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Andrzej Byrt Chairman of the Board Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Ladies and gentlemen, It is a long time since fair events ceased to play the role of a meeting venue only. I would like to encourage you to get familiar with the conversation with the Managing Director of UFI Paul Woodward who is outlaying organizational changes that fairs may have to face in the nearest future. I am very pleased with the fact that a lot of these trends are found in the activities of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The events we organize facilitate the making of a community which is driven by passion, provide unforgettable experiences such as live fishing from a 23-thousand-liter aquarium at RYBOMANIA Fair, spectacular off-road tracks which were driven by Jeep and Skoda Yeti at MOTORSHOW, struggles of the best LPG installations experts during the fourth Polish Championship at INSTALACJE Fair, rescue shows at SAWO Fair, and a lot more. We believe that these memories and emotions will remain in your memory for a long time, similarly to the opening ceremony of the new Hall 8A and an over-ground linking passage connecting it with the Earth Hall in Hall 15, which was honored with performances of two great theaters – Theater V6 and Theater ROMA. This year, we are carrying on with our investments, being driven by the need to create a place which will make it possible to make your dreams about comfortable fair, exceptional exhibitions, branch events, and concerts come true. There are some more exciting events ahead of us. This year we are celebrating the 85th anniversary of a unique event – the Common National Exhibition, which commenced the existence of today’s international fair in Poznań. Especially for this festival, on June 2 the President Bronisław Komorowski himself will open the exceptional exhibition “Competitive Poland 1989-2O14.” All are cordially invited to visit the exposition presenting Polish achievements of the last 25 years. Shortly after the exhibition, the holiday period will begin. Starting mid-June, we will once more make our premises available for summer attractions. Therefore, Mark’s Square will get transformed into a sandy beach, whereas the summer garden in front of Hall 15 will be altered into a venue of family picnics offering a wide range of attractions. It is our pleasure to share our passion for actions with you!

POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE 1/2O14 (333) An official magazine of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Issued from 1959. Editor-in-Chief: Katarzyna Supa, / Editing: Renata Hille, Ewa Kozłowska, Karolina Makowska, Marta Radowska - Karpińska, Ewa Mrożek, Dominika Redlicka, Katarzyna Świderska, Marta Wiśniewska, Marzanna Wiśniewska, Tomasz Wojciechowski, Ilona Rosiak, Miłosz Zagórski / Graphic project: Brandswork, / Photogrphies: Piotr Pasieczny, Piotr Piosik, Marcin Melanowicz, Maciej Ograbek, archiwum MTP / Print: drukarnia MTP / Redaction: Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań / Publisher: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Sp. z o.o., Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań, tel. +48 61 869 2O OO, e-mail:,




Polska the best of What is the best way of summarizing and celebrating the 25th anniversary of free Poland? How to present the greatest achievements of Polish economy, industry, and culture a quarter of a century after the proceedings of the Round Table, June elections and the first ever non-communist government in the Soviet bloc? Well, the answer lies in the exhibition titled ‘2nd Common National Exhibition – Competitive Poland 1989-2O14’. It will take place on the grounds of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie from 2 to 15 June 2O14. The patronage of the event was taken by the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski, making it a unique opportunity to present the greatest economic, governmental, cultural, and scientific attainments of Poland over the last quarter of a century. - When visiting the interesting exposition of the Exhibition you will find out that Poland is a strong and recognizable brand, and also that our businessmen, scientists and artists have a lot of potential. The already attractive expo offer will be supplemented with accompanying conferences, discussion panels, and meetings with exceptional individuals, said Andrzej Byrt, Chairman of the Board of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Over a two-week-long period of the exhibition and its accompanying conferences on the premises of MTP, it will be possible to see and get to know the best things about Polish business and culture. Therefore, it will also be a perfect opportunity to summarize the recent years, which have brought radical political and economic changes in our country. The exhibition will be inaugurated by the President Bronisław Komorowski himself, who will hand in his annual Economic Awards of the President of Poland. For more information of the Exhibition visit: Feel welcome!



Poland’s kaleidoscope The trip which will help you explore Poland’s greatest economic, governmental, cultural and scientific achievements of the last quarter of a century will start at Hall 1 with a unique photo exhibition. ’25 years of free Poland seen through the lenses of Gazeta Wyborcza photographers’ is a collection of 25 photos presenting the most crucial political, social, religious, and sports events of the last quarter of a century. It presents a lot of heroes, including such great Poles as Tadeusz Mazowiecki, John Paul II, or Wisława Szymborska, as well as those photographed at work, celebrating, or shopping who are not so well known. What has also been strongly emphasized is some breakthrough moments of Polish history such as the proceedings of the Round Table, the presidential oath of Lech Wałęsa, as well as the moment of Poland joining the European Union. The other important thing concerns social and cultural events such as the final of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy or Football European Cup.

Leaders of Polish Economy The exposition, inspired by historic jubilees (25th anniversary of free elections to the Sejm and the Senate as well as 85th anniversary of 1st Common National Exhibition), is dedicated to economic leaders, namely those companies which have been successful Europe and global-wise as well as laureates of the Economic Award of the President of Poland. A few dozens of companies have already confirmed their participation in the prestigious undertaking, which include KGHM, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Central Statistical Office, Solaris Bus & Coach, NOVOL, VOX, ZIAJA, GERDA, FORTE, WÓJCIK and YETI furniture. Undoubtedly, the big enterprises are leaders of their branches and largely contribute to the improvements and development of Polish economy, thus building up its positive image in Poland and abroad. The Common National Exhibition will accompany the largest Polish fair event of ITM Poland: Innovations-Technologies-Machines, which have for years been visited by thousands of decision-makers of the Polish industry.



Exhibition of ‘Rzeczpospolita 1989 – 2O14’ The exhibition summarizes free Poland over the period of a quarter of a century seen from the perspective of “Rzeczpospolita”. It remembers the most important events of the last 25 years recalling its columnists publishing in “Rzeczpospolita” over that period. It is a genuine chronicle of our country’s political, economic, social life and the one-and-only record of the achievements and successes of Poland and its people after regaining independence in 1989. The exhibition constitutes a part of the 25th anniversary proceedings commemorating the freedom of Poland, which the President Bronisław Komorowski took the patronage of.

More than a thousand words

In 2O13 a plate of an average Pole consisted of nearly only a half of bread, milk, potatoes, or sugar in comparison to the year 1995. However, over the last 25 years the number of students increased four times. It will be possible to find out about these and many other interesting facts at the exposition of Central Statistical Office (GUS) in Hall 2. The exposition of GUS is a perfect proof that Poland’s history can be told in many different and endless ways. The Office’s proposal is a fascinating lesson about Poland and the Poles, labor market, education, as well as our private lives. The data provide an objective summary of the last quarter of a century, which may serve as an inspiration for further discussion and analysis. It is also evidence that not only do figures and numbers rule the world, but they can also describe it truthfully, as stated by Pythagoras.

Voivoidships for the 25th anniversary of freedom The greatest achievements will also be presented as part of the Common National Exhibition by voivoidships which played crucial roles in managing local and regional development as well as in building an economically strong country. It will be possible to learn about the well and lesser known achievements of regions at the stands of voivoidships, which will include such ‘hard evidence’ as the increase of gross voivoidship product, road networks, number of universities and students. What seems exceptionally interesting though is the exposition of the attainments in terms of environmental improvements, important infrastructural investments, spectacular monument restorations and many others. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O5


A well-designed success Polish design different from European projects? Why are some products successful, and others not? What is the secret behind consumers’ choices? The answers concerning these and other interesting questions will be answered at an interesting exhibition titled ‘A well designed success’ which will accompany the Common National Exhibition. The exhibition located in Hall 1 will have an educational character and will aim at taking the spell out of the word ‘design’, which is at present rather undervalued or incomprehensible for a wide range of recipients. On that account, the exhibition will present a vacuum cleaner, a tram, cosmetics and services which are well designed and fulfill consumers’ needs, alongside with a chair, a sofa, footwear which are somehow naturally associated with a designer’s name. Recognized design experts were asked to present companies and brands distinguished by perfect design, including representatives of artistic universities, media, institutions, as well as designers who are well-known in Poland and across the world. A team of curators chose over 3O companies and products, pointing at a complex design approach, ranging from a visual identification of a brand, through a layout of a website, packaging, complementary services, to a company’s headquarters.


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Design Oscars at Common National Exhibition al

3O Polish products awarded with the prestigious, international award of Red Dot Award, known as ‘Design Oscar’ will be presented at the Common National Exhibition ‘Competitive Poland.’ There will be an opportunity to see all the awarded products for the first time ever on the grounds of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie.




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The ‘Polish Red Dots’ Exhibition organized by Poland’s Office of Patents will be the first and only such exhibition in Poland, where the presented products will be unbelievably varied, ranging from small stamps, through medical devices, furniture, domestic devices, to an impressive bathtub, which are all characterized by perfect, functional, and aesthetic design connected with the highest quality. All the awarded products were designed by young, creative, Polish designers and are produced mostly by Polish companies. ert

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Poland is ECO The main principles of the National Conference of Environmental Protection, which will be held on June 11 at the Common National Exhibition, encompass a presentation of achievements of Poland and Europe with regard to environmental protection, a summary of the first ten year of Poland in the European Union in terms of ecology, as well as outlaying the tasks up to the year 2O3O with regard to sustainable development. The idea of the conference of ‘The environmental protection policy in Poland after 1989. Modern challenges for the ecological policy in the European Union until 2O3O’ is to present the achievements of Poland and Europe in terms of organization, finances, and technology aimed at environmental protection. Its organizers will try to make the participants realize how much has been done in those areas over the last 25 years. The organizers of the three-day-long conference are the Minister of Environment, Voivoidship Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań, as well as Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The honorary auspices over the conference were taken by Mr. Bogdan Borusewicz, Marshal of the Senate of Poland.

Start Up Zone The exhibition presenting the successes of Polish economy would be incomplete without innovative and innovatory undertakings of young entrepreneurs as well as start ups. As part of a Start Up zone arranged in the nearby ‘Economy’ zone in Hall 1 of MTP it will be possible to get familiar with the most original and genuine ideas of new and novice companies. Most of them have just started crouching; however, they may become the pillars of Polish economy one day.

Take the PWK home In the kiosk of the Common National Exhibition located in Hall 2 there will be a possibility to purchase cotton bags with unique photos of the 1929 exhibition, genuine T-shirts, postcards, mugs, and even a wooden yo-yo. The gadgets, designed and made especially for this festival, will be available over the whole time of the exhibition. The limited edition at reasonable prices is this season’s definite ‘must have’.

