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The Guyette & Deeter Difference The Most Trusted Decoy and Sporting Collectibles Auction House in the World

A Legacy of Trust The decision to sell a treasured family collection can be an emotional and confusing experience. Where do we start? What’s the best way? How can we get the most in return? For nearly 40 years Guyette & Deeter has gained the trust of our clients by making sure that they are comfortable with every aspect of the process of selling their items, long before we go about the business of actually offering them for sale. We go beyond being just brokers of goods. We are committed to building a collaborative relationship with our clients, grounded in an intimate understanding of their concerns and goals. Working together, we carefully evaluate each piece to be sold, discuss current market trends, develop tailored marketing plans, and set realistic auction estimates. We know that this attention to detail gives our clients the reassurance they need and the results they want. This is the Guyette & Deeter difference. On the following pages you’ll see tangible evidence of our leadership. More experience and knowledge from more years in business. More top collections sold. More world record prices set. And we are the only firm offering condition guarantees that let buyers bid with confidence. Even more important, you’ll see the words of our clients thanking us for the way we go about our business -- caring, continuous support, and integrity in everything we do. We take pride in our approach and look forward to sharing it with you.

“I wanted to thank you for your time this morning. I certainly appreciate you making an effort to talk with me – that certainly shows me that you are a man with integrity and committed to your business and name brand. I have nothing but positive thoughts about your company.” Steve Frazier, Canton, Georgia

“I wanted to thank you taking the time and educating us with some important aspects of the “decoy world.” I also appreciate the professionalism in which you are undertaking this assignment. As you know, dad was very private as to his purchases and who he allowed into his “inner circle.” You were indeed one of his favorites.” Jim Doherty, III, Moorestown, New Jersey

“I wanted to share with you that every interaction I’ve had with Ed Kenny in your shipping area over a number of years now has been a really positive experience. He just “gets” it. Always willing to go the extra mile...and always with a smile. As you know, you have to differentiate yourself based on things like customer service rather than what you ultimately sell at auction. Ed just seems to get that...and it matters.” Jeff Seregny, Hilton Head, South Carolina

“My contacts in the decoy world tell me you are continuing to build a reputation for being honest, forthright and capable. Although I am an “outsider,” I know the decoy world desperately needs you to continue to lead in such a emphasis on quality and integrity. Leave no regrets, emphasizing helping people learn and you’ll go far.” Jim Chodan, Cleveland, Ohio “I wanted you to know how much I valued your support and knowledge. I am confident that my decoys sold well due to your expertise and understanding of the market. I enjoy buying and selling from people I trust. I have had some not so great experiences but I have always felt good dealing with you and your company.” Jeff Hay, Portage, Michigan

“You did great job marketing my teal. You are gifted in many ways and writing descriptions in the decoy catalogs is surely one of them.” Jim Doherty, Sr., Moorestown, New Jersey

Leader in Experience

In 1984, a small auction firm was formed to take advantage of what founders Gary and Dale Guyette saw as an emerging interest in collecting waterfowl decoys. Their hunch turned out to be correct and today Guyette & Deeter is the longest running and most successful seller of decoys and other sporting collectibles anywhere. Our staff has a combined experience of 260 years studying, collecting, and selling decoys, in addition to other sporting collectibles. This long history not only brings unparalleled knowledge about this uniquely American folk art, but also gives us unmatched insight into market trends and valuations. Together, we have managed more than 120 auctions, realizing more than $220 million in sales for our consignors. That’s more than all of our competitors combined.

Jon Deeter

Zac Cote

Gary Guyette

Owner 440-610-1768

Owner 207-321-8091

Founder/Consultant 410-924-5678

37 years experience

15 years experience

42 years experience



Guyette & Deeter Weekly Auctions

A safe

place to collec


Cooper Rossner

Bill Lapointe | Massachusetts

48 years experience

Weekly Auction Manager 609-560-8028

New England Consultant

12 years experience

Joe Tonelli | Illinois Midwest Consultant

60 years experience

Leader in World Class Collections While we always welcome individual items, one measure of leadership in our field is the degree to which one has sold entire collections that are understood by the collecting community to be among the very best. We are proud that so many families have trusted us to sell their important collections. In fact, we have sold more top collections than any other company in the industry.

