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Mthatha a ‘slaughter house’ SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE


HE Mthatha area has been described as a “slaughter house” over the course of the festive season.

This follows the high number of

deaths recorded in the area during late December and early January, which led to morgues filling up to capacity. The Mthatha area includes the towns of Ngcobo, Qumbu, Tsolo, Libode and Ngqeleni. The Eastern Cape Department of Health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo

confirmed that the Mthatha area was the most problematic area in the province during the festive season and as a result there was a battle for space in all the government mortuaries because of the high number of dead bodies that were coming in. From December 22 to 26, the Mthat-

ha area dealt with 73 dead bodies while a further 43 were brought to the morgues over the New Year period to make up a total of 116 deaths throughout the area over the festive season. Kupelo said stabbings and shootings accounted for the majority of the deaths, however, some were the re-

sult of car accidents. Kupelo told Express that they had plans in place to deal with the situation. “The overload is a problem in Mthatha but we’ve increased the number of autopsies done per day from six to 14,” said Kupelo.

Top matriculant is from  Mount Fletcher Reamohetse  Mofitiso  (centre),  of  the  Lehana  Senior  Secondary  School  in  Mount  Fletcher,  was  announced  as  the  top  matriculant  in  the  province  by  Mandla  Makupula,  MEC  for  Education,  at  a  prestigious  ceremony  in  East  London  on  Friday  night.  Reamohetse  was  also  announced  as  one  of  the  top  20  matriculants  in  the  country  –  he  is  first  in  the  quintile  1  division.  Abigail  “Abby”  Sieberha­ gen  (right)  of  Pearson  High  School  in  Port  Elizabeth  came  a  close  second  in  the  Eastern  Cape  Province,  followed  by  Mphoentle  Philiso  (left)  of  Cofimvaba  Senior  Secondary  School  who  was  announced  as  the  third  best  matriculant  in  the  province.  Read  the  full  story  on  page  3.                    PHOTO:CARA­LEE  DORFLING



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January 11, 2018 Mthatha Express

Eight­year­old girl drowns at Mthatha Dam  SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE VISITORS to the Mthatha Dam received the shock of their lives when they witnessed an eight-year-old girl drown there on Tuesday, January 2, at about 3pm.

The girl was part of a family group from Mthatha West who visited the dam for the festive season. When the tragedy occurred, the girl was swimming together with her two cousins of the same age under the supervision of her aunt.

The police spokesperson in the Mthatha cluster, Captain Dineo Koena, confirmed the incident stating that the aunt tried to rescue the girl but couldn’t because of the depth of the water. The girl’s body was eventually retrieved by

police divers. Koena warned those visiting the dam not to swim in it as it is deep and that there are no lifesavers around the dam. She said the incident was being investigated.

Woman raped on her way home after traditional ceremony SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE A 31-YEAR-OLD man from Butterworth has briefly appeared at the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court for the alleged rape of a 22-year-old woman. According to the police report, the victim was on her way home from a traditional ceremony on Friday, December 29, at

Security guard  gunned down A 43-YEAR-OLD security guard was shot and killed during an armed robbery at the Mthatha Plaza shopping mall last week. Police reports revealed that two unknown gunmen entered the shop and demanded money from a cashier at gunpoint. Police spokesperson Captain Dineo Koena said an undisclosed amount of money was handed to them and they also took takkies, a schoolbag and caps, all with a total value of R2 179. Koena said when the suspects were exiting the shop, the deceased tried to arrest one of them, but he was shot and died instantly. The suspects fled the scene on foot. She said one cartridge from a 9mm pistol was found on the scene. Koena urged anyone with information to contact the police. At the time of going to print, no arrests have been made. – SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE

about 3.20am. On her way home, she came across the suspect in the Mqambeli Locality, Bawa Village, Butterworth. Police spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha said the victim requested the suspect to accompany her to her home. The suspect agreed, but when they approached the home of the victim, the suspect was aggressive, saying that he was

SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE THE police in the Mthatha Cluster have launched a manhunt for the killers of an 84-year-old woman, who was found stabbed to death at Mvezo Administrative Area, Mthatha, at the home of the late, former president, Dr Nelson Mandela. The incident took place on Sunday at about 11am. According to the police report, the deceased who was staying alone, was


Servicing Mthatha for 15 years

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CK Business Centre, Mbuqe ext. X1U3T7L9-TE161117

found dead by her grandson, who had come looking for her. The motive for her murder was unknown and by the time of going to print there were no arrest as yet. The Acting Cluster Commander, Brigadier Nomawethi Makonza, condemned the incident stating that the police would work tirelessly to ensure that the perpetrators were arrested. “We condemn the killings of elderly women that are depending on the commu-

nities for their protection. We are making a call to everyone to protect our elderly women,” said Makonza. . In another incident, a 23-year-old man was arrested after he was found in possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition at Majodini Location in Qumbu. The suspect was in possession of a 9mm pistol with the serial number filed off. The man is expected to appear before the Qumbu Magistrate’s Court this week and the firearm will be sent for ballistic tests.

Willowvale woman arrested after dagga discovery REPORTER A WOMAN from Gaxa Location in Willowvale was arrested by police officers after she was found with 16 zolls of dagga.

that they also uprooted 85 dagga plants from her garden. The dagga had a street value of R3 000. . In another incident, police from Centane found a man who was reported missing at his home in Xhobani Location in Centane. Morgan Nogaga Gxekwa (98) was found

alive on Saturday at Xhobani forest. According to Manatha, it is suspected that Gxekwa got lost after having been left alone while his family were enjoying the festive season. “Police officers think that he went to the forest not knowing where he was going,” said Captain Manatha.

Police alarmed by Eastern Cape drowning incidents SIPHOKAZI VUSO

1821SD NOW

lowed to go home. Manatha said a case of rape was registered at Butterworth Police Station. Police acted swiftly, traced the suspect and arrested him. Butterworth Cluster police has been warning the community to end the traditional ceremonies around 5pm to avoid criminal incidents that happen late at night.

Massive manhunt for 84­year­old woman’s killers 

Police spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha confirmed the incident, stating

Aluminum Windows / Doors Stainless Steel Gates / Balustrades

not there just to accompany her. Manatha said the suspect demanded to have sex with the victim. When the victim refused, she was severely assaulted and dragged to a nearby forest where the man then allegedly raped her. He said the suspect later forced the victim to go to his home where they slept until the morning. The victim was then al-

THE South African Police Service (SAPS) is seriously concerned about the number of drowning incidents which have occurred at Eastern Cape beaches this festive season. Police are warning the community members to be vigilant and cautious when swimming at beaches, dams and rivers around the province. SAPS dive coordinator Robin Steyn said a common cause of drowning was when people didn’t have knowledge of the depth of the water where they were swimming. “We had an incident in the Bridle Drift Dam near East London where a nine-year-old boy

had difficulty swimming and a 13-year- old drowned while trying to rescue him,” said Steyn. Captain Khaya Tonjeni, police spokesperson, added that two women, aged between 20 and 22, drowned on December 26 while swimming at Qolora by Sea at Centane. Both their bodies were recovered and their next of kin were informed. Police have opened inquest dockets for both incidents. According to News24, there was also an incident where the body of a 14-year-old boy was recovered at Mthatha Dam by Mthatha K9 Rescue. The boy, from the Matyeba Locality, had been swimming in the dam at around lunch-

time “People have a tendency of swimming when the lifeguards have not arrived or when they have left, whereas they should only swim when lifeguards are on duty,” said Steyn. He added that children who cannot swim are known to use 2l bottles that are tied together as a flotation device, and these could fail as the bound bottles could spread apart, forcing the child to try to swim. “We are continuously warning people not to drink alcohol before entering the water, to swim only in the presence of lifeguards and for children to be supervised by parents or guardians at all times when swimming,” he concluded.

According to the editorial policy of Express we invite readers to comment about the newspaper’s contents, and we shall correct significant errors as soon as possible. Please send information about the correction of mistakes in the newspaper to the ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen, at, or call him at 021 851 3232 or 083 543 2471.


