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Toddler found dead



HE community of Mthumbane Township in Port St Johns is in shock following a mysterious incident in which a child (2) was allegedly snatched from her mother’s bed and found dead outside the house a few hours later. The incident happened in Mapeki location in the early hours of last week Saturday. The mother of the child, Nomfundo Tuswa (37), said she was fast asleep in her own room in her three-roomed house when she was woken by the hysterical crying of her baby at around 12.30am. She was surprised that the child was crying outside the house and not next to her as they slept together. “Then I screamed and tried to chase the snatcher but he vanished in the dark. Some community members woke up and tried to chase, but in vain. At around 3am my baby was found dead. I really don’t know who did this to my angel,” said Tuswa. She said she suspected

that the child was taken out through the window as it was opened. According to her, the window had a small hole in it which was closed with sellotape and that it might be that the perpetrator forced his hand through the hole to open the window. Two children of Nomfundo’s late sister were in another room. They didn’t hear anything either and knew nothing about how the baby got out the house. She confirmed that the baby was found with marks on her neck showing that she was strangled to death. “The post-mortem also revealed that her ribs on the left side were broken.” The Councillor of the area, Zwelivumile Mhlabeni, was also shocked by the incident and said it was his first time in Mthumbane to experience such a disgusting occurrence. He called on the community to work handin- glove with the police in order for the suspect to be arrested. The police confirmed the incident and said they were working around the clock to arrest the perpetrator.

Police are working around the clock to aprehend the perpetrator who snatched a toddler from her mother’s bed. The toddler was later found dead. PHOTO AS ILLUSTRATION: FRAUKUECH








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April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express

Nyandeni council approves budget

AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA THE Nyandeni Local Municipality council voted unanimously last week Monday to approve Mayor Thokozile Sokhanyile’s revised 2014/2015 budget report. The budget, together with the IDP report, was tabled at a special council meeting held at the municipality’s council chambers in Libode. Unlike in previous meetings, there were no misunderstandings from the opposition parties in the council. Nyandeni’s budget for this year is R252 745 786 to be spent on the municipality’s budget and treasury, corporate services, planning, community services and infrastructure services departments.

Sokhanyile also highlighted some projects that the municipality will be running with this budget. “One of our projects, which will help to empower the youth co-ops, is the bricklaying and paving of streets, starting in our towns, Libode and Ngqeleni. “We will give machinery to the registered co-ops to pave the streets. This project will assist the municipality in maintaining its roads and also help in creating jobs for the local youth,” said Sokhanyile. The mayor also briefed the council about the proposed new site earmarked for the dairy farm which will no longer be in Mdlankomo, but in the Makhotyana area. “Following the total rejection of a dairy farming project by the community of Md-

lankomo, a new site has been sought in Makhotyana, ward 04 in Libode,” she said. According to the recommendations, the municipality needs to first conduct a pre-feasibility study to determine the extent of readiness of the community and also to try to get local youth with a background in farming to be part of the project. Nyandeni is also planning to fast-track the feasibility study for the Malungeni clay project in Ngqeleni which is aimed at developing the community and also to attract investors.

Mayor Thokozile Sokhanyile.


Massive campaign in schools to fight drugs SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE THE South African Police Service (SAPS) communication office has embarked on a massive drug awareness campaign in schools around Mthatha to curb drug abuse and selling of drugs in schools.


This effort follows recent reports that Mthatha schools are rife with drug abuse and the main targets of drug lords. The campaign started last week Thursday in Khanyisa Senior Secondary School in Mthatha. SAPS Communication Officer, Colonel Mzukisi Fatyela, revealed that his office was not working alone in this campaign as it has also roped in the dog unit, NGOs and other government departments. He confirmed that drugs are a big problem at Mthatha Schools. The Police’s main focus is to conduct these awareness campaigns at all the schools. “We want to make learners realise that in using drugs they are wasting their lives and ruining their future,” he concluded.

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Centane man arrested for allegedly killing his mother REPORTER A CENTANE local was arrested by Centane Police for allegedly murdering his 70-year-old mother, Elizabeth Nolungile Nibe.

The South African Police Service has embarked on a massive campaign to curb drug abuse and drug dealing in schools in and around Mthatha. PHOTO AS ILLUSTRATION: CITY PRESS

It is alleged that 46-year-old Mphuthumi Shweni kicked and hit his mother against the wall of her house on Monday, 31 March, 2014, at about 5pm at Qolorha (G) Location Msento Village Centane. She died on the scene and had upper body injuries. Police said the motive for the murder is not known but the crime was witnessed by members of the community who contacted the police. The suspect was arrested and charged with murder. He appeared in the Centane magistrate court on Tuesday, 01 April, 2014, on a murder charge. He was not asked to plead and his case was remanded to Monday, April 14. He was remanded in custody.

Electricity woes continue in Mthatha SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE DESPITE several attempts to address the problem of power failures in Mthatha, the problem persists in the town and its surrounds and residents and businesses were left in the dark again last week Thursday. In the past few years power-and sub-stations have been opened in Mthatha in an

endeavour to curb the problem with power failures. In November last year President Jacob Zuma officialy opened a sub-station in Thornhill near Fortgale, but the town’s power woes continue. There are four substations in Mthatha at Sidwadwa, Unitra, Hilcrest and Thornhill. It also has over 200 mini stations. According to King Sabatha Dalindyebo (KSD) Municipality Spokesperson, Sonwabo Mampoza, last week’s power

More arrests expected in cloning card case SIMBONGILE MDLEDLE THE Police are expecting to make more arrests with regard to the cloning of ATM cards. This according to the police spokesperson of the Mthatha cluster, Colonel Mzukisi Fatyela, following the arrest of 15 people on Tuesday night last week in Mthatha. Among the suspects which were arrested by

police include nine women who are expected to appear before the Mthatha magistrate court soon. Some of the suspects were arrested in Hartley Qina in Khwezi Township, Mthatha and surrounding areas of Mthatha. Fatyela said in this operation the police discovered 223 cloned cards of Sassa, 11 bank cards, a finger print machine, one skimming device and a computer.

failure was due to a problem in a sub-station at Sidwadwa which affected the entire town and its surroundings. “Our technicians worked around the clock to fix the problem and now things are back to normal. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience especially in Mthatha businesses, government departments and community at large. It was beyond our power,” said Mampoza.