• Russell Aiken

• John Delph

• Dave Galliher

• Jack Amato

• Dr. John Dinan

• Dr. Lloyd Griffith

• Peter Bartlett

• Jim & Pat Doherty

• Harold Haertel

• The Blair Family

• Sam Dyke

• Mort Hanson, Sr.

• Peter Brown

• Adele Earnest

• Bobby Harrelson

• Jon & Virginia Chua

• Hal Evans

• Somers Headly

• Robert Congden

• Dave Fisher

• William Hickey

• Jim & Diane Cook

• Joe French

• John Hillman

A sampling of collector profiles from our auction catalogs.

The Steve

The Steven Michaan collection Steve Michaan started collecting fish decoys in 1984. He is now recognized as a seasoned collector and accomplished author on two of the most popular books on the subject, “Beneath The Ice” and “American Fish Decoys”. He has organized exhibits at museums around the country including The Museum of American Folk Art.. “A thousand years before the first American quilt was created as a protection against the chill night; before the first American whirlgig played against the New England wind or the first American weathervane showed its direction- before any of these things, fish decoys were being actively used for ice spearing by Native Americans. From Alaska throughout the Midwest, the Middle Atlantic region, New England, and Canada, men have speared for bass, sturgeon, muskellunge, carp, trout, pike and numerous other species. Despite some regional preferences-leather tails in New York State, certain colors preferences in other areas- fish decoys were pretty much the same everywhere.

Charles S. Hunter, III A passion for Southern decoys

It is just recent years that fish decoys have come to beofrecognized appreciated as fineCharles examples We learned the passingand of legendary collector, ofHunter, American folk sculpture. carved only S. “Charlie” III, earlier this year. Generally With the loss comes with memories a drawingofknife jackknife from white pine, the inevitable a lifeand wellalived. Charlie lived basswood tulipwood, have body cavities and died in Staunton,orVirginia, and they will be remembered for his involvement with Ducks that are carved outUnlimited, and then staunch filled with lead for support of“sinkability”. the NRA, his love of duck hunting, and serving the SPCA, among other local charities. For the decoy collecting community, Charlie will be remembered for his love of the hunt for fine southern decoys.

The Governor Jim Thompson collection

An assembly of Illinois River’s finest

This forward is from the book dust jacket, “Beneath The Ice”, published in 1990, which served as the catalog for a traveling exhibition organized by the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City, “In the spring of 2003, a duck decoy carved by Elmer Crowell sold at a Guyette & Deeter auction for $801,000. In 1986, the same decoy brought the then staggering sum of $317,000. In the view of many collectors and dealers, that event legitimized the belief that American folk art was in fact true American art. That same year, ice fishing decoys had yet to appear on the auction scene, and I realized that an opportunity existed to create a collection that would define the art form. It was a tipping point and a unique opportunity to assemble the very best pieces for posterity and preserve a precious American asset.” Steven Michaan We are pleased to offer items that have been in the Michaan collection since their acquisition nearly forty years ago.

• Charlie Hunter III

• William J. Mackey, Jr.

