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On The Cover Cris Cyborg

Photo: Bryan Anderson

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WHO IS CRIS CYBORG? Written by MissVhaven Photos: Bryan Anderson


he Brazilian Powerhouse strongly believes in following her dreams. However, Cris knows from experience that fairy tale endings don’t just magically appear. They require hard work, dedication and humility. And when her dreams still aren’t attained; she just punches it right in the gut. The mixed martial artist began her career after being discovered by Rudimar Fedrigo, a trainer, while she was a national level handball player in her native country. Her intensity for the handball game and fierce athleticism drew Fedrigo to the competitor and he knew she would fit right into the world of MMA. And that she did. “After three months in muay thai training, I wanted to fight. I fought my first MMA fight and lost because of a dislocated shoulder” explains Cris. Although she lost her pro MMA debut in 2005, she was not defeated. She knew she had found her path and with her commitment she was willing to offer, she would be a force to be reckoned with. Her next fight was against Vanessa Porto on November 20th, 2005 in Curitiba, Brazil proved to have a very different outcome. This time Cris took the win by decision after three rounds. In April of 2009, Chris took the title of Strike force Women’s Middleweight Champion by Gina via TKO at Strikeforce - Carano vs. Cyborg in California. Cris destroyed Gina in 4:59 in the first round. This was an extremely important match as it was the first time that women had headlined a MMA event. It appeared like Cris Cyborg 6 | TIP•OUT | JULY 2013 | VOL 4

was unstoppable until she was forced to face one of the most challenging moments of her career. In early 2012, the athlete’s MMA license revoked for one year as a result of a positive test for stanozolol metabolite. In addition to that, Strikeforce was bought out and eventually the event was extinguished. These tough times showed Cyborg many things; “It taught me to never give up and show respect to my opponents and believe in myself”. Much was said from opponents and the media about Cyborg’s impending return to the world of MMA and many questions remained unanswered. Would she return with the same dominance? Was the doping bust truly a mistake? What would be her next move? In April she shut the critics up when she returned to fight at the American event Invicta FC and won Australia’s Fiona Muxlow in the first round by knockout. Described as a “Hurricane of Aggression”, there is so much

more to Christiane than her impressive fight stats. She is proud of her organization Centro Esportivo in Belford Roxo, Brazil where over 500 kids learn MMA in an effort to keep them off the streets. “Seeing the kids smile and giving them hope is the most rewarding part of the project. Kids can become fighters. Also, they are off the streets away from drugs and gangs”. When she’s not training she enjoys spending time with her friends and family in Brazil. She has a deep admiration and respect for her supporters and fans. At the moment, Cyborg is dedicated to training for her next challenge for the Featherweight Title against Marloes Coenen on Saturday July 13, 2013 where much has been speculated. However, Cris Cyborg’s fierce fairy tale still hasn’t reached its ending. Stay connected at TO | 7


FPSF 2013 Photography by Cary

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Written by Theresa @TheresaRockFace

In This Moment Blood

ITM’s fourth album is less metal core than their previous work. Don’t get me wrong, it still delivers massive intensity coupled with Maria Brink’s signature bloodcurdling vocals. Lyrically, track 4 titled “Whore” will make you want to bust your fist through a wall in honor of every man that did you wrong. It’s therapeutic just like shoe shopping.


An Awesome Wave If Timbaland and Matisyahu had a baby, you would get Alt-J. That may seem weird but the British Quartet makes some intriguing, gratifying sounds to listen to. This is an album you can hit play and just let it ride “Breezeblocks” is good but “Fitzpleasure” had me at 27 seconds: it turned me on! Try it.

Bad Religion True North

This is Bad Religion’s sixteenth album released back in January. Gregory Graffin’s voice give me goosebumps. In a musical time where the indie folk sound dominates, “True North” is well needed. Buy it, put on track 5 t titled “F*#% You” and then smash a beer bottle over your head. (Don’t attempt unless you are Punk Rock).

Coheed and Cambria “The Afterman: Descension” is part two of a double album. The first is “The Afterman: Ascension.” One of my favorite things in the world is watching Claudio Sanchez on stage, playing guitar, singing his guts out while his Puerto Rican-Italian mane dances in the wind like a mythical creature. Nuff said! That sums up this record start to finish.