Package to the future A mine of interesting facts about the 21st century, the condition of the economy, science, Polish culture for the future generations are all the ideas behind a time capsule which will be buried in the garden neighboring the Congress Center of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie at the Common National Exhibition. Made of tempered glass, the capsule will include everyday objects, contemporary newspapers, photographs, statistical data and letters to unknown addresses. Additionally, the partners and exhibitors of the PWK will leave the most important information about their activities. All that constitutes a treat for historians will be dug out in 85 years, in the 17Oth and 85th anniversaries of the 1st and 2nd National Exhibitions respectively. That will be a moment when the employees and exhibitors of MTP of the time will add their items and souvenirs.


Photo: UFI Press service


UFI Fosus Meetings was held on the MTP fairgrounds, which are the most modern exhibition, congress, sporting and entertainment center in Poland. What kind of impression did the MTP fairgrounds make on the participants? Delegates to the various UFI Focus meetings taking place in Poznan were impressed by the scale of the MTP site and with the obvious ongoing investment programme in modern facilities on this historic fairground. They were pleased to be able to see four busy exhibitions taking place simultaneously and successfully while the UFI meetings were going on. It was clear that the technology deployed in the Congress centre for heating, lighting and ventilation as well as audio-visual and wi-fi connectivity are extremely modern. Last, but not least, the warm hospitality and efficiency of the MTP staff made our visit to Poznan a real pleasure. Polish economy is doing quite well in Europe. How do you find the contribution of fair / exhibitions in economic development of countries? While we shall remain cautious about the development of the global economic situation, the exhibition media continues to demonstrate its strength with growth over the last 4 years. The industry remains remarkably dynamic with a majority of companies positively embracing the challenges of new ranges of activity or geographical development.


Reviewing the consolidated results of Global Barometer survey over 5 years, UFI has identified a majority of companies in all regions declaring an increase of their turnover since at least 2O11. In addition, around one company out of two declares an increase of more than 1O% for 2O13. Still, 63% of the respondents declare that the impact of the “economic crisis” on their business is not yet over and most of them expect that it won’t be until 2O15. In the meantime, most companies are planning new strategic developments with 75% planning new activities in either the classic range of exhibition activities (venue/organizer/services) or in live or virtual events (or both) and 49% planning to expand exhibition operations to new countries. What are the challenges of the exhibition industry? With 48% of the world venue capacity, competition within Europe is fierce. Previously the competition was restricted to countries. Now the competition is Europe bound, Paris versus Barcelona, Milan versus Munich…The leading events in each industry sector continue to thrive. SMEs continue to find exhibitions to be the most effective way to promote their products and services, find new clients and open up new markets. However, the second tier, smaller events are struggling. The speed of technological change poses a challenge to management and to corporate finances! Digitalization provides us with opportunities for mass personalization of the event experience and will continue to transform business behaviour and the event experience of our customers. Business travel cost controls and environmental constraints add pressure. We must personalize our events, providing a richer experience if we wish to continue attracting the next generation of participants.

NEWS We must engage our exhibitors, visitors and suppliers on a year-round basis by providing content, opportunities for participation and involvement at all levels. What are the top trends in ICT which would make fair more common / useful for visitors and exhibitors. How should fair organizers prepare for the future? Organizers already depend on generation Y for much of their communications and the rapid adoption of new marketing tools. Building on this, the following points become apparent: free WIFI throughout the venue facilities is already a must; NFC, RFID or QR code systems deployment to permit increased data capture; Big Data management to improve CRM; Year Round Community development using social media; Using the cloud to merge technologies. By outsourcing hotline and repetitive IT tasks, internal staff are free to increase direct contact with customers to improve services. What are the key changes in the mind-set and behaviour of buyers and attendees. How can fair organizers help the buyers and visitors to benefit from visiting the fair? How to create an outstanding experience for a demanding target group?

Prestigious UFI Focus Meeting in Poznań In the beginning of April, specialists of fair branch from across Europe met in Poznań at business lectures, seminars, and workshops organized by UFI Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie was the host of the branch meeting. Two theme committees of UFI, namely Committee of Telecommunications (Information and Communication Technologies) as well as Committee of Operational Actions and Services provided for a high content level of the meeting in Poznań. The participants discussed two main areas – evolutions of information technologies and improving the quality of services for the visitors. Representatives of the Exhibition Industry from Europe shared their experiences, got to know the best solutions based on real case studies as well as participated in practical workshops. The coaching meetings which are held by UFI take place twice a year. Each time they are hosted by a different fair venue, which belongs to the organization.

Year round communities that allow to prepare more effectively the visits. With the help of mobile device itinerary on site are already saved, meeting are already schedule, contact and information share within a second between visitors and exhibitors. The follow-up are automated and no more information should be loose. The efficiency will confirm to the visitor that exhibition is still a place to be. You save time, displacement and continue to trust the face to face. What are the most important, the most interesting services of the future, which could encourage visitors and exhibitors to participate in fairs? Exhibitions have moved from being just a specialized “real estate” market, to one providing integrated services, to a CRM based platform with a targeted group orientation. That’s where we are today. In the future, however, we must provide a platform for thought leadership where new business ideas are developed for our clients, and where matchmaking aims to brokerage information through inter event activities. Multi-dimensional events will provide matchmaking and entertainment to create a personalized ‘experience’ that continues on a year round basis to build social media empowered communities. Active participation is certainly more interesting than passive participation. Technological advances can improve content and hence contribute significantly to the overall trade fair experience. * UFI is the association of the world's leading tradeshow organisers and exhibition centre operators, as well as the major national and international exhibition associations, and selected partners of the exhibition industry. UFI's main goal is to represent, promote and support the business interests of its members and the exhibition industry. UFI represents over 6OO member organisations in 85 countries around the world. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O9

NEWS Andrzej Byrt in Committee of Economic Award of the President of Poland The President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski has appointed the committee of the Economic Award of the President of Poland, whose final gala will take place on June 2 on the grounds of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Andrzej Byrt, Chairman of the Board of MTP, was appointed to the committee. - I wish that in the year of the 25th anniversary of the economic freedom of Poland it was possible to see that the success is owed to those who are risk takers, who are hard-working, and better disciplined, (…) but, above all, those who are willing to take on new challenges, as well as at times risk a lot, said Bronisław Komorowski. The committee nominates the best enterprises according to five different categories: Innovativeness, Presence on Global Market, Corporate Order and Social Business Responsibility, Green Economy and Permanent Success; the latter being a new category established for the 25th anniversary of Freedom Holiday. The award Gala will take place at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and will accompany the opening ceremony of the 2nd Common National Exhibition, which will refer to the 1st Common National Exhibition that took place in 1929 in Poznań. The first one presented the achievements of 1O years of the 2nd Republic of Poland. The second CNE (Common National Exhibition) will present Poland’s greatest achievements over the period of 1989-2O14. 21 representatives of higher learned institutions, public institutions, as well as media were appointed to the committee of the Economic Award of the President of Poland. Dr Wiesław Rozłucki, Chairman of the Board of Stock Exchange, who had had the same function during the Committee’s first term over the years 2O11-2O13, was again appointed to be the chairman of the Committee of the Economic Award.

Summer at the fair June 12 is the day when a program of summer activities for whole families will commence at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. We would like to invite you to come to Mark’s Square until 29th June, where a sports and recreation town will be built including a beach. Later on, the summer attraction center will get moved to the MTP garden near Hall 15, where a summer cinema will be organized surrounded by greenery and accompanied by a refreshing fountain.

It will be possible to take advantage of the attractions until the end of August. In June at Mark’s Square, as part of Play Safety Beach Volley program, educational activities for children regarding first aid and safe behavior during holidays will take place, as well as medical rescue shows including the AED. The other things that will be organized will involve a dancing weekend of Salsa and Bollywood rhythms, amateur beach football competitions, and a fitness marathon. What appears especially interesting is the qualifiers to Poland Championship of Women and Men Beach Volleyball as well as VIP volleyball competitions. You will also have an opportunity to get familiar with a tourist and recreation offer of Kołobrzeg, a seaside town very popular among Poznań inhabitants. For more information about the event and a detailed schedule please visit:

MTP, advocate of competitions of Henryk Wieniawski On the basis of an agreement signed in January with Music Association, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie became the main sponsor of International Competitions of Henryk Wieniawski in 2O16, i.e. 13th International Lute Competition (8-15 May), 15th International Violin Competition (8-23 October) as well as a cycle of cultural events in the years 2O14-2O16 targeted at Poznań inhabitants and a wide party of music lovers. - No matter where he shows up at auditions in Beijing, New York, or Tokyo, the head of the jury Maxim Vengerov will now also be the ambassador of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Our jury members were present at the MTP already during the last edition of the competition, and they were amazed with the fair itself as well as how the company supports culture. Today’s agreement is thus a proof that the fair goes hand in hand with culture (…), said Andrzej Wituski, Director of International Competitions of Henryk Wieniawski, on the day the cooperation agreement was signed. 1O / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie has for years supported culture and art institutions. The company cooperates with University of Arts, Polish Dance Theater, Malta Foundation, Amadeus Orchestra of Polish Radio, Philharmonics of Poznań, and Poznań Nightingale Choir.

NEWS “Breakfast with Rzeczpospolita” at Poznań Fair

MTP – acting passion and enthusiasm!

The theme of another edition of “Breakfast with Rzeczpospolita”, which took place at the entresol of the Eastern Hall of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, concerned investments and their impact on the development of the region, the country and Europe. The President of Poznań Ryszard Grobelny, Chairman of the Board of MTP dr Andrzej Byrt, Chairman of Polish Development Investments Mariusz Grendowicz, Rector of Poznań University of Economics Prof. Marian Gorynia, General Director of Biedronka chain Jeronimo Martins Biedronka Tomasz Suchański, as well as a Representative of the Board of Volkswagen Poznań participated in the discussion. Marcin Piasecki was the host of the meeting, where the participants tried to describe the parameters which a good investment, not only contributing to development of the region, but also beneficial for local businesses, should meet. The other topics that were discussed concerned investment limits and obstacles.

The authors of the Poznań version of the video clip for the song Happy by Pharrell Williams, Maciej Kautz and Kamil Biegański, created a video clip for Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. It is starred by dancing MTP staff, exhibitors, visitors and friends. The recording does not only show the fair from the perspective of business presentations, but also as a meeting place with positive energy. - We have tried to present MTP the same way you can see it every day; do one button down of a perfectly-tailored shirt and present its less formal, yet more relaxed and open side. We have managed to do that at Budma fair, Poznań Fashion fair, Cavaliada Warsaw, MotorShow and TTM, says Maciej Kautz, the producer. Iwona Kasprzak-Ciesielska, marketing director of MTP, adds that in terms of relationship with exhibitors and visitors, MTP focuses on an open dialog, content-related communication, not void of humor though. Therefore, we share the recording with our partners. Each and every one of them received the video with greetings for a nice May weekend and passion for every day.

