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Gotham Hall Located in the former Greenwich Savings Bank in Midtown Manhattan, Gotham Hall is an awesome monument to classic turn of the century architecture. The grand ballroom is accentuated by a gilded chandelier, limestone roman pillars, hand crafted and highly detailed brass and marble work, and is crowned by a 3,000 square foot stained glass ceiling. Gotham Hall offers full service catering with both our non-Kosher and Kosher Catering Partners. Perfect for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Non-Profit Galas, and Corporate Functions.

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Letter From The Editor


ife as a Jew is filled with parties and celebrations. Even if one is not an active or influential person in their community, this aspect of Jewish life is ever present. Commencing with the birth of each Jew, a series of festivities follow their life and those of their family and friends. Every rite of passage is celebrated and allows the person to be the STAR regardless of whether the event is religious or not. Consequently, those who live in large cities plan many events of their own and at the same time are frequently invited to many festivities within their community. The Jewish communities are more often than not concentrated in the larger capitals of America, especially in New York. Wherever they chose to make their home, the Jewish people are known to be happy, party-driven people who promote the largest number of events during their lifetime. The Jewish people are dispersed in areas all over the globe, and their beliefs, cultural and religious values are extremely prevalent in all places where they are present. Anyone who is not from the Jewish community and is invited to participate or attend a celebration, from a Bar Mitzvah to a wedding, certainly will be touched by the open arms of the Jewish community. The Jewish festivities are not only a religious celebration but provide an exciting opportunity to socially interact with friends and family. In big cities such as New York, the number of events that occur daily is so large that many people are unable to participate and share in each of these wonderful and memorable moments. Also, because family and friends live around the globe, it is sometimes difficult to travel to some of the celebrations. Chagigah (which means celebration) Magazine is a unique venue that has been created to fill the void in the hearts of those unable to attend an event, as well as to remind those, who were fortunate to join in the festivities, of the love and joy that was shared at the celebration. Our team of advertising executives has created an influential, sophisticated, and affluent media outlet that will showcase the most elegant and finest ceremonies and talked about parties. Chagigah Magazine is like no other. It will be a treasured magazine, providing a brief glimpse into the festivities that will live forever in the hearts of our readers. You are invited!




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Discover the secret of a successful event, Metro Floral Decorators for every beautiful occasion.

We are specializing in weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, engagements, coordinating the flowers, linens, chairs, covers, lighting, lounges and all party rentals carefully chosen to complement your theme. Come and see a sample for your occasion. 574 Middle Neck Road Great Neck, NY 11023 Tel: 516-466-6151 e-mail:

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: Wedding of

Hachnassa Sefer Torah

Sharleen & Arun Bassalali ..................... 36

Hasbani Family ..................................... 54

Bat Mitzvah of

Wedding of

Samantha Weissman ............................ 18 Bar Mitzvah of

Shani & Nissan Levi .............................. 55 Bar Mitzvah of

Matthew Seinuck ................................. 22

Mason Horn ......................................... 56

Wedding of

Simchat Bat of

Orit Kasberg & Gadi Marsiano .............. 26

Rikki Birnbaum..................................... 58

Wedding of

Bat Mitzvah of

Nesya Shapiro & Judah Malka .............. 28 Wedding of Alana Berman & Brian Salter ................ 30 Bat Mitzvah of Cayla Rosemblum................................. 32 Wedding of Malka Medalie & Yanki Waks ................ 34 Henna of Kohi & Shlomi Sabag ............................ 38 Wedding of Lauren Ezon & Shimon Avital ................ 40 Brit Milah of Yonatan Daniel Kogan .......................... 46

Mai Shoshani ...................................... 60 Engagement of Bella & Toby Ballas ............................... 62 Wedding of Karen and Matthew Livian.................... 64 Bar Mitzvah of Mendy Soffer ....................................... 66 Bat Mitzvah of Wedding of Allison Adler & Richard Abelson ........... 72 Wedding of Jessica Lerer & Daniel Yunger................ 76 Wedding of Shoshana Lopatin & David Wainer ........ 78

Jenny Lyons & Michael Buchman .......... 48

Bat Mitzvah of Michele Botesazan ............................... 80

Brit Milah of Moshe Mayor ....................................... 50 Wedding of Oshrat Green & Moshe Gini .................. 52 8 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE


Rebecca Appel ..................................... 70

Wedding of Gimmel Tamuz ................................. 49

THE SECRET EVENT by Fariba Moghadas ................................... 20 PHOTOGRAPHY By Gabriel Solomon ..................................... 74

PLANNING 101 By B. Allan Kurtz .......................................... 12 SPOTLIGHT The Next Generation of Jewish Leadership By Sara Schwartz ......................................... 14



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Lincoln Center

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Welcome to Lincoln Center, the world’s leading performing arts center located in the heart of the cultural capital of New York! Lincoln Center includes unique venues ideal for award shows, corporate meetings, graduations, fashion shows, gala dinners, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. Our ample parking facilities and full service catering with Restaurant Associates make Lincoln Center one of the most desirable places at which to present events. Your event is very important to us, and we look forward to working with you. Glatt Kosher Caterers available.

