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On The Cover Paul Wall

Photo: Bryan Anderson

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PAUL WALL Written by Cary Corral Photos: Bryan Anderson

Paul Wall is back.

After being out of the limelight for a few years, the rapper returns with a heavy dose of Southern rap in No Sleep Til Houston. The 16-track mixtape is entirely produced by GL Productions and is hosted by DJ Drama. “No Sleep Til Houston is all about the Texas culture,” he boasts. One of the hit tracks is called “Houston.” In it, Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Z-Ro rap over a drum-infused version of 8 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4

NO SLEEP TIL HOUSTON IS ALL ABOUT THE TEXAS CULTURE. the Sunday NFL on Fox football theme. “I loved growing up in Texas. We have our own entire culture. Our food is better. Our sports are more intense. We talk strange. And our music reflects all of that.” Besides Slim Thug and Z-Ro, other big name rappers

give shout outs to the lone star state. Bun B, Killa Kyleon, Michael “5000” Watts, Marcus Manchild and Kirko Bangz, just to name a few. Then, to soften things up, Paul’s wife, Crys, steps in and lends her vocals for a different side of the Htown rapper in “1st Time You

Say No” “I feel like I’m really getting into a zone on this project.” I get no sleep, but I get paid/ I play no game, no I don’t play/ Work all night, work all day. Those are the lyrics from No Sleep Til Houston. And as the title of the album suggests,

No Sleep Til Houston 1. Im Real, You Fake ft Bun B, D Boss 2. Bread On The Menu ft Killa Kyleon 3. Right Now ft D Boss 4. 2Cups ft Michael 5000 Watts 5. Bad Bitchez ft Slim Thug 6. She Likes It ft Marcus Manchild 7. F A Hater 8. Ballin ft Slim Thug 9. I Get It ft Killa Kyleon, Slaine 10. Money pt 1 11. Knowmtalmbout ft Kirko Bangz 12. Thats The Way Luv Goes 13. 1st Time You Say No ft Crys Wall 14. She Kno It ft Propain, Leelonn 15. Money pt 2 ft Gudda Gudda 16. Houston ft Slim Thug, Z-Ro

Paul is grindin’ and hustlin’ day and night and showing no signs of slowing down. “I’m up every morning at 6am to get my son ready for school. We get up early and start our grind off right. Even if I’m out ‘til 4am, I get up at 6am and start grind-

ing – studio, meetings, family, cars, sports, anything… except sleeping. And no negativity. I leave that in the past.” It’s a good attitude to have, especially with so many projects in the works. “I’m working on a new project right now called

Check Season. I have no idea when it will be released, but it’s on the way.” He also has a new mixtape out with Slim Thug and Mr Rogers called Welcome 2 Texas Vol. 3. “I think our city has come to embrace its identity, rather than

fight it,” Paul says. “The inner competition within Texas and the “crabs in a bucket” mentality has left, and now I see a greater sense of “us against them.’” As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. And pride for the lone star state is no exception “I loved going to the Astros baseball games as a kid. The Oilers and Rockets tickets were always too expensive, but the Astros tickets were cheap. We used to go to Astroworld too. But the best times were when we went to Galveston for the Kappa Beach Party every April. You would really see what Texas is all about. From the cars, to the music, to the clothes.” Music has been a constant pulse in Paul’s life. “I used to DJ at a few night clubs in Houston and Dallas full time until my music really jumped off. I miss it. Especially when I hear what’s being played, or better yet what’s NOT being played. If I wasn’t rapping I would definitely be a DJ… I loved playing something new, something that no one else was playing. Something that was super dope, but completely unknown.” Sounds like something we’d listen to! For more on Paul Wall, go to TO | 9


A MIDNIGHT IN CHICAGO Written by MissVHaven Photos: Anthonie Martin


on’t let their boyishly good looks and charm deceive you; the fellows from A Midnight In Chicago are not here to power ballad their way to your heart. Describing their sound as a hybrid of “1920’s Eeery Chicago Swing with a new school flare of breakdowns, heavy guitars driving bass and insanely catchy beats” their sound is difficult to categorize; other than alternative music in the true sense of the word. The infectious lyrics from songwriters Nick & Sebastien Fisher range from longing to wistful to bizarre in seconds. “We have a bit of everything going on up there on stage. On the one hand it’s fun and rowdy like rock and roll normally is, and on the other it can get real heavy, not only musically, but emotionally as well in certain songs” adds Sebastien. This raw emotion can be felt at their live shows where entertaining the audience is high on the agenda. “We like to try to keep our sets as action packed as possible. I noticed that a lot of bands forget to put the SHOW in a rock show. So we try to be as entertaining as possible and really put on a show, explains Lead Singer, 10 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4

