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International Growth

Happy Comments

In the last few years, the rise of international exhibitors has been a constant goal of the organizers. The “International Area” has become one of the largest attractions and features of COSME TOKYO 2017 and the number of international exhibitors accounted for up to more than 42% of the total number of exhibitors. The biggest contingent came from Korea, a long-time supplier for the Japanese beauty market. The show welcomed new comers from Greece and the USA pavilion that was new to COSME TOKYO history. The tradeshow renewed the record again both in the number of exhibitors and visitors gathering 647 exhibitors from 36 countries/ regions and 24,812 visitors (all figures include co-held COSME Tech 2017). Becoming larger, much busier and more international, the show has further improved its value as the Asian hub of the cosmetics industry.

The Show Management received many happy comments from the international exhibitors who were interviewed. Companies such as UNITED BRANDS from Germany, GRANDE COSMETICS EUROPE from the USA, RED GOLD ROSES LTE from the UK, NILO - COSMETICS CO from Greece expressed their great satisfaction for the results obtained at this amazing show which offered them a great opportunity to promote their companies and expand in Asia.

Natural Products And High Quality Japanese Cosmetics Fascinated The World There is an increasing sensitivity to health in Japan which is in line with the current trend of natural/organic cosmetic products.

Special Guest To COSME TOKYO 2017 Ms Tina Yong, a multi-talented beauty and lifestyle influencer visited COSME TOKYO 2017 as a special guest. The famous beauty Youtuber after checking out the exhibiting products, posted her experiences throughout the show dates on her SNS. Her post spread toward all over the world and got many comments promoting thus a unique opportunity for exhibitors.

This is another key feature of the event which has witnessed a rise in the number of exhibitors with organic brands. Often using local specialties as ingredients, a large number of exhibitors from all around the world presented natural brands with various characteristics and background stories. Buyers from Asian countries as well as visitors from Middle East, Europe and more have been increasingly attracted by Japanese high-quality cosmetics which are very popular around the world.

A Gateway To The Japanese Market Japan is an attractive destination for new entries. With extensive support services for international exhibitors including regulatory/shipping support and targeted visitor promotion for importers/distributors, COSME TOKYO has built its position as the best and only gateway to enter the Japanese market, especially for newcomers who don’t have importers in Japan yet. Match making programs have been arranged for international exhibitors and importers/distributors. More than 150 meetings were arranged via this program and many of them went to deep discussion. This was also one of the reasons why COSME TOKYO made exhibitors satisfied.

COSME TOKYO 2018 will be held January 24-26, 2018 at the new venue Makuhari Messe, with the aim to continue the event internationalization. The show will be held along with GIFTEX and SALES PROMOTION World with an expectation of 90,000 visitors in total.


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