He said other suspects confessed during the interrogation. They are still following leads and more arrests are expected. “We’ve got all the number plates of the vehicles that are used in this crime. They are driving day and night in Mthatha, hunting down their victims. We will work tirelessly to ensure that all are behind bars so that people can be able to withdraw their money without fear,” he said. He called on people who are using ATM’s to be more vigilant.


April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express

Concern over farm attacks AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA CIVIL rights group AfriForum last week expressed concern not only over the number of recent farm attacks in the Ugie and Maclear areas but also about the fact that the ambulance, which was supposed to transport two of the victims to hospital, did not have fuel to do so. Two farm attacks were reported on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning in the Eastern Cape.

East Cape learner off to youth camp in Germany REPORTER KAYA Ntikinca of Clarkebury SSS in the Eastern Cape is among five learners from South Africa who will be attending an International Youth Camp in lower Saxony, Germany, from last Sunday until April 18. The camp is held at the Anne Frank House Museum located at Berg-Belsen, a former World War 11 concentration site that is today used as a centre for teaching human rights and civic responsibilities. The youth camp is a partnership programme between Nelson Mandela Museum, the Eastern Cape Government and the Government of Lower Saxony, Germany. The Nelson Mandela Museum and Lower Saxony exchange young people on an annual basis, in what both countries call ‘international youth camps’, where human rights become the most essential part for all learning activities. This cultural exchange programme which will be running for the 7th time this year helps young people in both countries to understand each other’s history and cultures, and become human right advocates in their respective countries. The International youth camp participants are selected by their peers during a national based youth that is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Museum at its Youth and Heritage site in Qunu every. The other four learners to represent South Africa are Goodness Nyembe of Manor High School Kwazulu Natal, Muhammed Ameen Adams of Rhylands High School Western Cape, Vusani Rector Nesengani of Tshwane University of Technology and Nelson Mandela Museum Pioneer representing Limpopo, Mpho Marcia Leshomo of Boithaopo Secondary School North West Province. The above mentioned learners will not only act as Nelson Mandela Museum ambassadors but will represent South Africa.

In the first incident, which took place around 9pm on Wednesday, a man and his daughter were attacked on his farm between Ugie and Maclear. The father was shot in the leg while his daughter sustained a chest wound. Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety for AfriForum, said the two victims were offered temporary medical assistance in Maclear, even though there was no doctor available, because the ambulance did not have enough fuel to take them to the hospital in Queenstown.

“It is an absolute disgrace that the State is failing so abysmally to execute its duties towards its citizens,” said Cameron. “The country is crippled by corruption, with political leaders who regard public positions as an opportunity to get into the cookie jar instead of serving their communities.” According to AfriForum the attack in the Eastern Cape could possibly be linked to the same suspects who were involved in an attack on an elderly couple 3 weeks ago in the same province. One attacker was apparently wounded during the incident.

Another farm attack took place around 4am on Thursday in the Ermelo district. An elderly couple was brutally attacked and tortured with boiling water and irons. Cameron said it feels like the government is not recognising these attacks as an emergency. “There have been several attacks in this area but we feel that they are not given the much needed attention by the police and the government at large,” said Cameron. He said they would keep putting pressure on all the relevant departments to come up with ways to put a stop to this situation.

Hardware store staff boosts blood stocks AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA STAFF members and managers at Bidu Hyper Build in Mthatha rolled up their sleeves to give blood stocks a boost last Monday. The South African National Blood Services bus parked outside the store very early on Monday morning and soon, scores of staff members, managers and customers made their way to the bus to donate their pint of blood Bidu Hyper Build Chairman, Bilal Khan, said they decided on the campaign due to complications faced by one of their staff members who is pregnant. They wanted to give blood not only to help her during surgery and save the life of her unborn baby but also that of the many others who need a blood transfusion. “This is our support to our staff member and to the entire community of Mthatha and surrounding area. Mostly on our minds are expectant mothers, babies and people involved in accidents,” said Khan. One of the staff members who also donated blood, Zimasa Ntika said she felt good knowing that she had saved someone’s life. “I am happy that I played my part in saving a life and from now on, I will make sure that I donate every two months,” said Ntika. The Public Relations Practitioner of SANBS, Rene Vice, said the drive was a fantastic one with 30 people registered to donate blood and 19 people who donated.

Bidu Hyper Build managers with the Chairman, Bilal Khan (third from the left).


Bidu Hyper Build Chairman Bilal Khan and Vuyolwethu 'Marikana' Mabovana donating blood during the hardware's campaign last Monday. PHOTO:AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA









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April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express

IEC announces special votes procedures REPORTER APPLICATIONS for special votes for the general election will open on Monday, the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said on Thursday. Special votes would be cast on 5 and 6 May, as opposed to 7 May when the rest of the coun-

Only those voters whose pre-approved applications were submitted between now and April 17 would qualify to cast a special vote. try’s eligible voters would cast their votes, IEC spokesperson Kate Bapela said. There are two categories of special votes. The first is for those who qualify for a home visit due to physical infirmity, disability or pregnancy.

