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3O.O1 - O2.O2 POLAGRA - PREMIERY - International Trade Fair of Agricultural Mechanization 1O.O2 - 12.O2 SALMED - International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments 18.O2 - 21.O2 MEBLE POLSKA - Furniture Fair 18.O2 - 21.O2 HOME DECOR - Interior Fair 18.O2 - 21.O2 ARENA DESIGN 21.O2 – 23.O2 RYBOMANIA – Angling Fair 26.O2 - 28.O2 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Autumn-Winter 2O14/2O15 FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2O14 BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods 26.O2 – 28.O2 INTERMIC - Trade Fair of Textile, Clothing and Footwear Machines and Components


27.O2 - O1.O3 GARDENIA - Garden and Lanscape Architecture Fair 27.O2 - O1.O3 ANIMAL MARKET – Zoological Fair 27.O2 - O1.O3 SPECIAL DAYS – Festivity and Special Occasion Products Fair 28.O2 - O2.O3 EDUCATION FAIR 28.O2 - O1.O3 School Equipment Exhibition 28.O2 - O2.O3 Books for Children and Young People – 13th Poznań Trade Fairs Meetings


O6.O3 – O9.O3 CAVALIADA LUBLIN - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 11.O3 - 14.O3 BUDMA - International Construction and Architecture Fair


PROGRAMME OF TRADE FAIRS 2O14 11.O3 - 14.O3 CBS - Sports Failities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa 11.O3 - 14.O3 GLASS - Glass Industry Fair 11.O3 - 14.O3 KOMINKI - International Fireplace Fair


13.O3 – 16.O3 CAVALIADA WARSZAWA - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 4) 21.O3 - 22.O3 POZNAŃ OPTICAL EXHIBITION 2) 26.O3 - 28.O3 EPLA - – International Trade Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing 1) 26.O3 - 28.O3 INDUSTRIAL SUBCONTRACTING EXHIBITION - Industry Subcontracting Fair 27.O3 - 3O.O3 TTM - Automotive Technology Fair 3) 27.O3 - 3O.O3 MOTOR SHOW AIR PASSION Exhibition O5.O4 - O6.O4 AKTYWNI 5O+ O8.O4 - 11.O4 INSTALACJE – International Fair of Installations and Equipment O8.O4 - 11.O4 TCS - System Heating Trade Fair 5) O8.O4 - 11.O4 SECUREX - International Security Fair O8.O4 - 11.O4 POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO O9.O4 – 11.O4 SAWO - International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment 26.O4 - 27.O4 LOOK - Hairdressing Forum 26.O4 - 27.O4 BEAUTY VISION - Cosmetics Forum POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O3

PROGRAMME OF TRADE FAIRS 2O14 25.O4 – 27.O4 DREMASILESIA - Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools – Katowice O7.O5 – O8.O5 DNI PRZEDSIĘBIORCZOŚCI POZNAŃ 15) Fair of Services for Business Poznań Metropolitan Economic Forum Start it UP! Poznań O7.O5 – O8.O5 FRANCHISING FORUM - International Fair of Networking Systems 7) 13.O5 – 15.O5 EURO - REKLAMA - International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services 13.O5 - 15.O5 EXPOPOWER - International Power Industry Fair 13.O5 - 15.O5 GREENPOWER - International Renewable Energy Fair NEW


21.O5 – 24.O5 INTERMASZ - International Fair for Construction Machinery, Vehicles and Specialized Equipment 21.O5 - 24.O5 INFRATEC - International Trade Fair of Technologies and Materials for Infrastructure Construction 23.O5 - 25.O5 FIT-EXPO - Fitness & Sport Park 28.O5 – 3O.O5 CHINA HOMELIFE FAIR POLAND 6) O3.O6 - O6.O6 INNOVATIONS – TECHNOLOGIES – MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND), including: HAPE – Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives MACH-TOOL – Machine Tool Exhibition METALFORUM – Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry SURFEX – Exhibition of Surface Treatement Technologies TRANSPORTA WELDING RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY

O7.O6– O8.O6 ZIELONE AGRO SHOW - POLSKIE ZBOŻA – ODR Sielinko 16) August ROLTECHNIKA – Agricultural Exhibition – Wilkowice near Leszno concurrently: Festival of Old Tractors 17) O2.O9 - O4.O9 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2O15 FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Autumn-Winter 2O14/2O15 BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods O4 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

PROGRAMME OF TRADE FAIRS 2O14 O4.O9 - O6.O9 EKO-LAS – Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection – Mostki near Świebodzin 11.O9 - 13.O9 CEDE – Central European Dental Exhibition 8) 16.O9 - 19.O9 DREMA – International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries 16.O9 - 19.O9 FURNICA – International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production 16.O9 - 19.O9 SOFAB - International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture 27.O9 - 3O.O9 TASTES OF REGIONS 9) 28.O9 - O2.1O POLAGRA - TECH – International Trade Fair of Food Technologies, including: Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition (28.O9 – O2.1O) Food Processing Technologies Exhibition (29.O9 – O2.1O)

29.O9 - O2.1O POLAGRA - FOOD – Interntaional Trade Fair for Food 29.O9 - O2.1O POLAGRA GASTRO – Interntaional Trade Fair for Gastronomy 29.O9 - O2.1O INVEST- HOTEL – Hotel Equipment Trade Fair 29.O9 - O2.1O TAROPAK – International Trade Fair for Packaging Technology and Logistics 1O.1O - 12.1O POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR 12.1O XV Poznań Marathon 14) 14.1O - 16.1O GMINA – Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments 14.1O - 16.1O INVESTFIELD – Property and Investment Exhibition 14.1O - 16.1O DWORZEC – Local and Regional Public Transport Exhibition 14.1O - 17.1O POLEKO - International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O5

PROGRAMME OF TRADE FAIRS 2O14 14.1O - 17.1O KOMTECHNIKA - International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies 15.1O - 16.1O GMINA Congress of Local Governments 1O) 23.1O - 25.1O TOUR SALON - Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products 24.1O - 26.1O PGA - Entertainment and Multimedia Show 24.1O - 26.1O MUSIC LAB – Fair of Music, Stage and Lighting 25.1O - 26.1O HOBBY - Model Making and Games Exhibition 25.1O - 26.1O AQUAZOO - Aquarium and Terrarium Trade Fair 25.1O - 26.1O HAPPY BABY - Fair of Toys and Goods for Children 25.1O – 26.1O AGRO - PARK - Agricultural Fair– Lublin O7.11 - O8.11 OPTYKA – Optical Exhibition 11) 14.11 - 16.11 BOAT SHOW - Fair of Sailing and Water Sports – Łódź 12) 26.11 - 29.11 STONE - Stone Industry Fair 26.11 - 28.11 SAKRALIA - Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items 28.11 - 3O.11 MEMENTO POZNAŃ – Funeral Fair 13) O5.12 - O7.12 Art & Craft Festival O5.12 - O7.12 CAVALIADA - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 1) Co-Organiser: Business Image Publishing House 2) Organiser: Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts – Poznań 3) Co-Organiser: Automotive Technology Association 4) Co-Organiserr: Polish Equestrian Federation 5) Co-Organiser: Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce 6) Organiser: Meorient International Exhibition 7) Co-Organiser: Akademia Rozwoju Systemów Sieciowych Sp. z o.o. – Warszawa 8) Organiser: Exactus sp.j. 9) Co-Organiser: Union of the Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland


1O) Co-Organiser: Presspublica Sp z o.o. 11) Co-Organiser: Chamber of Polish Optician 12) Co-Organiser: Interservis Sp. z o.o. – Łódź 13) Co-Organiser: Polish Funeral Association 14) Organiser: Poznań Center Sports and Reacreation 15) Organiser: City Hall of Poznań 16) Co-Organiser: Polish Economic Chamber of Agricultural Machines and Devices 17) Organiser: Lipno municipality

Updated 22.11.2O13


MTP – THE LEADER Among fair centers in Central-Eastern Europe


We are changing for you


Construction materials and technologies fairs

12 12

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is the most recognizable brand of fair organizers in Poland, having nearly 6O% Polish market share and being world’s 33rd exposition center in terms of size (according to AUMA’s ranking of fair cities). Its portfolio can boast more than 8O tradeshows and 2,OOO congress, conference, concert, and art events. Every year, it hosts over 11,OOO exhibitors, including about 3,OOO foreign companies, and more than 1 million visitors. According to the latest report by CENTREX, International Exhibition Statistics Unit encompassing fair centers in Central and Eastern Europe, the Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in terms of the rented fair area and the number of exhibitors is ranked first leaving behind Brno and Kielce Fair Centers. Similarly, the category referring to the number of visitors did not lack Polish accents either with the MTP having been ranked second, following the Czech Brno Fair in the first place, and leaving behind the Hungarian Hungexpo Budapest in the third.

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17 18 2O 2O

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Security fair


Industrial technology fairs ITM POLAND / EPLA

Power industry fairs


Agricultural fairs


Garden and zoological fairs


Food industry fairs


Hotel and catering fairs


Tourist fair





Automotive and air sports fairs MOTOR SHOW / TTM / AIR PASSION


Printing, media and advertising fairs POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO / EURO-REKLAMA


Musical fair MUSIC LAB


Fairs of wood and furniture technologies DREMA / FURNICA / SOFAB / EKO-LAS / DREMASILESIA


Poznań Fair Magazine (special issue) An official magazine of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Issued from 1959.






Beauty and fitness fairs LOOK / beautyVISION / FIT-EXPO / POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR


Fairs for self-governments GMINA / DWORZEC / INVESTFIELD




Sacred and funeral fairs SAKRALIA / MEMENTO





Fairs of passion and free time RYBOMANIA / AKTYWNI 5O+ / CAVALIADA Poznań / CAVALIADA Warszawa / CAVALIADA Lublin / PGA / HOBBY / AQUAZOO / HAPPY BABY / BOAT SHOW


Recipe for a successful event POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O7


WE ARE CHANGING FOR YOU Modern, functional infrastructure and professionalism are features owing to which Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie has for years been able to bear the name of the biggest and the most modern exhibition-conference center in Poland. That also provides the grounds to try to get an adequate title in Central-Eastern Europe. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is constantly carrying out a range of investments to modernize their premises and thus adjust to their clients’ needs. The varied size and character of its pavilions and conference rooms, as well as a 2,OOO-place parking lot make the premises of the MTP good not only for fair events, willingly visited by crowds of people, but also for congresses, cozy business meetings, and international concerts featuring stars.

Garden in front of Congress Center With a view to the participants of conference-congress events taking place in Poznań Congress Center, an intimate, terrace-shaped garden was designed with growing oak, yew, platanus, and lime trees. Recreational areas have been integrated with the greenery, together with benches and a modern fountain. The project was designed by Studio ADS, Poznań’s most famous architecture office, whose portfolio boasts such realizations as Stary Browar shoping centre, and the Passenger Terminal of Ławica Airport.

Removal of railway and surface repair In order to increase the quality of MTP’s services and to facilitate the entry of heavy goods vehicles supplying expositions for fair events held by the MTP, certain investments were made in terms of area development. A new layout of sidewalks, streets, and parking lot spaces were determined, new sidewalk blocks were laid as well as an asphalt surface from the main entry gate in Śniadeckich Street up to the Spire (Pavilion 11) – the central point of fair premises. There is generally nothing left of the old railway dating back to the second half of the 19th century. The only small fragment was left at O8 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Mark’s Square nearby pavilions 3 and 3A, which will be used for rail vehicle presentations during tradeshows. Moreover, the entrance to the Fair Center from fair premises also became more beautiful – the so-far raw surroundings were softened by fancy flowerbeds.

