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w w w. o h e k a . c o m

G H Located in the former Greenwich Savings Bank in Midtown Manhattan, Gotham Hall is an awesome monument to classic turn of the century architecture. The grand ballroom is accentuated by a gilded chandelier, limestone roman pillars, hand crafted and highly detailed brass and marble work, and is crowned by a 3,000 square foot stained glass ceiling. Gotham Hall offers full service catering with both our non-Kosher and Kosher Catering Partners. Perfect for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Non-Profit Galas, and Corporate Functions.

1356 Broadway at 36th Street New York, NY 10018 212.244.4300 212.244.2353 fax

Where the luxury within is only surpassed ed

by the breathtaking views of Jerusalem

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VOL.. 32 | March NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2008 / april 2009


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Weddings of 16 24

18 Michal Kollnesher & Etie Hertz 24 Dalia Harooni & Sean Shakib 40 Brenda Hajibai & Jonathan Loloi 60 Amanda Aziz & David Zar 62 Yael Schiller & Jonathan Martin 72 Adrienne Yeganeh & Liel Hollander

Bat Mitzvahs of

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POLITICS 14 David G. Greenfield PLANNING 101 22 B. Allan Kurtz

32 Adriana Phillips 68 Natalie & Ariella Jamnik

DESIGN 28 Fariba Moghadas

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PHOTOGRAPHY 36 Gary Rabenko

38 Mathew Rosenberg 50 Itzik Nahmoud 54 Rami Laifer 64 David Tebele

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Brit Milah of 46 Yehuda Barakat & Nathan Albukai

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VOL. 32 | march NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2008 vol. / april 2009


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Weddings of 74 Lisa Sohayegh & Daniel Weitz 78 Leora Bekhore & Mordechai Steinfeld 88 Sanam Soumekh & Nader Kashanian 92 Shiphra Habibian & Bobby Bakhchi

16 80

Bat Mitzvahs of 76 Alexandra Hackman 82 Hadar Levy

Bar Mitzvahs of 70 Matthew & Jason Sulzberger 80 Ariel Rabanipour 84 Moshe Cohen Saban


Benefit Concert 90 Young Afikim New York

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GREENFIELD GETS YESHIVAS Historic: Yeshivas Working MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN Together To Fight Budget Cuts NEW FUNDING By Sara Schwartz By Sara Schwartz David G. Greenfield


f you’re a yeshiva, who do you turn to when Governor David Paterson’s budget proposes a 44% cut in funding that may force you to close your doors? There’s no question about that. You turn to political strategist and community advocate David G. Greenfield. As soon as official word came out, The Education Alliance for Children in New York State (TEACH NYS) under the leadership of Director and Counsel David G. Greenfield, Esq. kicked into high gear. They quickly put together a powerful coalition of Jewish, Catholic and Independent school leaders to lobby Albany against the funding cuts. As background, despite the daily struggle that parents are facing to pay yeshiva tuition, the Governor decided to cut funding to yeshivas. In turn, those cuts would force many yeshivas to raise tuitions during the height of the recession. The governor’s initial proposal would cut $62 million of state funding from yeshivas. Most of those cuts would come by eliminating the Comprehensive Attendance Program (CAP). CAP is a security program that ensures that children are in school during the school day and not out on the streets.

14 | Chagigah Magazine

TEACH NYS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to solving the tuition crisis. So they quickly set up a toll free telephone number to the Governor’s office to encourage people to call and protest the draconian cuts. After 15,000 people called the Governor to protest

Eli Shapiro, the Orthodox Union’s Howard Beigelman, TEACH NYS’s Andres Berry, Village of Lawrence Trustee Michael Fragin, Political Consultant Michael Tobman, International Political Strategist Shai Franklin and Former Assemblyman Ryan Karben.

the cuts to New York’s private schools, the Governor agreed to restore the CAP program in the budget. Unfortunately, he did not agree to restore any funding to the program.

This core group of top leaders went to work putting together a large group of yeshiva leaders from across the state to travel to Albany and tell their legislators ‘we need help.’ TEACH NYS arranged for a coach bus to pick up fifty yeshiva leaders from just about every county in New York State. In total nearly 50,000 students yeshiva students, were represented by these yeshiva leaders in Albany. The group met with over forty elected officials in one day and had one clear message - stop the disproportionate cuts to private schools in New York.

TEACH NYS actedeld quickly on the success of David Greenfi & Michael Bloomberg restoring the CAP program. Now that CAP was back in the budget, there would be an opportunity to get the funding back, as well. In February, Mr. Greenfield brought together a team of top political and education leaders including Sephardic Community Federation Policy Director Jeff Leb, Yeshiva University’s

“This was an unprecedented display of unity,” stated Mr. Greenfield, “by working together we sent a clear and united message that our communities’ top priority is the affordability of yeshiva education. It’s simple really - we need government to provide our yeshivas with their fair share of government funds,” Mr. Greenfield explained.

The Prime Grill boasts a relaxed atmosphere that displays the utmost elegance and style. Nationally acclaimed for dry aging steaks on premises, the restaurant serves classic steak house offerings such as Rib Eye Cuts, but also serves entrees such as Atlantic Salmon, and even fresh Sushi. It features an international wine list and complete bar with classic and exotic drinks. Its staff offers professional, gracious service and premiere private dining. They are truly the masters of steak and will provide you with a perfect dining experience that represents AIWF´s ultimate Kosher culinary experience. The Prime Grill was voted two years in a row as New York´s No.1 Kosher restaurant by Zagat, and has as many delicious meats as you can think of. The Sushi Bar provides a great option for non-meat lovers. The restaurant welcomes groups of all sizes. They can plan and host events; whether a wedding reception, bar & bat mitzvahs, anniversary party, corporate function, or executive dinner, the staff will make your event not only a success, but an experience to remember.

The Prime Grill 60 East 49th Street New York, NY 10017 Tel 212-692-9292 Lunch: Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm Dinner: Mon-Thu 5pm-10:30pm Sat: 1.5 hrs after sundown until midnight Sun: 4pm-10pm Private room available: Call Meital Bunker at 212-692-5265

Priel Bridal Salon

A designer luxury gowns collection where confort and style meet

103-31 Queens Boulevard - Forest Hills, NY 11375 - 718-997-1063 - -

Wedding of Michal Kollnesher & Etie Hertz

18 | Chagigah Magazine


he love story started when Michal Kollnesher and Etie Hertz met in a club in New York City two years ago and they didn’t know it at the time, but it was love at first sight. They both felt they found their soul mate in each other. They come from similar backgrounds – both were born in New York to Israeli parents, and they speak Hebrew and have a strong connection to the state of Israel, visiting few times every year. Etie was an established lawyer, and Michal was just coming back from Boston, after one year in Harvard medical school. Last May, Etie took Michal to the Plaza Hotel, where he proposed, and told Michal that the limousine outside filled with roses, Champagne and playing their song was waiting to take them to JFK airport, where they would hop on a plane to Paris. At the airport, Michal bought 12 wedding magazines, and she got ready for her dream wedding. The wedding was held at the prestigious Hotel Pierre in New York City. The hotel’s ballroom was filled to capacity with blissful family and friends. With this wedding, two

Chagigah Magazine | 19

Wedding of Michal Kollnesher & Etie Hertz

of the most respected families of the Jewish community in the tri-state area, one from Long Island and another from New York City, joined together and had the pleasure of watching their children exchange vows. The parents of Michal, Neomi and Uri Kollnesher were thrilled to escort their youngest daughter of three to the Chuppah. Etie’s parents, Anat and Jacob Kravel  &  Eli and Maralyn Hertz couldn’t contain themselves with a such happiness. The wedding was catered by the renowned and famous Glatt Kosher Foremost Caterers, who are known for their extraordinary service and delectable food. Both mothers, Anat Kravel and Neomi Kollnesher, worked out together to meet and exceed their kids’ dreams. Michal wore an exquisite white gown that went perfectly with her beauty and charm. Her bride’s maids were dressed in lovely plum colored dresses. All the women carried matching floral bouquets that were made especially for them by Metro Floral Decorators, as they walked down the aisle. The decorations were impeccably done by the magic hands of Adrian from Metro Floral Decorators, and everything was perfectly styled by well-known and experienced party planner Fariba Moghadas. The rhythm of the music and the festive dancing brought the party to its feet by the songs of the Ike Walkover band and DJ Effi. The energetic crowd made it an experience and a night that was worth coming from far away, because not only the family but all 400 guests will cherish this memorable evening for a lifetime. Photography by Infinity

20 | Chagigah Magazine

Chagigah Magazine | 21

Planning Planning Planning

101 101

B. Allan Kurtz

B. Allan Kurtz


ur last class dealt with budget planning. A major component of your event budget is the menu and menu planning. Whether it is a social occasion, fundraiser or corporate event the same rules typically apply. You first want to create your wish list for your party or items I call “must haves”. Whether it is baby lamb chops or franks in a blanket or chocolate dipped strawberries. The next step in the process is jotting ideas down from your enjoyable past experiences. There are many items to take into consideration, but your personal tastes are not one of them. If you do not eat fish, that should not preclude you from serving fish at an event you are hosting. I always suggest planning a menu backwards-starting with the entrée selection, followed by the first course, and then the special occasion cake and on to the dessert. The reason is that if you are serving Chateaubriand as you entrée you do not want to carve Chateaubriand during the cocktail reception. Sounds like common sense but often overlooked. We are going to focus our menu discussion on Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Kurtz sits on the Restaurant Board of NYC & Company as well as the Advisory Board of FairleighNote: Dickinson University School Editor’s Mr. Kurtz sits on the of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Restaurant Board of NYC & Company He has as Managing of as wellserved as the Advisory Director Board of Gotham Hall in New York City for the Fairleigh Dickinson University School last 5 years. of Hotel and Restaurant Management. He has served as Managing Director of 20 | CHAGIGAH Gotham Hall in MAGAZINE New York City for the last 22 5| years. Chagigah Magazine