Capacities for: The Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse Seated Buffet:160 Seated Dinner:180 Standing Reception:300 Capacities for: Grand Promenade Seated Buffet:540 Seated Dinner:616 StandingCHAGIGAH Reception:1,070 MAGAZINE | 11

PLANNING B. Allan Kurtz



ver the years, I have to come to realize that most people are uncomfortable making an initial phone call to the venue or establishment they are interested in when planning their special occasion. They are unsure of the information they need or the questions to ask. I have created a checklist that I trust will assist a host in planning his or her special day. When calling the manager of a venue, the host should provide the following information and ask the following questions: 1 - State what the occasion is, i.e. wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary celebration, corporate celebration, non-profit gala, etc. 2 - How many guests are expected to attend the event? Provide both a minimum and maximum number and be sure to specify separate counts for adults and children if planning a bar/bat mitzvah. It is important to ask the manager if there is a minimum guarantee and if the guarantee varies by the day of week or time of year. 3 - It is imperative to advise the manager immediately if kosher catering is needed unless the venue is a synagogue. 4 - Be sure to tell the manager if a certain time of year, month, or day of the week is preferred. 5 - If flexible with the date, ask if there is a price differential based on the month or day of the week for the event, for example, Saturday versus Sunday, June versus July. 6 - Ask about per person pricing. Know in advance that some venues will not discuss pricing in detail over the phone. Then ask if they can email sample menus. 7 - Ask the establishment if they offer full service catering or allow outside caterers. If the event requires kosher catering in a non-kosher venue, ask if there is an exclusive caterer or if the venue manager can make recommendations. Editor’s Note: Mr. Kurtz sits on the Restaurant Board of NYC & Company as well as the Advisory Board of Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. He has served as Managing Director of Gotham Hall in New York City for the last 5 years. Tel: (212) 244- 4300 Fax: (212)244-2353


8 - Don’t forget to take notes when speaking to several venues! It is difficult to recall specific conversations without notes. After reviewing notes, narrow down choices to the top three based on budget, location, and style and then call or email to schedule an appointment. 9 - Before the appointment, prepare a preliminary budget. At the appointment, get specifics on music and entertainment, photography, floral décor, and specialty lighting. Ask if they have exclusive arrangements with vendors, whether outside vendors can be used, and any other requirements the venue may have. Budgets can be a slippery slope which can easily go askew if you are not diligent. Budgets will be the next class in Planning 101. Remember, when planning a social party, the day will potentially be one of the largest personal expenditures in a host or hostess’ lifetime! Take joy in the planning process, whether it’s looking at wedding dresses or meeting with the floral decorator. It is a wonderful time in everyone’s life. A final word to the host or hostess: Be a guest at your own party . . . enjoy the moment and have lots of fun!

"Life is a series of hopes and dreams. Chagigah is the place where those dreams are celebrated."

Welcome to


You are invited!

SpotLIGHT The Next Generation of Jewish Leadership A Profile of David G. Greenfield, Esq. Shaping Our Community’s Future By Sara Schwartz David G. Greenfield

“A yeshiva education is the single most important determinant of a Jewish child’s future”


he first time I speak to David Greenfield, he is calling me as he sits on board an El Al evening flight to Tel Aviv, waiting for his plane to take off. David has a rule of returning all his calls within twenty-four hours. Despite the plane doors about to close, David wanted to be sure that he spoke with me before he left for Israel. It doesn’t take long to figure out that David is one of those people who has every minute accounted for. He’s a classic superachiever. And yet, the more you get to know him the more you discover that he is also a man of deep principles and priorities who understands what’s really important in life. You may have heard David Greenfield on the radio as a political commentator or read about his achievements in the newspapers or on any of a number of blogs and websites. David is a rising political star and young Jewish community leader who has accomplished quite a lot, especially considering the fact that he is not yet thirty years old. Having graduated from Touro College as valedictorian at the age of 19, he went on to study at the renowned Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. He could have easily taken the predictable route, working for a prestigious law firm, collecting high profile clients, and watching the profits roll in. In fact, David admits that he did actually begin to follow that path early in his career by joining a top-tier law firm straight out of law school. But all that changed when his 54 year-old father passed away seven years ago. “Suddenly,” he said, “I realized that money isn’t everything. And instead of using my legal skills to help very rich people get richer, I decided that I just wanted to help regular people.” David realized that the best opportunity for him to help people was to get involved in public service. He began as Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn, where he gained experience in the nuts and bolts of politics on a local level. From there, he went on to serve as an adviser on several important campaigns including the presidential campaign of Senator Joe Lieberman. Most recently, he is the leader of two outstanding political organizations based in New York City. David is Executive Vice President of the Sephardic Community Federation, which he directs despite the fact that he himself is Ashkenazi. He is also a founder and driving force behind TEACH NYS, the only advocacy group exclusively committed to solving our community’s tuition crisis. It becomes obvious when speaking to David that this is the cause that’s dearest to his heart. “A yeshiva education is the single most important determinant of a Jewish child’s future,” he explained, “The problem is that most families are struggling to make tuition payments. We simply need to ensure that every Jewish parent can afford to send their child to yeshiva.” TEACH NYS was founded when David discovered that the best way to achieve success on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of parents in desperate need of tuition assistance is by lobbying the appropriate political leaders as a united coalition. Coalition is the key word. His coalition is made up of Jewish, Catholic, African-American and other important community leaders. TEACH NYS has firmly cemented its place on the political map, by educating elected officials on the importance of helping private school parents and by getting coverage for their cause in every major New York media group. They have achieved an incredible measure of success by any standard. Their credits include securing the passage of a $600 million tax credit for parents of school age children, garnering over fifty million dollars in brand new funding for private schools, and securing an additional $6.2 million


dollars towards state of the art computers in these very same schools. While this is a victory for struggling parents of Yeshiva students, it is also a personal victory for David who is already saving for his toddler’s yeshiva tuition. David recognizes the financial pressures and feels the pain of other parents. Says David, “As a parent, I am the biggest beneficiary of tuition relief. This is not a hypothetical issue to me, this is personal.”

