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Be different or die

It is said that a few minutes of coloring is enough to get you into a very relaxing mood − check out for yourselves!

Gold Medal: it is worth the struggle

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Poznań Fair Magazine 2/2015 (336) An official magazine of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Issued from 1959. Editor-in-Chief: Katarzyna Supa, / Editing: Karolina Bartołd-Michalak, Łukasz Cholewicki, Renata Hille, Ewa Kozłowska, Karolina Makowska, Ewa Mrożek, Marta Radowska-Karpińska, Marta Rybko, Maria Szczepaniak-Kowalska, Katarzyna Świderska, Paulina Wasiluk, Marzanna Wiśniewska, Tomasz Wojciechowski, Miłosz Zagórski Advertising: Katarzyna Probala, / Graphic project: Brandswork Photographies: Archiwum MTP, Maja Kasztelan, Piotr Pasieczny, Piotr Piosik, Dana Puciłowska / Print: Zakład Poligraficzny Moś&Łuczak Redaction: Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań / Publisher: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Sp. z o.o., Głogowska 14, 60-734 Poznań tel. +48 61 869 2000, e-mail:, POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 03

NEWS ...tempus fugit, aeternitas manet... It was on 9 September 2015 when the Board and the employees of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, including the present and the former representatives of Poznań Fair Magazine, full of sorrow, said goodbye to Mrs Lidia Neuman-Gińska, who was the first ever editor-in-chief of Poznań Fair Magazine, which she used to refer to as ‘my beloved baby.’ She managed the editorial team from 1959 for 40 years without a break. She was full of passion, courage and creative eagerness to work. Despite her great, long-term struggle she was defeated by cancer. Lidia Neuman-Gińska, We met something like a year ago. At that time Poznań Fair Magazine was celebrating its 55th editor-in-chief of Poznań Fair birthday. I brushed up the archive issues, some forgotten stories, and I managed to remember Magazine from 1959 to 1999 Mrs Lidia. We were on the same wavelength from the very beginning. Our conversations depended on the arrival-departure schedule of trains between Poznań and Warsaw. Later we used the phone. Mrs Lidia would not give up to the disease and treated the tumor as a sparing partner. Decisive, courageous, without compromise as she was, she would always give you a piece of advice. Although she was ill, she was ready to get involved in work in the editorial team. She was always fully interested in what was going on there in the team and what the magazine was like. I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet her and clip the beginnings of the magazine with the up-to-date history. Our stroll along the streets of Warsaw’s Łazienki and the interview recorded in one of Mrs Lidia’s favorite spots, at Diana’s Temple, will remain in my memory forever.

Katarzyna Supa, editor-in-chief of Poznań Fair Magazine

SWEP — grants for innovation In times of mass media and information noise, it is quite a challenge for anyone who aims at efficient and successful marketing to select effective communication tools and create a proper message. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and the Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PCSS) decided to carry out a scientific and research project aimed at searching for innovative solutions in terms of multi-stream marketing communication. The project parties concentrate mostly on issues connected with a perfect matching of communication parameters, so that they can choose the most proper ones out of millions of combinations, taking into consideration the content, the target group, and the date, yet optimizing the costs. Reaching a proper group with a well-formulated message is decisive as to whether the marketing actions are successful. The system designed, which will serve both technologically-advanced Internet tools as well as more traditional communication methods, will definitely facilitate and shorten the planning and realization processes of many complex campaigns. The challenge of the research and the project lies in mastering the whole lot of versatile feedback coming from multiple sources and putting these pieces into one uniform

structure, which shall make it possible to segment the results and analyze the data in many different ways. The rapid development of technology also leads to new possibilities of creating a marketing message, which further leads to other questions such as how to integrate the ever-changing communication tools? Those issues as well as many others are the challenges before the fair and the institute, which combined their potentials, knowledge and experience to build the prototype of a unique system. The joint project of MTP and PCSS is titled “the system of multi-stream mass communication integrating direct and indirect marketing and online results verification as a basis of a new service directed at fair customers – SWEP”. It was positively assessed in the 3rd edition of the INNOTECH Program carried out by the National Research and Development Center, and thus was granted funds from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Innovative Economy. The project is scheduled for 1 January 2014 – 30 June 2016, its value is PLN 4,495,800, including the grant of PLN 2,005,375. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

The Project financed from the European Regional Development Fund, under the Operational Program Innovative Economy


Coloring books for adults are a new and fashionable way to spend free time, popular among managers and employees. They let you chill out, fill you with positive emotions, make you more creative and imaginative, develop your attention-span and artistic skills. Send photo or scan of colored cover to - the most creative covers will be published in the next issue of Poznań Fair Magazine. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE 04 / POZNAŃSKI MAGAZYN TARGOWY

NEWS Przemysław Trawa president of MTP until 2019 It was in mid-September that the Supervisory Board of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie adopted a resolution to appoint Mr Przemysław Trawa to the function of the President of the Board of MTP until the end of the term in 2019. The president Trawa is a graduate of economics and foreign trade management of Poznań’s Academy of Economics. Ever since 1983 he has been in Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. He was responsible for managing its Economy Department. Then, he worked as the director for organization and economy. From 2007 to 2009 he served as the President of the Board. He was appointed to the post of Deputy President of the Board of MTP two times (from 1996 to 2007 and from 2009 to 2014).

MTP company wholly owned by the City of Poznań The Minister of the Treasury and the President of Poznań signed an agreement on the transfer of 60pct. of the shares in the Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie company by the State Treasury. The City of Poznań will now become the sole owner, holding 100pct. of the company's shares. The agreement amending the ownership structure of MTP was signed on October 5, 2015, at the premises of MTP by Andrzej Czerwiński, Minister of Treasury, and Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of the City of Poznań. Until the signing of the agreement, the State Treasury held a 60 percent stake in the company. From the date of the municipalization agreement, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie will be entirely owned by the City of Poznań. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie company is a leader in the trade fair and conference organization market in Poland, and an important place for the exchange of business ideas in Poland. With our more than 90-year-long tradition, is the longest operating exhibition company in Poland. Since its establishment until 1950s, MTP had been a municipal company. Later on, it became a unit of the Polish Foreign Trade Chamber based in Warsaw. In 1990, at the initiative of the authorities of the City of Poznań and in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Economic Cooperation, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o. was formed. As a result of the agreements concluded, the City of Poznań became a shareholder of the company, owning a package of 40pct. of its shares. The portfolio of MTP products includes more than one hundred trade fairs organized in annual or biennial cycles. In 2014, 69 trade fairs organized in the area of MTP in Poznań were attended by over 11 thousand exhibitors, including 2.5 thousand from abroad. Over 1 million 100 thousand visitors from around the world participated in trade fairs and conferences. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie supports the promotion of Polish economy abroad. The company cooperates with ministries, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, associations and chambers of commerce. It organizes national presentations at the world's largest trade fairs. An example may be the Polish stand organized by MTP at the CeBIT fair of new technologies, which was visited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or the exhibition of our gaming industry at

the ChinaJoy 2014 Fair in Shanghai. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie executes the Furniture and Clothing Industry Promotion Programme and the Video Game Market. In recent years, under the General Promotion Programme of the Ministry of Economy, MTP have supported Polish business e.g. in the prospective markets of Kazakhstan, Canada, Brazil and Turkey.

A historical moment – the agreement on the change of the ownership structure of the MTP is being signed by: (from the left) Jacek Jaśkowiak President of Poznań and Andrzej Czerwiński Minister of Treasury, (standing) Rafał Grupiński Member of Parliament, Przemysław Trawa President of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, as well as Piotr Florek Voivode of the Wielkopolska Region

Scan the QR Code and find out what they say: Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of Poznań, about the strategy of MTP for the coming years

Przemysław Trawa, President of MTP about what MTP can offer to the city

Andrzej Czerwiński, Minister of Treasury, about the fair


NEWS Innovation protected at the fair

Soon, the new regulations concerning the Act on Industrial Property Rights, which restores the protection of utility models and industrial patterns on domestic exhibitions, will come into force. This is the result of the long struggle of Polish entrepreneurs and the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry in cooperation with organizations grouping entrepreneurs and the support of experts and members of parliament to restore the exhibition priority certificate repealed in 2007. “Such were the expectations of economic groups in Poland, innovative and project companies exhibiting their latest products at domestic fair events, products which had not been patented in the Patent Office. On their behalf we addressed members of parliament asking them to make proper alterations in the updated Act on Industrial Property Rights,” says Przemysław Trawa, President of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and PIPT. Once the new regulations come into force, the exhibition priority certificate, issued by the organizer of the exhibition where the presentation took place, will guarantee protection of the innovation presented. Thus the companies will be able to present modern solutions, novelties, and even prototypes which are not on the market yet without any risk. The Exhibition Priority Certificate is used at worldwide exhibitions, including the German market, which is Europe’s greatest. Experts of the fair industry believe that the updated act, protecting against unfair business practices and stealing of ideas, will positively influence upon innovative projects at fair events in Poland.

Polish Fashion Ambassadors Modern design, high quality of materials and production located completely in Poland on the basis of fair trade rules – these are the main features of brands distinguished with the Polish Fashion sign. The project got its ambassadors, namely Rafał Maślak, Mister of Poland, who values Polish clothing brands and is very willing to present them on his blog, as well as three women who had won the casting for the face of the Polish Fashion program, including Agnieszka Czajka from Poznań (42 years old), Dominika Chryn from Warsaw (22 years old) and Iwona Zielińska from Łódź (28 years old). More than 2,500 women applied to take part in the contest. The Polish Fashion Ambassadors presented various collections of the brands distinguished with the Polish Fashion sign during the fall edition of Poznań Fashion Fair.

“The campaign participated by ambassadors of the Polish Fashion program is targeted at conscious clients, who value quality rather than quantity. As the recent research suggests, the Poles are more and more willing to appreciate the value of our domestic brands. This is why the brands which were awarded the Polish Fashion sign will always have at least one advantage over those mass-produced ones – they are produced by domestic specialists who pay a lot of attention and have passion for what they do. Those are seen in details and the sewing,” explains Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska, director of Poznań Fashion Fair, which coordinates the Polish Fashion program. Feel invited to visit the website where you can find a search engine of stationary shops dealing in Polish fashion.

Poznań Business Run, our 8 times ‘yes’! Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is always willing to participate in any social and charity actions. Therefore, there was no way we could skip Poznań Business Run 2015, where we had as many as 8 teams. Even though the figures are not the most important here, we are happy to say that we were ranked 43 out of 563 teams classified. The event was a part of Poland Business Run, which is a national event taking place on the same day in many towns and cities of Poland. Some good cause is always the main objective of this event. This year it stood for new artificial limbs for Kacper Hała and Adam Bisigirskis of Jaś Mela’s Foundation ‘Poza Horyzonty’ (Beyond Horizons). All 40 representatives of MTP did their best and despite the fact that the weather was not favorable, the spirits were very good. There was a huge dose of applause on the finish line and a commemorative medal. Looking at the pace of development of running at Poznań Fair (just to remind you, last year we had 5 teams, this year 8 already), we are certain that we will also take part next year. 06 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Poznań Fair — perfect spot for video clip John Malkovich and Kazik are shooting a video clip in Poznań. Sounds like science-fiction to you? Well, it is the truth! An MTP’ pavilion will be a spot where the clip for the piece titled “Kalifat” performed by Kazik and Proforma, Poznań’s quartet, will be recorded. Poland has never seen a video clip like the one which is going to be made at MTP before. It is going to be 5 minutes long, and 4k technology is going to be applied. On top of that, it will be like a film-story featuring musical accents. Its scope, the plot, the latest technology as well topics discussed and a pinch of absurd are the main characteristics of the project. In the video clip Kazik Staszewski and John Malkovich will be accompanied by actors of Poznań theaters as well as live animals. As many as 47 costumes are going to be used. “On starting work for the video clip, we were often told it was not going to work out in Poland, or that this was just not the proper way to do it. It was a very hard lesson we learnt that Poland is still mentally blocked and the you-cannot-do-it idea is prevailing. We believe, though, that we can make it, and, when shooting the clip, we are trying to promote positive attitude, to be open-minded to new ideas and we deeply believe they can be materialized. This is where the idea of the project comes from,” comments Mikołaj Świderski, director of the project. He emphasizes that Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie pavilions are perfect for shooting Hollywood-style movie productions. “It is a great movie hall, sort of like in Hollywood, the only one in Poznań where such an undertaking can be carried out. This is where we will create a complete shooting site, we will install necessary stage design, professional lighting, and trailers for actors where they will have a chance to rest in between particular shots,” added the director. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is a great location for culture, sports, and business events, which has been proven on numerous occasions. “We are very happy to have the possibility to get involved in the video clip project participated by such outstanding musicians and a Hollywood star. For many years we have been proving that you actually can ‘make it’ together with Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. We managed to organize the Common National Exhibition in 1929, and in 2008 we also managed to organize the United Nation COP14. We are still open to interesting and varied projects, not necessarily exhibition-related ones, but also those connected to culture and sports,” said Przemysław Trawa, President of the Board of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Absynt Studio from Poznań is responsible for the realization of the video clip, while Poznań Film Commission and the city of Poznań are its co-producers. Scan the QR Code — find out what they say about taking advantage of fair pavilions for shooting movies: Michał Ferlak, Poznań Film Commission

Contact with us: Małgorzata Barczak tel. +48 61 861 25 24 e-mail:

