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artistic producer’s note


to TribeFest: Genesis, WJT’s first ever festival! The question of “Why a festival?” might be best answered with “Well, why not?” TribeFest: Genesis will bring to WJT’s stage a plethora of unique talents that we wouldn’t have been able to squeeze into one of our traditional mainstageproductions.

Like The National Theatre of the World. These improv geniuses do something extremely unique. They study a playwright and/ or author, immerse themselves in that writer’s world and then take some audience suggestions and improvise a full length play. Their work is deeply humorous and very moving. For Tribefest: Genesis, they will tackle a different Master Jewish Playwright every night; Woody Allen, David Mamet, Arthur Miller, or Harold Pinter. Each night will be a unique, once in a lifetime theatrical event. We know you’ll love them and can’t wait for you to see them. And we wanted to get you, our audience, involved and talking to us. In the second week of the Festival, we have three different events that reflect what we do here at WJT.

We are excited to be hosting a panel discussion on the topic of “What is Jewish Theatre?” For this evening, we’re especially curious to hear your questions andthoughts. Joining us in conversation will be Steven Schipper, Kayla Gordon, Mariam Bernstein, and Harry Nelken.

We are also proud to have an evening of new play readings. This free event will feature two plays – one by Ginny Collins, the other by Bruce Sarbit – which will be workshopped for three days prior to the public presentation. Again, you as audience play an important part. These are plays that WJT is considering for production in future seasons. We need your input and thoughts about how the plays are resonating for you. This feedback is crucial in helping shape the development of the pieces. And there is one final night, “Neurotica.” It’s a chance to end the Festival on a truly diverse note. WJT put out a call to the Winnipeg theatre community to submit proposals on a short play that involved Something Jewish and Something Eros. We were excited by the ideas that came back and have an amazing line up for this TribeFest finale.

Join us all or some of the events. Tickets are cheap like borscht and we’re going to have some fun. Michael Nathanson, Artistic Producer


Michael Nathanson Suzie Martin Mariam Bernstein Beverley Aronovitch Alex Bolton

Board of Directors

Artistic Producer Associate Artistic Producer Artistic Advisor Founding Artistic Director House Manager

Executive Committee Judith Putter President David I. Marr Immediate Past President Joel Dudeck Honourary Solicitor

Rob Rowan Jerry Augustin Carol Moriyama Mariam Bernstein Board of Directors Doris Bass Cairn Moore Heather Pullan Yael Silver

Production Manager House Technician Volunteer Manager Founding President Maylene Ludwig Sybil Plattner Preston Segal Wendy Wilder


January 25 - 29 @ 8PM The Unauthorized Master Jewish Playwrights’ Jubilee by The National Theatre of the World

Matt Baram, Ronald Pederson & Naomi Snieckus

February 9 @ 8PM Panel Discussion: What is Jewish Theatre Steven Schipper, Kayla Gordon, Michael Nathanson Mariam Bernstein & Harry Nelken

February 11 @ 8PM Neurotica: An Evening of Short Plays

February 10 @ 7PM New Play Readings

Ginny Collins & Bruce Sarbit

Laurie Block, Brian Richardson, Theatre Incarnate, Carolyn Gray, Krista Jackson, Tricia Cooper, One Trunk Collective & Theatre Outgrabe

e h t ional the w t f a o n atre e h t ting

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The award winning innovative theatre company based in Toronto, The National Theatre of series Impromptu Splendor to Winnipeg Jewish Theatre’s TribeFest! Three of Canada’s mo Female Improviser 2010), Ronald Pederson (Best Male Improviser 2011), and Matt Baram play based on your suggestions and in the styles of the worlds greatest Jewish playwrights Harold Pinter! David Mamet! and Woody Allen! are each given a one of a kind, artful, heartf exclamation marks! Recipients of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Improv Troupe.

spot-on “The show is sove they ie it’s hard to bel all up”. it just made (Toronto Star)


d l r wo “Having m astered plays in Im the art of improv ise promptu Splendor.. d .” (NOW Ma gazine)

f the World brings its acclaimed improvised play ost daring performers - Naomi Snieckus (Best m (The Jewish one) - instantly create a full length s! Join us once or every night as Neil Simon! Harfelt and hilarious homage! That’s a lot of

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A Panel Discussion:


What is Jewish Theatre When I was fortunate enough to become Artistic Producer of WJT, I gave a lot of thought to this question. Over the past five years, I have developed a sense of what it means to me. I know our audience has a passion for what we do and I wanted the opportunity to discuss this issue, and more, with some of our most accomplished Jewish theatre artists in Winnipeg.