Beware of Darkness Orthodox

The debut album of this California trio is appealing, in a non-Indie sounding way. It has great rock tracks and poetic softer songs with a splash of blues inspiration. “Orthodox” is a must-buy and will make you want to wear leather! Do you need any other reason than that? | 9

Photo: Bryan Anderson

The Afterman Decension


RAINCHILD Photos: Digital Icon Photography

Rainchild - - Two parts hard rock, one part alternative with a splash of southern rock, shaken not stirred!


ainchild hails from Houston TX, consisting of four members with the raw and uncompromising drive to create music from the underbelly of ill emotions,vises and hurt. Rainchild has shared the stage with numerous National acts: Hinder, Filter,Days of the New,Lynch Mob,

10 | TIP•OUT | JULY 2013 | VOL 4

Earshot, and many others.The band also has won rock band of the year from Houston’s Radio station 94.5 The Buzz. Rainchild is also involved with charity organizations, Homes for our Troops,Cherish our Children International, Rock for Warriors, Houston Food Bank, and more! TO | 11


ART CAR Written by MissVhaven


h Houston, How fickle we can be. What is fashionable one week we scoff at next. Not much preserves the Bayou City’s attention unless you are, of course; The Art Car Parade. With 26 years of kooky cruising down the streets of Houston, it’s steadily become a beloved tradition that brings out hundreds of thousands of spectators. And maybe that’s why the Parade has managed to stand the test of time; it’s still unexpected. There’s a Gigantic Chicken that blares out Surfin’ Bird, a colossal Radio Flyer Wagon, a ruby stiletto on wheels, a motorized monster to a busted mirrored sedan with a message. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all another wacky creation turns the corner… Wait? Did I Just see a port-a-potty on wheels? Why Yes, Yes you did. It’s all in the name of Art, Fun and Houston. These mobile art creations are intricate, outlandish and for the most part homemade labors of love by talented artist who beckon the bizarre and curious. One such artist is Tom Massimin who with the talented team of builders including Kenny Browning and Noah Edmundson created the Roach Coach, La Cucaracha or whatever the heck you want to call it. What’s more Houston than big flying roaches, the 12 | TIP•OUT | JULY 2013 | VOL 4

Wait? Did I Just see a port-a-potty on wheels? Why Yes, Yes you did.

creation requires no official name. The project was planned to only take part in one art car parade, according to Massimin, who is now the cars’ principal driver; but it was destined to ride again, and is now is in its 13th run. Originally built out of a 1978 Toyota Celica, the motorized insect is now categorized as a 2000 Open Top Touring Roadster by its Builders. The

arduous project took Browning, Edmundson and Massimin about 8 months to complete and it spans well over 30 feet long as it crawls through the streets of Houston. The Roach has made appearances at the events such as, The Illuminating Cruise, the First Dragon Urban Animals and Porno Vikings . At one time there was even a gigantic RAID bottle replica manufactured by Tom Massimin to follow the Roach down the parade path, but has since been retired.

Massimin, a motorcycle enthusiast, hot rod aficionado and overall “really cool old guy” can also be found moonlighting as a “TV Evangelist” and serving as an ordained minister for friends and family. Whether you catch him behind the wheel of The Cucaracha, his 1936 Coupe or 66 Slab Side Shovel, Massimin brings Art to Life and manages to do it with impeccable style. See the Roach-ster and in all its glory at the 26th Annual Art Car Parade on May 11th. TO

FOOD Rocket Fizz - Munchies

My kids and I had a blast in Rice Village the other day. As we were walking around we noticed a big rubber chicken sitting on a barrel in front of this store called Rocket Fizz. I haven’t been or heard of this place yet, have you? It’s a great old school candy shop with over 400 different types of sodas. You can grab a half or larger size bag and fill it up to the rim with candy and pay a fixed price. I did some asking and web surfing around and noticed it’s a company out of California that started franchising out other locations. They have 25+ stores all over the states, check their website to see newly added locations coming soon. We welcome it to Houston with love!

Mango Beach - Munchies This is one of our favorite little hide aways, not everyone knows about it yet. They have snow cones that you can add icecream or cream on top of. We also ordered a cup of Mango Chamoy. Chamoy is a mexican spice that is a little salty,sweet,sour and spiced with powdered chilies. My kids loved it.

El Pueblito Patio - Lunch

Man was it a weekend for birthday celebrations. Sunday Funday began at church for us and ended with a pineapple pinna colada at El Pueblito’s Patio. I have passed this joint a handful of times but I have never had the chance to go in. I felt like I was by the beach some were sitting in the cabanas drinking from a pineapple, I was in heaven I loved it. Great time with a huge group of friends. I ordered the chicken enchiladas wasn’t very impressed but the view and friends balanced it out. Next time I’ll trying something else.