Przemysław Trawa, President of MTP


Mikołaj Świderski, Director, Studio Absynt



Witold Orłowski, professor of economics, the main economic advisor of PricewaterhouseCoopers Poland, a member of the Economic Council of the Prime Minister, took part in the energy congress Energi@21 at EXPOPOWER. The team of CEOs of Polish most important energy companies and professors of schools of economics discussed about the social and economic aspects of a 21st-century energy company

Grzegorz Łapanowski, a culinary expert and a cook running the “Top Chef” program prepared great dishes at the TASTES OF REGIONS in which he used regional and traditional products owning European quality signs: Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication and Traditional Specialty Guaranteed

Paweł Nastula, an Olympic Champion, a two-time World Champion, an MMA competitor at present, was a special guest at a FIT-EXPO’s stand organized by TOP-GYM, which is the sole distributor of the Life Fitness brand. The champion shared his knowledge in terms of management of a fitness club and organized a personal training for the finalists of the “Trainer of the Year” competition

A top representative of the Roman Curia of the Vatican City, His Eminence Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, President of the Papal Council “Iustitia et Pax” took part in the debate titled “Ecology and economy united – global dimension”, which inaugurated the POL-ECO-SYSTEM Fair. The fair was participated by the Minister of Environment Maciej Grabowski. The discussion was moderated by prof. Andrzej Mizgajski President of the National Environmental Protection Council

Kamil Bednarek, a talented reggae musician, together with his band, was the music star of the international aero show AEROFESTIVAL 2015 08 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE


Krystian Herba, the finalist of the second edition of “Mam Talent” Show, a Guinness world record holder of riding to tops of world’s highest buildings, showed the things you could do with your bike, breaking the law of gravity, to promote the TOUR SALON Partner Macro-region – Green Velo

Poland’s most famous traveler, Martyna Wojciechowska, met her fans at TOUR SALON and she took more than 7 hours to sign her books at the stand of the National Geographic Traveler. There are always crowds of people waiting to meet the Polish globetrotter; however, the attendance in Poznań was far beyond expectations

The participants of the GOLDEN MARKETING CONFERENCE followed the best marketing specialists, including a trend-spotter Natalia Hatalska, the founder and the main visionary of MentalWay Michał Wawrzyniak, and a story-telling expert Paweł Tkaczyk

TOUR SALON Fair was visited by Nela Little Reporter, a kids’ favorite who is curious of the world. The girl spoke about her trips and signed books at the stand of the National Geographic Traveler

Rafał Maślak, the Mister of Poland 2014 and the ambassador of the Polish Fashion project, visited POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR

The struggling of cooks during the prestigious competition of the Polish gastronomy – the POLISH CULINARY CUP – and the final gala were moderated by Monika Zamachowska POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 09


Extreme emotions festival Aerofestival

Poznań has not seen such an international air show for years. Europe’s best air acrobatic teams presented their sky skills during the Aerofestival. Poznań sky hosted such famous groups as the Latvian Balic Bess acrobatic group, which performed stunts in L-39 C Albatross jets characterized by stripy coating, the Turkish Air Force acrobatic group Turkish Stars flying the American Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter which is considered to be one of the best acrobatic military groups around the world. The Italian acrobatic group Pioneer Team, the Norwegian flying enthusiasts

De Havilland Vampire Display Team, as well as the French group Patrouille REVA flying the unique ArcoEZ also presented their acrobatic fantasies. On the ground, on the other hand, you had a chance to see the pearls of World War I and II such as Mustang P-51, Supermarine Spitfire, as well as the Russian Jak-18. The contemporary planes from the British Royal Air Force BAE Hawk and F-16 with the white and red chessboard were also proudly on display. Feel invited to follow information on as well as AeroFestivalPoznan

The event managed to gather fans of aviation as well as whole families with children and offered a good dose of emotions for everyone



The viewers were thrilled during the shows which were perfectly precise and harmonious. The pilots of international acrobatic groups presented aileron rolls, spins, falling tail downwards, flying upside down, vertical climbs and vertical falls



Successful summer in the city? Summer at the fair! During the summer, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie gets transformed into a cozy beach in the very city center, offering a variety of vacation forms to relax to both the young and the old. Over two summer months the “Summer at the fair” program provided something nice and interesting for anyone, ranging from spending time on the beach, sports activities (football, volleyball, badminton, bulle, roller-skating, cycling), barbecue shows, scientific workshops, outdoor movie shows, sightseeing the fair premises, competitions and games organized by animators, to meetings with the book. There was also a possibility to rent your favorite titles on the beach as well as exchange books.

Moreover, Poznań’s publishers took care of the literature-related attractions. The youngest fans of literature had opportunities to listen to their favorite fairytales and parts of books, take part in creative workshops and competitions as well as meet book writers and illustrators. Again , the event stole the heart of Poznań inhabitants and won the title for “the best summer event in Poznań” in an online competition Poznań Nasze Miasto (Poznań Our City) organized by the town’s popular website. The President of Poznań held the honorary patronage over the event. See you on the beach next year! Feel invited to visit

Thanks to its timetable, the outdoor Birthday Summer Cinema of SGB Bank attracted crowds of inhabitants of Poznań

Everyone could participate in the skating training supervised by a Zico Racing instructor as well as try their chances at country rollers. There was also a free rental of equipment on the site

Football trainings and matches, organized by the Reiss Academy coaches, were hugely popular


The “Recover – Benefit” social action prepared a fascinating interactive science park and eco workshops

”Summer at the fair” in figures:


12 000 participants of all ages

64 days of attractions

600 tons of sand

8 nights with the Birthdays Summer Cinema of SGB Bank

150 comfortable deckchairs

8 meetings with book protagonists during “Summer with the book”

A Scientific Circle “Bioinicjatywa” (Bio-initiative) of Poznań Technical University managed to astonish both the big and small observers by means of their chemical experiments based on everyday products

There is no time for boredom in the summer! Mercedes Benz Duda Cars Poznań offer a great time during the painting of the latest version of the Smart

The other activities of the “Summer at the fair” agenda included yoga, plioxing and zumba

The cycle of “Summer with the book” meetings was supported by the Polish Association of Book Publishers. The event was patronized by Pegazik as well, which is the symbol of Poznań Fair Meetings – Books for Children, Young Adults and Parents POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 13


Be different or die 3 days, 3000 professional visitors, 3 stages, nearly 100 exhibitors, and 40 content-based events − this is this year’s edition of REKLAMA360 in figures. How is it different? Poland’s first Golden Marketing Conference which gathered Polish marketing stars. Those who participated in this year’s events had a chance to realize their individual role in the process of building competition advantage. How? Well, by following the best ones. ARENA360 The exhibitors of REKLAMA360 had an opportunity to present themselves not only at the exposition area but also in front of a wider audience. They had a stage at their disposal – ARENA360 where such companies as Centrum Druku 3D (3D printing center), Max Roy, All Biz, PIN-UP Poland, InnerSource, MentalWay, Ostrowski Event Agency,, Personel System, Neurohm and Poznań Congress Center had a chance to make themselves different presenting issues of 3D printing, content marketing, coaching, new trends in terms of online advertisement, as well as modern technologies in market research.

Modern exposition

The products and services presented by the exhibitors proved what different needs of their recipients today’s advertising industry must fulfill. It is enough to name just a few products presented at REKLAMA360 including HBOT 3D, a 3D printing device with a large working area which makes it possible torealize


small series of gadgets in a short time by means of modern and economical technology. 3DKreator Motion which surprises photo-like realistic printouts produced at a blink of an eye. Professional and innovative exhibition systems by MFrame used for creating easy arrangements of the exhibition area, stands and interiors. Zortax M200 – a 3D printer for prototyping virtual projects to a three-dimensional reality, used for preparing mechanical elements, constructions, industrial forms and designs, everyday objects and advertising gadgets. Hyperbook – work stands, notebooks, also for gamers. Gas lasers, laser marking tools, and laser and printing devices air filtering systems. There is also a chance to run a multimedia printing house online, as well as sets for making drinks including an application.

#gmcpoznan − follow the best

The stage of the Golden Marketing Conference, known also as #gmcpoznan, hosted a person – a mentor, a user, a recipient, a client, an extrovert, an introvert, a boss, a designer – who entered the stage in the company of technology, with his story, emotions, needs and ideas. In one word a human being – a motive and a trend which appeared in the speech of each speaker invited to Poznań. Natalia Hatalska, Paweł Tkaczyk, Michał Wawrzyniak, Marek Zieliński, Michał Banach and Wojciech Ławniczak were the best ones who the audience followed for two days. The conference began in the Earth Hall and was commenced by Michał Wawrzyniak, the founder and a visionary of MentalWay, a curator of the Golden Marketing Conference. With his lecture on “Mentorship – your footprint in business” he led the participants in the atmosphere of the conference. Michał referred to the aspects of having a mentor. He also helped the audience realize that whatever we do and whatever we are told leaves a footprint or makes us follow our mentors.

MARKETING Natalia Hatalska, a trend-spotter, invited the conference participants to follow marketing trends for the year 2016 as well as the years to come. The author of the blog as well as the book titled “Cząstki przyciągania” (particles of attraction) presented the struggle for domination in the dynamic social media world as well as the impact they have on our lives among friends and in business. Hatalska’s content-packed lecture included 10 main trends which all come down to the conclusion that technology cannot exist without problems of people, as its aim is to offer solutions. Michał Banach, a managing director of NEUROHM Poland research company, spoke about fascinating modern technologies which are made use of when doing such research as EEG bonnets, a galvanic skin reader to research emotions, as well as an eye tracking device which tracks first 5 seconds of reactions to impulses. Again, advanced technology proved to be helpful for people. The participants were impressed by dr Marek Zieliński of Poznań University of Economics who spoke about the importance of emotions in life and business. Business is done on the company-level but it creates human relations. Mr Zieliński, fascinated by researching emotions thanks to neuroscience, shared the importance of the research for achieving marketing objectives. Business and emotions are closer one another than we might imagine. “If you are the smartest person in a room, it is high time to change the room,” emphasized Paweł Tkaczyk, a story-telling expert. He spoke about the dynamics of team -cooperation and the importance of competences in performing particular tasks. He also said that, today, negotiations, sales, marketing and customer service are just one common stream encompassing the ability to tell a story. Get in pairs and draw each other, create as many symbols with a circle as possible, design a morning for your friend – this was the first task that the participants of the workshop on Design Thinking in services had to do. It was carried out by Wojciech Ławniczak, a counselor and business practitioner. The training presented a process method of creating products and services, which leads to changes and innovation. On one hand, the method is highly concentrated on the user and, on the other hand, on creating hypothesis which are continuously tested with the user. To put it in a nutshell: DOING NOT TALKING! Harvard Business Review and ICAN debate carried out on the second day of the Golden Marketing Conference by Agnieszka Węglarz, a director of ICAN Total Marketing B2B, and Paweł Kubisiak, the second-editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review Poland, tried to formulate a diagnosis of key challenges in the field of making successful marketing on the basis of experience and good practices of many experts. “REKLAMA 360 and the Golden Marketing Conference is only just the beginning of the road, which, despite its complexities, leads to the achieving desired success and full satisfaction for the conference visitors, exhibitors and participants,” summarizes Ilona Rosiak-Łukaszewicz, director of REKLAMA360 and Golden Marketing Conference. She adds that „we have prepared a unique event for even more unique people, who find marketing and branding aspects the indicator of a company’s success.” Stay up to date:, as well as f GoldenMarketingConference

What is your footprint in business? Michał Wawrzyniak

Michał Wawrzyniak is a charismatic expert in the field of releasing human potential. He is a visionary, an artist, a mentor, and a businessman. He is also the founder of MentalWay company and the author of the motto which says ‘you can do anything anywhere!’ He has given inspiration for those who have participated in his trainings for nearly 6 years. During the Golden Marketing Conference he became a guide through the labyrinth of brand marketing and, on top of that, he carried out the VIP workshop on “Mentorship – your footprint in business” What impressions do you think meeting you at the Golden Marketing Conference in September gave people? Each of my performances follows a certain framework. I fill it with contents suited to the audience’s needs. I am not set on what I want to say, but I try do give people what they need. In that case I chose the topic of leaving conscious business traces, which is called Mentoring. The topic is very close to me. People who attend such conferences hardly know how their talents and attitude influence upon the lives of other people. There are lots of managers who do not realize they are Mentors for their employees, providing them with a path to follow. What was it that you particularly paid attention to in your speech? Being aware of the consequences our decisions have and the process of taking these decisions were the leading aspects. Why? Simply because, these days nothing is either black or white only. There are millions of shades, dependencies and factors which must be taken into consideration. It is difficult to make decisions in such conditions, particularly in situations when you need to decide about the future of people or a multi-million business! Even success can lead to consequences we do not necessarily want. This is another thing we need to learn to anticiPOZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 15