January 11, 2018 Mthatha Express


Cofimvaba Secondary proud of top matriculant CARA­LEE DORFLING SHE started out by building prefabricated houses for the community. Today she is the proud principal of an Eastern Cape learner who is one of the top 20 matriculants in the country. Nansiswa Sabata, the principal of Cofimvaba Senior Secondary School in the Eastern Cape, stood out head and shoulders above the others with her colourful traditional beads

around her neck at the media conference of the Eastern Cape Education Department on Friday. She comes from one of the most rural areas in the province, Cofimvaba. But it is also the area that yielded Mpoentle Piliso (18), one of the 20 top 2017 matriculants in the country. On Thursday, Piliso was announced by Angie Motshekga, the Minister of Basic Education, with another two Eastern Cape learners, Mofitiso Reamohetse of Lehana Senior Secondary School and Phikolomzi Mjikel-

wa of St James Senior Secondary School, as the Eastern Cape learners who were rated in the top 20 in the country. Sabata was moved when she spoke about Piliso on Friday. “The news was overwhelming. But also not really; that girl of ours has a strong will and is dedicated to achieving her goals,” Sabata said. Piliso was one of the 264 matriculants who wrote their examinations at the school – of which 30 learners did not pass. Sabata admitted that the

road to the end examination was not easy, but it was worth it. She has been the principal of the school for the last 26 years and said she basically established the school back then. According to Sabata, she did community work in the area and arranged for houses to be built until one day she asked for a school building for the children in the area. The school was built and Sabata says that not a day has passed that she regrets starting the school.

“The environment has many social challenges, learners live far away and it is sometimes dangerous in the area where they live. “Therefore, we, as the school, try to make the educational environment the best we can. “Everything possible is done; extra classes are even presented on the weekends to the learners. “As a leader, I realise all too well that we nurture the leaders of the future and we cannot take any shortcuts,” Sabata said.

Mount Fletcher matriculant is top of class in Eastern Cape CARA­LEE DORFLING THE top 2017 matriculant of the Eastern Cape comes from the remote town of Mount Fletcher. Reamohetse Mofitiso, of the Lehana Senior Secondary School, was announced as the top matriculant in the province by Mandla Makupula, MEC for Education, at a prestigious ceremony in East London on Friday night. “I never thought that I would come first,” Reamohetse said on Friday night. He obtained 100% for Physical Science and Geography. Aside from Life Orientation, he obtained above 90% for the rest of his subjects. He said that it was only hard work

and dedication that brought him his success. His grandmother, Christina Mofitiso, with whom he lives, said on Friday night that she had strict instructions from her grandson to wake him early in the mornings that he could learn for an extra hour or two. “And now he is number one in the province; it is incredible; he deserves it,” Mofitiso said. Reamohetse was also announced as one of the top 20 matriculants in the country on Thursday night – he is first in the quintile 1 division. (Quintile 1 schools are not allowed to charge school fees and have limited to very little resources.) Abigail “Abby” Sieberhagen of Pearson High School in Port Elizabeth came a close second. She obtained distinctions in all

eight of her subjects. She obtained 100% for History. “I have always worked to get here some day. “It is an incredible dream that came true,” Abby said. Jeremy, Abby’s dad, was elated when his daughter was announced as the second best matriculant in the province. “She deserves it! She sacrificed Fridays and Saturdays to be here today. And the bursary money would certainly come in handy because we, as her parents, cannot really afford her medical studies. Pieter Rademeyer, Pearson’s deputy principal, said Abby was in a class of her own and he had not seen a learner as studious as Abby in a long time. “Academics is important to us.