One way to help distinguish your social event from others is creative menu planning. Your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah menu is certainly not the menu served at your Bar Mitzvah. Lose the chafing dishes for the adult cocktail party! Today’s caterers, both kosher and nonkosher, offer some very unique options from Salmon Prepared Five Ways, to a Bruschetta Bar, Martini Salad Bar, to a Seasonal Soup Bar, to Dim Sum and Dumpling Station,

Ceviche , Mediterranean, Persian, Latin, Tapas, Tuscan, Brazilian and on and on. You may have noticed I left off a Sushi Station, Steakhouse Carving, Peking Duck and some of the more recognizable items. It is not that guests do not enjoy sushi, they do, but there are more interesting and more budget conscience foods that can be served that your guests will enjoy- pass the sushi and enlighten your guests. One more thing about passed hors d’oeuvres-make sure you include the franks in blankets, mini-hamburgers and knishes so the adults stay in the adult cocktail reception and don’t head for the kids section! I am sure your guests will enjoy the freshness and fun of live action stations. Remember today’s mixologists can also create special “mocktails” for the kids’ bar, so every young man can feel like James Bond sipping a shaken not stirred “Mocktini”, and every young lady can be Carrie Bradshaw, sharing “Cosmockpolitans” while they dish with their girlfriends. Remember food is just a part of the menu planning, albeit an important part or your event. One last tip, if you decide you need a tasting from your caterer, please make sure to taste the items you are unsure of. It is much more important to taste hors d’oeuvres of smoked lamb enchilada than a frank in blanket. After you have selected your location for this very important day in your child’s life you have the honor of creating the event. Take joy in the planning process and have lots of fun!

ellow DJ´s The aRT of MUSiC

Entertainment Productions EVENT PLANNING & COORDINATION Sail On Imagination's Wings And Turn Your Dream Into A Spectacular Event

Break away from the ordinary for your next big personal or corporate event! If you have just become engaged and are beginning to plan your wedding, or are throwing a company party, celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a Sweet Sixteen or 25 th Wedding Anniversary Party, having a community-wide event or benefit, or in the process of preparing to celebrate any upcoming event, Yellow DJ's & Yellow Design wants to help you turn your dream party into a reality. Our team of professional DJs and designers will use all of their over 15 years of experience in the industry, together with the latest equipment and up-to-date, creative design ideas, to help you plan and present a breathtaking and spectacular event. We provide a state-of-the-art sound system to ensure great sound quality and customized music selections so your guests will rave about the music. Special options include: • Lighting Effects Show • African Drum Show • Active and Dance Bar • Stage Show • Location Decoration • Fireworks

AVAILABLE FOR WORLDWIDE EVENTS Israel • England • Panama • Mexico • Bahamas • Canada

1887 McDonald Ave (Corner of Quentin Rd) Brooklyn, NY 11223 Toll free: 1-866-ONLY-YELLOW Tel: 347-782-5309

Wedding of Dalia Harooni & Sean Shakib


he much anticipated wedding of Dalia Harooni and Sean Shakib was celebrated at Temple Israel of Lawrence. The couple was introduced to each other by the bride’s father, Dr. Robert Harooni, exactly one year before the date of the wedding. Sean, a cosmetic dentist, was immediately adored by Dalia’s three siblings, Jonathan and his wife Jessica, Joshua, and Rebecca and the grandmothers, Mama Lea and Mama Victoria. After getting engaged in October, Dalia, Sean, and Dalia’s mother, Flora, began to plan the unique event. The wedding was to take place on February 15, 2009. Metro Floral Decorators, David Roth Photographers, DJs Amir and Alex, and hair dresser and makeup artist Annette all began designing the dream wedding for this great couple. Dalia, dressed

24 | Chagigah Magazine

in a glamorous gown designed by Augusta Jones, was an absolute princess. Sean wore an elegant tuxedo with a white vest and tie from Bergdorf Goodman, while the bridesmaids were dressed in royal red. Rebecca, the sister of the bride and the maid of honor, was dressed in a stunning white dress and looked like an angel. Joshua Shakib, who was the best man, fulfilled his title in a true sense throughout the whole event. The ceremony was conducted by the world renowned Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, and Cantor Meir Levy and his grandson in the magnificent sanctuary of the synagogue accompanied by festive music performed by Bahman. An exquisite Ketubah was designed by Albert Hakakian. The synagogue was filled to capacity with joyful family and friends. The mother of the groom, Mrs. Helen Shakib, with

her elegance and poise, gave a sense of warmth to this incredible event. The Chuppah, which featured plexi- glass and waterfalls, was amazingly beautiful and was designed by the groom and Adrian of Metro Floral Decorators. The ceremony was followed by a very warm reception, catered by the renowned Morrell Caterers at the synagogue ballroom which was adorned with gorgeous floral arrangements and lighting prepared by Metro Floral Decorators. The music that kept everyone, young and old, on there feet all night included the Persian band, Siamak, as well as Amir and Alex. This memorable night will be cherished and remembered by both families and friends for a long time. Photography by David Roth

Chagigah Magazine | 25

when your

Biggest D is







Worry Free... Clearly Your Caterer is

RAM Caterers now offers the ultimate experience for special occasions at two exciting venues. Our popular New York site at Shaare Zion now has a sister location in a new stateof-the-art New Jersey hall at Congregation Magen David. The pristine and modern setting boasts top-of-the-line interior design by architect R. Wade Johnson, featuring two stellar ballrooms, a fabulously elegant foyer, custom chandeliers, and state of the art sound and lighting‌.all with RAM’s famous unique gourmet cuisine. Contact RAM today to learn about our special pricing and packages to ensure your upcoming occasion is cherished forever. Under the Strict Supervision of the JSOR, the OU, and Vaad Harabonim of Shaare Zion. All Food Adheres to Beit Yosef, Bishul Yisrael Sepharadi, Pat Yisrael, Yashan, & Cholov Yisrael

The Secret Event Designs By Fariba Moghadas



he entrance area is the first thing your guests see when they arrive at an event. It gives a clear message of what is to come. It’s a good way to get their attention immediately. Let them think, “This is kind of interesting. If this is special, what’s the rest of the night going to be like?” Thus, the escort table becomes important as a statement, expressing the harmony of the event. In this event, the center piece for the entrance was designed to look like a large gift box “wrapped” with a large satin ribbon placed on an all mirrored table. Each dining table at the reception was a master piece. Every detail from the centerpiece to the silverware placement had been carefully considered to express and enhance simplicity and elegance. The tiffany blue lagoon silk satin was used for the table cover, embellished with a jeweled silver soutash lace as a runner across the table. Double sided white silk satin napkins were folded in threes and placed hanging half way from the tables. On top of the napkins sat an exquisitely

28 | Chagigah Magazine

decorated gift tiffany box, wrapped with white satin ribbon with a thank you note attached for each guest. The boxes contained blue and white jelly beans for all to enjoy. In their design and size, the table’s center pieces were intended to be unique and dramatic. Made of layettes of white dandrovium orchids and hanging candles, work of floral art designed to look like a large tiffany lamp. Behind the stage was a breathtaking view of hundreds of glass bulbs hanging like raindrops, each shining with a led light inside. The bars were a show case full of candles, tiffany boxes over flown with pearls and crystals and flowers, leaving everyone gasping at the beautiful sight. This is what can be achieved with an eye for design and a love of detail. For the hostess the evening was a huge success; they had fully enveloped their guests in their carefully designed ambiance, one of magic and joy. And more important, they had given their daughter the party of her dreams.

And then, there is a freedom of flowing around in an event, just like you are in your living room, enjoying the couture elegant furniture around the room. Each piece carefully chosen and placed, transforming the room. This has become more and more popular way to have an event than the expected. What these events have in common is how aptly they illustrate the fantastic results that can be achieved by envisioning a concept and insisting on finding a way to actualize it. While I helped my clients to develop and execute their goals, they clearly knew what they wanted, remaining focused on their vision through all phases of the process, from the gathering of ideas to the practicalities of making the event happen. As you see, the energy and effort that went into going that extra mile were well worth it. And I encourage and welcome you to do the same, whatever your event. Not only will you love the results, your guests will never forget it.


, WORLDS FineST JeWiSh Magazine

Is the most unique publication in America. Much of that is due to our collection of the best team of photographers in the world:

Andy Marcus Bobby Farokhzad Fred Farokhzad Dante Maestre Jason Meyer Jerry Meyer Gary Gershon Rabenko Bernardo Restrepo David Roth Gabriel Solomon Avi Sroor Jo Von

crème de la crème Thank you to this outstanding group of visionaries for helping us express the contemporary history of the Jewish people in each issue of Chagigah Magazine.

