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Carlos Torres Personal Statement New B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies graduate looking for opportunities to grow as a software developer. •


• • •

Work experience in software development (including web applications), IT Management and Help Desk support services. Familiar with Java, C# and Actionscript 3.0 as main programming languages. International experience in South Korea. High Performance Award issued by CENEVAL, National Centre of Evaluation for Higher Education.

Marco Antonio Zepeda

Descripción personal -Hacer una breve descripción personal mencionando carrera, habilidades, objetivos, etc,

Education Education Universidad Autónoma de SanEstudios Luis Potosí Instituto Tecnológico y de Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) ● Computer Engineer Information and Communication Technologies (ITIC) th ● 9 semester Graduated in December 2012 Overall GPA: 90 A- (based (4.7) on the Mexican Grading System) ● GPA: ● Estimated time of graduate March 2015 !

Educación -Solo universidad. Indispensable mencionar promedio (base 100), grado académico, fecha tentativa de término (mes y año)

Work Experience Workelectronics Experience Arteko / Internship / (Feb 2013 – Present) • Activities: 01/13 – Today

Game Over Studios

! ProgrammingCo-Founder, embedded systems on Freescale and Texas Instruments platforms. Developer. ! ProgrammingGame for Android in an Javaindependent language. mobile games studio. We are currently working on the Over is development of our first game to be sold on the main mobile application stores. ! Design and processing of PCB's. Main tools used: Flash CS6, AS3.

10/12 – Today projects Voice Outsourcing Solutions Own professional •

Smart House

IT Manager Responsibilities:

• Management and development of Access internal information ! Remote control system of the elements of a home (Lighting and control). databases, servers and network equipment. ! Using embedded• technology and Android mobile devices. User support. Main tools used: PHP, MySQL, Cisco UCCX 7, Cisco CUCM 7 ! Programming in C and Java. Donate to: Universidad 11/11 –!10/12 Orbiion Tech Autónoma de San Luis Potosí. Intern Developer ! March 2013 to July 2013.


Worked on a team to develop a tool to automate data capture. A program to extract information from many kinds of documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf, etc) was designed. Main tools used: C#, .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2008-2010, SQL Server 2008.

! 01/09 – 12/09

Experiencia laboral -Importante seguir el siguiente formato: EMPRESA / PUESTO / FECHAS Descripción de actividades, log ros, dificultades superadas, personas involucradas, etc.

ITESM Campus San Luis Potosí IT Department assistantship on the network and telecommunications department as well as in Help Desk area.

Technical Skills Worked

Programming Languages ! • C/C++ (advanced) •

C# y .NET (advanced)


Technical Skills


Programming Languages: • Python (intermediate)

Intermediate Advanced • Python Basic Proactive • Javascript Intermediate Used• to work under pressure Actionscript 2.0 Advanced • Actionscript 3.0 Advanced Creative and self.

Leadership and teamwork Committed to the objectives of the group


Personal• Skills Java • •


Habilidades técnicas -Listar habilidades y nivel de dominio (básico, intermedio o avanzado. NO usar porcentajes)



Platforms: Windows 7 (user), Linux (user) RDBMS: SQL Server (10 months), MySQL (3 years), ORACLE (3 years)


Languages • • •

Spanish English TOEFL 617 Mandarin Chinese Basic



Extracurricular Activities Spring 2012

NLP Project Designed a simple program for why-question answering. The program worked with NLTK and gathered information from Wikipedia to try to answer the questions made by the user. Spring 2011 “TOVOR 7K”: Kinect + NXT Robot. Developed by a team of 2. A combination of technologies that allowed us to build a robot that could mimic a user’s movements. Microsoft’s Kinect with Open NI driver was used, as well as Lego’s NXT (Using Lejos OS for Bluetooth communication) and web services. Fall 2010 Driving simulator Created a driving simulator that worked on multiple screens with OpenGL Spring 2009 – Fall 2012 Participated on the student group called “Game Over”, which organized events for students interested on videogames. Acted as vice-president during 2009 and as president from 2010 to fall 2012. Octuber 2010 ACM – International Collegiate Programming Contest ITESM Campus Querétaro Summer 2011


Creation of a 3D animated model of a Pop-up story book. The project was made using Papervision3D, an AS3 library

Actividades extracurriculares -Mencionar el mayor número posible de actividades extracurriculares -Aquellas que representan algún voluntariado o que implican un compromiso con el ámbito de la tecnología fuera de aula son de gran interés

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