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Wednesday marked the  first  day  of  big  school for  many  Eastern  Cape  learners.  Pictured  here  is  Buhle  Kungothando  Ntola  from  Khwezi  Township  in  Mthatha  who  started  Grade  1  at  Mbuqe  Senior  Primary  School.  PHOTO:  BABALWA NDLANYA

Thunderbirds player joins Ban­ yana Banyana  P. 8

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January 18, 2018 Isolomzi Express

Residents failed to listen to warnings of police BABALWA NDLANYA POLICE officers from Butterworth Cluster were very disappointed about the high rate of crime which happened during the festive season. Police spokesperson Captain Jackson Ma-

natha said they tried by all means to warn the community to end the traditional ceremonies around 5pm to avoid crime but that did not happen. “We are very disappointed because this behaviour is one of the things which lead to a high number of crimes in our areas,” said Manatha. He said some of the residents who were com-

ing from these traditional ceremonies were the victims of rape and others were murdered. According to Manatha, some of these crimes occurred while the residents were returning home at night. He said the police will make sure that they host meetings with the traditional leaders to enforce this rule.

He said that if these rules were followed, the high rate of crime could decrease in the areas that fall under the Butterworth Cluster. In one of the incidents, which happened after a traditional ceremony at Mqambeli Locality in Butterworth, a woman, who left a traditional ceremony early in the morning, was allegedly raped by a man who was accompanying her.

Two suspects killed in mob justice attacks, others hospitalised SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE A 31-YEAR-OLD man was assaulted and killed at Masameni Locality, Dokotela Administrative Area in Ngqeleni last week, allegedly by community members. It is alleged that the deceased was with other three unknown suspects and tried to rob a Mampondomiseni shop when they were spotted and identified by a family who

were robbed of a firearm (pistol), a safe and firearm licence in December. According to the police report, during the attempted robbery the trio posed as police officers and one of them was wearing a police uniform. Police spokesperson of the Mthatha Cluster Captain Dineo Koena said after they were identified, the community gave chase and arrested them. Koena said they were assaulted and one

of them succumbed to the injuries while the other two were rushed to hospital in a serious condition. She said the fourth suspect fled the scene unhurt and the police were on his trail. Koena said the pistol that was stolen in December was found in their possession. She said a case of murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm have been opened at Ngqeleni Police Station. “Police seek information about the fourth

Teenager raped after leaving traditional ceremony BABALWA NDLANYA POLICE from Centane arrested a man (26) for the alleged rape of a girl (15) at Gqunqe Village in Centane recently. According to police spokesperson Captain

Jackson Manatha, the suspect was arrested during the night at his home in the same village. It is alleged that both the suspect and the victim were in a homestead that was hosting a traditional ceremony. “The suspect allegedly requested the victim to accompany him to another house where li-

quor was sold. On their way to this house, the suspect became aggressive and accosted the victim and raped her,” said Manatha. The matter was reported to Centane police officers who managed to trace and arrest the suspect.

Sleeping Dutywa woman shot dead, family members left alive REPORTER DUTYWA police are investigating a murder case after a man allegedly shot and killed a 61-year-old woman. The incident took place at Elunweleni Locality, Nqabarha Village, Dutywa, on Tuesday, January 9 at about 11.30pm.

The suspect found four family members who were all sleeping in the same room where he shot and killed the woman. He did not shoot the other three family members. The deceased suffered wounds on her upper body. She died instantly. The motive for the murder is not yet known. No one has been arrested yet. The identification of the deceased is still being withheld

pending the notification of all her relatives. Butterworth Cluster Commander Brigadier Trevor Mey condemned the murder of a defenceless woman. He vowed that Dutywa police detectives will work around the clock to trace the suspect. Anyone with information about the suspect is kindly requested to contact Dutywa police on 047 489 1333 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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suspect and about all those involved in killing and assaulting the three suspects.” Also in Ngqeleni, a 35-year-old man was assaulted and killed at Kwazul Locality last week after allegedly trying to rob a spaza shop, stabbing and injuring an Ethiopian man when they wrestled over the money. The community was called and the suspect fled on foot but was caught. He was assaulted and died on the scene. At the time of going to print there were still no arrests.

Unlicensed firearm,  dagga plant seized REPORTER POLICE from Willowvale arrested a man (27) for possession of unlicensed firearm. He was arrested at Bonde Locality in Willowvale. Willowvale police were conducting patrols when they noticed the suspect carrying the firearm. Police spokesperson Captain Jackson Manatha confirmed the incident, stating that the man was arrested as he did not have a licence to possess the firearm. “The weapon had no ammunition in it,” said Manatha. In another incident, a woman (19) from Mjazo Locality in Willowvale, who was found in possession of dagga, was arrested by the Willowvale police officers. Manatha confirmed the incident, stating that police received an information that she was in possession of dagga and she had also planted it in her garden. “Police uprooted 10 dagga plants and also found loose dagga around the house of the suspect.”

