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Ready everythingyou youare are&&aren’t aren’texpecting expecting Ready forfor everything Each pregnancy is different. To truly be prepared for everything, we have a team of

Each pregnancy is different. To truly be prepared forwith everything, we have team of specialists at Community Hospital who are ready the experience to ahandle specialists Community Hospital who are ready the experience to handle anythingatconfidently and compassionately. Thatwith is exactly how we became one of anything confidently and compassionately. That is exactly how we became one the leading facilities in NW Indiana for maternal and newborn care – deliveringof more the babies leadingeach facilities in NW Indiana for maternal and newborn care – delivering more year than any other hospital in our local area. Our in-house specialists babies each year thanand anyour other hospital in our local area. Our in-house are available 24/7 modern facility is newly built with comfort specialists are and available andfor our modern facility is newly safety24/7 in mind one purpose – to be readybuilt for with comfort you and yourpurpose baby need. andeverything safety in mind for one – to be ready for everything you and your baby need. 901 MacArthur Blvd. IN 46321 901Munster, MacArthur Blvd. 219 • 836 • 3477 or 866 • 836 • 3477

Munster, IN 46321 219 • 836 • 3477 or 866 • 836 • 3477

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happy mother’s day M is for the million things she gave me O means only that she’s growing old T is for the tears she shed to save me H is for her heart of purest gold E is for her eyes, with love-light shining R means right, and right she’ll always be MOTHER


Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating this joyful holiday! I wanted to share the above meaning of the word MOTHER because each line rings true to the way I feel about my own mom. I can’t even begin to count all the “million things” she has given to me. She has always been there when I didn’t even know I needed her, and has given me advice, when I didn’t even realize I needed it. Together we’ve shed a river tears, but it’s her amazing heart of gold that has guided us through the good, the bad and the ugly. She’s always looked upon me with loving eyes, and every year that goes by, I know my mom’s love for me will never falter. There is just something so special about a mother’s love – it’s something that can’t be explained and can’t be replicated. Every journey along the motherhood path is filled with twists and turns – all we can do is love unconditionally and take each moment in stride. I hope you all have a beautiful Mother’s Day and enjoy time with those who make you happiest – that’s what this day is all about! Take Care,


mom to mom: family health

Five Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician Sarah Lyons


After your baby is born, you will visit the pediatrician of-

Cover the basics

ten. In the first year, your baby will have seven well visits.

First you must compare your list of candidates with your

Studies show that first time parents may visit their child’s

insurance policy. “I look to see what providers are in our

pediatrician up to sixteen times before baby’s first birthday.

network then start looking for reviews of those doctors on-


line. I was able to find a doctor that was better than we ever

Your child’s doctor plays an important role in their life and,

expected.” says Stephanie Beaurdry, Texas mom of two.

therefore, you will need to find one that is a good fit for

Check if the doctor is certified by the American Board of Pe-

the parents and the child. It can be a challenging to find a

diatrics. This means the doctor has passed a specialized test

pediatrician that is right for your family. Here are some tips

in pediatrics. If you choose a family doctor, ask if the doctor

to get you started on your search:

is certified in the American Board of Family Medicine. Family doctors are trained to treat patients of all ages, including

Start with recommendations

children, but they do not have a specialty in pediatrics.

As a first time parent, or a family that has just relocated, it is

Next consider the basic office information that can be found

hard to know where to begin your search for a pediatrician.

online or with a quick phone call. What are the office hours?

“I asked other moms for recommendation. It’s a great way

Do they have walk in hours? Will the doctor visit the hospital

to see what names came up repeatedly.” says Cedar Rap-

where you will deliver your baby? What hospital will your

ids, Iowa mom, Jill Miller. Stacy Cook, nurse and mom of

child be admitted to if needed? Is the office location conve-

three suggests asking your OB GYN for a recommendation.

nient to your home, work, school, and daycare? Take these

“I figured if they were good enough for my doctor’s kids

things into consideration as you narrow down your list.

then they were good enough for mine.” Some parents, like Nathan and Wendy Hladky of Overland Park, KS, chose

Visit the office

the same primary care doctor for the whole family. “All four

To find out if you feel comfortable in the pedia-

of us use the same doctor. It is super convenient.” says Na-

trician’s office, you will have to take a tour.


