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Mount Marty College

Annual Report 2012-2013


Mount Marty College

Get To Know Us Mount Marty College, located in Yankton, South Dakota, is a Catholic, Benedictine, coeducational institute of higher learning founded in 1936 by the Sisters of Saint Benedict of Yankton, South Dakota. In keeping with the Benedictine tradition, the college exists as a community of learners. Primary emphasis is placed on the development of each person as a complete human being with intellectual competence, professional and personal skills, and a composite of moral, spiritual, and social values.

Mount Marty College Core Values Awareness of God Community Hospitality Lifelong Learning

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Starting Points for MMC ACADEMIC

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R Stu d en t s

Average Class Size

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Fast Facts

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Undergraduate Degrees Offered


Top 1/3 for return on investment of all SD Colleges & Universities

A Liberal Arts College in the Catholic, Benedictine Tradition

Where Education and Values Converge

Mount Marty College

Financial Position What We Spent

$14,574,059 ($13,689,954)

(Total Educational & General Expenditures)

How We Spent It 36.7%

(Compared to FY 2013)



$5,343,4 25


Academic Support

14.4 %

Student Services


$2,099,164 ($1,973,118)


Institutional Support







$2,750,9 49


Auxiliary Enterprises




Operational/Power Plant


7.4 %








Mother Jerome Schmitt

Scholarship Recipient

Megan Wortmann The Mother Jerome Schmitt Presidential Scholarship This award is a prestigious, full tuition scholarship awarded to a senior every year based on scholastic achievement, participation, and contribution to the academic and civic community, along with faculty recommendations. The scholarship is presented in honor of MMC’s founding president, Mother Jerome Schmitt. Mother Jerome assisted in opening Mount Marty Academy in 1922, where she taught for ten years. In 1932 she was elected Prioress of Sacred Heart Convent and under her leadership, Mount Marty Junior College began in 1936. She then served as MMC’s first president from 1936-1957.

“Receiving this scholarship is a huge blessing in my life and I extremely grateful that I was chosen for this honor.


So much has been given to me here at Mount Marty!

I hope to give back more of my talent to the community in my

remaining time here. I am honored to represent Mother Jerome Schmitt and I hope to exemplify what she has done.”

- Megan Wortmann, Nursing, Class of 2014 2013-14 Mother Jerome Schmitt Scholarship Recipient

Mount Marty College

Revenues and Gains A: 66.2% $9,058,599 B: 6.8% $930,420 fy 13

A: 67.4% $8,673,197 B: 6.9% $893,896

C: D:

3.2% $440,820 2.7% 367,545

E: F:

C: D:

3.5% $444,470

fy 12

19.4% 2,654,370

0.0% $0

E: F:

1.6% 225,003

20.3% $2,618,866

1.9% $245,730

Revenues & Gains A Net Tuition & Fees B Contributions C Federal & State Grants D Endowment Income E Auxiliary Enterprises F Other


Endowment Net Assets (End of Year)

$16,000,000 $12,000,000 $8,000,000 $4,000,000 $0

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013











Mount Marty College


Chair Hon. Tom Harmon



Vice Chair S. Mildred Busch

Board of Trustees

Secretary Mr. Patrick Wieseler

Treasurer Mr. Michael Healy

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D S M M S S D M S M S M D M S D M M M M M M M J F Pe r. Ja r. W. Ma s. J r. . Ra . Jo r. R s. P . Lo s. A . Cl s. K r. A s. G . No cn s. J r. r. r. r. r. r. osep nn m .P C m y e S G D S Ja Je h u a r . y B es illi ry C . Du had onace F icha eggy ise rlen riceitty l Ku erry ma John an Rteve ayl an S cott mes ff W N. e M a B a N in re m r ni Ek Fa te rd Fr a e H K Hi rte Li o O ee Sl e Sm pe Sw W ol Be gh a C ol ph ro l rl Fo a ri e or gg n kn rt sn d ow a ch i in fg no am m ah e C an th lon st nk e G ine ger ins bac ess on es, ey ll t er tz ra it, oy u er Ph oe m Ph h rr tt .D .D an . . er tz

Mount Marty College

Donations & Service Total Overall Giving

FY 11-12


FY 10-11


FY 09-10


FY 08-09


FY 2013

students faculty staff

1,474 1,093 2,408 2,480




12,000 +

The Average Hours of Service Completed by EACH STUDENT throughout their MMC Career

20 20 2020 20 20















Volunteer Service Hours valued at over $97,000.00




Total # of PS Donors


Total # of Overall Donors

FY 12-13

Total President’s Society Giving

20 20 2020 20 20

Mount Marty College Named to 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll The Mount Marty College was named to the 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll in the institution’s first attempt at the title. This designation is the highest honor a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement. More information about MMC’s community service efforts can be found at

Mount Marty College

Mission Mount Marty College Mission Mount Marty College, an academic community in the Catholic Benedictine liberal arts tradition, prepares students for a contemporary world of work, service to the human community, and personal growth.

Mount Marty College Prayer O God, Creator of all things and source of wisdom and knowledge, send your Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts, words, and actions so that everything we do will begin with your inspiration and continue with your guidance and blessing. Help us to speak and act with integrity so that we may uphold the values of Mount Marty College. May we use our talents and abilities in the best ways possible so that You may be glorified and our neighbor served. We pray these things through Jesus, your Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mount Marty College

Recognitions Greatest Lifetime Return on Investment, today’s #1 resource for college affordability and financial aid information, recently identified Mount Marty College to be within the Top 1/3 of South Dakota colleges and universities with the greatest lifetime return on investment.

Best Bang for the Buck According to a recently released “Best Bang for the Buck” ranking by Washington Monthly, Mount Marty College ranks at number 46 among all baccalaureate colleges in the nation. MMC was the only South Dakota institution of higher education in its category.

Committed to Making a Difference The 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll honored Mount Marty College specifically for their Lakota Cultural Immersion and Service Learning program facilitated by the MMC Nursing Department, the college’s Freshman Experience program, and campus ministry service trips. The community service hours that were reported in the application were for students, faculty and staff for 2011-2012 and estimated at nearly 12,000 hours.

Military Friendly Mount Marty College was recently named to the 2014 Military Friendly Schools List, which honors the top twenty percent of colleges, universities and trade schools in the country that are doing the most to embrace America’s military service members, veterans, and spouses as students, and to ensure their success on campus.

Most Effective and Efficient Mount Marty College was reported by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) to be the Most Effective and Most Efficient private college in the state of South Dakota. The ratings for efficiency and effectiveness were considered separately in the report. MMC is the only school in SD of all public, private, two-year and four-year schools to receive a ranking of “very high” in both areas.

Mount Marty College

Recognitions MMC 2013 Recognitions We know that we have a lot to be proud of at Mount Marty College, but we don’t expect you to take just our word for it. Within the last year, MMC has been regionally and nationally recognized for return on investment, efficiency, and effectiveness in education, community service, and more. To learn more about our recognitions please visit us at

“You can be extremely involved at Mount Marty College and really make an IMPACT on those around you. MMC encourages and shows you how to balance all

aspects of college - from academics and hands-on work experience to athletics, clubs, fine arts, and the best part - making unforgettable memories!. MMC truly offers the full college experience.”

- Lauren Orwig, Nursing, Class of 2015

1105 West Eighth Street | Yankton | South Dakota

Mount Marty College Annual Report 2012-2013  
Mount Marty College Annual Report 2012-2013