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Dagga that  was  uprooted  at  Mjazo  Locality  in  Willowvale.      PHOTO:SUPPLIED

3 Call for unity after High Court judgement  News

January 18, 2018 Isolomzi Express

FOLLOWING a failed bid for power by AbaThembu prince Mthandeni Mankunku Dalindyebo, brother of jailed AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, the Thembu nation called for peace. The Grahamstown High Court last week dismissed Mankunku’s application with costs whereby he was compelling the government to appoint him as acting king instead of Buyelekhaya’s son, Prince Azenathi Zanelizwe Dalindyebo. Following the judgement, Mankunku’s faction has vowed to appeal the decision. The acting king’s ally and his spokesperson, Nkosi Dumisani Zanenqaba Mgudlwa, called for the Mankunku’s faction not to go on to the next court because “they will never win

this case in any court on this earth”. He said they needed to come back home, sit down with the AbaThembu and Dlomos at Bumbane Great Place and iron out the differences. “We will welcome them with both hands because what we wanted is a unity among the Thembu nation indlu kaNgubengcuka. If they continue with this case, other nations will laugh at them. We were fighting for a very long time. Now, we need to come together, Mangubengcuka, shake hands and make peace. “Whether you won or lost, we are one family. Enough is enough. Now, we need to resolve this and speak in one voice to reconcile,” said Mgudlwa. He said during the reign of their fathers, there was peace, but why now they are failing to maintain what their fathers were doing.

Chief saves suspect from mob SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE THE Mthatha Acting Cluster Commander, Brigadier Nomawethu Makonza, has applauded the good Samaritan action of a chief, who acted according to the law to prevent his community from killing an alleged rapist. Chief Jongisebe Gwadiso managed to calm down and stop the community of Mamolweni, who were baying for the blood of a 22-year-old man who was accused of raping a nine-year-old girl in Mamolweni Locality, Ngqeleni last week. The community conducted a manhunt for the suspect following the report of a 9-yearold girl’s rape at about 5pm. The reports said the victim was with her

friend when the suspect climbed out of a truck and dragged the victim to the nearby veld, where he raped her. Soon after the incident, the community came out looking for the suspect. He was found and the angry mob wanted to kill him. But with the mercy of a chief on his side, he was rescued and handed over to the police. Makonza said it was good to have people, like Chief Gwadiso, within the community, who always maintained discipline among the community to avoid mob killings. She further complimented the community for their commitment in the fight against crime. Police spokesperson Captain Dineo Koena said the man was expected to appear before the Ngqeleni Magistrate’s Court soon.

Mgudlwa revealed that the king was planning to call the entire Thembu nation to Bumbane Great Place, so that everybody would have a chance to voice their opinions regarding the matter. Speaking on behalf of Mankunku’s faction, Thanduxolo Mtirara confirmed that they were going to appeal the decision. Mtirara believes that to come back and discuss the matter in Bumbane won’t help because on February 20, last year, they failed to merge the two names into one. “They even withdrew from the outcomes of a commission which was assigned to deal with the matter,” he said. The commission recommended Mankunku to become the acting king. Mtirara asked why all of a sudden they wanted to have a meeting “when they ran away from the collective decision that was taken in Bumbane on February 20, 2017?”

Nkosi Zanenqaba  Mgudlwa  and  Acting  King  of  AbaThembu  Prince  Azenathi  Dalindyebo.                                                                                                PHOTO:SIM  MDLEDLE

SASSA warns against fake message  ACCORDING to a media statement issued by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), the recent information circulating on social media stating that SASSA is providing uniforms and stationery to school-going children, who receive the child support grant, is untrue. SASSA has urged the beneficiaries of social grants to ignore the messages. “SASSA does not supply stationery to school-going children as it is not within SASSA’s mandate. School uniforms are provided as part of the Social Relief of Distress programme. “However, this programme is implemented in terms of the Social Assistance Act of 2004, and all prospective beneficiaries have to

meet legislated criteria,” the statement said. SASSA said the programme was facilitated after the engagement with the principals of identified schools and thereafter an assessment was conducted. “Furthermore, children who are to benefit from this programme have already been identified and orders for the uniforms have already been placed through local co-operatives, who sew the uniforms. “SASSA discourages anyone from retweeting or circulating this message as it is causing confusion among the beneficiaries of social grants.” Beneficiaries are also urged to check the authenticity of any information with the SASSA call centre on 0800 601 011 or visit – REPORTER

The future is exciting.

New payment plan for grant beneficiaries SIPHOKAZI VUSO THE South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and South African Post Office (SAPO) agency has reached an agreement to welcome a new social grant payment system that will see beneficiaries getting their grants from banks, various merchants and spaza shops. The new payment plan will be operational from April 1. The payments process will be done through the bank of the beneficiary’s choice, in large retail shops, the Postbank of SAPO, as well as through second tier merchants, including village banks, general dealers, small retail outlets, spaza shops and cooperatives which are legally registered and are South Africanowned.

