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After formulas lock up, the laboratory can proceed at further instrumental validation tests: color fade, shine, combing, tensile strength, other tests can be done upon request.

REGULATORY check Part of this step is on parallel with development or shades and their approval. Beauty & Business provides complete services in order to develop formulations for all markets. After formulas are locked, the regulatory team can prepare: • INCI • MSDS (Material Safety data Sheets) • Documents to support foreign product registration • other documents specifically requested by customer. The Regulatory group will also be reviewing the artwork of the product in preparation to production steps. All formulas will be tested for safety.

INSTRUMENTAL VALIDATION This can be done in parallel with the development process of shading, as formulas are approved they can undergo the Instrumental Validation step.

INDUSTRIALIZATION Formula scale-up. This involves the preparation of pilot production or an industrial production scale if needed. FORMULA EXCLUSIVITY The formulas that are developed during each project will only be used for the customer commitioning the work, and for no other product.


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