Call the office and ask if they have times

Another great way to narrow your search in a new area is

set up for potential patients to come and

to call the local NICU and ask the nurses who they would

visit the office or if you would need to

recommend. “The nurses are more likely to give unbiased

make an appointment and ask if you

feedback.” says Rodganna Avery, mom of three.

can interview the doctor at the same time. Remember to ask if there is a charge for visiting. Verify with your

insurance company to see if the cost would be covered or if you would be responsible for the fees. When visiting the office be aware of what the overall environment feels like. Take into consideration if the office staff is courteous, polite, and willing to help. Is the office clean and inviting? Was parking convenient? Do they have separate sick and well waiting areas? Take these things into consideration in your decision. If you plan to visit more than one office, be sure to take notes for later consideration. Ask some questions After you have decided that the office environment is a good fit, you will need to interview the pediatrician. Pharmacists, Darcy and Phil King said “After collecting recommendations, I scoured their websites, set up appointments and interviewed them. After the visits, it was very clear which was a good fit.”

Start by asking how sick appointments work. How long would it take for a sick child to be seen? Is there a good chance the child will be seen by his own doctor? Do you have similar views on health and wellness such as circumcision, breastfeeding, and immunizations? It is also important to consider what your preferences are. “Do you want a doctor who offers choices and lets you decide which one words best for you? Or would you be more comfortable with one who gives a lot of directions?” ( Overall, does the doctor seem genuinely interested in your child or does he seem distracted or rushed? Take your overall impression into account when making your decision. Bedside Manner How the doctor interacts with your child will have a lot of impact on the decision to choose a pediatrician. Do you feel comfortable around the doctor? Does your child? Are they willing to take the time to listen to your questions and concerns? A good bedside manner can go a long way in making you and your child feel comfortable. Finding the right pediatrician can be overwhelming, but realize your decision does not have to be permanent. It’s important to recognize you are not stuck with your decision. You see your pediatrician a lot in those first months and if there is something really bothering you, it’s okay to switch.” says Becky Baldridge Olathe, KS mom. The parent’s goal is the same as the pediatrician, a happy and healthy child. When you find a doctor that is a good fit for your family, you can all

When is it time to find a new pediatrician? • If your child cries the whole time, that alone, is not cause to switch. However, if the doctor doesn’t seem to care or make an effort to soothe your child, you may have a problem. • If you’re unclear why a certain medication is prescribed or why a test is done. • If you can’t come to an agreement, or at least a middle ground, on most issues. • If the location and hours are no longer work for your family. • If the doctor often seems inaccessible when your child is sick. • If the doctor is making you feel bad or consistently reproaching you for parenting choices. • If you feel the doctor is not listening to your concerns. Before switching, discuss your concerns with the doctor. If a compromise cannot be made, it’s time to look elsewhere. Your child’s health is top priority.

work together to reach this goal. - mtm Sarah Lyons is a mother of six children, including 2-year-old triplets. With a full house, they visit the pediatrician very often.

Community HealthNet Health Centers providing comprehensive medical, dental, and behavioral health services

Check Your List…Health Screenings Save Lives CHN Locations: Main (Gary) Location Calumet High School (Gary) Location 1021 W. 5th Ave. 3900 Calhoun & Ridge Rd. Hammond Location 5927 Columbia Ave.

Merrillville Location 6100 Broadway

Miller (Gary) Location 1015 N. Shelby St.

Community HealthNet Health Centers Primary Care and Preventative Services:

Adult/Geriatric Medicine Behavioral Health EKG Testing Family Planning FREE Confidential HIV Testing, Counseling & Consultation Ø FREE Pregnancy Testing Ø Health & Nutrition Education Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø


Laboratory Testing & Evaluation OB/GYN Pediatrics/Adolescent Services Prenatal Care & Education School & Sports Physicals Substance Abuse Referrals Vision & Hearing Screening Dental (services by Kool Smiles)

Call 219.880.1190 to schedule an appointment


May 21, 2017 9am to 2 pm “One Day Only!”