New York’s political leaders supporting David Greenfield at his launch event for New York City Council

Seeking to take his community advocacy to the next level, David Greenfield has embarked on his newest venture. He is running for public office to represent the 165,000 constituents of New York’s 44 th Council District. Not only has David received the support of the incumbent Councilman Simcha Felder, David has once again set new records, this time as the top council fundraiser in the entire city of New York. With all this going on in his life, David’s feet are planted firmly on the ground. He is a true family man. Despite his busy daily schedule which begins with emails at six a.m. and ends with a midnight Torah study session, David insists on sharing his mornings with his son Avrohom. This works exceptionally well for both of them, especially because, as David observes, “we both like Cheerios.” But while Avrohom is enjoying the quality time he spends with his father, he is probably blissfully unaware of the effort his father makes just to ensure that he’s there no matter what. “There are times,” he says, “that I’ll have a late meeting in Washington and I will make the five hour drive and get home in the early hours of the morning just so that I can share breakfast with Avrohom. It’s the most important part of my day.”

David Greenfield with his TEACH NYS partners Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie & New York Cardinal Edward Egan

David Greenfield being welcomed to the personal home of NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg 16 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE

David credits his wife Dina for his success. Dina is herself a talented and high-powered consultant who gave up her career in order to be a full time mom. She shares David’s publicservice vision, having served as a teacher for inner city youth in Bushwick as part of the NYC Teaching Fellowship program. David is clearly proud when he speaks of her achievements. “She walked into a class of second graders from Brooklyn’s toughest neighborhood” he explains, “and she worked day and night to give them the all a better future.” Her efforts paid off. This past year, Dina’s inner-city school, received a coveted A rating from the Department of Education. David lives with his family in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. There’s no telling how far this determined, brilliant and articulate young leader will go. But it’s clear that he is a leader who is already making a great difference for the Jewish community.

Bat Mitzvah Samantha Weissman


The big day arrived and the Weissman´s prepared an extravaganza to celebrate their daughter Samantha´s Bat Mitzvah. Every detail of the party was planned with lots of thought and care to ensure it would be a night to remember. Wearing an elegant pink gown, Samantha welcomed family and friends in the magnificent ballroom at the Garden city hotel in Long Island. The ballroom was filled with the love of family and friends and danced all evening. It was a party that will long be remembered. The Woodmere will not be the same since Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio



Fariba Moghadas


Fariba Moghadas, former Ostad, was born in Iran and moved to United States to pursue college education. She has her bachelor in psychology and minor in interior design. She is married to Hersel Moghadas and has two wonderful boys, Sasha and Ryan. The love she has for her family and the world, constantly inspires her to create a world of dreams and bring happiness to people’s lives. Tel: 516-610-6433



he most successful events are the ones that leave a long lasting impression. What The Secret Event Designs represents is the difference between fine party and one that is truly unique. If you start from the center of who you are and stay true to yourself, you are unlikely to duplicate anything that anyone has ever done before. You want those in attendance to experience joy, surprise and feel deeply touched or amused, as well as entertained. People come to me looking for something different and unique; something more than reality; something that’s never been conceived before. To me, it’s not just about flowers- it’s about stimulation of the senses through light, texture patterns, and color. This is what is so exciting about what I do every day I’m challenged to think in new ways and experiment with ideas and concepts. And that to me is the true definition of fantasy. Inspiration comes from many places, and I find most of the time I get my most creative ideas simply by paying attention to the world around me. One place I constantly look to is nature. I work with elements of nature everyday like flowers leaves, wood, vines. I love taking an element of nature and constantly surprised and inspired by the beauty of natural world. My passion comes through even more when I mix nature with elegant and modern props to create a free flow atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Trusting your designer can mean the difference between a stress- free event and a long term headache. You should be communicative and comfortable with your designer to the point that you are able-during the big day-to let go of the reins and simply enjoy the vision you have created together. My experience being a life coach as well as an event designer enables me to give more compassion and understanding to my clients. Most of my clients say that I’m a comfort to them and that I make the experience fun. After all, my business depends on pleasing the clients that hire me as it does in any service industry. And when they hire me to handle something as important as a wedding, Bar/Bat mitzvah, Bris, sweet sixteen, anniversary or just a celebration of life, I feel it’s an honor to be with such a precious moment in someone’s life. My reward is those first gasps or comments as the guests enter the world I created, knowing that I’ve introduced them to something that they’ve never seen before-and probably never see again. The SECRET is to realize that anything is possible. We want you to pursue any ideas that give you a sense of energy and passion without worrying about the execution. Let your imagination fly and go to unseen places. “ALLOW YOURSELF TO DREAM AND WATCH IT UNFOLD”. AND DISCOVER THE SECRET TO A SUCCESFUL EVENT.