A Midnight In Chicago Lead Vocals: Nick Fisher Vocals/Guitar: Sebastien Fisher Bass: Mike Honeycutt Drums: Jeff Bowers Guitar: David Fisher Nick Fisher”. The band emerged in 2011 with members Singer/songwriters Nick Fisher and Sebastien Fisher, bassist Mike Honeycutt, drummer Jeff Bowers and guitarist David Fisher. Although most of the members had floated around the Houston music scene for a while this project came with a fresh angle – a clear vision and business oriented approach to get A Midnight In Chicago to new levels. The method proved to be successful for the Band who was lined up to open for national acts such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and performed at the Vans Warped Tour all within a year. Known for their high energy shows, A Midnight In Chicago can be found performing regularly at the House of Blues, Fuel Cyber Cafe and Scout Bar.

As fickle as the Houston music scene can be, the Band knows that their fans aren’t going to come out to see a half ass show and they can’t survive without connecting with their fans. In April 2012 the Band released their self-titled Debut EP and is

soon to release their music video for their first single “Crazy”. They also joined Snoring Gorilla Management earlier this year which is coincidentally responsible for getting Houston Band Lost Element signed to a record label attesting to A Midnight in Chicago’s potential. The Band will also open for Lost Element later this year and you can find them playing with national acts such as 10 Years, Soul Asylum and The Almost. Want to hear more of A Midnight In Chicago? Check them out here www. TO | 11


SOUTHERN CANDY Written by MissVHaven Photos: Pretty and Inked Makeup: Kristina Frank | Hair: Bianca Linette


here is something truly captivating about a woman who is not just beautiful but who is strong and can handle her business. This month’s Sexy Ink Girl, Southern Candy exudes sexiness and femininity but she’s not afraid to take control. Get to know this bombshell below... When did you get your first tattoo? I was 21 when I got my first tattoo and I chose my last name in Arabic. I had my father write it out for me. I chose this as my first piece because it represents my Arab culture and it’s special because it’s in my father’s handwriting and it represents him as well. How did you get into modeling? I started modeling about 7 years ago. It began when I was in a fashion show for Material Girl and Jeff Taplin’s Sophisticated Bitch. I never really considered myself a model; I just did it as a hobby, something fun to do on my spare time. Up until the last couple of years I started doing photo shoots and fashion shows. I’ve worked Sabrina Sin in her fash-

12 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4

done by Johnny Jackson of Texas Body Art. I love corsets and think they are so beautiful and represent femininity to the fullest. As a model/hairstylist/art lover you know that creativity is a necessity in life. Where do you pull inspiration from? Everything from my friends to my coworkers to music, fashion, hair, art shows inspire me. I was watching a show on TV the other day and saw a hairstyle that inspired me for a new haircut. I get inspired every day and I love it because it makes want me to be creative. What kinds of things do you enjoy when you’re not modeling? I’m a full time hairstylist. My passion is hair and I love what I do. For me hair is a blank canvas to be creative on and I get to make women look and feel beautiful. I also love spending time with my sidekick Pomeranian Dita! What kind of tattoos do you find attractive in the opposite sex? No Tribal please! As an Htown girl, what kinds of things do you like to do in our lovely city? I absolutely love attending art shows, burlesque shows and trying out new restaurants. I try to make it out to the car shows because I’m a car lover. I love shopping at antique and thrift stores to decorate my home and to add to my wardrobe and addictive collections that I’ve started.

ion show productions, Coffin Case HTX, Amber Strickler of Pretty and Inked, Lorenzo Chuca, Femme Fatale Inc., Raphael Brown with Digital Icon, and Miss Emily Armand.s With seven years’ experience under your belt, what has been your most memorable modeling experience to date? Probably when I modeled for a Coffin Case show and had to go out in front of hundreds of people and it was a little scary. But once I was out on the stage it felt awesome and it kept me wanting to do more.