Bat Mitzvah of Adriana Phillips


driana Phillips’ Bat-Mitzvah celebration took place January 17, 2009 at Great Neck Synagogue. With over 500 guests expected, Diana and Jeffrey Phillips could only trust Craig Weinberg of Prestige Caterers to step up to the occasion. The family’s vision of a perfect party was to allow for each guest to dine and dance at their leisure. Craig made sure the menu consisted of anything and everything one could possibly desire, with service fit for royalty. The ballroom was opened to an amazing floral decor of deep reds. Adrian of Metro Floral Decorators used crystals, candles and lighting to further intensify the rich color combination. As the adults were dancing the night

32 | Chagigah Magazine

away, Alexa Phillips, Adriana’s older sister, was making sure the young teens were enjoying the party room prepared for them by none other than Victor of Great Neck Games and Productions. As some enjoyed the hottest new games, others were dancing on lit-up floors and lounging on fabulous club furniture. Back in the main ballroom, DJ Amir of Style Events had the crowd rocking and rolling to world music, as JoVon quietly maneuvered among the guests clicking his camera to produce an unforgettable memory of the evening for the family. The montage, created by artist Shawn of Noor Video had everyone cheering as photos and videos of friends popped up on the screens. As

the evening progressed to the morning hours, an array of scrumptious desserts was presented, and guests were surprised with shwarma and falafel sandwiches to go. The young teens couldn’t wait to keep warm with sweatshirts made especially for the occasion by Affy’s Party Favors. Meanwhile, slippers were handed out to the ladies who needed relief from their exquisite high heels. January 17th, 2009 was certainly an unforgettable night for the Phillips family thanks to the wonderful friends and family who attended, and the tireless effort of those who helped make it possible. Photography by JoVon

Chagigah Magazine | 33


, WORLDS FineST JeWiSh Magazine

Chagigah Magazine is an exceptional publication that is unprecedented in Jewish history. Chagigah represents an innovative and unique way of socializing and connecting with all of the Jewish communities in the greater New York area. • • • •

Over 600.000 Readers in all New York Metropolitan Area Each issue is a collector’s item Showcasing the crème de la crème of Parties, Events & Jewish Ceremonies A unique publication created to serve as a platform between the most successful communities and luxury goods and services.

“I read and reread every incredible article in Chagigah magazine.” Jack Cohen – Tenafly, NJ

“I’m collecting every single issue and in 20 years I will show them to my children and grandchildren.”

Violet Hajibai – Great Neck, NY

Welcome to the world of Chagigah Magazine where the famous brands meet

You are invited! For further information regarding advertising and promotional opportunities please contact us at 347.404.5252 or

Cafe Hadar

• Wireless Hot Spot • Private Party Room • Garden Dining • Free Delivery

2923 Avenue N Brooklyn, NY 11210 718.252.5146

A Higher Standard in Dairy Kosher Dining Under the Strict Supervision of Rabbi Yisrael P. Gornish

Bar Mitzvah of Mathew Rosenberg


he celebration for Mathew Rosenberg was a warm, fun and exciting event. It started Friday December 12 when close family and a few friends came to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. His parents Carolyn and Moishe Rosenberg as well as his sister Rachel who flew in from Israel and his brother Shelby were so looking forward to their youngest child and brothers’ Bar mitzvah day. Guests traveled to the beautiful Pearl River Hilton in Pearl River, NY for the weekend event from all over the tri-state area, as well as Florida and Israel. Mathew’s grandparents Vera and David Rosenberg, and Marilyn and Lee Wallach, and 3 of his great grandparents, Frieda Lebovitz as well as Pearl and Sol Gelb who flew in from Florida for the event, were zocheh to be at the simchah as well. It was especially exciting when the bus that brought all of Mathew’s friends arrived at the hotel. They were bursting with energy and ready for a fun weekend. Mauzone caterers did a wonderful job displaying a luscious buffet for the guests’ arrival, followed by a beautiful dinner and ending the evening with a wonderful dessert display and Shabbos tisch. The intimate group had a warm, wonderful evening. Shabbos morning Mathew did a phenomenal job laying his difficult parsha, everyone thoroughly enjoying his kriah. The mechitza was something to see, it was shadow boxes filled with pictures of

38 | Chagigah Magazine

Mathew from his Hanachat tefillin in Israel. After davening was over there was a beautiful Kiddush followed by buffet lunch and mincha. After a brief nap the guests had shaleshudos, maariv and havdalah. Family and friends went up to their rooms to prepare for the later festivities. New guests as well as those who were there for shabbos were in for a treat for the eyes as the ballrooms were transformed by Beautiful Blooms florist of Philadelphia, who did a wonderful job from start to finish. The ballroom was a sea of red with unique striking arrangements. Some tables were made of Lucite that had the illusion that the flowers on the top were coming through the table itself. Other table arrangements varied with black and white print cloths, some with white arrangements others with red arrangements. Rabenko Photography and Video Artists showed a beautiful montage that was heartfelt and moving. The music was a combination of all types of music. The most outstanding was the Shira Choir. Shloime Dachs’ band did a wonderful job, and the acoustic guitar was superb. The party was very labadik, and just an all around fun event. Guests as well as the Baalei simcha and especially Mathew will not soon forget the evening. Photography by Rabenko

Chagigah Magazine | 39

Wedding of Brenda Hajibai & Jonathan Loloi

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hen Jonathan Loloi asked Brenda Hajibai to go see a movie on December 26, 2007, Brenda would have never imagined that it would mark the beginning of their lives together. While watching the previews, Jonathan’s face showed up on the movie screen, and the next thing Brenda knew, he was down on one knee asking her to marry him. A year and two days later, the Italian guy from Milan and the American girl from New York became husband and wife. Brenda and Jonathan’s wedding took place at the prominent Huntington Hilton. Brenda wore a beautiful gown by Oscar de la Renta, while Jonathan wore a custommade tuxedo by Astor and Black. The Chuppah was conducted by Rabbi Elyahu Ben Chaim, Rabbi Yosef Bitton and Rabbi Mordechai Kohanim, who also gave the honor of lighting the candles for the eighth night of Chanukah.

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Metro Floral Decorators is a family owned business that originated in Adrian and Jose’s native country of El Salvador. There they learned from their parents at a young age the art of arranging a fine selection of flowers, as well as how to please customers with special designs and decorations for their social and religious events.

Wedding of Brenda Hajibai & Jonathan Loloi

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uring the ceremony, cantor Avi Peretz warmed the guest’s hearts as he sang along with the Uri Bitton Orchestra. With the help of Metro Floral Decorators, the ballroom was transformed into a magical winter wonderland, with the theme of white and silver found in the flowers, kippahs, dinner menus, dance floor, and even the band member’s outfits. The night was a success thanks to the help of Lederman Catering, Great Neck Photographers, Noor Video Productions, Style Events, and Pristine Hair Salon. All of these details, combined with the warm guests who flew in from all over the world, made this night one to remember. Even as the music came to an end at 3:30AM, the party had just begun, as thirty hotel rooms at the Huntington Hilton were set aside for close friends and family of the bride and groom. Brenda and Jonathan’s wedding truly set the stage for their fairytale future together. Photography by Great Neck Photographers

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Brit Milah of Yehuda Barakat & Nathan Albukai


here is a very interesting story about two sisters in law that both gave birth to boys on the same day. The first couple is Baruch Barakat and his wife, Yafit Swed. The second couple is Chana Barakat who is Baruch’s sister; and her husband Yair Albukai. Baruch & Yafit got married on January 31st 2006. A few months after Yafit’s marriage, Chana and Yair started dating. A year went by and Baruch and Yafit had no luck having kids, and at the same time Chana and Yair were set to get married on March 11th 2007. A month after Chana & Yair’s wedding with the help of HASHEM both Yafit and Chana got pregnant. After nine long months, on December third 2008; Yafit went into labor while Chana still had about a week left of gestation. December 04, 2008 at 4:50 am Chana and her husband got a phone call from Baruch telling them his wife Yafit gave a birth to a beautiful baby boy: Yehuda. An hour after Yafit gave birth, Chana and Yair rushed to the hospital to see the new baby. Apparently, due to all the excitement, Chana also went into labor and about 5 hours later at 10:30 am she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Nathan.

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Brit Milah of Yehuda Barakat & Nathan Albukai This was an exciting day for everyone to see both of the sisters in law give birth to baby boys on the same day. December 11th 2008 it was time for the double brit and with their luck a great Mohel named Hacham Eliezer from Israel was in town for the week and did their Brit Milah. This beautiful occasion took place in the Sephardic Lebanese Congregation. They had DJ with great music, deliciously catered food and close to 500 guests. Along with the rabbis of their community attended the unique double Brit Milah and helped them make this an unforgettable moment for them and their families. Our Rabbis tell us a person should always have emouna in HA-SHEM and rest assured your prayers will be answered and this here is a perfect example. HA-SHEM blessed these two couples and their families by giving them two beautiful boys on the same day. May HA-SHEM continue to  bless them with lots of happiness and hatslacha through out the years and we hope to hear more wonderful stories about Yehuda and Nathan and kol Am Yisrael Amen. Photography by Galaxy Studios

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Nader Afrahim Performing all styles of Jewish & Contemporary Music Israeli, Middle East & Persian repertories


Bar Mitzvah of Itzik Nahmoud


tzik Nahmoud’s bar mitzvah celebration took place on December 31, 2008 on New Year’s evening. The celebration had a Super Bowl theme. To make sure that the bar mitzvah boy would attend, Itzik’s mother scheduled the party for 8:30 pm. Itzik’s mom Charlotte and his two sisters, Sarita and Leila, were thrilled to dance with Itzik and celebrate this party with him. The celebration was held at the Sephardic Lebanese Congregation. It was an energetic and warm party. Itzik and his family kept the dancing going all night. Family and relatives came from overseas to join the highly anticipated bar mitzvah. The whole family came to celebrate Itzik’s bat mitzvah. The grandparents, Leila and Shlomo, as well as uncle Jack and his wife Lina

