their music is a concoction of hard rock, blues, and funk blended into an ambitious and utterly decadent sound drenched in testosterone. The Houston based Hard Rock Band was formed in 2008 as vocalist Mike Blas and bassist Pez Lopez replied to a Craigslist ad from Drummer Josh Skiffington and Guitarist D2 Day looking to form a band. They later added Ryan Korn as a guitarist to round out the group. “We are not trying to reinvent the wheel”, explains Pez, “We just want to be a Big Bold Band that inspires you to pick up an instrument or feel something”. Raw emotion is a common thread in Black Queen Speaks (BQS) musical fabric. The name is derived from Truth and is a metaphor for expressing yourself. D2 explains “It is like an eternal

game of catch. You evolve. Then breathe”. The song writing process is a purely collaborative effort from all of its members and every detail is considered for the betterment of the band.

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Although agreeing can be challenging at times these guys, all from diverse musical backgrounds, know what they want and how to achieve it. “We don’t focus on the small prize, we want the

big prize” explains Pez. Black Queen Speaks wants to entertain you, not scare you into submission. Just take a listen to El Grinder with its Hard driving dirty Hendrix-like power chords that grab you in the front with that soulful base line bringing up the back end. Singer and lyricist Blas comes through with a profound almost tortured armor of words never underestimating the listener. With an unearthly presence he woos you with his poetry and brute and all you can do is surrender to the message. The sound is intuitively gritty good ole fashioned rock and roll with semblances of Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Jane’s Addiction. There are snippets of sultry air to Black Queen Speaks driven by the soulful bass and rhythm section. Their blend of brains and brawn has muscled its way into their fans’ hearts who are treated to free downloads on the band’s site. Travelling all over the United States to lay down their fiery recipe of rock Black Queen Speaks is not slowing down. Sharing the stage with the legendary Slash was one of their most memorable performances. Another exhilarating highlight was travelling to India to perform in front of 30,000 fans as the headliners of the Synchronicity Festival. BQS recently performed at the BatFest in Austin with Hank III and will be opening for the Toadies in September. Future plans include hitting the road much more this year to reach their plentiful fan base. The best guitar music is a blaze of worn clichés revitalized and re-energized by the deft touch of inventive, exciting musicians, and that’s exactly what Black Queen Speaks manages to do. TO





By Theresa

Killswitch Engage Disharm the Descent

Do you ever find yourself sick of hearing the same folk indie 25 member carbon copy sounding bands on the radio? Me too! Can you taste the irony? My advice is to immediately buy the new Killswitch Engage record, hug it, kiss it and blast it right up in your face. You will sleep like a baby! WICKED. HARD. METAL.

Iggy Azalea

The New Classic Mark my words, Iggy Azalea will be huge! This tall twerking blonde drink of water from Australia is a rapper, songwriter and model. Any bad girl who doesn’t give a fuck will love this sound. Remember when Lil’ Kim made us feel okay to be sexual? Iggy does it too! The New Classic is an album that everyone will eventually own.

The Transplants In A Warzone

The super trio have released their third album with twelve tracks of wickedness. Tim Armstrong, “Skinhead” Rob and Travis Barker are not only magic together, but intimidating and I like that. It’s all about that darker edge that basically enhances their throwback punk rock roots. Is it angry? Yeah. Is it dark? Yup. This record is great. Elbows up folks!

Middle Class Rut MCR is a Rage Against the Machine rebellion under a Janes Addiction type sound. I use that metaphor loosely because this Sacramento duo went to the Trent Reznor school of ingenuity. They have grit with a killer flow that carries you through the album. Go Deluxe to get extra tunes like their Tom Petty Cover of, “I Need to Know”.

Sleeping with Sirens Feel

After three tracks I said, “That is one pissed off chic”. That’s no chic. Kellin Quinn is all man! Now, I’m invested. Track six had me at, “You’re a hypocrit, You’re so full of shit”. Kellin’s versatile vocals are mind blowing. This record not only tells a story, but it heals. Try it and let me know what you think. | 15


Pick Up Your Head

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WE FOUND IT, AND IT’S IN HOUSTON. By Raychel Maurine Lockwood and Alison Williams