I am thrilled to have this esteemed panel join us for be a lively and enlightening conversation. We’ll be taking questions from the audience so I hope that you’ll join us too for this Pay-What-You-Can event. - Michael

Steven Schipper From Kindergarten to grade 4, Steven attended Adath Israel

Elementary School in Outremont. On more than one occasion his walks to and from school were interrupted by Jew-taunting fellow Montrealers. From grade 5 – 7, he attended Talmud Torah School in Snowden, and then graduated from Herzliah High School where he set a record for non-attendance, having spent two and a half of his four years there elsewhere. He then went on to study at that other Jewish school in Montreal, McGill University, before abandoning his people for Bishop’s University, and the National Theatre School of Canada. That’s where he met Terri Cherniack, now his wife, and the rest, as they say, is commentary.

Mariam Bernstein has been acting and directing professionally for 25 years. For WJT she has directed The Father, Betrayal, Death of a Salesman, Lebensraum, Speed-the-Plow, Broken Glass, Via Dolorosa, Sight Unseen, Golda’s Balcony, and The Always Prayer Shawl. She has also directed for MTC, PTE, and Dry Cold Productions, and has performed in theatres from Victoria to Halifax. A graduate of the National theatre School of Canada, Mariam was Artistic Director of WJT from 2005-2007, and currently serves as its Artistic Advisor. In March, she will be performing in WJT’s production of Angels in America. Kayla Gordon has directed, acted and taught in all aspects of theatre over the

past 30 years and she is currently the Artistic Director for Winnipeg Studio Theatre. Born in Winnipeg, and trained at the University of Winnipeg and Banff Centre, she has performed and directed in theatres in Winnipeg as well as other Canadian and US theatres. Kayla spent 11 years working as the Artistic Director for Winnipeg Jewish Theatre and 5 years as the Executive Director of the Association for Jewish Theatre - an International Jewish Theatre organization. Among the many plays she directed an produced at WJT she is most proud of the 10 new Canadian Jewish themed plays she helped to develop. Her most recent directing includes Spring Awakening , The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Altar Boyz which is coming up at Prairie Theatre Exchange as well as My Mother’s Jewish Lesbian Wiccan Wedding which she will be directing and producing in May at the Warehouse Theatre.

Harry Nelken has had a long-standing relationship with WJT, and feels

honoured to be working with WJT on his dear friend’s play. He, Bruce, and Brian Richardson collaborated this past summer on Bruce’s Fringe hit, “All or Nothing”. Amongst his WJT credits are, “Lenin’s Embalmers”, “Einstein’s Gift”, “The Diary of Anne Frank”, and “The Chosen”. Recent credits: “Romeo and Juliet” (RMTC), Bruce McManus’s adaptation of “Three Sisters” (Zone 41 Theatre), “Zadie’s Shoes” (Factory Theatre), “Play Strindberg” (Strindberg Fest), and Daniel Thau-Eleff’s, “King’s Park”. Much of Mr. Nelken’s time is spent on workshopping and/or performing in new works by Manitoba playwrights.

As someone who loves arts and culture in Winnipeg, your voice is important.

Please turn on your cell phones. Did you know that part of the Winnipeg Arts Council’s role is to fund Winnipeg Jewish Theatre and many of Winnipeg’s other cultural institutions? It’s just one of the ways the Winnipeg Arts Council fosters development of the arts in Winnipeg. Ticket to the Future is a new cultural plan for the City of Winnipeg that would increase investment in arts and culture through the Winnipeg Arts Council. This will mean more funding for Winnipeg Jewish Theatre and other cultural institutions, increased arts activities in communities, and improvement in the overall quality of life in our city.

