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M. T. Pockets Theatre

2013 Season M. T. pockets theatre company | 1390 1/2 university avenue,morgantown, wv 26505 reservations 304.284.0049 | email |


Toni Morris, President/Founder Donald C. Fidler, Joe Kaehler, Pam Kaehler, Angela Kauffman, Raquel Nethken, Robin Schooley, Pam Sullivan, Vickie Trickett and Joel Vogt. Angela Dennis, Ron Weaver (ex-officios.)

STAFF Toni Morris, Artistic Director

David Beach, Dramaturg Ed Cole, Technical Director Colin Crawford, House Manager Tawnya Drake, Publicity Assistant Dani Bohnke, Company Manager

ensemble members

M. T. Pockets Theatre Ensemble is a body of artists who are committed to M. T. Pockets Theatre’s goals. This group includes actors, directors, producers, designers, technicians and managers whose talents provide the energy to keep M. T. Pockets a thriving performance organization. The goal of Ensemble Membership is empowerment of the artists in the growth and mission of the theatre. This differs from some other ensemble groups who may charge members dues as a condition of participation. M. T. Pockets expects Ensemble Members to make a commitment to work for the success and benefit of theatre as a whole. individuals are eligible to be invited to become Ensemble Members after completing at least three (3) productions, based on a criteria of dedication to the goals of M. T. Pockets, a commitment to meeting the demands of producing quality performances, a willingness and ability to offer a variety of skills to assist in the continued growth and success of the company and the proven ability to work collaboratively with other members of the Ensemble.

Chris Adducchio, Glynis Board Dani Bohnke, Ed Cole Patrick Cole, Carisa Collins Jim Connelly, Christian Cox Colin Crawford, Tawnya Drake Joanna Fritz, Angela Kauffman

Jonathan Lazzell, Steven McElroy Jeffrey Neil, Raquel Nethken Nora Perone, Ron Reaser, Josh Rocchi Missy Ryan, Charlotte Swiger Travis Teffner, Shea Thompson Tracy Turner, Bobby Wolfe

THE PLAY THE ACTORS THE AUDIENCE “You need three things in the theatre - the play, the actors and the audience, and each must give something� The M. T. Pockets Theatre Company, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the state of West Virginia. Founded in the summer of 1999, the company provides high quality, affordable entertainment to Greater Morgantown and the surrounding area by presenting a broad range of works that include new and established plays, productions that reach beyond the normal limits and give new insights to sensitive issues, and provide a venue for alternative theatre and promote women in the performing arts. The company produces year-round, presents annual fund-raising events,

host a playwright group, presents a new works festival for scripts in progress readings, host a ten-minute play festival, tour when possible and perform at private functions. We have produced scripts from international playwrights. We have two resident dance companies, a resident improv group and host an annual intensive theatre workshop for school age children each summer. The 100% volunteer company is a group of devoted theatre enthusiasts and professionals who are dedicated to presenting theatre of the highest quality with style, passion and artistic excellence.


Festival Director................................................................Toni Morris Light/Sound Board Operator....................................Louisa Copeland Technical Crew................................................Ed Cole, Toni Morris

Welcome to the M. T. Pockets Theatre PLAYground! Please turn all mobile phones/ electronic devices to SILENT. Please refrain from texting during the production out of respect for the performers and the patrons around you. Please throw away trash as you leave the theatre. Thank you for supporting the arts and M. T. Pockets. Now, sit back, relax, enjoy the show!

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A Note from our artistic director

Toni Morris Founding Artistic Director

The idea of doing a ten-minute play festival came to us one night while we were discussing our new works festival. We love giving new playwrights a venue to workshop their work. We decided to limit it to ten-minute plays because it is imperative for playwrights to workshop their plays, and seeing them on their feet, actually being performed, is a great way to for them to see if their vision is coming to fruition as they expected. Some of them may see their play performed and decide to continue the work it into a full-length production. So we limited entries to ten minutes so we could give several playwrights this opportunity. When we released the concept, we had no idea of how many entries we would receive. After reading nearly 300 plays, our committee narrowed it down, and the decision was made to host the plays in two separate weekends—a weekend for local plays and a weekend for nonlocal plays. That was the first challenge. After that we had some convincing of local talent to involve many directors and actors. It took some serious coordination, but we were able to pull it off, and what you are about to see is some amazing, good work. This opportunity has allowed some directors to have a first experience, and a ten-minute play is the perfect amount of time needed for a first experience. We also have some first-time actors, and a short piece is a perfect venue for them to get their feet wet on stage. So the whole process has helped us to build our repertoire of playwrights, directors and actors. Hopefully it will also build our audience base who might come to our space for the first time to see a friend or support a playwright. It has not been without sacrifice from everyone involved and maybe even a little hair pulling, but it has evolved into the wonderful experience I knew it would. I am very proud of our little company. So THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this a success. And you if you are itching to write, direct or act, there will be next year!

“The Worst Valentine’s Day” by

Mark Combs Directed by Breana Balliet Mike Colby - JOHN BLEVINS Cody - JOSH ROCCHI Mr. Farley - BRAD BALLIET Stu - SHEA THOMPSON Female Voice - LOUISA COPELAND

This play is dedicated to my Uncle Robert without whom I wouldn’t know about so much comedy. ~Mark

“Say Hi to Mick Jagger� is a monologue based on a true event. In 1983, Andrei Berezhkov, the son of the Soviet cultural minister in Washington, tried to defect. He failed, but not before his letter of defection was published by the New York Times. Andrei, played by Ben Adducchio, explains and recounts the event, before, during and after.

