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EARTH University: tips for how you can help

Dear EARTH Supporter, First and foremost I want to thank you for your interest in EARTH and for believing in the importance of our mission to the future of the planet. Without individuals like you, committed to making a difference in the world and supporting EARTH’s efforts, we would not exist. At EARTH we prepare the leaders of tomorrow to promote social, environmental and economic well-being. But behind every student who graduates from EARTH are individuals like you, who have generously provided donations or given of their time and energy to ensure that a young man or woman receives the kind of education that prepares them to generate positive change in their community. By sharing the EARTH message with your friends and family you are helping promote sustainable solutions for a better future. Every person you expose to our message brings us that much closer to our end goal and every dollar you help raise will go directly to making a difference around the world. Your support helps EARTH prepare leaders who will create a more sustainable and just world. I thank you for your efforts and warmly welcome you to the EARTH family! Saludos, JosÊ A. Zaglul President, EARTH University

Our Mission Prepare leaders with ethical values to contribute to the sustainable development of the humid tropics and to construct a prosperous and just society.

Our Vision EARTH is as much about providing a formal education as it is about providing an equal opportunity for everyone. Not only does the campus give a once in a lifetime opportunity to over 100 new students every year, it also reaches out to thousands of people in surrounding communities. EARTH is a university, a training facility, an outreach organization and a life changing experience for all who encounter it. EARTH students and alumni promote positive social change. The true power of EARTH’s unique educational mission lies in their actions, as they work to advance environmentally and economically sustainable farming methods. The University searches throughout Latin America and the developing world for students with a recognizable passion- an eagerness to improve conditions in their home countries. EARTH’s faculty lead the recruitment process, personally interviewing, each year, over 900 young men and women often from the most disadvantaged regions to ensure that emerging leaders are developed with the tools to affect positive change where it is most needed. EARTH cannot fulfill its mission without the help of people like you. As a 501© 3 charity EARTH relies on donations from generous supporters. We value every donation no matter how small and we value every supporter, no matter who they are. EARTH, its students, graduates and professors would like to thank you for your endeavor to support us in making the world a more sustainable place.

Our actions are directed toward building a future in which the humid tropics and its communities achieve social, economic and environmental well being.

Our Values • • • • • • •

Human Development Academic Excellence Ethical Behavior Sustainable Development Social Consciousness The Search for Knowledge Biodiversity Conservation

Tips for Fundraising Enthusiasm Don’t forget this one! Without enthusiasm raising support becomes a chore. If you are not excited to take on a support project for EARTH then the project will not succeed. Other people will look to you for inspiration to give and support– so be cheerful and have fun.

Action The most important way you can help EARTH is by doing something. So take action and take charge, make sure to get your idea off the ground by creating a plan of action to ensure your project will succeed.

Responsibility It is your responsibility as the fundraiser to know what donors will consider to be a worthwhile return for their support. Think about who you are asking to donate, what they are donating, why they are donating and what is it they want in return. The reasons can be infinite in number and surprising in simplicity.

Things Consider asking for “in kind” donations. For example, ask an airline for free tickets or local restaurants to donate catering for your events or volunteers. Every little bit helps, and the fewer costs you incur, the more support you can show EARTH.

Help Don’t go it alone! At EARTH we rely on team effort to get things done and you should too. Establish a committee to help you create and manage your project or event. Make sure to include people with needed skill sets like creativity, marketing and people motivating to make your idea a success. Need a little extra help? Contact us, we would be glad to lend a hand.

EARTH and the dinner table: EARTH, its students, professors and graduates do a lot to create a safer, more sustainable environment. One of the biggest ways EARTH impacts your life is at the dinner table, through the innovations in agriculture they produce, EARTH makes your dinner safer and greener. To help EARTH in its quest to reduce the negative environmental impacts of agriculture, consider hosting an educational activity.