Please contact your City Councillors and let them know how important arts and culture are to you. Find out more about Ticket to the Future and how you can help make sure no one is left out of Winnipeg’s Renaissance by visiting

works in pro Good Intentions by Ginny Collins

Ginny worked for many years in Africa as a journalist and Communications Officer for the UNDP. Her play The Good Daughter was published by Scirocco Drama and enjoyed a five-star run at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Ginny currently works for Manitoba Film & Music and is a member of the Prairie Theatre Exchange Playwrights Unit. Thanks to everyone who has supported the progression of Good Intentions including Michael Nathanson, Women Writing Fearlessly, and my friends and family who listen to my literary insecurities with a loving ear.

Tasked with running a hospital in darkest Africa, Claire Jacobs will do whatever it takes to keep her patients alive. However, when the presence of Claire and her husband begin to change village dynamics, she learns too late that Good Intentions are never enough.

ogress... The Rest is Commentary by Bruce Sarbit

Bruce Sarbit retired from work as a psychologist a little more than four years ago. More passionate avocation than job, playwriting keeps Bruce awake at night researching and working out plots. Supported by the Manitoba Association of Playwrights (Rory Runnels), Dale Lakevold of Brandon University, and Per Brask of the University of Winnipeg, Bruce has had productions of his short plays The Line (with Brian Richardson) and Don’t Touch. Last summer, All or Nothing (with Harry Nelken as Miguel de Unamuno, co-directed by Harry and Brian Richardson) played at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. The Rest Is Commentary marks Bruce’s first play in association with a major theatre company; Bruce is grateful to Michael Nathanson and WJT for the opportunity to have his play workshopped and read by some of Winnipeg’s finest theatre professionals. Bruce knows how lucky he is to have the support of his dear wife, Celia, and his wonderful children, Ari, Jared and Eva, and Marti. The Rest Is Commentary finds son and daughter, hospital and religion, at odds over how to respond to Bernie who lies in Persistent Vegetative State. Is medical technology extending his life, or rather, prolonging his death? Because Bernie can’t decide for himself, who will decide for him? And, how will his family and its members manage the challenges to both principles and relationships?

+ The Mamet Women

by Frederick Stroppel directed by Krista Jackson featuring Carolyn Gray and Tricia Cooper

New York playwright Frederick Stroppel spoofs the “Mametspeak” of David Mamet’s fast talking, wheeling and dealing men as Sally and Polly negotiate an evening of babysitting and tupperware. They mean business. They mean it. And they have to CLOSE the deal. (A Pause) We. Hope. You. Enjoy. The. Show.

Women in Motion

featuring Rachel Smith & Kelci Stephenson

Two single women go on a Caribbean vacation. They soon discover that going to the tropics is only as good as the company they are with.


by Theatre Incarnate featuring Brenda McLean & Chris Sobczak

Consider the rib..., Adam’s rib, and join us through the mirror that leads into Lilith’s cave. Was Adam’s first wife cast out of Eden, or did she abandon paradise to become a self-imposed pariah? Deep down, is she really an immortal demoness, or just a girl with a broken halo, left dancing with herself? Let Lilith, the pre-eminent member and founder of the “first-wives” club, tell you her secret history of the Genesis project, before the fall.

= neurotica It’s In The Books

by Laurie Block featuring Brian Richardson

Sarah fends off the unwanted advances of an amorous and insensitive husband. Hers, of course. Isaac bides his time, waiting in the wings for the axe to fall while Abraham shuffles across the emotional wilderness separating body and soul, fathers and sons. What begins as a rollicking and light hearted revision of certain troubling Biblical narratives segues into the touching account of alienation; the timeless struggle to understand what it means to be a Jew and what it takes to be human.


by Michael Nathanson directed by Suzie Martin featuring Talia Pura, Toby Hughes, Jane Testar

Charlotte wants David to light the Sabbath candles. Simple enough. What she wasn’t counting on was finding out what the Sabbath is really supposed to be about. A comedy about what’s supposed to be holy on the day of rest .