Be more human! pate. I saw it perfectly recently when I started co-operating with a primary school from Kalisz, where we intend to make the kids hate-proof. If they learn how to not hate and react strongly, a gimnazjum may be a place when they may not handle moments when some other kids are aggressive towards them. They need to be resilient, understand consequences, yet they mustn’t be deprived of natural self-protection reactions. The same applies to business. Shall we throw an employee in at the deep end, give him a huge project and leave him to his own devices? Or shall we prepare him for promotion in any other way? There are as many ways to do it as there are people; therefore, mentoring is both a hard and a challenging topic. When speaking you often refer to phrases like: “all it takes is…”, “it’s very simple…”, “no matter what…”, “rarely…” Why do you think these magic words made their way to the conference audience? These words are not magic. Using them is my full awareness and experience. Tens of thousands of hours spent on the stage, giving online workshops as well as during individual work require you to be able to use the language fluently. Speaking the way I do is aimed at reaching people who just want to be inspired. It is also a huge responsibility, however, in order to give someone a kick to work and consider things without, at the same time, destabilizing the person’s life by means of what I believe. With my words I mean to release the potential of people participating in the conference and explain to them that they, in fact, know more than they imagine, but they lack self-confidence and they are too modest. In such situations, words will give them courage to discover their talent and show it to the world. In terms of business, which footprints should be left and which ones should be erased by people working on the brand image? There is no golden rule to that. Similarly to a brand which tries to create its own identity, every one of us, when working on our image, must be aware what the consequences of our footprints are. The same footprint can be admired in some industry and hated in another, despite the fact that intentions and results will be equal. For example, the CSR of many companies is criticized, although these businesses change reality and improve our lives. Just bragging about such actions is rather ephemeral. However, when the same companies manage to alter the mentality of their clients and employees by involving them in their CSR and teaching them to offer help, then the footprint will be much more powerful. And then, the consequences of our decisions, which I discussed with the participants, will also appear here. Interviewer: Ilona Rosiak-Łukaszewicz


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2016 trends according to Natalia Hatalska

Natalia Hatalska is a trend-spotter, the author of blog, which is considered to be one of the most influential Polish blogs, as well as the author of a bestseller titled “Cząstki przyciągania” (Particles of attraction). She co-operates with Universal McCann media house being the Chief Inspiration Officer. She is also the originator of numerous campaigns based on non-standard advertising activities, awarded in advertising contests. On top of that she is a member of the Brand Board in the Superbrands competition; a member of the Creative Communication Cluster, a member of the Board of Think Tank Experts. She has been awarded with Silver Carrot by the Geek Girls Carrots for being a woman role-model dealing with modern technologies. As expected of a trend-spotter, during her speech at the Golden Marketing Conference in Poznań Natalia Hatalska concentrated on what is to come in terms of marketing in the coming year. She spoke about the fight to dominate the world in social media, and the ways these changes influence upon our lives and today’s marketing practices. According to her assumptions, each organization, no matter whether it is from the sector of providing services, production or health, shall soon become a technological company owing to advanced software, data storing services in a cloud, or the Internet of Things. The blogger emphasized the fact that those new technologies were developing all the time and sometimes it was very difficult to keep up. Their producers happen to forget that the technologies are there to serve people, and not the other way around. Thus, the basis for 2016 trends is definitely technology in its apt understanding, yet it is all down to one key word: HUMAN. #1 Sudden growth of importance and the development of transient social media Brands like Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Vime, listed here with reference to the number of its users, are some of the most important social media, which are going to be noticeable in the nearest future. Their transience has lots to do with the fact that the actions chosen by generation Z are short-lasting. This, consequently, is connected with the feeling of impunity as far as social media communication is concerned. That very trend is complemented by monetization of social media, which means opening access to a wider range of content and functions once proper fees are paid for. The popular dating website Snapchat is an example of that. This trend proves that

MARKETING social media did not lead to giving up on establishing new relationships and direct contacts; they just changed the manner of communication. Social media became a means to maintain contact with those who cannot be together with us in a given moment. #2 change of communication direction Not so long ago social media facilitated one2many communication. At present, however, one2few communication is getting more and more popular. The generation Z is the one to choose this way of communication surprisingly often as they use social media only with a limited number of recipients. This trend proves the growing importance of transient social media, which are not so widespread (here users will have their own group of acquaintances, friends, a team, etc.) #3 Wearable computers This is the so-called 3rd technological wave (the first referred to desktop devices, the second to smart phones). In Poland this technology is rather considered time-consuming by lots of people, whereas, from a worldwide perspective 30% of users consider the technology to be a means of building their image. Polish marketers, therefore, have a hard nut to crack in that respect to reach the awareness of a larger group of consumers and follow worldwide trends. #4 video Video is a growing trends, particularly films watched on mobile devices. It is even referred to as a war of video domination among all social media players, in which Facebook managed to displace YouTube. A new counter was even introduced concerning the popularity of video contents, which now is not limited only to the number of views but also content years. Mobile Internet access and smart phones are growing in their popularity (the number of smart phones exceeded the number of people worldwide); therefore, access to video contents, especially for generation Z, is automatically associated with mobile services and smart phones. It should not be forgotten though that all previous generations also use mobile devices. These however play a different role for them; as for young people they are used to build their status, whereas for older ones they usually have some utility function, and help to solve some problems. #5 VR stands for Virtual Reality The trend which proves that users are cutting themselves out of reality. Today, all greatest technological players have already invested in technologies which enable their users to enter an extended version of reality and allow them to experience their brands in virtual reality. Microsoft invested in Holo Lence which makes it possible to move virtual objects in a given reality. The same refers to Oculus Pro Vision, Google CardBoard and the 360 degree You Tube technology. Today Virtual Reality is applied mostly in games; however, you should expect its expansion into other fields connected with direct marketing. The virtual store of Rossman is a Polish example, where it is possible to enter the store online and take a walk between the shelves. #6 You and technology In a sense, these days every company is a technological company as technology can be made use of in every single industry. It is important that technologies provide solutions quickly and intuitively. L’Oréal prepared an application called Makeup Genius which makes it possible for you to make up in real time using your

own smart phone and taking advantage of cosmetics offered by the producer. The application has been hugely successful and has been downloaded over 10 million times. At present, Disney is working on an electro-magnetic wave technology which should make it possible to feel the texture of an object seen in the screen. For example, you see a cat and you feel fur with your fingers. #7 Maketechhuman Make technology human is technology which is to serve people, not the other way around. Technological development makes it possible to create products and programs which fill the gaps concerning different needs. The Always brand, which takes care of women, is a perfect example of that. The brand found out that every single evening there are millions of women worldwide who get back home alone. Always created an application called BackMeApp which walks young women home under a careful watch of their friend. You need to log in the application in order to start the virtual caretaker, draw your route, and inform your friends about it. Once this is done you are ready to set off. The app monitors your way home and alarms a chosen person or the police in case there is such a need, which means 2 minutes after going off the route; all that to help women feel safer or have anybody help them should need be. Another application which perfectly fits the trend is the technology created by Samsung, namely the BackUp Technology. It is a non-medical technology which helps people suffering from Alzheimer disease stay fit and remember about their next of kin longer. The application makes it possible to connect the signal of someone close to photos and movies, and geo-location services help to recognize the close person in someone who is approaching. #8 Human touch in custommer experience All brands want to be more human and want to do good things for their consumers. It is natural that people prefer to contact other people. On that account, companies need to take decisions which actions can be automated, and which should remain as person-to-person contact. The application called “Happy to help” by KLM Airlines is a perfect example. It is based on following the needs of their clients via Twitter and then providing solutions for these problems technologically or by means of their representatives. #9 Be more human / perfect imperfection Be more human and show yourself the way you really are! Your imperfections are beautiful indeed! This trends was started by Dove and it is now followed by more and more brands. It means acceptance to be imperfect, to make mistakes, to behave like a human being. It is naturally acceptable to sweat or get dirty while doing sports, as well as to have hair in the armpits, or suffer from skin albinism, which is nothing to be ashamed of. #10 Content This is a crucial aspect, particularly the contents of a video message. The research shows that 72 pct. respondents in Poland are motivated to join in a new community or be active in social media if they receive some free contents.



More luck than reason Paweł Tkaczyk

Paweł Tkaczyk, the man of the year of polish marketing, the author of the marketing book of the year, the owner of Midea branding agency. For more than 10 years he has been sharing his knowledge on making strong brands for, as he says, a good brand is a well-told story. He can ignite the spark which triggers everything – inspiration for action, mastering ideas and shaping companies’ marketing directions. He makes projects for such companies as Agora, Diners Club and Lukas Bank as well as provides counseling for start-up projects.

During the Golden Marketing Conference you met the Polish top management. You started your lecture with a statement that where they are in their careers today is more of a coincidence that they imagine. How is that possible? Research shows that people who have achieved some success do not appreciate the “I-found-myself-in-a-good-place-at -a-good-time” factor and they usually have a tendency to overestimate their input. Understanding that was the key to understand what I said further. I spoke about a moment of a project development when the leader should relegate his leadership. And, this is indeed what he should do as the determinants which made him a great leader initially will make him a burden in further stages. How do you judge the branding awareness of Polish top management from the perspective of your experience? In fact, it’s pretty good, which obviously doesn’t mean it can’t be better. When I started my company dealing with designing coherent visual identification systems back in 2000 there were only 5 such agencies in Poland. Brand awareness, even speaking only in terms of the image, was down to “banners and business cards” only. It is much better today; practically every agency offers coherent identification because this is what the market requires. Companies are looking for strategic image counseling. Therefore, they get down to building their brand in the very beginning – this is the outcome of the awareness that Polish top management has. 18 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Which mistakes made by people responsible for a brand strategy should not be made these days? I reckon those who manage several brands do not fully realize the fact that today the consumer is a medium. The power of an unsatisfied customer, who speaks about his or her negative experiences with a particular brand, is comparable to the power of mass media of the pre-Internet era. A brand which considers its customers as equal partners, lets them talk and listens to them does better in today’s world than a brand which stopped at the “recipient” stage. Today’s consumer is not just passive audience. The other thing is partly related to the previous sentence; the market has speeded up today. Young consumers are not used to waiting for anything anymore for they are what we refer to as the “nanosecond generation”. The brand which is capable of making use of that and giving them what they want in the shortest possible time will win the fight for a recipient’s elusive attention. How do companies benefit from modern branding? I believe that, similarly to marketing, there is just one branding. It is neither ‘modern’, ‘social’ nor any other. The only thing that changes is tools. And, in fact, the tools keep changing because consumers start to behave differently. One of the classical rules behind branding is “be wherever you’ll find the attention of your users”. For that reason, companies invest in new communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat… However, as I have said, it all depends on how the recipients behave. If they mostly use mobile devices, this is exactly where we should follow them. On the other hand, if they live ‘offline’ only, this is also where we should create reference points for brands. Interviewer: Marta Rybko


3D printing in advertisement

3D printing has for a few years now been one of the hottest topics in terms of new technologies. On numerous occasion, it evoked astonishment and excitement of those who came across the technology for the first time, as they came to realize the possibilities it offered. Nonetheless, not many people realize this technology is not that new after all… The truth is that 3D printing is more than 30 years old and has successfully been taken advantage of in the industry, as well as automotive, aviation and medical sectors. Despite the fact that it has been used as a quick prototype making tool ever since its beginning (to create the first master models of various devices or their parts before starting their mass production), the technology is more and more often made use of in other fields, including the advertising industry. In order to understand what makes 3D printing different from a typical, mass production, a printing-related analogy can be used. The characteristics of 3D printing is similar to the digital one; it makes it possible to create short series of print-outs, which can, additionally, be customized. It is ideal in case of single productions, or those which do not exceed a few dozen or a few hundred items. In cases where the output is large (newspapers / advertising folders, books, magazines, etc.), the offset printing comes in hand as it guarantees high speed and profitability.


The same is guaranteed by injection molding machines in case of mass-produced items, and even dedicated assembly lines when talking about some more complex products. As far as 3D printing in marketing activities is concerned, it has already been taken advantage of by such brands as Coca-Cola, mobile phone service providers like Orange and T-Mobile, as well as Skoda. Although each of these actions was a bit different, each company would still concentrate on the greatest asset of 3D printing, namely the possibility to have every single product personalized and the possibility of low amount productions. Using scans, Coca-Cola printed miniature versions of their consumers. Orange and T-Mobile, on the other hand, offered a possibility to design and print your own individual phone cases, whereas Skoda offered a chance to design the color of your car, and later a possibility to have it printed as a key ring. As far as Poland is concerned, the printing of 3D Witcher medallions was one of the most popular projects, in which the medallions were added to the game “The Witcher 3: wild hunt”

MARKETING and distributed to the most important and influential bloggers and youtubers , and influential individuals of the Polish Internet just one day prior to the premiere of the game. Due to a large number of the 3D models and a very short time, 3D printing technology was the only one which would handle the challenge. On top of that, the very fact that the medallions were printed by means of 3D technology was an added value for those who received such exclusive gifts. Where else in advertising can 3D printing find its application? For instance, to create personalized

advertising gadgets which could be used with many different yet interesting materials, including sand and wood composites, plastic and stone composites, as well as plastic and metal composites. It must be remembered that 3D printing itself is just the beginning… The print-outs can be finished in any possible way, but, most of all, they can be painted and varnished, thus making them unique gadgets indeed. Paweł Ślusarczyk, editor-in-chief of

3D printing at REKLAMA360 Polish companies getting the status of innovative and professional ones and making Polish workers considered accurate, stubborn to reach their goals and having the sense of entrepreneurship. The 3D PRINTING ZONE at Reklama360 gathered representatives of world leading producers and companies which provide 3D printing services which, making use of modern technologies and their capabilities, make the work easier, shorten the time needed and reduce the costs of making prototypes. The solutions presented are useful mostly to engineers, architects, and constructors of many different fields, including the automotive, aviation and medicine. There was also a chance to see 3D printers at work and a gallery of print-outs created in various technologies and with a variety of materials – plastic, resin, and even graphene, which is considered to be the material of the future. Moreover, Paweł Ślusarczyk the creator and the editor-in-chief of the website, which is considered to be one of the greatest online services devoted to this kind of technology in Poland, shared information about different 3D printing technologies and their applications, advantages and limitations of using them in the marketing and advertising industry. He also presented a casy study in the form of projects carried out by such brands as Orange, T-Mobile and Coca-Cola.

