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From the top of Telluride’s Gold Hill, your world is Unmatched • Over 300 acres of the best new terrain in North America • Expansive groomed runs, free gondola, no lift lines • Renowned ski school to lead the way • Historic mining town and European Mountain Village • World class lodging, dining, shopping and spas

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preview issue 2012


19 contents 14.publishers greeting Our inaugural issue! Meet the publisher


15. priorities

39. breckenridge distillery

the common spirit we all share.

bottling with the best

17. goggle insurance

45. nick devore

keeping that investment scratch-free

a rockin’ local aspen telemarker

19. telluride truism

59. mountain fashionistas

telling it like it is in telluride

mountain styles and trends

21. top apps

67. kemosabe sushi bar

what’s on your smart phone?

high altitude fresh fish

25. fall mountain biking

69. junk aspen

the north Fruita desert

apres and more while you reduce, reuse and recycle

33. transitions


CB mountain guides long for winter





77 contents 2


77. mountain man makeover

the transition from carharts to calvin klein

85. traveling for taverns

the cala inn

93. psyched for the season

need we say more?

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Crested butte mountain guides, 2 page spread





Last year was big at Winter Park Resort. Real big. If you didn’t make your way here, don’t despair. We get 300+ inches on average every year. Now’s the time to book your trip. Bring the family and explore our more than 3,000 acres of world-class terrain and consistently great snow. You’ll discover why we’re Colorado’s Favorite.® STAY FOR FOUR, PAY FOR THREE FROM $60 PP/PN 866.232.9402 | WINTERPARKRESORT.COM

publishers greeting

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celebrating the mountain lifestyle





Post Office Box 2680 Breckenridge, Colorado 8 0 4 2 4 w w w.r 2- mediagroup.c om

from holly’s desk

^ ^ ^

It always starts with an idea, and then it takes perseverance to see the idea through. I have lived here in the Colorado Rockies for 22 years. I am still not sure if I am a “local” but I have offspring who definitely are. One thing I do know is that I truly love our Colorado Mountain towns. Traveling to each area is always exciting. Our communities are all unique, shaped by the geography in which they are positioned. The flavor of each town is different too but the spirit and passion of the individuals residing here are all quite similar. We are mountain people, independent, lively and filled with a love for the environment and our recreation. We all persevere, doing what it takes to live at elevation because it is what we love. MTN Town Magazine is here to celebrate that. I hope you enjoy our Preview issue and the technology we use to share it. Maybe you will want to share it too! Holly Battista Publisher

on the cover On the Cover Photo: A Fall image of Crested Butte under the moonlight. Photographer: Xavier Fane,



It’s why we live here. Our passion for the majestic, blue bird skies, brisk autumn splendor and fluffy white flakes. Our sports, friends and family. It’s not about the car in our garage, the rings on our fingers or the size of our house. The Colorado Rocky Mountain high...




Innovation, its what keeps our world running and is often

the perfect fit and began manufacturing The Gheek.

created from necessity. Gheek goggle covers are super

Gheek goggle covers are a lightweight 2mm neoprene

functional, smart and fun. Today’s high tech goggles are

lens cover that clips onto a goggle’s straps. You literally

pricey and when making that type of investment they

clip one side of the cover onto the strap, pull the

need some major TLC.

Gheek cover over the face of the goggle and attach the

Brooks Detchon and Jenna McCrory hail from Driggs,

other Gheek clip on the opposite side. A high quality

Idaho and have put plenty of time on the hill. The

microfiber lens cloth is then pulled over the inside lens

concept began eight years ago when Brooks began

to protect it. Multifunctional, its safe for cleaning and

wearing a helmet. We all have different habits. Brooks

drying the lenses too.

is one who likes to keep his goggles on his helmet but

Simple, easy to use, functional and not pricey, especially

they kept getting scratched. After testing different ways

after paying $150+. This is good insurance!