Hamlet as Told on the Streets

by Frederick Stroppel featuring One Trunk Collective - Andraea Sartisen, Toby Hughes, Gwendolyn Collins, Andrew Cecon, Loc Lu, Erin McGrath, Peter Reinhardt & Caroline Wintoniw

Shel Silverstein’s rap version of Hamlet comes to life! Physical theatre meets modern day-street core-hiphopblood bath. Featuring the best of Winnipeg’s young actors. You saw it here first.

tim bandfield


Tim, a local actor, singer, puppeteer and director, is very excited to be working with WJT again. He last appeared as the waiter in Betrayal. Other acting credits include Sweeney Todd,The Light in the Piazza, Company (Dry Cold); The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,A Fish’s Wish, Gorilla (Wpg. Fringe); A Funny Thing Happened at the Office, Snapshots, 5 at 3 (Up Front); HeadSpace, The Crucible and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Black Hole). Tim also co-directed and designed the puppets for the Black Hole Theatre’s contribution to Strindbergfest in January 2011, A Dream Play. January 2012 was also filled with puppets as he and his wife directed the puppetry for The District Theatre Collective’s Winnipeg premiere of Avenue Q. Special thanks to his sweetheart, Becca.

matt baram

Matt is a veteran of the legendary Second City Comedy Theatre in Toronto. He wrote and performed in six hit revues. Matt was a lead on Punched Up, (The Comedy Network) and CBC’s The Next Comedy Legend. Other TV credits include appearances on Living in Your Car(Showcase), The Murdoch Mysteries (Bravo), The Border (CBC), The Kink In My Hair (Global), The Jon Dore Show (Comedy Network), Veritas (ABC), Train 48 (Global), The Jane Show (Global), Ace Lightning (BBC), Wingin’ It (The Family Channel), Queer As Folk (Showtime), The Newsroom (CBC), The Listener (Global), Covert Affairs (USA), She’s the Mayor (Vision), Unnatural History (Cartoon Network), Connor Undercover (Family), Really Me (Family), Howie Do It (NBC), Little Mosque On The Prairie (CBC) and The Ron James Show (CBC).

laurie block

A graduate of I.L. Peretz Folk School, Laurie Block is now a writer and storyteller whose work has been published in Magazines and Anthologies throughout Canada as well as in Mexico and the USA. He is the author of two books; Foreign Graces (bilingual, English/Spanish) and more recently, Time Out of Mind, awarded in 2007 the inaugural Lansdown Prize for poetry. His plays Pop! and the full-length The Tomato King were produced by Theatre Projects of Manitoba. His stories have won prizes for both fiction and nonfiction in Prairie Fire Magazine along with National and Western Canada Magazine Awards. He teaches creative writing at Brandon University.

doreen brownstone

Doreen is very happy to return to WJT and work with such great friends on this exciting new project. A veteran actress who has performed across the country, Doreen has been honoured with Lifetime Achievement Awards by Canadian Actors Equity (2004), Manitoba ACTRA (2006), and WJT (2009).

andrew cecon

Andrew wishes that winter’s too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into summer. Love to Claire.

the angels are coming...

Angels in America

Millenium Approaches | March 21 to April 1 Perestroika | October 24 to November 4 Tony Kushner’s epic plays bring together a young gay man with AIDS and his frightened, unfaithful lover; a closeted Mormon lawyer and his Valium-addicted wife; the infamous New York lawyer Roy Cohn; an African-American male nurse; a Mormon housewife from Utah; and a steel-winged, prophecy-bearing angel. Ranging from earth to heaven, from the political to the intimate to the visionary and supernatural, Angels in America is an epic exploration of love, justice, identity and theology, of the difficulty, terror and necessity of change.