Ultra Highland Plaza 8327 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, IN 46322

mom to mom: mom you should know

Katie Fugaj Nichole Odijk DeMario Becca Malmquist

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 10


Katie Fugaj knew she had a family history of breast cancer. She was consistent with her self-breast exams and preventative doctor’s visits. She says if the odds were stacked against her she was going to face the possibility head on. Despite her level of preparedness, the news that she had breast cancer still came at a gut-wrenching shock last fall. She was 30-years-old and had just had her second child only six months prior. She was still reeling from the unexpected loss of her brother in a car accident. Fugaj says while she worked through processing the news, her husband took the reins, getting her an appointment with the University of Chicago. “I went into shock. I couldn’t believe it. I felt too young,” Fugaj of St. John, Ind. says. “It was very comforting knowing my husband stayed positive and thought to get me the breast cancer team so we could focus on beating this.” She opted for a double mastectomy, followed by two rounds of chemotherapy. Her last treatment will be the day after Mother’s Day. “It was really small, but I wanted the most aggressive treatment,” Fugaj says after her doctors shared she was Stage 1 with a 1.1. cm mass. As a stay-at-home mother, she was accustomed to leading the charge of taking care of her family. After the mastectomy, she struggled both physically and emotionally knowing she would need to ask for help. “I’m not one to ask for anything. I had to learn this was not a sign of weakness. I couldn’t lift my girls, lay with them, cuddle with them or hold them. I had to have others help me,” she says as she fought back tears. Fugaj says her children gave her the strength to get out of bed in the morning even when chemotherapy drained every ounce of energy and brought on immense bouts of nausea. She says while the news rocked her to her core, she was especially in awe by the outpouring of love and support she received from her friends and family. In years past, she’s done various breast cancer walks for her grandmother and great aunt and now “Team Katie” was walking in her honor. “It’s humbling to see you have support no matter what,” she says. She says she recognizes fighting cancer is not a simple

battle, but has tried to keep a positive outlook and encourages others to do the same. “I know it’s not easy to stay positive or strong when we’re going through this. Try to live life to the fullest and take it day by day.” For those that may be putting off an appointment out of fear, procrastination or forgoing one’s health, Fugaj says to stop! “The results may not be what you want to hear. You don’t want to keep putting it off though. Listen to your body if you think something is wrong, find out sooner rather than later,” she encourages. Fugaj has made a valiant effort to encourage family and friends to stay on top of their breast exams at the very least. She says she was amazed to learn that many of her friends had never been taught or even told the importance of an at home exam. She says when her daughters are old enough to understand, she plans to explain to them what she experienced, their genetic level of risk and how they too can be cautious and proactive.

Extraordinary women’s care is now more convenient than ever! Innovative Women’s Health now offers five office locations, with Saturday appointments available in Hobart, Merrillville and Valparaiso!

New patients are welcome. Services include:


• Minimally invasive surgical options for all gynecological conditions • Menopause • High-risk pregnancies • Hormone therapy • Complete gynecological and obstetric care • Lactation consultation • Certified nurse midwives on staff

Hobart: 1400 S. Lake Park Ave., Suite 205 219-942-8620 Merrillville: 9235 Broadway 219-942-8620 Portage: Portage Health Center II 3545 Arbors Blvd., Suite A 219-759-6092 Valparaiso: Valparaiso Health Center 3800 St. Mary Dr., Suite 201 219-286-3775 Winfield: Winfield Family Health Center 10607 Randolph St., Suite C 219-663-1841

Fugaj is optimistic about the months to come. After her last chemotherapy treatment, she will continue to be monitored by her doctor every six months. Her family plans to celebrate with their annual trip to the Wisconsin Dells. “I’m excited and ready to be done. It’s been a long six months of recovery. I’m ready to get back to normal. To get healthy. To run around. To be healthy for my children,” she adds. - mtm

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation: Once a month perform a self-breast exam In the Shower

ly to flex your chest muscles. Left and right breasts will not

Using the pads of your fingers, move

exactly match—few women’s breasts do, so look for any

around your entire breast in a circu-

dimpling, puckering, or changes, particularly on one side.

lar pattern moving from the outside to the center, checking the entire breast

Lying Down

and armpit area. Check both breasts

When lying down, the breast tissue

each month feeling for any lump, thickening, or hardened

spreads out evenly along the chest

knot. Notice any changes and get lumps evaluated by your

wall. Place a pillow under your right

healthcare provider.

shoulder and your right arm behind your head. Using your left hand, move

In Front of a Mirror

the pads of your fingers around your right breast gently in

Visually inspect your breasts with your

small circular motions covering the entire breast area and

arms at your sides. Next, raise your


arms high overhead. Look for any changes in the contour,

Use light, medium, and firm pressure. Squeeze the nipple;

any swelling, or dimpling of the skin,

check for discharge and lumps. Repeat these steps for your

or changes in the nipples. Next, rest

left breast.

your palms on your hips and press firm-

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 16

National Women’s Health Month

MAY 1st – 31st Discounted Health Screenings Breast Exam Mammogram* Pap Test* Blood Test and Assessment Only $100 for Uninsured or High Deductible Patients • • • •

Insured Women (based on coverage) only pay co-pay. Additional cost reductions and payment arrangements may be made based on income.