st fabulous e o m e h v t e y r a b a e e y y ours nt m f the . o

The Helmsley Park Lane is the perfect spot for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and other elegant affairs. Enjoy incredible Central Park views from our restaurant “The Park Room” or hold an event in our larger, but ever-lavish banquet room. Kosher cuisine available.

fo r i nfo r m ation please cal l 2 12-52 1-62 10

Th e H e l m s l ey Pa r k L a n e H ote l 3 6 C e n t r a l Pa r k S o u t h , N ew Yor k , N Y 1 0 0 1 9 | w w w. H e l m s l ey Pa r k L a n e . c o m


Bar Mitzvah Matthew Seinuck Everybody knows that it’s difficult to decide where to hold a Bar Mitzvah celebration. To honor their son Matthew, the Seinuck´s wanted to do something different that would combine a beautiful party with an exciting and educational experience for Matthew and his friends. The New York Hall of Science in Flushing, NY was the ultimate choice. The music didn’t stop playing and Matthew and his family and friends could not stop dancing. Matthew’s parents, grandparents and brother and sisters were so proud of him and the love in the Hall of Science that evening spilled out to the city. Photography by Life Capture Images





Wedding Orit Kasberg & Gadi Marsiano

“Israel is the wonderful place to live and to have celebrations. We love Israel so much that any holiday or celebrations we will plan there. “We are trying to make Aliyah (move to live in Israel) but until then we will celebrate everything in Israel”, said Orit. Orit Kasberg’s parents, Fanny and David, moved from Israel to NY in 2004. Then one day, at an engagement party, a friend of Orit’s father introduced her to Gadi Marsiano. It was love at first sight and they have been together ever since. Gadi, also originally from Israel, had been living with his parents in Great Neck, New York, for over 20 years. Holding Israel close to their heart, Orit and Gadi decided to be married there. The chosen place was the impressive “The Avenue” at the Lod. From America, Fanny and Gadi’s mother, Alis Marsiano, made all of the preparations to make certain that their children’s wedding would be spectacular. All of Orit´s siblings (Avichai, Isaac, Avivit, Lizzy, Addie, and Eitay) were thrilled since she was the first of the girls to get marry. The nuptials were officiated by the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau. Orit’s exquisite wedding gown was designed by Karen and Lidya Sabag of New York. Her make up was by Yehuda (Lion) Salame whom Orit said was “the best guy in Israel”. The flowers and decorations were prepared by Pichai Hamoshav. The beautiful photographs were taken by Chick Chack Studio. The music, that was heard all evening, was played by the well-known DJ, Yoram Hafakot.


Because of their love for Orit and Gadi, many friends and family traveled to Israel to share in this joyous occasion. A few friends from overseas who join the couple on this most important day are Debra, Yaffit ,Yaniv, Louis from New York and Ben from Japan. Photography by Chick Chack


Wedding Nesya Shapiro & Judah Malka The prestigious Rockleigh Country Club ballroom wasn’t big enough to retain the joy that exuded at the wedding of Nesya Shapiro and Judah Malka. Nesya wore an exquisite white gown enhancing her beauty and charm. Her mother and bridesmaids were dressed in champagne and golden gowns, complimenting each other. Nesya and Judah were escorted by their parents to the beautifully decorated Chupah, down an aisle of rose petals with the sweet sounds of violins softly playing. Nesya carried a colorful bouquet of various flowers and colors. The flowers and classy candles on the tables provided a romantic, storybook environment. The couple were honored when special guest, the renowned singer Yaakov Shwekey, gave an unforgettable performance at the reception, providing one more fantastic memory of this special day. Photography by Life Capture Images



Wedding Alana Berman & Brian Salter

Alana Berman & Brian Salter were married at the elegant Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, NY. Alana, dressed in an exquisite white gown and carrying a bouquet of white and champagne roses, was a picture of beauty. The bridesmaids were wearing silver-light blue gowns that glimmered on the dance floor. The infectious combination of the rhythm of the Jewish music intertwined with contemporary music created a joyous atmosphere for the couple and their family and friends. Photography by Life Capture Images



Bat Mitzvah Cayla Rosemblum

Lynn & Morry Rosemblum planned a sophisticated and exclusive Bat Mitzvah to commemorate their lovely daughter Cayla coming of age. The ceremony was at Congregation Shaarei Zedek in Brooklyn and the reception at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, long Island. Family and friends had a amazing time dancing and laughing in celebration of her Bat Mitzvah. Photography by Galaxy Studios 32 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE MAGAZINE


The Prince George Ballroom is a stunning event space available for rental with proceeds supporting the expansion of Common Ground’s housing development work to end homelessness. The Prince George Ballroom is the perfect venue for Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, corporate/leisure events, weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots, trade shows, dinners, receptions and special occasions. Our spacious 4,800 square foot ballroom seats 300 guests for dinner and 500 for cocktails. The ballroom offers unique elegance and charm with eloquently appointed royal interior. This beautiful space also features a 3,000 square foot gallery and tea room that has been graced by Hollywood’s crème de la crème, major corporations, fashion designers, etc.

Host your next event in royal style and support a great cause!