WJT.CA for details

terri cherniak


Terri is proud to have performed in five previous WJT shows: A Shayna Maidel, Crossing Delancy, None is too Many (with RMTC), The Last Night of Ballyhoo (with Saidye Bronfman Centre) and Social Security. Winnipeg audiences will also know her from many roles at RMTC, PTE and TPM. Terri is a graduate of U. of W., U. of M. and the National Theatre School of Canada.

gwendolyn collins

Gwendolyn is a recent honours graduate from the University of Winnipeg’s Department of Theatre and Film. Recent theatre credits include Way to Heaven, One of Ours (WJT), Munscha Meeya (PTE), The Fisherman and His Soul, The Green Room, 13 Plays About Love, Hitched, StranDead, and (Winnipeg Fringe Festival), The Adventures of Pericles, and Picnic (U of W).

tricia cooper

Tricia Cooper is a Winnipeg based actor and writer. She is presently in the full time Public Relations program at the University of Winnipeg, because her wildly successful career as an actor was getting tiresome. Trish is a member of the PTE Playwrights unit and was fortunate to have been the writer in residence at Deep Bay Riding Mountain National Park 2009 where she worked on her first full length play. She last appeared in Fu Fu Chi Chi’s Christmas Extravaganza at Theatre Projects.

carolyn gray


Carolyn is a writer, director, actor, and puppeteer. Recently she’s worked with zone41 as Olga in Three Sisters and Adhere and Deny as Brad Everest/ The Professor in The Bedbug. She will directing Chris Johnson’s Duets for a Schizophrenic for her own company, Little Theatre of the Gray Goose.

toby hughes

Toby is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre and Film. Recent credits include The Hobbit, The House at Pooh Corner and Liars (MTYP) and Henry IV (SIR). Toby is a founding member of the musical improv troupe Outside Joke, and has travelled across the country making up stories and songs.

krista jackson Krista is co-founder of zone41 theatre which brought Winnipeg audiences Bruce McManus’ Three Sisters with Theatre Projects Manitoba this past October. She played Masha in that production and will direct Village Wooing for zone41 in RMTC’s ShawFest. Krista co-directed The Seafarer at RMTC last season and joins the Shaw Festival in March 2012 where she will assist on Misalliance, His Girl Friday, Hedda Gabler and direct a one act for Shaw’s directors project.

john b lowe John recently appeared on stage at Prairie Theatre Exchange in The Secret Mask, The Savannah Disputation and Having Hope At Home. His many other theatre credits include, Here On The Flight Path, For The Pleasure of Seeing Her Again and The Drawer Boy for Sunshine Theatre, An Inspector Calls for The Chemainus Theatre Festival, Dear Santa and Over The River and Through The Woods for Western CanadaTheatre. He has been seen as an actor in many feature films and TV movies. John is currently the School and Community Programs Director at Prairie Theatre Exchange.

loc lu

Loc Lu was born in the streets of Saigon. He lives each day like it was the last time he’ll be able to shop at Wal-mart after 11pm. He will die just as we all do.

suzie martin


A graduate of The University of Winnipeg, Suzie has also studied clown with John Turner (of clown duo “Mump and Smoot”). Suzie has sampled a smorgasbord of theatrical vocations as an actor, director, producer, stage manager, assistant director and teacher. By day Suzie spends her time at WJT as the Associate Artistic Producer. Past projects include: North Main Gothic, (Theatre Projects Manitoba); The Gas Heart (Theatre Outgrabe/ Winnipeg Fringe); A Winter’s Tale (TomTom Theatre); Quite an Undertaking (Sarasvati/FemFest); The Universal Wolf (No Sugar Added Productions); The Story of a Sinking Man (Theatre Dirigible).

erin mcgrath

Selected theatre credits include: Three Sisters (Zone41 & TPM), Fiddler on the Roof (Chemainus Theatre Festival), Seussical, My Fair Lady, Christmas Carol (WCT), Still Desire You (ATP). Tell me I’m clever, Tell me I’m kind, Tell me I’m talented, Tell me I’m cute, Tell me I’m sensitive, Graceful and wise, Tell me I’m perfect- But tell me the Truth. Shel Silverstein

brenda mclean

Brenda is very excited to be presenting at WJT’s TribeFest: Neurotica and collaborating again with Christopher Sobczak on a new creation. Recently, as Co-Artistic Leaders of Theatre Incarnate, they created Master Orloff & Madame Clodille’s Penny Arcade Freakshow Beautifique... Other recent credits include writing a new piece, titled Paper Airlines, for Adhere and Deny’s Circus of Objects presentations and performing in the ShawFest production Caesar and Cleopatra. Brenda is also in the editing stages of a short film she made with fellow artist Ryan Klatt, titled Collapsed. Brenda continues to be interested in the exploration of the physical performer as a means for artistic expression.

