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On The Cover Theresa

Photo: Bryan Anderson MUAH: Sara Eudy Wardrobe: Vivo Puentes

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THERESA Written by Cary



and the inspiration… and only two people will look at it. Put up a photo of some chic with her dog in her armpit naked in high heels wearing drag… and everybody is going to go click on it.” She’s also got a pulse on the music. “I am a ridiculous music fan. I go to shows, I am constantly reading up on music, finding new stuff. It’s what I love,” she says. “I am not the “Radio Dj” that doesn’t have a clue about the music or the people that listen. I’m really happy that alternative music is in the forefront right now. Black keys and Mumford and Sons have really opened the door to a new sound for the mainstream masses to hear. What I don’t love, is the fact that we will eventually have all these carbon copy bands,” she continues. “It’s nice not to have a Gaga and Katy Perry pop tart domination right now.” On air music is one thing. Photo: Bryan Anderson - Beauty In Art | MUAH: Sara Eudy of Cara Dulce Makeup | Wardrobe: Vivo Puentes


he’s isn’t one to mince words. She tells you straight-up, head-on, without hesitation. That’s what makes Theresa from 94.5 The Buzz so entertaining. The radio personality has been perfecting her pitch and delivery for 16 years. “I am passionate and outspoken…. sometimes it’s brutal. But never a dull moment!” On average, about 170 thousand people tune in to get their daily dose of Theresa. That’s about half a million on a weekly basis. Getting to the top didn’t come easy; she had to work for it. Breaking into a male-dominated role was very rough at first… but eventually, she found her own voice. “I stopped giving a crap about what other people thought and trying to fit into THEIR mold. Now I say and do what comes naturally to me.” Her blog was also

amongst the top three in the country for Clear Channel in 2012. When asked about her strategy in maintaining her top-tier status, she says it’s basically all random. Anything that she finds interesting or bizarre,

she posts to her blog. That alone says a lot about the people actually clicking on her blog – that there’s a bunch of crazy fucked up individuals out there! “You could have the best idea of this blog about music

Photo: Federico Villamayor Photography

I AM PASSIONATE AND OUTSPOKEN…. SOMETIMES IT’S BRUTAL. BUT NEVER A DULL MOMENT! “It’s such a strategy to play the exact songs in a specific way.” Off air is a different story. “My person-

Photo: Federico Villamayor Photography

al playlist would make the station take a nose dive,” confesses the self-proclaimed metal head hippie.

On it, you’d find In This Moment, Deftones, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Mumford and Sons, Dobie Gray

and America. “I love that shit.” Being in the industry has made Theresa privy to various mind-boggling, mouth opening spectacles of insane chaos. “It’s nuts. I always joke and say that I should write a book one day. I have so many fucked up stories that nobody would believe. And I think the stories that I would tell, every band person would verify each detail to a T.” She shared details about a backstage party with Clockwork Orange and The Strokes. Something about sausages and a wedding veil… We couldn’t wrap our minds around the description being unfolding before us. “People were naked… on drugs… food was flying everywhere. Everyone was ANNIHILATED.” Buzzfest parties are always pretty raucous, if memorable after all the effects of alcohol have subsided. “They’re insane. Just a bunch of random shit. Like people that aren’t their wives that I notice are backstage. Geez, worse than an NBA player!” The large majority of people in the radio industry have what Theresa calls the “Peter Pan Syndrome. We just never ‘grow up.’” But of all the perks of the job, she says the biggest takeaway is her fans. “They are like family. They were with me when I moved here, got married, had a kid, got divorced and everything else in between.” And it doesn’t hurt that she’s in a coveted market. “Houston is the shit. Our radio station is strong and we all bust our balls to literally be good. I am very fortunate to be in a great market.” Tune in weekdays from 11am to 3pm for more of Theresa’s rants, likes and gripes. Or see what tickles her pink on her blog at TO