Space is limited. For appointments call (888) 459-2349

LOCATIONS IN PORTAGE, CHESTERTON, LAKE STATION, MERRILLVILLE & HAMMOND *Pap Smears and Mammograms are ordered based on family history, age and recommended guidelines from the American Cancer Society and/or the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist. Pricing is for screening mammograms only, additional fees may apply if further Diagnostic testing is indicated. Limit of 200 mammograms and will be referred to our Lake Station site for testing. Appointments required.



Tuesday 1

Wednesday 2

Thursd 3

Indiana Dunes Festiva 6:00am to 8: *There is a fee to Indiana Dunes S



Mom and Me Mother’s Day Painting at Taltree Arboretum 2:00pm to 5:00pm $40 members $45 non-members



National Teacher Appreciation Day

Lunchtime Cabaret Series – Weaving Jazz and Folk Together at Memorial Opera House 1:00pm to 3:00pm $13 adults; $11 seniors




Mother’s Day

Forest Ridge Academy 8th Annual Golf Classic Mother’s Day at at Innsbrook Country Friendship Botanic Club Registration Starts Gardens in Michigan City at 10:30am 10:00am to 6:00pm



Indiana Composers Celebrate National Chamber Music Month Memorial Opera House Starts at 7:30pm

National Love a Tree Day




Tri Kappa’s T Valparaiso at th County Ex 5:30pm to 8: $35 tickets o $45 at the d

5th Annual Walk for Kailey at the Griffith Merrillville Airport $25 per person Children 4 and under are FREE


Memorial Day mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 18




mom to mom fun & games





s Birding Annual Mother & Son al Night at the Portage IMAX :00pm - $40 per couple for two o enter the tickets to Guardians of the State Park Galaxy 2, dinner, refillable pop and popcorn and 5x7 photo

Chocolate Walk in Downtown Valparaiso $22/ticket

5th Annual Walk for Kailey

Lake County Pet Expo Lake Co. Fairgrounds $5 for adults, 12 and under FREE

Kailey. This event, which will also include a silent auction,




Meet the Animals at Fair in the Air at Sunset Hill Farm 9:30am Fair Oaks Farm to 10:30am 10:00am to 4:00pm --------------------------- Three Little Birds Market Mother’s Day Celebration at Central Park Plaza in Valparaiso at Star Plaza Theatre 9:00am to 5:00pm Starts at 8:00pm

Fetching Market at St. Michael Parish in Schererville 10:00am to 6:00pm


Taste of he Porter xpo :00pm online door




spotlight events

Little Calumet River Paddle at West Beach in Gary Spring Out to Sunset Festival at Sunset Hill 12:00pm to 4:00pm $5 per ca


National Heat Awareness Day



Come out for a fun day of walking, shopping and more on Sunday, May 21, 2017 for the 5th Annual Walk for great food and airplane rides for $20 per person, will benefit the National Niemann-Pick Disease for research and a cure - 100% of all funds raised at the walk will be donated! The cost to participate in the walk is $25 per person. In February, 2013, Schererville resident Kailey Florkiewicz (now 13) was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Disease Type C, a rare, degenerative disease that affects mostly children. NPC is commonly referred to as pediatric Alzheimer’s because the symptoms and progression of the two are very similar, including: loss of muscle control, deterioration of speech, seizures and dementia, leading to neurological and intellectual decline. Currently there is no cure for this disease, and life expectancy is in the teens. For more information or to sign up for the walk, please visit

8th Annual Golf Classic and Helicopter Ball Drop On Monday, May 15 2017, Forest Ridge Academy will host its 8th Annual Golf Classic and Helicopter Ball Drop at Innsbrook Country Club in Merrillville, Indiana. Registration will begin at 10:30am and will be followed up with lunch. At 11:45am, the golf ball with drop and at noon the shotgun start will begin. A buffet dinner will conclude the event along with awards. Forest Ridge Academy is an independent school that provides a challenging curriculum for advanced learners in preschool through eighth grade, serving over twenty-two different communities. Forest Ridge offers a curriculum that is rich in content and concepts and features learning beyond textbooks. For more information, visit or call 219-7567300.- mtm

