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Dear Alumni and Friends:

As we move into the future, one of our main goals is for alumni to know they are the heart of their alma mater. We will continue to create new opportunities for students, but we cannot forget about and we must celebrate the impact each of you made when you were here and continue to make in the world today. You established traditions, legacies and memories that continue to thrust the school forward. Our goal is to create an invigorating alumni council and establish alumni chapters in several locations around the country. We want to hear your stories and connect you to our current students. Please stop by our offices in lower Roncalli anytime where we have the new Heart of Mount Marty Hallway. We invite you to sign your name on the wall and leave your mark there. We are also in the process of creating a scrapbook from every year that every school has been in session, from the model school (1st-4th grades), to Mount Marty High School, to the Sacred Heart Schools of Nursing and Nurse Anesthesia, to Mount Marty College. The books each show life in the past, but we also keep your current biography and photos in them as well.

The Alumni Publication of Mount Marty College

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As one of the newest members of the Mount Marty College family I am humbled to be writing this letter greeting each of you. I’m sure you are all aware of how special the schools are that were established by the Benedictine Sisters. It has been fun for me to learn how vast their impact has been. As the college has been celebrating the 75th anniversary this past year, and as we have been digging into the history-- creating scrapbooks and visiting with hundreds of alumni all over, the only word I can use to describe the impact of these schools is, “WOW!” God has certainly blessed the efforts of the Benedictine Sisters through the years in sponsoring educational opportunities.

Update Spring/Summer 2012 Edition Update, a Mount Marty College Alumni publication, is published two times a year to share information and updates on alumni, programs, activities and needs of the college. Send class notes and information updates to: Mount Marty College Office of Advancement 1105 W. 8th St., Yankton, SD 57078 Phone: 605-668-1542 Fax: 605-668-1240 e-mail:

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I look forward to meeting you. Please join me in praying in thanksgiving for the past and for blessings on our future!

Email us at


In Christ,

Barb Rezac Chief Advancement Officer

The Newsboys came to The Mount and put on the largest concert MMC has ever seen. The sold out show is planned to be the first of many concerts brought to the MMC See page 12 for the full story.

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Hole in One



Bob Tereshinski congratulates his former MMC baseball player, Hole in One Ace, and winner of Jeep Compass, Jeremy Grady.

Mount Marty College held their 28th annual golf classic May 16, 2012 at Hillcrest Country Club in Yankton, SD. Over 33 teams participated and beautiful weather set the stage for a great day of golf. The day was made even more complete when one of the tournament participants aced Hole #6, a par 3. Jeremy Grady, of Salem, SD, and a 1998 MMC graduate, used a 5 iron to score his first ever hole in one. Not only was it his first hole in one, but it just so happened it was on the hole that a brand new car stood as a prize. With the chances of doing that exact feat at 12,500 to 1 odds, Grady drove away a winner. He will also go down in the record books at MMC for being the golf classic’s first ever hole in one and only winner of the classic’s car prize. MMC Golf Classic organizer and Director of Annual Giving, Shannon Viereck, is excited with Grady’s success. “To have a player score a hole in one in the tournament is one thing, and then to have that exact hole be the car giveaway prize is even better. In the classic’s 28 year history, we’ve never had anyone win the car prize. It was fantastic to see and the celebration was so memorable.” The hole in one prize was sponsored by Broadway Chrysler of Yankton and Grady received a 2012 Jeep Compass.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012


Theatre Concludes Busy, Notable Year Not only did the MMC Theatre department start out the fall schedule with a hands down success in ONCE UPON A MATTRESS, but the department also saw regional recognition for costume design and individual actor achievement. Costumes from the fall Mount Marty College musical, ONCE UPON A MATTRESS, were featured at the Region V Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) held January 16-21 in Ames, Iowa. The costumes, designed by MMC Adjunct Instructor/ Costume Designer Keryl Brady, appeared on stage at the Costume Parade on the Iowa State University campus.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012

Andrew Henrickson, Division Chair of Arts & Humanities and the Director of Theatre at Mount Marty College said, “It is so rewarding for everyone that worked on this project to be recognized like this. There were a lot of hours that were put in to get this result.” Nearly 1000 hours were clocked by Ms. Brady and her crew of students to build the costumes for the November musical. “This regional recognition gives accolades to the quality department we have here at MMC,” continued Henrickson, “and with our student participation it’s an attribute we hope to continue building on.” Also at the KCACTF, two Mount Marty College student

Watch the MMC calendar at for the 2012-2013 theatre schedule!