The following were presented at the 3D Print Zone at Reklama360 fair: HBOT 3D – a device for 3D printing with a large working area, which makes it possible to create a series of tiny advertising / promotional gadgets by taking advantage of the latest and economical technology. Each workshop / advertising company is able to own such a device in their own headquarters, thus extending their own capabilities; 3DKreator Motion - which astonishes with its realistic photo-like print-outs made in a blink of an eye – the maximum speed of the printing head is 130mm/s; zortax M200 – a 3D printer for making prototypes of virtual projects into a 3D reality; the device is used for designing mechanical parts, constructions, industrial forms and patterns, everyday objects and advertising gadgets; printers by MakerBot, an American company, are characterized by extravagant construction and well-though-through technical solutions. They are presented by CADEXPERT, which concentrates its actions mostly on solutions from the industry, education and design sectors. The material applied here drew a lot of attention; these range from classical PLA and ABS to materials with particles of copper, bronze, rubber, and wood advertisement by THREE DIMENSIONS LAB. The first quite obvious example of taking advantage of 3D printing in advertising is the pretty fast and simple production of customized key rings. Another one is the possibility to prepare cake punch forms which make the cutting of a logotype in a cake possible; scan3D UNIVERSE scanner is the most mobile scanner of the whole scan3D line. It was made for those who are only just starting their work with touch-free measuring technology and are searching for a user-friendly device, known for its accuracy. Owing to the color detectors used, the systems produced by SMARTTECH map the shape and the realistic color of an item, thus providing the user with a complete 3D model including its color. It is a perfect solution for the museum and multimedia industry. The 3D models which originate from the 3D scanning processes are ready for 3D printing.








Radomsko is furniture, furniture is Radomsko “The whole world sits on chairs from Radomsko” − this is what Jan Susin used to say in a well-known advertisement of FAMEG Bendable Furniture Factory. However, chairs is not everything that companies from Radomsko can offer. The combination of experience in carpentry, modern and varied patterns, high quality and a professional and individual approach to each client are all what summarizes the offers of 600 carpentry companies operating in the region of Radomsko. A talk with Anna Milczanowska, President of Radomsko The “Radomsko provides furniture” partnership is quite a new project as it has been in operation for a few months. What is the “Radomsko provides furniture” project about more specifically? The economic growth of Radomsko including the historic furniture industry is a part of the city strategy. The partnership which is set on mutual promotion and support for companies of that particular branch is an answer to the demands of entrepreneurs and local economic self-governments. Prior to the start of the project, a few meetings with entrepreneurs took place as it was their opinions, above all, that decided about the actions we are carrying out now. Despite being pretty new, the project has been very developing well owing to, for example, the organization of participation in the fair, thus, providing other self-governments and industries with an impulse to take advantage of promotional and sale actions. During Furniture Fair MEBLE POLSKA 2015 in Poznań, 9 companies presented the potential of Radomsko at a 400-square-meter stand. How do you assess the participation in this fair? Our partners provided very positive feedback concerning the effects of fair participation. The stand, titled “Radomsko provides furniture” was highly popular. I am convinced that lots of business contacts established right there have borne fruit of new contracts for the producers, gave them a chance to boost their sales, get into new markets and find new clients. What we, as a self-government, find important is the promotion of the slogan “Radomsko provides furniture” and the dissemination of the image of the city as one which is Poland’s furniture leading center. We want the name Radomsko to evoke single and clear associations with furniture. Such an effect of promotion will definitely result in benefits for hundreds of local companies operating in the industry. Are we going to see companies from Radomsko again in Poznań at Furniture Fair MEBLE POLSKA 2016? Certainly. Our partners include companies which have already taken part in the fair, as well as those first-timers, which found the conditions of the “Radomsko provides furniture” project beneficial. We are willing to organize a common stand again provided that there are companies interested in doing so. We are not imposing anything but we are inviting and encouraging them offering proper assistance to those companies which want to take advantage of such forms of promotion.

photo: press service of the City Hall of Radomsko


9 companies presented themselves in the “Radomsko provides furniture” project at MEBLE POLSKA 2015, but, in fact, there are more partners involved in the project. How much interest is there in joining the project? Who can join it and how can they do it? The project includes 30 companies. On top of that, our partners include the National Culture Center, Radomsko’s Guild of Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs and the Regional Industry and Trade Chamber in Radomsko. For the official beginning of the project in March last year we hosted Ewa Minge, who is also successful in the field of designing furniture. Our producers, thus, had an opportunity to talk about the importance of modern and functional design in business today, not only with regard to the furniture industry. Coming back to our partners, any companies can join in any time. The only condition to do so is to have a company registered in the apt furniture industry of our region. Every entity is offered the placement of their business cards on the project website Moreover, everyone is encouraged to recommend ideas for further mutual actions. Entrepreneurs emphasize that cooperation, following a common thought of “bigger can do more”, is a huge asset of the program. How do you assess the first outcomes of the program? What benefits does it have and which direction is it going to go? Our city has a century-long tradition of furniture making. As the town of Radomsko, we have not so far participated in furniture fair, for instance. Therefore, a joint project makes it possible for us to achieve the promotional effect as well as strengthen the roots connecting Radomsko to furniture. This, on the other hand, results in benefits for furniture producers because clients who are interested in purchasing furniture take Radomsko into consideration more and more often and this is where they want to do the transactions. As part of the project we have issued a joint promotional catalogue which includes the offers of our producers. We also organize furniture exhibitions locally, for example, during the town festival. In September we presented a furniture stand during an event called Regional Mixer in Łódź. Any further plans are up to entrepreneurs; however, we are going to suggest things and listen to different ideas and we will certainly surprise you on many occasions. Scan the QR Code — see what Radomsko can offer



A new idea for successful trips TOUR SALON 2016 − new date, new formula

The next 27th edition of TOUR SALON 2016 will take place from 12 to 14 February 2016, which is only four months after TOUR SALON 2015. Not only has the date of the fair changed, but also its formula. Regarding the details of such a transformation, we have spoken to Anna Myślak, TOUR SALON director. The very first question that comes to mind is “what does the need to change the date and the formula result from?” Recently fair events aimed at professional visitors concerning the tourist industry have been around table conversations, I mean, taking advantage of small module-stands or table areas with pre-arranged matchmaking meetings. On the other hand, in case of individuals they have been oriented on events, festivities, and open markets. Over the years many things have changed including the time of taking decisions about holidays, the time when schools choose their destinations for trips, and travel agencies prepare trips around Poland and abroad. Recently, after talks with exhibitors, visitors and partners, it turned out that October is too early for the fair and, moreover, the formula we have taken advantage of so far does not correspond to the market needs of today. The new date, the beginning of a year, offers new possibilities for our exhibitors who have already prepared catalogues with offers for the coming season. The same applies to individual visitors and institutions planning their Easter break, holidays, trips, motivational outings, and the so-called “green-schools”. The slogan of TOUR SALON says ‘’Where business meets passion”. Will that new formula still apply to the needs of both the groups, namely travel agencies, tour operators and the Smiths, traveling enthusiasts? We put a lot of emphasis on the separation of the Business Zone (pavilion 7), where we offer comfortable conditions to talk business with the exhibitors who will meet professionals and VIP visitors only. There will be a possibility to enter the Business Zone 24 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

only if you have registered before. The zone will operate on the first two days, on Friday and Saturday. The exhibitors will be able to choose a traditional assembly stand, or to rent only the space without any assembly and to arrange it themselves. On top of that, there is a new option to take advantage of – an Exhibition Table Stand. Additionally, all Business Zone exhibitors will have access to the TOUR SALON Business Planner, which will facilitate scheduling meetings as well as contacting the domestic and foreign participants of the Hosted Buyers program. The TOUR SALON Blog Meeting, which in fact stands for B2B meetings with invited bloggers, will be held in that zone as well. How can visitors develop traveling passion at TOUR SALON? It is hard to imagine good business in tourism without emotions and passion for traveling. Therefore, the other two pavilions (7A and 8A) will hold a fair and event space following the motto “Around the world in just three days”. This is where the Culture Stage will be organized for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; it will be a place where artistic and cultural assets of particular regions and countries will be presented, competitions will be held and many other attractions for visitors will be organized, including meetings with famous travelers. We want visitors to leave TOUR SALON fully inspired as well as ready to set off. Moreover, the change of the date will allow us to form a synergy with RYBOMANIA Angling Fair, KNIEJE Hunting and Shooting Exhibition as well as BOATEX Swimming Equipment and Water Sports Exhibition, and to focus on the presentation of tourist offers, which are closely related to realizing people’s passions.

FAIR World premieres on the Polish market POLAGRA-PREMIERY International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization (January 21-24) is to commence the season of fair meetings aimed at farmers. It will be best to start by visiting the brand new products presented by European leaders and go on to the assortment which is to be distinguished with the prestigious Gold Medal of MTP. The presentation of large machines such as tractors, harvesters, ploughs, harrows, planters, seeders, tillage aggregates, sprayers, spreaders, and transportation machines will all constitute the core of the exhibition, which will be complemented by fodder, fodder additives, equipment for farming machine services, zoo-technological and veterinary equipment. On top of that, innovative solutions in terms of animal breeding such as equipment for animal stands, milking devices, and devices for primary milk processing will be present at the specially arranged space. Numerous accompanying events will certainly help to maintain good relations in the industry. Conferences and discussion panels will provide opportunities to get familiar with the latest legal regulations which influence upon the directions of farming investments. Nevertheless, an exclusive AGRO VIP NIGHT Gala will be the most important point of the event’s agenda. For more information visit

Most beautiful equestrian emotions CAVALIADA Tour is very popular in three cities: Poznań, Lublin and Warsaw. It is one of the greatest and most important equestrian events in this part of the world, which gathers thousands of people, great partners and competitors including the best sportsmen from Poland and other countries. In December 2015 Poznań commenced another cycle of international indoor horse jumping competition, which is Poland’s only official event acknowledged by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports and which is a qualifying stage of Central European League World Cup. The second qualifying stage will take place during CSI2* CAVALIADA Lublin, 4-7 February 2016. The final will take place in Warsaw; CSI3*-W CAVALIADA Warsaw, 25-28 February 2016. That part of the CAVALIADA Tour also constitutes the Final of the Central European League World Cup. Here, at CAVALIADA horse riding fans will discover the quintessence of sports competition at its highest level. The things that make the place perfect for whole families to spend time at include horse shows, closeness of nature and games for children. Each CAVALIADA is four days of horse riding competitions and contests including horse jumping, dressage, horse trials, and combined driving. It is worth to follow a current agenda which includes all attractions. For more information visit


FAIR Time for BUDMA! The jubilee 25th edition of BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair will take place on February 2-5, following the motto “INSPIRATIONS – KNOWLEDGE – BUSINESS.” The organizers are already forecasting a presentation of a whole range of market novelties which are offered by leading producers and distributors of construction materials. As Dariusz Muślewski, director of BUDMA, emphasizes “the February edition of BUDMA will provide opportunities to get familiar with the latest proposals and solutions, which can be implemented off the cuff in planned investments and renovations.” He adds that “we will also continue the BUDMA Premiere Club, which is in fact a presentation of products which would be introduced on the market during or shortly after the BUDMA fair. While visiting the fair, we will, therefore, have a chance to purchase and make use of the latest solutions and technologies much earlier than our competition.” Representatives of the biggest purchase groups will have an opportunity to take advantage of the special HOSTED BUYERS Program which facilitates establishing business contacts with Polish producers. What ought to be drawn attention to in terms of the accompanying events is the extended presentation of construction materials which will take place at the Test Zone, a revised formula of the Strada di Architettura project, and a meeting with an international star of architecture. KOMINKI International Fireplaces Exhibition will take place alongside BUDMA and its exposition will burn real fire! For more information visit and

Get installed in Poznań Late-April at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie will belong to the installations industry. Thousands of installers, installation designers, investors and business people will visit INSTALACJE on April 25-28. The exhibition will involve the well-known thematic scopes such as heating technology, sanitation technology, facility technology, gas technology, air-conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration technology. On top of that, a completely new exhibition of EKO-Heating will be held. The final of the 5th Polish Championship of Installers will be one of the most important points among the accompanying events agenda. The competitors who will fight for the title of the best one will include those finalists who were chosen during the qualifiers which had taken place over the whole year in 13 cities of Poland during INSTALACJE ON TOUR meetings. Lots of attractions, such as a special fair game and a gastronomy area will be arranged for the visitors at the Installer’s Club. The other things that were planned for the fair include the Day of Photovoltaics, the Designer’s Day, and the Heating-Engineer’s Day. The TCS System Heating Trade Fair, co-organized by the Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce (IGCP), will take place alongside the INSTALACJE Fair. Other events dedicated to the generally-understood security will also take place at the same time. These will include SECUREX International Security Fair and SAWO International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment. For more information visit and


