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Division 7 South Monterey Trail High School Journal of the Monsters Volume IV—Issue I

Table of Contents Letter from the Editor A Farewell From Your Friends Service Recap Business DCON! Member of the Month

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Letter from the Editor Hi Key Clubbers! I bet that you have already noticed that our newsletter has dramatically changed! Well, that’s because the newsletter has been inherited under new leadership. As you should already know, the current term of the Executive Board of 2011-2012 is ending soon, so you will begin to see the new board gradually taking over. As one of the members of the incoming Executive Board of 2012-2013, I hope that you will accept us into your hearts as much as you have accepted the previous Board. To formally introduce myself: Hello! My name is Jeffrey Lam and I am your new Bulletin Editor! I am excitedly looking forward to this year and I hope that this year will treat me well. I see greatness in working together with you all! I can already see the possibilities and the achievements that are heading in our direction! On another note, I’m extremely excited for DCON! I know for sure that the workshops will help me achieve knowledge and that I will make so many new friends! DCON will be extremely fun, and I know that I’ll have as much fun as I had last year, if not more! In your service, Jeffrey Lam MTKC Bulletin Editor 2012-2013 Division 7S Region 16 Key Club International

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s d n e i r F r u o Y m o r A Farewel l F

With the term ending soon, the Monterey Trail Key Club’s Executive Board of 2011-2012 have closing statements they would like to share with the club. Dear Key Club, One year seems long, but as President of Monterey Trail Key Club it could not have been any shorter. The week after DCON 2010-2011 I had a meeting with my executive officers. We planned out the year, we set all the dates, and we threw out ideas to help better the club. Though this memory was from almost one whole year ago it feels so fresh and vivid that I am surprised it was not yesterday. Looking back on my term I will always remember that day because that was the day I set my goals, my aspirations, and my hopes for my term. After the first meeting with my board I learned the terrible news that our club was in debt over onethousand dollars and that we would be put on suspension for the whole summer due to lack of communication of last year’s president with administration. This was the moment that defined my term. Fresh into office I had my first task as president. I will never forget sitting there across from my principal pleading, nearly begging for Key Club to be spared. To administration and the school little was known about Key Club. They knew we had service events that we had field trips, but anything more than that to them Key Club was shrouded in mystery. After much negotiations and compromises the club would be let off its suspension only after a month, better than being removed as a whole which what was close to happening. After the near death experience of Monterey Trail Key Club no rule or regulation was over looked. Constant information was told to admin about all of what Key Club participated. To this day emails are still sent to the principal regarding service events that Key Club attends. Though this may seem a hassle it was a blessing in disguise. With the new found communication between the admin and Key Club we only grew with their support. Admin learned of what Key Club was all about. They learned that we stood for service, that we only wish to help others, and that caring is our way of life. When I look back into my term, yes I will remember the dances, I will be nostalgic about the many social events, and I may even cry when I think back to everything I leave behind when I graduate. However, whenever I look back and reflect on my year as president only a few key things will be truly remembered. I will remember the members of MT KC who exceeded three-hundred members, I will remember the six-thousand plus hours of service, I will remember leaving debt behind and leaving over four thousand in the club account, I will remember the executive board and advisor who helped to make such an amazing year possible. When I reflect I will remember the low point of learning that our club was on the brink of removal, but I will also remember the high point of when our club was brought back from the ashes and become something so much greater. Every year our club only becomes bigger, better, and more caring, and I am happy. I am happy that I got to leave a legacy behind here at Monterey Trail Key Club. A legacy of a club that shattered its goals set forth at the beginning of the year during my term. A legacy that I hope will inspire the future leader of Monterey Trail Key Club. -Andrew Pham Dearest Vinda Le, You are my successor as Vice-President of Monterey Trail Key Club. You will be Vice-President for the 2012-2013 school year. You are very much like me. You are very weird. You can ask me for any help at any time. You will do a great job. You will lead the club to continued success. I am proud of you! You are awesome. You have greatness in you! -Kenny Truong