White’s Room by Sean Bonnette

Directed by Breana Balliet “White’s Room” began as a class exercise in 1997 about two characters who wake up in a featureless white room and have no idea how they got there or who they are. Being a fan of both “Waiting for Godot” and “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” I was always intrigued by the complications of two characters who have no idea what is going on in the world around them and the complications that scenario presents to actors onstage. As the years went by and the political landscape changed „White’s Room” began to evolve. During the Bush era, torture and holding prisoners without a trial became an issue, so I decided to change the premise of the play. This version centers on how far a government will go to learn the truth and what one will do to protect the secrets locked in his mind. I am currently working on a full-length version of the play that will further hash out these issues. ~Sean


“Souvenir� portrays a couple at the end of their relationship, past the anger, past the hurt, facing the future. The husband arrives late at night to pick up a last souvenir, and realizes that despite what has to happen, he still cares about her. Robert (played by Kevin Ford) and Joanna (played by Amy Widmer) have a bitterswet moment that is raw and real.

Anatomy by Tracy Turner Directed by Josh Rocchi

Woman Man


SCRABBLE a b b l by e Xavier Garcia Directed by Josh Rocchi

He: GLENN CLIFTON She: AMY LYN WIDMER Marital Bliss at its finest! The "poison and wine” scenario of a marriage on the brink of desolving.

"Are you close to seeing things my way, or are you closing the door in my face?”

Cush and David by Josh Nichols


Second Amendment by Don Fidler

Directed by Ed Cole


I’ve Never Been Called Sexy Before by Beau Bowden Directed by Tawnya Drake Mallory: NORA PERONE Gina GINA BERNAZOLI Anthony: DARUS ZEHRBACH Manager: BEN ADDUCCHIO

What happens when the sexual power dynamic is flipped on its head? Watch as Mallory, an erotic fiction writer who does not understand the full power of her own unique sexuality, discovers a part of herself that she never knew existed.

coal miners club

Outside financial support is vital to our existence and continued growth. It is with the support of companies, businesses and individuals like the following that we are able to continue creating the affordable, quality theatre that you have come to expect on our stage. Donations listed here are for July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013.

Panhandler Cliff Wilson, Tawnya Drake Chris Adducchio Prospector Loretta Barill, Thomas A. Pandolph Dwight Harsbarger Coal Miner Judith Stitzel, Pam Sullivan & Joel Vogt Gold Miner Monongalia County Commission City of Morgantown/Arts Fund West Virginia Commission on the Arts Silver Miner Donald C. Fidler IATSE

To make a donation to support the M. T. Pockets theatre company annual fund, please talk with Toni Morris or visit our web site and choose the “Donate� button at the top.

Donation Levels Red Cap $1 - $49 Panhandler $50-$99 Prospector $100 - $249 Coal Miner $250 - $499 Silver Miner $500 - $999 Gold Miner $1,000 - $4,999 Platinum Miner $5,000 - $9,999 Mollie Brown $10,000+ for information on our capital campaign building fund or to include m. t. pockets theatre company in your will, please talk with Toni Morris.

240 High Street, Morgantown WV 26505

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The staff of the Fred L. Jenkins Funeral Home is dedicated to providing the families we serve with personalized, individual, and compassionate service. Our philosophy is centered around respect.

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You can be rest assured if you extend to us your trust in caring for your loved ones, they will be treated reverently at all times as though family members were present.

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When you move, you stand revealed. Doris Humphrey

The area’s only semi-professional dance company, Alchemy provides a high quality dance organization within the greater Morgantown community for serious local dancers, ages 18 and older, to train and perform locally, regionally and nationally. Auditions are held annually. Alchemy Dance Project is a resident dance company of M. T. Pockets Theatre and the big sister of Red Stone Dance Initiative. Founded in 2008, Red Stone is a youth modern dance organization that provides an opportunity for young dancers, ages 10 and older, to become a part of Morgantown’s first junior modern dance company while artistically and creatively show-casing Morgantown’s young, talented dancers.

2013 Season Some titles and dates are subject to change and pending permission.Additional titles will be added as planned. “The Tricky Part” by Martin Moran January 17, 18, 19

“Elk & Wolf” by Donald Fidler & Travis Teffner February 1, 2, 7, 8, 9

“Doubt: A Parable” by John Patrick Shanley March 8, 9, 14, 15, 16

“Sylvia” by A.R. Gurney April 4, 5, 6, 7

New Works Festival April 13

Alchemy Dance Project 10th Anniversary Concert April 24, 25, 26, 27

“The Dixie Swim Club” a jones, hope & wooten comedy May 24, 25, 30, 31, June 1

Ten-Minute Play Festival June 7, 8 and 14, 15

PITA Performances June 27, 28

“Fully Committed” by Becky Mode July 19, 20, 25, 26, 27

“Birth” by Karen Brody August 21, 22, 23, 24

“Art” by Yasmina Reza, Translated by Christopher Hampton September 13, 14, 19, 20, 21

"Roll Call: Stories from the Brave Black Regiments of the Civil War” by Ilene Evans September 26, 27, 28, 29

"Paul and Erin Go to Bed" by Glenn Clifton October 24, 25, 26, 27

“Three Guys in Drag Selling Their Stuff” by Edward Crosby Wells November

“Seven Santas” by Jeff Good December 6, 7, 12, 13, 14

Alchemy Dance Project & Red Stone Dance Initiative December 18, 19, 20, 21

Ten-Minute Play Festival June 7 & 8