FAIR Make your gardening dreams come true Get ready to a new gardening season during GARDENIA International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair (February 25-27). It is here that you can experience gardening inspirations, get familiar with the latest solutions in terms of landscape architecture, take advantage of advice given by tool experts, meet well-known journalists who will provide hints on how to create your dream garden. The event lures visitors with its scope, abundance of attractions and inspirations. It also uncovers the secrets of the gardening industry, providing greenery enthusiasts with knowledge on garden design and arrangement. As Jakub Patelka, director of GARDENIA, says “the three days will be filled with live shows, lectures, workshops and meetings with popular TV stars. Lots of attractions will meet the needs of those who are very experienced in garden work as well as those who have just begun their gardening experience and consider gardening as a hobby.” Trees, decorative bushes, pot and flower-bed plants, peats, grounds, grass and vegetable seeds as well as flower bulbs will occupy a remarkable part of the exposition. The fair will also see the presentation of offers by producers and distributors of tools, gardening equipment, and irrigation devices. There will be an opportunity to come across elements of garden architecture in the exhibition pavilions. The Gardening Market, on the other hand, will provide opportunities to buy interesting varieties of plants, and sets of tools and devices for gardening. Enthusiasts of flower arrangements should also visit the florist shows which will be held as part of SPECIAL DAYS Holiday and Special Occasion Products Fair. For more information visit and

Keep your finger on the pulse According to the Ministry of Health, the year 2016 is going to be a year of promoting and preventing health. SALMED International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments, which will take place on April 12-14, will turn on the machine for sharing knowledge and experiences about health among professionals. Poland’s greatest fair meeting dedicated to the medical industry will be visited by specialists in the field of health services, management of health spots, doctors, laboratory diagnosticians, rehabilitants, paramedics, nurses and midwives. The fair will see the presentation of more than one hundred new products, including specialist equipment, IT software and systems for hospitals, clinics, surgeries, laboratories, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy centers. Specialist lectures, workshops, conferences and business meetings of scientific and training character, organized in cooperation with outstanding experts constitute the core of SALMED. They are a great opportunity to share your experiences and extend your medical knowledge so that you can make use of it immediately after the fair. For more information visit


FAIR Polish design in your interiors Do you design interior? Are you interested in design? Then, in the spring, why not visit the largest exposition dedicated to furniture, interior arrangement, and industrial design – exhibitions of MEBLE, HOME DECOR as well as arena DESIGN (March 8-11)? This is where you will find inspiration and trustworthy business partners. Poland now owns the status of Europe’s third furniture exporter and is ranked fourth worldwide. Only in Poznań, at the MEBLE exposition, is it possible to appreciate the potential of the Polish furniture industry fully as it is only here where the latest furniture collections of nearly all Polish producers are available. The furniture offer is perfectly complemented by decorative items, textiles, lighting, kitchen and bathroom accessories, which are presented at HOME DECOR. The visit to Poznań is also a great opportunity to extend your knowledge in terms of visual merchandising and e-commerce, and to find inspirational designs. If you are looking for new trends in industrial design, it is necessary you visit arena DESIGN and, particularly, the exhibition of products which were submitted to the competition of TOP DESIGN award. Also, you must not forget about the workshops and lectures which will be carried out by outstanding international experts in the field of design. As far as interior designers and decorators are concerned, they have a possibility to visit the expositions of all the three events by means of just one ticket. For more information visit,,






Polish Fashion is for everyone Poznań Fashion Fair and the Polish Fashion project have been a hot topic in the media recently, even those which have little to do with fashion on daily basis. The fall edition took place in September. Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska, director of Poznań Fashion Fair, talks about the fair, the project and its ambassadors.

Let’s start with a bit perverse question. Why is it worth supporting Polish brands? Does it matter to you where a product is from? It is becoming important, in fact, mostly because we wish to stand out, and we are paying more and more attention to what we are wearing. When buying clothes in chain stores, we are aware of the fact that we are not original, because these clothes are mass produced. And this is where Polish producers sewing small batches have an advantage. Their collections are mostly distinguished in terms of quality and design. How many companies participate in the Polish Fashion project? Can anyone join in? The Polish Fashion sign has been granted to twenty brands. Apart from high quality materials and innovative design it was necessary to have 100pct. of production based right here in Poland. We invite all Polish companies. What is the feedback of the Polish Fashion within the industry? The industry representatives usually say ‘wow’ or ‘what a great idea.’ Lots of companies are complaining that there is no support of industry-related organizations. It is difficult for them to compete with foreign companies which are given support of their headquarters. During Poznań Fashion Fair, producers addressed us asking for marketing support, which might help them become distinguishable. So we decided to pick up the gauntlet. The Polish Fashion project is not only an advert within the industry and lifestyle papers. It also means presence in shops offering Polish Fashion products as well as media support, etc. Exactly. Rafał Maślak, Mister of Poland and a model, is one of the faces of the Polish Fashion. What led to the decision of taking him on? He is a celebrity who evokes positive emotions. He was very fond of our idea, promoting Polish products; we believe it was like hitting a nail on the head! What is important is the fact that Rafał Maślak does not only promote men fashion, because, as you can see on his Facebook profile, he is also followed by lots of women.

The Polish Fashion has its female ambassadors as well. I have seen lots of comments online, posted by people who were happy with the fact that you had chosen ‘average’ women, like the ones you can meet on a tram, in a shop, or at a university, rather than some supermodels. How did this idea originate? Well yes, we have chosen three Polish women of different age and… size. Thus we wish to prove that the Polish Fashion is fashion for every single one of us, yet being interesting in terms of its design, and available in terms of its price. You can really have nice outfits and have a guarantee of good quality spending the same money you would spend in a chain store. We are trying to turn down the myth that a good brand must cost a fortune. What is the role of female ambassadors? What are they doing now? The ladies have already had their photo shots taken and the pictures will successively be posted on Facebook and on the Polish Fashion website. So, check them out! The ambassadors obviously appeared at Poznań Fashion Fair together with Rafał Maślak, and they had a press conference. Moreover, they showed up at the Polish Fashion Gala in the Earth Hall. The ladies are fully engaged in the project and open for our ideas. Follow us on Facebook to see what we are planning next. There are lots of events and exhibitions including the word fashion. How is Poznań Fashion Fair different? Why is it worth to come here? We definitely stand out thanks to combining business and fashion. There are lots of ‘fashion weeks’ where designers and brands present their collections, but these are clearly image-oriented activities. Poznań mostly concentrates on contracting. The theme of young designers is also developing well. The Young Fashion for Sale Zone began with only 8 stands, while there were already 26 of them during the fall edition of Poznań Fashion Fair. The designers presenting themselves in that zone mostly appreciate the possibility of establishing cooperation with multi-brand stores, thus developing their sale network, as well as with producers participating in the fair, which means extending the scale of their projects. There is no other fair of that kind in Poland, nor any other such chance to meet your clients and business partners. Interviewer: Łukasz Cholewicki POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 29


A must-have of a medalist Every single company which is an exhibitor at a particular fair event can register its product for the Gold Medal of MTP competition. Although the application process is very simple it is good to remember to prepare your application early enough. How to go about it? Rules of participation in the competition When filling in the application form, remember that the form itself is the basis for the Competition Jury to assess a product and take a decision to grant the distinction. It is definitely worth, therefore, to take some time, gather and attach all necessary information materials, photos, certificates, technical documents, as well as any applicable data to confirm high performance quality of the product. The products which may be registered for the Gold Medal of MTP competition include all products which are presented at the fair and which offer some outstanding properties. These involve innovative applications of the product, the level of innovative solutions, being highly economical, its operation meaning the cost of exploitation and maintenance, the cost of disposal, its footprint, recyclability, biodegradability, reduction of material and energy consumption, its functionality meaning usefulness and practicality, aesthetics of the product, the practicality of solutions applied in terms of scientific projects. Registration of a product does not guarantee the award. The decision on granting the gold medal for a product is the result of the Competition Jury proceedings and its independent decisions. The Competition Jury consists of outstanding experts in particular fields of science and economy.

Consumers’ choice — Fair Play competition The Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice complements the Gold Medal of MTP competition. In this case, visitors and Internet users choose the winner. During an exhibition they can cast their votes at specially-prepared stands – the Champion Zones which are located in pavilions 3 and 5 as well as in the Lime Alley (the passage between pavilions 7, 7A, 8, 8A). The online voting, on the other hand, takes place from the moment the list of the products awarded with the Gold Medal is announced and finishes 30 days after the end of the exhibition. The online voting system makes it impossible to cast two votes from the same computer (IP address) on one day. The zones and mobile websites of the competition provide ongoing statistics concerning the competition. Moreover, apart from offering any information concerning the Gold Medal, the people present at the Champion Zones make sure the visitors who participate in the voting do not vote many times. Being the organizer of the Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sees to it that the rules of the competition for the best product are fair, clear and transparent.

7 STEPS TO SUCCESS Prepare your application and send the forms for the Gold Medal of MTP competition



Proceedings of the Competition Jury – granting of the Gold Medals

Beginning of online voting for the Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice

33 Beginning of the campaign promoting the laureates of the Gold Medal / beginning of own campaigns of the exhibitors awarded with the Gold Medal





Ending of the voting for the Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice and the announcement of results

All the forms, regulations and the Competition Jury composition can be found online on 30 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Promotional activities of MTP connected with the Gold Medal / own campaigns of the Competition Laureates

The exhibition – presentations of the Gold Medals, opening of the Champion Zone, climax of promotion activities



Jolanta Kanikowska tel.: +48 61 869 22 06, fax: +48 61 866 61 34 e-mail: WORLD TRADE CENTER Sp. z o.o. ul. Bukowska 12, 60-810 Poznań


Laureates about the Gold Medal: it is worth the struggle The Gold Medal of MTP is something which adds prestige and makes a product distinguishable on the competitive market. We have asked representatives of the companies which were rewarded why they consider the Gold Medal of MTP to be so important. What the laureates emphasize is that the competition is not just one of many, that it boasts tradition and is renowned, and that the selection is done by independent experts. All these influence upon clients and their purchase decisions. Show your assets Łukasz Zawada, the co-owner of AEP, believes it is worth to emphasize the fact that you have something valuable to present. The AEP company is the representative of the Turkish AJAN Elektronik. They planned to present the awarded SHP460 plasma cutter by AJAN Elektronik right in Poznań. “It is our first Gold Medal so this is just the beginning. We already know that two companies have already made a decision to purchase our machine,” says Łukasz Zawada. He believes that potential clients really pay attention to awards. Łukasz Zawada adds that “if a product has been recognized by an opinion-making panel of experts, the clients will take that aspect into consideration when making their purchase decisions. The competition was fierce and it wasn’t easy to get our offer through among the other machines of Polish production. Our cutter is produced in Turkey and AEP is the only entity to sell and service the machine in Poland.” Tomasz Nowak, the president of KUKA Roboter whose LBR IIWA Industrial robots were awarded with the Gold Medal, thinks that the Gold Medal of MTP is one of the most important distinctions given to innovative products on the Polish market. “We believe it is very important that the award is given by independent experts. In the case of the LBR IIWA robot, the MTP jury confirmed the assessment of international experts who had presented it with many different distinctions ever since its world premiere,” says Tomasz Nowak. Appreciate the client As laureates emphasize, the Gold Medal of MTP is one of Poland’s most recognizable awards. “It is a symbol of innovativeness, quality, and most modern solutions supporting the producers. It is also a great way to emphasize the mission of FANUC, a company which, ever since it was established, has concentrated on developing the CNC technology and providing producers around the world with innovative means of production automation which allows having parameters optimized on permanent basis,” says Jędrzej Kowalczyk, CEO of FANUC Poland. MULTIDRILL a compact processing stand, submitted by FANUC Poland, which takes advantage of a 3D visual system has been awarded with the Gold Medal. According to Jędrzej Kowalczyk, the awareness of Polish producers that it is important to invest in the latest technologies is getting bigger and bigger year after year. “Producers see the chances behind using the latest technologies, as they have seen, on many different occasions, how difficult it is to produce and win customers’ trust. More and more companies are searching for optimum solutions for themselves, visiting trade fair events, as well as paying attention to products which are really appreciated by experts in a given field of the industry. The time of buying machines at the fair is coming to its end. Nevertheless, getting the MTP distinction is a very important criterion which is taken into consideration during business talks. I hope that the distinction will remain equally prestigious in the future and the criteria for achieving the medal will get even stricter,” adds the CEO of FANUC Poland.