to protect them he and his partner Jenna McCrory found

Contact them via their website





Telluride Truism

By: Gavin Anesty,

The winters bring you to Telluride and the summers make you stay – a truism of the box canyon. While the epic, steep skiing and fluffy powder entice all to make the move down to the San Juans, the mountain biking, camping and fly fishing prevent anyone from leaving. But, even with all of the warm weather and outdoor adventures that summer brings, nothing beats the winter. It’s no secret that we love skiing – I think we covered that with all of our posts and videos last winter. Whether it’s jumping in the terrain park, cruising around the resort or checking out the vast backcountry, Telluride kept us thoroughly 19

entertained throughout last year’s subpar snow season. So, with summer coming to a close, off season approaching fast and the mountains getting a sneak peak of what’s to come, we can think of only one thing to say: bring it on winter! Sure, summer in Telluride kicked ass, but participating in the Lunar Cup in July was by far one of the biggest highlights. It reignited our love for skiing, for epic powder days and frigid temperatures. And it’s only a matter of time before we get all of that again, plus some.


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To Ap




Top pps 4




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Fantastic Fall Mounta

North Fruita Desert


ain Biking

By: Kristin Lummis

Is there anywhere on earth where fall is not glorious? As the day grows shorter, the cool air clarifies the light, the outline of mountains against the horizon are ultra-sharp, colors are thrown into greater relief. And did I mention cool air? During the summer, mountain biking at the North Fruita Desert (also known as 18 Road) is too daunting. Unless you go really, really early in the morning, it’s too darn hot. Although some of the trails wind through pinion and juniper forest, those trees — while green — don’t offer much shade to anyone taller than a bobcat.

The Perfect Season For Desert Mountain Biking During the summer, mountain biking at the North Fruita Desert (also known as 18 Road) is too daunting. Unless you go really, really early in the morning, it’s too darn hot. Although some of the trails wind through pinion and juniper forest, those trees — while green — don’t offer much shade to anyone taller than a bobcat.


In the spring, the North Fruita Desert rocks. The campground at 18 Road is full, the trails are (mostly) dried out and, after a winter of suspended animation in your garage, your mountain bike is ready for some singletrack action. Of course, spring in the North Fruita Desert also means wind, snow, hail and rain. And did I mention wind? That leaves fall ... by the end of September, the aspens are golden in the mountains while the

changing cottonwoods and willows light up the valleys. Temperature swings in the desert are extreme. It may be near 80 during the day and near freezing at night. Layers are essential. The sky is deep blue and the stars multiply by the millions on clear nights. A full moon can provide enough light for a good hike, if not a safe bike ride.

Prime Cut: Check It Out First In my opinion, the best trail for families is Prime Cut. A single track trail which starts in open desert, Prime Cut soon winds riders among pinion and juniper trees as they approach the base of the Bookcliffs range. Prime Cut ascends gradually and gets progressively harder as you ride, with some up and down whoop-de-doos (is that a technical term?) and some rocky areas. But there is no exposure. Prime Cut ends near the campground and the beginning of several more difficult trails that climb into the Bookcliffs and traverse the base of the mountains, notably Zipity-Doo-Daa and Chutes and Ladders. Neither of these trails are easy, but they are mostly smooth and rewarding if you can take the climbs and the ripping descents (can you say “dismount?� I do).



Camping Information

When You Go…

The BLM operates a 30 site established campground with vault toilets in the area. According to a BLM ranger I met at 18 Road recently, the campground gets “more than full” in spring. Come fall, however, the pressure eases a bit as many families are busy with school activities. Camping is first come, first served and there is currently no fee to camp. If the campground is full, there are perimeter areas for undeveloped camping, provided you have a fire-pan and camp toilet.

Located 250 miles west of Denver along I-70, positioned itself over the past decade as a mountain biking mecca to rival Moab, Utah. An hour and a half closer to Denver than Moab, it makes for a perfect fall family getaway. The North Fruita Desert/18 Road area has the smoothest trails in the area (or a map, click here), as well as the most convenient camping.