The coverage of the fair “Breakfast with Rzeczpospolita” may be watched by scanning the QR code.

The clip is available at the MTP channel on YouTube and Facebook. Over the first 6 days since being uploaded, it was watched by more than 8,OOO internet users, who left nearly a hundred enthusiastic comments.

Placido Domingo – musical performance devoted to John Paul II The great musical performance organized along with the canonization proceedings of John Paul II in Hall 5 of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie saw 5 encores. Alongside with Placido Domingo the performers included soprano singers Virginia Tola and Micalea Oeste, Placido Domingo Jr., Justyna Steczkowska, as well as the Choir and Orchestra of the Music Theater in Poznań, directed by Eegene Kohn. The concert ‘This is where Poland started’ was led by Grażyna Torbicka, a well-known presenter. The first part of it included pieces written to accompany Karol Wojtyła’s texts, coming from the CD titled ‘Amore Infinito.’ During the other part of the concert, the gathered audience had the opportunity to hear popular opera, operetta and musical pieces. The concert was organized by the Music Theater in Poznań, the city of Poznań, as well as Prestige MJM Agency.

We make fair with passion! – Watch the clip, scan the QR code



Economic Award of the President of Poland

The Economic Award of the President of Poland, which is also referred to as 'Polish Economic Nobel Prize' has been awarded since 1998. It has been given to enterprises, institutions, and inventors that largely contribute to the economic development of Poland and are successful on both the Polish and domestic markets, thus providing for new vacancies by taking advantage of business etiquette and extending the prestige and positive image of Polish economy. The Economic Award of the President of Poland is generally considered to be the most distinguishable award for companies, science and research institutes, as well as inventors across Poland. Its undeniable prestige is proven by the manner of selecting the best

ones – the selection up to the President of Poland once a year. The unique statuette measuring 31 cm and weighing ca. 4 kg confirms the exceptionality of the winner according to one out of five various categories, i.e. Innovativeness, Presence on Global Market, Corporate Order and Social Business Responsibility, Green Economy, and Permanent Success. The Award’s 6th edition is unique because of the 25th anniversary of the first ever, partly-free elections to the Sejm and the Senate, which is to take place in 2O14. In this year’s 12th edition, which commenced in February 2O14, namely in the year of Freedom Holiday, the companies may apply for the President’s Award in terms of the ‘Permanent Success’ category.

Today, not only is Poland considered as a country and nation of brave people, but also people who are resourceful and hard-working. […] these days Poles’ hard-work, creativity, courage of running their own companies, harmony and determination in building up competitive economy of Poland are all appreciated,’ said the President Bronisław Komorowski at the Gala last year


serwis fotograficzny Kancelarii Prezydenta RP

On 2nd June 2O14 during the solemn opening gala of the exhibition titled '2nd Common National Exhibition - Competitive Poland of 1989-2O14,' the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski will hand in the Economic Awards of the President of Poland for the 12th time.

The Gala of awarding the Economic Award of the President of Poland will once more take place in the modern Earth Hall of Poznań Congress Center on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie


We create a space where we make dreams come true The latest investment of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Hall 8A, was opened at the presence of Eugeniusz Grzeszczak Deputy Marshal of the Sejm, Ryszard Grobelny President of Poznań, Dariusz Wechta Chairman of Wechta Company, as well as Andrzej Byrt Chairman of MTP. The newly-built hall and the overhead, heated passage leading to Hall 15 and the Earth Hall links the fair facilities making it one, integrated, modern exposition complex.

(from the left) Eugeniusz Grzeszczak Deputy Marshal of the Sejm, Andrzej Byrt Chairman of MTP, Ryszard Grobelny President of Poznań, as well as Dariusz Wechta Chairman of Wechta Company made the symbolic band cut

Acrobatic performance of Theater V6 finished the solemn opening ceremony of hall 8A

New hall 8A and the overhead passage look magnificent

Watch the video coverage of the Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice Gala. Scan the QR Code

The construction works of Hall 8A started in June 2O13. The Wechta Company was responsible for the design project and the construction of the hall. The new hall has 2.8 thousand sqm usable area, and its cubic capacity equals 31 thousand cubic meters. The facility is fitted for the construction of multi-level, modern stands as high as 1O m. On the inner side of the inner passage of the ‘Four-pack’ over the entresol, the hall joins the building with conference rooms located upstairs of the new complex and leads to the heated overhead passage, which connects the four-pack with hall 15 of Poznań Congress Center and the Earth Hall. The 6m wide and over 72m long corridor makes it possible to organize conferences and congresses for 15 thousand participants in hall 15 and the four-pack. The passage is about 5 meters above the street level, and about 52O sqm of glass was used to its construction. The modern exposition hall provides limitless possibilities; it lets you make any dream come true, including the one about a ballet against gravity laws, which was proven by the acrobatic performance by Theater V6, which finished the solemn opening ceremony of the hall on 3rd March 2O14. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 13


On April 27th an exceptional concert of Placido Domingo took place on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The world-famous tenor sang to celebrate the canonization of John Paul II. The concert, where a great Polish vocalist Justyna Steczkowska and others performed at the side of the maestro, also inaugurated the proceedings of the 1O5Oth anniversary of the baptism of Poland

As a recognition for supporting leather industry, the President of Radom Andrzej Kosztowniak was awarded by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie with a statuette for ‘an innovative family companies marketing strategy

Jan Dworak, Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, participated in the conference titled ‘The future of the media market in Poland’ during Poznań Media Expo

A world-famous, great Polish jazz vocalist Urszula Dudziak was a star of the Modern Medicine Gala at the 25th edition of SALMED International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments


Gold Medal for TVP S.A. Hybrid Platform was awarded to the Chairman of Polish Television S.A. Juliusz Braun by the Chairman of the Competition Court of Poznań Media Expo Jacek Silski as well as the Chairman of the Board of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie Andrzej Byrt

It was with great interest that the lecture on taking advantage of non-standard materials for the production of everyday items by the special guest of arenaDesign, Australian designer Brodie Neill, was taken

Well-known automotive journalists, including Włodzimierz Zientarski and Adam Kornacki, visited MotorShow fair


Photo: press materials “AKPA” Agency

Photo: press materials “AKPA” Agency

The branch evening of Poznań Fashion Fair and INTERMIC Fair honored the show of the latest collection by Teresa Rosati, top Polish designer specializing in evening, cocktail party, and wedding dresses

Photo: press materials “AKPA” Agency

17 thousand people visited one of the most prestigious equestrian events in Central Europe – Cavaliada Warsaw. The guests included Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko – an equestrian enthusiast, Kinga Rusin – a TV presenter and reporter, Katarzyna Sokołowska – a fashion shows director, Borys Szyc – an actor, and Dawid Woliński – a designer

Maja Popielarska, the host of TVN’s program „Maja w Ogrodzie” (Maja in the garden) visited GARDENIA Fair. She took two days in the fair halls to record material for her program

As part of Women’s Town at MotorShow, stylistic metamorphoses were carried out by Maja Sablewska, Polish music manager, image advisor, as well as a TV personality. Dorota Gardias, a TV presenter, was an animator of the meeting

Anna Komorowska, the wife of the President of Poland, visited the 13th Poznań Fair Meetings – Books for Children and Young People which she also took patronage of. The First Lady took part in the meeting with Michał Rusinek, the author of “Pałac Prezydencki” (Presidential Palace)



Innovations for production optimization The rise of work capacity by 2O-3O % ? Manufacturing cost lower by 1O-15 % ? That is possible by taking advantage of the latest technologies which are applied in machines and devices. These, however, can be seen at ITM Poland Fair on 3-6 September, when exhibitors will present the offer of such branches as those related to machines, automotive, armaments, energy, and railway. There will be an opportunity to test some machines and devices at the very fair in the interactive zones which will provide such opportunities; Skills Testing Ground (as part of Surfex, Exhibition of Surface Processing Technologies), Welding Academy (as part of Welding Exhibition). Some other special areas will enrich the exposition of Mach-Tool Salon. These will include traffic maintenance, Cax Innovation of CAD/CAM. As part of India Show, the presentation of companies from India will be another treat. Similarly to the previous years, the exposition of ITM Poland will be enriched by an Engineering Forum, and the seminar of the Stainless Steel Association and the Institute of Precision Mechanics. This year’s industrial fair in Poznań will have one more, new event – FOCAST Casting Forum, which is dedicated to casting works, machines and device manufacturers, components suppliers, service provide and the representative of science. The organizers are inviting you to take short tour to visit the exhibition and to take part in matchmaking visits. More information in:,

India as a partner country ITM Poland This year at ITM Poland Fair, it will be the first time that exhibitors from India, a partner country of ITM Poland 2O14, present themselves. There will be more than 1OO companies from the Indian Subcontinent, and their exposition will be located at Halls 3A and 7 and 8. - At India Show in Poznań, producers of technological solutions are going to present their capabilities particularly with reference to the sectors of energy, transport, agricultural devices, machining tools, molding and casts, forging, machines and devices, which are essential for Polish economy, said Anupam Shah, Chairman of EEPC India. India is considered to be a solid and efficient global supplier of technologically-advanced products. Indian industry, the machine one in particular, has been noting increase recently. The products which are produced in India include various types of machining tools, power plant fittings, as well as mining, textile machines and electronic equipment. Additionally, shipyard industry, production of means of transport, railways stock and vehicle fleets are developing very well. The presentation of Indian entrepreneurs at ITM Poland Fair will thus provide an opportunity to establish new promising business cooperation. For more information visit:



Modern outdoor farming The nearest months will be the time of presenting latest machines and products aiming at outdoor tillage and breeding improvement while at work. In early-June we would like to encourage you to visit the exhibition titled ZIELONE AGRO SHOW – POLSKIE ZBOŻA (7-8 June, ORD Sielinko). The event will see the presentation of companies offering modern agricultural machines, seeds, fertilizers, fodder, and fodder additives, as well as inventory building fittings. Another important element of the exhibition will be presentations of machines, including the big size ones, while at work in a field. New varieties of crops and cultivable plants as well as the application of fertilizers and protective agents will be presented at model plots. In August, it will be worth paying a visit to ROLTECHNIKA Fair (23-24 August, Wilkowice) where latest agricultural machines will be presented alongside the old time wonders as part of National Festival of Old Tractors and Agricultural Machines. During the fall time, AGRO-PARK (25-26 October, Lublin) will be the most important agricultural center in the Eastern Poland. The events will host top Polish and foreign producers and distributors of agricultural, tillage and orchard machines. The accompanying trainings will be carried out by Europe-famous specialists. For more information visit:,,