For more information or to book our spaces please contact us at: Phone: (212) 471-0816 | Email: | Website: CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE | 33

Wedding Malka Medalie & Yanki Waks

The wedding of Malka Medalie and Yanki Waks followed old tradition with elegance and charm as their wedding ceremony took place in front of 770, the previous Lubavitcher Rebe´s house and synagogue. There aren’t enough words to describe the love and joy in the hearts of family and friends as they witnessed this amazing wedding. Following the ceremony the guests attended the reception at the Razag Ballroom were they experienced a refined environment, dined on a delicious meal and enjoyed the infectious rhythms of Chassidic music in the heart of Brooklyn. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio 34 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE MAGAZINE

Aaron Appelbaum

Jonathan Rimberg

Avner Levy

Yankel Goldenthal

Yossi Bayles

Tzvi Silberstein

Wedding Sharleen & Arun Bassalali

Some people think that the place makes the party. Right? Wrong.. After the wedding of Sharleen and Arun, in one of the most prestigious addresses in New York, the Wardolf Astoria has become much more coveted. The bride looked lovely in an elegant strapless gown. The couple had the honor to have as an officiant Rabbi Ben Haim. The lovely decorations were created by Metro Floral decorators who specialize in high-end events. To the delight of the guests, a combination of Jewish, Persian & contemporary music was played at the reception. The Gipsy Kings, who came specially from France, and were accompanied by the famous and renowned international singer Alabina, honored the couple and their guests by performing at the reception. This was truly a night to remember. Photography by Studio Flash 36 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE


Henna Kohi & Shlomi Sabag

One of the traditional ceremonies of the Sephardim, Middle Eastern Jewish descendants, is the Henna celebration. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Henna is a party that takes place after a couple becomes engaged but before the wedding and provides an opportunity for the family and friends of the couple to get to know each other better. Kohi & Shlomi Sabag celebrated their Henna at the Temple Shalom in Brooklyn, NY. The guest dined on a delicious Israeli meal while listening to typical Middle Eastern music. This was a joyous occasion that will only be surpassed on Kohi & Shlomi’s wedding day. Photography by Galaxy Studios


Business Transactions Real Estate Transactions Commercial Litigation Intellectual Property

Boris Kogan & Associates

Attorneys at Law 277 Broadway, 7th Floor New York, NY 10007 Tel: (212)625-8910 Fax: (212)219-2728

Personal Injury Divorce Wills and Estates Elder Law


Wedding Lauren Ezon & Shimon Avital


Jack Avital, a very influential international activist and political adviser who lends his support to noble causes of the worldwide Jewish community, was overjoyed as he witnessed his first-born son, Shimon Avital, marry Lauren Ezon at Shaarei Zion in Brooklyn. The wedding was amazing, right out of a Hollywood movie set. The bride looked lovely, setting off her stunning gown with an elegant Tiara. Lauren and Shimon were so honored that the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Amar, traveled to America to officiate their wedding. The ceremony was attended by many illustrious personalities, including members of the Knesset and Syria´s Ambassador in the United States, all of whom are close friends of Jack Avital. The couple’s family and friends dined on scrumptious international Kosher cuisine provided by RAM caterers. Everyone danced until late into the evening filling Shaarei Zion with much laughter and happiness. Photography by Galaxy Studios CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE | 41


ƒ Simon Auerbacher ƒ ƒ Jeremy Goldfeder ƒ Congregation Shaare Zion Brooklyn, NY · 718-336-0300 Congregation Magen David Deal, NJ · 732-517-0100 CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE | 43

Wedding Lauren Ezon & Shimon Avital



Brit Milah

Yonatan Daniel Kogan

Sherri and Baruch Kogan honored Sherry’s father by asking him to be the Sandak at the Brit Milah for their son Yonatan Daniel Kogan. Seeing Mr. Milton Feller gently holding her son brought tears of happiness to her eyes. The Mohel was the Rabbi Eliyahu Zimmerman. The SLC, Sephardic Lebanese Synagogue in Brooklyn was overflowing with friends and family who wanted to share in this joyous occasion. A catered reception followed the ceremony in the ballroom of the Synagogue where guests welcome the new grandson and descendent of Aharon HaCohen. Photography by David Brotsky


The Ultimate PartySpace Elegance is Timeless

You can have an intimate affair or a lavish celebration for hundreds. Sophistication is our trademark. We’ve been accomodating parties from 50 to 2000 people for over 100 years. Enjoy the prestige of opulence and style, in a world-class palatial complex, full of art and antiques. See panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline & the New York Harbor, indoor and outdoor gardens, the fountains, bridal suites, and the Gazebo on an estate-like setting. View our delightful outside plaza and gardens and our glass enclosed atrium. • • • •

White Glove Tuxedo Service French/International Cuisine Glatt Kosher Available Valet Parking In House

THE GRAND PROSPECT HALL 263 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11215 Tel.: (718) 788-0777 Fax: (718) 788-0404

The bride, Jenny Lyons, is from New York, and the groom, Michael Buchman, is from Los Angeles. Selecting the site for their wedding was difficult, but ultimately the couple agreed on New York. The wedding took place at the esteemed New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wedding Jenny Lyons & Michael Buchman


Friends and family from Los Angeles and other cities traveled to New York to share in this joyous celebration. Each magical moment at the wedding will be remembered in the hearts of all who attended the ceremony and the awesome reception that followed. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio

