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Connections Fall 2019 / Winter 2020 regulate recreational marihuana establishments within their boundaries.

Winter 2019 – State regulators indicate their intent to release recreational marihuana establishment rules in time to issue licenses in December 2019. The City develops timelines for the consideration of recreational marihuana establishment ordinances on this basis. April 2019 – State regulators announce an accelerated timeline with rules anticipated in June, and license application processing to begin in September.

Recreational (adult-use) Marihuana Information Under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA), it is legal for adults, 21 years of age or older, to grow, possess and use marihuana within certain limitations. This act also creates a commercial market for recreational (adultuse) marihuana. Local regulations related to the commercial market for recreational marihuana were adopted by the City Commission (City Commission Approved Marihuana Establishments Ordinance). A citizen initiative ordinance has also been approved for the November 5, 2019 ballot (Citizen Initiative Recreational Marihuana Establishments Ordinance). A timeline and detailed information about the two ordinances are described below and on the next page.

Timeline November 2018 – Michigan voters approve a recreational marihuana ballot proposal with recreational marihuana establishment licensing to start by December 2019. The state authorizes municipalities to completely prohibit or limit and

June 2019 – The state’s revised timeframe causes the City to adopt an ordinance prohibiting marihuana establishments to allow adequate time for city policymakers to review the state regulations and draft local regulations consistent with state regulations. July 2019 – State regulations (emergency administrative rules) are issued.

July/August 2019 – City Commission holds four work sessions to establish parameters for ordinances permitting and regulating recreational marihuana establishments. July 2019 – The City receives a Citizen Initiative Recreational Marihuana Establishments Ordinance petition with 324 validated signatures.

August 2019 – Adhering to the MRTMA, the ballot language for the citizen initiative petition for a recreational marihuana establishments ordinance is approved by the City Commission for the November 2019 ballot. Zoning ordinance for recreational establishments referred to the City Planning Commission. September 2019 – City Commission approves ordinance to allow and regulate recreational (adultuse) marihuana establishments.

City Commission Approved Recreational Marihuana Establishments Ordinance and Proposed Zoning Ordinance

Citizen Initiative Recreational Marihuana Establishments Ordinance

Processors - unlimited

Processors - unlimited

Safety compliance establishments - unlimited

Safety compliance establishments - unlimited

Secure transporters - unlimited

Class A growers – maximum of 5; Class B & C growers – maximum of 3

Secure transporters - unlimited Marihuana growers - unlimited

Retailers – maximum of 3

Retailers – maximum of 5

Microbusinesses (150 plants; grow, process, retail) – maximum of 2

Microbusinesses (150 plants; grow, process, retail) unlimited

Maintains state law minimum buffer distance of 1,000 feet from K-12 schools. Adds 500-foot buffer from CMU (except east of campus and east of Mission Street).

Reduces state law 1,000-foot minimum distance from K-12 schools to prohibit establishments from being adjacent to K-12 schools.

Zones recreational marihuana establishments like medical marihuana facilities. (Items considered: air standards, odor, light, noise, location/buffers, impact on sanitary sewer system.)

Prohibits the City from zoning such establishments differently than any similar uses.

Designated consumption establishments – not permitted.

Requires a special use permit from the Planning Commission obtained after a public hearing.

Designated consumption establishments – unlimited

Prohibits the City from imposing any special land use requirements on marihuana establishments.

Recreational marihuana retailers allowed in areas zoned CD-4 or CD-5 and in CBD TIFA or Mission DDA.

Allows recreational establishments anywhere except exclusively residential zoned areas.

Competitive selection criteria would include medical marihuana license status and compliance record.

Require the City to also issue a medical marihuana facility license for the same recreational (adult-use) marihuana location.

Ability to amend ordinance through standard process which Prohibits the City from amending the ordinance without includes a public hearing being held and a majority vote by placing the amendment as a ballot question with a public the entire City Commission. vote at a general election at least one year in the future from the time the City Commission unanimously votes to make such an amendment and publishes notice by firstclass mail to every registered voter in the City.