actors advanced to the semi-final round. Out of nearly 300 actors representing colleges and universities from the region (SD, ND, NE, IA, MN, KS), 64 were selected to advance to the semi-final round of the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship competition. Lisa Keogh (Stuart, Neb) and her acting partner Steven Hoff (Omaha, Neb) presented a 3-minute scene from David Lindsay-Abaire’s, “Rabbit Hole”, in the preliminary round. This is the first acting pair from the MMC theatre department to advance to the semi-finals since the college began participating in the festival in 2005. Acting coach and director of theatre, Andy Henrickson, was ecstatic about the success, “My hope has always been for our students to reach this level of accomplishment, and I am extremely proud of Lisa and Steven and the effort they have put into the competition. This is exciting news for the department, and I trust future actors from the program will embrace

opportunities such as this to showcase their talent.” The National Players were again on campus April 1617 to perform William Shakespeare’s TAMING OF THE SHREW and John Steinbeck’s OF MICE AND MEN, giving area high school groups and the MMC community alike a great performance. This year’s performances marked over forty years that the group has been returning to MMC. A new play also saw its first American production by Mount Marty College Theatre March 1-3. REMEMBER, MAGGY?, written by the mother/son duo Carol Anne Murray and Matt Murray, it follows the complex relationship of two forty-something sisters; one a quintessential housewife and the other an alcoholic actress. Their battle to stay connected over a five-year span is complicated by the progression of their mother’s Alzheimer’s disease.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012


Alumni Spotlight This issue’s Alumni Spotlight highlights three past MMC students who have gone on to other areas of the country, but still remember ‘The Mount’ as one of their homes. Meet TC Conlon, Kara Moriorty, and Gayle Small.


T.C. Conlon Mount Marty College Alum Class of: 2007 Major (Double): Religious Studies/Philosophy and History Current Residence: Chicago, IL How did you grow in your time at MMC? In retrospect, I grew in every respect (academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually) and at an exponential rate. I came to Mount Marty confused as to who I was as a person and what I wanted to do with my life. Four years later I graduated with clear goals as to what I wanted to do professionally, along with a spiritual and self-awareness that continues to propel me through life. Who made the biggest impact on you while attending MMC? There are countless persons who impacted and whom I would like to mention, but three will always stand out: S. Marielle Frigge, Nelson Stone, and James Simmons. They are the reason why I succeeded at Mount Marty and whatever success in life I’ve had and will have is largely due to them. What did you do after graduating from ‘The Mount’? I immediately moved to Chicago, IL where I matriculated at Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park. Three years later I graduated with a Masters Degree in Theology and got a job teaching theology at St. Rita. I still live in Hyde Park, where I enjoy the neighborhood’s academic ambiance, cultural diversity and being within walking distance to Lake Michigan! I teach religious studies at St. Rita High School, which is an all-boys, Catholic high school on the south side of Chicago.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012



Mount Marty College Alum Class of: 1996 Major: Elementary Education Maiden Name: Gittings Current Position & Residence: Executive Director of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association in Anchorage, Alaska What opportunities were you allowed at MMC? I wasn’t an athlete, but I was active in other traditional activities; choir, dance team, musicals, campus ministry, and student government. The special thing about MMC is that it allows you to have any opportunity you seek; starting a pep band, interning at the South Dakota State Legislature, and providing music ministry for a small Nebraska Catholic school. Who made the biggest impact on you while attending MMC? The person that will always stand out for me is S. Evangeline Anderson. She was the President of MMC before I ever attended, but she was my prayer partner all four years I attended MMC. Her gentle, wise and guiding comments will always stand out for me, and I still look forward to her annual Christmas card and emails and to this day she remains a prayer partner to me. What did you do after graduating from ‘The Mount’? Jennifer (Even) Glasheen and I ventured north to Alaska to teach grade school in a small Inupiat village called Atqasuk. After teaching for one year, I moved to Washington, DC to work for then Congressman, now U.S. Senator John Thune. Alaska (and my bush pilot) called me back in 1998. We were married in 1999 and are now raising three beautiful children. We are enjoying everything Alaska has to offer.

Alumni Spotlight



Mount Marty College Alum Class of 1995 (Watertown) Major: Psychology and History Current Residence: Watertown, SD Why did you choose MMC? In the early 1980s I was building a family life in Watertown and, although I dreamed of a college degree, family responsibilities were my highest priority and giving up any income, or time to travel to a campus, was simply not possible. Mount Marty College came to me. As soon as classes were offered in Watertown I enrolled and started my mid-life pursuit of a college degree. Not only did MMC offer the education, but they were eager to help me find a way to finance my education by offering financial assistance. Also, class scheduling was flexible. What opportunities were you allowed at MMC? The most important opportunity offered to me when I first began attending evening classes at Mount Marty was that of being able to work full-time during the day while attending classes at night. Also, all of the instructors and administrative staff were eager to help me develop a course of study on my way to the Liberal Arts degree. Since I had been away from school for several years, it was important for me to begin rather slowly and start with courses of personal interest to me. In those early days of the MMC Watertown Campus all of the student body would fit in one room - a very small room. Tell us about a memorable MMC time/experience: For many traditional college students there is a reasonable

attraction to extracurricular activities where friendships are fostered and bonds are formed. As non-traditional students we developed those friendships in the classroom. Frequently, casual discussions included questions about where to find daycare; or how to manage a marriage, a family, a career, studies; and always, how to manage meager finances. In those early days of fewer students we became one large family. The thirst for knowledge and the desire for a degree were forces almost beyond our control. As I visit with classmates today most of them still feel that a college degree would have been almost impossible before the Benedictine Sisters smiled on Watertown. Borrowing the words of Bob Hope I say, “Thanks for the memories.� Who made the biggest impact on you while attending MMC? It is very difficult to select one person who offered me the greatest amount of encouragement while instilling in me the desire to excel. My first thought is to not name anyone for fear of forgetting someone, or to name all of the instructors and administrative staff because they were all excellent. However, Sister Judith Fischer is one person that I remember as being an excellent and knowledgeable instructor with a sincere desire to want us to love learning and to love the learning process. It seemed that she could see promise in each of us when we could not see it in ourselves.