The second category of special votes is for people who will be absent from their voting district on election day. They can cast their votes at the voting stations where they registered on either 5 or 6 May, between 09:00 and 17:00. Bapela said that to apply for either category of special vote, voters need to complete a VEC 1 form, available on the IEC website or from local IEC offices. The form needs to be submitted by hand to the local IEC office in the municipality responsible for the voting district where the special vote would be cast. “The forms will not be accepted at national or provincial offices and cannot be faxed, emailed or posted. Special vote applicants may use a proxy to deliver the VEC 1 form to the local IEC office in the municipality where they intend to vote but the form itself must be signed by the voter themselves.” Only those voters whose pre-approved applications have been submitted between now and April 17 will qualify to cast a special vote. Applicants for special votes will receive the outcome of their applications via SMS or email, and can check their status on the IEC website. Source: Sapa

Frequently asked voters’ questions REPORTER Can I vote . . . Q: Can I vote if I can’t get to my voting station on Election Day because I’m heavily pregnant? A: If you can’t get to your voting station on Election Day for National and Provincial elections because you’re heavily pregnant, you can apply for a special vote. Please see special votes for details . Q: Can I vote if I registered but am now in prison? A: Yes, you can vote in national and provincial elections as long as you have your valid, green, bar-coded ID and you are registered to vote. Check your voter registration status online to confirm that your name appears on the voters’ roll. Q: Can I vote if I registered but have lost my ID with the sticker in it? A: Yes, just get a Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) that will be valid on election day. You can apply for your TIC at the Department of Home Affairs. Please also check your registration details and confirm that your name appears on the voters’ roll. Q: Can I vote if I turn 18 soon AFTER election day? A: No, you must have turned 18 on or before the day on which the elections are proclaimed (published in the Government Gazette) to be able to vote. No exceptions can be made. Q: Can I vote if I will be in another town or province on election day? A: National and Provincial Elections: You need to vote at the voting station where you’re registered to vote. However, if you’re outside of your voting district on Election Day you may vote at another voting station in South Africa. If you’re outside the province where you registered, you’ll only be able to vote in the national election and not the provincial election, and you’ll be asked to complete a VEC 4 form at the voting station.

Municipal Elections and By-Elections: You need to vote at the voting station at which you’re registered. Please remember that you must be a registered voter in South Africa in order to vote. To confirm that your name is on the voters’ roll and to find out which voting station you’re registered at, please check your voter registration status on line or SMS your ID number to 32810. To locate your voting station on a map, please see our online voting station finder. Q: Can I vote if I will be out of the country on Election Day? A: If you are a South African citizen and are registered to vote, but will be out of the country on Election Day, please see special votes for details on how to apply for a special vote (national and provincial elections only). Q: Can I vote if I’m bedridden and unable to go to my voting station on Election Day? A: If you’re confined to your bed and can’t get to your voting station on Election Day for National and Provincial elections, you can apply for a special vote. Q: Can I vote if I’m in hospital? A: If you’re bedridden or in hospital and can’t get to your voting station on Election Day for National and Provincial elections, you can apply for a special vote. Q: Can I vote if I’ve lost my registration sticker? A: You will be allowed to vote as long as your name is on the voters’ roll. If your name isn’t on the voters’ roll and you don’t have your registration sticker, you have no proof that you’ve registered and you won’t be able to vote. Please check your voter registration status online to make sure your name is on the voters’ roll. Q: Can I vote if my new ID book has not arrived yet? A: Yes, you can vote if you have a Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) that is valid on Election Day. You can apply for a TIC at the Department of Home Affairs. Please remember, you will

Voters with special needs have until April 17 to apply for a special vote. Applicants need to complete a VEC 1 form, obtainable on the IEC website or from local IEC offices. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

only be able to vote if you are a registered voter.

A: No, you must vote in person at your voting station.

Q: Can I vote on behalf of someone who is unable to get to their voting station? A: No, every voter must vote in person at the voting station.

Q: How do I know if my voting station has changed? A: We try to communicate any changes to you, but please check your voter registration status online before each election to confirm that your voting station hasn’t changed.

Q: Can I vote with my temporary registration certificate (TRC)? A: No, you can only vote with your South African, green, bar-coded ID or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC). You can apply for a green, bar-coded ID or a valid TIC from the Department of Home Affairs. Q: Can permanent residents vote in the elections? A: No, only South African citizens with a green, bar-coded ID book can vote in elections. Q: I am living overseas and voted in the last national and provincial elections. Can I vote in the municipal elections? A: The Muncipal Electoral Act does not make provision for overseas voting during municipal elections due to the fact that you can only vote in the ward where you live. General Frequently asked questions about voting in general Q: I have registered, but I don’t want to vote. Will anything happen to me if I don’t vote? A: No, voting is not compulsory in SA, however voting is an important civic duty and we encourage all South Africans to participate. Q: I’m in the SANDF/SAPS and on duty on Election Day. When will I vote? A: If you’re a member of the SANDF or SAPS and are on duty on Election Day for National and Provincial elections, you can apply for a special vote. Please see special votes for details. Q: Will election day be a public holiday? A: This decision is made by The President in consultation with the Minister of Home Affairs, not by the IEC. However, if election day is a public holiday, the election timetable will say so. Q: Can I vote online or by post?

Q: I registered at a temporary registration station. Where do I vote? A: Voting stations may change from time to time, depending on availability of each voting venue. To find out where your voting station is, please check your voter registration status online. You can then use our online voting station finder to find a map to your voting station. Q: Where can I vote? A: National and Provincial Elections: You need to vote at the voting station where you’re registered to vote. However, if you’re outside of your voting district on Election Day you may vote at another voting station in South Africa. If you’re outside the province where you registered, you’ll only be able to vote in the national election and not the provincial election, and you’ll be asked to complete a VEC 4 form at the voting station. Municipal Elections and By-Elections: You need to vote at the voting station at which you’re registered. Please remember that you must be a registered voter in South Africa in order to vote. To confirm that your name is on the voters’ roll, check your voter registration status online or SMS your ID number to 32810. Q: Why has my voting station changed? A: Your voting station may change from time to time, depending on the availability of the venue and changes in your voting district boundaries. To find out where your voting station is, check your voter registration status online. You can then use our online voting station finder to find a map to your voting station.


. Visit and click on “Elections 2014” under “News” to check if and where you are registered to vote.