Mia Bella Trattoria - Dinner Location: GreenStreetDowntown

In celebration of my girlfriend’s 30th birthday we headed to dinner at a well known chefs recent location of Mia Bella Trattoria. To start I ordered a Malbec and munched on some wonderful warm bread until the rest of the party arrived. Never having been there before I asked other guest what they were getting and the waiter. Three of my friends were getting the Tilapia so I opted for the waiters suggestion; oven baked rainbow trout, marinated in a lemon and roasted jalapeno cilantro pesto sauce; thats a mouthful for sure. I thought it would be interesting and a step out of the norm. In the first bite I could tell I wasn’t going to like this, I feel like it was burnt way too much; being the non picky eater I am I tried to eat a few more bites but after tasting the girls Tilapia and letting one of them try mine and confirm that it was just way to over bearing and canceled out all the other wonderful sauces I had to send it on it’s way back. I ended up being the fourth girl out of a table of 6 to order the Tilapia but it was just so good. The Tilapia is a 6oz pan seared filet served over sun-dried tomato pesto risotto which is so creamy and good, topped with sauteed spinach, artichoke hearts, red peppers and lemon basil caper sauce. It was so delish I definitly would be back for more. Oh and just to let you know the staff was fantastic about the burnt fish and making sure I was satisfied with the next. I recommend as a great party place, an intimate date night, or just a great stop for lunch while your shopping in GreenStreet! TO | 13





’ll be honest, I’ve never been one to really gravitate towards crochet in any capacity. If you know me you also know I’m not one to be swayed into something just because it’s trending. But I have to admit to be really into crochet right now for spring/summer 2013. It’s been around forever but designers/brands this year are really stepping it up and developing new product more interesting than you’ve ever seen before. I added a new feature into this article the Steal VS Splurge where you will find a Betsy Johnson crochet handbag VS’s Dolce & Gabbana, both have the light pastel pink crochet flower but are manipulated in different ways with a huge difference in price. If it’s still a little steep for you opt for the pastel blue Betsy Johnson wallet to feed your craving. Need the perfect go to dress for spring events? Steal -TopShop orange dress and Splurge Victoria Beckham mint dress. I think I could live in these denim jeans with crochet detail by Jen’s Pirate Booty; I love the flared leg, wear with a cropped top, swimsuit top or plain tank with lots of cool necklaces. This crochet playsuit/romper from TopShop can be easily dressed down with gold metal flats or dressed up with a great statement necklace, and orange heels. To toughen up the entire look add this vintage inspired belt by NastyGal, I love the hard metal detailing. TopShop is really killing it crochet this spring, when searching for brands to show you I loved everything from their online store and I really scoured the internet. Find the one that suits you, let me know what you find by posting your pic on instagram and I might pick it to post in our Street Style section next issue. Tag @tipoutmagazine @magenpastor #TipOutFashion on instagram and maybe I’ll pick your photo for my next article! TO


“CosmoPOP” Pastel Orange Lime Crime Lipstick Vegan & Cruelty Free

Crochet Pastel Orange Dress

Crochet iPhone Case




Jens Pirate Booty Denim Crochet Pants

Betsy Johnson Wallet

Betsy Johnson Purse





Crochet Splurge Bag Dolce & Gabbana

Orange Crochet Kicks




Crochet Dress


14 | TIP•OUT | JULY 2013 | VOL 4



Victoria Beckham Crochet Dress

Nasty Gal Brass Red Leather Belt

Toms Crochet Kicks

$58 | 15


KRISTINA BLACK Photos: Sik Photography

Where were you born and raised? I was born in Texas City, TX at mainland hospital I was raised in there and moved to Santa Fe when I was in the 7th grade. Growing up were there any people that influenced your decision on getting a tattoo? When I was growing up there really wasn’t many people who had tattoos I just loved them and knew I always wanted to be covered in them. What made you decide to take the plunge and get your first one? I was with my friends one day and we just decided to go my first one. It was on the lower part of my back and I was nervous at first, but after I got that I was already planning what I wanted next. Do you have a favorite tattoo, and does it have a meaning behind it? Yes, my favorite tattoos are on the back if my thighs. They’re sugar skulls with my kid’s names, my kids are my life so those tattoos mean a lot to me. How did you get into modeling? I was getting my ribs done at Article 91, and I met Jessica Villarreal there. She got me into pin-up modeling, and from there I started doing photo shoots for different photographers. What or who are you’re inspirations? My photographers and friends keep me motivated to keep modeling. I’ve had people talk down on me for my tattoos, and have said my pictures are inappropriate. I think my pictures are very tasteful, and I plan on continuing to get tattoos and keep modeling. What projects are you currently working on? I’m really just trying to get my pictures out there and get seen. I’ve been working with Juan Cruz out of Houston, and I’ve modeled for the poison girls. TO 16 | TIP•OUT | JULY 2013 | VOL 4 | 17