In those early days of fewer students we became one large family. The thirst for knowledge and the desire for a degree were forces almost beyond our control. -Small

What has life brought you since your time at MMC? Having received my degree near the mid-point of my life it might seem to some that there was little to be gained from having the degree, but that would definitely be an incorrect assumption. Facts and concepts I learned at Mount Marty College helped me throughout my professional career and still guide me today. It truly is never too late to learn.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012



Mount Marty College

Celebrates Frigge’s Time at School Article courtesy of the Yankton Press & Dakotan Saturday, April 28, 2012

As Sister Marielle Frigge steps away from full-time status at Mount Marty College — where she has taught biblical studies for the past 32 years — it is the interaction with her students that she says she will miss the most.

 “I will miss being around young people on a regular basis. It’s very important in keeping me young,” she said with a laugh.

Frigge said she particularly enjoyed seeing a student “get it.”

“It’s when you can tell that they understand something they didn’t understand before, or better yet, when they misunderstood something, and now they have it clear, and that’s the most important part,” she said. “They need to understand something clearly to make a decision about it.”

 Frigge is leaving her full-time position at MMC to become director of ongoing formation for the Sacred Heart Monastery. To celebrate her time at MMC, the college will be hosting a reception for her from 3-5 p.m. Monday in the campus Cyber Cafe.

 Frigge said it wasn’t until word got out about the reception that she realized just how many lives she has touched over the years, as she recently has been flooded by calls and emails from former students. “Sometimes when you’re doing this, you feel like nothing is getting through, nothing’s making any difference,” she said. “But that kind of thing makes you think, well, maybe I did do something for a few people here.”

 Andy Henrickson, chair of the MMC division of arts and humanities, said Frigge has had a profound impact on the college during her time there.

“I consider her to be the foundation of the department,” he said. “She is the rock of that department. She is the wisdom of that department. She has provided so many useful suggestions, and she has really watched over that department and looked out for the best interests of the students.”

 Phil Zimmerman, who was a student of Frigge’s more than


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012

10 years ago, remembers his time with the teacher well.

“I had heard rumors that she was a very tough teacher, but I ended up falling in love with the classes that she taught,” he said. “She was very tough, but she was also very knowledgeable and great at teaching.”

Zimmerman said one of Frigge’s greatest strengths is getting through to people who have little to no background with the material.

“I grew up not knowing very much about Scripture, and just through her classes, she opened up the world of Scripture to me,” he said.

 Frigge’s success with teaching students new to Scripture, along with her inability to find a textbook suitable for such students, compelled her to write her book, “Beginning Biblical Studies,” which was published in 2009.

“When I sent a proposal to the publisher, they were interested right away,” Frigge said. “They said they had so many teachers that were saying, ‘We can’t find anything for beginning students.’”

 While the book was written as a textbook, its uses have expanded into other areas, she said.

“What we’re finding is that some churches are using it for adult Bible study, and some people are just buying it on their own because they want to learn something about the Bible,” she said.

 Although she is well-known for teaching beginning students, Frigge’s teaching skills are not limited to

helping novices, Zimmerman said.

“Whether somebody was knowledgeable in Scripture or didn’t have any background with it, I think everybody had a chance to do well in her class,” he said.

Zimmerman, who is director of adult formation at Sacred Heart Parish in Norfolk, Neb., said Frigge’s approach of combining critical thinking with scripture changed his outlook on biblical studies and ultimately led to his career path.

 “When I first started biblical studies, it was just something I was doing because it had to get done for college,” he said. “But it actually opened me up to getting a minor in theology. I wanted to learn more and was so attracted to what I was learning, and I wanted to pass that on to other people.”

 Frigge will now use her teaching skills for her new duties at the monastery by writing and preparing talks and presentations in areas of Scripture, theology and spirituality.

“I’ll still be teaching, but different people in different contexts and in different ways,” she said. “I consider writing teaching in a different form, and with a larger group of students.”

 Frigge will also continue to teach at MMC on a limited basis, but both Henrickson and Zimmerman agreed it won’t be the same without her there full-time.

“They’re going to miss her quite a bit, and she’s going to be a tough one to replace, Zimmerman said.

