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Meadhbh Tobin


My name is Meadhbh Tobin, I am studying a bachelor of Digital Media majoring in Graphic Design. I am currently completing my second year of the degree, which I attend full-time. I am currently expressing myself in differing aspects of the course, areas such as graphic design, typography, web and advertising. Advertising is an aspect of the course that has piqued my interest and as such I am looking forward to learning more of this area, this is an area in which I feel I have a passion for. Advertising has my attention because I have become fascinated with the blend of colour, typography and branding in general. Even though I have learnt so much at my time at the university, I understand that there is so much more left for me to learn, as such I will endeavour to persist in learning as much as I can, by staying current with trends in the industry.

BRIEF ONE Choose your own adventure


Schedule Final Logo Design – 12th August 2013 Stationery and Menu – 19th August 2013 Signage and Product Design – 26th August 2013 Website Design/Concept – 30th August 2013 Functional Website 9th September 2013 • Branding: Letterhead, Business Card, Loyalty Card, • Signage, Apparel. • Multipage: Menu • Website: Design/Concept, Functional Website • Packaging

who are we? In a sentence... We are your local coffee shop whose aim is to provide you with the best coffee around. In a couple of words... Friendly, relaxed, fresh.

how we look. This is a guide to the basic elements that make up I love coffee. Have a read, it will help you to get to know us a little better.

our colours The colours of I love coffee are a very important part of the brand. It not only helps deliver recognition but a vibe. The brands corporate colours are Coffee love red, Sharp White and Bold Black. These colours are always used at their full opacity. This allows the brand to remain fresh, simple and clean. Avoid using bold black as a main colour or background colour. Alternatively use crisp emerald or sharp white.

Sharp White

Coffee Love Red

Spot colour White Process colour C0 : M0 : Y0 : K0 RGB colour R255 : G255 : B255 Hexadecimal #FFFFFF (websafe)

Spot colour Pantone P 61-16 C C26.89 : M100 : Y77.9 : K26.54 RGB colour R146 : G0 : B45 Hexadecimal #00A79D (websafe)

Bold Black Spot colour Black Process colour C0 : M0 : Y0 : K100 RGB colour R0 : G0 : B0 Hexadecimal #000000 (websafe)

our typeface Corporate Typeface: Print Clearly Most commonly used throughout I love coffee material. Used for legibility purposes. Good for body text.

Print Clearly Regular


Also, keeping the identity fresh, simple and clean.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv (.,:;?!£$&@*) 0123456789

Note: generally used for body text only.

bebas neue Regular

Coporate Typeface: Bebas Neue Most commonly used throughout I love coffee material. Used for headings and display text,


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv (.,:;?!£$&@*) 0123456789

our typeface Substitute Typeface: Corbel Corbel can be used as a replacement of Print Clearly. Although, it is highly reccomended that Print Clearly. is used. Substitute Typeface: Arial Arial can also be used as a replacement, again, Print Clearly. is much preferred. Substitute Typeface: Times New Roman Times New Roman can be used as a replacement for Print Clearly. It must only be used for fine point text.




ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv (.,:;?!£$&@*) 0123456789


Times New Roman


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv (.,:;?!£$&@*) 0123456789

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv (.,:;?!£$&@*) 0123456789

our logo 01 Text Logo (Standard logo) This logo is specifically used on solid colour backgrounds. Any forms, cards or letterheads must use this logo.


02 Graphic Logo This logo can be used on solid colours but is specifically for a graphic element background. This logo is placed on opposing colours. This logo is generally used for branding within other branded items. Both of these are available in a negative version. Note: these are the only colours that can be used for the logo. (Unless monotone) 03 Text/Graphic Logo This logo is specifically used on graphic element backgrounds. Generally used on posters and website.





our logo Logo Construction I love coffee logo is made up of personalised text and 2D circles. The text is always central when placed on the circle.




The placing of the text on the square is measured by the x height and width of the upper case ‘c’ of the corporate typeface. Refer to the diagram on the right.



1.5 C’s


2.5 C

our logo 01/ 02/03 Monotone Whenever either of the logo variations are monotone the entire brand application must be monotone aswell. The logo is never monotone by itself.




our logo


Logo Clearance Zone The logo clearance is measured by the x height and width of the upper case ‘c’ of the corporate typeface. You are to use this measure to determine the clearance zone around the logo. This diagram demonstrates how to work it all out.








our logo

Minimum Logo Size The minimum logo size is demonstrated on the right. The logo must never be used any smaller than specified.




our slogans The slogans are only ever used for promotion. They can be used on posters, apparel, signage and websites. But is never used on corporate stationery. It can be any of the brands corporate colours, although the opposing colour of the background has to be Coffee Love Red, Sharp White or a graphic background. The branding of posters also incorporate the third logo. This is demonstrated on the following applications.

Print Advertisement

our brand applications The corporate branding of our brand is very important, as we want to portray a very specific brand identity. Our brand is fresh, simple and clean. To do this, our branding is to be very strong but at the same time very simple and minimal. All of our branding consists of our three corporate colours, logo, graphic element and corporate typefaces. Stationery: Brand applied The corporate colours Coffee Love Red, Sharp White and Bold Black are all dominant through the branding of stationery. Although, black is to be used solely for text.

business card

loyalty card


our brand applications Beverage menu

breakfast menu


our brand applications


our brand applications



our website

a final thought. This is a guide to the basic elements that make up I love coffee. We ask that you use this as a guide to allow our brand to be strongly represented.

