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TECNO ELETTRA New innovative technologies in the professional hairdryers sector

Daniele Focante, Elettra Export Manager of Tecno

EXPORT MAGAZINE: In the field of professional hairdryers, how important is it to be able to innovate and what is the new technology Tecno Elettra offers? DANIELE FOCANTE: In the field of hairdryers, as in any other technological sector, innovation is at the basis of progress. For our type of product, progress travels along three paths: weight, power and design. We cannot speak of progress if we do not obtain the maximum in each of these three factors. There is also a fourth factor that has to be added, i.e. an attentive study of the packaging. These objectives are always at the basis of any activity in the R&D sector of our company. Tecno Elettra continues its innovation at the service of the hair stylist by promoting Brushless Technology, i.e. a 100% Made in Italy electronic motor which avoids the use of carbon brushes and therefore the relative consumption. This motor is made in Italy and has nothing in common with the performances of an imported electronic motor. This type of motor that Tecno Elettra adopted a year ago for some of its products must not “frighten” the traditional consumer Why? Because although it is true that the use of the electronic motor in the world of hairdryers is relatively recent in terms of time, it is also true that it is not a new technology in absolute terms, actually quite the contrary. For years now, it has been used in a very wide range of products that are extremely different from one another, and so with peace of mind we can say that it is a safe and guaranteed technology, safe

for the user and guaranteed in terms of performance. In other words, brushless technology applied to the motor of a hairdryer does not bring any “side effect” with it, typical of the latest generation of technologies which are not adequately tested before being put on the market. EM: What are the advantages that a brushless hairdryer can guarantee for the hair stylist? DF: The new brushless technology is translated into a considerable advantage for the hair stylist who obtained a hairdryer with an unlimited life. The fact that in this type of motor there are no components subject to wear and tear (in this case the carbon brushes) and the use of an electronic system guarantee a product that is certainly more efficient and with a working life span that has no comparison. With the same power, the Brushless motor is lighter and therefore automatically the hairdryer is not so heavy and this obviously is translated into less physical effort for the person working all the time with a hairdryer. Lastly, Tecno Elettra has used this particular motor in a line of high-end products, the Cross Line, creating the Brushless cross-line: a product of excellence both in its components (100% made in Italy) and in the design and elegance. With pleasure and satisfaction we can well say that our customers immediately appreciated it and thought very highly of it. EM: What is the impact on the environment of this new technology? DF: It considerably reduced both environmental pollution, as there are no carbon brushes, (which inevitably wear out due to the rubbing) and so there are no emissions of particles of graphite into the atmosphere) and noise pollution, as it is a motor with a very low acoustic impact.


In conclusion, brushless technology on the one hand allows the creation of an “immortal” product as said earlier, and on the other, as a consequence, offers a saving in terms of spare parts and raw materials used, thus also promoting a product with a reduced environmental impact as direct consequence of what was said earlier. EM: Is this type of hairdryer particularly expensive, compared to a traditional hairdryer? DF: What is cost? Certainly not the amount of money, but the ratio between the value of the product and its price. In this case, the intrinsic value of the product is very high: 100% Italian quality, impeccable design, elegant colours, a technologically advanced motor with an unlimited duration, all in an eye-catching and extremely elegant packaging, nevertheless, for a very high-end product like our Cross Brushless, the price is contained and less than that of our competitors.

Gilberto Fava, CEO, says that “Tecno Elettra is highly advanced in terms of technology and design and precisely for the desire to explore new horizons and overcome what today can be considered limits, Tecno Elettra is expanding its personnel, taking on professional figures of excellence both in the R&D sector and in the operative sector.”

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