The nearest groceries are in Fruita at City Market and the nearest showers are at the new Fruita Rec Center (phone 970858-0360) which has an indoor pool, water slide and hot tub, as well as basketball, a running track and weight room. And did I mention a hot tub? Admission is $6 for adults, $4 for kids. Looking for a bike shop? Visit Chris at Single Tracks just off Circle Park in Fruita.


While I hate to see the end of summer, I say bring it on. Yes, as a Brave Ski Mom, I’m all about winter, but I still want to relish each golden fall day.


© 2011, The Brave Ski Mom. All rights reserved. Republication, in part or entirety, requires a link back to this original post.

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Trans 33


Don’t get us wrong, we love winter as much as the next ski bum. I mean, once winter is on, like really, really on, we’re all about it. It’s the in-between part we struggle with. It’s the transition from fall to winter that’s so difficult. Trading in the long, warm, colorful days of autumn for the short, dark, bitter cold days of winter just feels so harsh.  Seriously, when was the last time you celebrated the end of daylight savings time? “Woohoo! It’s dark at 5pm now. Sweet!”

We grudgingly kiss our flip-flops goodbye while trying to recall where, exactly, we might have stashed our Sorrells for the summer. We trade in the lawn mower for the snow shovel, the chain lube for the ski wax, and the ball cap for the beanie. We’re in the midst of half-heartedly packing up the bikes, the climbing gear, and the trail running shoes when suddenly, without warning…we come across our climbing skins, our ski pack, and beacon.  Cool.  And there are our skis. Dang, these things could really use some love, might be time for a tune up. Oh yeah, and here are our goggles and ski poles!  I forgot this pole needs a new basket. And wait, what’s that? Why, it’s my backcountry ski pants with a petrified Clif Bar and $10 in the pocket that I must have forgotten about at the end of last ski season! AWESOME! And that’s all it takes to move through the transition and into the winter stoke… At CBMG we’ve been working on our own winter stoke. These early season ski pics should help inspire you to move through the fall to winter transition with a little more grace. Enjoy. ~ Tiffanie Simpson Photos By | Evan Ross


You know it’s shallow when you can still see the grass near Baldy Peak.

Powder conservation in the Anthracites. 35

****let it snow**

Early season leg-burner in North Pole Basin.

Photos By | Evan Ross

Doesn’t get much better than this... North Pole Basin.

Backcountry rider sighting in the Anthracites.

Cr estedBu t

teGuides.c om

To view Crested Butte Back Country Conditions... click here!


a youth development charity

C O U R A G E DISCIPLINE INTEGRITY W I S D O M C O M PA S S I O N inspiring youth to make positive decisions for healthy  and successful lives through winter and outdoor sports


d the lov





th e lo

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d  ve  




s •  




Breckenridge I was pretty excited when the invitation popped up on my email. The Breckenridge Distillery had put a call out that a Bottling Party was going down. It was a time to crank up the music, crack a beer and bottle the booze. It was the official call to bottle and I couldn’t resist checking out the experience! They were bottling up bourbon, vodka and a brandspanking new (but 3 month aged) dark spiced rum. The deal was pretty sweet, they were grabbing beer and dinner for all of us “volunteers” and after 4 hours of labor you walked away with a bottle of your choice, some new friends and a damn good time.


This was not toil, this was fun! Arriving at the Breckenridge Distillery the camaraderie amongst the group flowed like the whiskey itself. A few shots, I mean tastings we were well lubed and ready learn about the intricacies of bottling and labeling. Jordan Via, the Distilleries Master Distiller gave us an informative tour of the facility noting that they could have about 240 barrels in their facility but needed more room for their casks and are looking to expand. He then gave specific instruction on the machinery. Pallets of empty bottles were stacked 6 boxes high, the objective, they needed to be filled.   There was the station to remove the bottles from their cases; the bottle washing station, which if you made a mistake, well you got a face full of alcohol, tasty if you aimed properly but that usually was not the case; the filling station, the corking station and the labeling and re-boxing station. Love their labels, they have these cute little “lift tickets” that are attached to the bottles!