“We, as a school, strive for excellence in academics. And we are elated when they achieve it.” Mphoentle Philiso of Cofimvaba Senior Secondary School was announced as the third best matriculant in the province. She said her matric year required hard work, but due to the teachers’ help, she achieved it. Her advice to the matriculants of 2018 is to “believe in yourself; you really can do it; become still and let your academic record speak out loud”. Meanwhile, Kamvalethu Rengqe of Solomon Mahlangu Senior Secondary School in KwaNobuhle, just outside Uitenhage, was also honoured on Friday night. He was announced as the best matriculant in the Nelson Mandela Bay Education District in the previously

Eastern Cape Education MEC elated over progress CARA­LEE DORFLING DESPITE the fact that the Eastern Cape matriculants are last in the class for the eighth consecutive year, the Eastern Cape Education Department is elated. Mandla Makupula, MEC for Education in the province, expressed his pride and joy over the Eastern Cape matric pass rate of 65,01% at a media conference in East London on Friday. In 2016, the pass rate was 59,3%. Makupula reckons that the three-year plan of the department to help the matriculants of the province is starting to bear fruit. Owing to this increase, the Eastern Cape, along with KwaZulu-Natal, is the province that improved the most. Of the 67 648 matriculants who had written the matric end examination

in the Eastern Cape, 43 981 passed. Two of the new education districts, which decreased from 23 to 12 in April last year, achieved a pass rate of more than 70%. The Nelson Mandela Bay District has a pass rate of 72,6% and the Sarah Baartman District 71,8%. The matriculants of the Nelson Mandela Bay District also obtained the most distinctions in the province. Makupula said that they asked for help at the Free State Education Department early in 2016. “Last year the Free State, and now again, was the province with the highest matric pass rate. They have appointed a consultation group for the last seven years to help with promoting the difficult subjects,” Makupula says. Since April last year, the Eastern Cape also used this consultation group to help with improving Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy and

Physical Science. Makupula says that he is proud to announce that there was indeed an increase in the pass rate of these three subjects. The pass rate of Mathematics Literacy increased by 8,3 percentage points to 64,4%, Mathematics increased by 4,8 percentage points to 42,3% and Physical Science increased by 7,7 percentage points to 57,3%. “We cannot be anything else but proud of the increases and the good results. But of course, there are schools that did not do well which we will attend to carefully,” Makupula says. He refers to the Amathole East and Amathole West Education Districts which had pass rates of under 60%. The Isivivane Senior Secondary School, in the Chris Hani West District, is to date the only school in the province with a 0% pass rate. Another Eastern Cape school may

also have a 0% pass rate after 14 out of the 15 matriculants, who wrote the examinations at the relevant school, were caught with cell phones and cheating in the examination venue. According to Themba Kojana, the superintendent general of the Eastern Cape Education Department, this incident is investigated by the national education team and the result will be announced later. Kojana said that out of the 17 learners of the Isivivane Senior Secondary School who wrote matric not one has passed. He said the future of the school will have to be investigated since parents would not want to send their children to a school with a 0% pass rate. A matric class can also not consist of only 17 learners. “The possibility that the school can merge with another school must be investigated.” Makupula expressed his gratitude towards the other eight education

disadvantaged division. He obtained seven distinctions. Rengqe said before his matric year, he watched television every afternoon after school until late at night. But in January last year he decided to turn all his attention to his schoolwork. His mother, Nolubabalo, can attest to this. “When I saw him after school, he always had a book in his hands. “He was a completely different child and now all his hard work reflects in his marks,” Nolubabalo said while she tried to stop her tears. Rengqe says it was not an easy road, but to an extent he prepared himself for his forthcoming tertiary education. He is planning to study Computer Science this year.

districts, which he feels achieved a good aggregate by maintaining a pass rate of between 60% and 70%. The results are as follows: OR Tambo inland district – 69,3%, Chris Hani West – 67,9%, Alfred Nzo West – 67,3%, Joe Gqabi – 67%, Buffalostad – 65,9%, Chris Hani East – 61,8%, OR Tambo coastal area – 61,7% and Alfred Nzo East – 62,4%. Makupula says it is never nice to take the last position in the rankings, but when one looks past the pass rate, it is clear that the Eastern Cape achieved more than the last place. “Our province has three times more learners who wrote the examinations in comparison to the Free State. “It is not only about the quantity but also the quality. We supply the country with distinctions and top learners, but they are hidden behind the last place. “However, our goal is to improve the pass rate next year and maybe to shake the last position,” Makupula says.



