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COLOR IS THE SOUL OF INEBRYA: WELCOME TO THE COLOR UPGRADE The special formula keeps the hair healthy, soft and bright, guaranteeing maximum skin tolerability and a delicate consistency (free from PPD), making it possible to create intense, bright, stable, lasting color results. The ultra-high-precision Color Technology also helps to ensure perfect binding of all the coloring molecules in the hair, preventing the dispersion of pigments that could alter the cover or destabilize the reflection, guaranteeing an even, reliable, delicate color result, even on particularly difficult, porous hair. Today, with 126 swatches and a complete new TECHNICAL AND STYLING TRAINING program inspired by the world of color, Inebrya Color is the ideal ally for any hairstylist, more than ever before.

Color, in all its forms and expressions, plays the starring role in the philosophy of Inebrya, an Italian brand that offers exclusive products for hair care and beauty, studied to satisfy a full range of needs for hair professionals. And today, it is color that is the base of the new project, “THE COLOR UPGRADE�, studied to enhance and boost the performance of Inebrya Color, making it an even more professional, reliable product, in keeping with trends in the world of hair. Inebrya Color is a permanent professional coloring cream enriched with Linseed and Aloe Vera, with an extra-high concentration of top-quality pure micro-pigments able to guarantee perfect natural color for total grey cover.

In support of The Color Upgrade, Inebrya presents the new collection THE SOULS OF COLOR, created by the stylist Giovanni Lunardon Together with the cut, color is such a strong, unique characteristic that it defines the style and essence Hair stylist: Giovanni Lunardon of every woman: it expresses Inebrya Ambassador Photo: Alberto Buzzanca her soul, representing her Make-up: Francesca Sattin femininity and the self-image she wants to project to the world. The stylist is the creator that shapes that soul. THE SOULS OF COLOR is a celebration of color in its maximum expression, riding the wave of the latest trends in color and containing contributions from international artists to enrich the cutting-edge vision of the Inebrya Fashion world. Hair stylist: WARS SB Salon & Academy - Malaysia


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