Forest testing ground Thousands of professionals of forestry and wood processing branches are announcing their arrival at Poland’s greatest forestry branch meeting, namely EKO-LAS Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection. That is no wonder as it is, in fact, the only meeting of forestry industry encompassing shows of machines and devices used in forestry and wood management at work in a forest ground. As part of the shows happening outdoor in their natural habitat, harvesters, forwarders, combine harvesters, wood splitting machines, and tractors will be presented. The shows of obtaining wood will be carried out by world-leading machine producers. EKO-LAS also means interesting conferences of forestry technique and technology specialists as well as discussions of professionals. By participating in the fair, you also get an opportunity to get familiar with all aspects connected with ‘forest life,’ i.e. sowing, seeding, maintenance, logging, transport and hunting. The Forestry Demo Fairs sign guarantees the best organizational quality of the event. The nearest edition of EKO-LAS will take place on 4-6 September in Mostki near Świebodzin. See you there! For more information visit:



Furniture making live Poland is one of the greatest furniture producers and the fourth global furniture exporter. Machines, tools, furniture components will be presented in Poznan at DREMA, FURNICA, SOFAB for the first time in the fall, 16-19 September. Technological offers and latest novelties from Poland, Europe and from across the world will all get accumulated in one place. As emphasized by the fair director Andrzej Półrolniczak ‘the change of the date offers a possibility to present and introduce the novelties onto the Polish market much faster. The new date is also a great opportunity to present the components, which were first presented in September, on ready furniture at the Meble Polska Fair in February. All those interested in the novelties and finding out about the directions of design trends, wanting to see for themselves how the dedicated machines for the furniture and wood industries work, as well as those who want to get new knowledge about the market are invited to come to Poznań’. This year’s edition of DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries will celebrate its 3Oth anniversary. The organizers are preparing interesting areas especially for this jubilee. What will remain the trademark of the fair though will be the well-known live furniture factory. For more information visit:,,

Fair with flavor In late-June we would like to invite all enthusiasts of the traditional, Polish dishes prepared in accordance with old recipes to Poznań for Poland’s greatest festival ‘TASTES OF THE REGIONS’ (27-3O September). You will have an opportunity to try delicacies coming from all regions of Poland; however, food products from zachodniopomorskie voivoidship (Eastern Pomerania) will be particularly promoted, as it is the partner region of this year’s edition. Producers of wines, breads baked with starters, cakes, cheese, smallgoods, and other foods will present the offers of particular regional, traditional, and certified foods. The best regional dishes will get honored at the competition of the Medal of ‘Tastes of the Regions’. TASTES OF THE REGIONS which is held annually in cooperation with the Union of the Voivoidships of the Republic of Poland is a place where buyers, restaurant owners, people responsible for supplies in trade venues will find real culinary pearls for their shops and restaurants. Apart from that, it is also an event whose primary objective is to promote regional, certified food, which is more and more frequently looked for and appreciated by the target customer. For more information visit:



HoReCa branch business Do you run your business in food, gastronomy, or hotel industries? Do not miss the meetings at the most important events for HoReCa. On 29 September – 2 October Poznań will host POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair for Food, POLAGRA GASTRO International Trade Fair for Gastronomy, and INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair. - Following the changes that are taking place on the market, this year’s hotel trade fair as well as the parallel gastronomy and food fairs are promoted under one slogan HoReCa Poznań, says Marcin Gorynia, director of INVEST-HOTEL project. The splendor of flavors, latest products and technologies, as well as hotel, kitchen, and gastronomy related services will be presented in 5 halls. The fair, as any other year, will be accompanied by a wide range of content-based meetings, debates, and conferences. The Polish Culinary Cup, which boasts great recognition among Polish and international culinary associations, will be the most important event. This year, the competitors will be judged by Jonas Larsson, the chef of one of the most recognizable Swedish restaurants, Kock & Vin, which was awarded with the Michelin star. For more information visit:,,

We know how to produce good food Poznań will soon host the World Congress of the Bakers and Confectioners Union (UIBC) at the nearest POLAGRA-TECH International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies (28 Sept – 2 Oct). It will be the first-ever Congress of joint companies of International Union of Bakers and International Confectioners Association. The idea of organizing a Congress at Poland’s biggest fair related to the baking and confectionary industries will make the event exceptionally complex. On one hand, the Congress will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and to discuss the branch’s future among an international party, and on the other hand, the exhibition will make it possible to get familiar with the latest technological solutions and trends which are prevailing among the UIBC member countries, as well as with product offers of POLAGRA-TECH exhibitors. POLAGRA-TECH Fair will commence on 28th September on the Baker’s and Confectioner’s Day as part of Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition. Additionally, Food Processing Technologies Exhibition will join in on 29th September. The both exhibitions will create the most interesting and the most complex event directed at representatives of processing and food production plants. For more information visit:



Well packed product Euromonitor, a research Institute, estimates that 4.1 billion items of packaging were sold in the whole world in 2O13. Asia is the biggest outlet market holding 45% share, followed by Europe at 27%, and North America at 13% . Food industry is world’s greatest recipient of packaging. Therefore, TAROPAK (29 Sept – O2 Oct), the greatest packaging and logistics fair in Poland, takes place at exactly the same time as the greatest food industry fair. A safe, ergonomic, and practical packaging not void of artistic values as well as connectivity with the product inside constitute a source of shopping impulse, as it identifies a product, makes it possible to associate it with a predefined characteristics, as well as to position and sell it. Knowing that, fair guests, majority of whom are producers, confectioners, and importers of possibly all branches, take the participation in the fair as a way of learning about the latest trends. - It is here that the latest technological solutions are presented, but it is also an innovative design, non-standard raw materials, and complete ideas, which are later taken advantage of by food, cosmetics, and domestic chemistry producers, says Joanna Kucharska, TAROPAK director. This year a lot of new things shall be expected. For more information visit:

Ready! Steady! Go! Is sport your passion? Do you run a sports shop, are you an owner of sports items warehouse, an instructor, a manager of sports, recreation or a fitness center? You definitely must visit POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR on 1O-12 October. This is where you will find modern jogging equipment and accessories, bikes, bike clothing and footwear, team, racket, outdoor sports clothing and accessories, as well as a training, dietary, and rehab services offers. The 15th edition of Poznań marathon of Maciej Frankiewicz will be the finale of POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR. Just like the year ago, the center of marathon events will take place on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. - The runners will have to cover one over 42-kilometer-long loop. We can reveal that we’re working on a new route, says Łukasz Madziołko, the marathon director, who adds that they want it to be even more competitor-friendly and foster breaking life-records. Last year, more than 6 thousand runners took part in the marathon. You can sign up for this year’s edition until 2nd October. For more information visit:



Ecological news from around the world Renewable energy resources, waste and recycling, water and sewage, air, noise, revitalization, flood protection, spotting dangers, measuring and control devices, public utilities management are all topics of the October POLEKO and KOMTECHNIKA Fair (14-17 October 2O14). The organizers are planning to extend the exposition by such new market segments as army, airfields and landing areas management and exploitation. Apart from that, some special areas and conferences are planned designed for those who are responsible for organizing tenders and waste management in commune areas. Moreover, the organizers are kindly inviting you to visit the Recycling Exhibition, Recycling Forum, Eco Town, and Clean Energy Exhibition and Clean Energy Forum. - This year’s fair will be abundant in events dedicated for specialists, including about 5O conferences, workshops and trainings. We are expecting roughly 5O thousand professionals all seeking latest knowledge in terms of local governments, environmental protection, and public utilities managements, says Michał Hempowicz, Director of Poleko and Komtechnika Fairs in Poznań. For more information visit:,

Tourist business and passion Polish and foreign tourist offers, a meeting of the whole tourist branch in one place, conferences, trainings, and workshops for professionals as well as numerous attractions for the general audience; that, in a nutshell, is TOUR SALON Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products (23-25 October). Georgia will be a partner country of this year’s fair. Polish and foreign regional exhibitors will present their complex offers, where tourist branch professionals will have an opportunity to get together with representatives of travel agencies, tour operators, tourist companies, and carriers. Similarly to recent years, a lot of insurance companies are announcing their presence as well. Additionally, there will be an exposition of coaches, offers of airlines, railways, ferries, as well as tourist websites and magazines. There will be a lot of parallel workshops, trainings, conferences, as well as meeting for specialists behind closed doors. Some topics, like e.g. culinary tourism which beat attendance records last year, will be continued. The final gala of ‘7 New Wonders of Poland’ organized by National Geographic – Traveler will take place for the second time. There will also be plenty of meetings with travelers and hobbyists. Travel coverage, travel photo and video shows will take place e.g. at the ‘Śladami Marzeń’ (Following your dreams) Festival. For more information visit:



Independent and creative The success of the last edition of Poznań Game Arena was largely owed to a meeting with independent gamedev representatives, who were given an opportunity to present their genuine ideas to 42 thousand visitors. Also this year (24-26 October), in order to support their spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity, it will be possible to get together with developers not only from Poland, but from across the world as part of the Zone of Independent Game Makers. The organizers are inviting independent game makers from Europe and from around the world! - Participation in the fair may be a chance to be spotted in the professional gamedev world, especially if you take into account that, besides the lovers of multimedia fun, Poznań Game Arena will be visited by professionals and a few hundred media representatives, emphasizes Łukasz Wołonkiewicz, director of PGA. This year MUSIC LAB Fair of Music, Stage and Lighting will accompany the PGA on 25-27 October. There is an incredible atmosphere, and a number of accompanying events, such as workshops, discussion panels, jam sessions, and many other branch contacts, that will await the participants. Everyone who is either privately or professionally interested in music will have an opportunity to watch and test the most interesting instruments and devices, as well as seek experts’ advice. For more information visit:,

Little and big passions The last weekend of October (25-26 October) will be full of emotions and… passion, which will join generations. This is the time of HAPPY BABY Fair of Toys and Goods for Children, HOBBY Model Making and Games Exhibition, as well as AQUA&ZOO Fair. All the events guaranty a lot of positive emotions and good fun for both children and parents. What the organizers of HAPPY BABY pay attention to is the development, evoking interests (from infants to kindergarten kids), deepening family bonds by joining in many games and competitions together. The fair has also an educational character, as meetings and workshops with experts were planned. A visit to AQUA&ZOO will be a great opportunity for the youngest to see at close range a lot of exotic animals, amphibians, reptiles, and fishes. A lot of emotions will be guaranteed by Championship of the Red Discus as well as model aquaria, which will be presented by breeders from across the world. Also, the lovers of electric trains, modeling mock-ups, radio controlled models, comic book and board game fans will definitely be enthusiastic about HOBBY Fair. Mock-ups of trains genuinely illustrating real overpasses, stations, and railway routes will be a great attraction. For more information visit:,,