Photo: Federico Villamayor Photography | 9


THE TONTONS Written & Photographed by Cary




f you haven’t noticed, take it from Houston’s very own the Tontons. The band is making waves nationally, but the core of their existence and inspiration belongs here in the bayou city. “You can become more successful (elsewhere), but there’s no reason why it can’t happen here,” adds bassist 10 | TIP•OUT | ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4

Tom Nguyen. “It’s harder and there’s more work involved, but it is possible.” The band is still buzzing from a highly successful year in 2012: they toured all across the country, appeared at Pop Montreal, Next Big Nashville’s Soundland, the CMJ Music Marathon AND they even got the

nod from MTV for their song “Golden.” Earlier this month, the band released their follow up to that EP with “Bones” to a sold out crowd at Walter’s. It’s their first ever release on 7” vinyl. The 2-track album called “Bones 1” and “Bones 2” are both laced with the same strain of nostalgic melody but with two very dif-

ferent perspectives. “Bones 1” is more upbeat and talks about living in the moment, not getting carried away by what the whatcould-be’s. “Bones 2” on the other hand, is slower, heavier, a bit more bluesy. It recounts being“foolish and young” and how in the heat of the moment, regret seeps in “tasting like shame” and “burning like sin.” The release is an absolute teaser – it leaves you yearning for more. Luckily, the Tontons

The Tontons Vocals: Asli Omar Guitar: Adam Martinez Bass: Tom Nguyen Drums: Justin Martinez

are already busy working on a full length album set to release sometime this summer. Brothers Adam and Justin Martinez amp up the energy with the guitar and drums. Tom locks the rhythm in on bass. Meanwhile, Asli Omar’s rich, velvety, entrancing vocals wrap it all up and hook you in before you know what hit you. I overheard someone at the release party talk about how Asli “seduces” the crowd. And not in the way of grinding, thrusting or lame

choreography decked out in bedazzled gear. She seduces in her own way – it’s real. It’s raw. It’s how music should be delivered. It takes only a matter of seconds to get drawn into the musical abyss that is the Tontons. There’s no sound quite like it. “It’s almost laughable how much people struggle to categorize the band’s sound,” agrees Billy Mitchell of Even their own band members have a hard time defining their genre for that matter. “We started off as psychedelic rock,” recounts Asli, “but we have evolved as different people and a different sound over the course of this whole experience. We’ll go out and find things that we like and then we’ll bring them back to each other.” It’s that process of reshaping, meshing, and blending that gives the Tontons their unique sound. They create for the sake of creating; inspiration abounds everywhere. And when they’re not on stage, they’re soaking up their surroundings. “I don’t know why we started a band. I don’t know what we were thinking,” says Asli. “I think it was something we had all done for so much of our lives and it was such an important part of ourselves. We saw in each other something that was amazing and you can’t really miss an opportunity to do that.” If you missed the Tontons at Walters, they’ll be playing SXSW for the fourth year in a row this year. Check them out at www. TO | 11


JESSIE MARIE HUNTER Photos: Rapheal Brown - Digital Icon | MUAH: Jessica Bella, Toni Briseno (Far Right)

Where were you born and raised? Well I was born in Houston but I’ve been raised here and there. After my parents got divorced my mom moved us through a lot of small towns but I’ve been in Texas all my life. I spent my high school years in Montgomery, Texas though, probably one of the smallest towns you’ve ever heard of but I made a lot of memories there. Growing up were there any people that influenced your decision on getting a tattoo? Absolutely. Most of my tattoos represent things that I have overcome in my life and myself growing as my own person and things I’m discovering about myself, but my Dia De Las Muertos on my left arm was probably the most influenced by my grandfather 12 | TIP•OUT | ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4

passing and also a good friend of mine who passed away. What made you decide to take the plunge and get your first one? Haha I still remember like it was yesterday when my friend Megan called me up and wanted me to come with her to her friends shop to get a tattoo and I was like, “Let’s go!” I guess you could say I had always wanted to get inked up when I was old enough, so when I went with her I decided to get something where my mom would never see. I got a pink diamond below my belly button and I was hooked on ink ever since.

to be between my Day of the Dead on my arm and my most recent chest piece. I recently got the Aztec eagle right on my sternum. The eagle is very tribal and represents power, strength and courage. To get where I am today by 19 really took me a long way from where I was. I’ve seen myself grow into a young lady from an out-ofcontrol rebel-child, and breaking out of my shell of insecurity and putting forth ambition with confidence really surprised myself on what I could do. I mean, “if I’ve come this far in a year?” I tell myself, imagine what I can do by the time I’m 25. So that eagle has the most valued meaning behind it.