June 3rd


Insuring your life helps protect their future. Kyle Dempsey, Agent 6934 Indianapolis Blvd Hammond, IN 46324 Bus: 219-845-1571

It can also provide for today. I’ll show you how a life insurance policy with living benefits can help your family with both long-term and short-term needs. GET TO A BETTER STATE.Ž CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) Bloomington, IL 1203087.1

mindy’s menu

Grill out Mindy Gear

Cookout time! I’m so thrilled that beautiful weather is here (at least for today). Grilling is my favorite way to cook. Less cleanup and the food is so delicious! Here are a few of my favorite things to eat during the summer…

Grilled Chicken Barbecued food definitely rates highly at our house

BBQ Chicken Marinade


during the summer months. Here is a great BBQ mari-

• 1 Tbsp Yellow Mustard

Whisk ingredients together. Pour over chick-

nade and BBQ sauce for chicken. I recommend letting

• 3 cloves garlic, minced

en, cover and refrigerate several hours (best

the marinade sit overnight or all day. Then grill and

• 1 Tbsp crushed red pepper flakes

if left overnight). Grill until chicken is cooked

brush with sauce during last few minutes of cooking.

• 1 tsp cayenne pepper

thoroughly. Brush with BBQ sauce for the

Don’t let the homemade sauce frighten you off. You

• 1-1/2 Tbsp white sugar

last several minutes of cooking, if desired.

probably have most of the ingredients in your cup-

• 2 Tbsp paprika

board. It tastes so much better than store bought.

• 1 tsp onion powder • ½ cup balsamic vinegar (or vinegar of your choice) • ¾ cup canola oil • Salt and Pepper to taste

Smokey Spice Rub Don’t have time to marinate



something to grill? This rub

• 1 Tbsp of your favorite chili powder

is excellent. It goes well on

• 1 Tbsp ground black pepper

any meat or a small sprinkle

• 1 Tbsp garlic powder (not salt)

on veggies too!

• 2 Tbsp brown sugar (light)

• 1 Tbsp smoked sea salt or regular sea salt will work too • 2 Tbsp smoked paprika • 1 tsp cumin or adobo seasoning (optional) • 1 tsp cayenne pepper

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 22

Mix all of the ingredients together. Rub all sides generously and then brush with olive oil before grilling. We have used this all-purpose rub on chicken, steak and pork too.

homemade BBQ Sauce Ingredients


• 1 small onion, chopped

Cook onions and garlic in a drizzle of olive oil for 3-5

• 2-3 cloves garlic, minced

• 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce • ½ cup molasses

• 2 cups ketchup

• Salt/Pepper to taste

ing ingredients and let simmer at least 30 minutes.

• ½ cup water

• Cayenne pepper (optional, to taste)

Store leftover sauce in airtight container.

• 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

• 4 Tbsp Adobo sauce (optional) – This

• ¼ cup brown sugar

is the sauce from a can of chipotle pep-

• ½ cup vinegar (I used balsamic)

pers. Generally found in tiny cans in

• 1 Tbsp yellow mustard

Mexican food aisle. One can is plenty.

minutes over low heat, until translucent. Add remain-

Remove peppers and use the sauce.

Grilled Potatoes These potatoes are Ah-mazing! They are easier to handle on the grill when cooked on skewers and can easily be tossed in a bowl for serving. Cook them until they are nicely crispy on the outside. Boiling them first keeps the inside tender. If you are using the tiny potatoes, no need to cut them after boiling. They can easily be poked right onto the skewer. Ingredients


• Wooden kabob skewers about 8

Soak wooden skewers while preparing ingredients. Place whole, clean potatoes into pot and cover with

• 1 ½ pounds red potatoes, scrubbed

water. Bring to a boil, shut off burner, cover pan and allow potatoes to sit in water about 5 minutes.

• Olive oil

Drain potatoes and let cool. Place minced garlic cloves, and seasonings (salt, pepper, thyme, if using)

• Salt /pepper

in small pan with drizzle of olive oil. Saute on medium heat until garlic is translucent, approximately

• 4-5 cloves of garlic

2-3 minutes. Set pan aside for the end of grilling. Preheat grill to high heat. Cut in half or in quarters

• Dash of dried thyme

(depending on size of potato). Place on skewer and brush with olive oil. Once grill is ready, cook over direct heat for about 3 minutes per side and then move to indirect heat (grill shelf or unlit section of grill and cook about 8-10 minutes or until potatoes are to desired tenderness. During the last few minutes, brush with the garlic mixture.