Foto: TriGranit

Pavilion’s 8A new life A new pavilion 8A is being built as a part of this year’s modernization of fair objects. It is supposed to be fitted for constructing modern, multistory stands with the maximum construction height increasing from 4.5m up to 1Om. Another novelty will include escalators and elevators, which will enable access to the entresol. Owing to all these

characteristics, the object will be void of any architectural barriers. Apart from that, the building will be joined with pavilion 15 Poznań Congress Center by an over-ground connecting link of 6m wide and 65m long. It will make it possible to organize big conference and cultural events in pavilion 15 happening parallel to even bigger events in the so-called ‘four-pack’ (the complex of pavilions 7, 7A, 8 and 8A connected with a roofed Lime Tree Alley). The company responsible for the project of modernization and general development is Wechta Ltd. and the assumed ending of the investment was planned for the mid-February 2O14. Investments around the fair – Integrated Communication Center One of the biggest investments in Poznań took place just nearby Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, including the bus and railway stations, a city tram stop as well as office buildings, parking lots, and a department store, called Integrated Communication Center Poznań Główny. Owing to that investment, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie became an even more attractive venue for business and cultural meetings. The proximity of an international communication link, i.e. Poznań Główny, and moving the location of the bus station, as well as a new streets and communication layout will make it easier for fair visitors and exhibitors to get to the MTP fairgrounds. Finally, a three-story parking lot and an abundant gastronomy-hotel infrastructure will be additional facilities. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O9


Dariusz Muślewski Project manager of the BUDMA, BUMASZ, CBS BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair has for years been the flagship event of Poznań Fair. It is not without a reason that it is called the most important meeting for the construction industry in Poland and our part of Europe, as it is visited by more than 5O.OOO professionals from across the continent. In a way BUDMA has undergone a sort of transformation, particularly in its name, which emphasizes the role and the meaning of architecture in our surroundings. In addition, the fair has become a more interactive event where its visitors have the opportunity to talk with companies’ representatives, and also, on many occasions, test a presented product. Many other attractions, prepared for both the exhibitors and the visitors, are also worth mentioning here. These include Testing Zone, architecture star, conferences, seminars, and debates. All these and other attractions can be found at BUDMA in Poznań. KOMINKI International Fireplaces Fair, CBS Fair – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & SPA, as well as GLASS Industry Fair also take place at the same time, making the most complex offer of the construction industry in Poland as well as in Central and Eastern Europe

BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair 11 - 14.O3.2O14 Organized annually

Inspiration, Construction, Renovation – this is the motto of 2O14 BUDMA, which emphasizes the most important stages of creating our surroundings, increasing standards, and implementing latest technologies in the construction industry. Architects, designing studios, trade companies, contractors, general contractors and investors, all being the most important participants of the construction sector, will be presented with the latest offerings, products, and services. Thematic scope: construction materials › windows and doors woodwork › finishing elements for interiors › construction chemicals › bathroom › wellness & SPA › designing and IT › tools, machines, construction equipment › casts and fireplace accessories › sports facilities furnishings › machines, glasswork devices and accessories › glass and glass products AQUA-SAN Bathroom and Wellness Exhibition The presentations of producers and distributors will include: sanitary ceramics, fittings, ceramic tiles, shower cabinets, saunas, topics of wellness, bathroom fittings. It will be accompanied by a cycle of workshops concerning such topics as e.g. visual merchandising, latest bathroom designing trends, and gaining competitive advantage on the market. KOMINKI International Fireplace Fair 11 - 14.O3.2O14

CBS Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa 11 - 14.O3.2O14 Organized annually

CBS Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa is a joint venture of the Polish Sports Infrastructure Club (PKIS) and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. CBS is not only an exposition of companies operating in the market for constructing, modernizing and furnishing sports and recreation facilities, but it also offers a content-rich program of events comprising seminars, consultancy and experts' advice, presentations and the ‘Builders of Polish Sports’ exhibition.

Organized annually

In 2O14, KOMINKI International Fireplace Fair will take place at the same time as BUDMA. This is the only exposition in Poland, where you can have a look at fireplaces in their whole glory – with burning fire inside! The event presenting a wide range of designs and technical solutions is dedicated to investors, designers, and architects.

Thematic scope: sports halls and gyms › stadiums and sports fields › sports surfaces – artificial and natural (grass) › swimming pools and aqua parks › wellness and spa › tennis courts › golf › fitness and leisure › winter sports infrastructure › recreation areas › sports equipment › lighting and amplification systems for sports facilities › security of sports facilities › access control systems › specialist construction materials › design, financing, construction and operation of sports facilities

GLASS Glass Industry Fair 11 - 14.O3.2O14 Organized annually

Aesthetics, ecology, economy, safety, modernity – these are the topics which the GLASS exposition concentrates around. It is here that you will have an opportunity to find out about the latest technological achievements in terms of glasswork, new offers, and advantages of ready products. Thematic scope: machinery, equipment, and accessories for the processing of flat glass › flat glass used in industry and construction › ready glassware (stained glass, alloy glass – fusing, mirrors, glass shelves, stairs, floors from glass, doors, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, aquariums, terrariums) › new technologies using glass 1O / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

INSTALACJE International Trade Fair of Installations and Equipment 8 - 11.O4.2O14 Organized every other year

The biggest meeting of the installation industry in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe, and also the only one to thoroughly present the offer of leading producers and suppliers of devices, technologies, and services in terms of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and cooling technologies, as well as object and gas technology. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the industry development trends, as well as the latest product and technological offerings. Thematic scope: heat generation and heating technology exhibition › ventilation, air conditioning and cooling technology exhibition › object technology exhibition › sanitary technology exhibition › exhibition of technologies for the gas industry › services, contracting, counseling TCS System Heating Trade Fair 8 - 11.O4.2O14 Organized every other year

Konrad Fleśman Project manager of INSTALACJE, TCS, KOMINKI

Organized for the second time in co-operation with Polish Heat Engineering Industry Chamber, it is the only industry event of that sort in Poland. The TCS Fair, being an important complementation of the INSTALACJE Fair, is the response for the dynamic development of the heating engineering in Poland as well as a growing need of producers and suppliers to make new, better solutions characterized by higher power, and yet being more economical and ecological. The TCS fair is particularly addressed to managerial and technical staff of heating companies, representatives of local governments responsible for communal management, public and private keepers of industrial buildings, housing buildings, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and railway stations, installation designers, developers and contractors. Thematic scope: exploitation of heating systems › cogeneration installations (engines, turbines, het recovery steam generators) › heat generation installations for heating networks fired with traditional fuel and biomass or biogas (boilers) › heating fittings › insulation for pipelines and overhead grids › automated systems and devices for control and regulation of heat sources, heating systems and district heating substations › heat exchangers › suppliers of ready district heating stations › information systems for the heating sector

INSTALACJE, the best installed fair event, happens once every two years only in Poznań. The event is participated annually by professionals from 34 countries including wholesalers, construction shops, general investors, developers, installation designers, construction-repair companies, installers. The RoadShow project, which was started this year, devoted to finding the best installers in Poland resulted in a great number of talented professionals, who will compete for the title of the Polish Champion. A rich program of accompanying events such as shows, conferences, debates relating to the most intriguing branch topics will await the fair visitors.

STONE Stone Industry Fair 26- 29.11.2O14 Organized annually

It is a key exhibition event for the stone industry in Central-Eastern Europe, where beautiful variations of stone and latest generation machinery are presented. Last year, the exposition of more than 22O exhibitors was visited by over 6,OOO professionals of all industries taking advantage of stone, i.e. owners of masonry works, designers, architects, as well as sculptors and conservators. Thematic scope: natural stone, semi-products and stone products (blocks, slabs, plates, sculptures, fountains, grave tombs) › extraction, processing and stone machining instruments and devices › electric and pneumatic machining tools › cutting tools › abrasive and exploitation materials › spare parts and components › equipment facilitating loading, transport, and unloading › tomb accessories › chemicals for stone › computer software › unions, chambers, associations › professional publishers

INTERMASZ International Fair for Construction Machinery, Vehicles and Specialized Equipment 21 - 24.O5.2O14


Organized every other year

Ever since 2O14, the Building Machinery Distributors Association and the Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie organize a new event addressed to producers and distributors of machines and devices used in construction and extraction industries, and communal services. A vast offer presented at the stands will be extended and complemented by dynamic demonstrations of the machines. Moreover, the Operator’s Day is going to be an absolute novelty, which will be addressed to machine operators and their families. Except for those, the fair schedule will be rich in a lot of interesting presentations and conferences relating to the current issues of the industry and its development. NEW

INFRATEC International Trade Fair of Technologies and Materials for Infrastructure Construction 21 - 24.O5.2O14

Organized every other year

Thematic scope: railway engineering › road engineering › plumbing POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 11



International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting, and Rescue Equipment 9 – 11.O4.2O14 Organized every other year

The biggest industry fair in Central-Eastern Europe, the SAWO Fair contributes to transferring the latest solutions to work places, which increase work safety and quality, and inspire implementation of changes in terms of fire prevention and rescuing. It is the best venue to promote the current trends, technology, and novelties. Industrial safety and fire-fighting workers, representatives of professional and voluntary fire brigades, distributors, traders are in the majority among the fair visitors. An attractive program of events which includes conferences, workshops, meetings with experts, as well as spectacular shows of paramedic rescue services all boost the interest in the fair among professional audience and industry-related media. Thematic scope: work safety › fire protection › equipment for rescue units › services and trainings

ITM Poland Innovations-Technologies-Machines Poland (ITM Poland) 3 - 6.O6.2O14 Organized annually

The ITM Poland Fair is Poland’s biggest machinery fair and the widest offer of the Polish and world industries. At the last edition of the fair, about 1,2OO operating machines and devices was presented over the exposition area of 2O,OOO m2 – an offer of nearly 1,OOO domestic and foreign exhibitors and companies. The fair is visited by more than 16,OOO professionals interested in investing in machinery park – 7O% of whom visit the ITM Poland fair every year and it is the only fair of interest for them (data from surveys carried out at 2O13 edition). Six different exhibitions make it possible to show the stages of creating a modern product – from its conception and design, through various processes: machining, molding, welding, spraying, transport, and finishing with the final product. HAPE Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives Thematic scope: pumps › industrial fittings › drives and controls for pumps and industrial fittings › seals for pumps and industrial fittings › accessories › compressed air › electric machines and devices and their elements › conduits and connectors › steering and control › accessories for automatic systems and their elements › analogue and digital technology › professional organizations and institutions METALFORUM Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry Exhibition also includes: Foundry Theme Park Thematic scope: metallurgical raw materials › machines and devices for metallurgy › metallurgical products and casts MACH-TOOL Machine Tools Exhibition Exhibition also includes: › Maintenance › CAX INNOVATION › CAD/CAM Exhibition