What is your most cherished piece and why? My most cherish piece is my chest piece. Its Lock, Shock, and Barrel from the Nightmare before Christmas, which is one of my favorite movies. I love it because it represents my favorite holiday, Halloween!! On top the whole piece is introduced by a quote from one of my favorite poets Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, which reads; “Once upon a midnight dreary”. The piece took about 4 months to do and was done by Javier Alvarez of Los Muertos tattoos.

Who are your Favorite Artists? I have a lot. I’m a big fan of art and I really appreciate it. Just to name a few because I could go on and on, Ramon Maiden, Lucky HellCat, Christian Navarette, The Death Head, Dandee Warhol, Cutthroat Art, Gelson Lemus, Blue OneThirty, BrownCoat Art, Melrose, Gerardo Siliceo, Valentin Colunga, Johnny Jackson.

Who are your Favorite Designers and/ or Fashion Inspirations? My fashion style is a little rock and roll mixed with Goth glam so I love designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Gwen Stefani with Lamb, Anna Sui, Kat Von D, and Dita Von Teese! As a self-described hustler, we gotta know, what’s next for you? My future goal is to become an Artistic Director and travel more to become more educated in Hair and eventually go to New York for fashion week to do hair for the shows. I also want to open my own Art Gallery here in Houston where I can display beautiful art work. TO

Do you have any plans for other tattoos? I really wanted to get a neck corset on my throat and I just did! It was | 13


MISTER GUERRO Written by MissVHaven


here’s no place like home. Just ask Tattoo Artist Mister Guerro. After owning various shops in and around the greater Houston are the time came to go back to his roots in the Houston Heights . “My family has owned businesses in the area since the 60’s and getting back to the Heights meant a lot to me, he explains. Opening Last Laugh Tattoo Studio in early January has been labor of love that almost didn’t come to fruition. Setting his sights on the prime location right off of 610 was just the first step. “It’s been one hard ride to get the shop open. I was involved with every aspect from the beginning and dealing with city permits was a nightmare and was almost unable to open the shop at that location”. His dedication paid off as you walk into the pristine shop. You may know Mister Guerro as the originator and founder of Space City Tattoo which opened its doors in NW Houston in early 2005. As the founder of the shop, Guerro was able to establish a strong client base as well as zone in on his talents. However after some time he realized his vision for the shop wasn’t being fulfilled and the moment came to make the tough call and sell. “Selling Space City broke me and I felt like I sold a piece of my heart. That’s why it took so long for me to get another shop.” Moving on to pursue other business ventures outside of the neighborhood and managing a few other shops was next but his focus just wasn’t there. It took a reunion of fellow tattoo artists at a convention for him to realize it was time to plan his return to the Heights. “As artists we all have our personal style and relationships with each other but we also push each other, inspire one another and are like family. Amongst his many inspirations he names, Rene Garcia of Big City Tattoos, Tat2 Frank and Hooper of Ink injection, Danny Blu of Legendary Ink, Top Notch Javi of St. Emmanuel Ink and Jay B of Tattoo Houston. Customers also reached out for return to the old neighborhood reminding him that his work was not only respected by other artists but known by Houstonians. Walking into Last Laugh Tattoo you realize it’s a professional shop where artists are there to work. “I like to own a family oriented business with no drama 14 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4

and a clean environment. This new studio has inspired me to do the best I can. I want to create an environment where customers can come in be comfortable, not feel intimidated and leave with a nice clean tattoo”. With a strong background in art and drawing, Guerro has been tattooing since the young age of 13 when he built his own machine. He can do a variety of work but is widely known for his black and grey Houston Old School street style work. Confessing that tattooing truly saved his life he is the first to disclose that the he picked up a few bad habits early in his career. “I had to re-learn a lot of things and get some real experience”.

With 11+ years tattooing professionally he knows that is not just a job but a lifestyle and you never stop learning. Remembering Rene Garcia’s words he sums it up “Keep that pencil in your hand if you’re not tattooing.. draw. The more you draw the better artist you become”. Counting with the support of his family and back in the area, Mister Guerro isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. Taking it step by step, on his own terms, he welcomes new customers and reminds old ones exactly where to find him - Last Laugh Tattoo Studio. See more of Mister. Guerro at www.facebook/tattooistmisterguerro Instagram - @misterguerro TO | 15