• Carolyn Rowland

• Paul Tudor Jones II

• Dr. Jim McCleery

• Gov. James Thompson

• Gene & Linda

• Steven Michaan

• John Tice

• Jack Mitchell

• Hugh Turnbill

• Jim Keegan

• D.C. North

• Kirk Whaley

• Gene Konopasek

• Estate of Charles

• Bob & Pauline White


• Jim Lewis • Preston Lowe

en Michaan collection


• Geo & Hope Wick

• Kirby Roberts

• Bruce Williams

The Bruce Williams collection very best Delaware River working decoys that he could My interest in find, with an emphasis on rarity of species from the collecting old masters along the river. hunting decoys The collection of legendary Southern decoy collector was not gradual, The collection that I purchased from Bob has remained Debernia Clinton “D.C.” North, Jr., will be sold in two but instant and all intact. In 1988, the decoys were put on display for sessions starting with the upcoming Guyette & Deeter encompassing. It the first time at the Noyes Museum in Oceanville, auction on August 6 and 7, held remotely fromabout St. came when New Jersey, as a salute to the skilled old-time carvers Michaels, Maryland. D.C. had a fondness for Southern I curiously popped and painters of the Delaware River. The original core black ducks and acquired many of the very bestinto the former known examples from Virginia and NorthBeacon Carolina. group of the collection was supplemented with an Hotel in additional 30 decoys that I acquired from Bob or on my Point Pleasant Beach During his lifetime, D.C. had many pursuits and own with his guidance. I wanted this specific group of in the early 1980s to interests, but excelled at collecting decoys decoys within my larger collection to continue to be see and whatwas a “Decoy usually researching and learning about his latest finds. named “The Bob White Collection” as a tribute to the Show” was all about. He also worked as a professional auctioneer wasyears of exceptional accomplishment of Bob’s talented eye, In myand many known as an entertaining master of ceremonies. D.C. expertise and energy over so many years. enjoying the pursuit is credited as co-founder of what is today’s Carolina of early American Decoy Collectors Association back in 1978. In addition to the acquisition of “The Bob White antiques, I had Collection”, I’ve also been fortunate to acquire one never come across Gary Guyette recalls, “D.C. called our Farmington, of every specie of bird that came down the Delaware old hunting decoys. Maine office to set up to phone bid for our April 1986 River of Bob’s own carvings. As well, Bob made a auction in Illinois. He wound up buying the pair of hunting rig for me that he and his friends hunted over Seeing these magnificent polychromed floating North Hampton County Green Wing Teal that we are in the river. These were on display in 2004 at the almost sculptures, all with important historic significance, selling in this sale. During the process he was friendly, year-long exhibition that Bobwhen and Ipeople co-curated at the was a revelation to me. These old decoys were used that he owned. In the 1980s and 1990s funny and very accepting of me, someone just Mercer Museum County, Pennsylvania which by full-time hunters to attract ducks and birds to their were writing decoy books, in heBucks was the man to go having his third auction.” was comprised of the old “classics” from 1865hunting rigs to get food for their own families and to. Consequently, most ofmostly his decoys are pictured 1945. including; “Southern Decoys,” to supply in quantity to hotels in Atlantic City and in decoy books, Gary added, “The next year he attended our Maine Fleckenstein, “Great Book of Decoys,” Engers, editor, Philadelphia. auction when we sold Jim Lewis’ collection of mostly has been a great ride. I Kangas, feel so privileged to live with Decoys: AItNorth American Survey,” and southern decoys. D.C. bid actively and for two days theseversion beautiful floating sculptures. I am indebted to the extended of “Chesapeake Bay Decoys,” looked onteased this epiphany as an opportunity to reinvest goodI naturedly the people in the audience the knowledge shared with me by so many talented Richardson. the sale ofAfter my membership seat on NYC’s American he bid against. the sale he invited me to visit carvers and sportsmen, and I am grateful for their Stock Exchange into a “job” thatNorth for the first time in 25 him at his home in Wrightsville Beach, Carolina D.C. diedfriendship. at 89 years of age on Christmas Day 2020 years I actually enjoyed. I I immersed in learning to look at his decoy collection. remembermyself that his at his home on Goose Haven Farm in Currie, North about carvings from New Jersey’s Bay officemore had dark decoys mounted on light walls.Barnegat He Williams, 2010 Carolina. Bruce D.C. was married to the late Hester Irene River.and Full-time study, and knewand a lotDelaware about Virginia Northdedication, Carolina decoys and leaves behind four children, 10 (1930-2019) energyshared over the few decades meFreeman North and openly his past knowledge with mehas for enabled an to build significant sizable collection of duckgrandchildren and two great grandchildren. afternoon. Foramany years and he attended our Easton,