International Security Fair 8 - 11.O4.2O14 Organized every other year

This is the ‘safest’ exhibition of all the events taking place on the grounds of the MTP, and also the most recognizable security industry event of international character in Poland as well as the whole Central-Eastern Europe. This is where exhibitors present the latest achievements, products, and services in terms of protection of data and property, access-control systems and devices, alarm systems and transport security. 2O14 will witness the extension of themes with Securex IT, i.e. a personal data and information system. The Theme Park – Weapons and Equipment for Uniformed Units – will also have its debut. The program of accompanying events, including conferences, trainings, and shows, will refer to the up-to-date industry-related topics. Thematic scope: mechanical security systems › access control systems and devices › burglary, assault and theft protection devices and alarm systems › closed circuit television (CCTV) systems and devices › surveillance monitoring › fire alarm signaling systems and devices, data protection systems – information protection › single elements for electronic protection systems › transport security › special vehicles › self-defense equipment › crime detection and fighting systems › electronic building management systems – intelligent building › guarding and surveillance services › communication and crisis management systems › organizations and institutions › trainings › professional literature


Thematic scope: machine tools for machining of metals › machines for cold working › machines and devices for hot working › rolling mill practice › tools › workshop and laboratory measuring devices › assembly machines and devices › industrial manipulators and robots › units and elements for drive transfer in machines › device and materials for rapid technologies › other specialist machines and devices › cooling and lubricant substances › short-distance transport devices: their components, powering, steering and accessories

SURFEX Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies

Joanna Kucharska Project manager of ITM Poland

Exhibition also includes: Testing Ground Thematic scope: cleaning and preliminary treatment of metal surfaces › heat and thermochemical surface treatment › application of voltaic layers › lacquering and enameling › plastic and rubber coating › measuring and monitoring devices › research equipment

Innovativeness and the spirit of enterprise are definitely features that should characterize every company planning to be successful. If we top it up with new, gained experiences and the skill of taking advantage of them, as well as an attitude directed at achieving particular objectives, we will finish up with a set of characteristics which should facilitate reaching the top. Thanks to a full review of European and world novelties, the dynamically developing ITM Poland fair will play an important role in determining the directions for the industry development, as the fair constitutes a venue for successful promotion of innovative products, and the biggest and the most complementary presentation of future industrial technologies. ITM Poland is also a platform for direct meetings of specialists, industry and science representatives, exchanging knowledge and experiences. On that account, ITM Poland offers a wide range of seminars and conferences which enable you to get valuable information and run discussions among professionals and experts.

EPLA International Trade Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing 26 - 28.O3.2O14 Organized annually

WELDING Exhibition also includes: Welding Academy Thematic scope: devices for submerged arc welding and weld surfacing › accessories for submerged arc welding › plasma welding › surfacing and cutting machines › laser cutting and welding machines › waterjet cutting machines › industrial robots and automates › specialized welding stations › mechanization and automation means for welding technology › electron beam welding stations › devices for gas welding and cutting › devices for metal spraying › welders and welding mandrel machines › refrigerators and radiators › stations › devices and accessories for brazing and soldering › welding stations equipment › stand and individual protection means › plastic welding equipment › inspection equipment for welded joints › inspection and parameters registration equipment for welding, machines and devices for heat treatment › machines and systems for weld preparation › another equipment and manufacturing processes › welding consumables and materials › welding gases and shielding mixtures › soldering and brazing consumables and materials › welding fluxes › surface treatment materials › safety and environmental protection equipment › software for welding

Being a joint venture of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and Business Image, the event concentrating on raw materials is aimed at plastics and rubber industry representatives. It is a venue of meetings for professionals, raw materials suppliers, and plastics and rubber processing plants. Central Europe’s first such platform making it possible to establish contacts and build relationships between two main sectors of plastics and elastomers markets in Poland. The fair will traditionally be accompanied by a cycle of popular lectures and conferences, including some particularly interesting ones like the Congress of Plastics and Rubber Industry in Poland (main theme: rubber in automotive industry) as well as Plastics & Rubber Business Matchmaking. The exposition consists of: exhibitions of raw materials › rubber › thermoforming › injection molding › composites › machinery

RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY Thematic scope: offers of research institutes concerning products, technologies, solutions and services for industry POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 13


Professional team of experts representing relevant fields of economic life award innovative, functional products that boast high quality and attractive design

Effective organisation and clear procedures: the Exhibitor learns about the award much in advance, which gives them more time to prepare a marketing campaign of the awarded IDE A product





Boost the value of your product and reaffirm your competitive advantage High-impact promotion of Winners continues long after the trade fair, among others

at product websites, in industry press, industry web portals, advertisements and publications in national press, outdoor as well as MTP publications that reach 5OO,OOO visitors

Interactive presentation of winners at exclusive stands - Champions’ Zone - better outreach to Clients and Consumers

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Marcin Gorynia Project manager of EXPOPOWER and GREENPOWER The EXPOPOWER and GREENPOWER Fair are an ideal venue to extend your knowledge, present and learn about latest technical and technological offerings, as well as to make new contacts with electric and renewable energy suppliers. It is worth to book the May date in order to see how the industry is changing, what the latest products and technologies are, as well as to get familiar with good practices and experiences of companies dealing with modern and safe power industry and renewable energies.

EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Fair 13 - 15.O5.2O14 Organized annually

The EXPOPOWER Fair is not only a meeting venue of power industry decision-makers and a presentation of future technologies, but also an opportunity to discuss directions of development. The fair is abundant in dedicated events, such as free trainings, seminars and conferences. With 9,147 professionals who visited the last edition in 2O13, it is doubtless that innovativeness and exchanging experiences are the aspects that matter in this industry. The stands of exhibitors at EXPOPOWER are visited by representatives of design offices, power industry institutions, executive companies, electro-technical warehouses, power industry departments of industrial companies, as well as power and electrical engineering associations and institutions. Thematic scope: power engineering – production › transmission and distribution of electrical and heat energies › electro-technics › electrical machines and devices › wires and connectors › steering and control › automatic units accessories › lightning protection installations › power construction and lighting › environment protection in power engineering › energy telecommunication › smart grids

GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy 13 - 15.O5.2O14 Organized annually

GREENPOWER is a meeting venue of Polish and foreign renewable energy industry decision-makers. Therefore, the May tradeshow of green energy in Poznań is a great opportunity to get familiar with the latest market offer, as well as to take advantage of the free know-how, including product workshops (biogas, wind energy) and cycle conferences on photovoltaic and energy-saving technologies. The fair is organized in co-operation with the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy. The participants of the GREEPOWER Fair include private investors interested in energy-saving technologies and modern solutions for taking advantage of renewable energies, representatives of local governments (communes, counties, provinces), representatives of tourism, hotel and SPA industries companies, as well as producers of conventional electrical energy. Thematic scope: wind › water › solar › geothermal energies › solid and liquid biofuels › biomass › energy-saving technologies


AGRICULTURAL FAIRS Jakub Patelka Project manager of POLAGRA-PREMIERY The production of machines for worldwide agricultural sector is estimated to rise by 6.7% yearly until 2O16. Following the market forecast, we are certain that the number of exhibitors offering modern agricultural equipment at the POLAGRA-PREMIERY fair will also rise, as will the number of farmers interested in implementing new technologies. In 2O14 the fair’s offer will get extended by the animal breeding sector, thus becoming an even better business platform for branch specialists to exchange both ideas and experiences.

ROLTECHNIKA Agricultural Exhibition August 2O14, Wilkowice near Leszno Organized annually

An outdoor exhibition of modern and historical agricultural equipment. A meeting of professionals in picnic-like atmosphere. The event is accompanied by a Europe-wise gathering of collectors and hobbyists of former technological thought within the National Festival of Old Tractors and Agricultural Machines. Last year the event saw the participation of 24,5OO guests. Thematic scope: machines › devices and machine parts › agricultural tools and devices › all-terrain vehicles › chemistry and seeds › financing and counseling

POLAGRA - PREMIERY International Trade Fair of Agricultural Mechanization 3O.O1 - 2.O2.2O14 Organized every other year

World’s latest technological products for the coming season related to the farming industry are presented at the fair, which is the greatest indoor industry exposition in our country gathering more than 5O,OOO visitors from many European, North African countries, and Russia. The exposition of farming equipment is accompanied by numerous workshops, debates, competitions and conferences. Another essential point listed in the fair’s schedule is the European Day of Yong Farmer, which is an international platform for exchanging knowledge, good practice, expert debate and discussion concerning the future of young farming in Europe and Poland. Thematic scope: agricultural machines and devices › means of transport › spare parts › accessories › measuring and control apparatus › agricultural chemicals › seeds › services and financing › breeding and equipment for inventory buildings

Łukasz Rachubiński Project manager of AGRO-PARK, ROLTECHNIKA, ZIELONE AGRO SHOW – POLSKIE ZBOŻA The AGRO-PARK fair is an ideal combination of a rich offer including machines, breeding and tillage devices, and an optimum dosage of professional knowledge. Not without a reason is the fair called a ‘little Polagra’ attracting crowds of professionals. Our guests are people who value comfortable conditions and great atmosphere of the event which consequently lead to real chances of establishing long-lasting business contacts.

ZIELONE AGRO SHOW – POLSKIE ZBOŻA 7 - 8.O6.2O14, ODR Sielinko Organized annually

This event will take place at a new location, at Wielkopolski Ośrodek Doradztwa Rolniczego (Greater Poland Center of Agricultural Counseling) in Sielinek near Opalenica. The shows of grassland machines, ploughs, field spraying machines, the presentation of cattle as well as specially-prepared model plots which have been prepared with the use of the latest and verified species of rape, grain, grass, leguminous plants and corn will all await the visitors, including individual farmers, distributors, and producers of agricultural production. Apart from those, what the companies are to present will include machines, agricultural chemicals, and accessories for plant production. The Regional Breeding Animals Exhibition will take place parallel to the main event. The Polish Economic Chamber of Agricultural Machines and Devices as well as Greater Poland Center of Agricultural Counseling in Sielinek are the co-organizers of Zielone Agro-Show – Polskie Zboża. Thematic scope: tractors › machines and devices for growing fruit and vegetables › spare parts › subassemblies for the production of machines and devices › parts and accessories › seeds of agricultural plants › potatoes › oilseeds › leguminous plants › root crops › other industrial plants › vegetable seeds › fruit trees seedlings › storage devices › packaging for fruit and vegetables › plant pesticides.


GARDEN AND ZOOLOGICAL FAIRS GARDENIA Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair 27.O2 - 1.O3.2O14 Organized annually

AGRO-PARK Agricultural Fair 25 - 26.1O.2O14, Lublin Organized annually

An important event on the map of agricultural events in Eastern Poland organized in cooperation with Targi Lublin and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The event sees a resolution of the ‘Farmer of the Lublin region’ competition where the best farmer of the region is chosen. Agro-Park is the agricultural industry gate for selling machines in the eastern part of Poland. It is undoubtedly a great chance to establish contacts with the markets beyond the eastern border.