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corporate functions & off-premise catering. We are available for all elegant affairs, private parties, anniversar For more information please call 516.374.9200 & bat mitzvahs, shevah brachot, brit milah, simchat bat, pidyon For more information please call 516.37 corporate functions & off-premise catering. Dairy – Italian – Sushi Call to inquire about all dairy locations: 516.374.9200 • 718.998.0020 • 718.758.2900

For more information please call 516.37

Bar Mitzvah of Itzik Nahmoud

and their daughter Hadassa, aunt Rose with her husband Moshe and their kids Liat and Adena, and aunt Sophia and uncle Nattan came from Israel. Uncle Eli came from Mexico. Itzik was very happy since his dream of celebrating his bar mitzvah with his family, even those living far away, came true. The party was so exciting that nobody wanted it to end. Everyone was bursting with pride over Itzik’s accomplishments. Itzik, a gifted athlete, showed another side of himself as he became a bar mitzvah. The Super Bowl theme was prominently displayed at the party. Photography by Galaxy Studios

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Creating Memories for a Lifetime ... Galaxy Studios has been creating memories since the early 90’s. In the beginning we started our business in broadcasting, and then we shifted our business to weddings and special events. Galaxy Studios has an experienced staff of videographers and photographers. We only use broadcast and digital quality cameras and offer state-ofthe-art editing with special effects and computer animations. The final movie is a complete production incorporating your baby pictures, 3D graphics and titles with a very special ending. Our photography is equally exquisite, as we will get every aspect of the affair. If your style is formal or traditional, romantic or classic, casual or contemporary, fashionable or photojournalistic, Or a combination of any or all of these styles! it is up to you, We are flexible!

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Bar Mitzvah of Rami Laifer


ami Laifer ‘s Bar Mitzvah celebration took place on Superbowl Sunday 2009. To make sure that the Bar Mitzvah boy would attend, Rami’s mother scheduled the party for 11 am (just to be on the safe side). Rami’s mom, Chani Laifer, and his two older sisters, Tamar and Aliza, as well as his younger brother, Isaac, were thrilled to dance  with Rami and celebrate this milestone with him. Teaneck Jewish Center was the site of this energetic and warm party. Rami did an outstanding job layning and davening mussaf on shabbos.  But he especially impressed everyone with his witty and funny speech at the party.  Friends and family kept the dancing going all day.  Rami’s aunt and uncle from California, Stefanie and Yaakov Friedman, and their two red headed little girls, flew in for the weekend.  Rami’s other aunt and uncle, Miriam and Alan Greenspan, and their four children, did not have to travel far since they live around the corner from Rami. (Rami’s grandmother, Shifra Friedman, unfortunately could not attend since she was sitting shiva that week for her brother z’l). Everyone was bursting with pride over Rami’s accomplishments. Rami, a gifted athlete, showed another side of himself as he became a Bar Mitzvah. The Superbowl theme was prominently displayed at the party.  Petals Premier transformed each table into a different NFL team, with a unique team foam head as the table’s centerpiece,  and each

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table color coordinated to match its team’s colors. The grass covered place card table with admission tickets and electric football player ornaments added to the Superbowl feel. Five Star caterers supplied a scrumptious dairy buffet, with soup, omelet, pizza, and waffle stations, as well as an array of salads. Cheesecakes, warm chocolate chip cookies, a fondue fountain, and cotton candy were just some of the decadent desserts. After watching an amazing montage of Rami’s first 13 years, Rami and his siblings, cousins, and friends spontaneously ran up to the stage and joined the incredible BaRock Band in singing and more lively dancing. The enthusiasm and affection felt in the room were contagious. Nobody wanted this party to end. Nexus Marketing supplied the bright red sweatpants with neon blue football logos as the give-aways for each child. Rami’s mom, Chani, said that making a Bar Mitzvah was a very different experience for her than making her two daughters’ Bat Mitzvahs. For the Bat Mitzvahs, the party was the main event. For the Bar Mitzvah, Shabbos was most meaningful. Once Shabbos was over, Chani was able to relax and just enjoy the beautiful party. Being able to celebrate with their incredible friends from Teaneck, as well as with family and friends who traveled from as far away as Israel, was very special for the Laifers. Chani said that she will never forget the smile she saw plastered on Rami’s face throughout the party. She feels grateful that she and her children are blessed with such wonderful friends and family. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio

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Welcome to Lincoln Center, the world’s leading performing arts center located in the heart of the cultural capital of New York! Lincoln Center includes unique venues ideal for award shows, corporate meetings, graduations, fashion shows, gala dinners, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. Our ample parking facilities and full service catering with Restaurant Associates make Lincoln Center one of the most desirable places at which to present events. Your event is very important to us, and we look forward to working with you. Glatt Kosher Caterers available.


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Wedding of Amanda Aziz & David Zar


manda (Batsheva) Aziz and David Zar first met at a community Shabbaton in Connecticut.  Like King David in the bible who saw Batsheva for the first time, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  After nine months of dating, he knew it was time to make it official.  They spent the beautiful and sunny day together in New York City and ended up at the crown of the Statue of Liberty. When Amanda looked down toward the ground, she set her eyes upon the 50 foot long banner reading “Amanda, Will You Marry Me?” and immediately cried. Since then, they began their wedding planning and started with searching for the perfect venue. Once they toured the elegant halls of the Woodbury Jewish Center on Long Island, they knew this would be the perfect place to begin their lives together as husband and wife.With the help of the bride’s parents Lida and Issac Aziz, and the help of the groom’s parents Roya and Jamshid Zar, they coordinated every detail and made sure

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it would become an unforgettable night. They searched for the most experienced and talented professionals to capture this evening and hired JoVon photography and Shawn of Noor Video Production. Nearly 750 guests attended the wedding that evening and were first amazed by the beautiful display of flowers and a gorgeous hanging canopy-turned-chuppah provided by Yoav of Kings Point Florist. Upon entering the ballroom, they were delighted to read on their personalized certificates that a portion of gifts would be donated to the “Israel Childrens Cancer Foundation”. Amir of AA entertainment provided the guests with the latest dance and Persian music, and Fiesta’s nine piece orchestra band entertained family & friends with an unforgettable evening with a mix of Latin, Hebrew & Arabic music. At one point, out of excitement, the groom jumped off the stage and into the crowd of his shocked best friends. From the look of happiness and joy on their faces, the bride and groom truly shared the most memorable night of their lives together. Photography by JoVon

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Wedding of Yael Schiller & Jonathan Martin


ael Schiller and Jonathan Martin were married on December 21, 2008, the first night of Chanukah, at the Hilton Pearl River. The two overlapped at the Yeshivah of Flatbush High School, Jonathan a senior when Yael was a freshman. Though they didn’t find each other there, they met years later. Jonathan surprised Yael at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where he proposed in front of her favorite Monet painting after which he prepared a stunning picnic in Central Park with orchids, roses, champagne and fine chocolates. Yael and Jonathan’s dream wedding was romantically

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set in the hills of Pearl River, New York. The beautiful winter white day emphasized the beautiful white floral arraignments created by Wild Flowers of Englewood, NJ and the white of Yael’s dazzling gown created exclusively for her in the heart of the fashion district in Manhattan. An elaborate shmorg was followed by a heartfelt badekin where everyone, including the winter white doves situated next to Yael, could feel the excitement as Jonathan approached her. The sparkle of Yael and Jonathan’s faces could only be seen by the light shed by the Chanukah candles. A meaningful Chuppah

was followed by a warm family Chanukah candle lighting ceremony. Thereafter, guests flowed into the ballroom to find a delectable three course meal by Foremost Caterers. Guests danced the night away with Yael and Jonathan to the music played by Neshoma Orchestra. It was a magical night captured by Jerry Meyer Studio, a night where every guests left feeling like part of the family. Yael and Jonathan thanked their parents for making their wedding the special night they always dreamed of. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio

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Bar Mitzvah of David Tebele


lyse and Abraham Tebele had selected several possible locations and ideas for the bar mitzvah celebration of their son David; their oldest child. They knew they wanted an elegant celebration; one that would enter the chronicles as a historic Tebele family celebration in classic style. What would make it even more special was that both sets of grandparents; Jacqueline and David Tebele, and Evelyn and Isaac Massry would be proud participants. Several interviews and many phone calls later, the morning of the 28th of December at Shaare Zion was selected for the celebration. They considered this date to be of special significance as it was a Sunday morning, the seventh day of Chanukah and the first day of the month of Tevet. Setup for this classic event began on the previous Wednesday. Delano tables and chairs were brought in to give the room a classic modern look. Special sound and lighting equipment was brought in and set up so that everything would be in perfect position for the celebration. You could feel the adrenaline that morning as the Tebele family met their photography crew from Galaxy Studios. The family had arrived in perfect form after a dress rehearsal that began at 5:00 AM that morning. Jacqueline, Evelyn and Michelle the three Tebele daughters smiled gracefully at the arriving guests. David stood by his younger brother Isaac welcoming guests arriving for prayers. As the prayers began, David would get ready for a moment for which he had been preparing for several months. As David read from the Torah his voice echoed throughout the Dome. Right before the breakfast began David eloquently delivered a speech which brought some to laughter and others to tears. From the moment the crowd entered the banquet hall they knew it would be an event to remember. Children happily gravitated towards the game room. Each game was carefully selected by David and played on giant plasma screens that had been brought in for the event. Once the guests entered the ballroom they were met with elegant displays of champagne and a host of delectable brunch items. Ram Caterers and the Tebele’s had carefully selected the menu for their guests. Beautiful music was played over the customized sound system while the guests enjoyed the delicious brunch. Very quickly things heated up with a variety of Israeli

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Bistro Grill Steak Masters Where Elegance meets Taste & Excellence

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Spectacular French and American cuisine, made unforgettable by the skilled hand of a great master. The choicest of dry aged steaks and meats, cut and aged to perfection by one of the world’s most skilled French butchers. This is the Bistro Grill experience-within a setting of casual elegance, crowned by expert and attentive service. Incredible meals, served by staff whose warmth and grace insure the highest degree of comfort and relaxation. Come and enjoy the ultimate French experience at the Bistro Grill. The unforgettable is at your fingertips. Just minutes from Manhattan, the Bistro Grill is a strictly Glatt restaurant located in Great Neck, New York.