Just about everyone took a turn at each area. It was slightly amusing re-stacking the cases as there was a precise order to making the pallets fit perfectly. Rounds of shots were provided and the music was cranking. Some terrific bluegrass, very appropriate for the occasion. Everyone was happy and having one heck of a time.

I was invited to sneak away as Jordan wanted to show us the new batch of whiskey fresh out of the Copper distiller - 140 proof - hoo haa! The Breckenridge Distillery is billed as the world’s highest distillery and in its short time being open has amassed some incredible awards and


industry kudos. This past July their Breckenridge Bourbon was awarded a Gold Medal in the International Wine and Spirits Competition!!!!! Held in the UK, only three gold medals were awarded this past year. A  Silver Medal was taken home at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and accolades galore from industry leaders have been noted by the distillery. Heading to Breck? You should check them out: 1925 Airport Rd., Breckenridge, CO 80424 or The Tasting Room Located in the heart of Breckenridge on Main Street, across from the Breck Visitor’s Center and underneath Relish Restaurant. (970) 547-WSKY (9759) |





Aspen Local Color:


Nick DeVore

Progressive Telemark Skier Every year at this time the mountains are closed, and yet the snow still comes providing for pristine, untracked acres of powder. For many, this is the season they wait for, a time where they can enjoy skiing in the quiet of their beloved mountains without vying for their line. But with the snow comes drastically changing temperatures and the avalanche danger increases. Newspapers are ridden with reports of casualties occurring in the back country. I once had a love for skiing in the back country but peeps and shovels and what they represent petrify me more now that I have a family, as does the prospect of searching frantically for a friend buried in an avalanche. I will never feel equipped enough to save a friend, no matter what gear I am carrying. When I heard that Nick DeVore, one of Aspen’s beloved progressive telemark skiers, had been caught in an avalanche, I gave him a call. I

Nick DeVore ^^^ worked for Nick’s father, a National Geographic photographer, and I remembered Nick as a young energetic boy with tousled red hair and a whole lot of personality. I had been hearing a lot about Nick and his friends in these past few years, magnetic, big mountain skiers who have been getting after it. Having three boys of my own who are beginning to push their limits, I felt compelled to meet Nick, again, and get a better understanding of the passion that drives these dynamic skiers further and further into the wild. (video next page) Jillian Livingston, Aspen Real Life All photos provided by Nick DeVore


“Skiing is like my yoga.”

T he goa l of Ro ck y Mou nta in So da Compa ny i s to ma ke u n iq ue ta s t ing refer shment s of t he highes t q ua lit y. We u s e on ly pu re rea l b e et suga r g row n in t he Ro ck y Mou nta in s, a nd t he b es t money c a n buy. We brew each of ou r f lavor s in sma l l batches ever y b ot t le by ha nd. T he b enef it of ha nd craf t ing each f lavo ever y sip you enjoy.

e, a l l nat u ra l, g reat e Colorado water, nat u ra l f lavor ings a nd package or i s rea li ze d in




A- Basin Frisco Keystone Breckenridge

Frisco. The Center of it all.


Call: 800.424.1554 Click: Come By: Information Center, 300 Main St.

Your innerchild wants to inner tube.

F5 risco has a new year-round adventure park, with unique lanes of downhill fun including the dragon’s tail

and widow maker, a terrain park and over 45 km of snowshoe trails. It is a family adventure even your teenager will love. Call: Click: Come in:

800.424.1551 Visitor information center, 300 Main Street




Experience Aspen/Snowmass and its four amazing mountains and you will realize how vibrant winter can be. Community, culture and nature exist in perfect harmony. The heart of a city. The soul of a mountain town. This is Aspen/Snowmass.





Includes resort discount card + buy 4/get 5 on lift tickets, equipment rentals and group lessons when you book lodging by 01.27.2012. VALID FEB. 10 – MAR.15, 2012.