April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express


Elderly demand better houses for safety AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA ELDERLY women at Kwenxurha locality, Mqanduli, say they are vulnerable to crimes targeting women and are demanding that the government do something about their safety. This was voiced by these women during Premier Noxolo Kiviet’s Post State Of the Province Address (SOPA) visit to this area last Tuesday. Kiviet visited the area to listen to the community’s views about the governance in the province, to give them a chance to comment on her SOPA speech and also to listen to their aspirations and suggestions. One elder, Nolukholo Mnqinana, said they were living in fear in the village and their houses were not in a good enough condition to keep the perpetrators out. “We put up cheap doors that make it easy for the criminals to kick them open and get inside. So if the government can come to our rescue and build us proper houses with secured doors, things can be better,” said Mnqinana. Fresh in the minds of the women is an inci-

dent in March last year, where a 89 year-old Gogo and her granddaughter (5) were killed. Boniwe Wayiza was raped and hacked to death with her granddaughter when an intruder forced his way into their hut whilst they were asleep. A man (35) was arrested after his identity document was found at the scene of crime. Kiviet said even though she would have a talk with the Department of Human Settlements, she believed that the safety of elderly women also depends on the entire community. “We need courageous men who put their lives on the line to protect women, especially the vulnerable ones, and also men who raise their sons to respect and protect women,” said Kiviet. She said she did not believe that a proper house or door would stop rapists but united community members, who vow to protect the senior citizens, would. Community members who attended Premier Noxolo Kiviet's visit at Kwenxurha last Tuesday.



Everyone should be allergy aware REPORTER A LEADING pharmaceutical company specialising in allergy medication, chose today which marks the start of World Allergy Week (7 – 13 April), to launch a national campaign aimed at raising awareness among parents and teachers of anaphylaxis – a serious and life-threatening allergic reaction, which is fast on the rise. Pharma Dynamics’ campaign stems from a survey done by the company some months


back involving almost 1 000 learners and teachers from private, government and Model C schools across the country which found that none of the learners nor the teachers knew what to do in case of a severe allergic attack, putting children’s lives at risk. Mariska van Aswegen, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, says the campaign, which kicks off this week, will run throughout the month of April to cover as much ground as possible. “Several of SA’s top allergists and health-

care practitioners (HCPs) will be placed at the heart of local community schools across South Africa to help spread awareness to as many parents and teachers as possible. “Education workshops will focus primarily on anaphylaxis – what it is, what triggers an allergic reaction or a severe attack such as anaphylaxis, how to identify early warning signs and symptoms and how to treat it – all done in an effort to save lives. The workshops will also coach parents and teachers on how to deal with and better relate to learners with allergies, who often feel stigmatised as a result of their condition,” she says. According to international studies the incidence of anaphylaxis is on the increase. Figures are scant for SA, but some local clinics that have started to record cases of anaphylaxis say they deal with an average of 20 cases per month, but that the actual figure is likely to be much higher. Van Aswegen says more and more cases are being reported worldwide of children dying at school following a major allergic attack. “The condition is real and should be given the prominence it deserves. It can potentially be fatal if the correct care isn’t given immediately. “It is essential that when your child or a learner in a class has a serious and lifethreatening condition like this to have a plan in place way ahead of time. In most cases, if an anaphylactic attack occurs and is treated quickly with the appropriate medication, such as an adrenaline auto-injector

(a medical device used to deliver a measured dose of adrenaline), the outcomes are good, but there are far too many cases that end up in tragedy. “Early warning signs include itching of the eyes or face and often within minutes it will progress to more serious symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing or breathing, stomach pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and/or hives. Anaphylaxis can quickly result in an increased heart rate, sudden weakness, a drop in blood pressure, shock and ultimately unconsciousness and death. If children exhibit any of these symptoms, immediate emergency medical attention should be sought,” advises van Aswegen. Pharma Dynamics has also made additional resources available for free download and printing online via its popular allergy education website,, which both parents and teachers can use as teaching aids in the home or classroom setting. Resources include: allergy poster, colouring-in pages, ‘spot the allergen’ word games, bookmarks, school presentations, allergy check-lists and fact sheets and an anaphylaxis emergency care plan. Dr Mike Levin, one of SA’s top allergists and advisor to Pharma Dynamics will also be available to respond to any online allergy-related queries via the website all year round. Pharma Dynamics’ campaign marks an important step in educating and raising awareness of the physical dangers and emotional toll imposed by allergies among children.



Mthatha Express April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express





April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express

Youth on mission to revive Port St Johns

THE Chairperson of the newly elected Port St John’s Youth Council, Siviwe Ngcingwana, has vowed that their first priority and mission as the executive committee members of the youth council is to restore the good face of Port St John’s economically by creating economic opportunities for the youth and reducing the high rate of unemployment in the area. Siviwe was recently elected with his EXCO in a two-day summit which was held at Lilly Lodge, Port St John’s. The National Youth Development Agency was invited to attend but no representatives pitched up. Port St John’s communication officer, Pelokazi Pellem, had confirmed that they had received an apology from NYDA stating that

they were unable to attend the summit. Youth from different political parties were represented in this summit and some were wearing the t-shirts of their organisations. Ngcingwana stressed that no one could dispute that Port St John’s is one of the best tourism destinations in the Eastern Cape. Despite this, the unemployment rate is high and 90% of the unemployed youth depend on government grants. “We need to create an environment for young people to be independent, address the issue of capacitating them, provide skills development and focus more on tourism, hospitality and beverage services. “We need to train more young people in agriculture because it is one of the diamonds of the area. We need to invite Seda to provide training and guide the youth on how to form co-operations. We need young people to access grants from all the agencies because all these



Child participation paramount to development

NOKHWEZI MTANGAYI AND FIKISWA MASISO SINCE the advent of democracy, government in partnership with other organs of civil society, have embarked earnestly towards the implementation of promulgated laws and policies that are specifically childbiased. Most pieces of legislation are based on major international instruments like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children convention (UNCRC) of which South Africa is a signatory. If these instruments can be domesticated and then implemented perfectly they have the potential to provide a new vision for children. If children at a family level are guaranteed freedom to participate in matters affecting them, that could yield positive results and create a good ground for their development. They are empowered and able to make informed choices which could yield good results. While acknowledging that children are vulnerable human beings who require the protection and support from the family, society and state, children are right holders. They have the ability to form and express opinions and to participate in decisionmaking processes that influence solutions. Children are also expected to intervene as partners in the process of social change and in the building up of our democracy. Respecting the views of children means

that parents should create a participatory climate where children’s ideas are taken into account, and not being ignored. But that does not begin to say every child’s opinion should be simply endorsed without scrutiny. A mere expression of an opinion by a child does not constitute a decision, but implies the ability to influence a decision. It is of great importance to note that child participation is a right, and should be treated as such and not be perceived as a duty. It guarantees freedom of expressing one’s views or preference to abstain from doing so. This right goes as far as to provide opportunities for a child to take a firm and conscious stand in all aspects he/she believes are right, but not to be forced to do so. Why it is important to involve children in decision making processes? • They offer the new skills. • They build their self esteem. • They empower them to tackle abuse and neglect of their rights. • Children may make the world a better place. It is imperative for all families in our communities to consult children when crucial decisions are undertaken in family. This would enable children to develop mentally and become responsible future citizens of this country. For more information contact the UCARC on 047 531 1103 or at