The Debernia Clinton “D.C.” North, Jr. Collection

decoys, beach shorebirds Maryland auction and for many and yearsminiatures. I enjoyed For years, D.C.’s matchless collection of Southern black ducks I’ve had so Hester much fun travelling each Friday visiting D.C. and at Goose Haven Farm in to South and shorebirds will be proudly auctioned at this CurrieJersey, after they moved from thefrom beach.” Thecarvers visiting with there and learning decoy summer and fall auction. last time visited D.C. late fall, and his furnace andI dealers whowas were methodically purging old barns was out. hadof a space heater rigs. set up in his little andHe sheds early hunting den, so we sat in there. The walls were covered with dark shorebirds mounted on metal stands that Bob came The highlight by far was getting to know White, out from light coloredin walls toward andthe then acquiring 1984and his turned collection of 63 rare the ceiling to holddecoys, the shorebirds. We over sat there and old hunting assembled a twenty-five he told meperiod the story onedecoy of those shorebirds. year by of thisevery master carver and ubersportsman from Tullytown, Pennsylvania. In his early D.C. had a lot ofwas Virginia and North Carolina decoys, years, Bob a “decoy picker” for Lloyd Johnson both and common and some very uncommon ones. Heall from Bill Mackey, and later for John Hillman, had aNew great deal of the decoys Jersey. As knowledge he learnedabout from these early collectors, and by visiting the carving sheds of old-time carvers, Bob began collecting for himself. He focused on the

D.C.’s “N” brand, which he used from 1981 through 1988. Pictured from lot 142a of this sale.

Bruce Williams with George Strunk, pictured at Russ Allen’s workshop

The Bruce Williams collection

Leader in World Records

Establishing record prices for decoys doesn’t simply just happen. It is the result of market knowledge, innovative marketing, and maintaining an intimate understanding of what the top collectors are looking for. Of the 268 recorded carver world records, as tracked by Decoy Magazine, our company has set 178 of those records; six times that of our nearest competitor. Below is just a sampling of the noteworthy world records that we have set.

Lothrop Holmes - Merganser - $856,000

Elmer Crowell - Black Bellied Plover - $830,000

Caines Brothers - Mallard Hen - $767,000

Mason Factory - Premier Woodduck - $690,000

William Bowman - Curlew - $464,500

Nathan Cobb, Jr. - Curlew - $390,000

Lee Dudley -Ruddy Duck - $269,000

Ward Brothers - Pintail Hen - $201,500

Charles Perdew - Mallard Hen - $252,000

Ira Hudson - Merganser Hen - $214,000

Bert Graves - Mallard Pair - $214,000

John Blair - Mallard Hen - $214,000

Harry Shourds - Seagull - $212,400

Robert Elliston - Mallard Hen - $212,400

John Williams - Swan - $194,700

Oscar Peterson - Fish Decoy - $114,000

Hans Janner - Fish Decoy - $108,000

James Beckhart - Duck Call - $103,500


Carver World Auction Records as tracked by Decoy Magazine through January 2022

6x 42

Guyette & Deeter

Nearest Competitor

Leader in Marketing of Sporting Collectibles

Three annual auctions located throughout the East and Midwest to reach to the largest number of buyers.

Auction preview flyers mailed to collectors prior to each auction.

Displaying auction items at the largest decoy and sporting collectibles shows in the country.

Targeted emails to customers and potential buyers.

Ongoing social media posts promoting auction items.

Private showings of select pieces to top buyers across the country

Advertising in the largest and most widely read sporting and antique related publications

Continuously updated auction previews on the G&D website

Promotionally-driven partnerships with a variety of decoy and sporting collectibles organizations:

G uyette &


The Leading and Most Tru

reputation for ex

Celebrating 38 years with 143 catalo

history of marketi important decoy c Russell Aiken Jack Amato Peter Bartlett The Blair Family Peter Brown Jon & Virginia Chua Robert Congden Jim Cook John Delph Dr. John Dinan Jim & Pat Doherty Sam Dyke Adele Earnest Hal Evans

Ward Museum

Ducks Unlimited

Mass Audubon

North American Decoy Collectors Association

Great Lakes Decoy Collectors Association

Easton Waterfowl Festival

East Coast Decoy Collectors Association

Delmarva Decoy Collectors Association

A word in general about the quality of the

concerning the consignors who had put

catalogs. Each catalog included not only

together the impressive collections. And, of

details about the decoy being offered,

course, detailed statements of condition.

but also its provenance, the literature

Some auction houses are cutting back on

that discussed the bird, or in some cases

printed catalogs, but these catalogs go

pictured it. The exhibition history, where

against that trend.