Style Notes for Mountain Divas I’ve heard that Americans are stereotypically recognizable when traveling abroad because of our style, or lack of: Jeans, sneakers, Columbia jacket, backpack. And in the case of older tourists: Khaki pleated shorts, and short-sleeved buttondown shirts. I fear that mountain locals suffer from a similar distinction. Walk into any bar on any mountain-town main street, and you’ll quickly be able to identify the locals. In the guys’ case, it’s because they’re sporting beards and in need of a haircut. (Don’t pretend to be offended, you all know this is true...I have to beg my own husband to clean up every once in awhile lest he look like he just wandered in from the woods.) In the case of us gals, it’s usually a bit less obvious, but we’re still discernable in jeans, T shirts, and fleece pull-overs. And while I get it – mountain wear must be functional and reliable – I’m here to say that it can be equal parts function and fashion. There are ways to look super-cute while keeping your toes and other extremities warm, all while forgoing fleece. (I will, however, permit the denim.) I recently had an opportunity to chat with Sandy, the owner of Valleygirl Boutique - one of the mountain’s most hip boutiques - and my mountain style icon. Here are some up-and-coming trends to see you through this winter season with warmth and style. Let’s start on the outside and work our way in, shall we?


I absolutely adore this fun and easy-going outer wear. Give your puffy coat the night off and toss one of these fabulously chunky pieces over anything – they’re easy to dress up for a holiday party with a leather skirt or dark denim, and just as easy to dress down for a casual girls night out with a T shirt and your favorite blue jeans.

For this next hot item, we’re throwing out the F word:


From sweaters trimmed in real, faux, or sheared, to vests made entirely from it, fur is hot. Literally, and figuratively. Nothing says mountain chic more than fur. Valleygirl specializes in rabbit and Mongolian sheep – so if you’re anti-fur, check out the sheep stuff. Like Mary Contrary’s, they’re just sheared. Personally, I love fur paired with denim. And speaking of denim...


Jean silouettes have gone the way of hemlines – there’s no right or wrong. Skinnies are still in, and designers are throwing in lots of stretch, so there’s a fit for every figure. And for all the BMWs (Bitchin’ Mountain Women) who remember the 70s...or those who are way to young but want to reinvent the decade...flares are back with a passion. Valleygirl’s favorites are the Level 99 stretchy flare and Rock Revival flare. According to Miss. Sandy, both are comfortable and sexy.


Moving to what’s underneath, let’s talk blouses.

Shirts & Blouses

Ladies, just because your employer gives you a bazillion shirts emblazoned with their logo does not mean you have to become a walking billboard when you’re off duty. Yes, yes, we know you want to be comfortable, but comfort can be just as easily done with a flowly little number over your favorite jeans. And then you don’t look like one of the guys in a boxy, unflattering T shirt. As for colors, leave black to the East Coast tourists and opt for something in cobalt blue or purple instead. Last but certainly not least, let’s rundown this season’s au current accessories:


The leather fringe on these suede bags is anything but hippie. With subtle details like studs and braided handles, they’re statement bags that avoid shouting. Soft, earthy colors will also distinguish you from Jersey Shore visitors sporting bright, pleather numbers. 62

And let’s not forget jewelry. Active mountain lifestyles usually lead us BMWs down the path of less is more, until less becomes none. But don just one of these styles from Druzy with a sweater and jeans and see if it doesn’t put a sashay in your step! Just like red lipstick – or, any lipstick for that matter – jewelry is under-worn here in our mountain towns. Pick one, pick all, but as you run about town shopping for the loved ones in your life this holiday season, treat yourself to something fabulous, too. Or at least add it to your Wish List and drop a not-so-subtle hint! I, for one, plan on rushing over to the Breck store to buy a poncho. And possibly a fur vest.