132 Middle Neck Road Great Neck, NY 11021 Phone: (516) 829.4428 Fax: (516) 829.3320

Glatt Kosher

Cuisine: French • Asian • Fusion

Bar Mitzvah of David Tebele

tunes. Grandparents, aunt’s uncles, cousins and friends joined the Tebele family on the dance floor. A candle lighting ceremony followed. Elyse and Abraham Tebele circulated around the room personally greeting their guests and thanking them for sharing in this incredible moment. Photography by Galaxy Studios

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Nothing beats the elegant and relaxed atmosphere, the great presentation of the food, the unbeatable service. Walk into Orchidea and you will think you walked out of Borough Park and into a five star Manhattan restaurant. The establishment is decorated with style and bursting with substance. A curtain of silver beads cascade down at the entrance. On the right, is a brick fireplace and on your left, is an authentic sushi bar.

We are available for

Orchidea Restaurant HOURS Sun - Thu 11:00 am - 11:00 pm Fri closed Sat 1 hr. after Shabbat - 11:30 pm

4815 12th Ave (Between 48th & 49th St.) Brooklyn, NY 11219 T: 718.686.7500 F: 718.686.9100

Bnot Mitzvah of Ariella & Natalie Jamnik

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n December 13, 2008, Natalie and Ariella Jamnik celebrated becoming Bnot Mitzvah at the East Meadow Jewish Center, in East Meadow, New York. The weekend started on Friday night, December 12th with a beautiful service, followed by an Oneg Shabbat dessert reception by President Caterers. Natalie and Ariella lead the services and chanted their Haftarah beautifully. Rabbi Ronald Androphy officiated, and all their family and friends were there to share in their simcha. After all their hard work, and a job well done, Natalie and Ariella were ready to party! The event was scheduled for Saturday, December 13th2008, with President Caterers at the East Meadow Jewish Center. Sean Farber and Michael Goodman looked after every detail, providing the finest kosher food during the cocktail hour, an elegant sit down dinner, and of course, a beautiful cake. Ariella and Natalie wanted a “white” party, and their parents, Esther and Ramy Jamnik, obliged. After consulting with event planners Carolyn Morin and Randy Statham at Scarsella Flowers of Syosset, NY, the mood was set, and the room was truly spectacular. Their vision of a white room came to life with touches of icy blue (inspired by the invitation) and a bit of a South Beach

twist. So much attention was paid to the details, from the draping of the room in fabric, to the elegant floral arrangements and white dance floor. Natalie and Ariella were thrilled when they first laid eyes on the ballroom! The DJ, MME of Bellmore, New York kept the crowd up and dancing all night. The Hora was especially fun, and all the family, including Mom and Dad, big brother, Ilan, proud grandparents, Sara and Victor Jamnik, and Shoshana and Mark Tasimowicz were there along with all of their aunts, uncles, cousins, and many friends to dance the night away with Natalie and Ariella. For those kids who were looking for more fun, there were games, rides and photos provided by Victor and Dean Hatami at Great Neck Games in Mineola. The all-white teddy bears in the “crane game” were a huge hit with everyone, as was the roller coaster simulator. Although Ariella and Natalie are twins, they had very different ideas on what they wanted to wear at their party. After searching through many boutiques, Natalie found a beautiful coral gown at Sugar Plum in Lynbrook, NY and Ariella found her golden dream dress at 2B Seen in Syosset, NY. Even their hair and makeup had to de different, and their looks were achieved by

Mahboobeh (Miriam) at Bogart Salon in Roslyn, NY. All in all a great time was had by the many guests celebrating the Bnot Mitzvah of Natalie and Ariella Jamnik. At the end of the night, all the kids got a cozy sweatshirt designed by Mitch Zimmerman at Imagemaker/Arrow Promotions in Freeport, NY. Everyone went home with tired feet and smiles on their faces, not to mention some hot, fresh baked goods to go! Photography by Studio Flash Resources that made Ariella and Natalie’s Bnot Mitzvah a night to remember: Photography by Studio Flash, Great Neck NY. (516) 466-1919 Invitations by Z-Bac, (Carrie Chalup) East Hills, NY (516) 626-6425 Calligraphy by All Type, (Sheryl Thau) Plainview, NY (516) 933-8088 Catering by President Caterers at East Meadow JC, (Shawn Farber) East Meadow NY (516) 483-4991 Room Décor by Scarsella Flowers, (Carolyn Morin) Syosset, NY (516) 692-6222 Music by MME (Joseph) Bellmore, NY(516) 679-5353 Games by Great Neck Games, (Dean) Mineola, NY (516) 747-9191 Favors by Mitch at Imagemaker/Arrow Promotions, Freeport, NY (516) 623-0243 Hair and Makeup by Mahboobeh (Miriam) at Bogart Salon (516) 805-1719 Dress by 2 B Seen (Fran) Syosset, NY (516) 921-5777 Dress by Sugar Plum, Lynbrook, NY (516) 887-4334

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Bnei Mitzvah of Matthew & Jason Sulzberger


n Friday, February 6, 2009, close friends and relatives of the Sulzberger family of Woodmere traveled to the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY for the Bar Mitzvah of their twins Matthew and Jason. Parents Michelle and Scott and younger brother Daniel were so excited to be there. Guests arrived throughout the afternoon and were welcomed by a lovely lunch buffet, the first of many delicious meals provided by Mauzone’s Catering by Celebration. Grandparents Lea and David Engelman of Kew Gardens Hills and Fran and Vern Sulzberger of West Hempstead along with many other relatives were ready to enjoy a wonderful weekend. Candle lighting and davening were followed by a beautiful, traditional Shabbat dinner and Oneg Shabbat. There was a Tish at the Oneg complete with desserts and Shabbat Zemirot led by Meir Sherman and fellow singers from Shloime Dachs Orchestra. Shabbat services included a beautiful laining which was shared by the twins who excelled under the tutelage of Yakov Hagler, their Bar Mitzvah teacher. Kiddush and lunch followed davening and the guests even had some time for a rest before Seudat Shlishit. Havdalah led by Benny Amar followed Maariv and then the guests moved back into the Westchester Ballroom which was transformed into a tribute to the boys’ favorite team, the NY Giants. A Melava Malka with a light buffet, video montage by the Jerry Meyer

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Studio and very labadik dancing to the music of Shloime Dachs Orchestra completed the evening. A wonderful Shabbat was had by all who attended the Bar Mitzvah. It was an exciting, fun and elegant affair made all the more so by the tireless efforts of party planner Suri Brody. It was an event that people will remember for some time. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio

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Wedding of Adrienne Yeganeh & Liel Hollander


t was at the start of law school that Adrienne and Liel first met and became friends. In a matter of months their friendship grew into a loving and devoted relationship. The couple not only went out for Saturday night dinners, but spent every waking hour together in class and the library studying hard for the following three years. Many would ask in jest, “Don’t you get sick of each other?!” but they would always glance at one another with a quick smile, and reply “Never!” in unison. It was clear that if they could survive law school together, everything else would fall into place. Two years into their relationship it became apparent to Liel that he wanted to make Adrienne his wife, and he approached her parents, Lori and Maier Yeganeh, with his intentions. With her family’s blessings in tow, Liel knelt before Adrienne, against the sweeping backdrop of Cancun shores, and asked for her hand in marriage. Liel’s parents, Orly and Zvi Hollander, were overjoyed in welcoming Adrienne into their family! From that moment on, planning kicked into high gear as the couple sought out the ideal wedding vendors. It wasn’t long before they landed upon the perfect team of individuals to create their special day. With the help of Gayle and Robert at Seaview Caterers, Adrian from Metro Florist Decorators, videographer Bobby Farokhzad at Studio Flash and Carlos from the band Fiesta – the couple knew everything would be wonderful! It was soon after the planning phase began that Adrienne and Liel graduated from law school and began studying for the bar exam. Thankfully, their parents selflessly provided hours of assistance in perfecting the final details! On October 25, 2008 Adrienne and Liel descended the aisle at the breathtaking sanctuary of Temple Beth El in Cedarhurst, New York. A sanctuary they had both fallen in love with months before. The beautiful couple stood below the immaculately constructed chuppah, surrounded by over four hundred of their closest friends and family from places as far off as Israel and London. Rabbi Abraham Eckstein, a beloved Rabbi of both families, led the ceremony with an accompaniment of beautiful sung melodies by world renowned Cantor Mayer Levy. The wedding was perfectly orchestrated in every way imaginable. Delectable food was served, fabulous music played, and the couple’s happiness illuminated the dance floor for the duration of the evening. As the band’s last song faded into the night, a dance floor of packed guests stood in disbelief. Could it be over already?! All were in agreement; this was an unforgettable night - the wedding of a lifetime! Currently, Adrienne and Liel are pursuing successful careers as attorneys in midtown Manhattan. Photography by JoVon