It needs work to earn respect Piotr Rzysko, General Manager of Renishaw, emphasizes the value of long-term investments in innovative solutions and inventions. Renishaw Company, which ever since 2002 has cooperated with numerous industrial enterprises and research institutes in Poland, can boast a 40-year-long history of such investments. Therefore, Piotr Rzysko appreciates the long tradition of the Gold Medal of MTP. In his opinion, the award used to go to unique products in the past. Owing to numerous successful advertising campaigns, the award became even more renowned and associated with high quality and innovativeness. “Respect is earned over many years for providing reliable and functional systems. The Gold Medal of MTP is a message that the awarded, innovative product has managed to win trust of a panel of outstanding professional experts. I believe that is a clear piece of information why our clients should pay attention to the product,” says Piotr Rzysko. Business is like sport The Gold Medal of MTP is also appreciated by foreign exhibitors. “For us, participation in the competition was a matter of honor. Business is like sport – you always need to fight to be successful,” says Thomas Alijew, president of Alfleth Enginerring AG from Switzerland. Alfleth Engineering AG entered the competition with VERSA 825 a vertical processing center, which is produced by Swiss Fehlmann AG. According to Thomas Alijew, success in business depends on innovation and education. “These are the aspects we can boast about. Therefore, we have been present in Poznań for years. The Gold Medal provides great satisfaction for the whole team participating in the process of creating and introducing innovative products on the market. I mean Fehlmann company, which is the producer of machines, and ALFLETH Engineering representing it,” adds Thomas Alijew. Source: POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 31


Well-designed everyday life TOP DESIGN award

In times of huge competition design is beneficial and the products awarded in the TOP DESIGN award competition are undoubtedly a proof of that. The products which have been successful make it possible to conclude that good designs do sell. The companies which can take pride in having won the award include Deante, Franke Polska, Marbet Style, Marmite, Meble Vox, Noti, Piu Design, Porta KMI Poland, PROFIm, Schattdecor, Solaris Bus & Coach, Zortax, Grohe Polska, Klafs, Zelmer. The international TOP DESIGN award competition promotes innovative design at the highest European level. Therefore, being awarded with the ‘TOP DESIGN award’ sign is the acknowledgement of supreme quality of the product, which guarantees lots of other promotional benefits. All products nominated to the prestigious TOP DESIGN award are examples of successful investments in design, thus proving that the design plays a key role to make a brand recognizable and to bring about economic benefits. The competition organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie accompanies the arena DESIGN event, which facilitates the meeting between business and design. All finalists are presented at the TOP DESIGN award exhibition as well as find their way into an exclusive catalogue of the arena DESIGN. They also take advantage of PR benefits carried out by the competition organizer. Producers as well as designers with mass-produced designs, which are present on the market for maximum two years or which will enter production in the year of giving the award, may apply to take part in the competition. However, it is mostly companies which register for the competition, and therefore these are usually awarded at a solemn gala. 32 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

There are two stages of the competition. Submitting the application form is the first stage. From all the submitted products, an independent Jury will choose those whose design and functionality are distinguishable. They are presented at the TOP DESIGN Award exhibition during arena DESIGN. The competition’s laureates are chosen by the Jury on the first day of the event. Consisting of outstanding, international design specialists, i.e. designers-practitioners, design university lecturers, and media representatives, the independent Jury runs the assessment of the submitted products. The list changes slightly year after year, but the same jury chooses finalists and laureates of the competition. The following criteria are taken into consideration: high design quality, level of innovation, functionality, simple and intuitive use, selection of materials and design quality as well as a positive influence and ergonomics. In 2015 the projects registered for the TOP DESIGN award competition were assessed by the Jury consisting of Marek Adamczewski – the Jury chairman, Bogumiła Jung, Janusz Kaniewski, Marek Owsian, Daria Burlińska, Maria Jeglińska, Tomek Augustyniak, Wojciech Trzcionka, Małgorzata Szczepańska.

Another edition of TOP DESIGN award in 2016! For more information visit

What do laureates get? Rewards of the prestigious TOP DESIGN award are presented during a solemn gala of the arena DESIGN event, participated by institutions, associations, media, and design world personalities; The awarded products may be labeled with the prestigious TOP DESIGN award sing over an unlimited period of time; The TOP DESIGN award certificate confirming the design quality, signed by the greatest experts of the Jury; A unique TOP DESIGN award statuette.

Marek Adamczewski, designer, manager of Katedra Projektowania Produktu ASP Gdańsk, owner of MARAD Design studio, chairman of TOP DESIGN award competition Jury There are a few top level design competitions in Poland, which are popular in Europe; definitely, arena DESIGN belongs to them. The event is developing year after year and it is getting better and better; more and more interesting products are presented as well as more and more people interested in participating in the TOP DESIGN award competition are willing to participate. In the Jury we are trying to choose those projects which seem to be the leading ones and beneficial for a company, whereas the statuettes should help them build their market position. The competition does not offer an inter-category main prize. This way we are trying to emphasize the fact that certain things are not comparable. Competitions like TOP DESIGN award, where a product and its designer are awarded, show you how to achieve market success for the coming years. Daria Burlińska, designer, owner of DBWT Design Studio, member of TOP DESIGN award 2015 Jury The TOP DESIGN award is a sort of a coat-of-arms, which can be used for marketing communication and distinguishing products on the market. It is a quality sign. Being a designer-practitioner, it is my pleasure to look at implemented realizations, which are presented at the TOP DESIGN award exhibition, and I am very happy to see more and more producers cooperating with Polish designers. I wish to invite producers to submit their products for this competition because the awards and distinctions granted and the very participation in such a competition exhibition are a great indicator for businessmen, and clients of what to choose.


Andrzej Zgierski, president of Marbet Style, laureate TOP DESIGN award 2014 Participation in such events and exhibitions is a fascinating adventure, similarly to the very process of designing. Participation in the TOP DSIGN award means prestige and verification of yourself and your company, checking if it already has a proper level and skills to exist on the market today.


Best ideas for spending free time in Poznań Once you call it a day at the fair it is worth to think about entertainment and taking a rest. What interesting things are going on in Poznań, where is it worth to eat and how to relax? Where to look for a reliable taxi, a flower shop, a possibility to buy some nice souvenir or professional help for a business car? Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie holds attractive and checked solutions to all the issues by means of the Fair After Hours program. The program membership card offers access to the offer of recommended partner companies, extra discounts and bonuses!

Party after hours We would like to recommend Pacha Poznań, a club which is world famous, to all enthusiasts of clubbing, colorful drinks and lively music. Thousands of people can have fun in the three rooms to the music played by world famous DJs. On the other hand, all those who prefer different styles and genres of music, ranging from the 60s to the latest hits, are recommended to visit Browar Pub Słodownia, located at Stary Browar, which is appreciated by both Poznań inhabitants and visitors.


Culture after hours If we are talking about relax and fun for our bodies, we should also offer some treat for our spirits. Therefore, we recommend the offer of the Polish Theater in Poznań as well as concerts in Blue Note Jazz Club. Both venues offer a splendor of cultural events which should stay in your memories for a long time. Soon, the guidebook Fair After Hours should include some other cultural attractions. From the beginning of the new season, we will present complete information on all most important cultural events which take place in the capital of the Wielkopolska region, both permanent and temporary ones.

FAIR AFTER HOURS Delicious food after hours The offer of the Fair After Hours program includes restaurants offering dishes from around the world, ranging from traditional Polish cuisine, French cuisine, to delicacies from China. They involve famous Poznań restaurant which have been known for years as well as the newest culinary pearls which serve dishes following today trends. Located in the very heart of Poznań, close to one another, the Masimiliano Ferre and Papavero restaurants are a great example of a varied culinary offer. On one hand, a new restaurant Masimiliano Ferre which serves delicious Italian and Polish dishes prepared from the best ingredients is perfect for business or social breakfasts, lunches and dinners. On the other hand, the prestigious Papavero with its 10-year tradition which cares about the quality of its dishes as well as perfect and discreet service. The latest partners of the program include the Avocado Restaurant & Wine, located in Jeżyce district where you have a chance to find out about a dynamic slow life as well as the Warto nad Wartą restaurant.

Relax after hours Should you prefer relax and taking some rest instead of night parties, Termy Maltańskie is the place to be. It is the most modern and the largest relaxation and sports aqua facility in Poland which takes advantage of thermal water and offers four forms of relaxation to its guests, including: > Pools – there are as many as 18 sports and recreation pools for guests; > Aquapark – Poland’s greatest place for all those who love water attractions, including 13 slides, outdoor beach, Jacuzzi, water curtains, power showers, a sea wave pool and wild rivers; > Sauna World - 14 rooms including saunas with color-therapy, flower bath, Turkish bath, snow grotto, salt cave as well as outdoor sauna fitted with 200-year-old Kel wood > Spa 1306 – 17 professional rooms and apartments furnished in oriental style, offering unique, a few-stage ceremonies originating in Morocco, India and Turkey


Miscellaneous offer after hours There are many other offers available as part of the Fair After Hours program, which you usually have no time for either before or during the fair. Apart from professional car wash services, Kärcher intervip+ car wash chain offers a whole range of other services in three of their car washes located nearby department stores and the fair premises. On the other hand, should you need flowers or dedicated bouquets, you can have them delivered to the fair stand by Kamiflora flower shop, which has been awarded many times at various competitions. The program partners also include shops offering beautiful jewelry and eco-cosmetics; these are ideal places for buying souvenirs for yourself, your closest ones as well as business partners. Be on time after hours Hello? This is Radio-Taxi speaking, which is one of the taxi corporations. They will pick you up directly from the fair premises and take you where you want safe and sound. On leaving the taxi, there is one more surprise waiting for you, namely the fare including a special discount. Comfortable sleep after hours When planning your stay in Poznań it is good to check whether a chosen hotel offers special discounts for those guests who own the Fair After Hours card. In terms of hotels, the partners include a 5-star City Park Hotel which combines the monumental 19th century architecture and modern design as well as an elegant Hotel Moderno, a unique Hotel Puro, and a stylish Włoski Hotel.

Bear in mind! Remember to take your Fair After Hours card with you when coming to Poznań. No matter if you are travelling for the fair or a conference taking place in Poznań Congress Center, it is always worth to ask the organizer about special offers prepared for the members of the Fair After Hours partnership program. We would like to encourage you to get familiar with the guidebook which is attached to the membership cards of the Fair After Hours program and to follow the news online as well as on the official fan page: targipogodzinach Prepared by Piotr Sójka, Project Manager of Fair After Hours program


You will always have a good sleep with us You have already booked the expo area, ordered additional services, ordered a design and the assembly of your stand. More to that, you have even been thinking about your exhibition promotional concept… And, what about accommodation? When loaded with different tasks, you sometimes happen to forget about it. Instead of searching for convenient accommodation yourself, why not take advantage of the services of Poznań WTC specialists? A talk with Joanna Roś, Project Manager of WTC Poznań for accomodation I am a participant of an event organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and I am searching for accommodation. What should I begin with? I believe it is good to start with the website of MTP ( or even more directly the website of a given event. There, find the bookmark “Travel and accommodation” where you can find our contact data. Thinking about those guests who wish to book their accommodation themselves, we have also given access to an accommodation booking system.

What if I am coming to Poznań as a visitor or I am a participant of a congress or a conference? In such a situation, can I also use the help of WTC Poznań? Yes, we help to arrange for accommodation for all guests who contact us. In case of conferences, we usually have a number of rooms in hotels at our disposal and, in such cases, the participants are put up in the facilities chosen by the organizer, which is sometimes connected with arranging for transportation services as well as any other services connected with the conference.

What can I expect of WTC Poznań? What database of accommodation do you offer? World Trade Center Poznań deals with arranging for accommodation for exhibitors and visitors of exhibitions as well as other events organized on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Due to the fact that our guests have different requirements, we cooperate with most hotels in Poznań; we also cooperate with other facilities such as hostels, apartments, which are willing to offer preferential prices for our guests.

It must be expensive to take advantage of the services offered by WTC Poznań... The guests who contact us do not pay any extra fee for booking accommodation via WTC Poznań, and our personnel is always ready and engaged to help organize accommodation. This also includes your stay over the time of fair events or any other event organized in Poznań. As part of the “Fair After Hours” Partnership Program, which we carry out in cooperation with Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, we can also suggest interesting offers of shops, restaurants, clubs, and other partners. Therefore, it is worth to visit the website

Can WTC Poznań help me even if hotels claim they are sold out? Our team always tries to do their best; even in situations when hotels are fully books due to events taking place in town. We are constantly in touch with our partners and we keep searching as long as we find a place for our client. Generally however, guests book accommodation in advance, therefore, such situations hardly ever happen. 36 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Are you looking for accommodation in Poznań? Contact us:

tel. +48 61 865 38 69, e-mail:


Get yourself a stand with IDEAEXPO.MTP What is the recipe for a fair stand? Take a bunch of ideas, add only the best ingredients, spice the lot with quality, mix it all well, and let the stand grow in any exhibition center. Have the stand assessed by clients and staff for at least three or four days, and only afterwards decide if the realization was successful or not. If the answer is yes, repeat the recipe for another exhibition. If something went wrong, think about changing the recipe. IDEAEXPO.MTP offers only good recipes. Every single year, the team makes 6,000 stands of different parameters, ranging from the smallest, built with standard elements, to a few-hundred-meter stands, designed to meet the individual needs of market leaders. Some of them are real cherries on top of the fair cake. These are just some examples of stands we made in 2015. ORLEN GROUP− the eagle landed in Bednary A symmetrical twin is a great idea to have two sister companies participate in an outdoor exhibition. The project combines visual as well as practical assets thus providing comfort of participating in the fair, no matter the weather. Another thing that drew attention was an optimal usage of the space and a high quality of performance. Such a ‘house’ is fully capable of replacing much heavier and less aesthetic container constructions; it can be built in any size without using heavy machinery and it can be arranged as you wish.