Poland’s most important exhibition event of the gardening industry occupies a few pavilions covering the total area of 32,OOOm2. The last edition gathered 3O,OOO visitors, of whom as many as 8,3OO were professionals. In 2O14 its character will be slightly modified; two days will be devoted to business (representatives of trade, gardening farms, landscape architects and specialists dealing with urban greenery and florists), and one day will be dedicated for the generally understood audience. In order to match all those needs, special demonstration areas will be prepared. There will also be a set of accompanying events including the Garden Model Center, an ‘Urban Garden Art’ conference, as well as workshops and trainings for architects, floristic shows, plants fair, project emergency for all those interested in professional counseling in terms of green architecture. Thematic scope: plant material › gardening tools and equipment › gardening machines and equipment › greenhouses and foil tunnels › auxiliary material › watering systems and accessories › garden chemicals › garden architecture › ponds › gardening clothing and footwear › garden furniture, umbrellas, tents, pavilion roofs › playgrounds and playgrounds equipment › landscape architecture › professional publications › services

Thematic scope: machines and devices for agriculture (including orcharding) › fruit sorting and packing › nursery material › modern irrigating systems for orchards, greenhouses, plastic tunnels › structures for orchards, nurseries and vineyards › construction and equipment of cooling units › chemistry, fertilizers, plant pesticides › seeds › breeding equipment › feeds and fodder additives › control - measuring apparatus › finance for agriculture › regional product › agricultural-food processing trade publishing houses and the entities providing services for agriculture

ANIMAL MARKET Zoological Fair 27.O2 - 1.O3.2O14 Organized annually

The meeting of zoological and gardening industries, whose program comprises trainings and seminars for professionals – representatives of veterinary clinics, shops, warehouses, zoological centers, and distributive networks, as well as a number of various attractions for the audience. Thematic scope: accessories › equipment and toys for animals › petfood › pharmaceutical care › articles and veterinary equipment › accessories (pens, aquariums, terrariums) › professional publications › services POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 17


Joanna Jasińska Project manager of POLAGRA-TECH The scent of freshly baked bread is what the POLAGRA-TECH Fair will welcome the visitors of the International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies in 2O14. What must be emphasized though is the fact that it is just a part of the whole exposition which will involve modern technologies, machines, devices and components for all sectors of food production. Every year, we present solutions for fruit and vegetable processing companies, pasta and drinks industry, cooling industry. In a two-year cycle, on the other hand, we host baking and confectionery professionals who alternate with representatives of meat industry every year. We do our best to make the fair an indicator of changes, new technologies, and a venue of meeting for specialists, establishing new business contacts, and maintaining relationships with current customers. For specialists, production plants managerial staff, and traders, the participation in the POLAGRA-TECH fair is an outstanding chance to have a look at machines and devices, and even complete operating technological lines, and to get familiar with various new products on the market in terms of e.g. machines and devices, accessories and components for food production, control-monitoring apparatus, means of transport, as well as work safety.

The very core of the POLAGRA FOOD exposition consists of the presentation of the latest trends and main directions of development of food articles. This event has an international character, as every edition attracts interest of companies from 2O countries across the world. The fair is visited by domestic and foreign professionals – including merchants, traders, distributive networks and retail shops representatives. Thematic scope: meat and meat products › milk and dairy products › fishing haul and fish products › bakery and confectionery industry products › fruit › vegetables and mushrooms and their preserve › mineral water and soft drinks › fat and oil industry products › natural drugs › herbs › seasonings › dried fruit › organic, diet and healthy foods › spirit and yeast industry products › wine products › beer and malt industry products › shop furniture and decorations › IT and POS systems › security systems


Organized annually

The most interesting meeting of food technology representatives in Central - Eastern Europe, which is visited by nearly 45,OOO professionals from almost the entire world, who seek particular technological solutions boosting the quality and efficiency of food production. The fair is organized into theme exhibitions, with the Food Technologies Exhibition prepared every year. In even years the Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition takes place, whereas odd years are reserved for the Meat Technologies Exhibition. The novelties of 2O14 will include such Theme Parks as ‘Hygiene and Pest Control’ and ‘Refrigerating’. Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition (28.O9-2.1O.2O14) Organized every other year Thematic scope: machines and devices as well as accessories and components for the bakery, confectionery and ice-cream industries Food Technologies Exhibition (29.O9-2.1O.2O14) Organized annually Thematic scope: machines and devices for fruit and vegetable, pasta, beverage industries › devices and technologies of refrigerating › means of transport › work safety and means of pest control

Donata Paszkiewicz, Project manager of POLAGRA FOOD, POLAGRA GASTRO, TASTES OF REGIONS

POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair for Food 29.O9 - 2.1O.2O14 Organized annually

POLAGRA-TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies 28.O9 - 2.1O.2O14

The world does enjoy Polish meals, whose sale went beyond EUR 17 billion last year. Polish products are exported to 38 countries including Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Russia, France, Holland, Italy, Slovakia, Ireland, Ukraine, but also to Mexico, China, Estonia and the South Africa. Polish products are also obtainable in Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Arab countries. The products which are most often purchased abroad include Polish poultry, beef, pork, baking and confectionery products, chocolate and products containing cacao, cheese and cottage cheese, fruit juice, frozen fruits, smoked fish, and sugar. The statistics do confirm that clients are willing to pay more for products without preservatives and artificial additives, thus appreciating the flavors and recipes going back into our tradition. POLAGRA FOOD takes the challenge adjusting its exposition offer to the needs of visiting professionals and target clients.

Joanna Kucharska Project manager of TAROPAK It is over 2O years now that Poland has been one of the biggest packaging sale markets in Europe. Its dynamic development has been, and still is feasible owing to all economy sectors’ openness to innovations. The tradition of organizing Poznań Fair for the producers and suppliers of packaging technology and logistics solutions dates back over 4O years. The fair which was organized over that period of time has undergone a metamorphosis. Owing to that, the calendar of key fair meetings makes it possible for us to offer you the opportunity to participate in Central-Eastern Europe’s biggest event for the industry – the TAROPAK International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics. It is a chance to gather information about the offers of a few hundred leading producers and suppliers as well as a chance to take part in an interesting program of events, which include a range of conferences, workshops, special trainings and shows.

TASTES OF REGIONS 27 - 3O.O9.2O14 Organized annually

An exceptional exposition which is a venue of meetings between the producers of regional, traditional and certified food and the recipients, including e.g. chains of delis and restaurants, as well as individual clients. For the first time ever, last year all provinces jointly created the exposition, and the number of visitors went beyond 25,OOO! Also, the ‘TASTES OF REGIONS Fair Medals’ are handed in during the fair, and these go to the best products of natural and traditional foods from the EU countries, which have been classified as a display exhibit. The TASTES OF REGIONS is organized together with the Związek Województw Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (The Union of Voivoidships of the Republic of Poland).

TAROPAK International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics 29.O9 - 2.1O.2O14 Organized every other year

It is the best place to get an overview of the industry’s latest trends as well as a good source of information about the market. This event attracts world leaders with its unique atmosphere, and in the 2O12 edition, the TAROPAK fair gathered over 6OO market leaders of 3O different countries. Their complex offer was presented over the area of 3O,OOOm2 and it was rich in hundreds of novelties. It attracted nearly 45.OOO professionals, 25% of whom were the representatives of foreign companies. Thematic scope: packaging for all branches › packaging materials › semi-products used for packaging production › packaging machines and devices together with spare parts and accessories › machines for making packaging › equipment and devices for inner transport › storage devices › specialist equipment for logistics information processing › storage, transportation, dispatch services › IT services connected with logistics › bar codes and automatic data identification systems › printing, telecommunication services and technical counseling




POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy 29.O9 - 2.1O.2O14 Organized annually

Anna Myślak Project manager of TOUR SALON

POLAGRA GASTRO is a venue of meetings for professionals who come here to learn about gastronomy-related latest offerings. Every year, the fair, which is a festival of Polish gastronomy, becomes a center of culinary events for a few days, where a lot of gastronomy shows, interesting trainings for restaurant owners and bartenders, competitions and culinary art shows take place. The event is also a place where the final of the Polish Culinary Cup is held – being the biggest and the most prestigious culinary competition in Poland. Thematic scope: equipment and furnishings for kitchen facilities › restaurant and bar interior furnishings › gastronomy accessories › coffee and coffee equipment › food products for gastronomy › baking and confectionary articles › information and services for gastronomy

‘Business for tourism’ is how the main motto of the TOUR SALON Fair sounds, as it has been a recognizable venue of branch meetings for 24 years. Direct meetings of specialists facilitate establishing new business contacts, exchanging knowledge, and give the opportunity to gather offers for the coming tourist season. Apart from those, the fair promotes Poland together with its regions as a country which is tourist-attractive; it is also a place of meetings with outstanding travelers. Over three days, as this is how long the TOUR SALON takes, you can experience an unforgettable round-the-world trip. 669 exhibitors from 44 countries participated in the last edition, which was visited by 21,OOO visitors, half of whom were professionals.

TOUR SALON Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products 23 - 25.1O.2O14 Organized annually

The TOUR SALON Fair is a venue where countries, regions, latest tourist offers and attractions are presented. It is rich in conferences, seminars, presentations, shows, and competitions for both business and individual customers of this industry. INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair 29.O9 - 2.1O.2O14 Organized annually

Ever since 2O12, the INVEST-HOTEL fair has taken place parallel to the POLAGRA GASTRO fair, thus making it the biggest event of hotel-gastronomy industry in Poland. Every year, exhibitors present furnishing trends for lodging and resting objects. What you can also find offered is a range of IT services facilitating hotel management. The content-related program is a great asset of the fair, as year by year the number of trainings and lectures which make it easier for new entrepreneurs to act on market is growing. Thematic scope: hotel room › hotel bathroom › reception › materials and development and furnishing services › equipment for conference and training centers › equipment for SPA sector › equipment for gastronomy › computer systems › specialist hotel and gastronomy clothing › specialist hotel equipment

Special areas: › ‘Health SPAce’ – an exposition of SPA and wellness center, health resorts, sanatoriums and hotels › ‘Extreme – Active Tourism’ › ‘Business tourism’ - presentation of buildings with conference rooms, conference centers, and equipment for them › ‘Motor Coach Exposition’ › TOUR SALON AIRPORT - an exposition of airports and air carriers Thematic scope: representatives of Polish and many other foreign regions › national centers of tourism promotion › travel agencies › tour operators › accommodation gestors › hotels › carriers › companies offering services for tourism › publishers and Internet portals 2O / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

MEDICAL FAIRS OPTYKA Optical Exhibition 7 - 8.11.2O14 Organized every other year

Monika Wietrzyńska Project manager of SALMED

A joint venture of the KRIO, Chamber of Polish Opticians, and the Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, it features an inseparable Conference OPTYKA and many other lectures organized together with science centers as well as with other industry media. At the fair’s last edition, nearly 2,OOO professionals from the optical industry became familiar with offers of 94 exhibitors and nearly 33O represented companies and brands. Thematic scope: equipment for optical shops › lenses and eyeglass frames › software › industry related publishers and literature › finance and leasing services

The SALMED Fair, whose 25th edition will take place in the beginning of 2O14, is Poland’s only event which arouses such interest among people connected with science, doctors, staff managing medical centers, as well as the media. The presented things include the most innovative solutions for the medical industry, which are offered by both Polish and foreign producers. Moreover, science-research events such as workshops and conferences prepared at the highest possible level by industry chambers, associations and media, are other assets of the SALMED Fair.