Gimmel Tamuz Crown Heights - Brooklyn, NY Rabbi Shamai Ende

Rabbi Yehoshua Binyomin Goldman

The GIMMEL TAMUZ is a date dedicated to one of the most memorable MAN of the contemporary Jewish people, The Lubavitcher Rebe*. This Man worried about every single Jew around the world. He sent messengers to the most distant areas of the earth with the single purpose of connecting those Jews away from their homes and away from their religion and bringing them back to Judaism. Building on his principle of unifying and connecting the Jewish people, Chagigah Media Group wanted to dedicate this event emphasizing a Brazilian Group of 200 people that came to New York to pray together at place where The Lubavitcher Rebe´s was laid to rest. That same evening, the Chadad Custom held a Farbrengem (chassidic reunion) to tell histories about the Rebe and sing together. In a special celebration, the Brazilian people invaded the main synagogue 770 singing and dancing for hours. In between the big ceremony the Rabbi Shamai Ende from Sao Paulo and Rabbi Goldman from Rio de Janeiro gave speeches telling of the importance of The Lubavitcher Rebe and of his influence in Brazil. Later that evening, the entrepreneur and owner of TECNISA, one of the post prestigious high-end building companies in Brazil, Mr. Meyer Yehuda Nigri, gave a speech saying that Chabad saved many lost “Jewish souls” bringing them back to Judaism. He also said: The rabbis DON’T need to thank us for our support, we need to thank them for the unbelievable work they have been developing for decades, especially in our country, approaching people particularly the younger generation. We definitely will be in debt to the Lubavitcher Rebe forever. *Chagigah Magazine is apolitical in its way of view not getting a part of any Jewish movement.

Photography by Chabad Info

Mr. Meyer Yehuda Nigri


Brit Milah

Moshe Mayor

The arrival of their precious new baby boy, Moshe Mayor, brought another reason for Mayer and Bella to celebrate. The Brit Milah of Moshe occurred at Ahiezer Synagogue in Brooklyn. Following the ceremony, Mayer and Bella, Moshe’s siblings, and family and friends talked and laughed over a delicious brunch. Photography by Galaxy Studios


Where the luxury within is only surpassed by the breathtaking views of Jerusalem

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Luxury living neighboring the prestigious Ramat Eshkol district Fully furnished penthouses, 4 or 5 room apartment each featuring a spacious balcony, advanced security system, world class appliances and decorative finishing A Short drive to Ben Yehuda Street and the Old City Close to major shopping centers including the famous Malha Mall Magnificent panoramic view overlooking Jerusalem of Gold and Dead Sea Nestled among ambient waterfalls, lush landscape and manicured gardens

Wedding Oshrat Green & Moshe Gini

Every detail of the wedding of Oshrat Green and Moshe Gini was beautiful at Beth El Brooklyn, NY. Oshrat wore a gorgeous white gown embroidered with crystal beads and Moshe wore a handsomely tailored white tuxedo. Typical Israeli music filled the reception as guest danced and felt as though they had travelled back to Israel. Photography by Galaxy Studios



Exceeding The Expectations of New York City´s most discerning clients

Hachnassa Sefer Torah Hasbani Family

Of the 613 commandments in Judaism, one of the most important is to write a Sefer Torah. A person can either write the Sefer Torah or can retain the services of a professional scribe, known as a sofer, to write it. It is the custom of many generations that when the sofer is finalizing the last three lines of the new Sefer Torah a party take place to celebrate. Jimmy Hasbani dedicated the Sefer Torah to the honor of his loving parents. Upon completion of the final three lines, the parchment of the new Sefer Torah was carefully placed inside a beautiful silver box decorated with gold and turquoise stones. Moshe Hasbani then took the Sefer Torah and started to dance with family and friends from their home their home in Flatbush all the way to the Ahiezer Synagogue. People brought the Sefrei Torah and danced in front of Ahiezer welcoming the new Sefer Torah. Following the ceremony the Hasbani family received guest at an amazing reception in the Ahiezer ballroom. Photography by Galaxy Studios 54 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE

Wedding Shani & Nissan Levi

The magnificent Temple Israel of Lawrence was chosen by Shani & Nissan to celebrate their wedding day with family and friends. Shani wore an exquisite gown complimented by an elegant diamond necklace. The couple are perfectly matched, from the love that they share to their matching green eyes. A combination of typical Jewish, Israeli, and Middle Eastern music played at the reception caused many of the guest to feel as though they had been transported back to Israel. Photography by Studio Flash CHAGIGAH CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE | 55

Bar Mitzvah Mason Horn

To become a Bar Mitzvah is not so simple. It requires great responsibility and dedication inside and outside the community. As Mason demonstrated his dedication in many ways, his proud parents, Larry and Rita Horn, decided to honor him with the party of his dreams. Friends and family gathered at The Fresh Meadow Country Club in Great Neck and danced and partied all evening. Guest enjoyed the contemporary music played by Marianne Bennett Productions and for the Jewish dancing the renowned singer Sandy Shmuely gave an unforgettable performance providing one more fantastic memory of this special day. Floralia Decorators provided the most beautiful and finest floral arrangements, experience designed by the well known event planner B. Allan Kurtz -Managing Director, Gotham Hall. This was an evening to remember for all who were able to celebrate with Mason. Photography by JoVon Studio



Simchat Bat Rikki Birnbaum

This is the first Simchat Bat at the Chagigah Magazine. We would like to congratulate and wish lots of Nachat to Nachum and Esti Birnbaum. Their daughter, Rikki, has one of the sweetest smiles to have graced our magazine. We welcome the entire community to bring and share with us events celebrating their precious children.


