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Introduction Greetings from Mission to Haiti Canada! This newsletter will update you on the current progress and future plans of our organization. We have just completed a two week mission trip with a group of 43 volunteers that included our sponsorship team, a medical group, construction crews including plumbing and electrically inclined personnel, and food distribution. As with previous trips this group possessed a great array of diversity and talent that included people from varying backgrounds; within the framework of Christian brotherhood we came together and accomplished much. Our daily activities were posted as blogs on our website ( with a link to photographs from each day. Many of you followed along with our daily events and progress and even left comments that were read aloud to the group in the evening. We thank God for the safety and energy He provided; thanks are also due to all of you who prayed for us during this time.

Construction Team As part of our morning devotions, we spent time talking about Nehemiah’s vision to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem as well as discussing how to use our gifts to the best of our ability in whatever we do. This provided each day with a challenge to our construction team that was blessed with some skilled leaders, eager working young people and some individuals who just want to lend a helping hand. This combination of people blended together to undertake numerous construction projects on the camp. MISSION TO HAITI CANADA


The items being worked on during our trip are as follows:  Set-up and pouring a portion of the reinforced concrete walls around the camp’s perimeter  Set-up and installation of the water tower tanks and associated piping to the orphanage, dorms and Pastor Charles’ residence as well as installation of the plumbing infrastructure into the orphanage.  Installation of the last four flights of poured concrete stairs to the top of the water tower.  Construction and installation of new cabinets in the New Pharmacy area and in Pastor Charles’ office (on site). Despite receiving only one of our two containers on the trip, the Team was resourceful in providing alternative plans and arrangements to allow the work to progress with the limitations provided to us. PAGE 1

Concrete Walls around Camp’s Perimeter

Water System Infrastructure

Due to the two hurricanes during the summer months in 2008, the perimeter block and concrete pier walls were largely destroyed. The Haitian workers had already dug out the existing foundations and poured new ones on the east side of the property, prior to our arrival. The total walls that need replacing is 2100 feet. Once on site, several modifications were required to manipulate form ties to suit the wall required. Approximately 140 lineal feet of 8’ high wall was poured by manually filling the newly acquired forming panels with numerous buckets of concrete.

Our plumbing team started the week by installing the plumbing within the orphanage in washrooms and shower areas. This team took great care and pride in provided an excellent installation for the water supply and drainage. From the orphanage, the team continued to install the water tanks on several buildings and connecting the water supply system to the water tower and then to each of the buildings (orphanage, dorms and Pastor Charles’ house). We now have a system that will feed all buildings via gravity once the tanks on the watertower are filled. A huge savings in generator running time.

This construction technique was new for our Haitian workers, who were impressed with the forming system as well as learning this new technology. Thanks to patience and grace that was extended to the Haitians on this team. MISSION TO HAITI CANADA


Water Tower Stairs The Water Tower construction was started two years ago and is the highest structure on the site. The ground floor houses the generator, the second floor is a residence for the groundskeeper, the third floor will be a residence for the security guard and the top level is for the water storage tanks. On this trip the stairs on the upper two levels were completed which allows full access to each level of the water tower. Other teams this year will complete the construction of the residences on the third floor level.

Cabinetmaking – Haitian Style Since the previous pharmacy was severely damaged by the flood, a new pharmacy area needed to be constructed on the second storey area of the school building to protect it from future catastrophes. The cabinetwork was custom designed with the input from the medical team to provide a place where the drugs could be store for use by Mission to Haiti Canada as well as other mission teams throughout the year. Similarly Pastor Charles’ office was also damaged and the cabinetmaking team provided three new work areas for Pastor Charles’ ministry to continue to operate.

Local Haitian kids getting paid for helping carry buckets of concrete



Medical Team Similar to our last two years, there was no medical doctor present in our group; however, with so many medically inclined volunteers many of whom have multiple years of experience with foreign missions, we were able to provide care to many people. This year was a unique trip since part of the agenda involved relocating the pharmacy from its former first floor location. The string of hurricanes that ravaged Haiti this past summer caused extensive flooding which basically destroyed the pharmacy. New cabinetry and shelving was installed in a second story room and a new partial inventory of supplies was organized in this area. We spent two days in Cazeau (a suburb of Port-au-Prince) at Christa College where we were able to care for about 100 patients each day. Two more clinic days were held at the compound in Messailler to treat people from the local community. Once again we assessed slightly more than 100 patients each day. Our team worked together like a “well oiled machine” and we are thankful that such cohesiveness was present.

Medical Team


Malaria seemed to be more prevalent this year and may be the result of the persistent flooding that occurred. The usual ailments like worms, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart burn and malnutrition continue to be very common. Please consider organizing within your church or other group some kind of “drug drive” where you collect medications like Tylenol (acetominophen), Advil (ibuprophen), cough medicine, and vitamins. These are the most common medications that we use and tend to run out of before we have completed our clinics. Contact a board member if you would be interested in helping with this initiative. We are currently looking for one or more physicians that would be interested in joining the group for next January; if you know one please consider informing them of this opportunity. PAGE 4

Child Sponsorship The sponsorship team spent several days meeting the children that are supported by your donations through our child sponsorship program. New pictures were taken of each sponsored child and the gift boxes you gave were presented to them; many families also received packages of rice and beans to help with their nutritional needs.

Sponsorship team

Bags of rice and beans were given to local needy Haitians

There are four groups of children sponsored through Mission to Haiti Canada. The first group is from Cabaret and attend the school at the ministry centre in Messailler where we stay. The children are very friendly and love to interact with us before and after school. The second group is from Faveau which is a short distance from Cabaret. The third group is from Cazeau and attend Christa College which is a very crowded school with many energetic children. The fourth group is organized by a group of young Haitian men who themselves have benefitted from sponsorship as children and see the value in providing this for others. They have a desire to help other poor children in their community and therefore have organized a sponsorship program locally.

As we return to these schools each year it is such a blessing to see the benefits the children receive through education. There are several more children on our waiting list available for sponsorship; if you, or someone you know would like more information about how the program works please contact a board member or email: Families who currently sponsor a child will be sent an updated picture of their sponsored child as well as a picture of a team member presenting a gift to their child.



2009 Mission Team

In Closing We count ourselves blessed to have had the opportunity to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Much gratitude is owed to pastor Charles and his staff who made our stay very comfortable and pleasurable. Again, we thank all of you who contribute through your prayers, volunteering, and financial contributions. Much work goes into planning these trips and the success depends on many key people and volunteers with great attitudes; we thank you for the countless hours you contribute to this cause. We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time in the future. Please keep our March team in your prayers as they are in Haiti from March 12 - 20. For specific information on future trips and general information about our organization, visit our website at:


Board of Directors: William DeJong Jack Streef Dr. Andre Boersma Joanne VanAmersfoort Linda Herechuk Glenn Reinders Mission to Haiti Canada P.O. Box 39 Norwich, Ontario N0J 1P0


Mission to Haiti Canada - Winter 2009 Newsletter  

Newsletter about the mission team that went to Haiti from Jan 19 - Jan 30, 2009

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