MEMENTO, means remember! MEMENTO POZNAŃ Funeral Fair of Wojciech Krawczyk (28-3O November) will accompany STONE Stone Industry Fair (26-29 November) as well as SAKRALIA Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items (26-28 November). The synergy effect and thematic reliance is not a coincidence. Thanks to that merger, the participation in the fair may be even more fruitful, both in terms of business as well as trade diversification. What is worth noticing is the fact that the meeting at MEMENTO is recommended by FIAT-IFTA World Organization of Funeral Homes, which is undoubtedly a proof of its high position. Numerous accompanying events, which will be devoted to funeral floristic shows and trainings for graveyard administrators in 2O14, are greatly influential. Products and services for parishes, orders, and church institutions will be presented at SAKRALIA. The offer includes liturgical items and utensils, confessionals, pews, bells, multimedia and sound equipment, energy-saving lighting, conservation services, church heating systems, sacral art, communion wafers, sacramental bread, mass wine, candles, software for church office and cemeteries, didactic help for catechists, devotional items, publishing houses, as well as offers of pilgrimages to sanctuaries in Poland and broad. For more information visit:,,

Good cont[r]acts On November 7-8, branch leaders, opticians, optometrists are to meet at OPTYKA Poznań Optical Fair, which is a biannual event taking place on the grounds of MTP and playing the most important meeting for specialists of the branch in Poland. A joint undertaking of the Chamber of Polish Optican and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie will take place for the fourth time. The branch leaders, who are going to present optical salons equipment, a wide range of lenses and various frames, are announcing their presence. The other participating parties will involve financial and leasing companies, representatives of publishing houses and professional papers concerning glasses optics and optometry. There will be an inspiring, over 1OO-meter exposition presenting a Model Optical Salon, as well as refraction check stands equipped with the most modern devices. At Speakers’ Corner the latest novelties of worldwide technological solutions and trends with respect to glasses fashion trends will be presented. The Conference OPTYKA 2O14 will take place parallel to the fair events. This event has a scientific character and has been prepared together with The Department of Physics of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, which is a content partner on that matter. For its participants, the event will be a database of knowledge, the latest optical information and achievements. Only the branch specialists will be permitted to enter the OPTYKA Poznań Optical Fair. For more information visit:



Professional team of experts representing relevant fields of economic life award innovative, functional products that boast high quality and attractive design

Effective organisation and clear procedures: the Exhibitor learns about the award much in advance, which gives them more time to prepare a marketing campaign of the awarded IDE A product





Boost the value of your product and reaffirm your competitive advantage High-impact promotion of Winners continues long after the trade fair, among others

at product websites, in industry press, industry web portals, advertisements and publications in national press, outdoor as well as MTP publications that reach 5OO,OOO visitors

Interactive presentation of winners at exclusive stands - Champions’ Zone - better outreach to Clients and Consumers

MTP Gold Medal - Consumers’ Choice - for best products awarded at the trade fairs

Gold Medal competition: reach for a unique value package More information: tel. +48 61 869 22 O6 /



The second edition of ‘Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice 2O13 Gala’ took place on March 3 at the beautiful Earth Hall. Representatives of as many as 26 companies received the prestigious statuettes. The evening finished with a performance by Theater Roma, which prepared the outstanding ‘Broadway 8A’ spectacle composed of classical music greatest hits especially for this event. Tomasz Kammel was the announcer of this year’s Gala, which was an exceptional evening indeed!






Great Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice Gala

E R S’ C H O

There are nearly 5OO companies entering the competition of the Gold Medal of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie every year. However, only those companies that fulfill the criteria set by the professional jury and find recognition of consumers can receive the prestigious distinction. All year round, Competition Courts consisting of outstanding experts of various fields of economy are looking for modern products presented at fair events which are based on latest, highest quality technologies. Once the Competition Court has given its verdict and awarded the Gold Medal to a chosen product, another stage begins. The best products go to the Consumers’ Choice competition, where only one product gets chosen. That selection is done on the basis of an online voting at as well as in special Champion’s Zone located around the fairground. The product which receives the highest amount of votes is awarded with the prestigious title of ‘Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice’. Over the year 2O13, 1OO thousand votes were cast in online voting. The solemn Gala is the grand finale and the summary of the whole year in which the competition takes place. The daily “Rzeczpospolita”, being one of the leaders of Polish daily papers which is most often quoted, and one which is impossible to live without for bosses, politicians, and readers, is the media partner of the competition of the Gold Medal of MTP. Poznań Television and National Regional Television took the patronage of the solemn evening, which involved the opening ceremony of the Hall 8A and the Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice Gala. On the next pages you will find the products which were awarded twice – by the professional jury and consumers. The laureates are entitled to use the prestigious title Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice over the whole current year. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 25


Tomasz Kammel, a journalist, TV presenter, producer, scriptwriter, and coach, was the announcer at the Gala

The laureates of the Gold Medal – Consumers’ Choice competition received the prestigious statuettes at a solemn Gala. They are entitled to use the title over the whole year 2O14


The evening finished with a performance by Theater Roma, which prepared the outstanding ‘Broadway 8A’ spectacle composed of classical music greatest hits







Electric awning AMZ Solar FAKRO sp. z o.o., Nowy Sącz BUDMA 2O13

Machining center SBZ 6O9 ELUMATEC POLSKA sp. z o.o. Września

A combination of the efficiency of heating protection and the highest comfort of operation. Operated either with a remote control or fully automatically. The automatic operation depending on the level of light intensity makes it an easy way to protect the attic from heating. The awning provides 8 times better heating protection than outer curtains, yet allowing natural light and eye contact with the surroundings.

A computer-operated center which takes advantage of the latest software, yet conforming to the latest ecological requirements (equipped with a system of removing technological waste). The patented solution of two machining stations working in one cycle guarantees higher efficiency and precision. It is powered with energy-saving engines which lower energy consumption.


An innovative, optical fiber laser is the effect of many years of experience in the production of high end CNC devices and the application of the latest global technologies. The application of Kimla’s steering system with dynamic vectors analysis and linear drives enables immediate operation at 5m/s and 3g acceleration, while maintaining perfect quality of details. The laser combines a user-friendly interface and an outstanding efficiency, low exploitation costs and an attractive prize.

The drive of the table’s disk, revolving with transmission, is carried by a genuine solution of a duplex-type spiroid gear, where the multi-thread worm works with two gear teeth sets characterized by special geometry. The revolving table was made as part of the development project no. NRO3-O1O7-1O/2O1O financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the years 2O1O-2O13 and is one out of three solutions. Authors: Piotr Frąckowiak, Adam Wyszkowski, Krzystof Netter, Jakub Olszewski, Marcin Pelic, Wojtek Ptaszyński, Andrzej Gessner, Roman Staniek.

Overhead switch disconnector type SRNkp-24/4OO INSTITUTE OF POWER ENGINEERING-Experiment works EXPOPOWER 2O13

Cheese with pepper coating 18Og Dairy cooperative, Czarnków POLAGRA FOOD 2O13

Laser Flashcut POLCOM Przemysław Kimla Częstochowa ITM POLAND 2O13


Overhead switch disconnector for SN lines type SRNkp-24/4OO is an apparatus, where arc suppression at switching on and switching off takes place in a disconnecting vacuum chamber. The product’s high exploitation parameters are guaranteed by the innovatory construction solution of arc suppression, the construction of main contacts and the application of appropriate materials and coatings in the disconnector’s current channel which reduce the electrochemical corrosion.

Gentle creamy cheese made of pasteurized milk which is a source of vitamins and minerals. The cheese is smooth in consistency and has a subtle pepper flavor, which makes it suitable for salads, as an addition to fillings, and adding character to every sandwich. It can be easily cut or spread. It comes packed in an aesthetic cardboard box with a see-through space. It is also available in flavored version – with herbs and gyro.



The dyes owe their uniqueness to LEVEL CORRECTORS, which guarantee saturated color. It contains washing agents, which make it possible to remove the dye with another dye. The skin is clean without any marks of the treatment. The basic dye used for production is violet, which guarantees that colors have no green afterglow. The combination of nutritive base, silk proteins with high quality colorants provides vivid colors and natural glow.


Essence of youth – anti-aging treatment with mother cells Bielenda Natural Cosmetics Ltd., s.k., Kraków BEAUTY VISION 2O13

The treatment is based on an active PhytoCellTECTMArgan component, which is new in cosmetology. It is the first cosmetics component which feeds mother cells of dermis. It boosts metabolic functions of the skin, moistens and nourishes the skin, makes it more flexible, tightens it and makes it denser, minimizes negative effects of weather conditions, and intensifies skin regeneration processes. Suitable for all types of skin after 35 years old, and for younger skin used as a revitalizing treatment.

An innovative system of a club members training management, which monitors the pulse, the amount of burnt calories, training time, and introduces the MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) – motivation points measured with the MYZONE Physical Activity Bell and technology based on an online cloud. The MYZONE makes it possible for clubs to extend their offers, fit the training to individual needs, boosts satisfaction and loyalty of the members, and get new income sources.

A dust extractor working by a subatmospheric pressure system. The modular system facilitates choosing a proper parameters filter for every single works. The extracted air is reversed into the machinery park, while the extracted waste (dust and sawdust) fall to storage bins under the filter. The extractor guarantees the elimination of thermal energy loss. The supply program encompasses the whole range of products, which make for a technological series made of a few stages.

Tri-layer DendroLight Panel SIA ‘DendroLight LATVIJA’, Latvia Applicant: Trehus Design Krystyna Sieczka, Łęgowo FURNICA 2O13

LIMA Bedroom KMK KOLEKCJA MEBLI sp. z o.o., Applicant: KOLEKCJA Mebli KLOSE, Nowe MEBLE POLSKA 2O13

MYZONE telemetric pulse measure system Applicant: Star Fitness S.A. Poznań FIT-EXPO 2O13


Dendrolight – unique chamber panels, which guarantee lightness and stability of natural, solid wood and easy processing. The product is applicable at the production of doors, stairs, furniture, construction and decoration components. Cutting, machining, drilling, grinding can be made with the use of traditional tools. Veneering and laminating is possible by the use of all conventional gluing processes. A door plate or form are also ideal for lamination.

A symmetry of shapes, gently profile edges, smooth legs, and carved flower motives all make for the quintessence of the Lima bedroom. The collection details highlight the class of its finishing. Appropriately profiled and upholstered with leather, the bed’s headboard is exceptionally comfortable and the decorative sewing emphasizes its elegance. The furniture is made with the use of natural materials – solid wood, natural walnut wood veneers, and leather.

A decorative element of classical and modern interiors. The product is hand-made, based on the knowledge and long experience of the workers. The candles make a unique mood as well as emphasize the surrounding beauty and the magic of a moment.