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Wedding of Lisa Sohayegh & Daniel Weitz


isa Sohayegh and Daniel Weitz were married on November 9, 2008 at Woodbury Jewish Center. The two met at a party hosted by Cardozo Law School, the school Lisa graduated from, when Lisa’s friend noticed Daniel, a doctor and soon-to-be cardiologist, and pulled Lisa over to talk to him. The two were inseparable ever since.  When Daniel proposed, he completely surprised Lisa when he picked her up and took her to the 79th Street Boat Basin, where a sailboat was waiting for them.  The two sailed around Manhattan and Daniel proposed in the backdrop of New York City.  Waiting in the boat were beautiful roses, champagne and strawberries as well as many of Lisa’s favorite foods.  After their engagement, Lisa’s parents, David and Sofia Sohayegh, hosted an engagement party for all of Lisa and Daniel’s friends at the White Rabbit in lower Manhattan, and a wedding shower for their families at Colbeh of Great Neck. Lisa and Daniel’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular, thanks to the diligent efforts of Lisa’s parents and Daniel’s parents, Rachel and Ze’ev Weitz.  Guests came from all over the world to join Lisa and Daniel in their celebration including Daniel’s grandmother, a holocaust survivor, who came from Israel.  Rabbi Dale Polakoff of Great Neck Synagogue officiated the wedding, which was catered by Morell Caterers.  Annette did a gorgeous job on Lisa’s hair and make-up.  Adrian at Metro Floral Decorators filled the room with stunning Phalaenopsis orchids and an elegant orange and white rose design.  Studio Flash photographer Mr. Farokhzad joined Lisa’s father to take pictures of the couple at various locations in New York City such as Central Park, the Times Square and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The wedding was warm, it was filled with love, everyone was dancing, and the guests left saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to.  Lisa and Daniel dearly thanked their parents for throwing them the wedding of their dreams.  Photography by Studio Flash

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Bat Mitzvah of Alexandra Hackman


he Bat Mitzvah celebration of Alexandra Hackman, daughter of Stacey and David Hackman, was held at the Royalton at the Roslyn Country Club. The event was catered by Jemm Caterers and decorated by Spitz and Peck Florists.The couple picked the Royalton because of the warmth, elegance and homey feeling the country club has to offer. Stacey Hackman was wearing an ombre gown by Monique Lhuillier and her hair and make-up were done by Charles, owner of the famous Pristine salon in Great Neck. Alexandra Hackman wore a beautiful ivory gown by Marchesa and also had her hair and make-up done by Charles.  Photography by Studio Flash

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Wedding of Leora Bekhore & Mordechai Steinfeld

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n the cold winter of 2007, a young man meets a young lady on a ski trip at Hunter Mountain, New York, through mutual friends. At the same time, the young lady was accepted to college in New York, and after meeting the young man, decided to take a chance and move from Miami to New York. This was the best decision she could ever make, and by June of 2008, the lovely couple got engaged!! The bride, Leora Bekhore, 22, a Biology major at Touro College Manhattan, is Iraqi, descended from Singaporean parents, now from North Miami Beach, Florida. The groom, Mordechai Steinfeld, 22, a Finance major at Queens College, is Ashkenazi, from Chestnut Ridge, New York. Although the bride is from Florida, it was decided that the wedding would be made in New York, since all their family and friends were already there, especially the groom’s grandmother, Flora Kutner. The bride’s grandmothers are Reemah Akerib of Singapore, and Sally Bekhore of California. Since this was the first wedding in the Bekhore family, they wanted to make it very special for their oldest daughter, Leora. Parents of the bride are Rebecca and Meyer Bekhore, and brother, Cantor Ariel Bekhore, (who serenaded the chuppah audience with his heartwarming rendition of Mi Adir, Mi Bonsiach, and Im Esh Kachaich), and sisters, Eliana and Shirel Bekhore, who were amongst the many bridesmaids. Eliana flew in from Israel for this special occasion. Parents of the groom are Hilda and Jerome Steinfeld of Chestnut Ridge, New York, and brother, Donald Steinfeld, who was the best man, and sister, Sherri Linker, her husband Gerard, and their two sons, Matthew and Eric. Bridesmaids were Shifra Fern (Monsey), Etal Ozarko (Long Island), Amy Rauzin (Miami Beach), Tova Kaplan (Hollywood), Yaffa Silverstein (Aventura), Ita Englander (Baltimore), and Ilana Steinherz (New York). Ushers were Don Steinfeld (Emerson), Ben Sanders (Queens), Isaac Ben-Shabat (Brooklyn), Moshe Mishiaev (Brooklyn). The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Avraham Gluck of Monsey, New York. Crest Hollow Country Club offered the perfect setting, with its gorgeous landscaping, flowing waterfalls and swimming pools, elegant banquet halls and incredibly delectable menu. The staff was wonderful, especially Tom Reitano and Marina, the bridal assistant they provided. Gedalia and his floral designer, Anna, of Upscale Florists not only provided the beautifully tall elegant centerpieces, and the gorgeous fresh floral decorations on the wedding cake, but also the most stunning bridal bouquet the bride had ever seen! Avi Sroor of Galaxy Studios provided his most professional photographers, who directed the best, carefully

chosen poses and splendid backgrounds, enhancing this special day for the bride and groom. Shani Nemetsky, a graduate from the well-renown professional makeup academy, Mudd, calmly and confidently took care of the make up for the bride, mother-of-the-bride, and her sisters, and did a fabulous job! To make this affair the most labedik, Nafshenu Orchestras provided all the entertainment, focusing on Middle Eastern, Persian, Moroccan and Israeli music. The friends of the bride and groom outdid themselves by making the wedding the happiest day for them! The bride wore a designer gown by Allure Couture, and her alterations were done by Moniere. The invitations and benchers were provided by an online printer, PrintMall. Limousines were provided by Abe’s Limousine and Leo Limousine. Heshy Schwartz shuttled a large group of guests to and from Manhattan.

The family came from far and wide, including cousin Abe Bekhore from Sydney, Australia, uncle Michael Akerib from Singapore, uncle and aunt David and Aviva Akerib from Monsey, children, Ephraim, Yosef, Yitzi, Atara (flower girl) and Gavriel, aunt Melanie Joseph and her children, Robert and Heather from Los Angeles, California, and Joe and Joyce Iny of Deal. Several friends of the bride’s family from Florida graced the wedding day with their presence as well. Many people came away from the wedding saying it was the most labedik (happy) wedding they had been to in a long time! And as for the Bride and Groom? They said they could not have been happier with how the wedding day turned out, it was quite simply the best day of their lives!! Photography by Galaxy Studios

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Bar Mitzvah of Ariel Rabanipour


oben and Ilana Rabanipour celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of their third child, Ariel in great style. Not only was it a night that they will never forget, it was a planning process they would never forget either. Everything was set, the place was booked, invitations were sent, suits were bought, and dresses were being altered.  With only a month to go everything was going according to plan, until the fire at Temple Israel happened. With the ruble and rubbish being taken out of the burned

building; were also all the hopes of Ariel’s Bar Mitzvah party. Ilana and Roben had to start from scratch. They had to go and find a new hall and get new invitations to send out to all the guests. But with the help of Lederman Caterers they were able to find a new place for the celebration. Terrace on the Park was the location Ilana had always dreamed of to hold her son’s special day; it was elegant and classy just like him.  Ariel’s brothers Daniel and Nathan helped Ariel prepare for his special day. 

His sister, Natalie, and Ilana bought all the boys matching gold ties so that they would all look alike. Charles from Pristine did a spectacular job on Ilana and Natalie’s hair and makeup. Ariel’s aunt Dalia and uncle Jacob and their children and his uncle Moris came all the way from California to share in Ariel’s special day. With the help of Adrian and Rachel from Metro Floral Decorators, the entire hall was decorated with beautiful arrangements of flowers. There were different bouquets of beautiful flowers everywhere; not two arrangements looked the same. The DJ Amir and Alex put on a great mix of music that had everyone on the dance floor all night.  The food from Lederman Caterers was delicious and everyone dined and enjoyed all night.    Photography by Studio Flash

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Bat Mitzvah of Hadar Levy


adar Levy’s Bat Mitzvah took place at Temple Beth-El in Cedarhurst, New York. Due to the superb service of Gayle and Bob Wilk of Seaview Caterers, the guests’ enjoyed a night of fun and food which they will not easily forget. The 350 guests who attended the celebration were awed by the color, shape and quality of the dining. Every guest who entered the building was warmly greeted by Hadar’s parents, Ilana and Mordekhay Levy, and personally welcomed to join the celebration. Hadar’s uncle Avraham and aunt Eti Ohana along with her aunt Miriyam Belhassen traveled overseas just to attend the event; Avraham and Eti came from Israel, and Miriyam from France. La Orquidea, headed by Jimmy Sus, engaged the guests with its breathtaking and creative flower arrangements situated at every table and leading into the ballroom. As family and guests entered the main ball room, Fantasy Music & Entertainment, led by MC Gregg and the Fantasy Dancers, welcomed everyone in to party. The Fantasy crew made sure everyone danced the night away, while a guest appearance by the Roni Shalom Orchestra added the Mediterranean flavor to the excitement of the night. Gary Rabenko from Rabenko Photography and Video Artists made those memories last forever with every click of his camera. Gary, along with his crew, did not miss a single moment worth recounting. February 8th, 2009 will not be a night easily forgotten by any of the event attendees. The Levy’s wished a warm thanks and appreciation for all those who attended and helped make the celebration so memorable. Photography by Rabenko

