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Division 7 South Monterey Trail High School Journal of the Monsters Volume IV—Issue IV

Table of Contents Letters from the Editor

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Service Recap

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Divisional Updates Vinda at Scooter’s Spare the Air Fest

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Jenny’s Raymond Case CS Recap

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Asiana at Filipino Fiesta

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Why should you join Key Club? w/ Brandon Basa Member of the Month

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Letter from the Editor Hi Monsters! Guess who’s back from China! I had a great trip, but I’ve miss you all terribly! I can’t wait until I see all of you members again! I especially can’t wait until I get to see my outstanding Executive Board! Jenny, Vinda, Brandon, and Asiana have helped me so much to complete my duties as Bulletin Editor while I was in another country. I give a special thanks to our president, Jenny Nguyen, for her excellent leadership, diligence, and effort in helping me out! I do not know what I would do without her, so thank you, Jenny! I am extremely excited to make up for my absence from Key Club! I am so prepared to get back into doing community service, attending divisional events, and helping my club in any way that I can. There are some events in July that look pretty promising, so I’m really looking forward to volunteering in now! I encourage you all to join in on the fun too! Sincerely, Jeffrey Lam

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2 Scooter’s Clean Air Fun Fest

3 Filipino Fiesta







10 Spotlight on the Ranch






16 Piñata Festival



19 KFHCCFD RC Promotion

20 KFHCCFD RC Promotion



23 Pet Hospital

24 Memorial Garden





29 Run4Independence

30 Run4Independence

MONTHLY SERVICE SUMMARY June 2nd, 2012 Scooter's Clean Air Fun Fest — Set up booths/vendors, give tattoos, give information, and clean up June 3rd, 2012 Filipino Fiesta — Help at booths June 10th, 2012 Spotlight on the Ranch — Clean Up June 16th, 2012 Piñata Festival 2012 — Set up, Event maintenance, break down June 19th, 2012 Kiwanis Family House Cache Creek Family Day — Set up Raymond Case Promotion Set up — Cake and drinks set up, cutting and plating cake June 20th, 2012 Kiwanis Family House Cache Creek Family Day — Volunteers helped operate seven midway games and twenty fun attractions. Also served snacks such as cotton candy, snow-cones, churros and ice cream. Some were barbecue cooks, and prepared and serve of other food items Raymond Case Promotion — Serve muffins/donuts June 21th, 2012 Kiwanis Family House Cache Creek Family Day — Help clean up June 23th, 2012 Pet Hospital — Assist around the hospital. June 24th, 2012 Memorial Garden — Helped with the memorial garden at the Kiwani’s Family House. June 29, 2012 Run4Independence — Assist with packet pick-up June 30, 2012 Run4Independence — Waved signs for advertisement, cleaning cars

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What can we be looking back on?


What can we be looking forward to?

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Scooter’s Spare The Air Fun Fest! w/ Vinda Le


Scooter’s Spare the Air Fun Fest "Smart peeps!" This is what the coordinators shouted to all of us key clubbers who were volunteering. We had to practically assemble all of the tents, umbrellas, goody bags, and other set up materials which was labor intensive yet it was all the more rewarding. For the remainder of the time, we helped with tattoos and various vendors that needed more assistance. The Scooter's Spare the Air Fun Fest crew was glad that they had us to make everything happen smoothly. The coordinators were so friendly; they gave us lunch and conversed with us. I have to admit that this event was no walk in the park, but I still had a blast of fun! It was different from the usual run/walk and marathons which was a nice change. The mood of the fest was inviting in which everyone was welcomed to learn more information on the fest, listen to the bands, and enters to win raffles. Although the hours were long, the event seemed to pass by quickly because of the calm environment and smiling faces all around.

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raymond Case Sixth Grade Promotion w/ Jenny Nguyen


Raymond Case Promotion In the evening of July 2nd, I arrived at Raymond Case Elementary with four excited members. We were ready to work and help as needed. Quickly, we found the person in charge and we were given some important tasks. Our jobs were to serve refreshments and cake to the two promoting classes of Raymond Case Elementary and their families. This job was more difficult than it appeared. We had to equally cut two large cakes into threehundred slices. I was afraid that we could not meet this requirement of cutting so many slices. With the help of the other Key Clubbers, we were able to accomplish this. We cut and plated most of the cake, serving over twohundred slices to the children and their families, using only two tables. In addition, we filled cups with over six gallons of juice using one table. By the end of the night, we had successfully served one and half sheet cakes and six gallons of punch. This event was one of my favorite events, because of the location, Raymond Case Elementary. I love giving back to our local elementary schools, and feel the appreciation and smiles from the children we help out. Raymond Case Elementary was previously my elementary, so I am always eager to give back to the school that taught me so much. Every time I visit Raymond Case, I feel inspired to go into my community and offer help. They need it, whether or not they ask for it. It is my job to reach out to community that I live in and serve them. They helped me and supported me throughout my childhood, and now it is my turn to help and support them.