Jeff Radebe, Minister in the Presidency responsible for monitoring and evaluation, said SASSA had received banking details of about two million beneficiaries who receive their grants through bank accounts. He said SASSA was negotiating with banks for the establishment of a special low cost bank account for beneficiaries who received their grants through electronic means at ATMs, retailers and pay points which are eligible for this special low cost account. “The nearly 2.9 million beneficiaries who receive their grants will continue to receive their grants at more than 10 000 pay points countrywide in the short and medium term,” he said. “SASSA will conduct a competitive bidding process to appoint a service provider for the distribution of cash at the respective paypoints,” said Radebe.


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January 18, 2018 Isolomzi Express

Deputy Minister visits Eastern Cape macadamia farm REPORTER THE Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Bulelani Magwanishe, visited the Amajingqi Macadamia Farm in Willowvale, Eastern Cape, as part of Taking the dti to the Factories campaign. The community farm, which is located in the Mbashe Local Municipality, was supported with a cash grant of R40 million under the Employment Creation Fund from the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti). To date the fund has disbursed about R30 million to the project. Magwanishe was accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Sfiso Buthelezi. Addressing the workers at the farm, Magwanishe said the project was intended to create sustainable jobs, skills transfer, social upliftment and distribution of wealth to

previously disadvantaged communities. “The overall goal and purpose of the project is to establish a community-owned macadamia nut industry in the Eastern Cape utilising land in the rural communities located along the coastal belt. “The long-term intention is to develop the whole macadamia value chain and create sustainable economic opportunities which will allow for sustainable jobs and the creation of emerging farmers in the rural areas. These will also boost tourism in the area,” said Magwanishe. The field manager at Amajingqi Macadamia Farming, Lwando Mnqweno, welcomed the visit by the deputy ministers and said the farming project has improved the lives of 12 villages around Amajingqi for the better. “Today more than 118 members of the community are employed in the farm mainly consisting of youth and women. For someone who has not been employed and trained in

farming, this project has shown what government intervention can do to improve the lives of the people with no skills or training,” said Mnqweno. Mnqweno added that with the prospect of expanding the community business to another level with the assistance of the Land Bank and exporting the nuts to Australia, Europe and China, more and more people will be employed, especially those who cannot afford higher education and training. “The project has also boosted local contractors in transport, and infrastructure as most of the procurement around the farm is done locally. The positive attitude showed by the workers also assists in building our economy for our future generation,” he said.

; The  Amajingqi  Macadamia  Farm  in  Willowvale  was  visited  by  Deputy  Minister  Bulelani  Magwanishe.                                                               PHOTO:SUPPLIED

‘First­time students can register for free’ ­ Minister for Higher Education SIPHOKAZI VUSO AS part of ensuring that free education is implemented in tertiary institutions, the Minister for Higher Education, Buti Manamela, paid a visit to the Walter Sisulu University Potsdam Campus and Buffalo City TVET College on Friday.

Manamela said all students who qualify for funding must register for free as was announced by President Jacob Zuma on December 16, last year. He said all deserving students would receive free higher education. “I came to engage with key stake-

holders, the executive management, student representative council (SRC) and unions to shed light on the matter and to ensure there is an implementation of free higher education for working class and poor students,” he said. He added that his visit was solely aimed at ensuring that first-time

entering deserving students could register for free. “We are facing a crisis in the country and we have to ensure in our institutions that all young people from any background can have access to education.” Manamela slammed reports of political parties that urged students

to go to universities and TVET colleges to demand free education. “It is only students who qualify for funding and who meet the criteria that will be eligible,” said the deputy minister. During the visit, Manamela inspected the readiness of the campuses for the 2018 registration.

Masizalane Youth  Enhancement Festival a  stunning success PRE-QUALIFICATION NOTICE