Creating Memories for a Lifetime ... Galaxy Studios has been creating memories since the early 90’s. In the beginning we started our business in broadcasting, and then we shifted our business to weddings and special events. Galaxy Studios has an experienced staff of videographers and photographers. We only use broadcast and digital quality cameras and offer stateof-the-art editing with special effects and computer animations. The final movie is a complete production incorporating your baby pictures, 3D graphics and titles with a very special ending. Our photography is equally exquisite, as we will get every aspect of the affair. If your style is formal or traditional, romantic or classic, casual or contemporary, fashionable or photojournalistic, Or a combination of any or all of these styles! it is up to you, We are flexible!

GALAXY STUDIOS • Video & Photography • 314 Ave U • Brooklyn, NY 11223 Tel: 718-627-4949 • CHAGIGAH CCH HAAGGIGGAHH MA MMAGAZINE MAGA AGGAAZINE ZIZINEE | 59 59

Bat Mitzvah Mai Shoshani The Glamorous Bat Mitzvah of Mai Shoshani was filled with many wonderful surprises prepared by her parents Hanan & Yardena together with her siblings. The place chosen to celebrate that memorable day was Carlyle on the green in Bethpage, Long Island. Mai looked like a fairy princess in her beautiful white gown embroidered with golden details of crystal beads. She was surrounded by loving family and friends who didn’t let her stop dancing, even when the meal was served. Metro Floral Decorators provided the most beautiful and finest arrangements, experience designed by the well known event planner Fariba Moghadas. Photography by Studio Flash



Engagement Bella & Toby Ballas

The ballroom of the Sephardic Lebanese Congregation Synagogue in Brooklyn, New York was packed with friends and family who came to celebrate the engagement of Bella and Toby. Bella looked beautiful, dressed in a magnificent turquoise gown that matched Toby´s tie. Hope to see your wedding in Chagigah Magazine! Photography by Galaxy Studios



Wedding Karen and Matthew Livian


The Hilton Long Island in Huntington was the place chosen by Karen and Matthew to celebrate their wedding. Every detail was planned with much love and care. The walkway to the Chupah was decorated with beautiful flowers and candles arranged by Metro Floral decorators.The nuptials were officiated by the Rabbi Biton. Karen wore lovely pearl earrings with a matching pearl necklace that complimented her gorgeous gown. Matthew wore a striking tuxedo with a silver tie. The love in the room was felt by all. We wish this new young couple to always smile as they did on this wonderful day. Photography by Studio Flash


Bar Mitzvah Mendy Soffer


Yossi and Mica Soffer and their children Mendy, Chaya, Shabse and Moshe Eli

Mica Soffer had a dream to make the Bar Mitzvah of Mendy, her first born son, something very special and unique. She wanted him to be filled with the same love and happiness that she felt on the day of her wedding. With the help of her husband, Yossi, her dream came true. The party, at Oholei Menachem Ballroom, was unforgettable. The flowers and decorations, provided by Scoop and Company, were perfect. The music was performed by the Gary Wallin Orchestra with world renowned singer Benny Friedman (Avraham Fried’s nephew). Mica was overwhelmed by the love and friendship that filled the ballroom. The highlight of the evening took place when Shabse Soffer, Mendy’s younger brother, took the micro phone and started to sing. Everyone was enchanted by his voice and believe that one day he will be a world renowned singer, following in the footsteps of Benny Friedman. When the time comes, we hope to see Shabse’s Bar Mitzvah showcased in Chagigah Magazine. Photography by Mendy’s Studio

Shabse Soffer singing


Bar Mitzvah Mendy Soffer


Music provided by Gary Wallin Orchestra

Mica Soffer and Sisters

World renowned singer Benny Friedman (Avraham Fried’s nephew) Chaya Soffer and Friends


Bat Mitzvah Rebecca Appel

The hamlet of Woodmere will never be the same following the awesome Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Appel. The details of the party, which was held at the Hewlett East Rockaway Jewish Center, reflected the love and care of her parents. Rebecca looked elegant in a soft pink gown and her radiant smile was infectious. Family and friends had a marvelous time dancing and laughing in celebration of her Bat Mitzvah. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio 70 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE MAGAZINE


Wedding Allison Adler & Richard Abelson The finest wedding of New Rochelle was that of Allison Adler & Richard Abelson which took place at the spectacular Fountainhead in New Rochelle. The bride looked lovely in a beautiful white gown with a beaded bodice. The images on this page provide a glimpse of how amazing the celebration was. Everything was perfect. The decorations were impeccable. At the reception, before the Chupah, people were served a delicious cocktail. Guest enjoyed the music that was played by the Nafshenu Orchestra accompanied by the voice of Aaron Appelbaum. The memories of this party will live on in the hearts of all who attended. Photography by Life Capture Images 72 | CHAGIGAH MAGAZINE




henever I open a magazine or newspaper, I always notice a plethora of

advertisements for photographers and photo studios. To me it seems as though all the ads are claiming the same thing. Every photographer I have ever come across claims to be the best, the most creative, the highest quality, the most professional, the best service, and offer the most affordable price. Did I leave anything out? In the past five years, digital cameras have become so technologically advanced that the image quality and resolution is high and the cost involved in purchasing professional level cameras and lenses have come down significantly. At this point in time, in theory, anyone who owns a suit and a decent digital camera can claim to be a “professional” photographer. There is no formula to judge who is a better photographer. When you interview a photographer I would suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