Dave Fisher Joe French Dave Galliher Dr. Lloyd Grif Harold Haertel Mort Hanson, Bobby Harrels Somers Headly William Hicke John Hillman Charlie Hunter Paul Tudor Jon

410-745-0485 P.O. Box 1170 St. Michaels, MD 21663

appropriate was included and extensive, often multipage, biographies of the carvers

Rick Russack - Antiques and the

were also included. There were also details

Arts Weekly contrinuting Editor


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Decorative hooded merganser by Jim Schmiedlin

A selection of decoys from Long Island

Excellent decoratives by William Gibian

26 Pair of ring necked ducks by Jim Schmiedlin ww

Decoys by Doug Jester

Decoys by Cline McAlpin

100 + Lot Sup Ma y er Sa le - Jun e Excellent examples by John McLoughlin w.d ec 2, 202 oy sfo 2 rsa le. co m

Decorative mallard by the Ward Brothers

Coo per

Ros sne r Zac 609 -56 Cot e 0-8 028 207 -32 1-8

Canvasback by Alvirah Wright

DFS Postcar


Auction flyers mail to over 12,000 potential buyers.

091 1936 model canvasbacks by the Ward Brothers

Maine decoys from the Dr. John Dinan collection

Rare swimming goose by Ira Hudson

Rare limited edition of ‘Wild Fowl Decoys’ by Joel Barber

Early brant from Cobb Island, Virginia

A selection of carvings by Bob White

Swimming Canada goose by Harry V. Shourds

Canvasback drake by the Ward Brothers

Pair of mallards by Charles Perdew

Coot by the Mason Decoy Factory

Decoys by Mitchell LaFrance

Preening black duck by Keyes Chadwick

Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

Decoys by Delbert ‘Cigar’ Daisey

Decorative wood duck by Jim Schmiedlin

Hollow brant by Ira Hudson

Rare wood duck by Joseph Lincoln

Pair of mergansers by Eugene Hendrickson

Standing wood duck by Lloyd Sterling




Goldeneye drake by2:13:57 BenPM Holmes | 207-321-8091

| | 609-560-8018

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usted Decoy Auction Firm in the World



oged auctions, and total sales of $215 million.

ing and selling the most collections in America

ffith l Sr. son y ey

r III nes II

Gene & Linda Kangas Jim Keegan Gene Konopasek Jim Lewis Preston Lowe William J. Mackey, Jr. Dr. Jim McCleery Steven Michaan Jack Mitchell D.C. North Estate of Charles Perdew Kirby Roberts

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The Le

Lothrop Holmes - $856,000 Elmer Crowell - $830,000 Elmer Crowell - $801,500 Caines Brothers - $767,000 Mason Decoy Factory - $690,000 Elmer Crowell - $684,500 Unknown carver - $632,500






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have sold seven of the top ten highest priced decoys ever to be sold at auction. 1. 2. 4. 5. 7. 8. 10.

Carolyn Rowland Gov. James Thompson John Tice Hugh Turnbill Kirk Whaley Bob & Pauline White Geo & Hope Wick Bruce Williams


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Media advertising includes key collector publications such as Decoy Magazine, Maine Antiques Digest, Antiques & the Arts Weekly, and Sporting Classics Magazine.


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9/13/2021 4:41:46 PM

Postcards support periodic “Super Sales”

tradition of exceptional service. • • • • • •

Decoys by David Nichol

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Strong advertising relationships garner extended auction media coverage, often including cover stories in key publications.

Leader in Meeting Consignor Needs We often find that families want to sell complete collections rather than a few select items. We offer a full suite of sales channels to meet all of our consignors’ needs. While our three annual auctions generally attract the more experienced collector, our weekly online “” auctions reach avid collectors of more moderately priced items. •

DFS is now the largest decoy auction company by volume and the third largest by gross sales.