The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) is committed to the implementation of Government’s policy of employment of Targeted Enterprises. Accordingly, it is a requirement of this project, Contract No. NRA N.002-170-2015/1C-CO: Special Maintenance of National Route 2 Section 17 from Toleni (km15.5) to Ibika (km 44), to implement this initiative. The Contractor for this project, Raubex KZN, hereby invites pre-qualification applications from EME’s and / QSE’s as subcontractors for the packages listed below: Please note the following: i) A Letter of Good Standing from the Department of Labour is not required to be submitted by CIDB 1CE applicants at the pre-qualification stage. ii) A Letter of Good Standing from the Department of Labour will be required from qualifying CIDB 1CE applicants prior to the closing date of the tender process. The following EME and/or QSE packages on the Special Maintenance of the National Route N2 from Toleni to Ibika will be sublet dependent on budget constraints: • Waterbound Macadam Base & Cape • Subsoil drains Seal • Traffic Accommodation • Road Marking & Road stud installation • Pipe culverts • Kerbing and channelling • Inlet / outlet structures • Concrete side drains • Stone pitching • Block paving • Gabions • Guardrails • Safety Improvements (Asphalt speed bumps/Rumble strips) • Fencing PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO EME’s and / or QSE’s BASED WITHIN THE MNQUMA MUNICIPALITY AREA A MAXIMUM OF ONE (1) PACKAGE WILL BE AWARDED TO A SUCCESSFUL EME and / or QSE BID. The pre-qualification document will be sent to EME’s and / or QSE’s who request the documents via email to The completed returnable document with the supporting or supplementary information must be submitted via email to, on or before 26 January 2018 at 16h00, or alternatively in hardcopy to the Raubex KZN Site Office, between 11 and 26 January 2018 at 16h00, at the Toleni Country Lodge adjacent to the N2, approximately 7 km on the East London side of the Ndabakazi intersection on the N2. For any queries, please contact MR CR OLIVER via EMAIL to Alternatively, telephonic queries can be made to Amanda Gomba on 073 071 7473. An information briefing will be held with the shortlisted EME’s and / or QSE’s who have submitted their relevant documentation and have met the minimum criteria. The Information Briefing invitation will only be sent to those EME’s and / or QSE’s which have been shortlisted. The venue, date and time will be confirmed. Attendance will strictly be upon invite. The owner whose Identity Document copy was sent through must attend the Information Briefing and his / her name must appear on the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) document. No more than one (1) representative will be allowed per EME and / or QSE. X1U8RAU1-TE180118

LUDEKE Hall was filled to capacity as people who love the performing arts gathered in their numbers to enjoy good traditional music, dance, poetry and drama from local groups within Mbizana and the surrounding areas. Masizalane Youth Enhancement Festival, a brain child of a local poet Siyabonga “Mr Dlavu” Mdwayidwayi, was held on December 9, at Ludeke Mission and was running for the second year. Through the event, Mdwayidwayi said that he wanted to promote the traditional performing arts of the Pondo people by putting them on a public platform. “The talent unearthed through this festival is amazing and I hope to keep growing the event bigger for the benefit of our youth,” he said. He said that last year’s festival was so big that there was also a soccer tournament three days before it to accommodate those talented in sport. Eighteen groups performed at the festival while 10 local teams competed at the soccer tournament also held at Ludeke Mission. In poetry, Buninzi Mpetshwa won first prize, Sinako Foundation from Mount Frere won the drama and music categories, while Pantsula Kings dominated

the dance category. Each category winner took home a trophy, a certificate and prize money of R550. Those who came second got a trophy, certificate and R400 and while the third place performers each received prize money of R300, a trophy and certificate. Judges for the day were Ndomeleze Tshika, who is a dramatic arts student at the University of Pretoria and the local praise singer Lizo Dobe. “It was a stunning success and for that we thank our sponsors who threw their weight in by assisting us in whatever way they could and we mostly appreciate the support we received for the community members who came to watch their children showcasing their talents,” said Mdwayidwayi. Sponsors of the festival included Mbizana Taxi Association, Mbizana Local Municipality, Middlemen Sound System, South African Arts and Culture Youth Forum, Department of Education, Mangqalaza Bubele, Lukholo Ngebhe, Olwethu Ndabankulu and Ward Councillor Nkosinathi Cengimbo, Lubabalo Makhedama and AD Tshayingca Senior Secondary School. Mdwayidwayi also made a special mention of local media such as Uvolwethu Express, Inkonjane FM and Alfred Nzo FM for the publicity they have received.



January 18, 2018 Isolomzi Express

Pandor vows to assist unemployed graduates SIPHOKAZI VUSO TO voice out the challenges faced by unemployed graduates the #HireAGraduate movement launched its first dialogue under the theme, Graduate Unemployment: A Barrier to Socioeconomic Transformation, at the Miriam Makeba Art Centre in East London last Thursday. The dialogue was attended by Science and Technology Minister, Naledi Pandor, Minister of Labour, Mildred Oliphant and South African Youth Council (SAYC) president, Thembinkosi Josopu, who addressed the graduates and answered their questions. Chairperson of #HireAGraduate, Siphamandla Khashe, told Express that the movement, which was founded in February last year, was not a job-seeking channel but a movement that aimed to share new opportunities with unemployed graduates. “We started this movement to fight graduate unemployment as it is a socio-economic

crisis. There is an issue in our province of graduates migration, where graduates go to contribute to the economy of other provinces and it is our intention to contribute to the economy of our own province to curb the high rate of unemployment,” the chairperson said. She added that last year they had tried to grab the public’s attention in a form of flash mobs but the results weren’t as fruitful as their cries fell on deaf ears after handing over a memorandum to the office of the premiere. “It felt like the office of the premiere undermined our movement and what we are trying to do,” she said. At the dialogue, the graduates were given a chance to share ideas on how to curb the issue of unemployment and to ask questions to the panel. Sivenathi Gobidolo said after completing his diploma he started his own business but had to seek employment because he could not get funding for his business.