Mount Marty Seeks Public Input for Accreditation Mount Marty College is currently preparing for its ten-year review for continued accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission. An important part of the review process is collecting comments from the public concerning the college. Comments may be submitted electronically at the website of the Higher Learning Commission at or mailed to the commission at: Public Comment on Mount Marty College The Higher Learning Commission 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500 Chicago, IL 60604-1411

All comments must be received by the Higher Learning Commission by September 30, 2012. Comments received after that date may not be considered by the commission.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012


Athletics Update

Department of Energy Awards Mount Marty College Partnership Mount Marty College’s biology department has been chosen as one of just 16 undergraduate institutions internationally to participate in the 2012 Undergraduate Research Program in Microbial Genome Annotation. The program is sponsored by the United States Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute (JGI). The “Interpret a Genome” Program provides students in colleges and universities with access to recently sequenced microbial genomes selected as part of the DOE JGI’s Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea (GEBA) project. The students analyze and annotate the genomes in the context of their own classwork, gaining hands-on knowledge. The research experience provides students with a real-world opportunity to study complete sequences of microorganisms and to make new discoveries that improve the scientific community as a whole. MMC was chosen as a participant based on the potential the program has to enrich the curriculum with sequencebased research. In addition, the proposed approach has the potential to contribute to the national model for undergraduate research that the DOE is developing.

exciting opportunity for our students. They’ll be able to see the project progress throughout the different courses it’s implemented in, as well as through individual research projects. Most institutions can’t support something of this level on their own so it’s a great partnership to be involved in.” In February, MMC was assigned the bacteria Spirochaeta coccoides (S. coccoides) strain SPN1 as their microbial genome and was instructed to annotate the function of the genes encoded in it. The “Interpret a Genome” program provides students in colleges and universities with access to recently sequenced microbial genomes selected as part of the DOE JGI’s Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea (GEBA) project. Mount Marty The DOE is particularly interested in the specific MMC microbe since it ferments different carbohydrates and produces ethanol, acetate, and formate as the main fermentation end products. Thus, this microorganism could possibly be used in the direct bioconversion of cellulose-containing wastes to fuel such as ethanol or it may harbor enzymes with potential biotechnological applications.

Dr. Vicki Geiser, proposal writer and assistant professor of biology at Mount Marty College stated, “This is an

For more information on the DOE JGI visit 10

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012

MMC Announces

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) During a press conference held at the Cyber Café on Monday, February 27th, Mount Marty College President, Dr. Joseph Benoit, announced that the college has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission to carry a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) degree. After a lengthy application process and nearly two years of efforts, the attempt at launching the program was successful.

Associate Professor and Division of Education Chair at Mount Marty College, Dr. Nicholas Shudak, commented, “We are following a new paradigm in today’s graduate education of teachers with this M.Ed. program. Teacher effectiveness is the key to turning out successful students, and studies have been proving this. We recognized that there was a need for this type of program in the region and we are so excited to now be in the implementation phases of it.”

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) is aimed at the career teacher who wants to stay in the classroom but sharpen their teaching skills. It is a 24-month program that is focused heavily on summer coursework to accommodate the working teacher. Many of the studied materials and research will be able to be done in the teacher’s own classroom instead of off-site.

As one of only a few programs of this type in the country, the Mount Marty College M.Ed. program will begin informational tours in April and May and will conclude the initial registration period in early December 2012. Classes for the first round of registrants will begin in the summer of 2013.

MMC NURSING Receives Full Program Accreditation

The Mount Marty College nursing program has received its recent routine accreditation and was pleased to learn that its full accreditation extended through the year 2022. The accreditation process at MMC was done through the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and has been done through that accrediting agency since 2007. The CCNE evaluation team came to Yankton in November of 2011 and reviewed the BSN program over a three-day period of time. The program recently received notice of a full accreditation for 10 years, or through June 30, 2022. The Commission is listed by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for colleges of nursing. Dr. Jacqueline Kelley, current Director of Graduate Nursing and MMC Nursing Division Chair during the review, is ecstatic with the news. “To have this length of accreditation is unprecedented for the College. I think it really speaks volumes for the high caliber of program that we have. Our reputation as a premier nursing program is solidified with this length of accreditation.”

The MMC nursing program currently represents a high quality nursing education; combined with a liberal arts focus, students gain a comprehensive nursing degree - one that meets national standards and one that serves the overall mission of Mount Marty College. The accreditation also reflects the high quality of faculty and the many partnerships in clinical and educational experiences that are contributing to the education of the nursing student. This encompasses the strength of many inter-related supportive departments at the college such as science, English, math, RSP, art, music, sociology, and psychology. MMC President, Dr. Joseph Benoit feels that this accreditation term places the program among the best nursing programs in the nation. “MMC has a longstanding reputation in nursing. I commend the faculty for their hard work in advancing our nursing education program to the highest level recognized by our accreditors.” Mount Marty’s nursing program has repeatedly received a full national accreditation; however a ten year accreditation is a first for the program by the CCNE.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012


On March 28th, 2012, as part of the 75th Anniversary Celebration, the NEWSBOYS “God’s Not Dead Tour” rocked Cimpl Arena with an evening of worship and praise music. They were joined by fellow Christian artists Abandon, The City Harmonic, Anthem Lights and evangelist Bob Lenz. The sold-out crowd of 1,500 enjoyed over 2 and 1/2 hours of great music and jaw dropping entertainment. Still on top of the Billboard Christian music charts, the NEWSBOYS have been a huge part of Christian rock for the better part of two decades.

