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Welcome to Mandarin! Mandarin ‘Market and Area Intelligence’ is a unique product. We have developed and refined it over 15 years, and it is the only catchment analysis package available that is fully tailored to meet the needs of UK independent fee and non fee paying schools. schools We understand that these are challenging times for many schools. Recession, falling affordability and a highly competitive market place have made it more important than ever for schools to engage in sound and appropriate marketing. marketing The first step in this marketing is understanding your current position. This can then inform future options and decisions. •

Understanding the type of families your pupils come from: their lifestyle, their incomes, their locations

Understanding exactly how many potential pupils – in families that can afford to and are likely to buy independent education – live within commuting distance of your school

Understanding the areas in which you should focus your marketing (through advertising, building relationships and mailings) and which areas are likely to eat away at your valuable marketing budget

Understanding how your school school’s s market will change in the future

Understanding the likely influence of your competitors

Mandarin can help you do all this and more. Take a look at some of the maps over the pages that follow. Bespoke versions of these maps could inform your school’s strategy and day-to-day activities, and then why not get in touch with us to find out more.  |  | 01502 722787  |

Map 1: Current pupils and drivetimes

Map 1 shows your senior / junior / boarding pupils around your school with rush‐hour drivetime contours overlaid.   On this example note the relatively low numbers of pupils recruited from the South of the school.  |  | 01502 722787  |

Map 2: Your catchment

In map 2 we present your realistic catchment area, based on your current pupil drivetimes but also taking into account benchmarks from  other schools.   The catchment areas represent the optimum areas for focussing your marketing and recruitment activity.  |  | 01502 722787  |

Map 3: Lifestyles

Map 3 shows the key lifestyles within each group of around 200 households, for example. We use the ACORN classification system. As we  have profiled your current families, we can used this to map to help identify where families with similar lifestyles live.  |  | 01502 722787  |

Map 4: Estimated pupils in independent education

Using a combination of lifestyle, income, ONS population data and our wealth of experience, we can estimate the number of pupils likely to  attend independent schools. We use a variation on this technique to suit other education sectors.  |  | 01502 722787  |

Map 5: Influence of competitors

Most schools know some of their competitors, but understanding their combined influence in your area is a little trickier. This map shows  how competitor catchment areas overlap, with darker shades of grey reflecting more intense areas of independent school competition. We  use a similar technique for other education sectors.  |  | 01502 722787  |

Map 6: Projected population change

For planning and marketing activity, knowing what will happen in your market in future is key. In this map we show child population change  among 0‐10 year olds, although we can show any age range. Areas of growth are marked green, with decline in pink and red. We can offer  projections for the next five and ten years.  |  | 01502 722787  |

What can you do with Mandarin? These maps show just a fragment of Mandarin’s potential. Some activities that every school should use Mandarin for are shown below. All schools can benefit data generated by Mandarin, using it to: Cultivate your catchment area With independent pupil rolls falling nationally it is more important than ever to exploit the potential that exists in your catchment area. Mandarin will help now with these powerful features… •

Target g Count – we will tell y you the number of children by y age g group g p in households that can afford your y fees

Street View – we will show you the precise streets on which these households are concentrated

Big Map – you can browse all this detail on a laminated wall map measuring nearly four feet wide and three feet high

Implement tactics straight away The results of your Mandarin study will enable you to sharpen your marketing tactics and exploit your catchment more intensively. It will help you to… •

Identify the best feeder schools and areas

Advertise and direct mail in the most receptive places and hire the right local venues for roadshows

Focus on areas that your competitors are less likely to recruit from successfully

Understand where parents who require different marketing messages live and change your pitch according to the source of the enquiry

Insights g for strategic g p planning g Mandarin is also invaluable for long-term strategic planning, allowing you to… •

Forecast changes in your school’s potential market size to 2015 and 2020

Consider if the structure of your school is still the right one

Optimise any bus routes you operate to better penetrate the areas of high potential  |  | 01502 722787  |

Want to know how Mandarin can help your school? Contact C t t mtmconsulting t lti on 01502 722787 today! Portland House l 43 High Street l Southwold l Suffolk l IP18 6AB l T 01502 722787 l F 01502 722305 l MTMCONSULTING LIMITED is registered in England and Wales l Company number 5464490  |  | 01502 722787  |

Mandarin Sample Maps 2011  

Sample maps from mtm's Mandarin Catchment Area Analysis

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