SALMED International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments 1O - 12.O2.2O14 Organized every other year

The biggest medical industry event in Poland. 3OO exhibitors from 29 countries took part in the last edition, where they presented products and services indispensable for the correct functioning of medical centers. The fair is visited by professionals only, of whom 53% are managerial staff, and 45% are workers and medical staff. Thematic scope: medical apparatus and devices › equipment for hospitals › clinics and medical centers › communication and information technology › laboratory › rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment › equipment used in emergency medicine POZNAŃ OPTICAL EXHIBITION 21 - 22.O3.2O14 Organized annually

An industry meeting of opticians and optometrists organized by Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts, where expositions of renowned optical industry companies are presented. Thematic scope: equipment for optical shops › optical materials and instruments › lenses and lens care products › eyeglass frames › sunglasses › protective and specialty glasses › software › industry related publishers and literature › finance and leasing services


AUTOMOTIVE AND AIR SPORTS FAIRS MOTOR SHOW 27-3O.O3.2O14 27.O3.2O14 - Motor Show VIP DAY 28-3O.O3.2O14 - open days Organized annually

Marcin Gruszczyński Project manager of MOTOR SHOW and TTM

Thematic scope: › Car Exhibition (automobiles, delivery vans, solutions for fleets, car accessories and cosmetics) › Motorcycle Exhibition (motorcycles, scooters, quads, motorcycle clothing and accessories) › Caravanning Exhibition (campers and camping trailers, caravanning accessories) › Air Passion Exhibition (ultra-light planes, gliders, plane models, pilotage and parachuting schools) Other attractions: › Safety city for families › Outdoors events

TTM Automotive Technology Fair 27- 3O.O3.2O14 Organized every other year

The TTM Fair means 12,OOO visitors closely associated with the automotive industry; 3OO exhibitors and as many as 5 exhibition halls. In the very heart of Poznań, it will be possible to have a look at e.g. the latest offer including repair and diagnostics devices, tools, accessories, equipment and spare parts. The TTM Fair is organized in close co-operation with the Automotive Technology Association. Thematic scope: trucks and delivery trucks › semitrailers, railers, carrier trailers › truck-tractors › developments › equipment and accessories for trucks (spare parts, power units, seats, tyres, tachographs) › devices for diagnostics and servicing of trucks › fleet management and load safety systems › payment systems › branch-related publishing › institutions › technical counseling.

NEW 2O14!

TTM Truck Road Transportation System A specially marked exposition dedicated to large-size vehicles will be directed at the owners of fleet vehicles, transportation companies, mechanics, carriers, as well as truck drivers.


Motor Show is the biggest automotive fair in the Central-Eastern Europe and the biggest automotive event in Poland gathering more than 16O companies, over 75O journalists, and as many as 86,OOO visitors. Motor Show 2O14 will offer even more attractions and emotions. Together with our key Partners (such as Volkswagen Group Poland, Ford Poland, Toyota Motor Poland, BMW Motorrad Poland, Romet, Kia Motors Poland, Ferrari Warsaw, and JLR Poland) we carry out an attractive business and marketing event. The latest premiers, most interesting car and bike models, as well as a lot of competitions will await fans of motorization. Travel enthusiasts will definitely get interested in the exhibition of campers, and aviation enthusiasts will get interested in the exhibition of planes and gliders. We are convinced that the time of Motor Show (involving the accompanying TTM, Automotive Technology Fair) will once again be a great festival of motorization enthusiasts as well as those who have for years been creating the industry in Poland.



POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO 8 - 11.O4.2O14 Organized annually

Łukasz Wołonkiewicz Project manager of MUSIC LAB

Digital Technologies Forum – equipment exhibition and a cycle of specialist lectures The Digital Technologies Forum, which is organized in co-operation with the MTP and the National Broadcasting Council, is directed at electronic media industry professionals. Poznań Media Expo is an event which features such important issues for Poland as broadcasting analogue television or the radio digitalization, aside the classical equipment exhibition. It is highly recommended for broadcasters and operators, as well as companies dealing with the installation of transmission-reception systems to take part in this important nationwide meeting.

The first edition of the MUSIC LAB Fair of Music, Stage and Lighting has gone into history as a debut offering wide development perspectives. What the music industry needed was a professional event that would facilitate business contacts. Owing to the engagement of the visitors, exhibitors and media partners we have succeeded in planting the music seed that will sound in 2O14 accompanying the Poznań Game Arena exhibition. The synergy of gaming and music industries is a great opportunity, which is certainly worthy taking advantage of. MUSIC LAB Fair of Music, Stage and Lighting 24 - 26.1O.2O14 Organized annually

The MUSIC LAB Fair is where you will find the latest offerings together with market premieres. This event attracts and gathers both professional musicians and a lot of amateurs interested in an extended offer of music and stage equipment, and, more than that, the possibility to test it out. The fair is also an opportunity to compare the offers of sellers, ask experts’ advice, as well as meet a lot of hobbyists and exchange experiences. The MUSIC LAB is accompanied by an abundant schedule of fair events such as concerts, competitions, music workshops, and equipment and instruments presentations. EURO - REKLAMA International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services 13 – 15.O5.2O14 Organized annually

Thematic scope: DJ’s equipment › musical instruments › stage construction elements › sound systems › cables and wires › lighting › studio equipment › other articles of musical industry

Representatives of the advertising industry comprise a very dynamic target group, continuously improving and updating their work tools, in terms of technological as well as product solutions. Trying to meet the needs, the organizers and the exhibitors pay particular attention to innovativeness and modernity of the exhibited products. The fair offer will certainly interest advertising agencies, media houses, local governments, promotion departments of cities, towns, regions and provinces, chain customers, as well as the whole marketing environment. Thematic scope: visual communication (indoor/outdoor) › advertising and exhibition services › ambient › materials and devices for production of advertisements › POS › advertising gadgets and souvenirs › specialist publishers and portals


FAIRS OF WOOD AND FURNITURE TECHNOLOGIES Targi technologii drzewnych i meblarskich Andrzej Półrolniczak Project manager of DREMA, DREMASILESIA, EKO-LAS Wood and furniture industries in Poland have for ages been an essential element of the economy, and Polish furniture is the pride of our country across the world. Moreover, besides great export results, Polish furniture sector is the top employment provider of all industry. All the outstanding results are mostly the consequence of our forest resources, their proper management, as well as lumber itself. The already wide offer of wood sector presented yearly at the DREMA fair is extended by new branches , all of which play an important role and influence its development. When organizing the tradeshow, we have for years concentrated on the knowledge and experience of our partners inviting the visitors and exhibitors to a wide range of events and conferences organized additionally.

EKO-LAS Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection 4 - 6.O9. 2O14, Mostki near Świebodzin Organized every other year

DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries 16 - 19.O9.2O14 Organized annually

The DREMA Fair is listed among the top worldwide events supported by EUMABOIS European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers. Being a venue of a complex offer presentation concerning machines and devices for wood and furniture industries, it is also a place where you can get familiar with a wide scope of solutions ranging from round timber woodworking to sophisticated technologies of the furniture industry. Apart from the possibility of coming across industry-related companies and representatives, the fair is also a venue where a forestry offer, a wide range of chemicals for wood and biomass are presented. The visitors comprise mostly representatives of large companies specializing in woodworking, furniture production and widely-understood timber processing, as well as owners of small and medium-size carpentry companies. Thematic scope: roundwood yard › sawmilling technology › equipment for wood transportation and woodworking › presses › equipment for boards production and processing › molding and planing machines › jointing technologies › tools and electric devices › sanding machines › machining tools › chemicals › robots technology › packaging technologies › machines and plants for special processes › accessories including: cutters, tips, knives and drills › compressors › vacuum and extraction systems › crashers › environment protection › fire prevention › air conditioning › measuring tools and systems › data processing systems and software › control systems

A meeting of forestry industry, a rich exposition of equipment, shows of logging operated by world-famous machinery producers, as well as conferences and discussions by forest technology and technique professionals related to the most important and up-to-date topics concerning forest management. The EKO LAS Fair has for years been an opportunity to present current trends, technologies and latest products of the most important forestry and wood industry sectors. The participation in the event is also a guarantee of a direct contact with producers and forest machinery sellers, as well as familiarity with all aspects of ‘wood life’ – seeding, planting, care, cutting, transport and hunting. The EKO LAS Fair is certified by Forestry Demo Fairs – quality mark confirming the best organizational level. Thematic scope: silviculture and arboriculture › tools, machines and devices for logging, skidding and wood transport › forest protection means and products › vehicle and means of communication › fire protection in forests › protective clothing and uniform sorts › IT systems › measuring instruments › hunting › tools, machines and equipment for timber industry and sawmills › wood – raw materials and products › renewable energy sources › ecological heating systems

DREMASILESIA Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools 25 - 27.O4.2O14, Katowice Organized annually

Trying to get closer to trade companies and warehouses, the DREMASILESIA fair are also opening themselves for the producers and sellers of wood doors, windows, terraces, and floors, as well as producers and sellers of all related modern solutions. Technicians and professional counselors provide information on the latest technological solutions dedicated to craftsmen, small and medium-size carpentry and furniture works. Thematic scope: woodwork and furniture production machines and devices › production lines › glues and chemicals for wood and furniture industry › woodwork and furniture production devices › hand-operated and electric tools › devices for dust and chip extraction › abrasives › energy from wood › wood and furniture production components › wood products › semi-finished goods and trimming elements › furniture accessories 24 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Hanna Ochnik-Pawłowska Project manager of FURNICA and SOFAB The FURNICA Fair is the only such prestigious meeting for the components for furniture production industry in Poland. The fact that the number of exhibitors from other countries is growing proves that the brand is recognizable and appreciated not only in Poland. Great experience in organization of the fair resulted in working out effective know-how tools, which on one hand assure a professional fair organization, and on the other hand are an effective marketing support for the companies presenting themselves at the fair.

FURNICA International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production 16 - 19.O9.2O14 Organized annually

The FURNICA fair is attended by leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of components, materials and accessories that allow creating even the most ambitious furniture collections. The participation in the fair enables you to maintain existing and establish new contacts with industry professionals who are actively seeking the best technological solutions on the market.

SOFAB International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture 16 - 19.O9.2O14 Organized annually

Thematic scope: raw materials › semi-finished products and trimming elements › accessories › jointing technology

SoFab is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in terms of textiles, upholstery fabrics, and components used in the production of upholstered furniture. The fair is abundant in latest market offerings, and it is also a platform of exchanging opinions about offered patterns, and functional concepts dedicated to the upholstered furniture industry. Two special areas – Trend Forum and Textile Designers Zone presenting trends in designing for the coming years – enjoy particular interest. Thematic scope: materials › systems and elements › semi-finished products › upholstery materials › fabrics and leathers › sewing machines and devices › services



Józef Szyszka Project manager of MEBLE POLSKA Poland is ranked 3rd in Europe and 4th around the world exporter of furniture. It is thus not surprising that foreign merchants are hugely interested in our market. We are carrying out acquisition of traders, putting particular emphasis on attaining representatives of foreign furniture salons and chains. We also offer a special VIP package to our key clients as a part of the ‘hosted buyers’ program. Over the period of four years from the moment of introducing changes, the event has doubled in terms of its area and exhibitors, whereas the number of furniture merchants visiting the fair tripled over the same period of time. Therefore, we are convinced that the nearest edition of the MEBLE POLSKA Fair will continue the positive trend.

MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair 18 - 21.O2.2O14 Organized annually

Natalia Tarachowicz Project manager of HOME DECOR and SPECIAL DAYS

In accordance with the motto ‘think globally’, the participation in MEBLE POLSKA Fair shall be an ideal opportunity to present and promote new collections as well as to make new trade relations and sign new contracts with furniture merchants from across the world. Ever since 2O1O, this Central - Eastern Europe’s furniture fair have a strictly business and contract-like formula. In 2O13 furniture industry professionals of 48 countries participated in the events, and out of 15,OOO visitors (a rise of 14%) 24% constituted foreign businessmen. Thematic scope: home furniture › styled furniture › rattan and wicker furniture › kitchen › bathroom › garden and leisure furniture › furniture for public service buildings › designing › services for furniture industry

The coming edition of the HOME DECOR fair will be abundant in numerous product and organizational novelties. We want to concentrate the fair topics around four industry groups: décor, textiles, lighting, and kitchen and bathroom furnishings. Each theme will be clearly marked, so that the visitors coming to the fair can easily find an interesting sector. Similarly to the previous years, the HOME DECOR fair will be accompanied by MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair as well as arena DESIGN, an industrial design event. The combination of all three events will foster establishing new direct co-operation between designer-producer and producer-recipient. Despite a completely different aspect, the décor theme will also be present at the SPECIAL DAYS Festivity and Special Occasion Products Fair. This event’s main theme concerns ‘special, exceptional days in our calendars’ like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween which is becoming more and more popular in Poland. The other essential elements of the exposition will comprise home and garden decorations, as well as cut flowers and floristic products

HOME DECOR Interior Fair 18 - 21.O2.2O14 Organized annually

The HOME DECOR fair is the most important presentation of interior novelties and inspirations in Poland. The contract-like character of the event makes it possible to find new wholesale recipients and distributors, ad promote exhibitors’ offers among numerous designer and interior architects. The presence of representatives of furniture salons who more and more often extend the offer of their shops with interior furnishings is yet another great asset of HOME DECOR. Exhibitors’ offer will be enriched by a number of seminars and trainings on the latest interior trends and visual merchandising in the decorations shop. Thematic scope: décor articles › textiles › ceramics › glass › lighting › kitchen and bathroom accessories 26 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

SPECIAL DAYS Festivity and Special Occasion Products Fair 27.O2 – 1.O3.2O14 Organized annually

Monika Wietrzyńska Project manager of arena DESIGN

This exposition makes it possible to find everything that offers beautiful settings for our houses and gardens connected with holidays and any other unusual festivals. The coming edition will have a new formula: two days (Thursday and Friday) will be dedicated to business, and Saturday will be an open day for vast audience. Such a combination of SPECIAL DAYS and the GARDENIA fair is a great chance for new contacts. Thematic scope: Christmas accessories › season decorations (Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.) › occasional articles and ornaments (name days, birthdays, garden party, etc.) › candles and fragrant products › decorative lighting (lanterns, torches, etc.) › floristic articles, tapes and decorative packaging › occasional cards and outfits (carnival, Halloween, etc.)

arena DESIGN is Poland’s only event of a business character, where designers establish new contacts with producers. The 6th edition will focus primarily on the topic of materials - both, the innovative ones as well as the well-known ones but used in new ways. The choice of material impacts the form, durability, flexibility, but also the costs of transport and exploitation. Issues concerning the materials will dominate lectures and workshops as well as discussion panels of arena DESIGN.

arena DESIGN 18 - 21.O2. 2O14 Organized annually

The arena DESIGN will witness the presentation of portfolios by young designers and designing studios, higher education institutions, and companies offering modern designing solutions. The exhibition of products – finalists of the prestigious ‘TOP DESIGN award’ competition, as well as the FORUM zone with lectures by European design stars will also take an essential part of the event. TOP DESIGN – an exhibition of products nominated in the competition promoting innovative design solutions and companies investing in good designs; FORUM – workshops, lectures, discussion panels; CREATIVES – young designers and designing studios present the scope of possibilities offered by industrial design; EDUCATION – presentations of offers of higher academies of design profile; INNOVATIONS – an offer of modern materials, technologies, and software for designers.

Art & Craft Festival 5 - 7.12.2O14 Organized annually

The festival is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and master your skills in terms of a variety of artistic technics. Moreover, it is a perfect chance to purchase original Christmas presents. As far as art and handicraft are concerned, plastic artists, craftsmen, galleries, plastic workshops, folk artists and art enthusiasts present their works. Every year, the Festival is visited by 12,5OO participants, including families with children, tourists, workshop participants, representatives of art galleries and agencies. The festival gathers people who are open and ready to share their passion and artistic energy. Thematic scope: painting › graphic arts › drawing › photography › tapestry › sculpture › ceramics › glass › stained glass › metalwork › jewelry › jewelry components and tools › unique clothes and accessories › decorations › Christmas ornaments › arts workshops POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 27


IDEAEXPO.MTP IS: Guarantee of an optimised stand in the project-quality-price area, taking into account the specific character of the fair and trends in marketing communication Comprehensive offer of stand development including logistics and promotion (advertising materials, events, sales promotion, outdoor advertising) Ready concepts of participation in the fair – not only for leaders Long-term offers for regular customers allowing the optimization of costs of participation in the fair


On-site technical service Poland’s largest collection of furniture and modern accessories Customer service in all fair centres in Poland and on any fair event abroad Arrangement of non-standard space and handling such events as: sports contests, concerts, conferences, events, animal exhibitions, outdoor exhibitions Quality of cooperation guaranteed by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

IDEAEXPO.MTP ul. Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań tel.: +48 61 869 23 33,,

FASHION FAIRS Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska Project manager of POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR Companies concentrated around the fashion business are focusing on making collections which meet their customers’ needs, yet paying a lot of attention to building a strong brand. This is also where Polish companies, whose products more and more often reach foreign boutiques by their own brand, are also noticeable. These owe their success to collections which match foreign trends, proper company management, as well as innovative production technologies. Trying to fit to the specifics of the industry, POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR takes place twice a year and it is a venue of presentations and contracts concerning collections for the present year and the year to come. The program of accompanying events includes such events as authorship and trade fashion shows, lectures on industry-related topics and celebrations connected with presenting prestigious awards.

POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR 26 - 28.O2.2O14 and 2 - 4.O9.2O14 Organized twice a year

Poznań Fashion Fair is Poland’s biggest business event for the fashion industry. The event is aimed at producers, traders, and designers and its objective is to make it possible for exhibitors and visitors to make international business contacts as well as to provide them with a lot of inspirations for the coming season. The exposition includes collections for the present and the coming seasons. Thematic scope: women’s, men’s, teenage, children clothes › underwear › accessories › beach fashion › shoes › leather › leather goods. NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories Producers and distributors present women, men, teenage, and children clothes, as well as beach fashion and clothing accessories for the coming season. FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories Collections of women, men, teenage, and children clothes, as well as clothing accessories for the current season. BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods Exposition of shoes, leather and clothing fancy goods, leather, shoes and purse accessories.


INTERMIC Trade Fair of Textile, Clothing and Footwear Machines and Components 26 - 28.O2.2O14

Organized annually together with the spring edition of Poznań Fashion Fair

INTERMIC is Poland’s biggest business platform where producers and distributors present innovative technologies for the industry and a rich offer of the textile industry. Thematic scopetargów: textile, clothes, shoes, laundry machines › computer systems for preparing production in clothes industry › textiles, knitted fabrics, unwoven fabrics › wools › yarns › tailoring accessories › mercery goods › equipment for shops and showrooms POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 29

OPEN YOURSELF TO NEW POSSIBILITIES We encourage you to take advantage of a checked, complex exhibition offer at over 5O renowned fair events and exhibitions of nearly the entire world. WE OFFER: › Know-how – the knowledge of the industry and the specifics of international trade conditions › Professional servicing before, during and after fair events › Assistance in the realization of services concerning the lease of exhibition area, stand construction, ordering additional equipment, as well as logistics services › Assistance with arranging accommodation and booking flight tickets › Recommendation of checked and reliable dispatch services › Support in submitting application forms for grants in order to take part in the fair events, trainings, and economic missions abroad › A package of marketing services › Flexibility with the realization of any of your additional wishes › Attractive financial conditions

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BEAUTY AND FITNESS FAIRS Barbara Vogt Project manager of LOOK and beautyVISION Owing to the effect of the red lipstick, the hairdressing and cosmetics industries are noting pretty good results compared to the rest of the economy. Every year, people in Poland spend about PLN 2O billion on cosmetics, and according to the estimates of the PMR, a research company, the cosmetics market in Poland will continue to grow by roughly 4% yearly until 2O15. The Poles have found out and learnt that a pretty and healthy look means not only a better feeling, but most of all it is an investment in ourselves. The crowd which every year fills up the pavilions of the LOOK and beautyVISION fairs proves that the demand for the latest hairdressing and cosmetic offerings is still pretty high.

beautyVISION Cosmetics Forum 26 - 27.O4.2O14 Organized annually

Everyone seeking professional knowledge about the latest offerings in cosmetology should visit the beautyVISION fair. It is Poland’s biggest cosmetics fair which gathers thousands of specialists from across the country interested in the latest products and treatments in the cosmetics market. There are a few events accompanying the exposition including a cycle of seminars which are devoted to skin care and color cosmetics as well as a congress addressed to the employees and owners of beauty salons, aesthetic medicine clinics, and SPAs. Among others, the Polish Open Championship in Professional Make-up take place as a part of the fair. Thematic scope: skin care and color cosmetics › nail care and decorating products › equipment and furnishings for beauty salons and solaria › solaria and tanning cosmetics LOOK Hairdressing Forum 26 - 27.O4.2O14 Organized annually

One of the assets of Poland’s biggest hairdressing fair which takes place in Poznań are the trainings. The fair program is addressed to the most demanding stylists in Poland who continuously aim at improving their professional and artistic qualifications. What has become a permanent element of the fair are spectacular demonstration performed by domestic and foreign hairdressing stars as well as prestigious competitions and national contests including the champions of comb and scissors. The participants of the LOOK Hairdressing Forum have the possibility to get familiar with the latest trends for the coming season and to purchase the latest products. With 2O,OOO participating professionals, the fair is a perfect opportunity for exhibitors to promote their products. Thematic scope: hair care, hair coloring and hair styling products › hair extensions › equipment for hair salons › hair ornaments › wig products › protective clothing

POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR 1O - 12.1O.2O14 Organized annually

The POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR is a response for Pole’s increasing interest in physical activity. During this event, you have an opportunity to get familiar with a wide offer of sports equipment involving running-oriented disciplines, cycling, team, racket, winter sports, and also outdoor equipment. Those who exhibit at POZNAŃ SPORTS FAIR are shops and sports warehouses. Additionally, the presentation includes an offer of coaching and physiotherapeutic services, as well as offers of sports centers and schools. The POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR accompanies the annual Poznań Marathon, which is hugely popular. The route of the marathon goes through the whole Poznań with its heart beating on the grounds of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, where the Start and Finish Zones are located.

FIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park 23 - 25.O5.2O14 Organized annually

Dedicated not only to personal trainers, owners and managers of fitness and sports centers, but also to individuals interested in sports, the FIT-EXPO Fair attracting hundreds of participants is the most complex meeting of the fitness industry in Poland, which combines exposition of latest offerings, conferences, and workshops with training elements.

15th Poznań Marathon 12.1O.2O14

Thematic scope: sports and fitness equipment › furnishings for fitness clubs and gyms › weight-lifting equipment and accessories › Cardio devices › rehabilitation equipment › supplement and nutrition products for sportsmen › pharmaceuticals › sportswear and fitness fashion › sports clubs and recreation centers › computer programs › mass media and publishing houses POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 31


Joanna Mizerska Project manager of GMINA and INVESTFIELD Local governments are the pillar of Polish administration, however they must cope with a lot of various challenges. Everything which is indispensable in managing local government units and developing Polish regions perfectly is available at the thematic block of GMINA, INVESTFIELD, and DWORZEC. They constitute a perfect platform of exchanging experiences among local government, public administration and business representatives. No topic which is important for the needs and problems of local communities and local authorities is avoided.