BRIEF TWo Advertising Drop One Product

What is reef savin’? A campaign which aims to drop the use of plastic bags. Focusing on the pollution in the ocean which affects marine life. It will connect with the target market emotionally with the benefit of saving marine life.

General Branding Logo Billboard Facebook Page

Instore Promotional Advertising Youtube Video Kids Interaction

Surf Competition Fundraiser Flyer Facebook Event Magazine Article

The Northern Red Sea 2013 All Women Stalk, viewed 19 September 2013, <>

PLASTIC BAGS Human Actions



The flow of rubbish 2012, Oceancrusaders,Worldwide, viewed 19 September 2013, <>


Ocean affects

Marine Life causes



Target Market PLastic Bags therefore



22-30 most likely

Female & MALE

who use

Moved out

MALE & female between 22-30 with an expendable income who shop a lot. I want to connect with the target market through beautiful images. But with contrasting text to make them feel guilty and give them the urge to make a difference.

Water Waves Seascapes 2012,Wallcg, viewed 25 September 2013, <>

Fundraiser The campaign will conduct a fundraiser to raise money for the marine life in rehabilitation.

It will be a Surf Competition Fundraiser. Featuring:

Clark Little Surf Photographer

Jack Johnson

Hawaiian Surfer/Musician

Bethany Hamilton Surfer/Shark Attack Survivor.

Surfs Up 2010, Soho Loft Gallery, Manhattan, viewed 25 September 2013, <>

Event Flyer


The event flyer has multiple uses. I can be used for as a letterbox drop, magazine advertisement, bus shelter advertisement and just stuck on a wall.

Image Courtesy of: Surf Bang

All money raised goes towards the rehabilitation of injured and dying marine life. Reef Savinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; aims to raise money and prevent plastic bags from destroying the marine life.

featuring Clark Little Jack Johnson Bethany Hamilton

SUNDAY 14th DEC 2014 Main Beach, SUrfers Paradise

Mocked up

Magazine Article


A magazine article for Reef Savinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is illustrated in the magazine Surfing World. The article aims to catch the attention of surfers who love the ocean. The article starts with an image of a professional surfer then emphasises a summer surf competition through big text.

SPREAD two The reader is then hooked by the two features and wants to know more. The article then leads to informing the reader about the event and informs them about the campaign. The campaign uses beautiful images to emotionally connect with the viewer, giving them the urge to participate.


This t-shirts are simple and just have the Reef Savinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; logo on them. These will be worn at the event by the staff and may be purchased at the end of the day.

Facebook Event This is a facebook page for the event, which basically informs the viewer about the event and other things going on with the campaign. To keep the viewer interested in the page, it will share things they may be interested in. Like surf videos, images and other news.

Instore Promo #1

This is a standing cut out, where kids or anyone interested can go behind and put their face through the image. This kind of advertising is mainly targeting children. Even though the target market is male and females between 22-30, they may have kids. The image of the turtle engages with the viewer emotionally. The text used makes them feel guilty. Then, offering a colouring in competiton if they return their plastic bags benefits them. This advertisement is focused around the instore promotion to collect plastic bags so they can be reused.

Image Courtesy of: Unesco

*Clean Up Australia: Plastic bag fact sheet


*Clean Up Australia: Plastic bag fact sheet

Image Courtesy of: Zonters

General Branding This advertising is very important and will definately catch the eye of a viewer. It is very important as those using a trolley will most likely use a lot of pages. Therefore, it will connect with them emotionally and make them think twice when they pack their bags, even if it makes them use less bags.

This is a general facebook page which speaks about Reef Savinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and will keep the target market upto date with what is new and how they can help.

WEBSITE The campaign webpage is very significant as it explains what the campaign is all about, where it began, about its events, store promotions.

BillBoard #1

SAY NO to PLASTIC BAGS Image Courtesy of Masa Ushioda/Aurora Photos


GS SAVE OUR MARINE LIFE Image Courtesy of iMax Melbourne

Mocked up The billboard advertisement quickly grabs the attention of the viewer as they drive past. It does this through the beautiful image of the marine life. It then forcefully tells them to say no to plastic bags, straight away the advertising engages with them emotionally. This is a general advertisement for the campaign and gives the viewer the erge to find out more at the website.




Websites: Albury Enviro Bags 2009, Albury Enviro Bags, Riverwood, NSW, viewed 25 September 2013, <> Clean Up Australia 2009, Clean Up Australia, NSW, viewed 18 September 2013, <> Images: Surf Bang 2013, Martin Paradisis, USA, viewed 10 October 2013, <> Mis Wallpapers 2013, Green Sea Turtle, viewed 15 October 2013, <> UNESCO 2013, Sea turtle, viewed 12 October 2013, <> Zonters 2013, Dolphin Underwater Photograph, viewed 2 October, <> Masa Ushioda/Aurora Photos 2013, Green sea turtle being cleaned, viewed 4 October 2013, <> Imax Melbourne 2013,The last reef, Melbourne, viewed 28 September 2013, <> All Women Stalk 2013,The Northern Red Sea, viewed 19 September 2013, <> Oceancrusaders 2012,The flow of rubbish,Worldwide, viewed 19 September 2013, <> Wallcg 2012,Water Waves Seascapes, viewed 25 September 2013, <> Soho Loft Gallery 2010, Surfs Up, Manhattan, viewed 25 September 2013, <>

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