Dijon Vinaigrette Dressing I enjoy homemade salad dressing. It is fun to experiment with different ingredients. Here is a favorite Dijon that I enjoy with a grilled chicken salad. Ingredients

• Salt/pepper to taste

• 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

• 4 Tbsp raw apple cider vinegar

• 3 Tbsp raw honey

• 1/3 cup olive oil

• 1 Tbsp lemon juice DIRECTIONS Whisk or shake ingredients together and serve over salad.

S’mores Popcorn Mix Who doesn’t love a good snack mix? It’s easy to make and typically a big hit. You can add more or less of the ingredients to your preference. Cover in lots of chocolate! Ingredients


• ½ cup un-popped popcorn kernels (popped in coconut oil or your choice of oil)

Pop the popcorn and salt. Spread on parchment or wax paper. Cool com-

• 2 cups mini marshmallows

1 tsp shortening to aide in melting). Drizzle over popcorn. Add marshmal-

• 4 cups golden grahams (or broken graham crackers, teddy grahams, etc)

lows and golden grahams immediately after drizzling the dark chocolate.

pletely. Melt the dark chocolate according to package in microwave (adding

• 1 cup dark or milk chocolate chips, divided • 1 cup white chocolate chips, divided

Melt the white chocolate according to directions (adding 1 tsp shortening to aide in melting). Drizzle over marshmallow and cereal mixture. Allow chocolate to dry and then break apart. Store in airtight container.

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 24

mom to mom: family fun

Disney Tips & Tricks Bonnie Robbins Provided


Planning a family vacation to the happiest place on earth can

Plan as far in advance as you can. Advance dining reservations

be overwhelming and stressful for first timers. With four theme

open up 180 days before your trip and some are full within

parks, two water parks, over 25 resorts, and Disney Springs- a

days (if not sooner). If you want that coveted reservation at Be

shopping and dining district, there are a lot of decisions to be

Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table, you should be ready to

made when planning your Disney vacation. As an agent, and

book as soon as your booking window opens. And remember,

avid Disney traveler, I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks to

just because you are booking your vacation six months or more

help your vacation go as smoothly as possible!

in advance, doesn’t mean you have to pay for it in advance. Packages can be booked with $200 down with final payment being due 30 days prior to travel.

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 26

Fast Passes are a MUST! Fast Passes are free to guests and allow you to skip the standby line. You can choose up to three Fast Passes in advance and once used, you’re free to make another selection at the park kiosk or from your mobile device. You can make your Fast Pass selections 60 days in advance if staying on Disney property. If you have big and little kids, check out the Rider Switch program. *Tip: Check each ride height requirements before making Fast Passes for the little ones. Take a break! If it’s your first time, you’re going to be tempted to squeeze in everything possible – DON’T. Full days at the parks are exhausting and a meltdown will likely ensue. My advice is to head back to the room in the afternoon to take a nap or enjoy the resort pool. Relax for a few hours and then head back to the parks in the evening for dinner or fireworks. Pack accordingly. Comfortable shoes are a must! You’re going to be walking 10+ miles a day, don’t let blisters from uncomfortable shoes slow you down. Quick rain showers are common so bring cheap ponchos from home; they cost 3x as much in the gift shops. Pack a few bottles of water to stay hydrated. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen! No need for a car. If you’re staying on Disney property, transportation to the parks and Disney Springs is complementary. If you’re flying, Disney’s Magical Express is a free service to and from Orlando International Airport.

plan to prepay for your meals and save some money. Watch for special promotions including room discounts and free dining. Use a Disney Vacation Planner. A Disney Vacation Planner can help you get the best deal on your Disney vacation as well as offer expert advise on every aspect of your trip. They are there to help you plan as much or as little as you would like. And the best part is - they are free to use! That’s it for my first timer tips! Disney trips take a lot of time and effort so I hope this is a good start to Purchase the Memory Maker. If you’re anything like me, you’re

planning a memorable vacation. - mtm

the one capturing the moments and not in any of the pictures. Let Disney’s photographers capture those moments with you in the picture! The Memory Maker even includes ride photos,

Bonnie Robbins is a mother of three and a Disney travel agent

magic shots, and video on a few select rides.

with Disney Wizards. Her hobbies include crafting, traveling, and anything Disney.