MARBLE Candle LEDUC CHEMIE POLAND Ltd sp. z o.o., Duszna Górka HOME DECOR 2O13



Traditional Smoking Chamber Pek-Mont sp. z o.o., Bielsk PAKFOOD & POLAGRA TECH 2O13

An exceptional offer of a complex bar assembly. Even the boldest visions of architects and designers are possible thanks to the limitless possibilities of combining the modules, while the solutions worked out over the period of 2O years are a guarantee of the highest quality and functionality. The masterBAR system allows you to take an optimum advantage of the space designated for a bar and guarantees an attractive, modern look.

A modern device for preparing traditional smallgoods. What you get from the Traditional Smoking Chamber is an even coloring, no burns, and a natural look and taste. Burning chopped wood provides the only source of energy, and the process control makes the production cost-effective and economical. Another asset is its aesthetic look as well as operational convenience, which was achieved thanks to modern drivers.

B2 Europa System is an automatic line for paper lamination produced at ZFP Gdynia, under the D&K brand. It was designed for digital printers and small offset printers. It is fully automatic, and its construction is operator-friendly. The advantages of the device include pneumatically regulated rolls, energy-saving heating system, easy-to-ready operating touch screen, and rather small size. Another asset of the Europa System is its relatively low price.

An innovatory form, legally patented at Patents Office WU no.66298, which enables you to enjoy a book and its new functions. A book hangs on a wall, is framed and looks like a painting. The owner is the only one to know how to take it out to read and put it away again. The solution makes it possible to use it in many ways – it plays reading and decorative roles, thus making it possible to expose library rarities.

Satelite dish COR 9OO SA CORAB sp. z o.o., Olsztyn

Automatic, thermal line for paper lamination EUROPA SYSTEM ZFP Paper Foiling Works,Gdynia POLIGRAFIA 2O13

Book – picture Kurtiak and Ley Artistic Publishing EURO-REKLAMA 2O13

The dish is characterized by high quality and weather resistance, durable construction and reinforced clamp. Another asset is the fact that it is easy to assemble, has a durable construction and a long warranty. It is corrosion-proof owing to galvanized metal sheet painted with the use of modern technology of eco powder paint application. What draws attention is the wide AZ-EL adjustment range.


Female wallet with Swarovsky crystal CV24O Leather Fancy Goods Works ‘Stefania’ Kalisz

The CV24O model by Giovani is a unique combination of the best Italian leather with Swarovski’s crystals. The exceptional combination gives a unique character. Additionally, the wallet comes equipped with a badge with the logo of Giovani and a matching lining and a zipper.


The embroidery ornaments on the flap in the form of so-called ‘parzenica’, which is a heart-shaped decorative art referring to an ornamental symbol of Polish highlanders’ clothing and a thumb catch closure and the characteristic elements. The briefcase was made from high quality, traditionally tanned cowhide with the use of plant extracts only (ecologically), thus without polluting the environment. Such a tanning technology increases durability and quality parameters of the leather.

HAWANA Briefcase ORSO NERO Producer of Exclusive Leather Goods, Raba Wyżna POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR 2O13 (fall) POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 29

COMPETITIONS AND AWARDS AT THE FAIR DACHS SE – micro-cogenerator SenerTec Kraft – Warme – Energiesysteme GmbH, Germany Applicant: IZOLACJE Ltd., Miszewo POLEKO 2O13

Solar panels cleaning system iSolar Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co.KG, Germany Applicant: Kärcher Ltd., Kraków KOMTECHNIKA 2O13

DACHS cogenerator is a German compact energy block powered with natural gas, LPG, or oil. While heating facilities with the DACHS, you can simultaneously produce electricity with over 1OO% efficiency. The appliance is designed to operate continuously for a few dozen years at low service costs. It is a rentable alternative for gas boilers and renewable energy.

Dirt decreases the amount of light reaching solar panels, which, in the result, may lead to losing up to 2O% of their power. Kärcher created an innovative technology of cleaning solar panels with the use of high pressure systems taking advantage of iSolar brushes, low-alkaline formula RM99 as well as a mobile water softener WS. The technology facilitates efficient cleaning of large surfaces of solar panels in a short period of time. At the same time, it is safe for the panels.

The E-order organizer guarantees flexible mechanisms which lead to an increase in competitiveness as far as offering process are concerned. Regardless of its kind, be it a simple price inquiry or a complex union bid, the system will guide its user through all the stages thanks to the templates and work flow creator. Additionally, the built-in module of e-auctions as well as agreements management will provide a complete control of a contact selection and administration.

In-tend E-orders organizer (including a tender, agreement management, and online auctions module) In-tend Ltd, Great Britain GMINA 2O13

RAMZESS trailers come equipped with a chassis by KNOTT Company, zinc coated frame and the bodywork made of glass-polyester composite reinforced with plywood. The trailers have large doors and a system of handlebars with a partition. They offer a comfortable ride for two horses and horse riding accessories. Improved aerodynamics and composite bodywork guarantee great traction parameters.

Hose trolley DISCOVER 6O m ½” CELL-FAST sp. z o.o., Stalowa Wola GARDENIA 2O13

WebCemetery® PRESSTU PL. Marcin Kosicki, Wolsztyn SAKRALIA 2O13


RAMZESS Horse Trailers C3 sp. z o.o., Górki Wielkie CAVALIADA 2O13

The only trolley on the market which comes equipped with an adjustable handle, which is also an interlock preventing the trolley from falling over while unrolling the hose. Apart from its distinctive stylistics, the trolley was equipped with rubber handles which can be adjusted with regard to height, a foldable winding crank, foldable aluminum stand, aluminum pipes, as well as a few practical holders for storing the couplings and sprinklers.

A tool for administering cemeteries, which was approved of by curia authorities. Thanks to the experience of many priests, and parish priests, a system was created which is a solution for all cemetery managers. WebCemetery® makes it possible to work at many levels, enables controlling payments, stores grave keepers’ data as well as tombs’ photos. The system is integrated with a national search engine of the dead by WebCemetery®. It has security certificates.


New perspectives on foreign markets Polish companies searching for new target markets are beginning to enter more and more distant, yet providing more perspectives markets. The expansion is clearly visible in the data which show export on the increase. According to the Central Statistical Office, foreign sale rose by 5.6% from January to November 2O13, with exportation to developing markets rising by 15.5% and by nearly 8% to the Central and Eastern Europe. Which regions of the world will become the most attractive for Polish companies in the coming years? Experts forecast Africa; however, the other interesting countries include Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia, which are the gate to the ASEAN countries. Also, India is considered an attractive market. The Ministry of Economy has listed seven far-reaching markets, i.e. Canada, Brazil, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Mexico; that list is not closed.* Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is actively supporting Polish economy on foreign markets. In 2O13, MTP was the performer of General Promotion Program on the far-reaching Kazakh and Canadian markets. At the moment, MTP is carrying out activities for furniture and clothing industries as part of Branch Promotion Program. In the year 2O14, MTP is carrying out General Promotion Program of the Ministry of Economy on the Brazilian and Turkish markets which offer great perspectives, General Promotion Program of video games as well as it cooperates with governmental, non-governmental and branch organizations with regard to promotion on foreign markets. At an order of Agricultural Market Agency, MTP took part in preparing an economic mission of Polish agriculture and food branch entrepreneurs in Algeria as well as in preparing a national stand at DJAZAGRO fair

Underwear producers from the eastern Poland have presented their offer at Paris tradeshow of Salon International de la Lingerie. At an order of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the exposition of Polish companies was prepared by a Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie team in cooperation with IDEAEXPO.MTP

*Source: Rzeczpospolita (15 January), Monika Sajewicz

Furniture journalists and merchants from such countries as Germany, France, Ukraine, and Great Britain participated in the meetings with Polish producers during MEBLE POLSKA Fair as well as during visits at headquarters of Polish furniture companies. The events were organized as part of FURNITURE Branch Promotion Program



EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS WITH US Polish video games on foreign markets

Explore export possibilities to Brazil together with us

The video games market is an enormous branch of global economy, with global sale exceeding EUR 4O billion and one which is growing rapidly. By 2O15 sale value is predicted to reach 4O% and exceed EUR 6Ob.

Brazil is the greatest economy of Latin America and the fifth largest country in terms of its area and population globally. Brazil’s economy, 6th largest on the global scale, has increased by 2.7% over the recent years.

Polish companies are more and more important on this particular market, owing to worldwide successes of Polish video games producers. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie has been chosen to carry out the ministerial General Promotion Program of video games.

The country is inhabited by 192 million people. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie has been chosen to carry out the ministerial General Promotion Program on the far-reaching Brazilian market.

Schedule of the branch events: 22-24.O7.2O14 CASUAL CONECT Fair in San Francisco 31.O7-3.O8.2O14 CHINA JOY Fair in Shanghai 13-17.O8.2O14 GAMESCOM Fair in Cologne 24-26.1O.2O14 PGA (Poznań Game Arena) in Poznań 29-31.1O. 2O14 GAMES CONNECTION Conference in Paris The activities promoting Polish gaming branch will involve presentations of Polish products and games which will take place at the stands of Polish producers, an information and promotion stand, networking meetings, branch conferences, as well as an incoming mission of buyers and journalists from China, the USA, Germany and France.

The Polish stand at GAMES DEVELOPER CONFERENCE Fair in San Francisco attracted a lot of foreign players, who were willing to test the latest Polish games. Moreover, the networking meeting with Polish producers of games met with a huge interest. All the events were organized as part of General Promotion Program of video games industry


Schedule of fair events in Brazil: 12-14.O8.2O14 Naval Shore fair in Rio de Janeiro (shipyard industry) O6-O9.O9.2O14 Beauty Fair Sao Paulo (health, beauty, cosmetics branches) 15-18.O9.2O14 Rio Oil & Gas Expo in Rio de Janeiro (oil and gas industry) O5-O7.11.2O14 Negocios Nos Trilhos in Sao Paulo (railway industry) The exportation potential of Polish companies will be presented at an information and promotion stand. Moreover, a branch conference will be organized at every fair event; we would like to invite all Polish companies planning their visit to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro to contact and join conference participants. Apart from that, three incoming missions of Brazilian buyers of railway, shipyard, and cosmetics branches to Poland will be organized.