“The Newsboys are a big-time band, and it’s great to have them come to the college.” - MMC theater professor Andy Henrickson 12

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012

This concert was also a great chance for Mount Marty College to give back to the community. Avon student Laura Morgan traveled nearly an hour for the concert and left with a strong impression of all the bands as well as the MMC campus. “It was a lot of fun,” Morgan said. “I’m really glad that the college got the Newsboys and the other bands to come play so close to my home.” Mount Marty hopes to bring more concerts to campus in the future for the student body and community members alike to enjoy.

First National Bank South Dakota

Gives $100,000 to MMC

First National Bank South Dakota (FNBSD) graciously gifted $100,000 in March to Mount Marty College for their science center building project. The generous donation will be used for the construction of a classroom and laboratory in the new complex. “We are excited to help Mount Marty in building their new science center,” President of FNBSD Jeff Jones, said. “We feel that their presence in Yankton and their mission benefits everyone in and around the community, and not just the ones that will end up using the science center.”

Inauguration Presidential

On February 10, 2012, Mount Marty College celebrated the Ninth Inauguration of a new College President. Joseph N. Benoit, Ph.D. was inaugurated on a day full of tradition and celebration. During the inauguration, two former Mount Marty College Presidents, Sister Evangeline Anderson (1957-1974) and Sister Jacquelyn Ernster (1983 – 1996), talked about their time as President and reflected on 75 years of Mount Marty College. Then as part of the inauguration address Dr. Benoit talked about the future, “I believe that Mount Marty College is well positioned for the future at a time when colleges and universities around the nation are struggling to define their individual educational goals and values. We know our core values and we model them daily. Awareness of God, community, hospitality, and life-long learning are the values of Benedict, of our sponsors, and of Mount Marty College. Our agenda for the future must start by affirming our commitment to teaching in a way that fosters the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students. We owe this level of commitment to our students, and to our colleagues. Indeed, it was Benedict who wrote that, ‘No one is to pursue what he judges better for himself, but instead, what he judges better for someone else.’”

“Architectural plans for the Science Laboratory Complex are nearing completion and we are looking to have the funding secured so that we can begin Phase I construction by the fall. Our efforts will then focus on Phase II of the project, the nursing department area,” said Mount Marty College President, Dr. Joseph Benoit. The new science center will provide laboratory teaching space for biology, chemistry, and physics along with office space for faculty in the division of natural sciences. “Newer facilities will provide better learning environments for students and allow faculty to implement new curriculum that will better prepare our students for the future,” Benoit continued. MMC Chief Advancement Officer, Barb Rezac, is excited about the gift from First National Bank and future partnerships for this project. “This project is nearing the end of the silent phase and we’ll soon be starting our public requests and we hope to see an increase in enthusiasm for support. The complex is a great example of how the community and businesses can come together to build better educational facilities for our community and the region at large.”

The inauguration was the first of the college’s events to be web-casted live for alumni and others outside of Yankton to view simultaneously over the internet.

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012


Added to Lancer Sports Lineup Mount Marty College and the Lancer Athletic Department announced on November 16, 2011 the addition of women’s tennis to the sport offerings at the college. Lancer Athletic Director Chuck Iverson is pleased with the decision. “We feel that women’s tennis is a natural addition for the college and will be a great fit. Tennis is very strong in this corner of the state, and in this part of the Midwest. The sport has been on our radar for a few years now, and especially this year, we have had more interest in starting the program. This just seemed to be the right time to take it to the Board.”


An in-depth search proved Rob Klimisch of Yankton, SD, to be the right candidate for the head women’s tennis coach position. Klimisch, who works professionally as a Yankton County State’s Attorney, has a tennis background spanning nearly forty years. Work as a coach for the Yankton High School girls’ tennis team, city team tennis, and other youth tennis programs in the area made him the leading candidate for the position. “It wasn’t only Robert’s background in coaching tennis that made him a great candidate for the position,” stated Mount Marty College Athletic Director, Chuck Iverson, “but also that he’s a lifelong tennis player and his personal beliefs really align with the mission of Mount Marty. He has that passion for the sport that we need in order to get the program up and running.” Klimisch has already recruited a number of student athletes for participation in the new tennis program. With a lot of development and planning to be done in order to be ready for the start of the playing season next fall. “I really want to focus on passionate players”, said Klimisch. “We’ll be a new team and I think as long as the players want to compete and develop their skills then we’ll have a successful year.” Women’s tennis will be the 16th intercollegiate sport and NAIA Championship sport at Mount Marty College, and the ninth of the eleven Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) institutions to offer women’s tennis. For more information on Mount Marty College’s tennis program please visit Mount Marty Athletics.


UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012

Lancer Baseball Takes the Field By Storm


Contributed by the Yankton Press & Dakotan

The Lancers, as a No. 7 seed, ran the table at the 2012 Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) Baseball Tournament and earned the program’s second NAIA Tournament berth in three seasons. The Lancers, under head coach Andy Bernatow, have thrust themselves into the conversation of being a “powerhouse” in the GPAC. In 2009, the Lancers lost in the conference tournament championship game. In 2010, the team was the regular season GPAC champions and played in the NAIA Opening Round Tournament, coming one win short of the NAIA World Series. In 2011, the program battled to 19 wins, never quite putting it all together. This year, however, the Lancers did that, especially late in the season.

With all that on their resume, it would have been easy for the Class of 2012 to ride out their final season of Mount Marty baseball, taking solace in what they had accomplished in the past rather than working to improve a team that, at its low point of the season, was 10 games under .500 and five games under in conference play. But the Lancers turned a 14-24 record into a 26-26 mark and a berth in the NAIA Opening Round Tournament, a bounceback that can be attributed in part to the seniors deciding that they were not going to end their season that way.

 “I think the leadership of our seniors played a huge part. I couldn’t ask for anything more,” said Lancer head coach Andy Bernatow. “They were sore from last year not going the way they wanted, and they wanted to end their careers on a high note.”

MMC went 19-27 and made an early exit in the GPAC Tourney last year.

A combination of veterans and youngsters alike helped the Lancers get through the rough part of the season. During the 14-game stretch that took MMC to the post-season, sophomores Derrik Nelson (.520) and Jared Miller (.452) led the way, with seniors Jason Schmidt (.408), Mikey Johnson (.390) and Livermont (.341) not far behind. Freshman Zac Hollenback batted .333 and junior Mathias Godsil batted .314 during that run.

Not only did the Lancers hit, but they hit in the clutch. In two games against Northwestern in the GPAC Tournament, all 14 runs scored were driven in with two outs. The Lancers GPAC Tournament sweep earned them the opportunity to continue their post-season run as they traveled to Oklahoma City. Their first opponent, York (Neb.) College, was taken in an 8-7 result building on a 12-2 run that surged the Lancers to Great Plains Athletic Conference post-season tournament champions. The Lancers second trip to the NAIA opening round in three years brought them against some familiar opponents. York (Neb.) and Lubbock (Texas) Christian were in the Oklahoma City bracket and both were in the Lubbock bracket when MMC played the 2010 tournament. Despite a great end-season run the Lancers lost 12-3 to Oklahoma City and 11-1 to Lubbock Christian ending their post-season experience. “The lows this year have been as low as I’ve ever experienced as a coach,” Bernatow said. “When we got through the lows, the highs have been as high as I can remember.”

UPDATE Spring/Summer 2012


Athletics Update Lancer Athletic Hall of Fame Announces Four New Members Jason Selchert, C’96 BASKETBALL & BASEBALL


Selchert was a tremendous two-sport star for the Lancers. He started in 285 contests for the Lancers from 1992 to 1996. His senior season he saw the Lancers win South Dakota Intercollegiate Conference Championships in both baseball and basketball. Selchert’s baseball career included helping the Lancers win 133 games; the most wins in any four year period for any sport. Currently, he is among the top four in Lancer history in 9 of the 13 career statistical categories; including the record for runs scored. Selchert was named AllConference and to the All-Region Team during his career and in 1995 he was named the NAIA Midwest Region Player of the Year. In basketball, he currently is on the Lancer’s top 10 career charts in six categories.

Pictured at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held May 6, 2012 (L to R): Dr. Richard Lofthus, Jason Selchert, Aaron Kranz, and Teresa Ellis Jensen.


Dr. Richard Lofthus started working at MMC in 1989 as a professor of history. In 1990, he was asked to be the MMC Faculty Athletic Representative. He has remained at that post overseeing the eligibility of Lancer athletes and retired from the FAR position in the spring of 2012. “Doc”, as he is affectionately called, is the liaison between the athletic department and the faculty. He is also a valued source of information in all aspects for the athletic department. Dr. Lofthus’ service does not end at Lancer athletics, for the past two years he has also served as President of the Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC).

Teresa Ellis Jensen C’94 VOLLEYBALL & BASKETBALL

Jensen was an outstanding two-sport star for the Lancers. In volleyball, she was part of one of the most successful two year runs in Lancer volleyball history, winning 57 matches, just missing a berth in the NAIA National Tournament in 1993. She still owns six volleyball records, including the most assists and digs in a season. In basketball, Jensen was on the career charts in seven different categories at the time of graduation. Two times she was named All-Conference in both sports and was named All-District in volleyball in both 1992 and 1993.