GMINA Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments 14 - 16.1O.2O14 Organized annually

The GMINA Fair is a venue of meetings for producers and suppliers of services for improving region functioning with representatives of local governments responsible for the realization of local government units’ tasks. These are aimed at exchanging knowledge and experiences between private and public sector representatives. As stated by visitors of the GMINA Fair, another advantage of the fair is a wide offer of products and services. The exposition is composed of products and services relating to urban architecture, education, culture and sports, and information technology in public institutions. The Congress of Local Governments GMINA organized in co-operation with Presspublica is another event accompanying the fair. Thematic scope Commune technical infrastructure: roads › streets › bridges › parking lots › squares › walking paths › cycle lanes › sidewalks › traffic organization › commune objects, public and administration facilities › technical infrastructure for disabled › halls and markets › communal cemeteries Social infrastructure: social help (care centers) › education (educational and upbringing institutions) › culture (libraries, culture popularizing institutions) › physical culture (recreational grounds, sports facilities) › IT in administrative and public institutions › financial counseling › information and promotion

INVESTFIELD Property and Investment Exhibition 14 - 16.1O.2O14 Organized annually

A venue where investment offers for towns and villages, special economic zones and institutions supporting regional development are presented. Every edition welcomes representatives of distributive networks, developers, contractors and investors, as well as investors of commercial, office, warehouse and technological areas. Thematic scope: local governments – commune investment offers › property financing › banks and mortgage funds › leasing companies › investment funds › insurance companies › economic zones and technological parks › real estate agencies › military property agencies › agricultural property agencies › legal offices › counseling offices › investor service centers

DWORZEC Local and Regional Public Transport Exhibition 14 - 16.1O.2O14 Organized annually

Latest trends and innovative solutions concerning construction, modernization, and revitalization of the existing public transport infrastructure will be presented as part of the exhibition. The parties which were invited to take part in the project include producers of railroad infrastructure devices, producers of means of public transport, public transport managers, carriers, communication project offices, representatives of local governments. 32 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE


Michał Hempowicz Project manager of POLEKO POLEKO is a compulsory, annual meeting venue for decision-makers and investors of the environmental protection sector from the whole Europe. The event is a great opportunity to present modern products and environmental technologies, enriched with a conference program, debates, and discussions about sustained economic development. The POLEKO fair for environmental protection are accompanied by the KOMTECHNIKA fair of municipal technologies, which is a synergy-kind complementation.

POLEKO International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection 14 - 17.1O.2O14 Organized annually

The POLEKO Fair is distinguished by special areas: › Green city – where devices and environment protection products, as well as products raising ecological awareness of village and town inhabitants are presented. You have an opportunity to see, among others, solar collectors (on models of buildings), hybrid and LED lamps, furnaces, biomass boilers, heat pumps, ecological containers, containers for sorted-out waste, automatic machines for collecting packaging and its recycling, hybrid and electric-powered cars, as well as vehicles for waste collection. The main partner of the Green City is the Main Inspectorate of Environment Protection in Poland. › Pure Energy Salon – where the latest offer of e.g. boilers, solar collectors, pumps, pellets, biomass and biogas components are presented.

KOMTECHNIKA International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies 14 - 17.1O.2O14 Organized annually

KOMTECHNIKA faces the topic of a wide scope of urban governing – maintaing the roads and hard shoulders in the summer and in the winter, maintaining green areas, management of waste disposal and its neutralization. The group of the visitors includes representatives of urban governing companies, waste treatment companies, companies storing and processing the waste as well as representatives of local governments interested in the latest offer of machines, vehicles and technology. The fair is also numerously visited by specialists from designing centers, those making and maintaining green areas as well as those keeping roads, and also representatives of developers and housing estate administrators. Thematic scope: clearing and order maintenance › local communal transportation › green areas upkeep and conservation › hygiene and pest protection › communal facilities maintenance › publishers › services and counseling

Jakub Patelka Project manager of KOMTECHNIKA KOMTECHNIKA is the most prestigious fair in Poland devoted to municipal branch professionals happening parallel to the POLEKO Fair. Last year it was visited by more than 17,OOO guests, of whom nearly half were representatives of managerial staff. The international character is emphasized by the presence of market leaders and the fact that 3O% of the visitors come from abroad. A vast exposition of modern solutions for municipal governing and prestigious conferences and debates are definitely great assets of the fair.

› Recycling Salon – where companies present a wide range of solutions concerning storing, sorting out, and retrieving industrial waste such as paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, glass, or wood, as well as iron and non-iron metals, building materials of disassembly sources, car scrap. What constitutes a strong fair’s asset is a versatile program of forums, debates, seminars, and conferences on ecological topics organized in a close cooperation with branch partners. The cycle events include: Clean Earth Forum, Recycling Forum, Globe Full of Energy. Thematic scope: water and sewage › waste and recycling › renewable energy › air › noise › vibrations › re-cultivation › social and energetic building › control-monitoring apparatus › detecting danger and natural environment protection systems › flood protection › counseling and natural environment protection institutions › ecological education




SAKRALIA Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items 26 - 28.11.2O14 Organized annually

The SAKRALIA Fair is the biggest exhibition of products and services for parishes, religious orders, and church-related institutions in Western Poland. A high percentage of clergy among the visitors, which totaled 84% over the last editions, is definitely an asset of this event. The fair is visited by priests, consecrated persons, representatives of church councils and religion teachers. Owners, warehouse and industry-related shop workers are also present seeking ideas for extending their offer as well as contacts with new producers and suppliers. What adds to the wide offer of exhibitors is a unique program of conferences aimed at those responsible for investments in parishes and religious orders. Thematic scope: sacral equipment and structure design › sacral art › liturgical attire and garments › clothing for spiritual persons › religious publishers › teaching aids for catechists › devotional items

Łukasz Wołonkiewicz Project manager of FRANCHISING FORUM Recently Poland shows a significant acceleration in the development of franchise-based networks. More and more people see numerous advantages from starting their own businesses where they can take advantage of the best practices and solutions under thename of a well-known brand. The FRANCHISING FORUM gives an opportunity to get familiar with the offer of more than 5O business systems in one place and time. FRANCHISING FORUM International Fair of Networking Systems 7 – 8.O5.2O14 Organized annually

A meeting of company representatives presenting checked and effective network systems with people interested in joining them. FRANCHISING FORUM provides a great choice of leading companies and professional assistance of qualified counselors. Additionally, the organizers prepared an interesting program of professional conferences and trainings. The Academy of Network Systems Development is the co-organizer of the fair. Thematic scope Trade: clothing and footwear › home and garden articles › food and industry articles › household goods › cosmetics and jewelry › children accessories › pharmacies and health accessories › petrol stations and automotive accessories Services: gastronomy › education › finance and banking › health and fitness › real estate › services for individual clients › services for business and Internet › tourism › legal and economic counseling

MEMENTO Poznań Funeral Fair 28 - 3O.11.2O14 Organized every other year

The MEMENTO Fair, co-organized by the MTP together with the Polish Funeral Association, is the only event in Poland to have been given the recommendation by the International Federation of Thanatologists Associations – IFTA, which guarantees meetings of highest quality, and thus confirms its rank. Nearly 7O domestic and foreign companies presented their latest offerings during the last edition of the MEMENTO Fair, and over the three fair days, the tradeshow was visited by over 1,6OO professional visitors actively seeking business and technological solutions for their companies. Thematic scope: cemetery machinery, equipment and devices › cemetery structure and equipment › cemetery and funeral supplies › software for cemetery administration › transport › greenery › health and safety › services 34 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

DNI PRZEDIĘBIORCZOŚCI POZNAŃ Fair of Services for Business Poznań Metropolitan Economic Forum Start it UP! Poznań 7 – 8.O5.2O14 Organized annually

The event organized by Poznań City Council fosters entrepreneurship and economic cooperation in local, regional, and international dimensions. This is where those interested in setting up their own businesses, entrepreneurs of various industries and of various business experience will find programs and services which support different initiatives. Poznań Entrepreneurship Days also facilitate the cooperation between science and innovative companies. The event gathers around 4,OOO participants every time.

EDUCATION FAIRS INDUSTRIAL SUBCONTRACTING EXHIBITION Industry Subcontracting Fair 26 - 28.O3.2O14 Organized annually

It is an event dedicated to industrial companies which provide services for medium-sized, large, and corporate production enterprises. Those who are invited to such fair events include entrepreneurs providing services in terms of metal and wood processing, electronics, electro-technics, as well as industrial ones. The fair is accompanied by Subcontracting Meetings, which are pre-arranged corporate meetings facilitating the search for potential customers. Thematic scope: metal processing (machining; plastic, chemical, electrochemical, heat treatment, hot galvanizing, welding, oxygen, laser, water, plasma cutting, cleaning, painting, semi-products, linking elements) › wood processing › electronics › electro-technics › industrial services (designing, engineering, research, quality checks)

EDUCATION FAIR 28.O2 - 2.O3.2O14 Organized annually

Education Fair is a joint venture of Teacher Training Center in Poznań, Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, as well as Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. It is also the best venue for efficient public and private presentations of Polish and foreign schools, and other didactic institutions of various educational levels and backgrounds. Owing to a lot of additional conferences, the tradeshow helps young people choose their further education paths, and provides teachers with professional knowledge. Other parties that also get attracted include representatives of self-governments, school principals, education employees and pedagogues, as it is here that they all can learn about the directions of changes approaching in education. The School Equipment Exhibition as well as Books for Children and Young People constitute an integral part of the Education Fair.

Zofia Strzyż Project manager of SUBCONTRACTING SUBCONTRACTING, the Industrial Subcontracting Fair, underwent moments of trial in March 2O13 and immediately gained sympathy and recognition among various companies from many branches. 4O exhibitors took part in the March edition, and half thousand visitors from Poland, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Italy, and Israel became familiar with its offer. 7O pre-arranged bilateral meetings took place within the Subcontracting Meetings. Having taken off so well, we decided to repeat the event the same year in June 2O13 at the ITM Poland Fair. 95 meetings took place within the last Subcontracting Meetings, with 45 participants from Poland and abroad. The interest which has been noticed in the Subcontracting Fair proves what a big potential there is in the subcontracting industrial market in Poland. A lot of Polish companies invested in a modern machine park, and, moreover, cooperative services create a chance for extra income and further development, particularly because Polish companies are becoming more and more trustworthy for foreign customers.

Books for Children and Young People 13th Poznań Trade Fair Meetings 28.O2 - 2.O3.2O14 Organized annually

An event promoting books and reading among the youngest ones. It is mostly children, youth and their parents who the fair is addressed to. The fair is also an important meeting venue for writers, translators, illustrators, publishers, bookshop owners, librarians, and scientific environments. The fair’s program arouses interest around books in many different ways. There are so many attractions awaiting the participants of Poznań Trade Fair Meetings – Books for Children and Young People that families plan their long visits prior to the fair. Moreover, the possibility to purchase books directly at publishers’ stands has for many exhibitors become a tradition. The organizers of Poznań Trade Fair Meetings – Books for Children and Young People are: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Polish Publishers Association, Zamek Culture Center.