Medical marihuana provisioning centers to remain at current limit of 3. Events allowed for edibles only.

A permit for an existing establishment may be transferred to a new licensee who intends to operate at the same location, subject to City Commission and Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) approval. An existing establishment can move to a new location in the city pending adherence to zoning regulations, City Commission approval and LARA approval. Annual Fee: $5,000 to defray administrative, and enforcement costs.

Increases maximum number of medical marihuana provisioning centers to 8. Events – not allowed.

A permit issued is valid only for the location, and type of location listed on the permit, and is non-transferable.

Annual Fee: $5,000 to defray application, administrative, and enforcement costs.

Note: Highlighted sections denote similarities between the two ordinances. For detailed information visit : http://bit.ly/marihuanaordinances

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Important Information EGLE’s Water Service Line Material Identification Inventory

Fall Leaf Collection

Leaves are not to be raked into the streets until the week of October 21. Staff will make one sweep through the City during The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) pick up weeks. Leaves should be raked recently revised the lead and copper rule for community drinking water, into low piles before Monday of pick requiring municipalities to gather and update water service line material up weeks and not cover catch basins. information for all structures connected to the distribution system. On high traffic volume streets leaves should be raked between the curb Participation from residents is essential for completing this inventory and and sidewalk. Do not use yard waste the City of Mt. Pleasant Water Department is asking for your help. bags; this collection is for leaves only. Please email your name, address, and whether you have a lead, galvanized Week of October 28: Leaves steel, copper, or plastic service line to jhockemeyer@mt-pleasant.org. collected in a City-wide sweep. How to identify service line material: 1. Locate the water meter. (Found inside the building.) Follow the water pipes in the basement or crawl space. Look near your water heater, furnace, or washer/dryer. The meter may also be under a kitchen or bathroom sink, inside the cabinet.

2. Locate the service line. This is the pipe which comes up from the floor or out of the wall before the water meter. Water meters generally have an arrow printed on the body. The service line will be on the upstream side of the arrow.

Material details for identification: 1. Lead Grey in color. Non-magnetic Soft metal, easy to mark. Connections resemble bulb shape.

2. Galvanized Steel Silver/grey in color. Magnetic May observe red/rusty areas.

Week of November 11: Leaves collected in a City-wide sweep.

November 25-27: Leaves left in the street after the crews have made their final pass will not be collected and are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Free Tree Planting Program

The City of Mt. Pleasant plants a variety of trees in the city rightsof-way as part of the Urban 3. Copper Forestry Plan. Property owners Similar color and shine of a Penny. are eligible for one free tree per May have green and blue coloration. year, to be planted in the right of Non-magnetic way in front of their property. The Street Department will determine 3. Identify the material. 4. Plastic the best location for the tree in the Lead, Galvanized Steel, Copper, or Blue or black in color. right-of-way. Once planted, the Plastic Lettering or stripes may be imprinted. property owner is asked to water Visit http://www.mt-pleasant.org/ for a helpful identification guide. the tree. To receive a free tree and have it planted in the Spring, fill out a Tree Application and return it to the Department of Public Works at 320 W. Broadway Street, by March 1. If a resident wishes to plant their own tree in the right-of-way, a permit must first be obtained from the Division of Public Works office. There is no charge for the permit, however, there is a limitation to the size and species of tree which can be planted in this area. For more information about this and the Tree Application call 989-779-5401 or visit http://bit.ly/freetreeprog.

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Mount Pleasant

Be a Good Neighbor – Keep Sidewalks Clear of Snow and Ice

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For All Residents: In May 2019, the City Commission decided to expand city residential sidewalk snowplowing from approximately 13 miles to approximately 25 miles within three years, and adding at least five miles each year thereafter with the goal of clearing all, or a majority of the 46 miles of city residential district sidewalks. An evaluation of the effectiveness will be conducted after the first three years.