Nelly Nonjovu

Sales Executive Tel: 039 251 0834 Fax: 041 503 6255 Cell: 071 990 1540/ 073 374 2464 Email: MS1WVQ-300114-TE-ebnnon-NELI

CONSOLIDATE ALL DEBT into 1 account!! R300 000=±R2400 pm

082 472 7292 / 076 832 9570 086 722 7120 Free consultation (BEE contributor)



has been to preserve the institution’s association with late struggle heroes. Fort Hare University vice-chancellor THE Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) has teamed up with the Eastern Cape’s Uni- Mvuyo Tom said the institution welcomed the versity of Fort Hare to raise R150 million to partnership, which he said is a wonderful opportunity for the unibuild a world class liversity. brary at the institution. “The current library is inflexible. We need a Public Enterprise spacious library with deputy minister Bulelasocial spaces that will ni Magwanishe said he be able to accommooffered to help the unidate the large numbers versity because the inof students at the unistitution produces stuversity,” added Tom. dents with skills that CSI: University of Fort Hare vice-chancellor Eskom, Transnet, fall in line with the de- Mvuyo Tom and Public Enterprise deputy Denel, South African partment’s needs. minister Bulelani Magwanishe addressing Airways and the South “We are going to en- the media. PHOTO:ZIZI HLUNGULU/WNA African Forestry Comsure that our State Owned Companies (SOCs), customers and pany (SAFCOL) are some of the state-owned suppliers come together and raise funds for companies who are willing to work with the the university to build the library it urgently DPE to help UFH build the new library. SAFCOL group CEO Nomkhita Mona said needs,” said Magwanishe at a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Summit held at Univer- while revamping the library is a big project, sity of Fort Hare (UFH) in Alice on Friday. it was possible with co-operation between the He said one of the library’s key functions different SOCs. - WNA

Library week celebration a success REPORTER THE Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture through its Directorate Library and Archives Services launched its new libraries on Human Rights Day in the King Sabatha Dalindyebo (KSD) Local Municipality. MEC Xoliswa Tom, opened the Dr I.K. Mabindisa Library on March 10 in Nemato, Port Alfred, the Mt Frere library on March 14, and the Ndimakude modular library in Flagstaff on March 18. On March 19, the launch in Tsolo ran paral-




Siviwe Ngcingwana the chairperson of the Port St John’s Youth Council. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

Fort Hare to get a new library




opportunities are not available in Port St John’s. The youth need to travel long distances to get such opportunities,” said Ngcingwana. He said they would engage the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to access information and services so that every young person could access the opportunities available there. He agreed that there was a problem of substance abuse in the town which reversed all the positive ideas. He, however, vowed that they would fight that by all means because their main mission was to bring back the beautiful face of Port St John’s and create a vibrant and conducive environment in the town. The Executive is as follows: Chairperson Siviwe Ngcingwane, Deputy Mzwandile Jamjam, Secretary Makhosi Msuduka, Treasurer Babalwa Kotana and six additional members.



CALL 073 0198499

lel with book debates, a story-telling session and workshop, a Workshop on Formation of book clubs and sustenance, and a Workshop on toys (usage, maintenance and link with childhood development). In South Africa, the week from March 17 to 23 had been earmarked as SA library Week. It also served to support programmes that are taking place in libraries across the country and boost the morale of the librarians. It is celebrated annually with different themes. The theme for this year was “Celebrating library in 20 years of democracy-check in at your library”.

Dr. Murani

Uphoxekile okanye ukhathazekile 2-3 days Ingxaki yakho izolungiswa ngu Dr. Murani: * 100% Ukubuyisa isithandwa sakho (2 days) * Ukuphumelela ilotto * Okanye icasino nama interviews * Fumana umtshato nge nyanga enye * Uzokhulelwa ngenyanga enye * Bona utshaba lwakho esipilini * Umvuso ongcono emsebenzini * Khulisa induku (1 day) * Isithandwa sibe sesakho wedwa * Amagundwane akuphathele imali (48 hrs) * Amantombazana akulandele * Ukuphuma ejele (2 days) *MONEY BACK GUARANTEED*

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Fumana umtshato ngokukhawuleza, Fumana umsebenzi ngokukhawuleza Buyisa isithandwa sakho (3hrs) ibenguwe wedwa Nyuselwa emsebenzini Wohlukanisa abathandanayo (30 minutes) Qinisa umzi kunye neshishini lakho Xa unestroke siyakunceda Xa usela utywala siyakunceda Wina ilotto, Casino, Rhola kabini emsebenzini Imali ekhawulezayo ehamba ngomoya Ingxaki zokukhulelwa Ndibolekisa ngagundwane akuzisele imali Phuma ejele (2 days) Ingxaki zemali ongayiboniyo xa uyisebenzisayo Buyisa umntu otshone ngendlela engaqondakaliyo Wina amatyala Susa ingxaki kuwe NOKUNYE OKUNINZI 100% GUARANTEED. NOKUBA WEHLULEKILE KWABANYE IZA KUM. NDIFUMANEKA EMTHATHA OPPOSITE (BOXER) MY CONTACT NO: 078 861 4345 MSVF5Q-100414-TE-bhkmwa-drbngani




Qinisa umzi wakho okanye ishishini lakho lihambe kahle. Ootikoloshe bafaka imali kwi - account yakho R40 000 a day. Ndiyawacima onke amatyala kwi- account yakho sameday. Ingxaki zomtshato xa uhlutshwa yindoda okanye ngumfazi. Ukubuyisa imali elahlekileyo kwi - account yakho same day. Buyisa umntu obhubhe ngendlela engaqondakaliyo same day. Imali ekhawulezayo ehamba ngomoya ize apho uhlala kona. Ndibolekisa ngamagundwane akuzisele imali endlini yakho. Umntu wakho athande wena wedwa, nokufumana abantwana. Ingxaki zemali xa ungayibone into uyenzangayo.