SAMSUNG − functionality and simplicity in every single bit At June edition of SUBCONTRACTING Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition, SAMSUNG searched for suppliers for the factory of washing machines and fridges in Wronki, who might replace the current Asian cooperators. The talks with potential suppliers were carried out at a 60-meter stand where 4 separate zones were created, each devoted to a different item. Not single unnecessary element was there as every square meter was taken advantage of. The project’s functionality and simplicity were further emphasized by the flagship colors of the electronic giant, namely white and navy blue. 38 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

FAIR SERVICES Color vertigo at Fruit Logistica Fair in Berlin The Polish national stand at Berlin’s Friut Logistica prepared by the Polish Association of Fruit-Growers is getting more and more impressive year after year. It is not only about its size but, above all, about its multi-functional project which incorporates separate stands for 24 exhibitors, a spacious and isolated space for business meetings, which is isolated from the exhibition hustle and bustle, a catering module with a fully-equipped and centrally-located information stand, which played a representative role during the opening of the Polish exposition. The stand was dressed in large-format high-quality printouts including the motives of Polish fruit. The decorations included fresh apples which are our flagship export product. Perfectly exhibited beautiful furniture The stand of DIGNET LENART impressed with its form and elegance at the Furniture Fair MEBLE POLSKA 2015. Over 160 sq. meters the company presented ready-arrangements of their latest collections. There is nothing unusual about it as most furniture companies exhibit their products in exactly the same way. However, in that case it is worth to pay attention to the quality and the attention of performance. Every single area of the stand gave the impression as if it was ready to move in. The perfectly-prepared interiors seemed out of touch with the exhibition buzz. Definitely, the finishing elements of solid wood, the discreet light and the ceiling illuminated by milky light created such atmosphere. These are the interiors we want to live in and such stands we do want to see at exhibitions.

KLIMAS Wkręt-met at Budma Wkręt-met is the largest producer of fixations technology in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Its 100-square-meter stand definitely stood out among the other stands at the pavilion attracting attention with its simplicity, colors, high quality, and attention to detail. The stand’s suspended elements were particularly impressive; they included both-side printed banner which was perfectly stretched on an aluminum construction. Special displays and interactive screens which allowed the visitors to rapidly get familiar with the company’s large offer were another interesting solution.

John Deere − leader power The development of the latest technologies and moving the sale partially online do not diminish the significance of exhibition presentations. There are industries where the traditional exposition plays the role and the purchase decisions are based on a conversation, the comparison of products and having a go at them. This refers to the agriculture industry, for instance. Therefore, its leaders pay a lot of attention to exhibiting their machines and devices in areas where they can easily talk with a potential client. In case of an outdoor exhibition it is usually a tent, which may be arranged in any way. Written by Marzanna Wiśniewska, IDEAEXPO.MTP IDEAEXPO.MTP is an integral part of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. We specialize in the construction of exhibition stands. On every single stage we see to it that your participation in the fair events bears quantifiable outcomes. We also offer a fully-professional and complex services of fair events. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 39


From Poland to Italy

MTP as an executor of programs promoting the Polish economy Similarly to Italy, Poland, being Italy’s trade partner, has been ranked on a similar position for many years − 9th position among the recipients of Italian products with 2.5pct. share of total export as well as 12th position in terms of export with the share of 2pct. Poland usually imports machines and devices, transportation means, metals, metallurgic products as well as chemical products. As for the products which are mostly exported to Italy transportation means, grocery products, drinks, tobacco, metals and metallurgic products are the leading ones. Italy is ranked 5th among Polish export partners of agricultural and food products and 9th as far as import is concerned. The products that Poland usually exports include red meats, offal and its products, tobacco and tobacco products, dairy products and fish. On the other hand, Italy usually exports fruit, nuts, vegetable, mushrooms, grain and flour products, wines, confectionery products and vegetable fats. The Italians are mostly interested in Polish pierogi, smallgoods, cheeses (Oscypek and koryciński) as well as sweets such as chocolate covered marshmallow, gingerbreads, wafers, as well as cakes such as apple pie, poppy seed pie, cream rolls, and cream cakes. As far as juice is concerned the Italians appreciate Polish press juice and the so-called one-day juice (from carrots, oranges, grapefruits, and vegetable). In terms of spirits żołądkowa vodka and Polish beers are popular. An interesting thing is that the Italians eat snails (three kinds: the Roman snail, small grey and large grey), which are becoming more and more popular to breed in Poland; this may become a potential export niche. Source:


The World EXPO Milan, which took place from May 1 to October 31, 2015 and concentrated on the topic of food for the planet, was an impulse to look closely at cooperation between Poland and Italy. Poland presented itself as a food production and processing power, as a modern country of economic success. The EXPO’s expositions and events helped the Italians get familiar with Polish products, traditions, culture, modern technologies, Polish design and fashion, and, above all, Polish delicacies. On the request of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie carried out a whole range of actions around Italy which were connected with the participation of Poland in the World EXPO 2015.

For more information about the promotion of Polish companies abroad visit

FAIR ABROAD Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin Culinary shows

The culinary shows prepared by Polish chefs divided into two stages – the summer one in restaurants of Rome, Naples, and Milan as well as the fall one in restaurants of Milan and Turin. The dishes served brought Polish culinary traditions closer to Italy and they resembled the seasonality of the Polish cuisine, yet they made references to dishes known well in Italy thus accentuating the common features of the two countries. The Polish cooks prepared variations of well-known Italian dishes out of Polish ingredients – Italian guests tried ravioli with bryndza, “pęczotto”, which is risotto prepared from pearl barley as well as a panna cotta desert based on Polish buttermilk.


TUTTOFOOD World Exhibition of Food Products TuttoFood Fair is one of the most important food product fair in Italy. They are held biannually as a B2B fair and are aimed mostly at sales representatives, importers, distributors, as well as representatives of the widely-understood distribution from around the world. 20 Polish producers of smallgoods, sweets, juice, and marinades presented their offer at the Polish stand, and the possibility of mutual cooperation was presented during the industry fair concerning the Polish market of food products.

World EXPO 2015 A week of Eastern Poland On the request of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie prepared lots of attractive, business and promotional events Rimini which presented the potential of such regions as PodkarMACRUFT packie, Podlaskie, Warmińsko-mazurskie, Świętokrzyskie and International Fair Milan Lubelskie. A modern aspect of the traditional hand craft, clothes of Machinery, and accessories was presented during the exhibition. Shows Technologies and Turin by Karol Okrasa were a culinary accent. Karol Okrasa told about Bologna Services for the potable honeys, and he let people help themselves with Production, Promotion a baumkuchen. During the conference devoted to the potential and Transportation of Eastern Poland, representatives of the Ministry of of Fruit and Vegetable Economy, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development Rimini Polish producers of fruit, fruit juice, machinery as well as marshals of the Eastern Poland all discussed and technologies applied for growing vegetables the international competitiveness of the Polish and fruit presented themselves at a common business sector, aviation sector, food sector, furniture national stand and participated in B2B meetings with and machine sector. Italian entrepreneurs who might be interested Rome World EXPO 2015 in co-operation. A special seminar was held during the fair A week of Polish ICT industry events; it concerned the food industry, and it was aimed Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańat Italian food distributors. skie carried out a part of the events organiBari Bologna Naples zed as part of the SANA International Exhibition of Natural and Original Products Week of Polish The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development invited all Polish expo of ICT brand eco-food producers to participate in world’s greatest exhibition organized by the of natural and ecological products. Polish producers of ecological Polish Agency for Enterprise food, including, spices, wafers, dried fruit, chestnuts, and pasta, Development in cooperation presented themselves at the Polish national stand. They also met with the Ministry of AdminiItalian entrepreneurs interested in establishing cooperation. stration and Digitization, and the Ministry of Economy. As part of Bari the event, over the course of 7 day, AGRILEVANTE International Exhibition of Machinery, every visitors of the Polish EXPO Plant and Technologies for Agricultural Production Pavilion had an opportunity to touch, test, and experience the 5 Polish companies presented themselves at a common Polish most interesting smart technologies which were presented by stand at one of Italy’s largest exhibition of machines and technoeight Polish companies Digital Core Design, Game Technologies, logies for agriculture. The companies also participated in B2B Ifinity, InPhoTech, MGGP Aero, Sportovia, OMNI3D and meetings with foreign entrepreneurs who proved interested in OORT. The exposition was accompanied by the conference establishing cooperation. The organization of the national stand titled “Into 22nd century with new Polish technologies.” for the fair event was a part of the economic program carried out The conference was participated by Italian capital investors who by the PARP for Polish participation in the World EXPO 2015. were interested in establishing cooperation with Polish suppliers of modern tele-information technologies, as well as Italian and Polish journalists. There was also a culinary accent in the Polish ICT week as the guests had a chance to try Polish apple pie and cider.



Regional delicacies – Wielkopolska region While visiting Wielkopolska it is worth to explore the region’s culinary atmosphere. Amateurs of the regional cuisine should definitely try a “Rogal Świętomarciński”, duck accompanied by red cabbage, and “pyzy” steamed dumplings as well as a whole variety of potato dishes! Rogal Świętomarciński By far Poznań’s most recognizable and sweetest symbol of all. Even though these days the croissants can be bought all year round, the sweet craze has its climax on November 11, when more than half a million croissants are sold! The genuine Rogal Świętomarciński, which is legally protected, is baked of croissant dough which is richly stuffed with white poppy seeds and dainties. It can be baked only in the region of Wielkopolska, and patisseries must periodically apply for a proper certificate. The croissants are available in many patisseries in Poznań and its surroundings and its history and baking method is presented in the Museum of the Croissant of Poznań. For more information on Rogal Świętomarciński visit

Any person interested in learning how to bake Rogal Świętomarciński can do so at the croissant workshop in Cukiernia Piskorscy (Patisserie of Piskorscy) in SPOT

Pyra z gzikiem (Potatoes with cottage cheese) Inhabitants of Poznań are often referred to as “pyry”. This is a common name for potatoes and those living in the Wielkopolska region are enthusiastic about it. Potatoes are an important and well-liked ingredient on the menu, which is present on the table in many different forms. Pyry z gzikiem means a baked or roast potato served with cottage cheese. Cottage cheese, which is known in many regions as white cheese, can be seasoned with salt, pepper and some chives. Pyra z gzikiem is a popular dish in the Wielkopolska region. It is available in the majority of restaurants as well as many bars of the region. Pyra z gzikiem served by Dominik Brodziak, chef at Hotel HP Park in Poznań

Plyndze prepared by Dominik Brodziak, chef at Hotel HP Park in Poznań 42 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Plyndze (Plendze) It is yet another potato-based dish which is well-known in many parts of Poland as potato pancakes. Plyndze from Poznań are fried. You pour the potato mixture (grated potatoes) with eggs and four onto hot oil. Depending on your taste and preferences sometimes finely-chopped parsley or grated onion are added to the mixture. Plyndze are usually served hot and accompanied by sour cream. The dish can be flavored with sugar or salt and pepper. In restaurants the dish is accompanied by a slice of crunchy bacon or salmon, which is in fact not very traditional.

Pyza Pyzy from Poznań are prepared from yeast dough, which grows once it is formed and then it is steamed. When raw and grown they were traditionally placed on the so-called “łach”, which is a piece of cotton cloth fitted to the top of a pot filled with boiling water. Pyzy were steamed with another dish (usually another pot) or a special lid. Such a method has been used until these days although today pots for steam-cooking are also popular. Traditionally pyzy are an addition to roast duck. They make a great combination with delicate meat and gravy. Duck with pyzy is a holiday home-made dish and a flag product of regional restaurants. To the astonishment of many gourmets, pyzy, associated with the regional home cuisine, managed to win the favor of fast food chains. The HUGO, one of top Poznań restaurants, invites you to a fast food truck, where pyzy are filled with various types of meat and stuffing. We totally recommend it!

Pyza with extras. Served by food truck ‘Coś innego by Hugo’

Traditional Poznań duck with red cabbage. The dish prepared by Dominik Brodziak, chef at Hotel HP Park in Poznań

Bambrzok A sort of traditional cake prepared from grated potatoes. Apart from all the ingredients necessary to prepare plyndze (different proportions), we will also need some baking soda. Bambrzok can be prepared with onion, bacon, haggis as a dinner dish, or else it can be served sweet as a heavy, fat dessert. It is served warm. Bambrzok is getting a rare and unique dish on tables in the Wielkopolska region. However, it can be tasted in “Zagroda Bamberska”.

Bambrzok served in the “Zagroda Bamberska” restaurant. The dish prepared by chef Mateusz Mikuła

Text and photos of regional dishes: Jakub Pindych /

For more information on the regional cuisine of the Wielkopolska region, up-to-date culinary information and a list of the best culinary spots in Poznań and its surroundings please visit

photo: press service of Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań


Krzysztof Grabowski Deputy Marshal of the Wielkopolska region The self-government of the Wielkopolska region pays a lot of attention to promoting high quality food which is ecological, natural and traditionally connected with a particular region. Implementation of recognized quality systems, whether domestic or international, is one of the tools to boost food quality. Ever since 2004 our self-government has been carrying out various informational and educational actions, which, on one hand, encourage food producers to certify their produce and, on the other hand, shape social awareness concerning the benefits of natural food produced traditionally. As a result of our actions, four products originating in the Wielkopolska region own European distinctions. These include rogal Świętomarciński (St. Martin’s Croissant), wielkopolski ser smażony (fried cheese of Wielkopolska), andruty kaliskie (wafers of Kalisz) – Protected Designation of Origin Certificate, whereas olej „rydzowy” (gold-of-pleasure oil) – Traditional Specialty Guaranteed Certificate. Another application form from the Wielkopolska region has already been filed in the European Commission concerning linseed oil of Wielkopolska, whereas one concerning steamed sausage of Wielkopolska has already been filed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Personally, I pay a lot of attention to the development of the Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage Network, which offers a great chance to promote high quality food from the Wielkopolska region and its producers. The Wielkopolska region joined the European Culinary Heritage Network in 2008. The Network’s main objective is to guarantee regional development by means of production, processing and sale of regional food as well as to continue local culinary traditions. A tag with the Network’s logotype provides consumers and tourists with information on places offering high quality regional products as well as dishes made from local products and according to traditional recipes. The Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage Network gathers 115 members encompassing agricultural producers, companies, restaurants and other entities producing and selling natural food products, including ecological food characterized by unique local properties. The members of the Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage Network are actively engaged in various events which promote food from the Wielkopolska region. Majority of the food products are included in the List of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In total, there are 90 products from the Wielkopolska region registered in the List of Traditional Products.