ron pederson

Ron has worked across Canada as an actor and Improviser. As an actor has worked in theatres across the country. As an Improviser Ron is an alumnus of Die-Nasty (8 Seasons), Rapid Fire Theatre and has appeared at the Chicago and L.A Improv Festivals. He is a founding member and artistic producer of The National Theatre of the World which produces Impromptu Splendor (the improvised play), The Carnegie Hall Show (the improvised retrospective), and The Soaps; all In Toronto. Television Credits Include MadTV (Fox, 3 Seasons) InSecurity (CBC), Sidekick (YTV) She’s The Mayor (Vision) and The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (CBS). He’s in the soon to be released movie, Vampire Dog with Norm MacDonald and he’s a Sterling Award and Canadian Comedy Award Winner and Jessie Richardson and Merritt Award Nominee. Ron is the recipient of the 2010 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Male Improviser.

ellen peterson

Ellen’s most recent writing/acting credit was her one-person show The Eight Tiny Reindeer of the Apocalypse with Theatre Projects Manitoba. She is a member of the Prairie Theatre Exchange Playwrights’ Unit and the dramaturge for the Manitoba Association of Playwright’s Open Door series.

talia pura


Talia was last seen on stage at ShawFest, playing Shaw’s love, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, and reading Saint Joan. Recent screen credits include working with Norma Bailey, Guy Maddin and last summer’s American Girl. Her latest fringe outing was in Mary Rose, directed by George Toles. Talia’s performances in aerial dance have included solos with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Elemental Sircus and at gala fundraising events, such as CancerCare Manitoba. She has also included aerial dance in several theatrical productions, such as the role of Puck for SIR’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In addition to her creative work, Talia teaches drama at the University of Winnipeg and coordinators a Youth Mentorship in the Arts Program for ACI (Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba).

peter reinhardt

Peter Reinhardt has been working in musical theatre for almost a while now, and is certainly grateful to Andraea for all the opportunities she keeps offering. He lives in Vancouver, where he makes music for any eventuality.

brian richardson

Brian Richardson is a storyteller. He does that in a variety of ways. He is a modern Shanachie - that’s an Irish storyteller with a traditon dating back to the ancient Celtic bards of his native Ireland. He is a playwright whose work has interpreted history at The Forks National Historic Site, ecological messages for schools with Green Kids, post cancer sexuality for CancerCare, Music Hall and Vaudeville, and Multi-cultural works for Fusion Dance Theatre. Currently, Brian is developing a play about the courtship of his Jewish grandmother and Protestant grandfather in early nineteen hundreds Dublin. He is a published, and broadcast, poet (CBC radio). For nine years he hosted the Winnipeg Folk Festival main stage. As a director, he brought Bruce Sarbit’s All Or Nothing, featuring Harry Nelken, to fruition at the last Winnipeg Fringe Festival,. At the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Tom Hendry Theatre he appeared last year in The Seafarer. He is delighted to have this opportunity to return to Laurie Block’s work once more.

andraea sartisen

Selected acting credits include Way to Heaven (WJT), Liars (MTYP). Sartison has also produced and co-created The Big Gravel Sifter, Puberty: a Memoir and Just One Spark with her company One Trunk Collective.

naomi snieckus

An actor/writer/improviser/voice-over artist/director/ teacher, Naomi is an alumnus of The Second City Toronto where she wrote/ performed in five hit shows. Other theatre credits include: The Ginkgo Tree (Arts Club), Guide to Mourning (Belfry Theatre), and Conservatives in Love (Pea Green Theatre). She directed Chelsea P. Menders in Naughty Little Children and the Touring Co. at Second City. TV and film credits include Da Kink in My Hair, Degrassi, Train 48, Regenesis, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Ron James Show, Being Erica, Mr.D, Wingin’ It, She’s the Mayor, The Jon Dore Show You may have heard Naomi’s voice on CBC Radio’s Canadia or as Aunt Turtle on the cartoon Franklin the Turtle. She has a recurring role in the new Trailer Park Boys TV show: Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour. She’s also in Saw 7 3D and in the brand new CBC sitcom Mr. D. Naomi has won a Canadian Comedy Award in the category of Best Female Improviser.