A very special thanks to Sandy and Valleygirl Boutique for supplying us with ideas and pictures. You can visit Valleygirl in three locations – Avon, Breckenridge, and Aspen. And if you don’t find yourself in one of those towns, shop online at

EAT click here for Colorado Mountain Town Restaurant listings and links


Kemosabe Sushi Bar No longer a side kick to that famous masked man, Kemosabe now stands on his own, Kemosabe Sushi Bar that is. Bob Starekow’s newest culinary epicenter has been open for the past two years and is an offshoot from a weekly Sushi Happy Hour that used to take place at his Silverheel’s Bar & Grill. I am always amazed at how tender and delicious all of his sushi is being so far from the sea. I personally feel it is one of the best places for sushi in our mountain towns.   The atmosphere of Kemosabe can be described as ‘mountain metro’. Sleek and Earthy with a citystyle not normally found in the area. The clearest HDTV sits centered above the bar. While we dined beautiful images from Planet Earth were showing with great background music. This place will get you ready to relax and dig in. A lengthy but not overwhelming menu of house specialties not found elsewhere whetted our appetite. My husband and I started with Chili Garlic Edamame. A unique spin on the traditional salted soybean, it offered a great spicy bite that kept you wanting more. Our sushi platter arrived. A work of art, it was so beautiful that you didn’t 67

want to ruin it. Hunger ruled and every piece and roll was devoured. Crunchy Shrimp Roll – beautiful presentation, tender warm rice and flavorful shrimp, cucumber, red onion, burdockroot, topped with tempura crunchies. The Lone Ranger -  hamachi, habanero cream cheese and avocado - Hot it was!!!The menu advised: You had better be serious. No refunds! My husband is a chili pepper junky and he gave it the two thumbs up – I did not partake, I went for Mr. Perfect instead. Salmon, daikon, burdock

root, cucumber topped with crab equaled delightful. The traditional California Roll was also ordered. Yes it’s basic, but a favorite of mine, and no mayonnaise in the crab made me happy. The yellow tail and octopus sashimi were fresh and tender. It was over the top delicious. Coming as a couple was a blast. I cannot wait to come back with a group. Two special Tatami rooms are available for private parties and feature traditional shoes off dining while sitting at low tables on comfy pillows.  I have always been a fan of Mr. Starekow’s establishments. Whether it was up in Wilderness, a catered wedding or Silverheel’s Bar & Grill in Frisco this man knows what people like. I give Kemosabe Sushi Bar “The Big SHOUT from the Mountain Tops!” Kemosabe is open daily 4 -10pm. They are located at 605 Main Street in Frisco, Colorado. Give a call for more information 970-668-2100 or visit their website at



PEN Color, texture and things yet to be discovered greeted us as we entered JUNK Aspen for a late night need of cocktails and a little food to pad the stomach. Funkadelic and Fun was what we got as Jefferson (their great bartender) served us concoctions from the bar and I eyeballed the urban décor that ranged from toy army soldiers, candies, Barbie Dolls, matchbox cars and more all held captive in separate wired glass panels below the bar. It was like a scavenger hunt from the seat of my barstool to which we could have created any sort of drinking game, think Eye Spy with my little eye… Even the menu was a visual mish mash of temptation. From Comfort Food, to Hot Dogs, to Asian inspired cart food, followed up with delicious desserts options, the process of selecting something was another extension of entertainment. 70


Every hue of color seems to grace this establishments space, from multi colored cup art at the entrance, recycled blue jeans upholstering the seats of the dining room (kind of like your butt sitting on someone’s old ass), crazy aluminum can art on the walls and even a multi-colored post tied with those long rubber balloons that clowns turn in to animals. Kinda’ thought that was appropriate for the bar area, it made for a rubber bumper that some poor inebriated fellow could bump into and bounce off. 72 73

The patio seating and fire pit too really made this a place you can put your feet up and relax after a day in the beautiful mountain town of Aspen. JUNK Aspen, you can find them on the corner of Hyman Avenue and Mill Street, adjacent to the pedestrian mall. Go! Have some fun, let me know what you think.

lunch dinner sundayaya daily happy hour brunch 700 YAMPA AVE, STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, SPRINGS CO 80487


156 DEF Society Dr • Lawson Hill in Telluride 970.728.5094 •

Our beer comes straight from Rocky Mountain snowmelt and is made from premium malts, hops, and yeasts that create rich aromas and smooth-tasting flavors. Please join us in celebrating the special spirit of Telluride from one of the highest microbreweries in the world. Brewery Open Monday - Saturday 12-7 & Sunday 4-7 Official Town Tasting Room Located at The Llama

The best places to get married... period.