April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express


Umgosi She is clean in town but her home is like a pig sty There is a buddy of ours who likes to visit our places, but she never invites us to her place. Even if we suggest that we would love to sleep over at her place, she never accepts that. She can wear ke i-attire usisi as she is always dressed to kill. Never mind about special aromas and strong perfumes. We always asked ourselves why she doesn’t want us to visit her place because she stays with her kid. Recently we paid an unexpected visit. Wow! What we saw was astonishing. Her place was so dirty that you can call it a pig sty. She has 50kg of used disposable nappies in the dust bin. On the doorsteps we were welcomed by pots. Kanti kunjani apha emhlabeni. A bed is like the one uGesh used when in high school and we do not think she knows how to sweep the floor.

She is clean on the street but back at home hayi kunzima tata. Sisi try to change the style kungenjalo uyakusihlaza nakwabanye abahlobo abangashaya an unexpected visit as we did but please forgive us it was not our intention to meet the dirtiness we saw in your house. Beware of ‘icofi’ in town Dear readers, niyazi thina asigcini mabibi asingomva we- cupboard and you know good people, God sent us on this Express land to convey iindaba ezilungileyo kwanako konke okuqhubekayo. Oku sizakunixelala kona asazi nokuba senikuvile na or kukhona okukhe kwamehlela. But we believe there is a bit of Satanism practice. Uyeke ke ungawumameli umgosi, mara uyakulicula elakuncamisayo. Phela kuthiwa kukhona ntombazana ithile if not amantombazana ahamba ecofana nezisu zoosisi apha kwi- CBD yaseUTA. Kuthiwa

Were all promised services delivered in Mqanduli? AS we are heading to elections on May 7, Mthatha Express reporter Ayanda Millisa Madikizela went out with the Eastern Cape Premier Noxolo Kiviet during her visit in Mqanduli to find out if people had indeed received all the services promised to them prior to the previous elections. This is what they had to say:

ucofa kwasisi adibana naye endleleni but it seems as if their/her main targets are pregnant women and sooner lowo uthe waphathwa ezithwele usengxakini. Sithetha nawe nje kukhona oke wolala esibhedlele ngenxa yokucofwa ngulo sisi, yaye ebesegabha igazi. Siyanilumkisa njalo because kuyaqhubeka mampela lokhu sikutshoyo unless ufuna ukukholwa ngokubona nje ngo-Petros webhayibile efuna ukuva amanxeba kaYesu. Wanje dadethu kwenze njani? Mmmm, one eloquent speaker said life is tough if not difficult but our plight with this utterance is that we don’t know ukuba uthi unzima xa kutheni. Nithetha ngantoni bafana bomgosi. Asiqale apha, uyazi kuhlupha kanjani ukukhula nomntu umazi e-right and nilahlekane emveni koko sowubona the shadow of her.

As you know ukuthi we are all over as a gossip team sike sashapa iaround kwaAnkela (Uncle) yenye yendawo yokuphola la eFlagyezitaff (Flagstaff). Bafethu sibona omnye obesicinga ukuba yenye yamanenekazi aye kumgangatho ophezulu eHigh school. Uyazi in those days there were categories of guys and girls in the high school. So iNoluba waye ‘belonged to the first class and she was beautiful usisi. Ash, sibone nje umntu ovele abize uGesh ngegama. “Hayibo sisi undazela phi?” Kubuza uGesh. “Hayibo sasisonke eHigh school eMarelane ndingumngani wecherrie yakho”, utsho lo sisi. OWW! UGesh sebona nge-scar esidleleni. Besingazi ukuba umntu uyatshintsha xa wayemhle abe mbi. Akambanga usisi wakho and akahlupheki kuba she has a decent job but ekhambeni kuthiwa uyangamandla ulala avuke ngabo. Uyabona ke le nto sihlala siyikhalazela koosisi etywaleni, mara abeva bayabuthanda.

NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORISATION PROCESSES AND GENERAL AUTHORISATION APLLICATION FOR THE KING SABATA DALINDYEBO (KSD) PRESIDENTIAL INTERVENTION PROJECT BULK WATER SUPPLY SCHEMES EASTERN CAPE PROVINCE Notice is given that the OR Tambo District Municipality (the Applicant) intends to submit applications for environmental authorisation and associated general authorisation for the proposed King Sabata Dalindyebo (KSD) Presidential Intervention Bulk Water Supply Schemes in the Eastern Cape Province. The project involves water extraction from the Mthata Dam and treatment at the Thornhill Water Treatment Works, the installation of bulk water supply pipelines, new reservoirs, pump stations and associated infrastructure to upgrade areas around Mthatha and supply rural villages within the KSD and Local Municipalities. The following authorisation applications have been prepared: ·Environmental Authorisation applications to the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (OR Tambo Region) in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No 107 of 1998) (NEMA) and Associated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations (GNR. 544, 18 June 2010), via Basic Assessments; and ·Applications to the Department of Water Affairs for General Authorisations in terms of Section 21 (c) and (i) of the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) for watercourse crossings with pipeline infrastructure. The project has been split up in to 4 corridors and applications for environmental authorisation as follows: ·Ngqeleni Corridor ·Mthatha and Airport Corridor ·Mqanduli Corridor ·Nqadu Corridor Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs) have been appointed by GIBB (Pty) Ltd on behalf of Amatola Water to undertake the respective applications. OPPORTUNITY TO REGISTER AS AN I&AP AND TO COMMENT ON THE DRAFT BASIC ASSESSMENT REPORTS INCLUDING THE GENERAL AUTHORISATION APPLICATIONS Interested and Affected Parties (I&AP's) are invited to register and/ or comment on the draft Basic Assessment Reports (BAR's). The public review period will be from 11 April 2014 to 16 May 2014. The draft BARs and general authorisation applications are available for comment at the following locations: Environmental Authorisation Application

Welcome Sitelo: In ward 22, a lot has been delivered but in other wards, it’s still hard. The only thing we request now is the road.