Around our campus, around the EARTH Hold an international cuisine potluck. Encourage participants to each bring a favorite ethnic recipe or recipe from one of EARTH’s student countries. (See the map at the back of this book). Decorate the room with displays featuring information about EARTH’s work in agriculture. Sell tickets or request guests to donate for their plate of food. Contact the EARTH University Foundation offices for a PowerPoint presentation and information about EARTH’s agricultural work. • Purchase EARTH bananas from Whole Foods and use them in your recipes and presentation. Can’t find them? Request your local Whole Foods to order some! Dine out for EARTH Contact restaurants in your area and explain that your group wishes to raise money to benefit EARTH. Explain to them what EARTH is and does, and ask the restaurant to participate by donating a portion of its sales on a specified evening; during specified hours established by the manager. Agree to publicize to your friends, family and through social media to eat at the specified restaurants or restaurant. Send your proceeds to EARTH.

EARTH Bananas and Pineapples: Those delicious bananas you eat used to be one big health hazard. To keep crops pesticide free, farmers sprayed toxic chemicals on their acres of banana farms– using their workers as live targets! To ensure all the crops were sprayed, workers wore colorful shirts to signal the planes where to spray– often getting soaked in chemicals. EARTH University has worked hard to improve the banana industry, providing innovative solutions for pest prevention. When you purchase EARTH banana’s from Whole Foods you are buying a Whole Trade Certified product– free from harmful environmental effects and worker abuses.

Sustainable Coffee Break Make coffee available to your congregation, school or work. Ask for a donation to EARTH in return for each drink. Make a bigger impact by using Fair Trade, shade grown or Rainforest Alliance coffee which helps local growers and the environment. Lunch and Learn Host a dine-and-learn event about sustainable agriculture. Buying fair-trade certified or sustainably grown ingredients and discussing their origins with your group will lead to a deeper understanding about how interdependent we all are on each other. Include information on how EARTH is helping farmers become sustainable. Charge for the food received with all proceeds going to EARTH.

Get Creative for EARTH At EARTH students have a Creative Expression Center to let their creative sides shine. Show us your creative side by creating a fun, educational and artistic event! Dances, art displays and musical competitions are great ways to get people energized about EARTH.

Art Auction Gather some local artists (either professional or just some very creative friends) and host an art auction. Allow guests to bid on the pieces through a silent auction– provide a sign-up sheet where people can list their bids. At the end of the auction the person with the highest bid receives the artwork and the proceeds go to EARTH! Saturday Night Fever Our students come from many countries with strong cultural ties to dancing. Many student groups even show off their skills during campus events. Talk to your school, office or congregation about hosting a dance. Individuals, couples and teams can register for a dance competition– the registration fee is donated to EARTH. Encourage participants to explore cultural dances and include a short presentation about the culture or region that inspires their moves! It’s a Walk Off! How often do NYC fashion shows come to your home town? Likely never, so why not create your own? Talk to local retailers about featuring their clothing in a fashion show at a local venue (church, school, civic arena). Want to mix things up? Find creative locals to make their own clothes out of recycled materials or allow participants to wear something representing their culture. All fees and ticket sales can be donated to EARTH. Styrofoam EARTH students are using Styrofoam containers to create gardens. Styrofoam does not break down in landfills and is nonrecyclable. Our students have found a new use for old Styrofoam containers– and you can too. Just poke a hole in the bottom for drainage then use the container as a pot for plants, you can even hang them up. Paint them for added color.

From Recycled to Riches Use your recyclables and even some of those non-recyclable items to create crafts, bird houses and works of art. Offer these items for sale as gifts at a local shop or event (outdoor festivals are great). Include a little information about EARTH with each purchase and donate the proceeds to EARTH!

