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IDEO PARFUMEURS never underestimate the power of passion A collection of fragrances with a cosmopolitan flavour based on talent, creativity and… passion!

The fragrances Weekend à Fontainebleau evokes seduction - the seduction of nature at its zenith - the queen of flowers accompany by orange zest and the sparkle of aldehydes which evokes sunlight dancing on a green floral bed of jasmine, galbanum and rose absolute. The drydown is a warm chypre embrace of patchouli, sandalwood and musk. It is an Eau de Parfum for those who like elegant fragrances with a vintage soul. Prison Blues is a fragrance that is out of the ordinary: a spicy fantasy of a visceral desire. Cardamom, laurel and pepper open the way to a woody heart of incense, cedar wood and spicy geranium. An ardent base is released from the union of patchouli, labdanum and musk, dusted with a pinch of oud: an Eau de Parfum for those who like sexy, elegant and adventurous fragrances. London to Mumbai is a unique hybrid, at the same time exotic and familiar, bergamot, lemon and bitter orange, in combination with lavender and geranium, evoke the classic eau de cologne, but ginger, cinnamon and closer conspire to add warmth – something more audacious and dangerous. An Eau de Parfum for those who like unusual, sophisticated and eccentric fragrances.


IDEO Parfumeurs belongs to husband-and-wife team Ludmila and Antoine Bitar. IDEO stands for Ideal Olfactif, the olfactory excellence which they aim for, through their respective talents: Antoine is a story-teller of great experience and culture (Lebanese by birth, he has lived in New York and Paris and almost everywhere in the Middle East) and Ludmila (a former perfumer for L’Oréal). The combination of these two talents was immediately explosive with six fragrances in the collection, together with an extraordinary line of fragrances for lingerie. Constructed according to the classic rules of perfumery, with a complex structure and rich in nuances, they are also impeccably modern.

Malika’s Temptation embodies the immortal theme of the woman as enchantress with her hypnotic perfume. Roses covered by praline dance with the exotic scent of ylang ylang. In the heart, a warm and opulent accord of cedar, agar and patchouli and in the base an explosion of classic sweet amber notes: the inebriating and seductive combination of vanilla, incense and musk. The Eau de Parfum for those who like sweet sensual accords. Perfect for those who at first sight seem classic and timid, but then turn out to be determined and scandalous. Tarbouch Afandi is a citrus, spicy and woody fragrance: an exception mixture of tobacco and mandarin, An exquisitely masculine fragrance that transmits a sense of virility and adventure, Vetiver, cardamom and animal notes give the fragrance even more of a boost: it is for seducers who know how to dare with opulence and originality. Last Canto is an extremely sensual and unique fragrance, The spicy notes, mixed with floral and talc accords, give an pungent touch to this incredibly sexy fragrance while remaining elegant and timeless. It is for the most sensual, determined to attain the impossible.

The extraordinary Parfum de Lingerie line consists of la Fleur du Mexique, an irresistible combination of white flowers with the notes of sensual tuberose, jasmine, amber, white musk, juniper and ylang ylang; Roses de Grasse, a floral bouquet with a romantic green twist: roses of Grasse and Bulgaria, a green accord, mimosa and musks to create an irresistibly romantic atmosphere, and Gibson Girls, timeless floral and fruity notes of peach, gardenia, tonka bean, rice powder accord, pink pepper.

Ideo Parfumeurs fragrances are distributed exclusively in Italy by Beauty San.

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