There is a Disney vacation to fit most budgets. Disney doesn’t have to be expensive. There are packages starting at around $2000 for a family of 4. You can even purchase the dining

your ad here

ask about our advertising specials

Bonnie Robbins

Disney Vacation Planner Phone: (219)707-6695 Email:

p: 219.973.5138 e:

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 28


MOMS MAKING Work from Home Earn Full or Part-time Income

Call me today: 219.405.4485


mom to mom: feature

profound repurpose Nichole Odijk DeMario Provided


Erin Arterburn of Crown Point, Ind. loved crafting,

ties started because of the popularity and demand for

more specifically repurposing furniture and painting

this kind of in-home party. My sister-in-law wanted one

signs. Word began spreading among her circle and

for her MOPs group and asked if I’d consider hosting

requests starting rolling in. When multiple orders start-

it for them…I was thrown right in and it snowballed

ed coming in daily, she knew she had to turn her hob-

from there.”

by into a business.

Party attendees select a sign online then she and her

The mother of two took tips and pointers from her moth-

husband get to work. Her husband cuts the wood for

er and sister who she says are “incredibly artistic” and

the signs and hand makes the frames. She creates the

with the support of her husband, family and friends,

designs and stencils to order. Then the party begins.

she was off and running with “Profound Repurpose.”

Arterburn walks party-goers through the step-by-step

“I have always needed a creative outlet, which is

process of placing the stencil, painting and putting on

why it all began as a hobby,” Arterburn says. “…My

the finishing touches. Signs range from $35 to $42 per

friends would ask me to paint them some things, and

person. She hopes to have larger design options in the

then your circle starts to get wider and wider. Word of

future. Custom orders range from $20 to $150 per

mouth is the way I grew into what I am today. My par-

piece. Hosts can make the party their own by serving

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 30

up appetizers and beverages. Guests have a finished

hope my children see we do all of it for them so that

product in less than an hour.

they can one day do that for their own families. I hope

“I want people to feel like thoughtfulness and care

they learn good work ethic.”

went into their product. I love getting notes and pic-

To the mothers and parents considering starting a busi-

tures from clients saying their piece is exactly what

ness, Arterburn says, “If you have the passion, don’t

they were looking for. I want them to feel like they

hesitate. Don’t look back later in life and wish you had

couldn’t have gotten it anywhere else,” Arterburn says.

taken that next step. Be passionate about your prod-

“[I love] interacting with people, other moms. I get to


paint some very special pieces that mean a lot to peo-

She says not to forget you’re human and mistakes may

ple. It makes me feel like I’m part of their story.”

happen along the path to entrepreneurship, but to see

As her business has grown, Arterburn says it’s been a

them as a learning experience.

great way to contribute to her family and set an exam-

To learn more visit:, facebook.

ple for her children.


“I want my kids to see it takes hard work to provide for

found_repurpose.- mtm

your family and it’s all worth it,” Arterburn says. “… I




mom to mom: health

Friends before dishonor Nichole Odijk DeMario Provided


This past April, the news of a Michigan 11-year-old boy’s suicide made national news. The middle schooler took his life after receiving a prank message indicating his girlfriend had committed suicide. The young boy’s story is just one of many tragic losses that occur every day. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among persons ages 10 to 14-years-old, the second among persons ages 15 to 34-years-old. In the United States, one suicide occurs every 13 minutes according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. For Jacob Bough of Gary, Ind. the Michigan boy’s story and those like his one are all too familiar. The 20-year-old volunteer firefighter not only experienced the loss of friends to suicide, but came close to taking his own life in January 2012. At the time, Bough was bullied by two former friends and classmates. The bullying continued for nearly a year before Bough hit his

Along with utilizing those tools, Bough says

breaking point. Bough’s


he wanted to do more not only for himself, but


for others.

Hunt says she saw the shift in her son’s happy go lucky personality. She says he slowly spiraled into a deeper depression; she knew she needed to act no matter how it pained her. She made the decision to admit her son to a local inpatient behavioral health facility. “It was heartbreaking. From the time I picked him up from school to the time I drove him to the hospital through registration I didn’t stop crying,” Hunt says. “He was looking at me like, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.’” Hunt says she felt like she had exhausted all options and resources up to that point. She says the extreme measure provided Bough with the tools he needed to cope.