Capitalizes on growth of online buying

Setting its own world record prices for makers

Same condition guarantees as catalog sales

Every item goes through visual inspection, UV inspection, provenance assessment, and X-ray, if needed

In addition, we can also refer some items to smaller, specialized auction houses to help consigners fully meet their sales goals. At the end of the day, we are built to meet our consignors’ needs, regardless of how broad or narrow they may be.


Guyette & Deeter Weekly Auctions

A safe

place to collec


Growth of Average Price Per Lot







Numbers of Items Sold









Gross Sales





Our New Showroom Located in St. Michaels, Maryland Our showroom gallery provides a comfortable gathering place for collectors to preview single owner or collective displays. The facility also houses an on-site x-ray machine, photography, and catalog development, with a highly organized warehouse that is available for collectors to visit Monday - Friday from 9 - 5, along with afterhours or weekends by appointment. When not in St. Michaels, our principals travel the country visiting top collectors to stay abreast of their areas of interest and bring them relevant pieces to preview as they become available. All told, we typically log over 100 days on the road each year to promote our clients’ consignments to potential bidders.

Our facility, located at 1210 S Talbot St, St. Michaels, Maryland 21663

Our auction catalogs are a key element in the marketing of our clients’ consignments. They are produced in-house and have been widely praised for their overall quality. Each includes full-color photography for every item being offered along with a detailed description and guaranteed condition report. In addition, where available, listings provide provenance and cite literature that discussed/and or pictured the item. To underscore historical significance, extensive carver biographies are often included as are detailed profiles of significant consignors.

“In addition to bringing quality birds to the market - - - - Guyette & Deeter have taken the quality of auction catalogs to the next level. They just keep getting thicker, as multiple photos and biographical material help promote their inventory”. Joe Engers – Editor and Publisher, Decoy Magazine

Top: Our extensive warehouse. Left: Photography/Design studio. Right: X-ray machine. Bottom: Entrance/gallery display.

Antique Decoys

We have sold seven of the top ten highest priced decoys at auction 1.

Lothrop Holmes - Kingston, Massachusetts - $856,000


Elmer Crowell - East Harwich, Massachusetts - $830,000


Elmer Crowell - East Harwich, Massachusetts - $801,500


Caines Brothers - Georgetown, South Carolina - $767,000


Mason Decoy Factory - Detroit, Michigan - $690,000


Elmer Crowell - East Harwich, Massachusetts - $684,500

10. Unknown carver - Massachusetts/Pennsylvania - $632,500








Robert Elliston Bureau, Illinois $212,400

Ivar Fernlund Hamilton, Ontario $201,250

John English Florence, New Jersey $225,000

Thomas Gelston Quogue, New York $483,000

Harry V. Shourds Tuckerton, New Jersey $212,400 Charles Safford Newburyport, Massachusetts $517,500

Ward Brothers Crisfield, Maryland $201,250

Enoch Reindahl Stoughton, Wisconsin $153,400

John Dawson Trenton, New Jersey $230,100

Unknown maker Massachusetts $350,750

Lee Dudley Knott’s Island, North Carolina $276,000

William Basnight Manteo, North Carolina $186,875

Fred Nichols Lynn, Massachusetts $184,000

John Blair, Sr. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $218,500

Elmer Crowell East Harwich, Massachusetts $632,500

William Hart Belleville, Ontario $207,000

Nathan Cobb, Jr. Cobb Island, Virginia $402,500

Decorative Carvings William Gibian Onancock, Virginia $19,200

Oliver Lawson Crisfield, Maryland $12,980

Jett Brunet Galliano, Louisiana $15,525

Ron Tepley Racine, Wisconsin $15,600

Roger Barton San Francisco, California $7,800

Tan Brunet Galliano, Louisiana $9,200

John Scheeler Mays Landing, New Jersey $11,800

Ernie Muehlmatt Salisbury, Maryland $12,075

Fish Spearing Decoys

20” long perch, Oscar Peterson, Cadillac, Michigan $114,000 - World record for a fish decoy





