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An innovative beauty device by

TRANSVITAL The first dermo-cosmetic self-care for home and professional use

Transvital presents Transvital Regeneration My Mask. This new product is perfectly in line with market trends as recently there has been an increased demand in perfumeries for professional, innovative cosmetics, and for beauty devices with amazing results from the first application. The Transvital solution to this demand is Young Again® a new approach that combines Transvital’s biodynamic cosmetics with the Young Again® medical technology. Transvital Regeneration My Mask is unique and innovative self-care because it can be used at home or professionally in the perfumery, but without the need for the beautician. This device holds worldwide patents and has received prestigious international certifications, from European, US, Australian and Canadian standards bodies, confirming its safety and reliability. Transvital Young Again® has also been the subject of international conferences on dermatology, cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, with the effectiveness of the treatment asserted in medical reports.

Medical technology and Swiss cosmetics The device combines photobiostimulation and photoeudermia to improve the cellular metabolism and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Photobiostimulation is a natural process based on the fact that cells contain receptors that absorb light and, depending on the wavelength, trigger specific biological response mechanisms. In photoeudermia, the activation of light irradiates the tissues, boosting ATP and activating a chemical reaction in the skin cells, making them more receptive to cosmetic products.


Young Again ® technology, by channelling cosmetic products through the epidermis and dermis, prevents and counteracts the blemishes caused by ageing, strengthening the skin’s structure and optimizing its condition. The results are immediately visible with greater volume of cheeks, raising of the eyebrow arch and u nder-eye bags and lines of expression are reduced. As a whole, the face takes on a more radiant and relaxed appearance.

Using My Mask is simple: after cleaning and toning the skin, Regenerating Serum is applied and then My Mask is applied for 20 minutes, followed by an application of Regenerating Cream. My Mask for home use contains Regenerating Serum and Regenerating Cream and My Mask is activated for 50 applications. In perfumeries, the client can use My Mask autonomously in a 20-minute session without the help of a beautician. Transvital also offers the Be Check System®, the first software and hardware that diagnoses the skin and suggests the best cosmetics for the skin type through the measurement of certain parameters. The results are then displayed in a user-friendly chart and subsequently processed by a professional and home treatment programme.

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