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Doula A New Mom’s Best Friend by Becky Webb

The birth of a child is a memory that a mother will carry with her for the rest of her life. There is no experience like it on the earth, and there is really no way to predict the details that will play out before a baby emerges. A mother may not be able to plan the intimate details of giving new life, but she can be prepared for what will happen. A doula is a professionally trained pregnancy and birth coach. My mission, as a doula, is for mom and her partner to have the most beautiful birth experience possible. Often times as a new mom, it is hard to know what questions to ask or what to expect during pregnancy and labor. My job is to help her understand her birth choices and what the risks and beneďŹ ts are of each choice that she makes. Every mom has questions throughout her pregnancy, and it is not always convenient to pick up the phone and call her caregiver during non-emergency and non-medical situations. As a mom and baby professional, a childbirth doula can

Becky Webb recently received national certification as a childbirth doula. Photo submitted



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