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w/ Asiana Lee


Filipino Fiesta In the beginning of June, Key Club had the honors of working with the Filipino community at the Filipino Fiesta. Out of all of the community service events I’ve attended, I must say this was definitely the most fun and my favorite for quite a few reasons. Although the day was extremely hot, we all stuck it out and excelled at our assigned jobs. When we got there, we were told to do many little jobs. For example, we set up chairs, fixed the indoor room in the Center where the main food and entertainment was being held, and we sold water for a dollar for the event hosts. Here and there we were asked to help out in different departments but all in all, it was really fun and enjoyable. At the Filipino Fiesta, they had a car show which I found amazing and entertaining. I love cars and the racecar life so it really caught my attention. There were so many different types of cars out on display. It was extremely great getting to look at the cars and the engine they had. Also I got to meet a few popular faces like Jeri Lee and Legaci! It was such an honor meeting them and having Legaci serenade me. It was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me, and it’s all thanks to Key Club! Another privilege I had was performing at this amazing event with our school’s Poly Club! It was such a great experience! Going out in front of all those people was pretty nerve wreaking but that gave me the extra push to do better, since all of these people were watching. Although I did mess up a few times, I didn’t give up and that’s all that matters. It will only give me the experience of doing better another time when I perform in front of a big crowd. At the Filipino Fiesta, there was more than just giving back to the amazing community to me. It was giving back, giving them entertainment, as well as receiving a little back as well. I had a blast at this event and would do it all over again in a heartbeat! In service and friendship, Asiana Lee

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Why should you join Key Club? With Brandon Basa


Spotlight on the Ranch For the month of June, I, Monterey Trail’s Key Club Secretary, attended Spotlight on the Ranch on June 10. I attended this event because I really needed to get back to going to community service and just being a true key clubber. Choosing this event seemed fun because I have to be on a ranch, and it made me feel like a farmer. I was not sure what I exactly was going to do, but I knew I had to be as energetic as I have always been in doing so. When I first got there, there was ecstatic blues music played by many amazing bands, and the ranch had old artifacts of what old ranchers used to do their many jobs. Some bands that played were Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers, the Gary Mendoza Band, and Nat Brown. Their wonderful music made the people dance of excitement and made volunteering seem more enjoyable. Seeing these artifacts makes me think of how much ranchers and farmers have improved their equipment. Seeing history before my eyes opened a new world of curiosity into what ranching really means. Our first task at Mosher Ranch was to put away all of the chairs and tables in a neat fashion. Being so energetic, I quickly turned putting away chairs and tables into a game. To me it was whoever can get the most chairs and tables won. I grabbed all the chairs and tables as quickly I could to win. I was not alone though. I met someone who also competed in a way. His name was Jonny Paguio. He collected six chairs at one time, and I knew I had to defeat him. To defeat him, I grabbed eight chairs. I had four chairs on each arm and carried them to victory. The other volunteers saw me and laughed at how much I really wanted to beat him. This act of competition made it much easier for me to meet new people and makes friends. Our last and final task was the hardest. We had to put away bales of hay. These bales of hay were around fifty to seventy pounds, I am guessing. To lift them up, I needed a partner. I talked to many people carrying hay but my true partner in hay carrying was Garland Yee. We quickly became friends just by trying to carry bales of hay. We both were very competitive so we always tried our best to be fast and strong. We knew we carried the most bales of hay and were confident we “won.” Even though the bug bites and cuts we received from carrying the hay was excruciating, what we won overpowered that. What we won was happiness and joy in serving our community and making a difference for Mosher Ranch. It was hard, but we had a great time. The fun I had at Spotlight on the Ranch is an unforgettable memory. I hope to attend again next year.

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Monterey Trail’s Member of the Month

Thanks for working so hard! The Executive Board would like to thank Casey Kieng for her great dedication this month! Congratulations on earning the title of Monterey Trail Key Club’s Member of the Month! She has done an excellent job with collecting the greatest amount of hours for June. With her 63 service hours for this month, she has made a great impact in our community. We hope that she will continue to inspire us as she diligently volunteers for service.

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Hope that you’ve enjoyed this newsletter! -Jeffrey Lam

Monterey Trail Key Club June Newsletter  

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