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When it comes to trends, Beautystreams is considered today at the epicenter of the beauty community. With over 200 experts world wide studying each market and clients over 5 continents, Beautystreams is the only trend company today completely dedicated to the beauty and packaging industries. Beauty brands worldwide look to Beautystreams’ vital and unique insights to fuel their strategy, marketing initiatives, and product development decisions. Today, together with one of their representatives, we will look at one of the hottest markets right now: Korea, analyzing the beginnings of its growth, the current stages, and the opportunities that it still hold for the future.

The reasons of

KOREAN success into the international markets Interview with Michele M. Superchi, BEAUTYSTREAMS Marketing and Sales Manager


Korea has for years expanding into international Markets. What are in your opinion is the main reasons for this? The success of Korean cosmetics can be explained by the high level of innovation and quality of the products. As Korean consumers are very demanding when it comes to skin care, the local market has been very competitive for decades. Therefore, the innovation level of products has increased greatly over the last few years and sometimes surpasses international standards. Marketing twists are original and bold and feel fresh compared to more classical Western approaches. Fortunate timing also comes into play concerning the Korean cosmetics industry success story.

When alphabet creams (BB, CC, etc.) first appeared on the international market under a decade ago, Western consumers wanted natural finishes that looked good both in real life and in HD photography. The unique approach offering both skincare and cosmetic claims with long lasting coverage answered that demand. Ever since then, consumers and brands worldwide have been looking towards Korea to see what the new foundation format will be. With the exposure of Korean loggers and social media stars, other color cosmetics categories from the region have been highlighted and gained interest in too.

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