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Bar Mitzvah of Moshe Cohen Saban


fter celebrating Moshe’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel at the Kotel Hamaaravi, the long flight was worth it when Jacob & Claude the parents of Moshe Cohen Saban flew there whole family to celebrate the party in Israel. The sisters, Adele, Lia and Shiran, as well as Brother Daniel attended, even grandparents and aunts flew with Moshe and his family to attend this occasion. They were back in New York to continue their big celebration with family and friends. Tali Lasri, Moshes Aunt and her two girls flew from Florida especially to attend this special occasion. The party took place at the new Ahaba Ve Achva, where Moshe was honored to be the first boy to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah at the magnificent new Ahaba Ve Achva. It was a night that will not be forgotten by everyone who attended. The festivity took place on December 21, 2008. Everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner by Ouri Caterers. The magnificent music added to the happy atmosphere of Israeli, Arabic, and English music by Yellow DJ's, it was loved by all. The flower center pieces that were surrounding the hall were beautifully arranged by Steve Papa Decorators. This event was photographed by the

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Bar Mitzvah of Moshe Cohen Saban

experienced Galaxy Studios. Everyone danced throughout the night with Moshe and his Family. Claude Cohen Saban the mother of Moshe wore an elegant champagne colored feather dress which was admired by all. Adele Cohen Saban the older sister of Moshe wore an impressive beautiful  pink dress for this special occasion. They were honored to share this celebration with Rabbi Boaz Baredea and Rabbi David Cohen. Before the magician arrived there was an inspiring speech spoken by Rabbi Boaz Bardea. After the nice speech, they had Shimi Illuzini, the famous magician;  provided a breath taking  show of his many magic stunts.  Shimi the magician entertained the crowd by doing many magic tricks, this was enjoyed by adults and kids alike, the guest were stunned by  Shimis amazing  magic tricks. It was a night that will never be forgotten by all that attended.   Photography by Galaxy Studios 

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Wedding of Sanam Soumekh & Nader Kashanian


anam Soumekh and Nader Kashanian’s wedding celebration took place January, 2009 at the prestigious Woodbury Jewish Center. With close to 600 guests, Sanam and Nader could only trust Scott Morrell to step up to the occasion. The couple’s vision of a perfect party was to spoil their guests with fine dining, entertainment and memories that will last a lifetime. Above all, the couple made sure the menu consisted of anything and everything one could possibly desire, with service fit for royalty. The ballroom opened to an amazing floral decor of white orchids, French tulips, peonies and cala lilies accented

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with golden table overlays and lights. John and Rich of Flower Michele used crystals, candles and lighting to further intensify the rich color combination. As the guests dined on the couple’s customized menu, Amir, Sanam’s oldest brother, and Masood, Nader’s Brother in Law, toasted to the couple, laughing and recalling memories. This was followed by champagne and shots offered by the full service butlers at the party. The main ballroom rocked with The Bobby Otico and DJ Marcuc of Hank Lane, as JoVon quietly maneuvered among the guests clicking his camera to produce an unforgettable memory of the evening for the family. The highlight of the evening was the

couple’s first dance to Suzanne Vega’s “Caramel” and later the Brides first dance with her father, Habib Soumekh, and the Grooms dance with his Mother Shahnaz Kashanian. As the evening progressed to the morning hours, an array of scrumptious desserts were passed around by the butlers, and guests were surprised with cotton candy red velvet cake, and a buffet of candies and chocolates. January 25th, 2009 was certainly an unforgettable night for the Soumekh and Kashanian families. The couple was grateful to all the family who flew in to celebrate. Photography by JoVon

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Benefit Concert of Young Afikim NY O

n Thursday February 19th, 2009, Young Afikim NY held a unique benefit concert showcasing four of New York’s most exciting young musical talents. Young Afikim has flowered into something beautiful – Extending itself from the committee in London to a new committee in New York. Young Afikim benefits from a new executive committee of rising stars from the worlds of entertainment, arts, design and finance that assists in putting together a spectacular event to mark the launch of Young Afikim New York. Greenhouse, the world’s first eco-friendly nightclub set the stage for what promised to be a night of great music and community activism against child poverty and hunger.Partnering with such a groundbreaking venue for what they hoped would be the first of many benefit concerts ensured that the concert was an intimate but well-attended event, focused solely on the music - no politics. Greenhouse has just opened on Varick Street in Tribeca, after having been highly anticipated for many months as the world’s first club with a LEED certification. The club has been featured in the New York Times, The Village Voice, The New York Post, The New York Observer, Gotham Magazine & US Weekly amongst many other publications. The exciting line up consisted of Nancy Danino, The Hotcakes, The Bones Royal and Ezra Furman and the Harpoons. Over 300 people packed the venue to mark the launching of Young Afikim NY. Young Jews came from all over NY to be at this event. The crowd was a downtown chic looking bunch. An Aerosmith Steven Tyler autographed guitar was the big raffle prize of the night! The NY committee would like to do more atypical types of events – rather than the regular charity events – where interesting forms of entertainment will be provided. No event is too big or small for Afikim as long as it’s got character. Word on the street is that they will soon have a karaoke night at the downtown NYC

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Photography by Life Capture Images

Soho house. Young Afikim New York is a volunteer-based organization and is fortunate enough that its event was almost entirely underwritten by sponsors, ensuring that all proceeds will go directly to the after-school center in the town of Kiryat Malachi, which is kept afloat solely by the funds raised by the Young Afikim committees of both London and New York. Young Afikim is a non-profit, non-discriminatory, apolitical organization, which helps children in Israel by providing for their immediate needs of food and basic supplies whilst integrating them into long-term educational programs. Government statistics have revealed that a shocking 22% of Israel’s citizens are currently living under the poverty line, with close to one million of them being children. The present reality makes it difficult for the government welfare system to provide a solution. Afikim is a network of afternoon centers across Israel that offers new hope and possibilities for disadvantaged, troubled families. For more information on our project please visit our website at Committee members: Gaby Hersham, Ilana Lee, Roxanne Cohen, Yaniv Cohen, Karen Tambor, Deborah Lyons, Shlomo Nasser, Diane Shaalo, Raph Bejarano, Alex Bird, Talli Gerut, Roxy Yagoubzadeh and Jeffrey Schwartz.

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Wedding of Shiphra Habibian & Bobby Bakhchi


hen Shiphra Habibian and Bobby Bakhchi met at a Friends of the IDF casino night fundraiser at Metropolitan Pavillion on December 5, 2005, Shiphra never would have imagined that this would be the beginning of a beautiful romance. The young couple spent the night dancing to a live concert by Miri Ben Ari, and left the fund raiser with promises to speak more. A little over a year later Bobby proposed to Shiphra in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Shiphra and Bobby’s wedding took place at the newly renovated Temple Israel of Lawrence. Shiphra wore a gown by Anne Barge, and Bobby wore a custom made suit. Shiphra wore a custom made necklace and earrings that matched her hair piece. Her hair and makeup was done by Annette. After an hour- and- a- half long cocktail party, their guests joined them in the century old sanctuary where they were married by Cantor Farid Dardashti. Their ketubah was custom made by Albert Hakakian. With the help of Metro Floral Decorators, the ballroom was transformed into a room of white orchid trees. Special arrangements had been made so that The Black Cats could fly in from California to entertain their guests. The color theme of the evening was white and gold as was seen in the custom made kippot, dinner menus, napkins, benchers, and invitations. The guests dined on a lavish sit down dinner and dessert hosted by Morrell Caterers. Studio flash photographers made the night memorable by taking beautiful pictures and photography of the entire evening. The night was made special by family members who flew in from Israel, England, and California. As the music finally came to an end at 1:30AM, the bride and groom went on to spend the next few nights at the honeymoon suite at the Garden City Hotel. This was just the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Photography by Studio Flash

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ORCHIDEA RESTAURANT, page 67 4815 12th Ave (Between 48th & 49th St.) Brooklyn, NY 11219 T: 718.686.7500 F: 718.686.9100 WHEN NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST WE DO Nothing beats the elegant and relaxed atmosphere, the great presentation of the food, the unbeatable service. Walk into Orchidea and you will think you walked out of Borough Park and into a five star Manhattan restaurant. The establishment is decorated with style and bursting with substance. A curtain of silver beads cascade down at the entrance. On the right, is a brick fireplace and on your left, is an authentic sushi bar. Catering Available for private parties, corporate functions, bar & bat mitzvahs, brit milah, sheva brachot, simchat bat & off-premise. PRIEL LEON & CO. , page 16 103-31 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY 11375 T: 718.997.1063 European designer Priel and his stylists will help you choose your dress, hair and makeup for your special day. This is a new design which has yet to be seen. We are very excited to be able to introduce such a collection to all the beautiful brides to come. We know that weddings could be very costly and we are happy to offer our customers the option to rent your dress. So if it is the masterpiece hair design or your flawless makeup or that magnificent wedding dress. RABENKO PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO ARTISTS, pages 36-37 1001 Broadway, Woodmere NY 11598 P: 516.593.9760 TF: 1-888 RABENKO e-mail: Gary Rabenko has been a photographer’s photographer for many years at the most prestigious studios in the country. Truly he is one of the most sought after photographers in the industry for all the right reasons. “Photography should be tasteful, flattering, and technically excellent. It should be a stylistic interpretation of the special times of your life seen through the eyes of a qualified and concerned artist”, says Rabenko. Rabenko achieves imagery that smiles from the inside - From the heart. In both video and photograph. Gary’s work is so different he is still The Original in sculpting with light as an artist must, rather than capturing as hunters do! A studio and gallery in Woodmere NY is the center of a world class and worldwide stage for imagery that means most.

