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Introduction Greetings to all of our friends and supporters and thank you for picking up this edition of the Mission to Haiti Canada Newsletter. We are thankful for the opportunity to report to you on recent progress and future plans


to continue to impact the lives of the people of Haiti. You will find Mission to Haiti Canada PO Box 39 information and photos relating to the Norwich ON N0J 1P0 9th annual golf tournament, the bridge dedication, and be able to find out more about upcoming short term mission trips.

VBS in the church at Messailler Housing development on the hill in Travo

Food distribution in Port-au-Prince A loving hug goes a long way

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6 Months in Haiti

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Golf Tournament

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November Short Term Mission Trip

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Upcoming Dates

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Bridge Dedication

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Medical Team Updates

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Update from Emily Dennis

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Container Shipment

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Mission to Haiti Canada

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Golf Tournament This year marked the 9th annual MTH Canada golf tournament fundraiser. The weather wasn’t sure if it was going to co-operate this year, with the possibility of rain in the forecast right until the day of the tournament. Thankfully, some openings in the clouds appeared and the rain held off which always helps to make for a much more enjoyable day. There were 118 golfers who enrolled and played golf and an additional 17 people came for the dinner only. This year $30,851 was raised thanks to all of your generous support! We are very appreciative for all of the corporate sponsors that contributed to this event through hole sponsorship or donating gifts for the prize table. A list of the sponsors and prize donors is available on our website: Please consider directing your business to them in support of their generosity and goodwill. The tournament was very well organized again this year by Jack Streef and Glenn Reinders, and their hard work is greatly

appreciated by all. We would also like to thank all of the other volunteers who helped in one way or another to make things run so smoothly. Mark your calendar for next year’s tournament which will be held at Burford Links Golf Course on June 16th, 2012.

A foursome putts out on a beautiful afternoon

Bridge Dedication A small group of people including the board of MTH Canada went to Haiti during the last weekend in June for the bridge dedication ceremony which took place on Sunday June 26th. This was quite a celebratory weekend as 5 pastors were ordained on that same day. The church was filled to overflowing with a large crowd also seated outside the church building. The bridge dedication began in the mid morning and both Jack and Glenn had the opportunity to address the congregation that had gathered to walk across the bridge following the ribbon cutting. Pastor Charles translated for them and also addressed the crowd. Once the ribbons were cut, there was a large procession that streamed into the church lead by a local men’s choral group. The church service was full of different

Mission to Haiti Canada

choral groups and a lengthy service which included the 5 ordinations. Following the service there was a big picnic where the entire congregation was fed a hot meal of rice and beans; this was quite a sight to see. The days leading up to the dedication were very exciting as there was much activity on the campus including musical bands that began practicing at first light; following practice, the band would resume again following dinner and play until 10pm. It was quite an electric atmosphere to say the least. We hope and pray that this bridge will be a blessing to the local village as it gives the community easier and safer access to the campus; may this act as a springboard to spread the Gospel message throughout Messailler, Cabaret and beyond.

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Bridge Dedication (Continued)

Water flows under the completed bridge.

June team on the bridge before dedication.

Update from Emily Dennis The following is a summary provided by Emily Dennis, sharing her experience in Haiti serving at the campus in Messailler where she spent a significant amount of time serving in the orphanage and facilitating projects with the local Haitians: Six months has come and gone! Wow! That went quick! Spending my time in Haiti serving the Haitian people was an experience I will never forget, and will continue to do! In the last couple months many projects have been started and accomplished. I had the privilege to help coordinate youth camps, in both Chapeau and at PMH camp. Both camps involved devotions, bible lessons, education sessions and adventure! The camp in Cazeau was headed by Bisson and it was full of history, new adventures and education. We taught neat little things about health like tooth brushing and proper table etiquette. The adventures we went on included trips to a restaurant, a historical park, and the beach. An interesting fact that many of the youth shared

Mission to Haiti Canada

with me was that this was the first time that they had been to a restaurant! The youth camp for PMH involved a "Miss PMH" contest, a trip to the beach and a formal gala. I am thankful for the financial donations that were generously provided to make these projects possible; without them they wouldn't have happened! It is important to bring the youth to meet Jesus and to see that they can have fun with Him, especially in the Cazeau area where it is very simple to get involved with gangs. By having a strong youth program, it keeps the youth out of trouble and focused on Jesus! At the end of my time in Haiti it was hard to leave all the new friends and family that I gained while there. I remember leaving, and the boys in the orphanage not wanting to talk to me because they were mad at me that I was leaving. I was just as sad as they were that I would be leaving. But it wasn't "goodbye" it was merely "see you soon"! I look forward to future opportunities to serve in partnership with Mission to Haiti Canada and help change lives in Haiti. God Bless, Emily