CONGRESSES / EVENTS / FAIRS Hong Kong, New Delhi, Bangkok. Now it is time for Poznań! Poznań has never seen such an exhibition event! It is said that even as many as 10,000 dentists from around the world can take part in the World Dental Congress, which will take place in the fall of 2016.

photo: press service of FDI 2016 Poznań

The FDI Annual World Dental Congress will be the biggest international dental congress in the history of Poznań. The scientific and training event will take place on 7-10 September 2016 and will occupy the area of at least 6 MTP pavilions. The congress will be participated by both doctors and students of dental and medical studies, carried out by nine different universities (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Poznań, Łódź, Białystok, Wrocław, Katowice and Lublin), and young scientists. “The dental congress is an unprecedented meeting, which makes the future of dentistry and which should allow Poland to become its world capital for a few days,” says prof. Bartłomiej Loster, Congress President and the boss of the Polish Dental Association, adding that “it is a great opportunity to promote domestic science and technological thought.”

In the course of four days, the congress participants will have an opportunity to get familiar with the most innovative treatment techniques and the novelties regarding diagnostics and therapy. The conference itself will be accompanied by a fair exhibition and a wide range of business meetings, workshops, networking meetings. The World Dental Exhibition has been an integral part of the FDI World Dental Congress since 1929. It is right here that the participants will have a chance to test out the technological novelties and the products which they can further recommend to their patients. New Delhi, Bangkok, Poznań The Congress organized by the FDI World Dental Federation takes place in a different place every year. So far the event has been organized in Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, and New Delhi and other places. In the fall of this year the event took place in Bangkok. As Tin Chun Wong, former president of the FDI, explains “the selection of the event in 2016 was easier owing to the conveniences which the city had to offer, including the conference center located in the heart of the city, a well-developed public transportation system, a wide selection of accommodation in the vicinity of the conference center and a lot of support offered by the city authorities.” Why MTP? Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (MTP) is experienced in organizing large events of various characters which are participated by thousands of people. In 2008 they organized the COP14 United Nations Conference, which was participated by over 12 thousand people. The year after, Poznań hosted the 32nd Taizé meeting of the youth, whereas in 2010 it hosted Ministers of Culture of Europe and Asia (ASEM). Apart from that, MTP is a venue where cardiologists, neonatologists and anesthesiologists. The FDI Annual World Dental Congress will be the first scientific event, though, which should gather as many as 12 thousand participants in the same place.

Poznań promotes itself as a meeting, conference and congress venue Poznań has always been known as a business meeting venue. Apart from modern conference and accommodation facilities, the heart of Wielkopolska region can also offer good infrastructure as well as cultural and recreational attractions. We would like to encourage you to watch the clip promoting the conference potential of Poznań. It is a long time that Poznań has been the leader in terms of organizing international events. In 2008 Poznań hosted COP 14 United Nations Conference, which was participated by more than 12 thousand people. The year after, Poznań hosted 32nd Taizé European Youth Meeting. In 2010 Ministers of Culture of Europe and Asia met in Poznań (ASEM). 2016 will be the year when FDI – World Annual Dental Congress will be held on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The congress will be attended by as many as 12 thousand people. Over the last years, cities have been paying a lot of attention to providing an attractive offer for the organization of conferences, congresses as well as for business tourists. 44 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

We encourage you to watch the film presenting the potential of Poznań – scan the QR code


Smart Venue

technology of tomorrow What is the recipe for an unforgettable event? Some unforgettable venue, intelligent and multi-functional space which can be adjusted to particular needs and expectations of the organizer. A venue where both an international science conference as well as a pop concert can be organized.

The Congress Center of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie can offer such advanced and multi-functional spaces; an intelligent, three-storey facility which is architectonically varied, at the same time offering 4,000 conference seats, VIP zones and areas dedicated to exhibitor and sponsor stands. The building has 38 fully-equipped conference rooms whose size can be regulated as well as a spacious 2,250 square-meter foyer which is perfect for exhibitions and banquets. Moreover, owing to a direct link with a four-pavilion complex, the object facilitates simultaneous organization of conferences and events for nearly 20,000 people. The Earth Hall is the landmark of the Congress Center. Experts consider it to be one of a few large-size concert and opera halls in Poland with best acoustic properties. The hall rooms nearly 2,000 people and owing to the creativity of its constructors it can be easily arranged in many different ways and adjusted to hold a plenary congress, a theater play, a concert, as well as a sports event.

There are 8 conference halls, a catering facility and a spacious entrance hall including check-ins and reception. Thanks to the link joining it with the congress center, the facility is perfect not only as an exhibition space, but also a great venue to held mega events.

More space – more possibilities A four-pavilion complex, including pavilions 7, 7A, 8, and 8A, the so-called ‘four-pack’, is an impressive roofed building. Inside, in its central part there is a spacious Lime Alley, where real trees grow. Offering nearly 20,000 sq. meters, the facility is characterized by modern architecture and nearly limitless flexibility of space and roof arrangement.

Green place of peace There is a unique, terraced garden in the direct vicinity of the conference facility, which offers possibilities to relax and rest surrounded by greenery. At the same time, benches fitted between oak, taxus and platanus trees provide a space to have a conversation and some emotional peace and quiet in the very heart of ongoing events. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 45


Voices of satisfied clients offer the best recommendation. On October 25, a cult band Pidżama Porno gave a gig in the Earth Hall after 8 years of break.

Tickets sold out, standing ovations and world stars – the Earth Hall is a well—known and unusually popular arena for concerts, movie and theater premieres. Macy Gray, Vaya Con Dios, Chris Botti, Imany and Tomasz Stańko, Natalia Kukulska, Kora, Grzegorz Turnau, and Radzimir Dębski are just a few artists who had a chance to perform at the concert hall of Poznań Congress Center.

“Poznań… The Earth Hall is Poland’s best concert hall I have ever played in!!! Everything is audile, and what you mess up is probably best heard (…) but this is rock’n’roll and, just because of that, it is allowed. That does not change the fact, though, that when we started playing we did play! This is where playing is 100 times better than at the Arena and a million times better than at the fair’s pavilion 2. I have dreamt of this moment for 31 years – to sound cool in my town. Poznań, a biiig thank you. It was a real pleasure to play this concert, today, for YOU” Source: Facebook profile of Krzysztof Grabowski, leader of the band Pidżama Porno

MTP has for years been a tough player in the meeting sector. It is also a great example to show how important varied infrastructure, technological solutions and experience are to gain prestigious and logistically-demanding events. 46 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Concert masterclass Plenary hall for 2 000 pax at the highest international level Conferences Cultural events


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26.04-28.04 07.05-08.05 10.05-12.05 20.05-22.05 New event



07.06-10.06 07.06-10.06 20.08-21.08

Wedding Fair 1) POLAGRA – PREMIERY – International Fair of Agricultural Mechanization CAVALIADA LUBLIN – Horse-Riding Equipment Fair BUDMA – International Construction and Architecture Fair KOMINKI – International Fireplaces Exhibition RYBOMANIA Poznań – Angling Fair KNIEJE – Hunting and Shooting Exhibition BOATEX – Swimming Equipment and Water Sports Exhibition TOUR SALON – Fair of Regions and Tourist Products POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2016 BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods GARDENIA – International Garden and Landscape Architecture Trade Fair SPECIAL DAYS – Holiday and Special Occasion Products Fair CAVALIADA WARSZAWA –Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 2) AGRO – PARK – Agricultural Fair – Lublin 3) MEBLE POLSKA – Furniture Fair HOME DECOR – Interior Fair ARENA DESIGN RYBOMANIA Katowice – Angling Fair Poznań Optical Exhibition 4) EDUCATION FAIR Books for Children, Young Adults and Parents – 15th Poznań Trade Fair Meetings School and Nursery Equipment Exhibition TTM – Automotive Technology Fair 5) MOTOR SHOW SALMED – International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments POZNAŃ BIZNES PARTER 6) Poznań Metropolitan Economic Forum POL-ECO-SYSTEM SILESIA – Katowice AKTYWNI 50+ Fair for Everyone over the Age of Fifty DREMASILESIA – Fair of Woodworking Machines and Tools – Katowice INSTALACJE – International Trade Fair of Installations TCS – System Heating Trade Fair 7) SECUREX – International Security Fair POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO SAWO – International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment LOOK – Hairdressing Forum BEAUTY VISION – Cosmetics Forum EXPOPOWER – International Power Industry Fair GREENPOWER – International Renewable Energy Fair FIT-EXPO – Fitness & Sport Park SPORT INVEST - Sports Infrastructure Forum AEROFESTIVAL8) Conference Aviation fair Air shows INNOVATIONS - TECHNOLOGIES – MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND): HAPE – Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives MACH – TOOL – Machines and Tools Exhibition METALFORUM – Exhibition of Metallurgy and Metal Industry SURFEX – Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies TRANSPORTA WELDING RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY FOCAST – Foundry Forum 9) SUBCONTRACTING – Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition Roltechnika – Agricultural Exhibition – Wilkowice near Leszno concurrently: Festiwal of Old Tractors

Dated 23.11.2015

Before deciding to participate in the fair, please check the date of the event on the

29.08-31.08 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2017 FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothes and Accessories – Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods 01.09-03.09 EKO-LAS – Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection – Janów Lubelski 07.09-10.09 FDI Annual World Dental Congress – FDI 10) 13.09-16.09 DREMA – International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries FURNICA – International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production SOFAB – International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture INTERMIC – Trade Fair of Textile, Clothes and Shoe Making Machines 24.09-27.09 TASTES OF THE REGIONS 11) 25.09-29.09 POLAGRA – TECH – International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition (25.09 – 29.09) Food Processing Technologies Exhibition (26.09 – 29.09) 26.09-29.09 POLAGRA – FOOD – International Trade Fair for Food POLAGRA GASTRO – International Trade Fair for Gastronomy 26.09-29.09 INVEST – HOTEL – Hotel Equipment Trade Fair 26.09-29.09 TAROPAK – International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Labelling New event LOGIPAK – Trade Fair of Logistics EPLA – Plastics and Rubber Fair 14) 04.10-06.10 REKLAMA360 – International Trade Fair of Advertising Goods and Printing Advertising 07.10-09.10 POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR 09.10 17th Poznań Maraton 12) 11.10-14.10 POL-ECO-SYSTEM - International Fair of Technologies and Products for Sustainable Development and Municipal Services: AQUA –TECH – Water management, waste water treatment and anti-ood protection GREENPOWER – Renewable Energy Exhibition ECO-PROTECT – Environmental Protection Technologies RECYKLING – Waste and Recycling Management Exhibition KOMTECHNIKA – Municipal Technologies Exhibition CITY TRANS PROJEKT –Sustainable Transport SMART REGION – Exhibition of Products and Services for Local Governments 21.10-23.10 POZNAŃ GAME ARENA – Entertainment and Multimedia Show 22.10-23.10 HOBBY – Meeting people with passion AQUA & ZOO – Pet Exhibition HAPPY BABY – Fair of Toys and Goods for Children 16.11-19.11 STONE – Industry Fair GLASS – Targi Industry Fair 16.11-18.11 SAKRALIA – Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items 17.11-19.11 MEMENTO POZNAŃ – Funeral Fair 15) 18.11-19.11 OPTYKA – Optical Fair 13) 26.11-27.11 RYBOMANIA Lublin – Angling Fair 01.12-04.12 CAVALIADA POZNAŃ: CAVALIADA SPORT, including: International Indoor Jumping Competition CSI3*-W CAVALIADA SHOW 02.12-04.12 Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 02.12-04.12 Art & Draft Festival

1) Organiser: Magazyn Ślubny (Wedding Magazine) 2) Co-organiser: Polish Horse-RidingAssociation 3) Co-organiser: Targi Lublin SA 4) Organiser: Inter-Province Gild of Optical Craft - Poznań 5) Co-organiser: Association of Automotive Technology 6) Organiser: Poznań City Hall 7) Co-organiser: Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce 8) Co-organiser: Aeropact Sp z o.o. 9) Co-organiser: Centrum Polskiego Odlewnictwa 10) Organisers: FDI World Dental Federation, Polish Dental Association, Exactus sp.j. 11) Co-organiser: Union of the Provinces of the Republic of Poland 12) Organiser: Poznań Sport and Recreation Centres 13) Co-organiser: Chaber of Polish Optican 14) Co-organiser: Business Image Publishing House 15) Co-organiser: Polish Funeral Asocciation

PMT II/2015 EN  

Stay up to date, read the most popular fair magazine in exhibition industry in Poland.

PMT II/2015 EN  

Stay up to date, read the most popular fair magazine in exhibition industry in Poland.