Fish decoys by Hans Janner - Mt. Clemens, Michigan





Fish decoys by Oscar Peterson - Cadillac, Michigan

Harry Seymour Lake Chautauqua, New York $48,000

Ed Irwin Lake Chautauqua, New York $43,200

Unknown maker Lake Chautauqua $34,500

Unknown maker Lake Chautauqua $34,500

Hans Janner Mt. Clemens, Michigan $63,000

Unknown maker Lake Chautauqua $27,600

Unknown maker Lake Chautauqua $16,100

Leroy Howell Hinkley, Minnesota $9,775

Fish Plaques

Oscar Peterson $84,000

Elmer Crowell $30,000

George Gillette $10,925

P.D. Malloch $20,700 Lawrence Irvine $18,000 Phillippe Sirois $7,200


James Beckhart | $103,500 World record for a duck call

Tom Turpin | $7,800

Victor Glodo | $12,650

Perry Hooker | $17,250

Kinney & Harlow | $63,000

James Beckhart | $20,700

Kinney & Harlow | $24,150

Charles Perdew | $29,900

James Beckhart | $17,825 John “Sundown” Cochran $16,675

Bill Clifford | $8,625

Owen Gromme | $21,850

Sporting Art


1 Herman Gustav Simon (1846-1895) - $102,000

2 Edmund Osthaus (1858-1928) - $66,000

3 Bob Kuhn (1920-2007) - $109,250





1 Frederic Remington (1861-1909) $74,750

2 Arthur Burdett Frost (1851-1928) $92,000

3 Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) $94,875

4 Frank Weston Benson (1862-1951) $28,800








1 Edmund Osthaus (1858-1928) - $48,000 2 Lynn Bogue Hunt (1878-1960) - $33,600 3 Frank Stick (1884-1966) - $23,400 4 Percival Leonard Rosseau (1859-1937) - $51,750 5 Ogden Pleissner (1905-1983) - $37,375

Francis Lee Jacques (1887-1969) $26,450

George Browne (1918-1958) $22,200

David Maass (b.1929) $25,370

George Browne (1918-1958) $19,550

John Seerey Lester (1941-2020) $9,600

Aiden Lassell Ripley (1896-1969) $23,000

Chet Reneson (b.1934) $11,400

Folk Art and Americana Cigar store Indian princess $570,000

Floor lamp $27,600

John Bellamy $126,260

Oscar Peterson $31,200

Charles Perdew $27,600 Weathervane $42,000

John Tolson $13,800

Oscar Peterson $123,250

Masthead figure $22,425

Oscar Peterson $15,600

Oscar Peterson $37,200

Alexander Pope $33,350

Grenfell Labrador Industries $6,612

Charles Hart $44,275

J.W. Fisk $23,600

Old Town Canoe model $27,600

Nantucket Basket $4,560

Rangely Lakes salesman sample $16,800

Sneak boat model $6,600

Emile Robichaud $2,460

Kennebec canoe model $21,600

Indian Burl Bowl $4,600

Adirondack guide boat model $7,187

Advertising Winchester $16,800

Bristol Rods $7,200

U.M.C. Shot Shells $9,775

J. Dukehart & Co. - $8,625

Baily, Farrell and Co. - $8,625 Selby Shells - $5,750

DuPont Gun Powder - $12,650







6 1. Quick Shot - $6,325 2. DuPont - $6,195 3. Remington Arms Company - $7,475 4.Winchester - $39,100 5. Peters - $6,785 6. Winchester - $6,900 7. Union Metallic Cartridge Co. - $8,050