JESSICA BELLA Written by MissVHaven Photos: Bryan Anderson

What do you find most attractive in a man? Honesty. Charisma. Tattoos. Ambition. Big arms. First four are optional, hehe! Really, I look for someone who is genuine but playful - and really knows how to hold a girl. There’s nothing better than being wrapped up in the arms of someone who really loves you. Favorite Cocktail? Without a doubt... a Triple Tiara - it’s a gin and lavender cocktail that Ryan makes at The Marque. He wouldn’t tell me what was in it but it tastes like something a unicorn would drink! If you could travel anywhere in the world today~ Where would you go? India. Ever since I read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts I’ve been dying to go! It just seems like such a vibrant 16 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4

country with really amazing people and an incredibly rich and diverse culture. Who do you draw your pin-up inspiration from Marilyn Monroe is a huge inspiration to me. Her images, her films, her story - all of it inspires me to see the innocence and fun in life despite whatever hard times we go through. She is cute, innocent and sexy at the same time with a lot of joy, personality and expression which to me is what pin-up is all about. But honestly I draw inspiration from everything! From the icons such as Marilyn and Bettie, modern greats like Dita Von Teese, films like True Romance and Crybaby, musicians like Imelda May, other models such as Mosh, MissV, Fae Raven, Rayna Terror, Jessica Garza, photographers like Alvarado and Mendoza...basically I try to learn from and take inspiration from

everyone and everything! Sometimes just going to a vintage event like Viva Las Vegas can give you more inspiration than anything else. Favorite Band? I’ve always been a 50s girl at heart... I grew up listening to Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash... whenever I listen to Whole Lotta Shakin, Jailhouse Rock or Folsom Prison I can’t help but dance about and be happy! My favourite modern band since I was 17 has been My Chemical Romance though. Their album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge helped me through a pretty dark time in my life and ill always love them for it! I also love Rancid, The Distillers, Imelda May, Nirvana...The Smiths. It’s so hard for me to choose just one I LOVE music, it’s a huge part of my life. TO


Photo: John Nowicki Photography

years back and my jaw dropped! Creator Gabriela Hernandez originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina wanted to bring artistry and romance back to the cosmetics industry with a line “infused with a romantic sensibility that was rich in historical details”. All of her products are not only beautiful works of art but are also infused with natural ingredients such as green tea, jojoba oil, rose waxes and lavender flower extract to bring a sense of wellbeing to each application. My favorite shade of lipstick is the merlot which is a deeper wine shade reminiscent of an elegant 1940s film star. At a $22.00 price point it is a bit higher than other options but it is a small price to play to feel glamorous every day. If you plan on picking up a lipstick make sure you grab one of Bésame’s Signature Compacts to complete your vintage vanity collection!


ouston’s Very Own Pin-Up Personality shares a little of her Bombshell Adventures! Elizabeth Taylor said it best- “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” The power of the perfect pout should not be underestimated. Lipstick seals the deal in more ways than one and can be the finishing touch to any vintage inspired look. Although red is my personal favorite and a key element in any signature pin-up look, I’ve recently stepped out of my comfort zone and experimented with other hues that have won me over! Follow me to the land of lippage…… My All Day - Every Day In my cosmetic case, car, bathroom and multiple purses you will find my all-time favorite MAC Russian Red. I absolutely adore its matte texture. I hear gals saying all of the time they just can’t wear red and that’s simply not true! I recommend experimenting with many shades to find the perfect rouge for you. Depending on your skin tone, you may need a red with a cooler bluish type tint or a warmer orange-ish tone. I found my signature color this way and have never looked back! Ruby Woo is also a popular shade that is just a bit creamier than the Russian Red and at about $15 a tube it’s not too bad on the pocketbook. MAC also has a recycling program and if you return six primary packaging containers you receive a free lipstick! So you and Mother Nature can be beautiful! Win-win if you ask me!

Color My Fancy! I am a sucker for Marketing and any product with a Unicorn is an instant MUST HAVE in my book. Although I was initially lured to Lime Crime by their adorable product styling, I quickly became a fan of the products themselves. My current obsession is their Velvetines Line Collection in Red Velvet. This enchanting product slides on like a gloss and instantly dries for the perfect pigmented pout of dreams! The color works as a stain and remains on your lips after a cocktail (or two)! I also adore the shade Poisenberry for those darker witchy nights out and the Carousel Gloss Snowsickle with just the right amount of sparkle for the everyday. Whichever product you decide to choose you won’t be disappointed with the truly mystical unicorn packaging as it arrives on your doorstep. It simply too fantastic for words! Another plus is that all of Lime Crime products are 100% cruelty free. No loopholes, legalese.. nada. It’s not tested on animals. Period. Every day deserves to be special so go out and make it Grande and Glamorous with your signature shade! Keep it Classy! Xoxo MissV