This year has been one of the best years, of my four years in key club. After DCON of April 2011, I became the club’s treasurer, and got to work with some pretty cool people. It was very hard in the beginning because the school didn’t let our club do anything for a month, but we still worked on getting the club back on track, even though we were suspended. When the members of our club wore orange to show how amazing key club was, it made me jump for joy, because the members are what make the club and you guys made me realize how much people really care for key club. As the year progressed, things got better and we had our first event, Wafflecakes, and attended Fall Rally North. It was an added bonus that our division won the spirit stick, but even if we didn’t win, I know that our members would have been grateful for having such a wonderful experience. Shortly after the busy key club month of October, it was time for me to choose a creative group of 6 to be on my project committee. Silvia, MaryGrace, Asiana, Vivi, Alyssa, and Nancy were the lucky six that made the talent show a success. We spent a lot of days working hard and planning the talent show, but we made it fun in the process, because we are all fun people who get their work done on my committee! Right now, my committee is working on Relay for Life, and it makes me proud when I see them working hard. The members, board members, and advisor Ms. Tran has made my experience amazing and I hope that every one of you had the wonderful time that I did. -Jean-Luc Lazare The 2011-2012 Key Club is coming to an end. It has been an honor to be your Secretary for the year. Being Secretary has been a great experience, because I was able to lead this amazing club with the 2011-2012 MTKC Executive Board. We were nowhere near perfect, but we have always had the club's best interests at heart. The 2011-2012 Key Club year has been memorable in so many ways and I hope that this year has been different from past years for you too, because it was different for me. It has been an absolute joy to be your Secretary and a Monterey Trail Key Clubber. I look forward to working with all returning Monstrous Mustangs, and I will miss all that leave us! -Jenny Nguyen Hi monsters! It has been an absolute honor to serve a term as your Key Club Technology Editor and I hope that I was able to leave a positive impact on your experience in Key Club this year! It is sad that I will be graduating from Monterey Trail but I could not have asked for a more successful or memorable way to end my senior year of Key Club. To the 2012-2013 MTKC members, expect an even MORE monstrous year from your executive board. I have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with all of them, and I am confident that all five of these wildly spirited, passionate, diligent, resourceful, and (most importantly) qualified monsters will lead Monterey Trail Key Club to new heights! -Gavin Fong

With Much Love, Your 2011-2012 Executive Board

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March 3rd - Undy 5000 5k run/walk

-Monitor route and help with registration March 11th - Shamrock'n Half Marathon

-Assist in setting up the course and stations -Monitor Route and aid the aid stations -Motivate and cheer for participants

March 24th - Seymour Park Clean-Up -Dispose of litter

-Tidy up the environment March 24th - The Power of One

-Participate in self-confidence workshops March 23-24th - Pleasant Grove Key Club Awake-A-Thon -Fundraise for Pediatric Trauma Prevention -Socialize with fellow divisional clubs

March 25th - River City Half Marathon

-Finish lines, aid stations, medals, finish line foods










3 Undy 5000 5k





















24 Seymour Park Power of One PG Awake-aThon









River City

Kiwanis March

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What can we be looking back on? -Pleasant Grove’s Awake-A-Thon -Fundraising for PT P and participating in many fun events -EG’s A Dream Come True Movie Night -Fundraising for Relay For Life while Watching Disney Movies

What can we be looking forward to? -District Convention -Gathering of Cali-Nev-Ha Key Clubs -Divisional Banquet -Final dinner to celebrate the transition from ending the year to starting anew -Relay For Life! -Fundraising for the fight against cancer

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Are you Excited for DCON?! What is DCON? DCON stands for District Convention. At this convention holds a meet up for the whole of Region 16: California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Key Clubs from all over these states come together to this convention to attend leadership workshops and to celebrate!

Why should I be excited?

You’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of different Key Club faces, mascots, and colors! You’ll bond with your fellow schoolmates, divisions, and more! There are workshops that will help with leadership positions, many fun activities, and more! MORE! MORE! MORE! You’ll be able to participate in the District elections! You’ll also be able to trade Key Club collectables! There are so many different experiences to be had!

Lydia Thung

Are you sure I will I have fun at DCON?

OF COURSE YOU WILL! DCON is a life-changing experience! You will be there with a ton of your friends, you will be listening to many different speakers, you will be screaming through the crowds showing your spirit, you will be losing your voice from yelling from the excitement, and

you will be having fun! Page 9

Monterey Trail’s Member of the Month

Thanks for working so hard! Congratulations on winning Member of the Month! You have shown a perfect example of a phenomenal role model! You have worked the hardest this month, gathering the most hours, and have shown your face to almost all of the events! Missing only one event (because it conflicted with another), you have proven to be the most active member this month! You have also shown great attitude, even when wrong doings have been dealt to you. We are proud to have had you in our club and hope that you will continue to be such a great asset to society!

CONTACT US! Andrew Pham (916)832-2484 Kenny Truong (916)475-2528

Jenny Nguyen (916)307-3853

Jean-Luc Lazare (916)753-4422

Gavin Fong (916)688-3677

Jeffrey Lam (916)709-6247

Hope that you’ve enjoyed this newsletter! -Jeffrey Lam

Monterey Trail High School Key Club March Newsletter  

Please enjoy!

Monterey Trail High School Key Club March Newsletter  

Please enjoy!