Games & Teamwork EARTH students work hard, going to school six days a week from sun up to sun down. Despite all their time in the classroom they still find time to relax and enjoy their beautiful campus. Students often play sports or participate in other team building exercises because they know solving world problems requires working together. Consider some of the following fun activities to raise funds and awareness about EARTH! Run, Bike, Swim! These are just some of EARTH students favorite pastimes. Get sponsors within your group to pledge money to an individual to swim, walk, skate, bike, dance, or read. You can have several swim-a-thons, walk-athons, skate-a-thons, bike-a-thons, dance-a-thons, or read-a-thons going on all month. Contact local businesses and drink vendors to sponsor your event. Goals for Good EARTH students love to play soccer– why not host a charity soccer match with your office, school or congregation? Teams can pay a fee to enter the competition with all proceeds going to EARTH. Players will get some exercise while having fun and helping EARTH. Look for local restaurants to sponsor snacks or refreshments during the game. Not good at soccer? That’s ok, this idea works for all kinds of sporting events. Game Night Take sign-ups for people to meet in small groups in homes to play board or card games. Have them meet once a month, rotating from home to home within the group. Each time a group meets, a set dollar amount per person is donated to EARTH. Collect the donations at the gathering each month. • Tip: Be on the lookout for Echo-lybrium, a new board game that teaches sustainability and that features EARTH banana paper! E-bay for charity: Thanks to MissionFish and EBay, charities like EARTH can now receive donations another way. You can use your EBay items to support us; just use EBay's charity system. Post your items as usual and then chose the charity option– you can designate to donate from 5100% of your items sale price Chores for Change to EARTH! EBay even Give back to your community while helping EARTH. Find a place in your community or neighborhood that needs a little TLC. Ask friends reimburses the transaction fees for us. Use this tool to host an and neighbors to pay you for the labor of cleaning up– after the costs online charity auction.

Find it, Sell it Need to clean out your closet? Let EARTH be your motivation. Gather your unneeded items and ask your friends, family and neighbors to do the same. Host a garage sale or sell the items on Ebay and donate the proceeds to EARTH. Additionally you can host a sale with baked goods or arts and crafts, donating the proceeds to EARTH. Don’t forget to share with your customers the importance of reusing goods to help the environment.

of any needed supplies, donate the leftover proceeds to EARTH. See about erecting a sign or other posting letting everyone know the area was fixed up in the name of EARTH.

Where is EARTH?

EARTH hosts students from around the world. Due to our location, many of our students are from Latin America but we can also boast students from Africa and even Indonesia! We are always looking to include students from more countries, especially those countries most in need. In addition to our direct impact on countries through students, EARTH’s graduates travel the globe helping not just their home countries but others as well. So far our students and Alumni are from these nations: Argentina Mexico Belize Mozambique Bermuda Nicaragua Bolivia Panama Brazil Paraguay Canada Peru Columbia South Africa Costa Rica Spain Cuba Uganda Dominican Republic United States Ecuador Venezuela El Salvador Guatemala Haiti Honduras Indonesia

Planning Worksheet Name___________________________________ Event Type_________________________________ Event Name_________________________________ Estimated guests____________________________________ Estimated Budget________________________________________ Committee Names and contacts: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Budgeting Tips

Material List

Make sure you plan out your expenses before actually starting your project. Think about what might cost money and how you might lower the costs by getting donated items.

Keep up with what materials you need and what you have available– it will make it easier to get organized! _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Food _________x _______(guests) Decorations _________x _______(guests) Prizes _________x _______(guests) Printing _________x ________(guests) Advertising _________x ________ Total Budget ______________

Time Line Keeping a timeline will help to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. Start with your event date and work backwards to ensure you get everything done. Be sure to include things like finding a venue, collecting donations, and creating artwork. To Do Date Expected Date Completed Notes ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Donation Records Be sure to record any donations you receive. EARTH University Foundation can provide tax receipts to individuals and companies who provide donations through your events. If someone is donating an item or service, be sure to get documentation about how much it is worth and we can provide a tax receipt for that amount. If someone is receiving something in return for their donation, as long as the item is small or not very valuable, we can still issue a tax receipt. In any case, you must provide us with the appropriate contact information. Please collect the names, gift type, and contact information for anyone providing items or money. Have questions? Give us a call or email and we will assist you in this process! Name Type Address Phone ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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