“We come from disadvantaged backgrounds where the family expects that when you graduate you are going to lift the weight off their shoulders and take care of them. “I know of so many graduates like me who had to do jobs they are overqualified for just because they have to take care of their family,” Gobidolo said. Pandor told the graduates that they should associate employment with enterprise formation as there is a need of services in the country. Pandor requested a database of the graduates, their qualifications and experience. “We are working on a strategy to expand youth employment but this is not a problem that only a government can solve as one of the ways to resolve the problem is to be fairly organised when approaching it. “This is only the beginning; I will come back and have a series of meetings in different sectors where we can sit, discuss and go to the heart of the matter,” Pandor said.

Science and  Technology  Minister,  Naledi  Pandor,  attended  the  #HireAGraduate  dialogue  and  engaged.                                      PHOTO:  SIPHOKAZI  VUSO 

Rumours about green ID books refuted REPORTER RUMOURS that the green barcoded ID book will be discontinued have surfaced again, prompting the Department of Home Affairs to refute the claims once more. During their first briefing of 2018 on January 10, Home Affairs director general Mkuseli Apleni expressed his concern over the continuous claims that the lifespan of the green ID book would be terminated on March 31 this year and the effect it has had on South Africans. In a state of panic, a large number of people have swarmed to Home Affairs offices to apply for smart ID cards. The false claims first started circulating late last year and are making the rounds yet again on social media. “At the time, we had responded swiftly to say such reports are false and do not come from us. We are again confronted with the same incorrect reports from the beginning of January, circulating largely on social media,” Apleni said. “We, therefore, call upon members of the public to ignore these mischievous messages. Responding with panic affects our systems negatively, thus, making it very difficult for us to deliver services as expected: professionally and in the most humane of ways.” According to Apleni, their offices refuse to turn anyone away and are, therefore, left battling with long queues and frustrated people. “This is a situation to which we do not want

to subject citizens and officials. It is in our interest that citizens should apply for and receive their secured smart ID cards; it is in their interest and in that of the country. But this has to be done systematically.” When the department rolled out the smart ID cards in 2013, their data showed that 38 million people were in possession of the green barcoded ID books and they then set out a strategy for a smooth roll-out. “We knew that one workstation can handle 28 card applications per day. It takes 17 minutes on average to finalise capturing an application. We were, therefore, able to estimate how many cards we could produce at a given time with the number of automated offices we had that were equipped with live capture. As a result, when we started, we had invited first-time applicants and senior citizens to be the first to apply for smart ID cards, free of charge,” Apleni explained. Over time, with more offices and automated systems, and reinforced by 14 bank branches on eHomeAffairs, they extended the coverage to other areas. “Of our 411 offices, 184 are currently equipped with live capture, which can process applications for smart ID cards and passports,” he said. “Discussions with participating banks are continuing to increase capacity through additional bank branches. “Participating banks are Absa, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank.”

Reconstruction surgery to restore  dignity to maimed initiates  ZAVELA MAKWABE  OVER the years a lot of preventative measures were implemented by different stakeholders in an attempt to minimise injury and ensure that initiates come home alive from the bush. However a lot of these initiates have not been so fortunate and a lot of them have lost their manhood as a result of botched circumcision, something that has left them physically and psychologically scarred. The recent announcement by the Department of Health to try to help those who have had their manhood injured or amputated, so as to restore their dignity has been welcomed by many. Collen Konitshwe of the Medical Male Circumcision Programme said the Health Department had changed the approach they adopted at the beginning of the year when they could not offer any help, and are now seeking ways to assist initiates that are in need of medical attention. “We have started services in the Eastern Cape and we will go full scale this year where we have established partnerships with a local urologist and a plastic surgeon who are going to be helping us with penis

rehabilitation and reconstruction,” Konitshwe said. Nkululeko Nxesi of the Community Development Foundation of South Africa (CODEFSA) has welcomed the announcement by the department and said that this move would help initiates to try to live normal lives again. “Over a thousand boys are living without penises in the Eastern Cape alone and this is creating havoc in the communities because these boys become violent. This is a huge step in the right direction, and I think this is one of the glaring gaps in the programme,” Nxesi said. Social worker Mkhwanazi Xhaluva also reiterated the importance of helping the initiates because they become violent and dangerous when they come back to their communities without their manhood. “When there are penis amputations these initiates become less of a man. We met a few who have been amputated and it’s a traumatic experience for them. “One mother was relating how her son was so difficult when he came back from initiation school. He was beating her and his girlfriend up until one day he dropped his pants and showed his mother what was wrong with him,” Xhaluva said.

