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Megha thakker

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Investigation of light, space and shape. (2011)


5205 Andover Drive | Parma, OH 44134| 9378382588 |

education Kent State University, Kent, OH | august 2010 - august 2014 | Bachelors of Science in Architecture Piqua High School, Piqua, OH 2010; Graduate

experience Intern, Design Development NYC; Long Island CIty, NY | May 2013 - August 2013 Working for a general contracting company as a marketing intern; tasks included but were not exclusive to: creating residential renderings, on site photographic supervision, handling and organizing client work scopes, preparing proposals, presentations, and brochures, and other visual aid for clientele.



Swaminarayan Shubh Sanstha Sanskar (SSSS | current) Chi Omega | Lambda Delta Chapter (2010 - 2012) Relay for Life Team Captain (2008-2010) Board Member (2006-2010) Rhino3d | laser cutting, modeling, rendering AutoDesk | including AutoCAD Architecture, Revit Architecture and Ecotect Analysis Cura | 3D Printing Microsoft Office | including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint iWork | including Pages, Keynote and Numbers Adobe Utilities | including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and Bridge Climate Consultant Virtual Environment Bilingual| fluent in Gujarati and English


ddnyc metropolitan tower the metropolitan tower 146 West 57th Street, New York, NY, 10019 renovation + furnishing objective: to integrate the kitchen into the living space of the condominium previous condition of the kitchen enclosed it against two walls and a door, allowing no light or activity to occur in between spaces. this rendition of a metropolitan tower condominium introduces the kitchen into the living area, allowing for a mini breakfast bar and natural light to enter into the space. it also demonstrates to clientele how a particular space may be potentially furnished.



ddnyc the charles the charles 355 First Avenue, New York, NY, 10021 furnishing Objective: to create a furnished rendition of the newly constructed charles, as a representative piece for clientele in re-creating the interior of the charles condominiums, as they are, it could be better demonstrated to clients on how their home could be potentially furnished, or renovated, to their tastes.



ddnyc photography management meatpacking district, ny condominiums Objective: to supervise a photo shoot of a completed project in manhattan, for documentation and marketing purposes. the condominium exposes architectural elements, respecting the building as it used to be before its renovation into luxury housing units. THis exerts an industrial yet modern experience for the residents. the accurate representation of the space is important to the client and the company. *photographer: marius chira



data analysis NYC fashion infrastructure new york city; fashion capital of the world. Objective: to demonstrate the multi scalar fashion system that lies within new york city. this was achieved by documenting the following: 1. individual 2. space and event 3. routes into and out of manhattan. in doing this, a sample of the hierarchical composite that conveys the density and movement of nyc fashion infrastructure, is achieved.


diagram of hierarchy incorporated into new york fashion week, fall 2012 (2013)

1. locations of distinctly dressed individuals as per their location, in “humans of new york,” (hony) by photographer brandon stranton 2. locations of fashion retailers, and new york fashion week events and spaces. 3. public access routes into and out of manhattan. 4. composite map new york’s fashion infrastructure.


data analysis e-commerce the introduction of technology into the world of commerce. Objective: to create a time line demonstrating the changes in clothing companies of different origins with the introduction of technology carter’s, greenbox, and polyvore are all clothing companies of different make up and origins, affected by the technological shift in commerce to an immaterial standard. nodes or events in the companies history declines and advances depicted by voids changes in thickness parallel companies used for comparison


all components are depicted based on supply chain, company growth, industrial expansion and technology.


marketplace handcrafted modeling + drawing generating program that illustrates living green. Objective: to achieve a network in a space that inspires a healthy lifestyle within the community, spaces are laid out separately with strong pathways and visual connections leading to green nodes. the program is devised so that the education on living healthy is available to tenants and the public alike, on various scales program includes: community kitchen classrooms cafe offices + conference rooms lecture hall market +warehouse roof garden



repurposing youngstown historical site

“That’s the thing about books, they let you travel without moving your feet,” - Jumpa Lahiri; the Namesake The original wells building in youngstown ohio, has stood through a century of the town’s history; through the rise and fall of the population. Now, the small city plans for its steady rise. As studies demonstrate, the students of youngstown state university come to work for the city immediately upon fulfilling their education, only to leave during their professional career. The wells building’s new design represents an opportunity for the young to aspire in their careers locally and develop a desire to stay home. In repurposing the building to adjust to a new goal, it becomes crucial to conserve the old, in the manner that it praises the new. So that they may balance one another. The building will stay in its historic state, and simultaneously welcome modernity.


Objective: to practice design empathy towards the existing building, the community and the potential residents. ground floorplan: entrance to park study lounge additional cafe seating library first floorplan: cafe public access secure entry to apartments second floorplan: typical apartment: master bedroom full bathroom walk-in closet kitchen living room + office space additional storage room *plans are not to scale


flex molds 3d printing + casting exploring opportunities to create an interlocking, undulating, organic wall inspired by biomimicry. Steps: 1. digitally modeling a 3d mold 2. printing the mold 3. casting plaster to create a multiple interconnecting bricks 4. stacking individual bricks to create a poriferous wall that could allow for greenery or water to enter the vertical system.



flex molds laser cutting molds + casting investigating laser cutting techniques to create a 90 degree bend in wood that will allow for casting. steps: 1. to test wood samples and patterns that will allow bending. 2. to establish a mold that will hold plaster 3. exploration of potential kerfing patterns 4. to cast multiple interlocking bricks 5. stack bricks to create an organic wall that would allow for vegetation to grow.



Megha thakker 5205 Andover Drive | Parma, OH 44134| 9378382588 |

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Megha Thakker's Architectural Design Portfolio  
Megha Thakker's Architectural Design Portfolio