Do you have a favorite tattoo, and does it have a meaning behind it? Hmm... My favorite tattoo would have

How did you get into modeling? I started taking classes when I was 11 at Neil Hamil Agency downtown. My

mom was my ultimate supporter and I ended up loving it, but it ended up being more than my mom could pay for and too long of a drive from Conroe so I had dropped the classes. Over the years I grew to love fashion and the art of photography and modeling that I was dying to get back into it. I remember picking up my first Tip-Out issue of Bridget Blonde on the cover and I told myself I wanted to do that. I want to be an inked model. So when 2012 came around I started getting serious about it and haven’t stopped since and don’t plan on it! What or who are you’re inspirations? I get inspired through a lot. From music, to ALL kinds of different styles I see, to seeing real women around me grow and blossom into something

inspirational as well as aspirational. Women like Beyonce and Coco Rocha show women that you can come from anywhere and work your way up to the top and become iconic and do it with such class . Another inspiration is having God with me the whole way. He shows me when you manifest your faith in something, you succeed in everything and he keeps my mind, my heart and morals in the right direction. It keeps me from getting lost so easily.

Personal Info Age: 19 Profession: Model, Actress Instagram: @goldie1on Twitter: @MrsJesso832 Facebook: JessieMarieHunterOfficialModelPage

What projects are you currently working on? Currently I’m just keeping myself booked and busy with photo shoots and ready to work my butt off more than last year! I just finished a film called Bella Vetro featuring an upcoming mosaic artist, David Fink, with Espinoza Films. I’m also currently working on a music video with local hip-hop artist 20/Twenty. This year I’m really aiming to travel more, do work and familiarize myself in other cities. I love working with new people and getting to shoot different, creative, crazy and off-the-edge stuff! So keep an eye out for some big things this year! TO | 13

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ERIN MICKLOW Photos: Tim Sutton, Model: Erin Micklow, Hair/Makeup: Erin Micklow Vintage Swimsuit: Sailor Pink Vintage,

What is your favorite cocktail? A Greyhound What is your Dream Car? My Dad’s 57’ Chevy in the original paint color sea foam green. He used to take me for drives in the Chevy when I was little. Who is your pin-up inspiration? I love Marilyn Monroe’s sensuality and glamorous style, Bettie Page’s tiny waist, sass, and edge to the classic looks, and Jane Russell’s confidence and dangerous curves.


Photo: Kingwood Pinups



pring is almost upon is. You can tell not just because the birds are chirping and the sun lingers just a bit longer but from the clanking heard in garages and shops everywher e. Yep, its gear turning time which can only mean one thing; Car Show Season has arrived. Gone are the days of scoping out a state map to find traditional rod shows that were worth the trip. Thanks to the rising interest and popularity in the car culture lifestyle there is no shortage of shows in Houston and surrounding areas. So grab a calendar, get your shop towel & armor all and get ready to shine that sled up for some true custom entertainment. Rally in the Alley - February 16th The Houston & Austin Chapters of the Rumble Kats present the 2nd Annual Rally in the Alley at Papa’s Ice House in Spring, Texas for pre- 1964 cars and trucks. Not only does this group of tightknit guys know how to have a good time, they are constantly supporting other events around town. Live Bands such as Nick Gaitan & The Umbrella Man , Dead Mans Ransom and Gamblers Mark round out the lineup but what I’m personally most excited about is the addition of the pinewood car race! Talk about taking it ole’ school, so pick up your kit at your local hobby store and see you at the starting line. Texas Hoedown - March 2nd www. This year marks the 5th year of the Texas Hoedown in New Caney, TX which welcomes pre 1972 Custom, Rods, Rats, Muscles & Traditional Choppers and Bobbers. The Hellions C.C. host the show every year to roughly 3500 spectators and 600 cars and bikes. Highlights of the show include live roller derby bouts by the Houston Roller Derby and the longest standing pin-up pageant in town Last year over 20 contestants graced the stage with their beauty and charisma pining for the title of Miss Texas Hoedown, cash prize and photo shoot with Angela