The department has encouraged those with access to the internet to apply for their smart ID cards and passports online, using the eHomeAffairs portal at “We really cannot afford disruptions arising from false messages on termination dates. We are working on getting our systems fully automated and are also developing a mobile solution to support the roll-out of smart ID cards. “Between 2013 and 2017, we were able to reach the seven million milestone on smart cards issued. While we have 38 million people to cover, it should be clear these messages making the rounds, that March 2018 is the cut-off date, are

devoid of truth and should, therefore, be ignored.” Beware of scams In addition to addressing the claims about the termination of the green barcoded ID book, Apleni also took the opportunity during the briefing to warn residents to be vigilant about scams. “We have noticed a spike in the number of incidents in which people use fake accounts to steal money from others. We urge people to be vigilant; they should not allow themselves to be conned, whether for tenders, IDs or other documents.”

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6 Offenders, parolees clean up Efata school News

January 18, 2018 Isolomzi Express

BABALWA NDLANYA JUSTICE Minister Michael Masutha visited the Efata School for the Blind and Deaf in Mthatha, where he led a team of offenders and parolees in cleaning up the school. The department is partnering with the public broadcaster’s social responsibility arm, the SABC Foundation, to refurbish the school. The work included erecting a proper fence around the school, as well as cleaning up the buildings and classrooms and giving them a fresh coat of paint. “We are launching the 2018 Back to School programme by giving support to this school because we want to ensure that the teaching and learning commences successfully.

“Correctional Services aims at providing offenders with an opportunity to give back to communities by means of supporting developmental infrastructure projects and general maintenance work in schools and other facilities,” said Masutha. He said partnering with the SABC Foundation would further assist in raising awareness on the challenges faced by the 22 special public schools in securing funds to procure appropriate learning and assistive learning devices. He appealed to parents to ensure that they play a major role in teaching their children to be responsible, so that they should not end up in jail. Giving a word of support, acting general manager of the SABC, Phumzile Mnci, said they were happy to partner with Correctional Services to

improve the value of Efata. “We are here to give support to this project and we want to ensure you that we would be back very soon. “We would mobilise other partners to come and assist this school. “We will use our radio stations to mobilise with our partners because we don’t want this school to suffer in front of our eyes,” said Mnci. The principal of the school, Nolundi Nqolo, said they enjoyed seeing their school being refurbished. Justice Minister  Michael  Masutha,  ministerial  spokesperson  Advocate  Mthunzi  Mhaga  and  Councillor  Thandiwe  Mdledle  from  OR  Tambo  District  Municipality,  together  with  other  dignitaries,  leave  the  hall  from  Efata  School  for  the  Blind  and  Deaf.                                  PHOTO:BABALWA  NDLANYA

OR Tambo to welcome three new radio stations this year HOSEYA JUBASE COMPETITION among Xhosa radio stations, specifically in the OR Tambo region, is now even tougher with the addition of yet another new voice. The Mhlontlo Municipality radio station, called Sabela FM, is expected to take to the airwaves before the end of 2018.

It will be joining the likes of Rhythm FM, a commercial station based in East London, and Ingwane FM, a Mthatha-based station, both of which are expected to go on air before May. These three newcomers will join existing OR Tambo Xhosa stations UCR FM, Port St Johns FM and the well-known national radio station, Umhlobo Wenene FM. Sabela FM is owned by a non-prof-

it organisation (NPO) which was founded by a group of young adults from Qumbu and Tsolo. The NPO is chaired by Lulutho Ngxithi and other members include Anele Bango, Nonzukiso Sidlayi and Luvo Malundi. Ngxithi said that as an NPO, they had a desire and passion to bring about positive change and fight social ills within their communities and decided that a community radio

station would be the perfect way to do so by becoming the voice of the affected individuals. Sabela FM is set to broadcast 95% of their content in isiXhosa and 5% English as it is aimed at the isiXhosaspeaking people of the OR Tambo region. Ngxithi said, “Some of the goals that the station wants to achieve include contributing to the development of the Mhlontlo region, creat-

ing employment and boosting the local economy by assisting local entrepreneurs with a platform to market their businesses.” The station is currently raising funds to ensure that it runs smoothly once it opens. Ngxithi urged all community members and business people who may wish to contribute to the success of the station to contact them on

Emergency call centre numbers currently offline HOSEYA JUBASE  CONCERNS have been raised in Mthatha after it was revealed that the PRD building 10111 emergency call centre had not been working properly since the beginning of the year. Mthatha police spokesperson

Captain Dineo Koena confirmed that the lines were not functioning due to technical challenges but technicians were busy working on the problem. She appealed to all Mthatha and surrounding communities to call 112 instead of 10111 for assistance. Koena said the 112 number will

transfer patrons to the police station in one’s area, then the station will direct you to the right department for help. Ambulance lines are also affected by this issue. Meanwhile, Koena urged community members not to take the law into their own hands following

the death of Mziwonke Nkenjana of the Kwelimdaka area, which is situated in the Lukhuni rural area in Libode, after he was allegedly tied to a tree with a rope. The deceased was accused of stabbing his mother to death. Koena said no arrests have been made in the matter..