Gabriel Solomon

Do you like the person? On your special day, you will be very emotional. The day will provide many natural distractions. Over the course of the day, should unexpected issues come up, is the photographer flexible and able to adapt to help make the photographic experience go smoothly. Remember that you will be working with this person very closely on your special day. Is the photographer someone whom you can get along with? Is there a “chemistry” between you and the photographer? Does he or she do this for a living, or are they avid hobbyists trying to make some extra money on their free time? There are a lot of creative people who really enjoy taking pictures. They may be able to take beautiful photographs of their family and friends at a picnic or on vacation, but they are probably not qualified to anticipate the moments that they need to capture at your event. Even with a simple point and shoot camera, anyone can “get lucky” and capture a few great shots. Will they be able to consistently capture the moments that you would want to relive? It is always easy to anticipate a reaction or mannerism of a friend or family member. When you need to hire someone to capture the special moments of your event, only an experienced professional photographer can anticipate the unforgettable moments that he/she will need to capture. While we are on the subject of experience, there are many talented people making a living photographing studio portraits, model photography, fashion photography, or other types of commercial photography. While these individuals are very good at what they do, they may not be qualified to provide creative coverage of a wedding or bar mitzvah since the event dictates the images not the photographer.

Gabriel Solomon is the creative director of LifeCapture Images LTD, based in NewYork, with affiliates in London and Jerusalem. He has a degree in Film/Media Studies from CUNY Queens College, and has photographed and videotaped thousands of weddings and other social events over the past twenty years.

Do you like the person’s work? When selecting a photographer, you should be the only one deciding if the person’s artistic style reflects your own creative vision and expectations? Do you like the person’s style? Do you like the images they are showing you? When talking about wedding and event photography some of the many “buzz words” used are Photojournalism, Candids, Formal, and Classic photography. All of the above are viable styles of photography. There are many photographers that “specialize” in one type of style. There is no correct style to use when photographing a wedding or social event. My company, LifeCapture Images prides itself in our ability to capture the splendor of your life! Our visual artists are creative and flexible in capturing images that enable you to relive all the splendid moments of your special day. Our style is a special blend of Classic/formal photography and fine portraiture inspired by museum quality fine art in addition to Candid Photojournalism inspired by the splendor of your event. Our flexible approach to photographic and video coverage enables us to provide our customers with thorough, creative coverage of their event in a non obtrusive manner. Photography is a form of art. Wedding and Bar mitzvah photography and video is no different. Only a professional social event photographer, can create artistic images of your event that will be a cherished work of art for many years to come.



Wedding Jessica Lerer & Daniel Yunger


Jessica Lerer and Daniel Yunger became husband and wife in front of family and friends at Hilton Rye Town in Westchester, New York. All eyes were on the beautiful bride who wore a lovely white beaded gown. The Chupah was adorned with perfect white orchids lending a lovely fragrance to the ceremony. At the reception, also at Hilton Rye Town, the couple each held the end of a stunning golden handkerchief while guests held them high above the crowd. The dancing and laughter continued late into the evening. Everyone had a marvelous time. Photography by Jerry Meyer Studio


Wedding Shoshana Lopatin & David Wainer

With family and friends looking on, the wedding of Shoshana Lopatin and David Wainer took place at the Liberty House, which has the “Grand ballroom� that faces Manhattan and Lady Liberty. The couple became husband and wife under the Chupah, which was decorated with fresh white roses. The guests enjoyed an amazing evening of dancing and dining with a spectacular view of the city. This was truly an evening to remember. Photography by Life Capture Images



Bat Mitzvah Michele Botesazan Nazee & Parviz Botesazan planned a sophisticated and exclusive Bat Mitzvah to commemorate their lovely daughter Michele Botesazan coming of age. The chosen place for the event was the infamous Rainbow Room on the 65th floor at Rockefeller Plaza. Friends and family enjoyed a unique Persian style experience designed by the well known party planner Fariba Moghadas. Metro Floral Decorators provided the most beautiful and finest floral arrangements. The loveliest flower, however, was Michele who wore a silver-pink gown and a smile that let everyone know that she was the princess of the evening. Everyone danced for hours and did not want to leave this special evening. Photography by Studio Flash



WORLD’S OLDEST, AMERICA’S FIRST. Best Selection • Best Service • Best Price

Over 70 years ago, America's first Jaguar dealership opened its doors in Hempstead, New York. Since 1938, our management and staff have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence in automotive sales, service and customer support. This dedication has led to the creation of one of the most successful, family owned sales and service networks in North America. We are proud to be rated #1 in customer satisfaction and #1 in sales for the total number of new Jaguars delivered worldwide. It is with both pride and gratitude that we say "thank you" to our past customers and "welcome" to our new customers. We pledge the same family traditions that have served our customers so well over the past sixty years, to continue or exceed the same level of excellence and dedication to service, as we look to the future and embark on our next 70 year journey.

No other Jaguar dealer in the world has sold more Jaguars since than Jaguar of Great Neck.




MON-THURS 9-8 FRI-SAT 9-6 SUN 11-5




720 Northern Blvd. Great Neck, NY

1.866.503.3896 /

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