To provide more time for evaluation of the expanded process, City staff will begin sidewalk snowplowing along 25 miles of residential sidewalks this season. No salt will be used. The expanded areas are based on an evaluation of school locations, parks, other assumed high walking areas where pedestrian lighting exists, and contiguous areas to the extent practical. Sidewalk snowplowing by City staff will generally not start until the City streets, alleys and parking lots have been cleared. For a map on which sidewalks will be plowed visit: www.mt-pleasant.org/maps. For those sidewalks not currently being plowed by City staff, please keep the safety of your family and neighbors in mind and remove the snow from your sidewalk and mailbox approach as soon as practical after inclement weather.

For Commercial and Industrial Property Owners: City ordinance requires commercial and industrial property owners to clear sidewalks within 18 hours after sleet, freezing rain or snow stops falling, with the exception of Sundays and holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day). In this case, snow must be cleared by noon the day following the Sunday or holiday. If the snow or ice is too hard to remove, the owner must spread enough sand or other abrasive material to make travel safe and as soon as weather permits, must clear a path of at least 48 inches in width. Code enforcement officers can write a municipal civil infraction ticket to commercial and industrial property owners who do not fulfill this requirement of the ordinance. For further information, contact Assistant Fire Chief Doug Lobsinger at (989) 779-5123 or dlobsinger@mt-pleasant.org.


5:30 – 7:30 p.m. All are welcome to join in the holiday fun, and ‘cram a cruiser’ with unopened, unwrapped toys, to support our local Toys for Tots drive. With each toy donated you earn a chance to win a half-day, twoperson walleye fishing trip on the Saginaw Bay. November 3

Daylight Savings Time ends.


Election Day: Polls open 7am-8pm


Regular Meeting: Planning Commission - 7pm - City Hall


City offices closed to the public. Regular Meeting: City Commission - 7pm - City Hall


Historic District Commission Meeting - 5pm - City Hall


Regular Meeting: DDA - 10am - City Hall Regular Meeting: Airport Advisory Board - 5:30pm - Airport


Ladies Night Out: 4-8pm Downtown


Regular Meeting: ZBA - 7pm - City Hall


Regular Meeting: TIFA - 8:30 am - City Hall Regular Meeting: City Commission - 7pm - City Hall


Regular Meeting: Parks and Recreation - 7pm - City Hall


City offices closed. Refuse and recycling delayed one day.


Small Business Saturday: Downtown

December 4

Cram a Cruiser (Toys for Tots): 5:30pm - 7:30pm - Dept. of Public Safety Building, 804 E. High St.


Regular Meeting: Planning Commission - 7pm - City Hall


Christmas Celebration: Downtown


Regular Meeting: City Commission - 7pm - City Hall


Historic District Commission Meeting - 5pm - City Hall


Regular Meeting: DDA - 10am - City Hall Regular Meeting: Airport Advisory Board - 5:30pm - Airport


Regular Meeting: ZBA - 7pm - City Hall


Regular Meeting: TIFA - 8:30 am - City Hall Regular Meeting: City Commission - 7pm - City Hall


City offices closed.


City offices closed. Refuse and Recycling delayed one day on 12/25 and 12/26.

January 1

City offices closed. Refuse and recycling delayed one day on 1/1 and 1/2.


LDFA Meeting - 7am - MMDC


Regular Meeting: DDA - 10am - City Hall Regular Meeting: Airport Advisory Board - 5:30pm - Airport Regular Meeting: Planning Commission - 7pm - City Hall

Cram-a-Cruiser event scheduled


Regular Meeting: City Commission - 7pm - City Hall (tentative)


Regular Meeting: ZBA - 7pm - City Hall

Santa is set to visit the Department of Public Safety Building, 804 E. High St. on Wednesday, December 4 from


Regular Meeting: TIFA - 8:30 am - City Hall Regular Meeting: City Commission - 7pm - City Hall (tentative)


Regular Meeting: Parks and Recreation - 7pm - City Hall

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Fall 2019 / Winter 2020 Mt. Pleasant Connections  

Fall 2019 / Winter 2020 Mt. Pleasant Connections