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January 18, 2018 Isolomzi Express

Underage drinking a great concern  SIYANDA NKONYENI RECENT statistics have revealed South Africa as one of the countries with the highest alcohol consumption in the world and it is rated number three in Africa, something that is a big concern for many in the country, given the many social ills that are a result of imbibing. One of the biggest concerns is the increase in underage drinking and with the age of alcohol abuse among young children getting younger by the day. This has prompted some stakeholders to take action. Recently the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) came out in support of

the government and proposed that the national liquor policy increase the legal drinking age to 21. This announcement was welcomed by the Eastern Cape Liquor Board representative, Mgwebi Msiya, who applauded the stance taken by COSAS for realising the danger that is caused by liquor to young people. “Government has been raising its concern over the abuse of alcohol by the youth, especially those who are younger than 18 years old, because this presents a health risk to them as the development of the body and mind is not complete at that age as liquor damages their system. “So we are happy to work with other stakeholders to fight the abuse of alcohol because the problem is getting worse.

These days you find that children start abusing alcohol at the age of 14,” Msiya said. He said that they are aware that increasing the age limit might not be the only solution and that more has to be done to try to solve the problem. He also blamed society for contributing to the drinking problem facing the youth. “There are many problems that lead young people to abusing alcohol, like parents who make alcohol look fashionable and they drink in front of their children, and they even send them to buy alcohol. “When they are exposed to that environment they will want to experiment. “Parents give their children excessive pocket money and because of peer pressure

they will collect that money and buy alcohol,” he said. Msiya added that they are continuing to work with other stakeholders and use other platforms throughout the year to educate the youth about the dangers of alcohol. “We have programmes like visiting schools and educating learners but we can only do so much; that is why we are working with the Department of Social Development. We are also appealing to traditional leaders to help us to engage communities,” he said. He asked parents to be more aware about what their children are doing especially during the busy festive season because that is when young people are likely to start drinking.

Huge opportunity ahead for learners with ‘Class Of’ competition REPORTER  TOUGH economic times continue to put immense pressure on families and with everincreasing school fees parents are feeling more cash-strapped than ever, but fortunately more than 450 learners will get the opportunity to have their school fees for 2018 paid with Shoprite’s annual ‘Class Of’ competition.

The initiative forms part of Shoprite’s commitment to uplift the communities in which it operates by creating opportunities through education. Since its launch, the competition has already seen more than R5 million in school fees paid out by the retailer, helping thousands of learners. The competition calls on learners from Grade 1 to 12 across the country to gather pen and paper and submit a

Gospel artist preparing for her DVD BABALWA NDLANYA A YOUNG gospel artist from New Payne Locality in Mthatha is preparing to film his first DVD at the end of this month. Abongile Mbebe will film his DVD in three districts which include the Mthatha area, Ngqamakhwe, and Mount Fletcher. Talking to Express, he said he took a long time to do the shooting because he wanted to ensure that he had enough money to do this. “I want to ensure that the residents get the best DVD with a good quality – that is why I am taking time to do this. “I don’t want to disappoint them because they had supported me a lot during

short essay or creative drawing describing what they want to be when they grow up. Competition entry forms are available at all Shoprite stores across South Africa or can be accessed on the Shoprite website at The ‘Class of 2018’ competition closes on January 28 and winners will be announced in early February 2018. The Shoprite Group creates additional op-

portunities for young people by annually investing R20 million in its bursary programme. These bursaries are offered to both matriculants applying to higher institutions in South Africa as well as students currently completing tertiary qualifications and are linked to work-back agreements ensuring employment opportunities after graduation.

The Isolomzi Express can be read online or downloaded from Search for Isolomzi Express

the recording of my CD,” said the singer. Mbebe released his CD titled Baba Ngiyavuma last year, which consisted of 10 songs. He said he had already started writing songs for his second album but he was not in a rush. “I want to ensure that I finish my DVD first before I released another CD. “I am expecting my DVD to be out in May.” Mbebe said people who wanted to enter the music industry must know that it was not easy at all but they needed to be patient. “The youth must know that education is the main key to success; they must focus on their books first so that they can have a better future.”