Photo: Charlie Gill Photography


LISA TREVINO What is your favorite movie? I’m a huge 80’s fan! I’d have to say the Back to the Future trilogy would be my favorites. I grew up watching Marty McFly time travel in the DeLorean. It just never gets old. Dream Car? A 1948 Ford pickup. My dad had one for maybe 15 years, and he built it from the ground up. It was the most beautiful machine I’ve ever seen and I always wanted one of my own. Favorite Bands? This is a tough one! Music is a huge part of my life, and it really depends on my mood. Like I said, I’m a big 80’s fan... Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, and Prince! It’s so fun to dance to. But I also have my favorite psychobilly playlist on repeat in my car; Guana Batz, Batmobile, and the Klingonz! Favorite Cocktail? I’m really more of a beer girl. It’s always Shiner Bock for me! TO 18 | TIP•OUT | JULY 2013 | VOL 4



iva Las Vegas, now in its 16th year is “the Biggest Rockabilly Party in The World”! It has become the mecca of rockabilly lifestyle and brings together vintage admirers from all over the world and all walks of life! What makes Viva so much fun is that it incorporates all aspects of the rockabilly lifestyle~ The music, cars, tattoos, dancing, burlesque, fashion and so much more! It truly is inspiring to see so many people come together to celebrate a lifestyle we all simply adore. Dressing for this 4 day event is more hard core than NY Fashion Week as ladies and gents methodically plan each outfit for every activity. No detail goes uncovered and the people watching alone is worth the cost of the wristband. Didn’t get to make it to the show you say? Check out a few of my personal photos and diary of the exhilarating madness that is Viva Las Vegas!!! Day 1 Once I had my boot with Sailor Jerry Rum Punch Mix I was good to begin all of the Viva Festivities! After a quick fitting and rehearsal for the Fashion Show, we moved on to Burlesque Bingo where I got to check my friend Jolie Goodnight of the Jigglewatts peel off each underpinning onto a bingo box underneath for a chance for audience members to win a prize! Next stop was the Janis Martin Tribute with Marti Brom & Rosie Flores! It’s always great to see fellow Texans pack the house on the west coast! Day 2 One of the highlights of my VLV experience was walking the runway for the VLV Fashion Show put on by the talented ladies of Rockin Kitty Productions with sponsor Secrets In Lace! Representing Houston with Designer Clothe My Naked Villainy was a proud moment for the Htown girl! After shopping and jiving lessons I was ready to relax to some fantastic music from the Golden West Trio & Miss Kay Marie and Graham Fenton & The Blue Caps. Day 3 Car Show Day is always my favorite! As a hot rod girl at heart I love the ambiance of a car show and viva always brings it to the max! It’s exciting to see all of the different styles of classic cars and car clubs

come together supporting each other. After perusing the cars I make sure to hit up all of my favorite vendors and photographers. Pin Up Girl Boutique always has a massive booth chock full of goodies and I was able to score Micheline Pitt’s new DVD on pin-up hairstyling and makeup. ( ! I cannot wait to begin to practice!! One of the great things about Viva is running into old friends in the scene from all over the country as I had the opportunity to do with my good friend photographer Roy Varga. I was honored to be featured as Miss July in his 2014 calendar and got to sit and sign for showgoers (www. I also had the privilege of meeting fellow pin-up gals and friends Cara Mia and Jolee Blon! As if that wasn’t enough the car show ended with a heart stopping performance from Legend Little Richard!! We danced as the sunset on the perfect Vegas afternoon! Luckily for me the festivities were not over as we scored tickets to see the Miss Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition! As an avid burlesque fan I was elated to see all of the top burlesque performers compete but it was especially exhilarating knowing that friends Iris L’Amour and Missy Lisa of the Ruby Revue were competing for the crown! The performances were jaw dropping and I was elated to hear them announce that Missy Lisa had won the crown! All in all a magical night for all!

Day 4 It’s nice to rest after of that fun and what better way than a lounging by the pool at the Tiki Pool Party! The Vintage Swimsuit completion put on my Vintage Suits by Mary is always a crowd pleasure leaving the crowd oohing and awing with such fantastic vintage garments styled to perfection! The night closed with beep bopping to the roots rock and roll stylings of Nikki Hill! As always Viva did not let me down! Don’t believe me? VLV 17 dates have been announced and are scheduled for April 17th-20th! See y’all on the dance floor! Xoxo Miss V | 19

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Tip-Out July 2013  

We feature Brazilian powerhouse Cris Cyborg and talk about her passion for MMA

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