Most Authentic I came across the l Bésame Cosmetic line at Viva Las Vegas a few | 17


KEVIN PETERSON Written by Cary


“I’m trying to capture a moment.” Like most artists, Kevin Peterson paints as a way of capturing life. His realistic, figurative oil paintings are so lifelike, they’ll have you doing a double take. A common theme in most of his work contains a stark contrast between subject and environment, like the innocence of a child against a ragged defiled backdrop. “I put a child in an environment that you wouldn’t normally see a young person alone. I think it’s a metaphor for growing up. It’s about that stuff we all go through that forms who we are as adults – little traumas or sometimes big ones, all of those things that form our defenses and cause us to build walls.” Those walls also have a deeper symbolism and are a metaphor for life itself. “At one point the walls and backdrops of my paintings were shiny, new and untouched. Just like we were as kids,” he explains. “Then people, the elements and whatever else comes along and breaks down, corrupts or tarnishes them. At the same time, others come along and repair, rebuild and decorate them. It’s kind of like what happens to us throughout our lives.” It’s a tapestry of metaphors. Using photographs, Kevin visually stitches each one together to create the final composition. “It’s almost a collage process to begin with,” he says. “I may have a picture of a model that I use for the figure and a separate image for the background and then other images for graffiti.” It’s a timeconsuming process. Any given piece will take a minimum of 20 hours to complete. Some paintings have taken up to 150. Kevin was born in Elko, Nevada, but for nearly 20 years, he’s called Texas home. “[Houston] is really important to me as an inspiration. The noise and 18 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4

bustle are what give me inspiration. I often drive around taking pictures and looking for environments that I want to paint.” And if you know anything about

graffiti art, you may have recognized some of the writing. “I like to use all different styles and I prefer using real graffiti that actually exists in the world to create these environments in my paintings. My paintings differ from photographs in that I create a situation or a place that only exists in the work and not in real life.” His approach and penmanship is courted from coast to coast. He’s had successful shows in both California and New York. This May, he’s showing four new pieces at Thinkspace in Los Angeles. That’s followed by a solo show at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco later in September. To see more of his work and to keep up with the latest shows, check out http:// | 19


STYLING SPRING Written by Magen


pring: the birds are sweetly chirping, and the sun is so bright, it has me feigning for florals. The 2012 floral prints trend is carrying into spring 2013. Good thing for us, more and more brands are creating these cool prints not only on pants but all over this season in: handbags, blazers, shoes, watches etc. There are new creative ways floral is being delivered like the laser cut out Elaine Turner Clutch shown here; It has a definite edgy vibe to it but still uber chic. Another trend I can’t get enough of is geometric prints. I love the jewelry and accessories hitting the stores like these cool studded headphones from BCBG, the Stella & Dot chunky silver ring or this rocker chic lion gold/black cuff. I could live in this geometric diamond chunky tank from For a one-of-a-kind look check these Sass and Bide geometric pants out; they are one of


my all time favorite brands. Their line is edgy, rock and roll, but classy and sexy at the same time. Metallic is carrying on to spring in a very sweet lady like way; these pink pastel heels can be worn with ripped washed out jeans and a t-shirt or a dress for a more dressier occasion. Mixed media jewelry like this necklace shown here by LilahGabriel is a statement piece that can be worn every day, dressed up or dressed down with a basic tank and jeans. One of my mottos in life is “ If you never try, you’ll never know” so go out there and find which one of these trends suits you this spring! TO

Studd Earbuds

$28 $16


Floral Mesh Watch Urbanoutfitters

Floral Geometric Wood Case By IdeaCase

3.1 Phillip Lim Floral Print Silk Tank

$48 Stella & Dot Artemis Cuff

Geometric Diamond Tank


$225 Elaine Turner Bella Clutch

$250 The Roll Over Sass & Bide Jeans

$250 $49

Claribel Necklace

Stella & Dot Athena Ring

$76 Hackney Heels

20 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4


$130 1460 Womens Floral Docs | 21

22 | TIP•OUT | APRIL 2013 | VOL 4 | 23

Tip-Out April 2013