Polish export specialties of industrial devices were presented in Brazil at Forind-NE Fair in Recife at a branch conference as well as at the stand of the Ministry of Economy


Go Turkey – promotion of Polish companies At present, Turkey is the 17th largest global economy. By 2O18, it is predicted to be ranked 1Oth. The trade turnover with Poland today equals about EUR 5OO million. In terms of Poland’s trade partners, Turkey is ranked 2Oth (data from January to October 2O13). Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie has been chosen to carry out the ministerial General Promotion Program on the far-reaching Turkish market. Schedule of the fair in Turkey: 28.O8 – 2.O9.2O14 IZMIR INTERNATIONAL FAIR (multi branch industry) 11-14.O9.2O14 CBIT BILISIM EURASIA Fair in Istanbul (tele-information branch) Polish companies will have an opportunity to present their offer at an information and promotion stand. Additionally, a culinary show of the Polish cuisine and an IT branch conference will be held. Moreover, an incoming mission of Turkish buyers and journalists of the agriculture and food branches will be organized.

Complex support for Polish entrepreneurs on foreign markets The knowledge of branches and the specifics of international markets make it possible to offer the most effective form of presentation at foreign fair as well as optimum benefits while keeping reasonable costs. Therefore, exhibitors can count on professional assistance as far as marketing and technical aspects are concerned, as well as complex care while travelling and during the stay. MTP’s team for Organizing Fair Abroad takes responsibility for a full range of works connected with participation in the fair, ranging from filling in the application form, through adding a catalogue entry, hiring assisting staff such as hostesses, interpreters, photo and video services, organization of conferences and business meetings, up to assembling the stand according to the client’s needs and requirements together with additional fittings. The team also assists at accommodation and plane tickets bookings, organizing logistic and dispatch services, taking care of visa formalities. At a client’s request, the team organizes activities during the fair such as live cooking shows performed by Polish cooks, music and dance performances, fashion shows, and the like. Prior to departure, the team also organizes promotional and advertising materials. MTP’s Team for Organizing Fair Abroad remains at your disposal 24/7, passionately fulfilling every task. Companies interested in establishing cooperation on foreign markets are invited to visit our website and contact the Team of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie for Organizing Fair Abroad directly. Ewa Ostrowska tel. +48 61 869 2694 e-mail: Bartosz Dembiński tel. +48 61 869 2462 e-mail: Marta Torzewska tel. +48 61 869 2354 e-mail: Paweł Tomkowiak tel. +48 61 869 2671 e-mail: Anna Myślak Director of the Team for Organizing Fair Abroad tel. +48 61 869 2O95 e-mail:

Leaders of Poland’s transport and communication industry participated in EURASIA RAIL Fair in Istanbul as part of General Promotion Program on the Turkish market POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 33

IDEAEXPO.MTP IS: Guarantee of an optimised stand in the project-quality-price area, taking into account the specific character of the fair and trends in marketing communication


Comprehensive offer of stand development including logistics and promotion (advertising materials, events, sales promotion, outdoor advertising) Ready concepts of participation in the fair – not only for leaders Long-term offers for regular customers allowing the optimization of costs of participation in the fair On-site technical service Poland’s largest collection of furniture and modern accessories Customer service in all fair centres in Poland and on any fair event abroad Arrangement of non-standard space and handling such events as: sports contests, concerts, conferences, events, animal exhibitions, outdoor exhibitions Quality of cooperation guaranteed by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

IDEAEXPO.MTP ul. Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań tel.: +48 61 869 23 33,,


WE CAN BUILD ANYTHING anywhere you need

The fair period usually commenced with BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair, which was moved until the first half of March. On that account it might seem that the beginning of the year should be calmer. However, you could not be more mistaken; the moment the Christmas and New Year’s period came to its end, the teams of IDEAEXPO.MTP spread across Europe. The fairs in Berlin, Paris, Birmingham, Hannover and Nuremberg take place at nearly the same time. Thus, it is quite a challenge even for such an experienced team like IDEAEXPO.MTP to prepare a few dozen stands perfectly well. Additionally, the events held in Poland (Poznań, Lublin, or Warsaw) were equally demanding. Berlin’s Grüne Woche is one of the most important events around the world dedicated to food and agriculture management. The last edition was participated by nearly 1,6OO exhibitors from a few dozen countries, and the number of visitors exceeded 4OO thousand. Also, Polish companies and regions which consider Germany a natural target market for agricultural and food products because of its location and size are willing to participate in the fair. This year, the team of IDEAEXPO.MTP has constructed a part of Polish exposition, namely 7 stands for such voivoidships as Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), Lubuskie (Lubusz), Śląskie (Silesia), Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesia), Małopolskie (Lesser Poland), Łódzkie (Łódź), and Opolskie (Opole). The stands had a character associated with a typical open market with healthy and delicious Polish food, according to the slogan ‘Poland tastes good’. By the order of Book Institute, the team of IDEAEXPO.MTP prepared the Polish national stand for International Book Fair in London as well as 5Oth International Children Book Fair in Bologna in March and April. 2O publishers presented themselves at the library-like stand. The exposed products included latest publishings, books for children and youths awarded by the Polish IBBY Section, a selection of translations of Polish literature into foreign languages – the heritage of Translation Program ©POLAND as well as a special exhibition called ‘Polish modern classics’.

An interesting exposition of Polish companies was realized to meet the needs of the underwear fair in Paris (25-27 January 2O14). The stand was definitely more glamorous thanks to the golden lacy decorations covering black walls as well as crystal chandeliers, which both gave the effect of luring elegance. As many as 1O8 m2 facilitated the managing of the space so that it was possible to expose a lingerie collection of a few dozen exhibitors and to arrange a spacious place for business meetings. PAIiIZ was the organizer of the exposition. Polish furniture companies presented themselves from 19th to 27th January at INTERIORS Fair in Birmingham. Again, PAIiIZ was the organizer. The stand covering 168 m2 was arranged by Polish producers. The team of IDEAEXPO.MTP was also responsible for organizing an information stand for the Ministry of Economy as part of the Branch Promotion Program.

IDEAEXPO.MTP also carries out the orders of individual companies willing to present their exposition at a foreign fair. This year so far, the team has prepared a stand for DOMOTEX Fair in Hannover for the BKF Company, which is a new client in our portfolio, as well as for our permanent client MOTORTECH Company for BIOGAZ Fair in Nuremberg. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 35

FAIR SERVICES The tasks in Poland were equally interesting. It was a challenge for the IDEAEXPO.MTP team to prepare the space for CAVALIADA in Lublin and CAVALIADA in Warsaw, just like a number of various events at our home area in Poznań. CAVALIADA Warsaw took place at Torwar, whereas the Lublin edition took place on the grounds of Lublin Fair. A special parkur made with 95O tons of special base, more than 2OO horse box stalls, nearly 2OOO seats at the grandstand, a VIP lounge, rooms for the judges, a platform for media are all prepared especially for CAVALIADA. Also, quite a large area is designated to a warm up arena. Another area that is necessary is a stable divided into boxes. There are more than 1OO stands prepared for the fair accompanying the competition, where it is possible for horse riding enthusiasts to find everything they need to do this sport.

Ever since the beginning of the year, there has been a lot of buzz at Poznań fairgrounds. The first weekend of February saw the agricultural industry at POLAGRA-PREMIERY. Two weeks later, the whole Poznań fair area got filled with the exposition of MEBLE POLSKA (Furniture Fair) and HOME DECOR, presenting the offer of furniture and interior fittings branches, as well as RYBOMANIA Angling Fair. The break of the winter and spring was the time of signing contracts of the fashion industry at POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR and establishing new contacts at EDUCATION FAIR. Finally, there comes the season’s greatest – GARDENIA – which had been looked forward to by all the plant lovers awaiting spring time. After the busy beginning of the year, the fair events calendar went on rolling. Weekend events like MOTOR SHOW, TTM, AKTYWNI 5O+, LOOK, and BEAUTY VISION change one after another in the MTP’s calendar intermingling with two large fair blocks connected with construction industry, i.e. the March BUDMA Fair, and the April INSTALACJE. Organizing fair events at weekends is not only a favor for the all-week-long busy industries, but also a way of attracting crowds of visitors to the fairgrounds. For stand assembling companies, the accumulation of fair events has always been connected with a lot of work over a short period of time. It happens frequently that the assembly and disassembly times of various events intertwine with an ongoing event. The IDEAEXPO.MTP team did a great job with the February lot, having built 21OO stands covering the total of 36,OOO sq meters in the first quarter of 2O14 only! - As a team functioning within Poznań Fair, we are accustomed to being either just before fair events, or the fair events are taking place, or we are disassembling the exposition. The first quarter of 2O14 seems to prove the tendency 1OO%, summarizes Zbigniew Józefiok, Director of IDEAEXPO.MTP.

- While organizing an away event, a perfect knowledge of technical conditions of a particular building and the application of experience constitute the key to success. However, that is not only the question of the facilities themselves, but also the necessity to plan the logistics and find reliable partners. What also counts is harmony inside the team, which makes communication within possible almost non-verbally. There are always some concerns connected with editions happening for the first time; therefore, the ability to react quickly to unexpected events and take instant decisions is especially important, says Zbigniew Józefiok, Director of IDEAEXPO.MTP. 36 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

While taking a decision of cooperation with IDEAEXPO.MTP in Poznań, it is worth bearing in mind that each and every stand assembled by our team is commensurate with benefits for the exhibitors – namely saving time and money, as the offers of IDEAEXPO.MTP are prepared in such a way that permanent clients presenting themselves at a few fair events a year can benefit.

Check out what IDEAEXPO.MTP can build for you – scan the QR code.

p . w ww

l p . p t m cc.

CONGRESSES / CONCERTS / EVENTS / FAIR MTP Premises Best for Event Holding!

Record-breaking congress at the fair

The buiding complex of four halls of Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie (7, 7A, 8, 8A) connected with a ground level passage with the Earth Hall took first place in the competition MP Power Awards that honours the best event infrastructure in Poland. The MTP facility has been awarded in the "Multi Venue" category. Statuettes were presented during the MP Power Night gala on 25th April at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The award of the editorial staff was collected by the Chairman of the Board of Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie, Andrzej Byrt.

As many as 12,OOO dentists are likely to participate in the FDI Annual World Dental Congress, which is to take place on the grounds of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in 2O16. It is a great success that the MTP has been chosen for the venue of such a prestigious event, as it is not very common for such great and important meetings of medical industry to take place in Poland. The meeting, having a science and coaching character and yet being so popular in dental environment, may encompass as many as eight pavilions of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie.