thank you

rachel smith


Rachel is currently attending her final year at the University of Winnipeg and will be graduating with an Honours degree in Theatre. This is her directing debut. She is thrilled be involved in TribeFest and is very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

christopher sobczak

As Co-Artistic Leader of Theatre Incarnate, Christopher is plagued with an extreme case of Attention Deficit Disorder and has been using that excuse as a crutch for his entire life. Christopher is thrilled to be back at WJT for their new festival. Most recently Christopher dramaturged the Theatre Incarnate productions of Dionysus is Getting Impatient, Verge-In and Guernica and with the company has previously directed their productions of Boston Marriage, Men Seldom Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses. He was Assistant Director on November by David Mamet (WJT) and his Theatre Incarnate performance credits include Master Orloff & Madame Clodille’s Penny Arcade Freakshow Beautifique..., and Arcadia (StoppardFest).

kelci stephenson

Kelci is excited to start the New Year off with TribeFest in association with the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre. A recent graduate of the University of Winnipeg Theatre Honours Program, Kelci spent her summer trying her hand at directing, and goofing around with puppets in Folkspeare’s presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Last spring, she participated in a reading for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Sarasvati’s collaborative piece Jail Baby and thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the piece in the fall of 2011 at FemFest, playing the role of Jas.

jane testar

Jane is a multidisciplinary comedian, regularly performing both improv (with Outside Joke) and sketch comedy (with Hot Thespian Action). Jane is also a member of the theatre ensemble, Foolish Wit, who perform Commedia Dell’arte and have created and toured two original bilingual children’s shows for Canadian Parents for French. She has appeared in productions of Little Munsch on the Prairie (Prairie Theatre Exchange) and De Bouche à Oreille (Théâtre du Grand Cercle). Jane can also be heard every week on CBC Radio One with her etiquette advice column, Miss Conduct, and in radio sketches and podcasts for CBC’s Comedy Factory.

caroline wintoniw

Caroline Wintoniw is an photographer based in Winnipeg. This is her second collaboration with One Trunk, her first being The Big Gravel Sifter.

the bird’s the word @WJTheatre

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Phillip & Ellie Kives Samuel & Ruth Klapman Lou & Estelle Kliman Michael Kogan Hilaine & Richard Kroft Phyllis Laveman Karyn & Mel Lazareck Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro Peter Leipsic Myrna Levin Debby Lexier Monty & Gerry Lomow Luke Lyman Lana Maidment Laurel Malkin Dr. Neil & Elaine Margolis Beverley McCaffrey Lorna McLarty Pamela Minuk Cairn Moore Alon Nashman Shirley & Melville Neuman Anita Neville Rochelle Nozick Murray Palay & Ivy Kopstein Dr. Robert & Elaine Paul Lesia Peet David & Aarona Perlov David & Shirley Permack Sylvia & Earl Pitch Sandra & Irvin Plosker Judy Plotkin Ronald & Phyllis Polinsky Randee & Martin Pollock Sheila & Norman Portnoy David & Sheila Rabb Morris & Carol Raizen Ali & Louisa Raizman Marilyn Redekop Kelly Regula Esther Remis Sondra & Arnold Rice Evelyn & Bobby Robinson Dick & Joanne Rothberg Naida Rubin Danny Schur Preston & Miriam Segal Haanita Seval Debbie Shaen Selma & Leo Shearer Edward Shinewald Shayna & Merrill Shulman Ruth Silden Phyllis Slayden

Arnold & Sandra Slotin Lyle & Evita Smordin Leora Solomon Harvey & Deanne Spiegel Maurice Steele Naida Stern Donni & Allan Stern Marlene Stern Margot Tass Brenlee Trepel Marilyn Trepel Sharon & Steven Tritt Susan Tsang Dr Eric & Mrs. Susan Vickar Eve Vickar Randal Warkentin Brenlee Werner Wendy & Sam Wilder Joe Wilder Barbara Winestock Chris Yue

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TribeFest: Genesis Draft Program

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