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Beauty & Business Alfaparf Group is specialized in CUSTOMIZED HAIR COLOR solutions Development proposal is a simple but sophisticated process that brings the new hair color line to market in a time efficient way

PERMANENT HAIR COLOR DEVELOPMENT FOLLOWS FEW ESSENTIAL steps COSMETIC BASE DEFINITION The base is either chosen among the available ones, or developed upon customer request; product claims and fragrance need to be identified in the early stages and can be chosen among the available options or developed new following a specific ingredients brief. New cosmetic bases (fatty phase) can also be developed upon customer request. Fragrance will also need to be defined in the early stages of the development. Frangrance will be chosen by the customer between a palette of proposal, customer can also suggest its own fragrance. Special cosmetic ingredient can be selected in function of the requested marketing positioning.

SHADING STEP The process of shading is one that involves taking a color technology and preparing shades to match benchmarks. Beauty & Business provides hair color in liquid or cream forms. Ammonia, Ammonia free technology is available. PPD & PPT free formulations are also part of the technology offered by Beauty and Business. Hair color can be developed in order to work at the desired ratio of application: 1:1 and 1:1,5 or 1:2 technology. The work of shading will be performed in our Technical Center of Osio Sotto following our standard protocol of half head testing. Testing on swatches followed by testing on models heads is our standard approach. During this time technical people from customer can visit to evaluate the development work and take part in the shade approval step.


Specifically, the shade can be approved by the customer at B&B site or always by the customer at their own site. In selected instances, and with previous agreement, approval of the nuance can be delegated to B&B technical people. Approval of a shade means the formula is locked up. Samples will be available to customer to evaluate the nuances during the shading step (3-6 tubes per each submission), before approval, and up to a certain number of color tubes per approved shade, after approval. The assumption for this step is that an adequate testing protocol is taking place in B&B Italian facility. Should, in the course of the development, emerge that customer requires extra testing or validation, then an adjustment to this step will be needed.

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