January 11, 2018 Mthatha Express


The MayijI,  Qaba  and  Magqaza  families  from  Butterworth  enjoyed  their  leisure  time  at  the  beach  during  the  festive  season.  PHOTO:  SUPPLIED

Yolisa Tile  and  Lindiwe  Hlophe  tied  the  knot  at  Tikitiki  Location  in  Tsolo.  PHOTO:  SUPPLIED

Owam, Unam,  Amyoli  and  Mihle  Siteto  were  spotted  by  the  ‘Express’  crew  on  Christmas  Day  at  KwaDosi  Location  in  Mthatha.  PHOTO:  SIM  MDLEDLE

Nkosiyakhe Besi,  Gcina  Siteto,  Simamkele  Gwiji  and  Marks  Gafeni  enjoyed  themselves  at  Mthatha  Dam. PHOTO:  SIM  MDLEDLE

Kamva and  Xolisa  Siteto  during  a  traditional  ceremony  in  Mthatha.  PHOTO:  SUPPLIED


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January 11, 2018 Mthatha Express





January 11, 2018 Mthatha Express


Dealing with disappointing matric results  heads and a pragmatic approach are required to make the right decisions for the future,” Razack said. She said it is particularly important for adults to manage their response, as their emotional state could impact on the resilience of learners in the wake of the release of the matric results. “Although parents and guardians may feel deeply disappointed, they should know that their first words and reactions may leave a lasting impact. “They should take stock and consider their unified position so that the energy can be focused on the learner and their next steps,” Razack said.

REPORTER WITH the release of the matric results of the Class of 2017, thousands of parents and learners who may not have done as well as required are feeling anxious and uncertain about the future. According to an education expert, while many of them will have to come to terms with disappointing results, it is important to know that there are a number of options that can get learners back on track. Head of programme for the Faculty of Commerce at The Independent Institute of Education Fathima Razack said the most important thing for both parents and learners is to not panic. “While it might feel like the end of the world at the moment, clear

Options open  to  learners  who failed, but who are determined to still  earn  their  National  Senior

Certificate, include: ) Sitting for the supplementary examinations. ) Sending papers for either a remark or re-check. ) Returning to school and re-registering for matric. ) Registering at another school to complete matric. ) Completing matric via distance learning. Learners who passed, but didn’t achieve  the  marks  required  for entrance into degree study, have the following options: ) Sending papers for either a remark or re-check. ) Enrolling for a higher certificate at a higher education institution, which can give access to degree study. ) Enrolling for a diploma which

can give access to degree study. “It is also important to remember that while your marks may not have been good enough to get access to your first choice of course or institution, that doesn’t mean you have no other study options left,” Razack said. She said the most important thing to remember is that below par matric results don’t have to mean giving up on one’s dreams and aspirations. “If parents and learners can handle this situation maturely and plan their next steps instead of getting stuck in a catastrophical mindset, disappointing performance could be just the catalyst needed to propel a learner in a new and better direction, with more determination and resolve than before,” Razack said.

Fathima Razack,  head  of  programme  of  the  Faculty  of  Commerce  at  The  Independent  Institute  of  Education.                                                                    PHOTO:  SUPPLIED


What to do in a drowning emergency REPORTER FOR South Africans summertime spells fun, sunshine and outdoor activities involving water sports and swimming. However, it can unfortunately also be a time fraught with tragedy for those who are inexperienced, unable to swim and who may for some or other reason be vulnerable to drowning. David Stanton, head of clinical leadership at Netcare 911, said that emergency medical service providers, such as Netcare 911, tend to receive more calls related to drowning and water-associated emergency incidents during December and January than any

other months. “In any emergency situation, the most important thing to do is contact the correct emergency number immediately. Try and memorise the number for the emergency services in your area and keep the number saved on your cell phone and close to your landline telephone,” Stanton said. He said in many cases, during the panic of a medical emergency, people cannot remember the correct number or cannot find where they have written it down. “In such cases, one can contact Netcare 911 on the national number 082 911,” Stanton added. What to do in the event of