Aaron Kranz, C’99 MEN’S BASKETBALL

Kranz was one of the most outstanding basketball players to ever play the game for the Lancers. The teams he was a part of won 79 games over a four year period, from 1995 to 1999, which included two conference championships and an NAIA National Championship Final 4 team. Currently, Kranz is still on the career charts in seven statistical categories, including 6th in points scored, and 2nd in field goal percentage. He led the South Dakota Intercollegiate Conference in scoring, was named the conference’s Most Valuable Player, and was named 2nd Team AllAmerican his senior year. He was also named to the Argus Leader’s All-College 1st Team, and was named the SportsMax SD Male College Player of the Year.

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MMC Alums gather at one of their favorite Yankton establishments, the Ice House. (Summer 2011)

2000s Scott Becker C’04 and his wife Rachel (Moser C’08) Becker will be moving to Elgin, NE this summer. Starting in the fall they both with teach at Pope John and St. Boniface Catholic Schools in Elgin.

Class Notes

1970s Terry and Barbara (Bendt C’72) Mark celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in April 2012. They live in Parker, SD.

Marcia (Matern C’72) Courrier’s husband, Darrel, was assigned to be a deacon in the Dubuque, IA diocese in November 2011. Terri (Corio C’78) Spike was recently honored as one of Iowa’s 100 Great Nurses 2012. Terri is a nurse with HCI Care Services’ Kavanagh Houses located in Des Moines, IA. 1980s Thomas Harmon C’80 was appointed judge of the County Court for the 4th Judicial District on November 9, 2011. Judge Harmon has practiced law for 25 years in Nebraska. Since 2003 he has been a sole practitioner in Omaha with primary emphasis in probate, civil, domestic, juvenile, and criminal law. Harmon has written and lectured on the Nebraska Juvenile Code, as well as volunteering to assist senior citizens with free legal advice. Todd Austin C’84 has been named the Executive Vice President – Global Marketing and Corporate Strategy for the Angeion Corporation out of St. Paul, MN. Todd will be responsible for creating and managing the global branding initiatives of Angeion Corporation’s product lines, and will play a key role in directing the overall corporate strategy for them.

Class Notes

1990s Kara (Gittings C’96) Moriarty on January 1st, 2012 became the Executive Director of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA). Kara will only be the 5th Executive Director in AOGA’s 45 year history. “I’m humbled and excited to begin this next chapter for AOGA as its new Executive Director and look forward to building onto our strong team to foster the long term viability of the most important private sector industry in Alaska,” said Moriarty. “It is a great honor and I look forward to this opportunity.” Jennifer (Naughtin C’92) McGinnis recently graduated from Briar Cliff University with a M.S.N. and has started working at the Yankton Medical Clinic as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Sonia (Vallery C’92) Morrison and her husband are now living in Kobe, Japan; he was recently transferred there for work. They love Japan and are enjoying all the new experiences and cultural differences. Eric Lappe C’97 was appointed the new Spearfish girls basketball coach in May 2012. Eric was previously coaching the Wilmot Boys Basketball team from 2007-2012. “I’m excited. It’s definitely a big jump for me, but to have an opportunity to go to Spearfish, it’s a really great opportunity,” Lappe said.

Travis Peters C’04 is a partner/ senior account executive at Executive Recruiting Consultants in Dell Rapids. In the October 2011 Sioux Falls Business Journal, Travis, was recognized in the Up & Coming feature which recognizes young professionals in the business community. Katie (Prunty C’07) Heronimus is the Director at the Minnesota West Learning Center in Luverne, MN. Katie is the only full-time staff member on the Luverne campus and she does it all. She works with prospective students on their application process and financial aid forms, counsels students on loans and then advises them once they begin their classes, assisting with everything from enrollment to dropping classes and finding help for students who need it.


SHM Jubilarians

75 Y ears

Sister Rachel Brossart

70 Y ears

Sister Pierre Roberts Sister Virgil Koch

60 Y ears

Sister Arthur Schramm Sister Elise Haverkamp Sister Enid Dodge Sister Mary John Scheuren Sister Phyllis Hunhoff Sister Rosaleen Dickes Sister Veronica Fasbender

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Class Notes

Marriages Babies Marriages

Joshua S. C’06 and Amanda M. (Soehl) C’11 Christensen, September 2, 2011 Drew C’ 09 and Sarah (Herrbolt) Lawrence, September 10, 2011 Jarrod and Ann (Maly C’03) Smith, October 7, 2011 Eric and Rachel (Dickes C’11) Ferguson, October 8, 2011 Bill and Lindsay J. (Beacom C’09) Wonnenberg, October 8, 2011 Jordan C’11 and Rebecca (Schmidt C’12) Foos, June 16, 2012 (pictured above)