Gospel artist  Abongile  Mbebe  prepares  to  shoot  her  first  DVD.        PHOTO:BABALWA  NDLANYA




January 18, 2018 Isolomzi Express

Sanco brings positive change to Libode youth HOSEYA JUBASE ATHLETES in the Mthombe rural area of Libode, who are passionate about furthering their careers, received sports kits and trophies from Ward 5 Sanco members, led by provincial chairperson Zukile Luyenge, during a ceremony at Qanqiso Junior Secondary School on January 10. Mpumelelo Langa, Ward 5 councillor in Libode, said that the athletes are the people who are developing sport in the area and the Sanco intervention will bring hope and change to the youth. “From now on we will organise women to be part of sport and come up with tournaments to empower women in sport,” said Langa. Speaking to Express, Luyenge said the government had done a lot to develop people, but much more should have been done with the resources they have. “Today, as Sanco, we are saying we should not fold our arms and wait for the government

to come and bring services to us,” he said. “We are saying that people must learn to do something in order for the government to assist them. “When you look at the conditions of the roads and schools that have been built, there are schools here that could have been finished a long time ago, but something went wrong. “If there is no element of corruption in these things, then how can a contractor stay on the site when the school supposedly should have been finished in two years, but it has been five years?” Luyenge asked. “The leadership of Sanco and the community at large has to know what exactly went wrong because when a school, or any project for that matter, is being built, the community should know how much was spent on the school and sport facilities of the school.” Speaking at Qanqiso Junior Secondary School during the handover of kits and trophies, Luyenge urged all local residents to do something to help others and to work together to develop poor and disadvantaged people.

From left  are  Zukile  Luyenge,  KSD  Sanco  deputy  chairperson  Daluxolo  Myeki,  Ward  5  Councillor  Mpumelelo  Langa  and  Sivuyile  Makunga  (ANC  chairperson  in  Ntlangano).       PHOTO:HOSEYA  JUBASE

Thunderbirds player to join Banyana Banyana  ANELE RAZIYA SASOL League champions Thunderbirds Ladies’ midfielder, Yonela Keto (20), is expected to form part of the national Banyana Banyana team which will play a friendly match against Sweden today.

Thunderbirds Ladies’  player  Yonela  Keto  will  be  joining  the  Banyana  Banyana  team.                                                                        PHOTO:ANELE  RAZIYA

This comes after she was recently selected by Banyana Banyana interim coach Desiree Ellis to join her squad of 26 players. The Butterworth-based team player was selected after she performed very well last season. She did particularly well in the Sasol League National Championship tournament at Nelspruit in December, where Ellis was scouting for players. The Libode-born Keto had won queen of the match there and also put Thunderbirds Ladies on the map after they won the bronze medal and they took home R60 000 in prize money for the first time. Keto’s coach, Thembalethu Aplen, is delighted about the inclusion of Keto in

the Banyana Banyana squad that will be playing a friendly match against Sweden today. Aplen said they were not surprised about the inclusion of Keto in the Banyana team because she performed very well last season and even excelled during the Sasol League National Championship tournament that took place at Nelspruit in December. “She is a hard worker. “She balances her defence role with her attacking mind, creating many goals for the team. “It is not surprising for us that she would be included in the national team because we know that she is brilliant,” Aplen explained. He added that the selection of Keto had increased the number of players under his command chosen for national duty to four. This is due to the fact that they have Kholose Bhiyane and Keto both playing for Banyana, while Dekada Zimasa and Anelisa Nanasela will be representing the national u/20 team.

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Mthatha Bucks woes continue ANELE RAZIYA NATIONAL First Division (NFD) side Mthatha Bucks’ woes continued at the weekend when they failed again to produce better results against Royal Eagles at the Mthatha Stadium. The Eastern Cape-based Bucks played to a three-all draw against Eagles. Bucks supporters were hoping that their team will collect the maximum number of points at home to improve their standing on the log table from the bottom position. Unfortunately the KwaZulu-Natal-based Eagles were equal to the task, no matter what Bucks did to collect all three points. The results mean that Bucks have not won a league match in eight successive games. They last tasted victory on October 21 last year with a 2-1 win over Cape Town All Stars when the team was still coached by Ian Palmer. Duncan Lechesa’s charges have 15 points after 17 games played this season and they

are still rooted at the bottom of the league. Bucks will need to start collecting maximum points this weekend when they visit Stellenbosch FC in the NFD encounter at Cape Town on Saturday afternoon. If they fail to do that, they will see themselves playing in the ABC Motsepe League next year. Amathol’amnyama, as Bucks are known, have also bolstered their defense with three new signings, including Bloemfontein Celtic player Vincent Ntuli and former Baroka FC left back Tshepiso Leitsisa. “We can confirm the signing of a centre back from Bloemfontein Celtic by the name of Vincent Tebogo Ntuli. We have also signed the former Baroka FC left back Tshepiso Lietsisa from Witbank Spurs. The other signing is Wandisile Tjamolane a right back from Richards Bay FC,” said Bucks general manager Luxolo Matikinca. “These are the players we feel can make a difference as we continue to strengthen the squad in our quest to push for a respect-

The struggling  Mthatha  Bucks.                                                                                                            PHOTO:  ANELE  RAZIYA

able log position. We welcome them to the Bucks family with high expectations.” Recently, Bucks signed experienced midfielder Angelo Kerspuy from Free State Stars, Siyabonga Dube from Cape Town All Stars and Sello Jaftha from Free State Stars on a loan deal.


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Isolomzi express 18 january 2018  
Isolomzi express 18 january 2018