RAM CATERERS, pages 26-27 Congregation Shaare Zion Brooklyn, NY T: 718.336.0300 Congregation Magen David Deal, NJ T:732.517.0100 e-mail: A Modern Innovative New York City Kosher Catering company dedicated to entertaining new ideas, Ram Caterers has the experience and ability to support any event. Known for creative presentation and unique cuisine, the company prides itself on delivering memorable Kosher NYC and Tri- State Area Events. Ram Caterers Is under the Strict Rabbinical supervision of the Orthodox Union. SCOOP & CO. COUTURE EVENTS, page 47 1450 Thirty Seventh street Brooklyn, NY 11218 T: 718.853.5368 TF: 888.SCOOP12 (726.6712) F: 718.853.5369 e-mail: We are an event planning and design company based in New York City offering full event planning and design. We believe that these services not only share the same basic principles of design, such as scale, proportion, color and lighting, but we also rely on creative problem solving, attention to detail, vendor coordination, as well as budget and time management. Whether you are planning a dinner party, wedding or a catalog photo shoot, let us at scoop & company reduce your stress, save you time and do it with fantastic results! TEA FOR TWO, page 51 Glatt Kosher Restaurants T FUSION Steakhouse 3223 Quentin Rd Brooklyn, NY 11234 T: 718.62.steak T:718.998.0002 DAIRY LOCATIONS TEA FOR TWO T: 516.374.9200 T: 718.998.0020 T: 718.758.2900 T: 718.998.0080 We are available for all elegant affairs, private parties, anniversaries, bat & bat mitzvahs, shevah Brachot, brit Milah, simchat bat, Pidyon Haben, corporate functions & off-premise catering.

THE GRAND PROSPECT HALL, page 85 263 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 T: 718.788.0777 F: 718.788.0404 e-mail: Located for more than a century in Brooklyn's historic Park Slope. Once, a wealthy and cosmopolitan Victorian society held court in this dazzling French Renaissance-style palace. Experience 1890s glamour, from the moment your guests make their entrance into a soaring gilded and marble lobby that recalls all the splendor of Versailles. Feast, dance and romance among ballrooms resplendent with a magnificent art and antiques collection, sparkling chandeliers, fabulous floral displays and rococo detailing. Your event, whether for 80 or 2000, for business or pleasure, will have all the pomp and circumstance, all the lavish spectacle of bygone gentility. Here is where ordinary people come to feel extraordinary, and the famous come to feel like stars. Let us make your dreams come true. THE PRIME GRILL NYC, page 15 60 East 49th Street New York, NY 10017 F: 212-692-9292 The Prime Grill was voted two years in a row as New York´s No.1 Glatt Kosher restaurant by Zagat, and has as many delicious meats as you can think of. The Sushi Bar provides a great option for non-meat lovers. The restaurant welcomes groups of all sizes. They can plan and host events; whether a wedding reception, bar & bat mitzvahs, anniversary party, corporate function or executive dinner, the staff will make your event not only a success, but an experience to remember. YELLOW DJ’S & PRODUCTIONS, page 23 1887 McDonald Ave (Corner of Quentin Rd) Brooklyn, NY 11223 TF: 1-866-ONLY-YELLOW T: 347.782.5309 SAIL ON IMAGINATION'S WINGS AND TURN YOUR DREAM INTO A SPECTACULAR EVENT Our team of professional event planners will use all of their over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, together with the latest equipment and upto-date, State-of-the-art sound systems, creative design ideas, to help you plan and present a breathtaking and spectacular event. For further information regarding advertising and promotional opportunities please contact us at 347.404.5252 or


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Abelson – London, England Adler – Scarsdale, NY Appel – Woodmere, NY Avital – Brooklyn, NY Ballas – Brooklyn, NY Bassalali – Great Neck, NY Berman – Woodmere, NY Birnbaum – Brooklyn, NY Botesazan – Great Neck, NY Buchman – Los Angeles, CA Ezon – Deal, NJ Gini – Brooklyn, NY Green – Brooklyn, NY Greenfield – Brooklyn, NY Hasbani – Brooklyn, NY Horn – Great Neck, NY Kogan – Brooklyn, NY Lerer – Livingston, NJ Levi – Brooklyn, NY Livian – Great Neck, NY Lopatin – Livingston, NJ Lyons – St. Louis, MO Malka – Englewood, NJ Mayor – Brooklyn, NY Medalie – Brooklyn, NY Pouladian – Great Neck, NY Rosenblum – Brooklyn, NY Sabag – Brooklyn, NY Salter – New Rochelle, NY Seinuck – Jamaica Estates, NY Shapiro – Englewood, NJ Shoshani – Jamaica Estates, NY Soffer – Brooklyn, NY Wainer – Tenafly, NJ Waks – Melbourne, Australia Weissman – Woodmere, NY Yunger – Long Beach, NY

Adziashvili – Brooklyn, NY Akshlomo – Brooklyn, NY Asayag – Queens, NY Bakhash – Great Neck, NY Berlin – Southfield, MI Cancel – Brooklyn, NY Cohen – Brooklyn, NY Cohen – New York, NY Cohen – Jerusalem, Israel Cohen – Myrtle Beach, SC Dabakarov – Fresh Meadows, NY Dana – Brooklyn, NY Drang – Lawrence, NY Edalati – Great Neck, NY Farhi – Brooklyn, NY Fuchs – Woodmere, NY Glicksman – Woodmere, NY Greenfield – Brooklyn, NY Guidotti – Woodbury, NY Hadid – Brooklyn, NY Hakakian – Great Neck, NY Honigsfeld – Woodmere, NY Kadoch – Brooklyn, NY Kamali – Great Neck, NY Kamkhehji – Brooklyn, NY kasberg – Brooklyn, NY Kashimallak – Great Neck, NY Livian – Great Neck, NY Morale – Brooklyn, NY Mosseri – Brooklyn, NY Ozeris – Glen Head, NY Rosen – New York, NY Safra – Sao Paulo, Brazil Sapir – New York, NY Sarfaty – Myrtle Beach, SC Sultan – Brooklyn, NY Sutton – Brooklyn, NY Talasazan – Great Neck, NY Yashar – Woodmere, NY

Albukai – Brooklyn, NY Aziz – Great Neck, NY Bakhchi – Great Neck, NY Barakat – Brooklyn, NY Bekhore – Miami, FL Cohen – Brooklyn, NY Greenfield – Brooklyn, NY Habibian – Great Neck, NY Hackman – Great Neck, NY Hajibai – Great Neck, NY Harooni – Great Neck, NY Hertz – Great Neck, NY Hollander – Great Neck, NY Jamnik – Roslyn, NY Kashanian – Great Neck, NY Kollnesher – New York, NY Laifer – Teaneck, NJ Levy – Woodmere, NY Loloi – Milan, Italy Martin – Riverdale, NY Nadel – Brooklyn, NY Nahmoud – Brooklyn, NY Phillips – Great Neck, NY Rabanipour – Great Neck, NY Rosenberg – Woodmere, NY Saban – Brooklyn, NY Schiller – Riverdale, NY Shaalo – Brooklyn, NY Shakib – Great Neck, NY Sohayegh – Great Neck, NY Soumekh – Great Neck, NY Steinfeld – Queens, NY Sulzberger – Woodmere, NY Tebele – Brooklyn, NY Ungar – Brooklyn, NY Weitz – Middleburgh, NY Yeganeh – Great Neck, NY Zar – Great Neck, NY

Over 70 years ago, America's first Jaguar dealership opened its doors in Hempstead, New York. Since 1938, our management and staff have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence in automotive sales, service and customer support. This dedication has led to the creation of one of the most successful, family owned sales and service networks in North America. We are proud to be rated #1 in customer satisfaction and #1 in sales for the total number of new Jaguars delivered

worldwide. It is with both pride and gratitude that we say "thank you" to our past customers and "welcome" to our new customers. We pledge the same family traditions that have served our customers so well over the past sixty years, to continue or exceed the same level of excellence and dedication to service, as we look to the future and embark on our next 70 year journey.


Best Selection • Best Service • Best Price JAGUAR DEALER 732 NORTHERN BLVD. GREAT NECK, NY 1.516.482.5500 WWW.GREATNECKJAGUAR.COM MON-THURS 9-8 • FRI-SAT 9-6 • SUN 11-5

No other dealer in the world has sold more Jaguars since 1938 than Jaguar of Great Neck.

Š 2009 Cartier


Steel 42 mm case and bracelet. Self-winding mechanical movement, Cartier calibre 049 (21 jewels, 28'800 vibrations per hour), date aperture. Steel fluted crown. Silvered guillochĂŠ dial. Rounded scratchproof sapphire crystal.

Chagigah Magazine 03  

Chagigah Magazine 03

Chagigah Magazine 03  

Chagigah Magazine 03