Pick up a copy at any Barnes & Noble or view our online digital interactive magazine. View our extensive online resource of vendors covering all your favorite Rocky Mountain locations at


Mountain Man


three legitimate mountain men made over in their own elements: A fly fisherman, mountain biker/skier, and a kayaker. Images by: Kelli Hunt Photography

On Location: Winter Park Resort

Production: Rocky Mountain Bride

Profile: Freddy Mooney Age: 30 Profession: A former competitive freestyle skier for CU-Boulder, Freddy is now the Freestyle Ski Team Coach at Winter Park Resort & the Trestle Gravity Mountain Bike Park Coordinator Originally From: Killington, VT Status: Married


Duds: Kenneth Cole from head to toe Flowers: Pick Me! Floral Design, Winter Park Groomings: Kut Above Salon, Winter Park Beer: Cheeky Monk, Winter Park Resort Good Looks: His Mama & Papa!

Profile: George Sharpe Age: 36 Profession: George is the Winter Park Ski Resort Tour & Sales Manager. He also owns a dog named Jerry. Originally From: Connecticut Status: Also Married

Duds: Banana Republic including the fodora Flowers: Pick Me! Floral Design, Winter Park Groomings: Kut Above Salon, Winter Park Vistas: Lodge at Sunspot, Winter Park Resort


Profile: Bryan Grayson Age: 31 Profession: Bryan spends much of his time in Boulder working at Radar Eighty Web Marketing. Hey Bryan, can you help me with my SEO? Originally From: Columbus, Indiana


Duds: J.Crew from head to toe courtesy of Frisco Fun & Formal Wear - Frisco, CO Flowers: Pick Me! Floral Design, Winter Park Groomings: Kut Above Salon, Winter Park Leather Sofa: LIME Cantina, Winter Park Resort


Traveling for Taverns –

Images and Story By |

The Cala Inn near Keystone, CO the low down on just about every Inn and has the menu to match. of Single Malt Scotch and Irish w a great hideaway from the busie bartenders, Kathleen, Brandon o discover. Plenty of local knowled likely lives within a mile or two. C

Tips: try the daily specials, they a pm), expect families. Hit the dec Dillon CO -970.468.1899, or visit


– The Cala Inn, Keystone

Photo By |

| Ryan Whaley

O is one of those taverns that’s populated by locals and you can get ything going on in Summit County. The Cala considers itself a Celtic Food and drink are as diverse as the crowd with the largest selection whiskey in Summit County. Besides having a tasty menu, the Cala is er bars on Route 6. If you visit, you’ll most likely get one of three great or Christina. They all have their specialty, but I’ll leave that for you to dge in this bar; just ask because almost everyone around you most Check it out on Foursquare – guess who’s the mayor? 

are the best pub chips ever. If you show up durning dinnertime (5-7 ck on a sunny day. For more information visit them at 40 Cove Blvd, t us online at


Della Terra

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Matt Johns - Colorado Resident Loveland Ski Area Opening Day First Chair - October 14, 2011


psyched for the season!!

SO CLOSE TO HOME Near to the hearts and homes of generations of Colorado skiers and riders, Loveland is Colorado’s true winter wonderland. Just 12 miles east of Silverthorne, Loveland boasts remarkable terrain, an innovative lesson program and more snow than any Front Range or Summit County resort. Loveland is home for those who simply want to ski. This is Core Colorado. Welcome home.

because nothing else compares

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