ouston is often touted as being one of the best cities in America to live in, in large part thanks to its ever-changing, diverse food culture, nightlife, and a cost of living that remains consistently low in comparison to other major metropolitan areas. Our search for steak reinforced all of these facts for us, plus more- we found the beef, and it’s in Houston. In a city known for its steak, it’s difficult to successfully navigate all of the alleged steak night “deals”. Luckily, we have braved the mounds of ‘bargain’ beef that litter the streets of Houston and have determined where the value actually lies. These are our four favorites. So you’ve spent all of your money on a weekend of debauchery that you hardly remember, but you’ve met a nice girl, she’s craving meat, and you want to give it to her. Now that we’ve got that out of our system, look no further for a low-key, affordable steak night than Under the Volcano (commonly abbreviated to simply “Volcano”). This homey dive, located on the cusp of Rice Village, manages to escape the pretention that we’ve come to expect from the area. Play pool, enjoy a bottle of wine (they’re $5 off on Mondays!), and get what you came for- a 16oz ribeye or New York Strip, served with salad, garlic potatoes, and flan for $15. Pub Fiction’s name is perhaps its own worst enemy. No matter how many times we go, we are always dismayed to find that it is not, in fact, Pulp Fiction themed and that John Travolta and Uma Thurman look-alikes have not been hired to dance around, entertaining the drunken patrons. This disappointment is, however, negated by a solid steak night. Go on a Tuesday night (like we did) to get a 16oz New York Strip with mashed potatoes for $13. While I’m not typically a fan of this cut, it was juicy, well-seasoned, and, most importantly, cooked to my

specifications. To top it off (literally), the whole grain mustard steak sauce complimented the steak and meal as a whole nicely. Just make sure you come for the steak- it’s a Tuesday night, after all. If the understated atmospheres of Volcano and Pub Fiction have left you craving a sensory overload, head to Addix on Wednesday nights to get both your steak and social fixes. Addix offers 12oz ribeyes and strips for $15, or alternatively, 8oz filets for $18. All three choices are served with loaded mashed potatoes, but go for the filet- it’s worth the extra $3. Selling 120-180 steaks every Wednesday, Addix truly makes a night of it. However, with the large patio, DJ, hookah, and sheer volume of people, it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation with the person sitting next to you. No problem- just make sure you bring that one uber annoying friend that you still feel obligated to hang out with for some reason… I brought Raychel, and she brought me. Last on our list is Grand Prize, a hidden gem that, to passersby, might be mistaken for a residence. Surprisingly under most Houstonians’ radar, especially given it’s location in the Museum district, nestled a few blocks from the St. Thomas campus, this somewhat dive-y location has a number of things going for it. Number one, you can actually find parking, which will come as a relief to anyone who has ever tried to go out in Montrose after 9pm. Moreover, it is everything a bar should be- smoky, dark, and splitlevel. Bring cash for their Thursday steak night- it’s only $10, but you MUST HAVE CASH. For your coin, you get a 7oz steak and a baked potato. Grand Prize keeps it simple, the way we like it, and its pinball machine, photo booth, and cigarette machine will please your most pretentious hipster friends. Go forth and gorge. TO | 17




F Gray Marc Jacobs Beauty Nail Lacquer

$18 $50


Green Marc Jacobs Beauty Nail Lacquer


Catarzi Fedora

Chunky Preppy Sunglasses

$36 $35 Knitted Panther Spot Jumper


Mr. Bee iPhone Case


Rubik’s Cube Mug


Quicksilver Third Bay Shirt


Marc Jacobs Lovemarc - Lip Gel



Rag & Bone/JEAN The Jean Jacket with Hood in Bradford


Solestruck Boots

John Wind Maximal Art Sodalite Bumblebee Keepsake Necklace

Coated Sleeve Denim Jacket


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J BRAND Mid Rise Skinny





Siri Pump

all is one of my favorite seasons, I love to layer, wear flat boots and skinny jeans. There are so many Fall Trends to cover but the ones that I will be living in for this year are denim on denim, leather accents, insect motifs, and oversized hat trends. Color trends for fall, I die for anything electric blue, burgundy and emerald green. For casual day and evening out denim on denim look is a timeless trend, there is nothing new about it but in fashion there never really is. It has all been done before and it’s up to you to personalize it in a way that is unique to your personality. I can’t get enough of denim jacket with sleeves of a different thread or leather, like this “Splurge” look by Rag and Bone and the “Steal” look from Macy’s. I love the skinny jeans that cut right above the ankle oh so slightly, pair them with this denim printed top and a “I just threw this on” sexy moment emerges. I would live in flat boots all year round if possible so I’m always looking for an interesting unique pair, which these black To Be Announced boots are. You will look instantly polished with this burgundy oversized hat. Animal/Insect motifs are trending hard right now, you will soon not have an option but to jump on the wagon but because there is an influx you can choose how or where you will wear it. I love them on sweaters like this Top Shop Panther one, on a necklace like this bee locket, or as an iphone case from Society6. The first thing I do in the morning is drink a cup of coffee, why not drink out of a cup that will give you a smile like this rubrics cub one from TopShop. Marc Jacobs very recently launched an exclusive cosmetic collection in Sephora, let me begin to tell you how obsessed I’am over the bottling, colors and quality. I’m a sucker for good packaging and Marc Jacobs nailed the clean, modern and edgy look with their black and chrome finishing and flat oval appearance. I bought the grey nail polish and love the hi-shine finish that it leaves on my nails; grey is a perfect way to be a little dark but not as much as a black would give you. I also bought the lipstick and can’t resist putting it on all the time I love how it feels. Like usuall fashion isn’t just about being comfortable it’s about letting your personality shine through, so at the end of the day just have fun with it! Don’t forget to tag us on instagram if you have a stellar moment or a question that needs an answer. TO | 19




chairs, beef up web store, focus on T.S. Weaver & Co. PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRYAN ANDERSON