Ziphathe Nkundleni: We have electricity in our ward and the community policing forum (CPF) is operating successfully. The only thing we need mostly is the clinic.

Ngqeleni Corridor Basic Assessment Process DEDEAT Ref: EC155/ORT/LN1&LN2/M/13-34

Nqadu Corridor Basic Assessment Process DEDEAT Ref: EC157/ORT/LN1&LN3/M/14-08

Mqanduli Corridor Basic Assessment Process DEDEAT Ref: EC157/ORT/LN1&LN3/M/13-31

Bongoza Nophelo: Our schools are in a bad state and we have only a few teachers who are expected to teach many pupils and in different learning areas. Also our youth need to be kept busy with playing kits and grounds. PHOTO: AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA

Public venues where the Draft BAR can be accessed:

Mthatha Public Library Address: Owen Street and R61, Umtata CBD Contact person: Tamara Fiko GPS Coordinates:

DEDEAT Ref: EC 157/ORT/LN1/LN2/M/13-32


Indwe Environmental Consulting 12 PrestonAvenue, Vincent East London 5247 Tel: 043 726 6860 Fax: 086 513 9734 Email: Contact Person: Brendon Steytler

PHOTO: AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA Mthatha Airport Corridor Basic Assessment Process

Bacela Mvuyelelo: Our major problem is electricity in Kwenxurha. KSD promised to start with the electrification in February but we are still waiting.

Environmental Assessment Practitioner

All General Authorisation applications associated with water course crossings and Community Resolution Application processes.

Terreco Environmental cc P O Box 19829, Tecoma, 5214 Tel: 043 721 1502 Fax: 043 721 1535 Email: Contact Person: Abby van Nierop

KSD Municipal Office PO Box 45, Mthatha, 5100 Contact person: Mr Zama Mnqanqena/ MR LP Maka Telephone:(047) 501 4239/ (047) 501 4312 Fax: (047) 532 5198 Email:

31°35'18.4"S 28°47'13.7"E Telephone: (047) 501 4197/ (047) 501 4318/ 073 368 8403

USK Environmental and Waste Engineering 23 Ray Craib Crescent Beacon Bay East London 5341 Tel: 043 748 5545 Mobile: 078 328 0157 Fax: 086 270 3976 Email: Contact Person: Nomakhwezi Nota-Mzamo

Royal HaskoningDHV P.O Box 15261, Beacon Bay East London, 5205 Tel: 043 707 3000 Fax: 043 707 3005 Email: Contact Person: Dumisani Bokveldt

GIBB (Pty) Ltd PO Box 35007, Menlo Park, 0102 Tel: 012 348 5880 Fax: 012 348 5878 Contact Person: Kabelo Mphake

Should you wish to register as an Interested and Affected Party (I&AP) and comment on the draft BAR's and general authorisation applications kindly contact the respective EAP as detailed above, before or on 16 May 2014 of the appearance of this advert. MSVEF0-100414-TE-bhmswa-DRAFT



April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express

Academy ready for 2014 Schools Cup

REPORTER REGISTRATION for the 2014 Sanlam Kay Motsepe Schools Cup has now closed and the South African Schools Football Association will shortly be sending the entrants their opening fixtures. One school who got their entry in early is the Executive Academy School in Idutywa whose team manager and coach, Emmanuel Makiti, believes in early preparation. So they are already hard at work ahead of the opening matches in the tournament. Executive Academy won R100 000 as the 2013 Eastern Cape provincial champions in the soccer competition, and they finished 11th at the national finals last year. The plan is to win the provincial finals again this year finish higher on the log at the national finals. Preparations started last year for Makiti, whose first task was to get an SAFA level 1

coaching qualification and he hopes the skills he acquired will filter down and assist the players. “After last year’s national finals, I re-

At the moment, the team is playing friendly games every weekend against schools from their surrounding area, and in this way they are getting used to playing as a team . . . alised I needed a qualification if the school was to progress in this tournament, so I asked the school principal, who assisted me financially to do the course,” said Makiti. The key learnings from the course, Makiti

said, are how to identify a player and select a team; how to strategise when your team is losing a game and the importance of motivating your team. Makiti’s identification process started a week after school started in January with 40 hopefuls attending trials at the school. He selected the top 25 players who were put through a 2-week rigorous training session. They were then put into game situations and from there a squad of 17 players was chosen. “This method works for me as it gives me enough time to get to know players, their strengths and their weaknesses and gives them time to improve,” Makiti said. There are six players from the 2013 team and according to Makiti, they are hungry to do better this year. “I believe the current team is better than last year’s,” Makiti said. “Last year I didn’t have enough strikers, whereas this year I do – as well as good midfielders and defenders. The pressure is also on me to coach them correctly and teach them the basics, but

I am better prepared than last year.” At the moment, the team is playing friendly games every weekend against schools from their surrounding area, and in this way they are getting used to playing as a team and learning to improve their communication on the field. “I have also entered the team into a local Mbombela promotion league,” Makiti said. “This helps the team to improve their skills and they also get to see how other teams play in the league which is more challenging than playing against a school.” Makiti believes that Sanlam and the Motsepe Foundation are doing a fantastic job in soccer development as these are the future Bafana Bafana players. “I make a point of teaching the boys about what Sanlam does as it is important to give back to our sponsors. I also believe that Sanlam is an ideal sponsor at this level as every under-19 youngster needs to understand financial literacy.”

Mhlontlo teams still await kit AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA MHLONTLO soccer teams are still waiting for the Mhlontlo Local Municipality to hand over soccer kit that was donated by the Minister of Sports and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula, in March 2012. Minister Mbalula handed over the kit in the area to help develop rural sports in locations within the Mhlontlo area and the kit was given to the municipal officials to distribute them to the teams.