Welcome Little Lancers C L A S S N O T E S

Anthony Cook C’04 and Jen Sylvester, a son, Tractin Neelix, August 16, 2011. David and Amy (Brockman C’01) Rydberg, a son, Caleb Leroy, August 27, 2011, joining Hailey (5) and Dillon (2). Marcus and Megan (Theis C’06) Waters, a son, Mitchell Alan, October 2, 2011, joining Marshall Eugene (2 ½). Kari and Timothy J. Smith (C’06), a daughter, Tenley James, October 24, 2011. Jason and Peggy (Wuebben C’02), a daughter, Leah Irene, October 28, 2011, joining Caleb (2 ½). Brian and Jamie (Hansen C’04), a son, Leo Alan, November 30, 2011 joining sisters Ella (5) and Lila (3). Paul and Lynn (Hekrdle C’04) Morfeld, twin sons, Maximus Robert and Zane Gilbert, December 4, 2011, joining Sophia (3½). Leah and Ryan Hebner C’96, a daughter, Claire Elizabeth, January 31, 2012 joining Guy (21 mo). Thomas and Tanya (Klug ’03) Kuchta, a daughter, Brooklyn Lucille, January 16, 2012, joining Madison, Hunter and Morgan. Chad and Jamie (Blankenfeld C’00) Tramp, a daughter, Jayden Lynn, March 10, 2012, joining Ty (7), Wyatt (5), and Trey (3). Carrick and Rachel (Duffy C’01) Urbanek, a son, Xander James, March 26, 2012, joining Madeline (4). Ryan and Stephanie (Wilson C’99) Van Zee, a son, Thomas Dean, May 2, 2012. Joe C’08 and Stacey (Lickteig C’08) Matzke, a daughter, Parker Elaine, May 19, 2012.

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Class Notes In Loving Memory Helen Kelley Mohs C’61, February 9, 2011. Susan Schmit Schmitt C’82, June 19, 2011. Janice Jungwirth Hericks-Clement HS’55, August 9, 2011. Charlotte Crevier Wilber HS’34, September 30, 2011. Michael Kohn C’77, October 11, 2011. Mary Hochstein Wieseler HS’48, October 31, 2011. Mary Ann Donohue Rudersdorf former faculty, November 13, 2011. Shirley Barclay Rude HS’49, November 30, 2011 Jean Becker Hans HS’47, SN’50, December 9, 2011. Sister Kathleen Hickenbotham C’68, former faculty, December 12, 2011. Sister Mary David Hausmann C’56, December 15, 2011. David Leraas C’72, December 28, 2011. Connie Hudson Boyd HS’57, January 3, 2012. Alvina Jerke Frier SN’41, January 18, 2012. Phyllis Yeoman Tucker HS’53, January 20, 2012. Eleanor Engbrecht C’82, February 22, 2012. Arline Vogel Giedd SN’48, February 27, 2012. Joyce Pfeiffer C’66, February 28, 2012. Mavis Cwach Gaul SN’49, SA’56, March 14, 2012. Mildred Schaefer Schroeder HS’45, March 14, 2012. Lois Hipschman C’65, March 30, 2012. Rita Jackson Kubal, March 30, 2012. Gail Heimes Uhing HS’60, April 1, 2012. Sister Eleanor Mueller, OSB, C’57, April 3, 2012. Rosemary Devitt Hurley C’65, April, 5, 2012. Debra Peter Gilbert C’77, April 7, 2012. Sister Mildred Nikolas, OSB, HS’46, C’63, April 14, 2012. Vada Kyler C’87, April 24, 2012. Lavonne Eggerling Gorsett, SN 59’, May 8, 2012. Rose Welchert C’49, May 15, 2012. Melba Nohr Kremer HS‘53, May 20, 2012.

S. Kathleen Hickenbotham OSB S. Kathleen Hickenbotham OSB, 72, died Monday, December 12, 2011 at Sacred Heart Monastery following a brief illness. Kathleen Mary Hickenbotham was born on April 13, 1939 in Worthington, MN to Melvin Doyle and Ethel Caroline (Page) Hickenbotham. She was the oldest daughter in a family of six girls and one boy. She spent several years of her early childhood in La Crescent, MN. The family later moved to Waterloo, IA and then to Sioux Falls, SD when she was fifteen. She graduated from Washington High School in 1957 and entered Sacred Heart Monastery in August of that year. She was invested as a novice in 1958 and received the name Sharon which she later changed back to her baptismal name of Kathleen. She made first profession on June 29, 1959 and final profession in 1962. Her ministry included elementary education in Pueblo, CO, Lincoln, NE, Ipswich and Yankton, SD. She earned a BA degree from Mount Marty College and BA degree in fine art from Southern Colorado State University. After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Oregon, she taught art at Mount Marty College followed by full-time work at the monastery as resident artist in the areas of calligraphy, watercolor and ceramics. In 1986 she received a Bush grant for a 6-week cultural history tour in Europe studying famous artwork and architecture. S. Kathleen served for almost 30 years in leadership of the Yahweh-Shalom Prayer Group in Yankton. She was also very active in the South Dakota Peace and Justice Center, Reach for Recovery, Connecting Artists, and the American Benedictine Academy serving in leadership positions in these organizations.


S. Kathleen was a gentle woman of deep faith and prayer, a gifted artist with a love of nature and beauty, and a welcoming smile to all she met.

Joan Wagner Pavel HS’48, June 6, 2012.

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