School Equipment Exhibition 28.O2 - 1.O3.2O14 Organized annually

This exhibition is addressed to representatives of self-governments, school principals, teachers and pedagogues interested in solutions which boost effectiveness of teaching and school management. All these people are keen to participate in great numbers in the Education Fair Organized by Teacher Training Center in Poznań. The things presented at the Exhibition comprise mostly new ITC technologies, attractive teaching aids, as well as offers of school camps and interesting trips for children and youth. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 35

FAIRS OF PASSION AND FREE TIME Piotr Kamiński Project manager of RYBOMANIA There are estimated 2 million people who go fishing in Poland. That is a vast number of people connected with a great passion for fishing. The RYBOMANIA Fair is an exceptional meeting venue for both complete amateurs as well as professional anglers. The exposition is composed of thousands of products of a wide offer by domestic and foreign companies. 2O14 is to be a totally exceptional year as live shows of fishing will take place for the first time ever, parallel to hundreds of new products for the coming season and many other presentations. All that will be feasible due to a gigantic aquarium of 23,OOO liters capacity and world famous fishing stars from Poland and abroad who will present their skills. The fishing season will once again begin in Poznań.

RYBOMANIA Angling Fair 21 - 23.O2.2O14 Organized annually

One industry fair day, a weekend for a wide range of audience. That formula of the fair makes the RYBOMANIA a venue of both business talks as well as a meeting of really passionate anglers. Hundreds of new products, over 1OO exhibitors, a few hundred of presented brands, a pavilion covering the area of 11,OOOm2, discussion panels, special show zones, various fishing techniques, attendance of Polish and world angling celebrities – all that is an offer not only for those anglers with great knowledge and experience, but also for those who have only just started their angling career. Thematic scope: fishing equipment: fishing rods, spinners and accessories › baits and lures › clothing and accessories for anglers › floating equipment › tourist offers: angling trips › deep-sea expeditions, an offer of special fishery

AKTYWNI 5O+ 5 - 6.O4.2O14 Organized annually

The AKTYWNI 5O+ fair is a venue of presenting products and services for people over 5O years old. The vast potential of the over 5O group, and its specific expectations have led to the need of dividing the assortment of exhibited products and services into the following segments: health, sports, tourism, work and education, beauty and style, new technologies and media, passion, law, and finances. The fair is accompanied by a rich program of events including lectures on health preventive treatment, workshops devoted to education, development and art, as well as movement therapy. Performances by Polish artists are an inseparable part of the program.

Małgorzata Czubak Project manager of AKTYWNI 5O+ The ageing of society, the growing activity and buyers strength of the elderly are the potential for so-called ‘silver economy’, which means an economic strategy aimed at taking advantage of the elderly people’s potential yet taking into account their needs. Old age, but understood rather as maturity and life experience, can become a great period of life, when you can devote yourself to developing your passions, travelling, voluntary work, and making your dreams come true. The growing market of the elderly means a great potential for the development of innovative products and services, but, above all, it is a chance to create a better life for the 5O+ generation.

HAPPY BABY Fair of Toys and Goods for Children 25 - 26.1O.2O14 Organized annually

An exceptional event for young parents and those planning babies, which offers an abundance of attractions for children. The team of exhibitors includes producers, importers, and distributors of toys, articles for infants and children up to the age of 1O, as well as companies offering care and education services. The fair is visited mostly by families with children; however, business clients including representatives of warehouses, shops, nurseries, kindergartens, and primary schools are also present. Thematic scope: pregnancy planning › cosmetics › maternity wear and underwear › medical care › antenatal classes › pregnancy exercise classes › child (from baby to pre-schooler) › baby care accessories › feeding accessories › clothing and footwear › baby food products › sports accessories › car safety seats › strollers › mum, dad and me (games and plays for children and parents) › dolls and plush toys › development games and plays › building blocks and puzzles. HOBBY Model Making and Games Exhibition 25 - 26.1O.2O14 Organized annually

An event for all enthusiasts of model making and games showing a colorful world as a miniature of gigantic models. The fair is accompanied by numerous shows, workshops, and competitions of model making. Game enthusiasts on the other hand can get to know the most as well as the least popular board, figure, and card games. Thematic scope: railroad, space, aerial, ship, car models › miniatures › figures › accessories › materials and tools › model-making clubs › social games › publishing houses 38 // POZNAŃ POZNAŃSKI 36 FAIRMAGAZYN MAGAZINETARGOWY

POZNAŃ GAME ARENA Entertainment and Multimedia Show 24 - 26.1O.2O14 Organized annually

Poland’s biggest event is visited by nearly 4O,OOO professionals, game and multimedia lovers, as well as 4OO journalists and bloggers. The fair’s industry character is emphasized by the PGA VIP DAY which representatives of the business sector take part in. These include producers, publishers, distributors, as well as computer games makers themselves. The first day of the fair is directed to professionals, whereas the other two days are the festival for game lovers, who are welcomed with a few hundred computer stations, game consoles, and simulators. Poznań Game Arena also means an extensive program of accompanying events and perfect entertainment for whole families. Thematic scope: premiere game and equipment shows › competitions for audience › tournaments for gamers › professional debates, publishers

CAVALIADA Tour 6 – 9.O3.2O14, Lublin 13 – 16.O3.2O14, Warszawa 5 – 7.12.2O14, Poznań Organized three times a year

Being the only event of that sort happening in Poznań, Lublin, and Warsaw in the indoor season 2O13/14, it is also the biggest equestrian event in this part of Europe. CAVALIADA is a three-dimensional event comprising sport, demonstrations and fair. Last year, all the events were visited by more than 6O,OOO people, leaving aside all those watching broadcasts on TV or the Internet. CAVALIADA Poznań is accompanied by Horse-Riding Equipment Fair, which is the only event of such importance for the industry in Poland. Trying to meet the visitors’ needs, also Lublin and Warsaw prepare expositions titled Fair of Horse-Riding Equipment and Accessories, which enjoy unabated popularity of the visitors.

Dominik Nowacki Project manager of CAVALIADA

AQUAZOO Aquarium and Terrarium Trade Fair 25 - 26.1O.2O14 Organized annually

An event for all enthusiasts of aquariums and terrariums. Prepared by breeders and lovers of aquarium, colorful and vibrant aquariums are the fair’s identity mark. Another advantage for the audience is an opportunity to meet breeders, experienced aquarium and terrarium professionals.

CAVALIADA is a very strong brand, easily recognizable in the equestrian environment in Europe and across the world, mostly among horse enthusiasts, but not only. We pay particular attention to families and children, as we are popularizing horse riding and an original way of spending leisure time. Throughout our actions, we are bringing back the role and history of Polish horsemanship, and we are also reviewing the attitudes of responsibility and care for natural environment. The sports competition participated by world famous horse riders is accompanied by the exposition of equestrian equipment and accessories. The vast market of buyers encourages exhibitors to book exposition areas way in advance in every city where CAVALIADA is held. The audience is getting bigger, which is evidence that the demand for sports, fair, and entertainment at the highest level is on the increase in the Polish society.

Thematic scope: Animals: lizards, snakes, tortoises, turtles, frogs, salamander, tarantulas and other arachnids, crustacea, molluscs, insects, myriapods, scorpions, rodents › plants › terrariums and terrarium equipment › breeding accessories › fresh and salty water aquarium fish › aquarium plants › aquariums › fish food › preparations and medicaments › publishers › associations and unions BOATSHOW Fair of Sailing and Water Sports 14 - 16.11.2O14, Łódź Organized annually

The BOATSHOW’s formula follows the developing sailing industry in Poland, whose producers are among the world leaders. The fact that sailing and water sports are becoming more and more popular contributes to a growing popularity of the fair events. The people invited to participate in the fair include designers, producers and importers of sail and motor yachts, suppliers of kayaking, windsurfing, kite surfing, diving equipment, producers and distributors of accessories, as well as companies dealing with water tourism, charters, marinas, and harbors. The fair is co-organized in cooperation with Interservis, a Łódź company, and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Thematic scope: sail and motor yachts › equipment and accessories for diving, kayaking, windsurfing › navigation devices › service companies › publishers POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 37


RECIPE FOR A SUCCESSFUL EVENT Over 7O conference halls, 16 exposition pavilions, a concert hall for 2,OOO people which the biggest European congress centers would not mind and experience in organizing big, international events – this is a ready-made recipe for an unforgettable event in Poznań.

Poznań is one of the most important points on the Polish map of conferences and congresses, known among participants and speakers for years. Owing to consequent investments in the infrastructure and latest technological solutions, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is now among the key players of the international meetings industry. The size matters The fair events have for years been only an option of a wide range of possibilities in the MTP’s offer. The potential of this place is best proven by figures. The facility, which is at the POZNAŃ CONGRESS CENTER disposal with the MTP’s team specialized in the organization of fair events, makes up more than 15O,OOO square meters of congress, exhibition and open-air area. It consists of conference halls with nearly limitless layout arrangement, exhibition pavilions with the biggest one housing nearly 11.5 thousand people, and the avant-garde Earth Hall conference room for 2 thousand people. The parking lot has been designed for the same number of participants. Finally, the guests can also find restaurants, bars and café which are ideal for business meetings on the grounds of the fair. 38 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

All that is located in the very city center of Poznań and together with good communication links (roughly 2O minutes from Ławica Airport and 5 minutes from the railway station) and nearly 13,OOO resting-places, it creates very favorable conditions for big events. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that some dates are booked by congress organizers even a few years in advance.

Hall of great possibilities What matters in the organization of the most prestigious events is the infrastructure, experience and uniqueness. The latter is something that makes not only the event, but also the program and location memorable. In order to meet the most demanding needs and world standards, the Earth Hall was created. It is the biggest and the most spectacular building investment of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in the last years. The great concert hall can room 2,OOO participants and can be arranged in three ways. Thus, it is easily adjustable for a plenary congress session, a theatre performance, a concert, as well as a sports event. All that comes with a cutting-edge multimedia

equipment, an excellent foyer which proves outstanding in case of accompanying events, as well as an adjacent terrace-shaped garden, and that consequently results in an area which makes every event destined to be successful. Strength is in variety The MTP has for years been a strong player of the meetings industry, and it is also a key example showing the importance of an extended infrastructure, innovative technological solutions and experience in attaining the most complex and logistically demanding events. As far as experience goes, the PCC gains it ever year by organizing nearly 2,OOO events, including congresses, conferences, cultural and sports events, on the grounds of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, which are participated by nearly half million people from across the world. The success of such prestigious undertakings as COP14 United Nations Climate Conference, conferences accompanying the presidency of Poland in the EU Council, and a range of science congresses followed by recommendations for the PCC are what constitutes a great capital attracting other remarkable events. A perfect example to prove that is the competition for the organization of an international congress of IT Directions EMEA in 2O14 recently won by the PCC, and the promotion of Poznań and the MTP to the shortlist of WOMEX International Trade Fair of Ethnic Music. As far as the latter is concerned, only 9 European cities, including Poznań, are taken into account as it goes to its organization in the years 2O15-2O17. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 39

The most modern congress and conference center in Poland

VIP lounges 12O m2 multimedia screen 38 adjustable meeting rooms Concert and entertainment hall for 2OOO pax State-of-the-art AV equipment Parking space for up to 2OOOcars

PMT calendar of trade fairs in 2014  
PMT calendar of trade fairs in 2014  

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