Morales Photography. This year the show proves to be bigger and better with live bands, tattoo artists, swap meet and vendors galore. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for all things kustom and a fun event you don’t want to miss. Lone Star Round Up - April 5 & 6 2013 Roundup is THE Custom car show in Texas. It has quickly become the show that no one wants to miss and for many is a long standing tradition. Blame the Kontinentals C.C.for the huge success of the show now going on 12 years. The show has been completely transformed from its unassuming beginnings at a small football field with just a handful of hot rods into an internationally recognized weekender. The Jalopy Journal states “Simply put, it is the best damned car show in America. Period.” That’s definitely a high expectation to live up to but with its extensive swap meet, hundreds of vendors, mini bike races and an impressive musical lineup it’s easy to be swept up in the spectacle of it all. After hours, the show takes over South Congress with a rolling car show where you may end up at a stop light with the Beatniks C.C. or a So-Cal Customs ‘32 Ford and you realize this isn’t your average car show. Lone Star Deluxe - April 27 In its premier year, the Lone Star Deluxe still has quite a bit to prove, but this vintage car, truck, motorcycle and music expo has something many other local shows are missing; vintage ambiance. The show will be held at the Show Boat Pavilion in Texas City. The pavilion is home to the Showboat Theatre, considered a cinema treasure. The theatre was built in 1942 and for one night will relive its glory days with a parking lot full of hot rods, pin-up girls and good ole rock & roll. For more events, check out the Tip Out Calendar. See y’all at the shows! xoxo MissV | 17


BROWNCOAT Written by MissV



ouston Artist Browncoat is unapologetically authentic. Never at a loss for progression, he strives for legitimacy in his creative process, but on his own terms. As part of the rockabilly “familia” in Houston he’s a mainstay of the scene moonlighting as DJ Twinkletoes for various events in and around town and owns his own little production Company with wife, Miss Melane, aptly called Team RoMel Productions. With a new baby at home and plenty of upcoming projects, this artist is keen on keeping his productions genuine. Showcasing local talent is high on Browncoat’s list of Priorities as he cohesively fuses his passion for the retro lifestyle with art and music. He credits a Vincent Van Gogh biography and his final painting “Wheat Fields with Crows” with fueling his necessity to become an artist. After the painting brought him to tears he was reassured that creating was his calling. He works with all mediums, currently favoring paint and begins his creative process through sketches. Viewing his range of collections,


you can decipher Browncoat’s affinity for sci-fi “B” movies, music legends, hot rods, pop culture, pin-ups and of course Tina Fey. These days the title of consummate muse goes to his wife. As his partner in art crime, Miss Melane is often responsible for kickstarting his next collection of works like collaborating with other artist. Recently at East End Gallery “Explicitly Chingona: Le Petit Mort” he worked alongside photographer Melissa Gamez and mutual inspiration Sera Curran to capture the true beauty and essence of a woman but on a much larger scale than he had ever done before. The large acrylic and oil paintings of the brazen Curran resulted in quite a stir that most won’t soon forget. As he prepares for future collections and events in town, Browncoat is eager to encourage the flourish of the burgeoning art community whenever possible. “It gives us culture, beauty and inspiration”. For more of BrownCoat’s work check out his Facebook pages at browncoat/facebook or djtwinkletoes/facebook | 19

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