During four days medics will be getting familiar with the most innovative treatment techniques, and novelties in terms of diagnosis and therapy. The conference will be accompanied by fair events as well as by a wide range of business, workshops and networking meetings. It took over one year to obtain the FDI congress. One of the crucial stages during negotiations was a study visit of three organizer representatives in last November. It was feasible to obtain such a prestigious partner and an exhibitor owing to joint forces of Polish Dental Association, EXACTUS Company as well as Poznań Congress Center. Additionally, there was a lot of support on the side of the city of Poznań to organize the event. The congress, held by FDI World Dental Federation, takes place in a different place every year. Among other venues, the events took place in Hong Kong, Dubai, Mexico City, Singapore, and Salvador so far. This fall, the congress is to take place in New Delhi. The main idea of MP Power Awards is to select and award venues that have the greatest potential for the organisation of professional events and conferences, and present the highest standards of cooperation with the event organisers. The "Multi Venue" category in which the Poznań "four-pack" has won refers to the venues that provide special opportunities of combining the organisation of various forms of meetings in one location. The complex of four MTP halls is a fully covered facility in the heart of which the spacious Linden Avenue planted with linden trees is located. Modern structure and the glass passage leading to the Earth Hall in the congress centre fulfil their purpose during the events of various types: from international conferences, through trade fairs, ending up with sports events and mega events for approximately 17 OOO people. Apart from MTP, also Palac Kultury i Nauki /The Palace of Culture and Science/ and Warsaw International Expocentre EXPO XXI were nominated to the award in the "Multi Venue" category. 38 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

CONGRESSES / CONCERTS / EVENTS / FAIR Summit of European People’s Party Leaders in Earth Hall Such topics as European Union’s challenges, coherence policy or energetic union were discussed by the leaders of European People’s Party, including also the Prime minister Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker, the Party’s candidate for the European Commission’s President, in the Earth Hall of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie on 25th April. Challenges facing the EU involving European Union spendings were discussed by regional and local leaders of EPP. The summit, which was participated by nearly 6OO people, focused in its first part on debating, among others, the EU budget and the Union’s coherence policy. The other part was devoted to youth labor and demographic challenges. The meeting was organized by the authorities of European People’s Party and the Civil Platform (PO).

Fair for the venturesome How to establish your own company step by step? Where to look for financing sources and partners for your business? How to write a business plan and make a successful advertising campaign? It was possible for young entrepreneurs to get answers to these as well as many other questions during Poznań Entrepreneurship Days that took place on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie on May 7th – 8th. Poznań Entrepreneurship Days (DPP) is a two-day-long festival for both small and big businesses. Organized for four years now, the event has become a permanent entry among the most important events in the city calendar. At the event, every potential businessman could find inspiration and an idea for their own company, as well as to find out about the formalities connected thereto. On the other hand, for all entrepreneurs whose position is well grounded, the DPP is a great venue to establish new and interesting business contacts, open themselves for cooperation with universities, or to take part in the discussion about development of the local economy. The entry to the fair and all the events accompanying the Poznań Entrepreneurship Days was free of charge. Poznań Entrepreneurship Days is an event which joined five well-grounded, prestigious events: - Business Services Fair (4th edition) - Economic Forum of the Metropolitan area of Poznań (7th edition) - Franchising Forum (3rd edition) - StartUp! Poznań (1st edition) - Competition for Poznań’s Leader of Entrepreneurship (11th edition)

Leaders in Congress Center

25 thousand fans at PYRKON

Over 5OO branch leaders, experts, and politicians participated in the prestigious, two-day-long ABSL conference, which took place in the Congress Center of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie on May 22nd – 23rd, 2O14. Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State of the USA as well as one of the most respectable persons of international politics, was the main guest of the event. The 5th edition of the conference of the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland is the most important event of the business service sector in Europe, whose main theme was the discussion about development and potential of Polish economy. With its slogan ‘Poland – taking on the world,’ the conference was also an opportunity to celebrate the 5th anniversary of ABSL, which has aimed to support investment attractiveness of Poland and development of modern business services ever since it started in 2OO9.

The participants of PYRKON, Europe’s biggest Fantasy Festival, took part in authorship meetings with recognized writers, board games tournaments, competitions, discussion panels devoted to the novelties of video games and films. The schedule of events was full of various meetings with excellent personas of fantasy and popular culture. PYRKON is an event which is organized by fans for fans, and every year its audience, people interested in the widely-understood fantasy, is getting bigger and bigger. Together with an increasing number of visitors after the 2O1O edition, the decision was taken to move it to Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Back then, the fair events were visited by 3 thousand people, in 2O12 the figure rose to nearly 6 thousand, in 2O13 it reached 12,3OO, and is still rising. It is estimated that this edition will see nearly 25 thousand enthusiasts of good fun!

The Association of Business Service Leaders is a leading organization representing the sector of modern business services in Poland. The ABSL associates common services, outsourcing business processes and IT outsourcing centers, research and development centers, as well as companies that support the sector development. At present, the ABSL associates about 1OO global investors including arvato Services, Capgemini, Carlsberg, Geoban, Google, HAYS, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Infosys, Jones Lang LaSalle, MAN, Procter & Gamble, PwC, Shell, Sony, Thomson Reuters, UBS and Xerox. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 39



2O14 2O14


O3.O6 - O6.O6 INNOVATIONS - TECHNOLOGIES - MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND), including: HAPE – Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives MACH - TOOL – Machine Tool Exhibition METALFORUM – Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry SURFEX – Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies TRANSPORTA WELDING RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY O3.O6 - O6.O6 FOCAST – Casting Forum 10) O2.O6 - 15.O6 ‘Competetive Poland 1989-2014’ Exhibition - The Event under patronage of President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski O7.O6 - O8.O6 Zielone Agro Show - Polskie Zboża – ODR Sielinko 23.O8 - 24.O8 Roltechnika – Agricultural Exhibition – Wilkowice near Leszno concurrently: Festival of Old Tractors 15) O2.O9 - O4.O9 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR NEXT SEASON – Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2O15 FAST FASHION – Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Autumn-Winter 2O14/2O15 BTS – Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods O4.O9 - O6.O9 EKO-LAS – Fair of Forestry, Wood Industry and Environmental Protection - Mostki near Świebodzin 11.O9 - 13.O9 CEDE – Central European Dental Exhibition 8) 16.O9 - 19.O9 DREMA – International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industrie FURNICA – International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production SOFAB – International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture 27.O9 - 3O.O9 TASTES OF REGIONS 9) 28.O9 - O2.1O POLAGRA - TECH – International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies, including: Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition (28.09 - 02.10) Food Processing Technologies Exhibition (29.09 – 02.10) 29.O9 - O2.1O POLAGRA - FOOD – International Trade Fair for Food POLAGRA GASTRO – International Trade Fair for Gastronomy INVEST HOTEL – Hotel Equipment Trade Fair TAROPAK – International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics 1O.1O - 12.1O POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR 12.1O XV POZNAŃ MARATHON 13) 14.10 – 16.10 GMINA – Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments INVESTFIELD – Property and Investment Exhibition DWORZEC – Local and Regional Public Transport Exhibition 14.1O - 17.1O POLEKO – International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection KOMTECHNIKA – International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies 15.1O - 16.1O GMINA Congress of Local Governments 11) 23.1O - 25.1O TOUR SALON – Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products 24.1O - 26.1O PGA – Entertainment and Multimedia Show 25.1O - 27.1O MUSIC LAB – Fair of Music, Stage and Lighting 25.1O - 26.1O HOBBY – Model Making and Games Exhibition AQUA&ZOO HAPPY BABY – Fair of Toys and Goods for Children 25.1O - 26.1O AGRO - PARK – Agricultural Fair - Lublin 16) O7.11 - O8.11 OPTYKA – Optical Exhibition 17) 26.11 - 29.11 STONE – Stone Industry Fair 26.11 - 28.11 SAKRALIA – Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items 28.11 - 3O.11 MEMENTO POZNAŃ – Funeral Fair 18) O5.12 - O7.12 Art & Craft Festival CAVALIADA – Horse-Riding Equipment Fair

17.O2 - 2O.O2 MEBLE POLSKA - Furniture Fair HOME DECOR - Interior Design Fair 17.O2 - 2O.O2 ARENA DESIGN 25.O2 - 27.O2 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories - Autumn/Winter 2O15/2O16 FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories - Spring/Summer 2O15 BTS - Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods 26.O2 - 28.O2 GARDENIA - Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair SPECIAL DAYS - Festive and Special Occasion Products Fair March CAVALIADA LUBLIN - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair March CAVALIADA WARSAW - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 1) 1O.O3 - 13.O3 BUDMA - International Construction and Architecture Fair CBS - Sports & Leisure Construction WINDOOR-TECH - Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for Window, Door, Gate and Facade Production GLASS - Glass Industry Fair 2O.O3 - 21.O3 Poznań Optical Exhibition 2) 2O.O3 - 22.O3 Education Fair School Equipment Exhibition Books for Children and Young People – 14th Poznań Fair Meetings 2O.O3 - 22.O3 RYBOMANIA - Angling Fair 25.O3 - 27.O3 SUBCONTRACTING - Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition 28.O3 - 29.O3 AKTYWNI 5O+ April DREMASILESIA - Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools - Katowice O9.O4 - 12.O4 MOTOR SHOW AIR PASSION 1O.O4 - 12.O4 POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO 18.O4 - 19.O4 LOOK - Hairdressing Forum BEAUTY VISION - Cosmetics Forum 21.O4 - 22.O4 DNI PRZEDSIĘBIORCZOŚCI POZNAŃ 3) Fair of Services for Business Poznań Metropolitan Economic Forum Start it UP! Poznań FRANCHISING FORUM - International Fair of Networking Systems 6) 21.O4 - 24.O4 POLIGRAFIA - International Fair of Printing Machines, Materials and Services REKLAMA36O O8.O5 - 1O.O5 National Breeding Animals Exhibition 4) 15.O5 - 17.O5 FIT-EXPO - Fitness & Sport Park 26.O5 - 28.O5 EXPOPOWER - Power Industry International Fair GREENPOWER - International Renewable Energy Fair 27.O5 - 29.O5 CHINA HOMELIFE FAIR POLAND 5)

Before deciding to participate in the fair, please check the dates of the events on

1) Co-organiser: Polish Equestrian Federation 2) Organiser: Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts - Poznań 3) Organiser: City Hall of Poznań 4) Co-organiser: Ministry of Agriculture and Runal Development 5) Organiser: Meorient International Exhibition 6) Co-organiser: Akademia Rozwoju Systemów Sieciowych Sp. z o.o. - Warsaw 8) Organiser: Exactus sp.j. 9) Co-organiser: Union of the Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland 10) Co-organiser: Centrum Polskiego Odlewnictwa 11) Co-organiser: Presspublica Sp z o.o. 13) Organiser: Poznań Sports and Recreation Centres 14) Organiser: EEPC INDIA (Engineering Export Promotion Council) 15) Organiser: Lipno Municipality 16) Co-organiser: Targi Lublin SA 17) Co-organiser: Chamber of Polish Optican 18) Co-organiser: Polish Funeral Association

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PMT I/2014 EN  

Stay up to date, read the most popular fair magazine in exhibition industry in Poland.

PMT I/2014 EN  

Stay up to date, read the most popular fair magazine in exhibition industry in Poland.