drowning ) Get the victim out of the water as soon as possible, but do not become a victim yourself. Make sure it is safe for you to enter the water first. ) Handle the victim with care. Many submersion incidents are associated with neck injuries, so keep movement to the back and neck to a minimum. ) Assess to see if the victim is awake. ) Check for breathing by looking at the chest for no longer than 10 seconds. If the victim is not breathing or not breathing normally (gasping), call for immediate medical assistance. ) Call a recognised medical

emergency service provider, such as Netcare 911 on 082 911, as soon as possible and give the dispatcher an accurate location of the incident and a contact number at the scene. Never hang up on the operator and always return to the rescuer to inform them that you have called for help. ) If the victim is not breathing, immediately start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), beginning with chest compressions. Keep doing CPR at a ratio of 30 chest compressions and then two breaths. ) CPR is vital, even if it is an amateur administering it. Keep on doing it until someone who is

trained in advanced life support arrives and can take over. ) All parents should learn how to administer child CPR as it differs from adult CPR. According to Stanton, having multiple layers of safety nets around the pool and spa areas at home or around other open bodies of water can prevent accidents and drowning. “A basic course in first aid and CPR can make a dramatic difference in the outcome should the skills be applied timeously.” For more info on CPR courses contact the Netcare 911 Faculty of Emergency and Critical Care on 0102098911 or visit the Netcare 911 website.


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January 11, 2018 Mthatha Express


OR Tambo groups excel in gospel extravaganza pect to take the top position out of all the gospel artists who were THE gospel group, competing in the Mthatha Praise and competition. Worship, were Manqokoma crowned the 2017 said, “The six champions of the Mthatha Praise Imvuselelo Gospel and Worship Development Exmembers, namely travaganza during Zimasa Diko, the final at the East Nomzekelo ManLondon Orient Theqokoma, Siphumatre at the end of le Mdlakuhluthi, last year. Asanda Mpengesi, Yonela MaThe group walkkhayonke and Sied away with phokazi Diko, met R10 000 cash, a rein a battle as indicording deal with viduals before deVovee Music Prociding to form this duction worth group in 2015. R90 000, a trophy “It is unbelievaand a certificate. ble that today we The build-up auwon one of the ditions for the festibest recording val were held in the deals in the provsix district municiince.” palities and two The Sam and metros of the East- The  members  of  the  Mthatha  Phopho group ern Cape, where Praise  and  Worship  gospel  claimed the secthousands of group  were  overjoyed  when  ond position in young, up-and- they  were  named  the  top  act  the competition, coming gospel art- at  the  2017  Imvuselelo  Gospel  receiving R7 000 ists showed off Development  Extravaganza.  cash and a certifitheir talents. cate. Speaking on behalf of Mthatha Both groups represented the OR Praise and Worship, Nomzekelo Tambo District in the competiManqokoma said they did not ex- tion.


Pictured here  are  the  members  of  Mthatha  Praise  and  Worship,  who  won  the  competition,  as  well  as  the  members  of  the  second­placed  Sam  and  Phopho  group.  They  are  now  the  gospel  pride  of  the  OR  Tambo  District. PHOTOS:  SUPPLIED The Imvuselelo Gospel Development Extravaganza is a talent search event which falls under the Amaqhawe Heroes Forum nonprofit organisation, which focus-

es on developing the youth in South Africa. It is sponsored by the National Lottery Commission (NLC). Manqokoma said the recording

deal, worth R90 000, will make a huge difference to the group because they have been struggling to find a way to record their music since forming three years ago.