Lion Stone Consulting and Guyette & Deeter Form Strategic Alliance For the Marketing of Fine Sporting Arms at Auction I grew up around fine sporting guns. Starting at age 8, I began attending gun shows with my father, who has been seriously interested in fine American Sporting Shotguns for as long as I can remember. He exposed me to lots of great guns over the years as he built and refined his collection- constantly looking for guns in finer and more original condition than what he previously owned. Fast forward to 2012 and I began talking to James D. Julia about the possibility of joining his gun division as a co-department head with Wes Dillon. It was an opportunity, after 15 successful years in financial services, to make my hobby and passion my work. Thankfully, Jim saw my knowledge in American shotguns and my sales acumen, and a deal was struck! I joined his incredibly respected firm in March 2013 and have never looked back. For the past decade as I have been involved in the high-end antique and collectible gun business, I have watched closely what other auctioneers were doing to try to find best practices and learn from them. Since I was not involved in the collectible decoy markets, I watched my friends at Guyette and Deeter with a keen eye as they have always had a reputation for being very honest and fair with both buyers and sellers alike, a trait I found to be critical to anyone I would ever want to align with. I also admired their marketing and the ways in which I observed their clients valuing their relationships with the principals of the firm. Fast forward to 2022. I was continuing to get calls from clients asking me when I might start my own auction firm to help them handle their sporting gun collections at auction. As I started thinking about all the infrastructure that is needed to build an

Josh Loewensteiner auction firm, I didn’t think I wanted to take on the task. Imagine my surprise when the phone rings and I see it is Jon Deeter calling. Jon tells me that he and Zac are thinking of starting a gun division and wanted to know if we could work together in partnership to help build something from the ground up. He told me of G&D’s desire to build a world recognized and respected gun division that focused on rare and collectible sporting arms, much like the firm’s already dominant leadership in the decoy and sporting art world. I was somewhat shocked to hear this from Jon because for the last few years, I had been getting a stronger and stronger feeling that there was a wide open gap in the market for a highly respected auction house, like G&D, to build a boutique auction division focused intensely on the world’s best and most desired & collectible sporting shotguns.

Exceedingly rare and desirable high condition Parker BHE 28ga

Fantastic L.C. Smith Monogram Grade 20ga

After that conversation, I immediately called my wife to talk to her about what was discussed. We both agreed that my firms’ values align perfectly with those of G&D. She liked the idea and felt it would be worth pursuing. Jon, Zac, and I have had numerous conversations on what we plan to achieve over the coming years working together and we are pleased to announce our newly formed alliance.

Josh joins J. Wesley Dillion as our expert firearms consultants

Our plan is to hold two major sporting gun auctions per year starting in February 2023. In each sale, we will offer a select group of fine sporting guns, describe them and photograph them with “best in class” presentation and marketing, sell them with a guarantee, and deliver exceptional value to both buyers and sellers alike. I am extremely excited to join in partnership with the team at G&D to build something that serves our clients and continues to develop the market for fine sporting arms. If you are buying or selling, we look forward to speaking with you and learning more about how we can work together to achieve your goals. Josh Loewensteiner | Lion Stone Consulting 704-280-2382

Stunning A.H. Fox “FE” Grade 12ga

J. Wesley Dillon has over 35 years of marketing experience in antique and modern firearms and sporting collectibles. A founding member of the original Cabela’s Gun Library in NE, Wes joined forces with the prestigious James D. Julia Auction firm in 2007 serving as Department Head and Senior Consultant for the Firearms Division until it’s sale in 2018. Today he serves the collecting fraternity and auction trade as an independent consultant based in the greater Denver area.

Collection Planning Program

Collect Today, Plan for Tomorrow While you continue to enjoy collecting today, you can rely on Guyette & Deeter to collaborate with you on your estate planning and collection management needs. Whether it’s for tax purposes, estate planning, gifting, charitable giving, or insurance, we can develop and periodically update a comprehensive written appraisal of your collection. We have extensive experience working closely with banks, attorneys, trustees, estate officers, probate court, private clients and family members responsible for the dispersal of collections as part of larger estates. Our unmatched market understanding allows us to more accurately document the value and description of each item in your collection. We know that working together to ensure that your wishes are established now will make it easier to administer your estate later. Contact Jon or Zac to discuss our Legacy Planning Program today. Jon Deeter | 440-610-1768

Zac Cote | 207-321-8091

Incredible pair of mallards by the Caines Brothers of Georgetown, South Carolina. Sold July 2018 for $1.14 Million.

Caines Brothers decoys being used at the Hobcaw Barony, circa 1910.

Guyette & Deeter, Inc. PO Box 1170, St. Michaels, MD 21663 410-745-0485

Miniatures by Elmer Crowell