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6 Months in Haiti A Mission to Haiti Canada short term mission trip regular, Jeff Klasen, and his wife Chelsey, approached our board with a request to serve in Haiti on a 6 month term. Following a review of this application, we are pleased to announce that Jeff and Chelsey have been approved for this term and they intend to be involved in ongoing construction projects and day to day events at the campus and orphanage in Messailler. This couple

will be accompanying our organization on the next short-term mission trip in November and then will stay in Haiti until April. We are hoping that they will be able to have access to a stable internet connection during their stay in Haiti and provide glimpses into their day to day experiences in Haiti. Please check our website at and you can see on the home page when the most recent blog entry has been made.

November Short Term Mission Trip A group of 35 people will be embarking on a trailers. This playground will go a long way keeping short-term mission trip from November 7 – 18; the children at the school and orphanage in their focus will be on both medical assessments Messailler very well entertained and occupied will on and treatment as well as construction projects. break from school activities. The medical team plans to travel to Cap Haitien (on the Northern coast) acting in A well being plumbed to provide a mobile medical capacity. The trip to this community water in Port-au-Prince area will be long and arduous and we ask that you keep this group in your prayers during their time in Haiti. The construction team will be engaged in a labor intensive project that entails setting up a very large playground set that has been sitting in one of the onsite storage

A team assesses ongoing housing construction in Travo

Goats purchased for distribution in the community

Mission to Haiti Canada

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Medical Team Updates Linda Herechuk is our medical team coordinator and as such spends a great deal of time getting supplies and prospective team members organized before each trip to Haiti in an attempt to acquire sufficient medications at the lowest possible prices. While there in June during the bridge dedication the pharmacy was sorted and inventoried to prepare for upcoming medical teams. We will be repeating the Vitamin Sunday initiative again this year on Sunday November 27th. Please bring bottles of adult, children’s and prenatal vitamins to your church and they will be collected and distributed to those in need in Haiti. We have historically been short on doctor participation for our short term medical trips; if you know of any physicians that may be interested in joining our group for a trip, please direct them to our website: where they can

get in touch with Linda for more information. This year for the first time, a medical team will be travelling to Cap-Haitien to help with the needs in this area of Haiti. It will be a very long ride in a bus over some very bumpy roads. We hope and pray that the people in this community will be richly blessed by the people who serve them there.

A medical

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The dental team pauses between patients for a photo.

n The clinicians liste Mission to Haiti Canada

carefully during a

medical assessm

ent. Page 5

In Closing

Container Shipment Our organization endeavors to partner with other businesses to help use your donated funds in a stewardly fashion; the Ontario Gleaners have donated a significant amount of dried foods that we have loaded into a large shipping container that has been sent to Haiti. The container was also packed by a with a significant amount of lumber and other construction supplies as these can be difficult or impossible to locate in Haiti and are often three times the cost for a product of inferior quality. We recently received notification that the container arrived in port in Haiti and is awaiting clearance in customs. The amount of food packed into this container will go a long way in providing nutritious meals to needy families in Haiti and the construction materials will make a tangible impact to the ongoing construction projects.

Mission to Haiti Canada would like to thank you for taking the time to read this publication and familiarize yourself with the initiatives and projects that are either planned or have been undertaken. We are thankful for safe travels to and from Haiti, for your generous support for the golf tournament, and for your considerations regarding child sponsorship. The child sponsorship program continues to grow and is providing children with access to a meaningful education and a daily meal. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or need more information, please contact Joanne VanAmersfoort via our website: We hope to see you soon on a mission trip or at an MTHCanada event. Please pray for our organization as we look to come alongside the people of Haiti.

Upcoming Dates: Mission trips: Nov. 7 - 18, 2011

(medical, VBS and construction – trip full)

Jan. 9 - 20, 2012 (medical and construction – 5 spaces available)

Jan. 23 – Feb. 3, 2012

(VBS, sponsorship and construction – 9 spaces available) Shipping container as it appears mid-way through loading.

Mar. 9 – 19, 2012

(VBS and construction – 35 spaces available)

(Please note that availability may have changed on one or more of these teams since the printing of this newsletter.)

Golf Tournament: June 16, 2012 – Burford Links Golf Club

The container is loaded and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Mission to Haiti Canada

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