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January 11, 2018 Mthatha Express

Mthatha Bucks boost squad to battle relegation ANELE RAZIYA THE struggling National First Division (NFD) side, Mthatha Bucks, released five players last week and also welcomed three new players to reinforce their team for the second half of the season. Mthatha Bucks confirmed via their Twitter page that they have released experienced players, including former Mamelodi

Sundowns player Luyolo Nomandela, former Jomo Cosmos player Pentjie Zulu and three young stars, Sakhele Nhlabathi, Ntando Ngubane and Shane April. Bucks’ general manager, Luxolo Matikinca, also confirmed on their page that they had signed Free State Stars’ experienced central midfielder, Angelo Kerspuy, on a short-term deal. Matikinca promised that they will reinforce their squad even more during this

transfer window. “We will further strengthen the squad during this window period and we are also happy that Kangwa Chileshe has had a successful operation and has now started his rehabilitation programme. He will soon join the rest of the squad,” he said. Furthermore, Bucks have also signed attacking midfielder Siyabonga Dubula from Cape Town All Stars, as well as Sello Jaftha from the Free State Stars on a loan deal, all

but ensuring an improvement in their performance. Duncan Lechesa’s charges are trying to fight relegation, after they failed to collect the maximum number of points when they played to a 2-2 draw against Cape Town All Stars at Parow Park Stadium at the weekend. They will be hoping that their new charges will help them move up the table. Mthatha Bucks are still rooted at the bottom of the NFD log.

Molosankwe set to finish seven­month national walk today HOSEYA JUBASE “I CAN. I will. End of story.” This powerful saying perfectly sums up Thato Molosankwe’s attitude towards life. Molosankwe (39) embarked on a walk across South Africa seven months ago in July last year and is expected to complete it today. He started his walk in Cape Town, walking to the Northern Cape before moving

Thato Molosankwe  crosses  the  Eastern  Cape  border  during  his  epic  walk.          

on to North West. He arrived there on Women’s Day after covering three provinces. After a well-deserved break, he then continued with his walk on October 3, covering Gauteng, Limpopo and the Eastern Cape. He is expected to finish his journey in the Free State today, January 11. Molosankwe said this walk is a preparation for a major walk next year on Mandela Day, July 18, when he will be taking the first step to walking for six years from Cape Town to Cairo, Egypt, which is a 24 000km trip. His aim is to promote peace across Africa (#Rounding Africa). Molosankwe added that the whole walk idea was something he started years ago with his friends in Johannesburg with an annual walk event called Jozi to Maftown Walk Against Women and Children Abuse. “The purpose of all these walks is more to promote morality, fight social ills with a particular focus on women and children and corruption that causes unemployment, poverty and crime. “It is also aimed at inspiring communities to take a stand against challenges that are destroying them in their communities,” he said. During his national walk, he visited Mthatha on December 25 and spent Christmas with the young residents of Thembelihle Orphans Home, where he donated toys and food parcels to bring smiles to their faces. Molosankwe appealed to communities to assist him with his walks and support his vision.

Thato Molosankwe  spent  time  with  the  children  of  Thembelihle  Orphans  Home  in  Mthatha  on  Christmas  day. PHOTOS:  SUPPLIED “I don’t have any sponsors. I have individual donors from a home in Mahikeng. “Walking is very expensive. On weekends you need to spend time in guest hous-

es so that you can recover well.” The 39-year-old said he is planning to inspire men to do the right thing by acting against the abuse of women and children.

Multimillion rand sports facility for Willowvale ANELE RAZIYA THE Mbhashe Local Municipality has recently launched a R40 million sports facility project which will be built in Willowvale Town soon. The new sports facility is aimed at improving the standard of sport in the rural areas under the Mbhashe Villages. During the launch, Mbhashe Local Municipality Mayor Samkelo Janda said they will build a sports facility that will accommodate all types of sports. The project will be built in phases because the municipality will allocate a specific amount of money to the project every financial year until the construction of the sports facility is completed in 2020. “Our aim is to finish this sports facility by 2020 because we will build it in phases. “So, this means each and every financial year we will allocate money for this project,” said Janda. He added that this project will create job op-


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Mbhashe Local  Municipality  Mayor  Samkelo  Janda  during  the  announcement  of  the  sports  facility  that  will  be  built  in  Willowvale  soon.                                                                                                         PHOTO:ANELE  RAZIYA portunities for the youth and it will boost the economy when the sports facility is completed

because they will invite other teams when they host big tournaments.

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Mthatha express 11 january 2018  
Mthatha express 11 january 2018