Meet the Sales Team

The kit has allegedly not been handed over to the teams. Representatives from the associations said the municipality was failing them dismally and their players were starting to relapse back into social ills because they were not motivated to play with old kit. Mhlontlo Chief Whip, Xolile Kompela, said they have the kit with them and are waiting for the associations to come and get the kits. “Anyone from these associations is welcome to come and request the kits and if they

Ishaad: 084 274 7867

Lynn: 071 491 4495

are legitimate and deserving to get them, we will hand over the kit,” said Kompela. He added that teams need to come and inform the municipality about their desired colours and that as the municipality, they couldn’t just hand over kit without this information. Meanwhile, Kompela said other sports equipment would also be distributed in the Nyandeni Local Municipality when the time is right. Delivering his speech during the occasion of the donation of the sports equipment in

Bongani: 072 204 7064

2012, Minister Mbalula said the equipment would be distributed to the teams on the same day. “As a start-up programme, today, we will donate sports equipment and 260 sets of sports attire to 32 sports clubs in this area. I will together with your leadership distribute all these donations immediately after this speech. We want you to become one of those South Africans who are also respected in the field of Sport both in Africa and the world,” said Mbalula when he handed the sports equipment in 2012.

Manqoba: 073 552 3535

Charlaine: 076 041 2612

Terms and Conditions: Interest rate is linked to the prevailing prime rate, subject to change. Deal is subject to credit approval by Hyundai Finance, a division of MFC, a division of Nedbank Limited. Nedbank Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. Nedbank Limited is a Registered Credit Provider under the NCA (NCRCP 16). Price includes the monthly service fee (R57pm) and the once-off initiation fee (R1 140) relating to the Hyundai i20 and excludes the motnly service fee (R57pm) and the once-off initiation fee (R1 140) relating to the Hyundai ix35. Deal is for advertised specifications only; any additional accessories will be subject to separate terms and conditions. On-road costs excluded. E&OE.


April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express


‘Drink your water’ say student nurses AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA STUDENT nurses from Lilitha Nursing College, Mthatha campus, participated in a sports day campaign last Wednesday encouraging people to drink water as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Maqokolo added that they also included some light exercising as part of promoting a healthy lifestyle and stalls where health checks such as blood pressure was done. Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) was also invited to service its members at the campus and to present its services

They handed out water bottles around the campus and fined people found to be drinking anything else. The sports day started with a walk from Dellville Road to Mthatha General Hospital, where the college’s premises are. The students, support staff and lecturers then took part in different physical activities such as aerobics and rope skipping. Student Learner Body Affair Coordinator from Lilitha, Pinky Mjali, said normally Wednesdays are their sports day but this day was extraordinary for the campus. “Our third year students came up with the idea of promoting the drinking of water to save lives. So we decided to incorporate the idea in our sports day activities. The day was a great success and we plan to hold it annually,” said Mjali. Organizers Bonke Maqokolo and Buhle Magidigidi said they also want this campaign to be carried through to next year’s group to promote a healthy lifestyle. “Most people do not like to drink water. Hence we decided to dedicate this day just to conscientize people about the importance of drinking water,” said Magidigidi.


to the students who were treated to a massage courtesy of GEMS. Lilitha Principal, Nomboniso Ngqele, said this was a very good initiative by the third year students especially because they had raised the money to buy water on their own. She said the activities were very important

for the entire campus to preserve the status of wellness and to keep the minds of the learners recharged. “Even though we want to add value to drinking water, these activities also lighten up the learning environment for our learners,” said Ngqele.

= Organisers of the day (from left) Buhle Magidigidi, Bonke Maqokolo with their lecturer Pinky Mjali.PHOTO: AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA

< Lilitha student nurses performing aerobics as part of the wellness day. PHOTO: AYANDA MILLISA MADIKIZELA




12 Storm Breakers are the champions Sport

April 10, 2014 Mthatha Express

GREG NOTA THE 2010 Storm Breakers FC are now the clear champions for the Safa SAB Regional League Coastal Stream after being in position 2 for eight weeks as AmaMpondo United were on top with the same points but the goal difference was separating the two teams. Although Storm Breakers played a goalless draw in their last match with FCPV, the International FC made sure that they secure their position by beating AmaMpondo United who were sitting comfortably on top of the league by 2-1. That result gave 2010 Storm Breakers victory. The spectators who came in their numbers to watch the game on Sunday at the Flagstaff sports ground celebrated with the 2010 Storm Breakers after the game when it was announced that with the current results they are the champs with 35 points against their

rivals AmaMpondo who remained in the second position with 31 points. Now the 2010 Storm Breakers will have to play against the winner from the Mthatha Stream to get one winner to play in the playoffs representing the region. After those playoffs the winner will secure a space in the Vodacom League. The winner of Mthatha Stream, Mthatha City, will play against the winner from the Coastal Stream, 2010 Storm Breakers, to determine the team which will represent the whole region in the Vodacom play-offs. Both the teams would like to be in the Vodacom League but unfortunately there could be only one winner – the one who will score goals will proceed to the next level. The full weekend results; AmaMpondo 1 vs International 2, Iqhayiya 3 vs Supersport 6, Powerline 1 vs Red Lion 1, 2010 Storm Breakers 0 vs FCPV 0.


R110 990



R83 990


IMAGE 0885-

R119 990

2012 ISUZU KB 240 D/C Kb72 WHITE

R89 990


MAGE 0879-

R240 990

2012 ISUZU KB 250 D/C KB72 WHITE


IMAGE 0881-

The champions of the SAB Regional League Coastal Stream, 2010 Storm Breakers. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The captain of the 2010 Storm Breakers who was the man of the match last Sunday in their last game, Simbongile ‘Magaiva’ Mlatsha. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

R269 990

R239 990 MSVEHV-100414-TE-mfmswa-meyer

ATE: , 4PM D H T W 6 2 A DR , JULY LAZA Y P A A D H R T SATU MTHA Z T I R AT THE RULES: You must be 18 & over,& present to qualify for the draw. Management reserves all rights. Judges decision is final.

Mthatha express 10 04 2014  

Mthatha express 10 04 2014

Mthatha express 10 04 2014  

Mthatha express 10 04 2014