What fall trends are you really into right now? Simple things, hate logos, dislike main stream, likes dark colors, Self Edge, raw denim hand made jeans, things that have a story, redwings, anything vintage. Style I hate, floral shirts or Hawaiian shirts.


f you shop in local boutiques in Houston, or go to some of our best markets you have seen Manready Mercantile products by Travis Weaver. He has recently launched a sexy durable line of men’s leather goods called T.S. Weaver & Co. and has up the ante to his website with other products. I sat down with him to discuss his lines and what he sees for his growing life style brand. Who is the ideal man you are creating for? Modern Day Man that is a bit hard to buy for. Our actual target market

is gaged towards women from their 20’s to their 50’s. They are looking for a unique gift for the man in their life, whether it be a son, brother, boyfriend, husband or just a guy friend. The products are unisex goods and are meant for both men and women, they are mostly bought by woman for themselves but are great for men too. You have some other brands on your website right now, what do you see for is it turning into a lifestyle brand boutique? I want it to be a one stop shop, and for every product to have a unique factor

20 | TIPOUT | SEPT - OCT 2013 | VOL 4

or an interesting story. I want to have a site full of things and products the man your shopping for doesn’t have. What’s your goal with The main thing is the brand is a register trademark name, it’s one word, and you only capitalize the M in Manready. I want it to be the most well known website in the world. What should we expect from you in the next year? Amp the website, add new lines, customize projects, custom axes, leather

What’s something you would like for people to know about you? I’m not just a lucky bastard, no luck to it. I started something from nothing, and hopefully I inspire others to follow their dreams. Who couldn’t you do this without? Roby Fitzhenry, he has a graphic design firm AlwaysCreative. He does all of the branding and labeling, without him there wouldn’t be a brand at all. You can’t do everything yourself you have to team up with someone, at some point you will need help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We don’t want to hold back info either we want to help others, we spoke at Houston Makers Space and we thought that was really cool. TO | 21



By MissVhaven

Who is your Pin-Up Inspiration? Gil Elvgren and his art are my main inspiration. I’m constantly looking over his pin-up art for ideas on wardrobe, posing, and props. His art is a personal favorite and I enjoy using my inspiration from him and turn it into my own photos. All time favorite movie? My favorite movie in the world is Goodfellas. I absolutely love mob movies! I also enjoy quoting this movie for absolutely no reason at random times.


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“So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so.” ­— Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Sometimes you just need a good ole’ movie quote to put things in perspective. I spend quite bit of time here at the Pit discussing vintage style for the ladies, but this month I’d like to direct my attention to the men in our lives. After all, sophisticated style can be obtained by all. The wonderful thing about men’s style as that it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; it’s about attitude. Guys, I get it, you want to be comfortable and prefer a no fuss attitude toward your wardrobe. I once was told that guys don’t wear “outfits” they don “get-ups”. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure, every gal likes a guy who owns his style. It’s knowing your game and look, if you’ve got that covered then you’re on fire. Dress like a Man and be proud of it. Think Rat Pack and how this timeless troupe’s stylish adventures oozed style and continue to inspire. Each member of this elite group had their own particular take on dressing like a gentleman. Overall the look worked both separately and together; the martini downing and womanizing was extra. These were the last days of true Hollywood glamour, characterized

by impeccable yet effortless tailoring. Sharkskin suits, slim ties and fitted dress shirts were hallmarks of the gentlemen style. There’s more to a man than the size of his feet… The truth is that a man who pays attention to details in his wardrobe such as his shoes or his watch makes us pay attention to him. Accessories are key to demonstrating sublime originality in a sea of black t-shirts. A classic Fedora, perfectly aligned pocket squares and slick cuff links all exude confidence in a refined dapper way. Effortless Cool So what if you are more of a get my hands dirty kinda fella who prefers to dress for comfort? Take inspiration from the King of Cool himself, James Dean. His signature look with slickedback hair, jeans and a tight white T-shirt that was sometimes capped off with a black leather jacket and of course, a cigarette dangling from his mouth still epitomizes rebellion to this day. The most memorable part of Dean’s effortless style is just that – effortlessness. Casual cool has a certain rugged and masculine appeal that comes off as perfectly unpolished. Regardless of what kind of clothes you stumble into, do it with style. To all of the girls that say that Gentlemen don’t exist anymore. They do exist. But are attracted to Ladies. So Keep It Classy! xoxo MissVhaven | 23

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Tip-Out Sept/Oct 2013  

Pom Poms for a Purpose We take an exclusive look at the Houston Dynamo Girls, and how they give back to the community.