“I’ve realized I’m on this Earth for other people,” Bough says. While still in high school, he created a group called Friends Before Dishonor. The group fizzled out up until recently when Bough decided to attempt to get started again in honor of a friend. “We wanted people to understand there is someone out there feeling the same pain. You are not alone. You are loved,” Bough says. Together with Zack Brouwer and Savior Swiatkowski, the group started back up in the hopes of being a resource for

mom to mom nwi | may 2017 | page 32

70 individuals. Their next focus is arranging speaking engagements with area schools and youth groups. They’re raising funds and participating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walk in Chesterton, Ind. in September. “We’re not only here to help those suffering, but to push them and help them find their muse. We want them to find their release from the world,” Bough says. “Everyone in the group has found their purpose to help others.” Bough suffered from depression. One in five Americans will be affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime according to the National Alliance on Mental Health. May is Mental Health Month. Franciscan Alliance cites suffering from depression or another mental health condition does not mean someone will have suicidal tendencies, regardless it needs to be addressed no matter the stigma. The NAMH states 41-percent of adults in the United States youth. They have nearly 30 volunteers. Along with their support efforts, they also focus on spreading happiness through various activities such as providing clothing and food to the homeless. In their most recent drive, they clothed more than

with a mental health condition received mental health services in the past year. Hunt says she’s witnessed not only the aftermath of her son trying to help others pick up the pieces of their lives, but

you can talk to me, I love you, but it wasn’t enough. I had to do something.” Every year, Bough, his family and friends celebrate that day. He thanks all of those that supported him. Hunt encourages people not chalk something up to just a cry for help. She says to work through every resource until you find the right solution for your child, your loved one or yourself. She adds, “Question everything. If your gut feeling is telling you they’re not right, they’re not right. Don’t give up.” To connect with Friends Before Dishonor, find them on Facebook. Bough says if you’re in need of support, send a private message and someone from the group will contact you directly. If you, or someone you know, needs immediate support call 1-800-273-8255.

also work through the pain of losing friend after friend to suicide or tragedy. She says she refused to lose her son and wouldn’t stop fighting to get him healthy. “[Committing him] was the worst feeling in the world, but the alternative would have been worse. I didn’t think my son would hurt himself, but I wasn’t sure,” Hunt says. “I told him

BE PART OF THE CONVERSATION: The novel and Netflix original, “13 Reasons Why” is buzzing. The storyline tells of a young girl who committed suicide and leaves behind cassette tapes to tell the reasons she decided to end her life. It’s gone viral and has people talking. Be part of the conversation. - mtm

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Reasons to Visit Fort Wayne, Indiana This Summer


The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has been named “one of the top ten in the nation!” See for yourself, as you pet a stingray, feed a giraffe, ride a skyride, enjoy a log ride, and so much more!


Headwaters Park is downtown’s festival park, and it is alive with music, food and drink every weekend all summer long. Check out for a list of great events going on during your visit!


Play ball! The Fort Wayne TinCaps play baseball in an awesome downtown stadium, where BIG FUN is priority #1 and seats start at just $5!


Explore Fort Wayne’s 91 miles of trails that take you to parks, festivals, attractions, splash pads and more! Our trails wrap around our three rivers and we invite you to explore them by foot, segways, bikes, pedal pubs and even kayaks! (We rent them all, or you can bring your own!)

Get away to Fort Wayne and discover countless ways to enjoy your family this summer!


Fort Wayne is also home to over a dozen splashpads and spraygrounds where you can cool off and have fun!


Science on a Sphere is changing the shape of learning at Science Central, Fort Wayne’s children’s science museum! You’ll also want to check out the ever-changing exhibits at the Botanical Conservatory, Museum of Art and History Center!


Eat at national favorites or discover a home-grown original. Fort Wayne is home to new gastro pubs, food trucks, burger bars and so much more!


Fort Wayne is growing our reputation as a “Music City of the Midwest.” From Sweetwater’s Gearfest, to over 20 great music events between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we’re a music-lovers destination!


Fort Wayne offers over 50 great places to relax, refresh and recharge. Choose a hotel with a pool, free hot breakfast, or extra room for the kids.

10 You can do it all for less! To find itinerary suggestions, hotel packages, coupons, contests and more contact Visit Fort Wayne at 1-800-767-7752 or visit

play fort in the

You'll love family getaways in Fort Wayne, Indiana! Explore Indiana’s second-largest city this summer, and discover a heart-warming family escape!

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